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A historical romance set in pre-colonial West Africa. A first of its kind.In a time when men ruled their households with firm hands, can a quiet man tame his rebellious wife with persevering love?Angry at being forced to marry a man not of her choosing, Adaku stubbornly shuns her new husband on their wedding night. However, she soon discovers there are worse things than giA historical romance set in pre-colonial West Africa. A first of its kind.In a time when men ruled their households with firm hands, can a quiet man tame his rebellious wife with persevering love?Angry at being forced to marry a man not of her choosing, Adaku stubbornly shuns her new husband on their wedding night. However, she soon discovers there are worse things than giving into a man whose touch awakens her deep desires. In a land where fruitfulness is celebrated, she could soon be labeled a barren woman.Obinna knows there are several ways to tame a rebellious woman. Patience and perseverance are two of them. Adaku is his treasure and he will never let her go. When her fears push her into his arms, will he be able to convince her to stay with him forever by unleashing the passion within her?...

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His Treasure Reviews

  • Natasha Blackthorne
    2019-05-24 03:10

    Kiru Taye paints her story world in lush living color. One can just smell the coconut and mango. One can feel the hot breezes blowing through the palms and cooling waters. The story has wonderful historical feel and well-drawn characters. His Treasure is primarily the story of Obinna and Adaku learning to overcome the preconceptions that have kept them apart. It’s a compelling character-driven story that held my interest and had me rooting for the Adaku and Obinna to find their HEA from the very first. Adaku was the first daughter of her father, a royal advisor. She grew up in the royal court, cherished and a bit spoiled. She didn’t deserve the hole-in-the-corner way the prince treated her. Compromised by the prince and forced to marry a man she doesn’t love or even want, she’s understandably defiant and reluctant. This would be a hard situation for any man to cope with. Obinna is a man in love. He was ready to give up everything he owned to possess the unique beauty that Adaku is. He is prepared to be patient but will not be a pushover. He’s a quiet, strong hero who is not afraid to show his sensitive side and to give his wife time to adjust. His longing is one of the most poignant parts of the story. (view spoiler)[When they do come together, the love scenes are full of emotion and sensual. The sexual language is direct but fits well with mainstream romance. Adaku and Obinna find deep loving intimacy through the exploration of their sexual attraction to each other.However, they live in a culture where the duty to bear children is stressed and a man may take more than one wife. And Obinna is handsome, wealthy and kind. He’s a desirable prospective husband and the experienced widows notice him. Will Adaku’s stubbornness force her to wait too long to reach out to the man she has married? As time passes, cultural and social forces threaten the bond that builds between the newlyweds. It may be too late to change things, no matter what Adaku and Obinna want.(hide spoiler)]Kiru Taye builds the story to a dramatic and satisfying HEA. I thoroughly enjoyed this journey to an exotic time and place and the chance to share Obinna and Adaku’s story.

  • Elise Marion
    2019-05-17 20:11

    I heard alot about this book before reading and was very excited to buy my copy when it came out. I have been reading historical romance since I was a teenager, but have never read one set in Africa. Typically all of the historicals i've read involving people of color have involved American slaves, and after awhile that tends to get a bit depressing. It was really nice to read a novel about people of color in ancient times, without all of the racism and persecution that you find in other books. IN this way, the author lets you concentrate on the story and the development of characters.I really liked Obinna's character. Most romances feature a very arrogant alpha-male hero. Obinna is the opposite of these things. Though he is confident and strong, he is also quiet and reserved as well as humble and hard-working. And though his wife Adaku has rejected him and witheld her body to him, he remains patient with her where most alpha-heroes would have dragged her off to bed kicking and screaming. He is content to wait for Adaku to come to him on her own, even though he wants her so desperately.What I really liked about Adaku is that she is not the typical strong-willed heroine. In alot of books where the heroine is supposed to be strong-willed, she instead comes across as insipid and immature. Adaku is none of these things. While some of her actions could be called childish, she is not so bull-headed that I was unable to like her. I was rooting for them both through this book to find each other and love.My only wish is that this book was longer. While I think Kiru managed to get some good character development into a short novella, I kind of wish there had been more as I did not quite want it to end when it did.The love scenes in this book are pretty hot. I especially like the part where Obinna walks in on Adaku while she is bathing...HOT! I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the Men of Valor series.

  • Beverly Diehl
    2019-04-30 03:00

    This novella is set in a small Nigerian village, where we find Adaku, in love with a prince, married against her will to another man, Obinna.Over the course of a year, as Obinna treats her with courtesy and kindness, and refuses to even touch her against her will, Adaku comes to respect, be attracted to, and even love her husband, just as he is giving up hope that he will win her over.As an American, I struggled with the names a bit - my stupid mind kept converting Obinna to Obama. As a virtual tourist, I would have liked to have seen more of the day-to-day life in the village. They slept on pallets on the floor, had an indoor bathroom with apparently a bathtub - but was it just a bathing room, or was it a "bathroom" as an American would think of one, with a commode and sink? Couldn't tell.That said, the romance was sweet, the jealousy that flared for both of them, believable, and their consummation was sexy and skillfully written. I'm very much looking forward to reading His Strength, the next book in the Men of Valor series by Ms. Taye.

  • Delaney Diamond
    2019-05-07 20:23

    This was my first historical romance set in sub-Saharan African, and I really enjoyed it. Kiru Taye wove a story about Adaku and Obinna, both living in pre-colonization Nigeria. It was a unique tale, and it gave me some insight into the country and culture of the time. Even though Adaku was strong-willed, she didn’t come off bratty, and Obinna was patient, but didn’t seem weak. I liked both characters and was happy to see them grow closer and have a real marriage. This was definitely a good read.

  • Claire Robyns
    2019-05-24 23:12

    This was the perfect start to my weekend. A relatively short read, but in just a few hours, Ms Taye drew me into her world by setting an incredible sense of place and time in pre-colonial Nigeria. Obinna is everything a man of valour should be, silent and strong, gorgeous, and determined to make the woman he loves happy, even if it's driving him slowly crazy. I was completely invested in Adaku and Obinna's story and, yes, I did shed a happy tear or two at the ending. I'm looking forward to the next book in this series

  • Kenya Wright
    2019-05-05 20:24

    This was a fun and entertaining read. Nice and hot! This is actually my first historical romance. I checked it out because this one is set in an African village, which sounded unique to me. Hot and classy sex scenes. Great conflict between the hero and heroine. This is pretty much how I like my romance novellas.

  • Nkem Ivara
    2019-04-27 03:59

    As a first book, this is a fantastic read. It combines romance with history and Kiru Taye carefully weaves a tale that grips you right from the start.The characters are real and believable, flawed yet loveable and have you rooting for them as the plot unfolds.I really, really enjoyed reading this book and can't wait for more releases from this author.

  • Lara Daniels
    2019-04-28 20:15

    I read the draft and it was fantastic. So I know that the published book will only be more fantastic. I'm rating this a five star-not only because it was well written (the first draft, I mean) but because it's the first African romance historical and it takes a brave writer with lots of imagination to do that.

  • Alannah Harte
    2019-04-29 20:59

    Really enjoyed this debut by new author Kiru Taye. A very atmospheric piece and very sensual. The characterisations were well constructed and in particular the hero was gorgeous. My only complaint was it was too short.

  • Habrewer
    2019-05-20 23:18

    His Treasure (Men of Valor) by Kiru Taye* I received a copy of this book from Breathless Press in exchange for an honest review*Adaku is forced to marry Obinna against her will. Her heart is with the prince and she refuses Obinna in all ways. Obinna loves his wife and hopes to win her over. He is kind to her and provides for her every need, except one, he will not touch her against her will. As Adaku sees the happiness in her friends eyes when she reveals her pregnancy, she knows that something is missing in her life. She wants her husband to look at her the way other men look at their wives. Is it too late for her and Obinna to have a future, she hopes not.Adaku is strong willed. She always thought she was going to marry the prince but that didn’t work out as planned. She is now married to a kind caring man that dotes on her. As time progresses, she grows to care about him and dreams of having a real marriage with him but doesn’t know how to show him. She is concerned that because of her stubbornness, she will be labeled as barren disgracing Obinna. In the end she is willing to do whatever it takes to save her marriage.Obinna is such a strong man. He is kind and patient with Adaku, hoping that through his kindness she will come to love him as much as he loves her. You feel empathy toward him because he’s living with a wife that doesn’t want to have an intimate relationship with him but also admiration because he refuses to force himself on Adaku and is waiting on her to come to him. There are not many men that would allow this type of behavior from their wives.This story drew me in from the very beginning. It was interesting and different from anything I have read before. The main characters are complex and strong. There are a limited amount of secondary characters but each one is needed to advance the story. I also loved getting a glimpse into the Nigerian village and their lifestyle. It helps the reader understand the characters better I believe.Overall I really liked this story and give His Treasure 3½ Flaming Hearts.

  • Myne Whitman
    2019-04-30 21:59

    This is the first historical romance set in Nigeria that I have read. Kiru Taye's debut novella is an amazing introduction to the love lives of pre-colonial Igbo people in south-eastern Nigeria and the setting is done perfectly. There is a mixture of traditions, culture and language that puts you right in the place and time.The book asks, can a quiet man tame his rebellious wife with persevering love? And the answer is yes, yes yes!Obinna may be quiet but he exudes a masculine confidence that soon has feisty Adaku wanting him beyond reason. The former infatuation that had made their marriage start on a sour note quickly becomes an immature foolishness as she gradually falls for her new husband. The story was well plotted and the pacing drew you quickly to the climax.I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

  • Chitzi Ogbumgbada
    2019-04-29 20:16

    I just finished His Treasure and I must say Kiru Taye did very well in the book. I particularly like the denouement of the story and how it ended. Obinna truly is a man of valour. As for the language, I'd say the author's choice of words, sentence constructions and vocabulary were impeccable. While some may squirm at the use of sex in the work, I should say that this is an adult work and therefore recommended for advanced readers. I find it very relevant the release of the work in ebook format. This medium of publishing is one that has largely gone untapped by Nigerian writers and one that has immense potentials of lifting the writing careers of many African writers. On the whole, I rate His Treasure well beyond average and I'm glad I read it.

  • Andrea Jackson
    2019-05-21 00:26

    I loved this short novella. It was a non-European historical romance. The hero is fierce and masculine but still gentle. He is a delight. I wanted to smack the heroine up beside her head sometimes, but I get that way when women screw around good men. lol! Actually, she was bright and though she started out self-centered, she redeemed herself by the end.I loved the way the author gave the feel of the culture too.

  • Empi Baryeh
    2019-05-20 23:10

    I don't remember the last time I was compelled to read a story in one sitting. I'd intended on just reading a couple of chapters to start with, but found myself going on and on. I loved the hero and heroine, and I enjoyed the manner in which Kiru Taye wove the setting into her story without making pre-colonised Africa feel backward. I wish the story had been longer to allow the author to delve a little more into her characters and the plot. Overall, a very enjoyable read.

  • Andrew
    2019-05-12 01:06

    I'm not typically a reader of romance novels but this one was pretty good. This is a tale of a women marrying the man she is not in love with but how over time the gulf between them disappears. With a pleasant setting and some characters you’ll not forget, this was a very enjoyable read! I’m looking forward to more writing by Kiru Taye.

  • Zrinka Jelic
    2019-05-07 23:09

    A quick and great read. I finished it in less than an evening. Excellent descriptions of love scenes, love the way the H/H found love (and they loved eachother all the time just didn't want to show it) then got together again when her fate seemed almost sealed with a prince whom she had a crush on. But her husband did come true and claimed what was rightfully his.

  • Shawnette
    2019-05-24 02:02

    A brief, yet CAPTIVATING historical romance set in Africa...Mrs. Taye crafts a vivid, PAGE-TURNING, sweet and sensual treat...when Obinna and Adaku FINALLY connect it's quite a passionate and HEARTWARMING read...looking forward to the next book by this author.

  • Dolapo
    2019-05-09 21:14

    I enjoyed reading "His Treasure." What a lovely twitch to the love triangle. Different from the typical and predictable romantic storylines. Proves that love surpasses all odds and understanding. I love it! Looking forward to many more of this kind.

  • Oluwakemi Babalola
    2019-05-14 20:23

    Wonderful book. A must read

  • Jennifer Lynne
    2019-05-15 01:28

    Very short, but a most unusual setting and a true love story that really drew me in. Thoroughly enjoyed His Treasure by Kiru Taye.

  • J.S. Marlo
    2019-05-20 02:19

    I struggled with the names, but I enjoyed the book. The hero was truly a man of valor, and he was my favourite character. Nicely done!

  • Abi J
    2019-05-22 00:20

    I really enjoyed the book! Loved the storyline.

  • Henza R.
    2019-04-25 00:14

    I'm always up for a good read and this one is IT. The story is fascinating, it has great characters and the plotting is awesome. For a first release it is way up in the game.

  • Tamunoibifiri
    2019-04-27 00:19

    I love the story. The sex scene was fantastic. I love the character Obinna. Strong and patient and not the typical african male chauvinist. But I would have loved the novel to be longer.

  • Madison
    2019-05-09 23:17

    Great quickie! Loved the heroine and storyline. Exotic and steamy. Passionate and sassy!!

  • A. Jones
    2019-05-09 01:06

    It was too short! It lost a star, because the ending felt rushed.

  • Romancing the Book
    2019-05-08 21:12

    Reviewed by MariaBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookA piece of historical fiction, set in pre-colonial Africa (Nigeria). This novella doesn’t take up a lot of time in the reading, yet it leaves an impression. The writer has a mesmerizing voice, almost imperceptible in a way. It sort of fades into the background as the characters take the stage.The plot is interesting. Adaku is finally beginning to warm to the man she married just under a year ago. She had rejected Obinna as her husband on their wedding night, as her heart was already given to another. Obinna was confident enough in his masculinity not to force himself on an unwilling woman, but to wait until she came to him of her own free will. As Adaku dances and makes merry among the women at a community function, keeping her eyes on her husband as he socializes among the men, she hears disturbing rumors. Nneka, an old flame of Obinna, is recently widowed and now actively seeking another mate. She has indicated that she is ready to enter Obinna’s house as his second wife. The thought fills Adaku with horror. Newly possessive of her husband, with awakening feelings for him, there is also the possibility of her losing her prestige as Obinna’s first wife. If another woman enters Adaku’s home before Adaku, has borne a child, the second woman may eclipse her should she produces a child first. Now Adaku knows what she has to do. She must make her husband her own.As a piece of erotic writing, I would class this as sensual rather than actual erotica. The writer employs the skill of arousing the reader’s interest slowly and working steadily towards the shattering climax. While erotica tends to arouse the reader as well as the characters, in this book, it’s very much the characters’ moment rather than the reader’s. I am not one of those readers who wants to join the party when the characters start getting frisky. In fact I’m a ‘less is more’ person when it comes to sexual description. Don’t get me wrong, the sexual description is full on, but there’s enough room for the reader to stand back and look away if they so desire. Which is fine by me. But I have to admit that Kiru Taye does an excellent job of depicting that frantic, bonding sex of a new, passionate relationship, no holds barred.As an avid reader of historical fiction, I found it a little strange that a tribal farmer in pre-colonial Africa lived in such a well appointed house with a separate kitchen and bathroom. It’s not that I think that life in pre-colonial Africa was primitive – far from it. But having read a Chinua Achebe novel or two in my time, I had visions of circular huts within a compound. I would have liked a little more attention to detail, such as descriptions of how Adaku cooked the food, for example, as well as the actual food. She must have cooked on an open fire, but for all the detail given, she could have been using an electric cooker.Overall, a fascinating glimpse of life and love in another time and place. An enjoyable read.Favorite Quote:She flicked her gaze downward, but he held her chin up, making her look back into his face. His black eyes were smoldering, boring into her, melting her. She couldn’t look away if she tried.

  • Thewalkingdreamer
    2019-05-24 22:58

    Well that was .... short ! Actually I started reading Without knowing that it was a novella.The author did not have time to dwell on anything so, well, we went straight to the point !Thinking back, It is quite refreshing actually to read an HR that does have tons of utterly useless angst ! Clearly this is a well writtent book, you can only appreciate that for once we are not in England nor The US thanks God ! We are in Nigeria !!!! And honestly, I know it is a short story but for once I would have liked for the author to dwell on the country, its history or at least have a better grape of its customs. I mean that is why I started reading the damn book. But actually what could have make this book so peculiar( in a good way) was not there. At the end of the day, I did felt like I read a story told from an external point of view about Nigeria. How to describe that ? It felt like The author had only very basic knowledge of Nigeria, just enough to use it as the theather for her story to unveil and add two protagonists which are your almost typical characters in HR. When all is said and done, I just wanted to go in a journey through this book and I did not.

  • Anna Adler
    2019-04-29 00:28

    This is a very short story, and I think the plot suffers a bit from the shortness. The key drama moments go by a little too fast in my opinion. The topic could have easily carried a full novel and I would have gladly devoured a lot more of this. But yeah, that's my only complaint: too short! I absolutely loved everything else: the characters, the plot, the steam, the author's writing style etc. And I'm so excited to see such a unique setting for a romance: pre-colonial Nigeria! I will definitely read more of this series.

  • Nana Prah
    2019-05-05 03:09

    His Treasure was immensely sweet with loads of passion thrown in. A story of a wife finally falling in love with her husband and letting go of the love she once thought she wanted. The hero was so patient and loving that it made my heart sigh. His Treasure was a quick eventful read.