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Annie Sutherland is fast finding out her life was built on lies. Haunted by her father’s death, Annie seeks out his protégé in the CIA, James McKinley, and is thrust into a secret shadow world that sends shivers of terror through her. For she finds James is no longer the conservative bureaucrat she remembers, but a mysterious, tortured fugitive—very armed and very dangerouAnnie Sutherland is fast finding out her life was built on lies. Haunted by her father’s death, Annie seeks out his protégé in the CIA, James McKinley, and is thrust into a secret shadow world that sends shivers of terror through her. For she finds James is no longer the conservative bureaucrat she remembers, but a mysterious, tortured fugitive—very armed and very dangerous. Annie and James are thrown together on a wild run that draws them closer to each other. Yet Annie is still not sure who James really is—a tender, passionate lover or a ruthless assassin? Who can she possibly trust with violence exploding all around her...and love perhaps the greatest snare of all…?...

Title : Moonrise
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Moonrise Reviews

  • Tammy Walton Grant
    2019-04-27 02:46

    Warning: Tammy drops the f-bombYou gotta hand it to Anne Stuart. She has found a formula for each of the two types of books she writes - historical romances and contemporary romantic-suspense, and follows each of them. To. The. Letter. Moonrise is the latter formula. It's like there's a master checklist AS follows each time she writes one. If I had to guess, I'd say it goes something like this:1. Heroine: naive, virginal, malleable, mostly two-dimensional, sometimes humourless, virtually always having kept a secret torch for Hero for years. In this book the heroine was a little more likable than I usually find AS' to be - she was coming in to her own and finally realizing how manipulated she had been by her dead father.2. Hero: tough, lone wolf, stone-cold killer/spy/black ops/you-name-it, chiseled, ageless, timeless, questioning his humanity and usually convinced he is unredeemable. He has known the heroine forever, constantly weighing whether to kill her or fuck her, and has probably done or tried the second at some point years ago;3. The story: some tragedy - parent/brother/best friend/spouse dies and heroine is left to figure out what happened, or talk to the Hero, who is usually the last one to have seen the deceased, or is completely clueless to some big secret she is holding until the bad guys descend.4. Many attempts on lives follow, including Hero again wrestling with his huge existential dilemma - kill her or fuck her? Fuck her, then kill her? Poor guy. Endlessly gazing at the back of her neck, behind her ear - break her neck or shoot her? Bodies pile up everywhere.5. "We're going to die so what the fuck" sex happens, usually followed by some tears and heroine's epiphany that she's in love with Hero. Hero has a similar eureka moment, although his is more confusion about why his cock and his trigger finger seem to be connected. Kill her, fuck her, fuck her, kill her. 6. More intrigue, terror and passion (thanks to the synopsis for this) now, followed by the inevitable double betrayal - big, big secret kept by the Hero from the heroine, and both of them sandbagged by the identity of the actual bad guy. Hero has usually determined a solution to his existential argument by this point - he won't have to do either because the heroine will leave him after his big lie. She never does, of course, he makes her feel SAFE. Hero chooses the "fuck her" option and after the best sex of his life ends solves his dilemma for good.7. Bad guy dispatched after a narrow escape by Hero and heroine, who then head off into the sunset as the screen fades to black. Formula aside, after a bit of a slow start Moonrise was pretty good. Nothing new or earthshaking in it, but it was fast-paced and full of action, with a bad guy that wasn't really obvious until the big reveal. It was like reading an action movie - it kept my butt planted squarely in my chair from about page 50 until I was finished. :D3.5 stars

  • -y.a
    2019-05-02 20:41

    3.5-starsI want to thank my gr friends for recommending Anne Stuart books (HR and RS) to me this year. I have read 10 books so far and only dnfed Ritual Sins:/ James Bond is my favorite anti-hero action character so perhaps it sorta explains why I like AS anti-heroes. No matter how unapologetically ruthless they are, I can always find a slight hint of humanity in these characters that make me root for them even though AS TSTL-heroines consistently test my limit.First published in 90’s, I thought James and the storyline in Moonrise were an interesting mapping of Ice series. It is rare for me not to enjoy an AS book unless the male lead really fails to impress me.

  • A. Bookzilla.
    2019-04-23 18:48

    Four-ish stars for another one of Anne Stuart's dark, edgy romantic thrillers.I'm a huge fan of the author, but god. Her heroines are always, without a fault, too stupid to live.It's a shame because her heroes are some of my favorites. They're tough men, frank about who they are and what they do. Their professions of love are kept to a minimum (and to me, all the more powerful because of that). They don't turn into crying little girls when they realize they care about the girl.James McKinley is one of these heroes and for that I loved him (also, he's Irish).But these stupid women always bring my ratings down. For once, I'd like to read one of her books where the playing field between the two main leads is a little more even.I could understand that it was a shock for Annie. Learning all these harsh truths that the man she had a crush on forever was actually a cold blooded assassin groomed by the man who raised her.I wouldn't have taken these truths any differently. It's the way she handled everything else like a petulant child that grated on my nerves.I loved the story though. A dark hero no one can kill and a wide eyed innocent girl he wants to protect, even if it's the one thing that will be the end of him.I thought the villain was comical. At the whole soliloquy in the end I was just about hysterical with laughter. I had him figured out from the beginning.The writing was a bit repetitive, the things we learned in the beginning repeated over and over. I can't count the many times James told Annie she was just a creation of her father.The sex... she wrote better sex in other books. Some scenes were uncomfortably close to rape. In others, the heroine was like a blow up doll, barely participating at all. All in all, somewhat of a disappointment.That being said, I'd still recommend the book. It's not the worst this author wrote. I'm glad to say her trained assassin stories improve greatly with the ICE series.

  • Alba Turunen
    2019-05-14 18:45

    Malo. Realmente éste libro es muy malo. Cuando lees la sinopsis parece que la historia promete, pero no ha sido más que un batiburrillo ilógico y sin sentido.Lo único bueno que ha tenido es la narrativa tan sencilla y amena. ¡Leñes! Es malo pero me ha enganchado con su forma de narrar. Pero ése es únicamente su punto a favor.Por lo demás la historia es mala. No entiendes por qué James tiene que matar a Annie, pero a la vez se convierte en su salvador cargándose a por lo menos quince personas durante el libro, que los persiguen para matarlos. Los personajes están muy mal construidos y son totalmente ilógicos, ella es una pava con un pseudosíndrome de Estocolmo, y él un pseudofrío torturado que se tira medio libro borracho y cargándose a gente sólo con sus manos. Decir que su amor es insustancial y absurdo sería mucho decir, porque el libro tiene romance cero y sí una relación muy tóxica.No lo recomiendo para nada, pero no tiro la toalla porque otros libros de ésta mujer sí me han gustado.

  • Crista
    2019-05-03 21:22

    So here it is.....this is the third book I've read by Anne Stuart. I appreciate her willingness to go places and do things with her characters that many authors don't have the courage or talent to do. I've read A Rose at Midnight where the heroine was the "dark" character, and I've read Nightfall which might be the most memorable and haunting book that I've ever read. Moonrise takes the idea of a "dark" romance to a whole new level. Nightfall was also very dark, but what I appreciated about Nightfall is that the reader is given a look into the relationship so that despite the "darkness" of the plot, you could believe in the couple. Not quite so with this book. James McKinley is one tough guy! He is a killer, admittedly, and is cold as ice. He agrees to help Annie Sutherland get to the bottom of her father's murder. The suspense in this novel is it's greatest strength, and I dare you to figure out what's really going on before finally Stewart just outright tells you! Although it is implied, I NEVER believed that Annie could love this man or that he loved her. This was devastating for me as I am a "romance is my number one priority" type of girl. I NEED to believe that a couple, regardless of how dysfunctional, truly care for one another. All that I believed was that James could kill Annie at any point of the book, and that Annie was stupid to be putting her life into this "loose cannon's" hands. This is supposedly Stuart's greatest work, but it doesn't hold a candle to Nightfall IMHO!

  • Eastofoz
    2019-05-17 20:35

    A huge disappointment—this is what I felt once I finished this novel. I kept hoping it would get better but it was painfully slow with two terribly irritating characters. After about 50 pages in, with the story going nowhere fast, I felt like I was trudging my way up an endless hill through the thick mud. It was a laborious read to say the least. I’m starting to wonder if Anne Stuart’s earlier heroes (loved her ICE men) are all robotic, unfeeling weirdoes who hurt the heroine repeatedly (physically and emotionally) without any remorse whatsoever and the idiot heroine stands by and takes it all. The other thing that bothered me about the hero here and in the other earlier novels was the excessive drinking. You’d think they’d be hospitalized for alcohol poisoning for the amount that they send back!The heroine, Annie, is a strange bird. She’s not here or there and pretty much lets people dictate her life to her. Why she loves James is hard to fathom because up to the end he couldn’t care less about what she does. I was hoping for some big redemption scene to make up for how he treated her but there was nothing. Even the sex scenes were blah and totally devoid of anything resembling love or like even!It’s a very moribund, cold story where people talk about dying like they were going to sleep. The romance I felt was non-existent and by the end the characters were just too TSTL and apathetic for me.Can’t give half stars here but it’s more a 2.5 than a 3.

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    2019-05-20 18:24

    One of Anne Stuart's earlier books and still it makes a great read.Tortured and dark hero helping the heroine, who he's had feelings for many years but never told her, find the truth about her father's death.Fast paced, suspense filled action, sexual tension.....the hallmarks of this author's writing.Great read.

  • MBR
    2019-04-25 01:45

    Moonrise is going to end up being one of those novels that is going to be hard for me to rate. Not because it wasn’t engrossing enough but rather because I felt that a vital aspect of the story was missing in action even when the story ended. I wanted so much more for both James and Annie who seemed to go through so much in the span of just a couple of days. And although the mystery and suspense potion of the novel was superbly done as always, the romance aspect of the novel seemed to suffer making this novel not as enjoyable as it would have been otherwise.27 year old Annie Sutherland is a woman who has led a sheltered life, a woman who has been manipulated endlessly by her father without even her being aware of the fact. With the sudden death of her father Annie withdraws into herself in grief until a missing picture from her father’s living room causes her to question how her father had actually died. Her quest to find the truth brings her to the doorstep of her father’s protégé James McKinley, a man whom she remembers as being part pf her life since Annie was 7 years old.The James that she encounters is such a different version from the man that haunts her memories. The James that she finds in a remote cabin in an island off of Mexico has an aura of dangerousness that makes her nervous, but not enough to make her back down from her quest to find what it is that had killed her father. Though James would rather kill Annie than tell her the truth, something deep inside of him stalls at the thought of putting his hands around her neck and squeezing the life out of her. And James knows deep inside that his reluctance to end her life is reason enough to send her packing.With killers turning up every step of the way, James and Annie travel from Mexico to the US and then to Ireland to find the truth. In the process both Annie and James are forced to remember their shared past and a fragile connection that had gone beyond anything they have encountered before or ever since, a passion and attraction that still seems to linger on stronger than ever. And when the truth does come out at the very end, it is a surprising one that proves Anne Stuart’s mastery when it comes to weaving tales of mystery and suspense.James turned out to be a yummy hero of the dangerous type. He is a lethal killing machine, someone whose soul cries out to wash away all the blood that he has shed in the name of justice and a country he believed in. His tormented soul is one that comes across vividly, his one weakness being the attraction that burns deep inside of him to possess Annie Sutherland, the one woman who had remained forbidden to him from such a long time back. James is well versed in the art of deception, as good as the man who taught and mentored him, the man whose daughter trusts him with her life; a mission that James knows is a foolhardy one even long before killers start turning up at his doorstep.Annie proved to be a difficult heroine to place. She has been brought up all her life thinking her father to be totally someone else from the man he actually was, a man who had molded and mapped out her life for her from childhood until his death. The fact that her father turned out to be the total antithesis of what she believed him to be is what makes her change her attitude and outlook towards everything that happens afterwards, her courage and wits the only two things that keeps her going even when James makes no secret of what he wants to do to her.Though there was this sweet bit of shared history and passion between James and Annie, I felt that they had both outgrown who they were back then and had turned into much harder versions of themselves to be really able to love and accept each other as they were. James tries his hardest to keep Annie at bay, he fights constantly with his feelings that should have made his capitulation that much sweeter. And though as mouth-wateringly sexy as James was, their encounters barely hinted at the deeper emotions between them, that just sort of left me feeling empty deep inside.Somehow I kept up my hope and belief that towards the end, I would see one thing, no matter how insignificant from James that would signal that he feels a gut wrenching love for the woman for whom he kills and taints his hands with more blood even when his heart and soul yearns for sweeter and softer things in life that he knows aren’t meant for him. But alas, the story ends on an empty note, and though a shared happily ever after is an implied one, I just did not feel the love that should have been there between two characters who held me riveted throughout their story.Recommended for hard-core fans of Anne Stuart.Rating=4/5Original review posted onMBR's Realm of Romance My quotes included below the review!

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-05-03 01:36

    I would have liked this book more except I thought the heroine Annie had the charisma of a wet dishrag. Too bad. I thought James, the hero was some kind of yummy. An Irish spy. Yes, please. Another book I need to reread to see if it has improved as I have aged.

  • Noelle
    2019-04-25 01:37

    So Anne Stuart does it for me again. I loved this book and found it really hard to put down, also when your sleeping and dreaming of the characters you know that you've found a book that will be on your keepershelf and reread many times. Annie (h) has just lost her father, and there are a few things that don't seem to add up with his death. His death was ruled an accident but there was something missing from his house. With that and severl other questions coming to mind she askes her ex-husband who was also her father's right hand man about her misgivings. He inturn sends her to James, another one of her father's proteges and someone she once had a raging crush on.James (H) has been in hiding for sometime now and he can't believe it when Annie showes up at his door. Only one person really knew were he was and he has no idea why he would send Annie to him, except that they know James is an assassin and they must want Annie taken out. So many people want James taken out and Annie could be the one they sent to do the job, so he decides to see what she wants and to bide his time....he could alway put her down later.I really loved how James struggled with a suddenly rising conscious, years of instinct and killing, and his feelings for Annie. Watching Annie come into her own after years of being and doing what her father had wanted was good too. This story was action pact all the way to the end..... and the only negative thing I could say about the book was that the end....the very end was a little anticlimatic.

  • Alex
    2019-05-09 19:48

    I like Anne Stuart because she writes guys that are unapologetic about being kind of crazy. These are assassins and bad ass dudes that just so happen to meet the girl that Complicates the agenda. They don't become squishy and sweet in the process, they just figure out, after some plot twists and turns and probably a miscommunication, how to get the job done with a partner. I just hate when the Girl who does the Complicating is lame in comparison. When she's a softie who stomps and pouts. Not that she necessarily did all those obnoxious things, but here it came close and I was bored by the drama and Annie's crazy dad who mentored James into being a cold-bloodied killer? It was too much. Too fantastical and too General Hospital and it unraveled what had been interesting about James and put a nail in the coffin of what could have been intriguing and daring about Annie. And then it just ended and that was that.

  • Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews❤️
    2019-04-24 23:33

    3.5 Anti-Hero Hotness StarsAnother great Anne Stuart book, though not as great as some of her other books. She definitely writes the best dark anti-Hero's, her hero's are definitely a guilty pleasure...they are soooo bad yet you can't help yourself for falling for them!!! I realllllly liked James, he's your typical AS anti-Hero, ruthlessly dangerous, heartless, and stone cold. I had a hard time liking the heroine in this one, Annie had the personality of a wet rag and if it wasn't for James and the storyline I might have given up on the book. As I said not my favorite AS but worth the read just to meet James.James & Annie

  • Carolyn F.
    2019-05-02 22:36

    This book started out slow for me. Annie got totally on my nerves. Her father dies in a mysterious way and she goes to James to help her, who she thought of as a kindly father-ish figure. Well, he's a lot younger and a lot more mean than she thought. She wants his help to find out if her father was murdered and to find out who did it. So, since she goes to him for help you would think she wouldn't argue and complain all the time but noooo, she's not only argumentative but questioning everything he says. What did she expect? I hate this in the heroine - if you ask for help, don't fight that help! The ending was a surprise and I ended up getting teary-eyed. But it took 2/3 of the book before it started making a turn around. If you're an Anne Stuart fan, I think this was her 2nd book, so you may want to read it just to say you've read all her works.

  • Sanya
    2019-05-11 23:40

    The entire plot is absolutely unbelievably ridiculous. Apart from it, our hero killed dozens of people with bare hands, no second thoughts, and we are to believe that, down there, he's a good man with a conscience. There's too much killing in this book, it is nauseating.The writing is good, so there's the bonus star.

  • Roshio
    2019-05-12 00:22

    Nothing loveable about this hero along with a dull heroine

  • Ann
    2019-05-20 02:35

    Anne Stuart's best book. For now. :) Moonrise has all the basic elements of her books perfectly put together.

  • Liz johnson
    2019-04-21 00:28

    I really enjoy Anne Stuart books. I loved James, the assassin. Annie was good too, the author often writes slightly wimpy heroines, I didn't mind her though. Anne Stuarts hero's are usually cruel and rough. I love them. However I am always slightly frustrated that the hero's don't go completely over the top in their alpha tendencies, you know that bit where they cant quite be as cruel to the heroine as you want them to be ,they never quite follow through with their threats. I think in this book James followed through a bit more than usual, he was near perfect.I have to say that I think she writes some of the best alpha males in books. I know that is a total contradiction. Her alphas are great. I think this guy is one of the best, I loved him. I just know that if this author could go really over the top with the erotica, bdsm angle she would blow the roof off. She is that good a writer. Of course if you don't need or want that angle you will be happy anyway. However she has limits as an author she does not cross. Her heros are still dark and cruel, she is known for them. Her writing is wonderful, I loved the story. I would recommend anyone to read Anne Stuart books.

  • Chris
    2019-04-30 02:34

    It's so good I'm melting inside. I became mushy and sentimental after I read the part of his soulless work before he became a renegade. This is an interesting read of a MAN who loss his way down to dark abyss pit. He's a machine, automaton killer and he's good in what he do. I'm sad to his lonely childhood and became compassionate to his wicked long dark life. If he heard me saying I pity him, I'm already a dead woman. But he's just a product of the worldly evilness of soulless men around him. You'll met him at the first chapter as a lone wolf amidst the tiny island off the gulf coast of Mexico where he'll be forced out on his cage by his past nightmare, Annie Sutherland, the only daughter cherished by Win's Sutherland, his so-called father for almost 22 years of his life. Her presence will unraveled vicious tainted truth and nothing will ever be the same for both of them until the last page is opened. He will captivate any emotions inside the reader, be it disappointment, anger, loath, pity, or disgust, but in the end we will love him in many ways not just one. A perfect marred antihero for a perfectly handmade heroine.

  • Terry Cohoe
    2019-04-23 20:41

    I was really surprised and disappointed in this book. I had heard such fabulous things about the author but in the end, I didn't like this book at all. I kept reading to see if it would get better (it didn't). I foresaw the ending, not because I'm psychic or extremely intelligent, but because it was expected and uninspired. The characterization was cliche. I understand that there needs to be a character arc - the bad boy with no soul needs to care about our prim and proper gal who has discovered her feisty side. While these two characters are fighting their attraction to each other (because of all of their emotional baggage of course), they are downright abusive. Though it isn't played out that way, the male protagonist pretty much rapes the female protagonist. It is entirely unbelievable that the characters would behave in such hateful ways toward each other, and then realize that they have been in love the entire time. Entirely disappointing.

  • Avon Gale
    2019-05-11 00:29

    This book is one of my all-time favorites, for the simple reason that I didn't know such a thing as "dark romance" existed. I've read better stories in my time, but I remember discovering this author and being amazed that someone else liked some of the things I, too, wanted to write about but wasn't sure how to articulate. This and "Ritual Sins" have a special place in my heart, for teaching me that it's fun to read and write about morally ambivalent characters who are sexy even if they shouldn't be. Books like this are why I love The Administration series by Manna Francis beyond all sense, and why I have so much fun finding Val Toreth sexy and awful at the same time :DD

  • Suzie Quint
    2019-05-10 00:44

    Odd that I should pick this up right after reading Bob Mayer's Lost Girls. The heroes were similar in that they were tough guys with a history of killing, but this was a much better book. The characters had more depth and more emotion, plus this didn't have annoyingly bad research on a key plot point. This is my first Anne Stuart and Moonrise pulled me through the story easily though the ending is a bit abrupt. I would have like a glimpse of where they settled and a chance to see them finding peace and redemption together. Will give Anne Stuart another try in the future.

  • Diane Saxon
    2019-05-08 21:44

    Absolutely loved this book. True to Anne Stuart's bad-boy style.

  • Mary
    2019-05-13 20:27

    Over the years, Anne Stuart's writing has gotten darker and darker. Her skill is undeniable. She can draw you along, even when there isn't a character in the book you really care for. I read this book in a single day. The laundry is barely touched, I read it during supper, I read it when I should have been doing research of my own. And I'm really glad it's over. I am not sure I even want the book in my house.That's the kind of book this was for me. Gripping and ugly, spell-binding and annoying. While the action was non-stop, the book was Dark with a capital D. What was even more aggravating for me was that the characters were all over the place. She loves him, she slaps him, she wants to bed him, then she's rolling off the other side of the bed and standing horrified against the wall before he can even touch her. He wants to bed her, and then he storms out of the room after insulting her with cutting brutality. After a while I was ready to slap both of them. They both needed a good shrink. So while the writing was astounding, all the back-and-forth between them stretched credulity for me.

  • Claudia
    2019-05-01 23:28

    Annie finds herself chasing after her father death back to her past of heartache. Annie uncover many things that leads to her father death. In between of finding the truth she has to cooperate with her father right hand man that is a totally alcoholic that soon to be very attractive to her. Many characters plays a roll in her father death but what she has to go through to recover the truth could cost her own life to be taken away. Someone puts a contract out to kill before she uncovers the truth. Thanks to James her father right hand man that has been in her life every since she was a little girl. Now she's a grown women that runs to him for help so when James opens the door to find her standing there asking for his help. He turns her down because he knows trouble had followed her and he was tired of killing and running. He tires to explain to her to let it go and go back home to her husband and she reveals that she was no longer married. As long as James is around Annie is untouchable as they run for their lives.

  • Krissy P (Kris)
    2019-05-18 00:31

    Twisted, Seductive and Deadly -Moon Rise was not what I usually read, but based on the reviews I read, I had to give it try. Wow, I am glad I did. This was one of those stories that grabs you from the very first word and keeps you until the very end. It was seductive, scary, violent, twisted, sick, crazy and incredibly sexy. I loved it. I might even be a little ashamed to admit just how much I loved it.This is the story of Annie Sutherland, whose father died and she was after the truth. She was convinced he was murdered and was convinced that James McKinley had all the answers. James is a ruthless killer who does not care about anyone or so it seems. He and Annie set off together on the run looking for the answer to one burning question, Who killed her father and why? She and James grow closer to the unfortunate truth and they fall hard for each other.The killer ending will surprise you.

  • Gladys Turner
    2019-04-28 22:42

    "He was old, composed and like a brother.She had a perfectly controlled life and a perfect father.Until her father was gone, and her father's letter made her notice things."That's how we met James.Who was a wild man. Who drank. And who never told one truth.During the whole book the author dragged us along with the heroine to a road when you can't trust anyone.In this case James was the perfect antihero. He was not a bad boy or one of those motorcycle guys (even if he had one).He never said sweet or lovely words (never even thought it).He made the heroine face him as he was, never promising to change.We got to know the human man in him, not the romantic hero.He was not a stupid manwhore, but a man that knew the power of the seduction.This book by Anne Stuart has made me unable to ever read a book about an antihero and rate it 5 stars.

  • Shawna Hansen
    2019-04-27 19:46

    Moonrise was a well written story with a very harsh awakening for our main character. When Annie's DC bureaucrat father is killed, Annie's suspicious grow that his death was murder. Her father's last letter to her directed her to his prodigy, James McKinley, who, after her father's death and funeral retreated to Mexico. Annie's ex-husband, Martin, encourages her to go to James when she talks to him about her suspicions. Like a lamb to the slaughter, Annie has been born and bred to a life of deception and brutality. As she discovers who the men around her really are, she discovers a strength of will and self-awareness that will help her survive all the traps ahead of her. Her beauty and innocence is her only weapon against a group of men who are natural born killers. My only question is - where the heck are the women in her life?

  • Christine
    2019-05-10 00:48

    Hmmm...I usually really enjoy Anne Stuart's books, but I didn't really enjoy this one. I struggled a little before going for 3 stars, which I gave mostly for the quality of the writing, rather than how much I liked the story.Stuart's dark heroes generally have some redeeming factor, and are not all that dark, but wow, James certainly is! Although he has a relationship with Annie, the heroine, he remains very cold and aloof -- thawing slightly at the much-too-quick ending. I absolutely don't understand why Annie believes that she's in love with him. Stuart never makes a convincing case that these two should be together, except as the world's most dysfunctional couple.I like to see tortured heroes overcome their dark side, but I didn't see it happen in this story.

  • natasha k
    2019-04-24 21:27

    This book, people! OH MY GOD!!!! If you are a fan of Anne Stuart's you HAVE GOT to read Moonrise. I can only describe this book as magical. It grips you like a vise right from the start and keeps you at the edge of your seat right to the very end. The plot is amazing, there is mystery and murder, conspiracies, lies and deceit, an incredibly haunting hero and a great heroine to match. I would definitely have to say that Moonrise is the best novel i've read in the past few years. James McKinley is dark, powerfuly intriguing male that will haunt your dreams for a long time after you've finished the book and one you'll finf yourself going back to. This is a powerfully gripping story of deceit, betrayal, honor and love done in a uniquelly excquisite way. Bravo Mrs Stuart!

  • Jesse
    2019-05-15 18:39

    This has got to be one of the oddest, in an emotional sense, books that I've read. Here we have a heroine whose father recently died a rather unsettling death. One she is convinced wasn't an accident. She seeks out her fathers protege to help her find out who killed him. The hero is most certainly an unsavory character. And I find myself wondering why I continue reading, only to realizing I have to know what happens in the end. It is quite the dramatic chase for " who dun it". I only wish I could love the hero more. Hoping he would develop a bit more of a conscience, though in his business, would likely have gotten him killed. Over all if you like a story with an antihero and a not so mushy, lovey relationship then this is for you.