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What's a girl to do all alone with a rodeo cowboy for 1 month in the Wyoming wilderness? Melanie Summers has something to prove! Being a zoologist is her dream and the only thing standing in the way of her going on an African expedition is her father and his fear. So she strikes a deal. She has to spend a full month in the Wyoming wilderness and show her father she can hanWhat's a girl to do all alone with a rodeo cowboy for 1 month in the Wyoming wilderness? Melanie Summers has something to prove! Being a zoologist is her dream and the only thing standing in the way of her going on an African expedition is her father and his fear. So she strikes a deal. She has to spend a full month in the Wyoming wilderness and show her father she can handle being in a remote area while managing her Type 1 diabetes before he'll agree to fund the expedition to Africa and allow her to go. But her daddy isn't the only one convinced she'll fail... But she's not about to let any man underestimate what she can do. Especially not the sexy rodeo cowboy she's hired to help get her through the month in the wilderness.Yes, he knows what he's doing. But so does she! Yes, he's ruggedly handsome...well, he can't help that, can he? But no sexy cowboy is going to keep her down!Stoney Buxton needs to raise cash fast to save the family ranch after a barn fire injured his father and left the family finances in ruin. Re-entering the rodeo circuit seems like the best way to get the money he needs. That is until Melanie Summers shows up at his ranch flashing easy money. To everyone else, Melanie's offer seems like the answer to all his prayers. But one look at her long legs and pouting lips and Stoney knows this high society gal is going to be nothing but trouble...for his cowboy heart.Excerpt:His jaw tightened. Yes, there was something definitely wrong here. And money had nothing to do with it. It had everything to do with this beauty standing in front of him, who was clueless about what she was getting her pretty little hide into. "No," he replied tersely."Mr. Buxton, I need your help.""Tourist season is in full swing. I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding someone else." He turned his back to her and began walking along the fence toward the barn, almost forgetting... Abruptly, he glanced up and saw the charred remains of the barn. The place where all his troubles had started just one year ago. It hadn't taken but a second for him to hear her boots digging into the dusty gravel behind him, jarring him from his thoughts."Then I'll do it myself," she said to his back.His whole body stiffened. He angled back to read her face, to see if she was just being a spoiled rotten rich kid, trying to get her way, or if she was actually serious. Seeing her head held high and her arms crossed in front of her, he realized she was dead serious. And dead she'd be if she stepped one boot into those mountains alone."You'll do no such thing." Frustration flaring, he lifted his dusty hat and forced his fingers through the thick crop of black hair before returning the hat to his head. "You just don't get it, do you? You're not asking me to take you on a theme park ride where you'll get to see the wonders of the world at a nice safe distance. This is God's country. The creatures that live up there don't know civilization, and you are no better than them. You could--probably will--get killed if you go out there alone." His lips twitched, taking a good long appraising look at the woman in front of him. "You might even chip a nail on that pretty hand of yours."...

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Nothing But Trouble Reviews

  • Lyndi
    2018-11-22 14:05

    I sat here for a couple minutes, hovering the mouse over the rating, wavering back and forth between one and two stars. I will oh so gladly tell you why, but be warned I will discuss the climax and basically spoil the whole thing. Here we go...Melanie has diabetes - it's pretty fucking serious. She needs an insulin shot every morning and night. So spending a month on horseback in the Wyoming wilderness is going to take some serious planning and preparation.This bitch shows up with four pieces of luggage. And it is all downhill from there.She's gonna wander the great wide wilderness in her shiny new equestrian boots, of course! You mean she can't bring her hair dyer?! What ever is she supposed to do?! Can't cook, can't pitch a tent, didn't research wilderness living, didn't bother to check up on what kind of predators roam the region, no need to look at the weather predictions for the next month, nothing.Melanie Fucking Summers is going to survive in the wilderness. With no knowledge or preparation. With diabetes.She's doing all this to prove to her father that she's strong, that she can take care of herself, that her disease isn't going to define her or hold her back. Very valiant of her.Except she proves that she's pretty fucking stupid when she packs all of her insulin and supplies in one saddlebag. You're about to roam the high country wilderness for four weeks, going up and down and over mountains, crossing rivers, getting caught in storms, etc. And you don't think you should maybe bring extra supplies and pack them separately in case you lose your bag? Of course not.Further proving how well she can take care of herself, she brilliantly decides to hide her diabetes from her guide. So if something horrible were to happen, he would have absolutely no idea what was wrong. He's in charge of your safety, but he doesn't need to know vital information that would keep you safe, right?So obviously, when they get caught in a storm, she loses her insulin and finally has to come clean with Stoney, who is way too quick to forgive that bullshit. And she has to be airlifted to a hospital.How long did she survive in the great outdoors? NINE FUCKING DAYS.As if that pathetic showing weren't embarrassing enough, these two are convinced they're in love with each other after three days of riding in silence. I don't believe that for a split second.Thank god it was free.

  • Sheri
    2018-11-17 15:15

    Who can resist a tough, rugged cowboy? Definitely not me, and Stoney Buxton is perfect for the role. Bring on the fantasies. In Nothing But Trouble, Melanie is trying to get away from her suffocating parents and make it on her own. She needs to prove to them, as well as herself, that she can face the world and come out on top despite her medical condition holding her back. Stoney sees Melanie as the spoiled little rich girl and wants nothing to do with helping her. He has his own problems with a ranch to run, bills to pay, and rodeos to ride. When she makes him an offer he would be stupid to refuse, they find themselves alone in the mountains of Wyoming. But Stoney is your typical cowboy, stubborn and prideful, and Melanie has a stubborn streak of her own. I love Stoney and Melanie together. Despite some stupid choices, mostly on Melanie's part, and some pigheadedness, mostly on Stoney's part, the chemistry between the two was fabulous. There was sexual attraction between the pair right from the start, which helped build their relationship over the next few weeks. I love that we got to see Stoney's point of view as well as Melanie's. Knowing what he was thinking and feeling helped build the suspense to the point of them finally breaking, and the ending was perfect. I loved it!I received a free copy of this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  • Malinda
    2018-12-04 13:24

    3.5-4 starsThis was a very pretty story. I liked Melanie and Stoney and enjoyed their story.Melanie grew up rich but never wanted that life. She also was born diabetic and her parents treated her like she was fragile...keeping her in what amounted to a guided cage for her own good They tried forcing her in to the rich, privileged lifestyle (with charity functions, balls, coming out celebrations and all that crap) but Melanie hated it and decided (much to her parents displeasure) to get a degree in Zoology. Melanie wants to go on an African expedition that her father is funding but he won’t allow it unless she can spend a month in the wilderness somewhere in the US to prove she can handle herself and her diabetes outside of civilization. Stoney is a good guy in a tough spot. He used to ride rodeo and help his parents run the ranch they own. Recently his dad was injured (and left stuck in a wheelchair) in a barn fire and it left them shorthanded and short on cash. Stoney works part time as a guide and knows the mountains well. When Stoney gets the chance at a month long trip he’s not sure if he should go because he’s needed at the ranch but the money would help…Melanie is referred to Stoney as the best guide in the area. She’s also interested in him because he’s not a well known guide and her father, while he’d keep his word about the expedition, is likely to find any guide she’d hire and bribe them not to take her. Stoney behaves like an ass to Melanie right off, first giving her a hard time about being a city girl that can’t handle herself and also saying he can’t leave the ranch. What he doesn't say is that from the moment Stoney met Melanie he was so attracted to her he just wanted to grab her and kiss her. The last thing he needs is to spend a month in the wilderness with her, alone. Melanie makes Stoney a really good offer though and Stoney's in too much need of the money to turn it down (because of ranch troubles and medical bills from his dad). He agrees to the deal but doesn't do it graciously. Soon after, Stoney and Meanie head out in to the wilderness and things are strained between them. Melanie works hard to pull her own weight (and does pretty well at it) but just about any time she tries to talk to Stoney he acts like a jerk towards her. She’s thinking he hates her, which sucks because she actually is very attracted to Stoney and thinks there’s more to him than meets the eye. After part of a week like this, Melaie finally blows up at Stoney when he’s being a particularly big pain. Melanie tells him off for the way he’s been treating her and the secret finally comes out...Stoney admits that he’s been acting like a jerk towards her because he wants her and can’t have her. Melanie is very attracted to Stoney and doesn't understand why they can’t be together but he’s determined that he can’t be what she needs and pushes her away. Oh, and up to this point, Melanie still hasn't told Stoney about her diabetes.As Stoney and Melanie spend more time together, Stoney starts realizing his feelings for Melanie aren't just lust. He sees how special she I and it calls to him but he resists, thinking it’s for the best. Melanie isn't so willing to be pushed away, especially as she start to realize deeper feelings for Stoney. Melanie ends up pretty much jumping Stoney (not literally but close) and Stoney can't resist any more, ending them up in the sleeping bags together. The day after, both realize that they're in love with each other and to be honest...this part seemed a little off for me because they barely have gotten past their strained, barely talking to each other phase. But getting past that bit, the rest of the story continues pretty well. Melanie knows she needs to tell Stoney about her diabetes and plans to when they camp the next night but of course that's the time something goes wrong. Due to a spooked horse, Melanie's saddlebags with her diabetes supplies go missing. Melanie has to admit to Stoney about her diabetes and the danger she's now in. They head for the ranger's station as it's the closest help but it's tough going and Melanie has trouble as she gets sicker. Stoney ends up having to leave her behind and ride for help and things are strained as he finds help but it's a very close call. Unfortunately, Melanie only spent a week and a half out in the wilderness so her plans are blown. Stoney asks her to stay on the ranch as long as she wants but can't bring himself to tell her he loves her because he has nothing to offer her. Melanie stays for a bit but there's a conflict that comes up between Melanie and Stoney that causes her to leave the ranch and go back home to deal with her father and figure out her life. Things look rather sad at this point until Stoney reaches out to Melanie by making contact but then he doesn't follow through completely. Fortunately, Melanie takes up the slack and they end the story together and heading back to Wyoming for their HEA.This was a pretty enjoyable story. I liked both Melanie and Stoney as well as the secondary characters. The story wasn't perfect (there were a few inconsistencies) but I still found the story to be a good one and I liked how it worked out. I'd recommend it. :)

  • Nicole (( lost in the book's world ))
    2018-11-21 15:08

    I wish Stoney Buxton is my boyfriend!! He is so sexy cowboy!!! I need badly!!!!

  • Jenn
    2018-11-12 14:08

    A quick and easy to read love story. Melanie sets out to prove to her father that she can survive the wilderness. If she can, he will continue to fund her Africa expedition and allow her to go. Will her medical condition hinder or foil her plans? Will her heart change her plans? Will she let her dad continue to be over protective and controlling?Stoney has a lot on his shoulders, namely his families ranch and livelihood. He considers reentering the rodeo scene against his parents wishes to help out, until Melanie pushes herself in to his life. Is he too proud to take her help in the form of money? All so she can spend a month in the wilderness with him as her guide? Will they both be too stubborn in the end and lead with their stubborn minds & pride? Or will they finally lead with their hearts?

  • Jacquie Talento
    2018-11-26 17:22

    I thought this was a cute story. It's nice to see the rich girl not act like a rich girl expecting everyone to do for her but to do for herself. I thought the relationship she had was sweet and not depicted as a sex scene but shared their feelings nicely. I would recommend this book. It reminds people that money isn't everything and love is what helps us thru.

  • Christina
    2018-12-04 14:27

    A love story...plain & simple. But who doesn't love a rodeo cowboy?? Not really all that schmokin' but the love was there, and so was the HEA. Worth it.

  • Deb Diem
    2018-11-26 18:59

    Nothing But Trouble by Lisa Mondello is a great read. This is a fairly short read, a great choice for those with limited time for reading. Ms Mondello has delivered a well-written book. The characters are fantastic and lovable. Melanie is a sassy, feisty, diabetic zoologist. Stoney is a sometimes rodeo bull rider and works the family ranch. Trouble follows when Melanie hires Stoney to guide her into a month-long stay in the mountains. There is plenty of action, drama, sizzle and suspense to keep any reader happy. I totally enjoyed reading Nothing But Trouble and look forward to reading more from Ms Mondello soon. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.I voluntarily read a free copy of this book that I received from Instafreebie.

  • stacy
    2018-11-21 13:29

    The Cowboy and the PrincessThis is a great book to kill off the summertime storms. The two main characters had great character development. The tension and romance balanced wonderfully. I would have liked to see a little more conflict between the characters.

  • Cassandra Cridland
    2018-12-02 19:08

    I found some of the characterization to be unbelievable particularly for the hero.

  • Pam
    2018-11-22 14:20

    I thought it was great !iked both characters. The p!ot was good ending was Nice as well t

    2018-11-28 19:19

    I didn't really like it. It was boring and easy predictable.Non mi é piaciuto, era noioso e prevedibile.

  • Lisa
    2018-12-02 20:18

    I was surprisingly good!

  • Kathleen Booker
    2018-11-13 19:17

    good read. always love a cowboy story.

  • Shannon
    2018-11-16 14:13

    Ok, so I slept on this before writing my thoughts and I'm just gonna go with it. There are spoilers ahead - I talk about specifics of the book so don't read this if you don't want to know anything yet.First off, I don't like the cover model. He is nothing like what Stoney looks like in my mind. I saw the cover model before I read the book - skipped over the book in my kindle list several times because of the guy - and just wasn't interested in him. He doesn't look like any bull rider I have ever seen.Secondly, after having read a third of the way into the book there was one annoying thing: what the hell is this Kenya project already! The author mentioned it three or four times by that point but never elaborated on it. Not that I wanted the whole schpeal, because we do get that later, but something more than "the Kenya project."Third, and this might just be me, I don't really get what is so bad about having Type I diabetes. Granted I don't have it, but I know many who do and it's extremely important that we know about it.Fourth, a virgin story. That was a surprise. There had been nothing leading up to the revelation that she was a virgin about her lack of experience or anything remotely about it. It made for a sweet moment when Stoney thought about wanting to wait, but I kind of felt it was just thrown in there. Fifth, all made sense to me after I got to about 80% into the story as to why Melanie acted the way she did. At first I thought it was just her acting immature, trying to prove herself in a certain way, and then the next moment seeming to be mature. Well, she was only 23. Hmm, maybe that would have been good information to have at the beginning of the story just to help set the stage. I originally pictured her older, later twenties or early thirties, so her immaturity came across as annoying rather than understandable for a 23 year old. And looking back after this realization, I can see how she might have still been a virgin. I mean, a 23 year old with diabetes, coddled by her parents, could be a believable virgin in my opinion.There were a lot of things I liked and loved about the story. I loved Stoney - stubborn and all. I liked hearing his POV and his thoughts. The story was a little heavy on the inner dialogue but it at least gave us something. I liked Melanie's wonder at the beauty of Wyoming - picking wildflowers, the vastness, the night sky, etc. - and her excitement about finding a way for Wally to ride a horse again. Those times made me smile. I liked how Melanie realized that not all families were like her own and that her not wanting roots or tradition meant missing out on something more. And the trip of Stoney out of his element going to Long Island was well written. Him looking around the entryway, a little awkward but leaving and Melanie coming after him. Yep, I liked that part.So overall, I'd read it again and I would recommend it, but I would tell people she is 23 ahead of time.

  • Bob Clarkson
    2018-11-21 18:24

    Could have been a four; my rating: 1.5A cute book that you would normally have cruised through on an afternoon at the beach or by the pool. The female protagonist is pretty, young. (23), and strong willed to the point of being destructably stubborn. So predictable - willfull stubborn girl fights with cowboy, finally getting her way by cosying up to stubborn, prideful cowboy's Mother. When push comes to shove, women can be as practical as needed, so long as it fits their agenda. A few problems with grammar and spelling (pllllassed for past) dropped this from a possible 4 down to a 3.Then the bottom fell out.The hook to this book was that Melanie was a Type 1, insulin dependant diabetic - supposedly since she was seven. She was responsible for taking care of herself and had been self administering her insulin for a number of years.If you aren't a Type 1, Insulin dependant diabetic, you might have cruised through the story thinking how awful life was for Melanie.Insulin dependent Diabetis is crappy to have to test 3-4 times a day and take a number of shots every day. Melanie tested twice a day and took two injections a day, morning and night. That pattern strongly suggests she was taking long acting Insulin and she didn't have to worry about post meal glucose spikes.Supposedly, within two days with no insulin, she collapsed and had a diabetic seizure.I have been a Diabetic, Insulin dependent, for 17 years. I take short term, quick acting Insulin for every meal and snack, supplemented with 35 units of Lantus at bedtime. I forgot my medical bag on a three night camping trip and never came close to the problem she experienced.How did I get by - very carefully. The purpose of Insulin is to lower uncontrolable high blood sugar. If you don't eat, your blood sugar goes down and you can a hypoglycimic low. Protein has little affect in blood glucose levels.I got through three days without Insulin by snacking on jerky and eating 6 small protein meals each day. I paid close arrention to how I felt and when I felt I was close to a low glucose event, I sucked on a piece of hard candy or ingested 8 M&M's (Yes, I have calculated what I need to take for a low glucose event - it takes from 5-10 grams of carbohydrate).Since the "antagonist" in this story was the Diabetis and that was so wrong, I had to take 1.5 srars away.I think Ms Mondello has potential and I will look for a newer book to see if she has learned from her past (NOT passed).

  • TheGeekyBlogger
    2018-11-22 17:14

    Read for FunChallenges: Why Buy the Cow?Overall Rating: 3.75Character Rating: 4.00Story Rating: 3.50First Thought when Finished: There are some side characters I would like to know more about (checked authors website and at least one of them is getting their own book)!What I Loved: This was just a quick (finished in one night) read that was sweet, sexy, and set in a beautiful landscape. Some favorite moments:Adele (Stoney's Mom) gave a hardy laugh. "You've got to cowboy up, girl. When he starts growling, growl back. Show him you have your own two feet to stand on. He can be hard, but he's fair. He'll ease up on you. You'll see. Some men aren't happy unless they're met head on with a good challenge."Melanie was unforgettable. The kind of woman who left a man counting stars in the black night.Stoney Buxton was a man of few words. But the way his gaze bore into her with such depth at those odd moments when their eyes would lock had her wondering just what he was thinking. She found it incredibly intriguing. And she found it pathetically annoyingWhat I Liked: I really liked Stoney and Melanie though they both had their moments that I wanted to shake them to their senses. Stoney was incredibly alpha and handsome while Melanie was stubborn to the bone. They were a good match!What made me go huh?: Melanie holding back with her diabetes and not telling Stoney. That alone proved she was not ready for the Kenya trip in my mind. That is just something that should be shared upfront.Final Thought: When Lisa M. releases the next books in the series I will buy them :)Author:Books:

  • Judy
    2018-11-19 14:22

    Stoney Buxton had been a bull rider in the rodeo until a year ago. Their barn burned down and a beam caught his dad and took away his ability to walk, so Stoney came home to the ranch, where he belonged. They were struggling because of extra land they bought and the medical bills. So when Melanie Summers showed up offering to pay him to be her guide in the mountains, his folks thought it was a good idea. He did not. He was thinking hitting a few of the big rodeo's would help. This fancy city girl with her beauty looked like nothing but trouble to Stoney.Melanie Summers had an agenda. She was a zoologist and wanted to go to Kenya to observe the animals in their natural habitat. Then she found out her dad was funding the project and would pull his money if she went. Thus the deal; if she could survive one month in the Wyoming wild he would let her go. Of course she new he would pay off anyone who would take her, so they wouldn't. But she found Stoney and new he could not be bought, it seemed not even by her. She would not let him know her secret though, she was diabetic and her parents pampered her and kept her as caged as the wild animals at the zoo. Melanie wanted her freedom more than anything and this was her only chance and Stoney was the person to help her.Stoney does give in and struggles every time he looks at Melanie. He wants to hold her and kiss her and.... he knows a city gal like her would never be happy with him, a rancher trying to make ends meet. When Melanie loses her pack with her insulin and tells Stoney, they must race to save her life, and Stoney sees how much he don't want to lose this woman. When he starts trying to protect, she sees him acting in the same way as her parents, the very thing she was trying to escape. Can Stoney love Melanie enough to let go and allow her the freedom she needs or is their love going to stay locked up? **Sexual situations

  • Brooke
    2018-12-01 18:07

    This was a good, short story. (approx. 190 pages)Melanie was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, raised to be the perfect high society wife. Problem is, that's not what she wants. She wants her own career. She's a zoologist and she wants to go with her professor and a team to Kenya to study the wild animals. The problem with THAT is her dad is the one funding the expedition and he won't let her go. You see, Melanie has diabetes and her parents have always kept her in a bubble to "protect" her. She makes a deal with her dad. If she can last 30 days in the wilderness, he will let her go on the Kenya expedition.Stoney is a Wyoming rancher by blood. He traveled the rodeo circuit and made a name for himself there, but an accident back home left his dad in a wheelchair and had Stoney leaving the rodeo to take care of the family ranch. With the medical bills piling up from his father's accident, the ranch is a hairbreadths away from being auctioned off. How fortunate for them that rich girl Melanie showed up in need of a guide and with a fat bank account to pay him for his trouble.Melanie is not as weak as she appears, but she doesn't tell Stoney about her diabetes. He's already reluctant to take her into the mountains and she knows that if she tells him she's diabetic he'll flat refuse and she'll never make it to Kenya. Stoney thinks she's a city girl thru and thru and she's going to be more trouble than she's worth. He's a stubborn, proud man. Everything you want in a good, sexy cowboy!The sparks flying off these two could ignite a forest fire. Stoney is SO antagonistic to her, but she does her best to not let him get to her. I loved both of them! She was so gentle and caring, worming her way under his tough exterior and he was nothing but a big, soft marshmallow covered by a hard shell (what cowboy isn't, right?). I couldn't put this story down.

  • Heather
    2018-11-25 18:05

    This was a quick, easy read and I enjoyed it. It is a fast developing romance that draws you in immediately with a handsome and beautiful H & H. Melanie is a rich girl who has been brought up in a bubble due to a medical condition. The life that her parents have in mind for her is exactly what she doesn't want. She wants to live her life and not be afraid to experience all that is has to offer. She sets out to prove her father wrong. instead she proves to herself she is stronger than she thought and madly in love with Stoney and a life in the last place she expected!Stoney is a rough and rugged Rodeo Cowboy who is trying to keep his family ranch going all by himself. There was a barn fire that almost took his Dad's life and now he is the one who maintains the land. He feels responsible for not being there when his Dad was hurt. Melanie appears out of nowhere with the means to help him keep the ranch. All he has to just take her into the wilderness for one month and be her guide. He struggles with his decision to do this insane request, but he really needs the money. What he doesn't count on is his attraction to her. He knows she does not belong here and tries to figure out why this is so important to her. His family immediately likes her and he takes the chance. What he did not expect was to fall in love with her in the process. Their love is sweet and undeniable. Stoney was indeed stubborn and almost loses her because of it, but all is well in the end.

  • Angie
    2018-12-05 15:01

    Synopsis: "Melanie Summers, a feisty zoologist with big dreams, must spend a month in the Wyoming wilderness in order to satisfy a deal made with her father. Stoney Buxton is a hard-driving cowboy with simple values who needs to raise quick money to save the family ranch. Re-entering the rodeo circuit seems like the best way to get the money he needs until Melanie Summers shows up at his ranch flashing easy money. To everyone else, her offer seems like the answer to all his prayers. But one look at her long legs and pouting lips and Stoney know this high society gal is going to be nothing but trouble for his cowboy heart."My Review: I really enjoyed the characters in this book! Melanie is so strong and determined, even with all the hardships and struggles. I think Mondello did a good job of showing that money doesn't always make everything perfect or easy. Stoney, oh Stoney proof that men aren't simple creatures, they are just as complicated as women, just don't show it. I enjoyed revisiting the Wyoming wilderness that I grew up with and watching it teach lessons to both Stoney and Melanie, nature has a way of forcing you to face your demons.

  • Pat aka Tygyr
    2018-11-09 17:20

    Stoney's family ranch is in trouble. His father was paralyzed when a barn collapsed on him as he tried to free the horses during a fire. The medical bills, financial needs of the ranch, and not being able to get a loan may cost them their ranch.Melanie is a rich girl from back East with type 1 diabetes. Her father is threatening to withdraw his money from a Kenyan research trip that she wants to go on. She convinces Stoney to take her into the wilderness for a month for $15,000. He needs the money, she needs to prove to her dad that she can do this.They become lovers on their campout adventure. Things are great until her horse runs off and her diabetic supplies are lost. Stoney has to ride out to get a signal and order in a medical evac for her.She failed the test of surviving in the wilderness. She agrees not to go to Kenya, but looks into jobs - she's a zoologist. Can Stoney and Melanie have any kind of a relationship? Can he learn not to be as overprotective as her parents? Can he find a way to save the ranch? Melanie's dad disinherits her for her life choices. Can she learn to live like most people? Pay check to pay check?

  • Becky
    2018-12-01 19:11

    Melanie Summers has Type 1 Diabetes and has been sheltered by her parents,especially her father all of her life. She has gone to school and wants to break free of the barrier and being a zoologist is her dream. If she can show her father that she survive on her own and care for herself and her diabetes, he will allow her to go to Africa on an expedition that he is funding. Melanie decides to go out to Wyoming and hire a guide to take her out into the wilderness and learn how to fend for herself. Sonny Buxton is less than pleased when she shows up at his ranch wanting to hire him as a guide. She does not tell him what her purpose is for this and about her diabetes. But he needs the money after a barn fire, where his father was injured and not in a wheelchair. He could go back on the rodeo circuit, but his parents are fearful for him. With Melanie's money, he may be able to save the ranch. But he won't be able to save himself from her.I have a huge fantasy about Wyoming and about cowboys so its no wonder I loved this romance book. It is one of those books I like to curl up with after a long day and dream away. Wonderful book.

  • Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)
    2018-12-07 20:17

    I love books with cowboy's, farms, and ranches. And this one was no different. I really enjoyed this book! It starts out with Melanie being a city girl needing a tour guide for a month in the mountains. So she finds a cowboy who needs the money to save his family's ranch, and offers him this opportunity for a whole month with her in the mountains. Things start out really rocky between them because they each have a major attraction to the other, but they aren't going to act on it. And Melanie is bound and determined to prove to her father, herself, and to Stoney that she can make it in the mountains. There is a lot more to Melanie than just a rich girl, she has a lot of depth, and secret that she doesn't want anyone to know about because of how her parents have treated her because of the "secret." I thought Melanie was slightly dumb keeping this a secret but I guess I understood some what. But I really didn't understand why Stoney acted the way he did towards the end, I really thought he was being a jerk about everything. The book turned out to be pretty good. I did enjoy it a lot.

  • Melissa Hyndman
    2018-11-25 14:27

    Can I just start off by stating that I would appreciate it very much if someone like Stoney could walk into my life.This has been one of my favourite reads in a while: the feisty romance was gripping right from the start and throughout the book, I fell more and more in love with each character.Lisa Mondello did a fantastic job of creating a strong minded, independent and likeable female lead which I enjoy with any romance novel. It was nice to read something which wasn't dominated by the male character - although Stoney has definitely became one of my favourite characters in any novel. I really enjoyed the opening chapters as well as the more adventurous chapters towards the middle, although in my opinion - unfortunately - the last few chapters became quite boring and monotonous.I would recommend this novel to anyone who is looking for a realistic and heart wrenching romance novel with likeable and realistic characters. (And let's be honest, who doesn't love a good book with a rugged cowboy?)

  • June
    2018-11-29 16:06

    I read somewhere that Mitch Broader from "His Heart for the Trusting" was in this book so I decided to read this one first. City girl who wants to prove herself comes to Wyoming looking for adventure and boy does she find it. Only problem is that Melanie Summers has diabetes and doesn't tell her adventure guide about it. They are going out into the wilderness for a month so she can prove to her father that she can take care of herself and her diabetes won't be a problem. But without telling Stoney Buxton about her medical condition and just packing all her supplies in one bag, disaster strikes when circumstances cause the supplies to be lost. Stoney has to figure out how to get her back to civilization without losing her.After reading "His Heart for the Trusting", I don't know if reading this one first was good because the stories do conflict on where Mitch spent his time at a younger age. Mitch has a very small part in this story.

  • Amanda
    2018-11-19 20:18

    This was an adorable story. It's your classic rich girl and poor cowboy so if you don't like those kind of stories this isn't the book for you. So going in, it really pulled me in from the beginning. Melanie was a very strong and very stubborn character but I can't say she was any more stubborn than Stoney. BTW that was not my favorite name for a hero just saying lol. I rooted for Melanie to find her own life while dealing with a medical disability. She was a wonderful heroine in my opinion. I read a lot of reviews that didn't like her much but to each their own. It took me a little bit to like Stoney, I think he had way too much pride for a failing ranch and he had a horrible attitude at first but I warmed up to him in the end. The only critic I have for this book is they fell in love WAY to fast. I mean like BAM in love, and spelling errors. Nothing to keep me from enjoying the book though.

  • Emily
    2018-12-04 16:25

    Cowboy Stoney Buxton doesn’t know what to think about the stunning woman before him. There is no way she could survive what she is suggesting, with her designer clothes and fancy manicure there is no way she could handle the Wyoming wilderness.Melanie Summers is out to prove her parents wrong, she studied for her degree as a zoologist and has had her dreams tempered by their wish for her to find a proper husband and let her type 1 diabetes dictate what she can do. Melanie needs Stoney to take her out in the wilderness to prove she can, when she gets him to agree though she doesn’t plan on falling hard for the cowboy.Wonderful story, I appreciated the unique storyline with Melanie and her diabetes. Stoney was a bit of a grump initially with Melanie, but he softens and they begin to trust one another. Another beautiful read from Lisa Mondello.

  • Milena's Book Corner
    2018-12-05 14:22

    Nothing But Trouble was a cute story. It's nice to see the rich girl not act like a rich girl and fend for herself. Stoney is a hunky, sweaty, hard-working cowboy who was doomed from the beginning to fall in love with the beautiful, smart, and classy rich girl, Melanie.The story moves quickly. There aren't any moments that drag or seem redundant with a good pacing. The tension between Stoney and Melanie makes for an interesting read. There's heaps of sexual tension, back-and-forth emotions and rationalizations of the characters, unfortunately only one sex scene. Lets just say that it ends with a happily-ever-after.

  • LadyCalico
    2018-11-28 19:28

    I found this cute little romance to be both very enjoyable and a fast read. The couple were from such very different walks of life and each one had other severe problems in their lives that made this a poor time for love, so that the obstacles to their budding relationship were presented in a realistic, believable manner without getting all hokey and contrived. Both people appeared to be trying to deal with the problems that life presented them, as best they could, with courage and grit, so I had to like and admire both the hero and heroine. However, can problems created by our own stubborn pride more difficult to overcome than illness, financial woes, and family dysfunction? Probably.