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Edward Bloom (Albert Finney) has always been a teller of tall tales about his magical life as a young man (played by Ewan McGregor), when his wanderlust led him from a small town in Alabama to implausible experiences in exotic locales far and wide. Bloom’s mythic exploits dart from the delightful to the delirious as he weaves epic tales about giants, blizzards, a witch, anEdward Bloom (Albert Finney) has always been a teller of tall tales about his magical life as a young man (played by Ewan McGregor), when his wanderlust led him from a small town in Alabama to implausible experiences in exotic locales far and wide. Bloom’s mythic exploits dart from the delightful to the delirious as he weaves epic tales about giants, blizzards, a witch, and conjoined-twin lounge singers.Bloom charms everyone he encounters except for his estranged son Will (Billy Crudup). When his mother Sandra (Jessica Lange) tries to reunite them, Will must learn how to separate fact from fiction as he comes to terms with his father’s great feats and great failings.In addition to the complete screenplay, this Newmarket Shooting Script book includes a foreword by Daniel Wallace, an introduction by John August, a special color photo insert capturing the film’s vivid visuals, production notes, and complete cast and crew credits....

Title : Big Fish: The Shooting Script
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ISBN : 9781557046260
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Big Fish: The Shooting Script Reviews

  • Lily
    2018-12-08 08:47

    Me han entrado ganas de volver a ver la película en bucle.

  • Jenell
    2018-11-28 05:34

    When a book is made into a movie, I usually like the book better. It is just a matter of translation and what can be covered in a couple hours. But in this situation, I liked the movie better. Don't read the book--watch the movie!

  • Brent Simon
    2018-12-03 00:26

    I thought this screenplay was great. I do like the movie, which is why I bought this screenplay in the first place, so It's nice to revisit a favorite in a different way. I bought this book back in May, which was a point in time in my life that I was buying a bunch of different screenplays for movies that I love. I read everyone of those screenplays right away, and found as I read each of them that I found something in them that I could relate with in my life. When I got to this particular screenplay, I didn't read it. I put it off. Maybe because I had read the actual book that the movie was based on not too long before, then watched the movie afterward and in doing so, caused myself to not be interested in the content that the screenplay would provide for me? Also, I probably figured, and this is possibly more accurate, that I knew that the screenplay contained nothing in it that I would be able to relate to. At least at that time in my life. Until recent events.Over the past week or so, my grandma had been to the hospital. She has been getting weaker and weaker over the years and because of this has had her fair share of tumbles to the ground. A recent fall resulted in a broken arm. So while at the hospital for this, she had a heart attack. It was a critical one and they didn't expect her to last the night. She did though and hung on for 5 more days.I myself have been dwelling on my own death for probably the better part of two years now. I been experiencing some weird problems, but I won't get into that. Anyways, on the night before my grandmothers heart attack, I was sitting in my fathers truck and thinking deeply about my own death and what it might mean to my family members. The song 'Man of the Hour' by Pearl Jam from the movie 'Big Fish' came to mind and I started thinking about the screenplay that I had put off and hadn't read yet. I thought to myself, "I should read that soon. I think I'm ready for it now." I was reading another book at the time, and am still reading the same book, but I thought, maybe I should take a break from that book and start reading the Big Fish screenplay? It was just a thought at the time. For that night. The next morning my mom comes down the hallway, finds me at the computer and tells me the news she had just been told over the phone. "Grandma just had a heart attack." She wasn't panicked like someone who may have been out of the loop with the heath condition of their loved ones, she knew her mother was declining in health and that this was just another unfortunate occurrence. She let me know that my father was on his way home and that he would be taking her to the hospital, and that I could come if I wanted. I said I would come, and then went to my room to get ready to leave. While in my room, I grabbed the Big Fish screenplay and on the way to the hospital, I started reading it. If you haven't read the book that the movie is based on, or watched the movie itself then there is a good chance you have not read the screenplay, so I would not read any further if this is either of the cases for you. I may contain SPOILERS? So this screenplay is about a man's life, two men's life actually and the women who married them. One of these men, the father, is dieing. The other man, the son, is trying to figure out exactly who his father is/was. The scene at the end, when the father is being carried out to the river by his son, and everyone is there to see him off, really resonates something in me. It's something I wish would happen when I die. Not because I think I'm import and would have a bunch of people show up for me, but because I want everyone I love to be there so I can see them one last time before I go. I guess more than anything, I wanted something to help me through the death of my grandmother and something that I could relate to during that final week of her life? This screenplay did that for me.As I read page after page, the similarities of the situation was not to be unnoticed. I finished this book the night before my grandma passed. That night, it was a Monday night, I realized that I had not seen my grandmother that whole day. I was there with her on the day she had a heart attack, which was a Thursday, and stayed all day. Then the next day, a Friday, I had to work so I wasn't able to be there. The following day, after I came home from work, my mother told me she was going to head to the hospital soon and asked if I wanted to go again. I said I did and then spent that whole day with her. The next day, Sunday, we went back and stayed with her again, and halfway through this day they moved her to a nursing home. So we stayed there for a bit as well. Then Monday came and I wasn't sure if I was going to visit my grandma that day? I had a few things that I had to do that day, a doctors appointment, a play audition, so I didn't really try to see her that day. Also, I guess to me she didn't seem like she would die anytime soon? On the way home Sunday night, two of my sisters & I talked for a short while about how weird it was that we were told she only had a few more days left to live. It seemed like she was sick, but not dieing. So like I said, after I had finished the book that night, I realized that I had not been there to see her. I had to work the next day, Tuesday, so I knew I wouldn't be able to visit her then, but I said to myself, "I will come home from work tomorrow and immediately go to the nursing home and spend the whole day with my grandma." I remembered fully that she had only a few more days left and I didn't want to skip another day to be able to visit with her while she was still here. As my luck would have it though, I got a phone call that Tuesday, while at work and was told that my grandmother had died. Sadness, then regret, more sadness.I guess instead of talking about the actual book and it's contents, I decided to talk about what this book meant to me in a point in my life when I needed something to relate to. Something to help me through it all. This book did that for me and more and I'm very grateful for having it to read when I needed it most.

  • Lauren
    2018-11-15 06:29

    Exceedingly boring and dull. I did not like the story, I couldn't get into it, or the characters who seemed to me to make no sense whatsoever.

  • Jd Winters
    2018-12-01 04:39

    loved it

  • Molly
    2018-11-24 06:50

    Pretty good. More Later...