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When four London seasons fail to find her a suitable match, Alcyone Carter does the unthinkable and treks across Europe to marry a foreign nobleman she's never met. But on her wedding night, she discovers her handsome, enigmatic husband is not the man he claimed to be -- and when a more sinister secret emerges, she escapes from his estate into the darkness rather than liveWhen four London seasons fail to find her a suitable match, Alcyone Carter does the unthinkable and treks across Europe to marry a foreign nobleman she's never met. But on her wedding night, she discovers her handsome, enigmatic husband is not the man he claimed to be -- and when a more sinister secret emerges, she escapes from his estate into the darkness rather than live a lie with a man she feels she can never know. Ignited by his desire and pride, Dumitru Constantinescu, Count Severinor, risks everything to follow her from the depths of the Romanian forests into the decadent heart of Istanbul. It is there that they will become unwilling pawns in a game that forces them to confront the sensual passion they've discovered -- and the dire threat that could cost them both their lives....

Title : Whispers of the Night
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Whispers of the Night Reviews

  • _inbetween_
    2018-12-28 16:13

    Perhaps my favourite heroine after the one in LoS? At least currently. Truly intelligent, having alternative plans and real interests and feelings, real emotions, issues with beauty and genuine uniqueness rather than claimed-by-the-author. Perhaps the streak of bad novels is broken? This is a surprisingly intelligent, well written and rounded book.That is all the more surprising considering Joyce's first novel, Veil of the Night, which I had read first. I got it because the negative reviews complained about nose-touching-not-being-erotic and omg-sex-during-period-gross. Sadly, the last was a blink-and-you-miss-it bit at the very end, but then another blinky detail was the hair on the woman's limbs, and that so enamoured me of the author. I think I got a second novel because of the originality and honesty in the sex scenes of the first book, which was disappointing in its lack of plot and ending, but mainly due to expectations.If there were disappointments in this one, it could only be that there was seemingly rather little sex, considering I got it expecting another erotic novel - there is lots of adventure, and what I already noticed as positive in the debut is also much stronger here, ie. that the cut-to-the-chase bit is not then filled in with repetitious inner monologues. Once again the economy of the language just serves the book - when did you last think a romance had economy of language? This wasn't underwritten though; if there was a page limit, the pages are filled to the limit, lacking boring filler scenes or repetitions. There are also no rivals, and all the secondary characters are just there to flesh out the story - not to serve as recurring characters or to get their own novels later on, what an utter luxury in today's romance world! The focus is still completely on h/h, and while I still wish she'd paint a clearer picture of the male, he is much more appealing than the first one, and the relationship, if perhaps lacking in variotions in the sex scenes this time, was so much more satisfying.Alcyone is interested in Maths and Philosophy, amongst other things, and for once that's not a told-rather-than-shown gimmick; she is genuinely intelligent, grasps things before the reader might (unheard of in todays novels, eh? ;)), is genuinely disparaging of her beauty, capable and even with a sense of humour. Dumitru is the one that shares those moments with her, their fittingness so nicely shown. Their sex scenes might seem less (varied), but there is still the same originality and honesty - I love this author if only for making her go cold at nipple sucking, the mainstay of romance novels! There are tiny mentions of other bodily functions rarely seen as well, but not like reviewers of the first book might make you believe.The other big issue and turning-tropes-on-top (just ast Alcy is Alice on her head) is about possession - the trouble between h/h is genuine, not pulled out of a hat or nasty or ridiculous, and it uses the facts that others - Madeline Hunter, looking at you - exploit to their befuddled readers delight (or chagrin) and shows it for the nasty and problematic thing it is and does not end it with the woman succumbing and gratiously being granted a gift. I can't stress enough how rare both the nipple and the issue of possessions is to be treated in such manner.Due to the lack of delightfully surprising coming-together, I should give it three stars, but for the moment (see other reviews) I leave it at four.I had formulated a much terser review while reading it, but simply want to get this out to say that despite appearances, Lydia Joyce seems such a smart writer that I might even brave her *gaspwhimper* soft-S/M novel.

  • Sarah Mac
    2018-12-26 19:46

    2017 Edit: Belatedly rounding up to 4 stars. I liked it more than many & the plot still stands out as something different in my mental catalogue of romance-reading there you go. But I'll leave the original review as-is for posterity's sake. :)*****One gloomy day, Alcy Carter arrives on the doorstep of an imposing castle in Eastern Europe. Rather than face another season of lonesomeness in early-Victorian London, she has given her father permission to arrange a marriage with a distant Hungarian baron. Alcy knows she will snare a title in exchange for her beauty & dowry -- but what she hopes is that her future husband will indulge her correspondence with philosophers & mathematical periodicals (not to mention provide some fun in the sack).Unfortunately, Alcy soon discovers that the man she married is NOT the baron she's been promised to. Oops. Turns out her new husband is a Romanian spymaster who has his eyes on her money to refurbish his property. Dumitru is unapologetic about his line of work, but he's a decent guy -- until Alcy discovers his secret plans for her bridal portion. Zounds! They argue; they nearly drown in a river; they're captured by bandits, bartered for by revolutionaries, & dropped in Belgrade as a present to the local prince. The prince decides to re-gift Dumitru & Alcy to the sultan in Istanbul. Insert near-death experiences & more confusion over spies & money & princes & local European politics....Sounds like a bodice-ripper, doesn't it? Well, it's not. Despite the whackadoodle plotting, there's no raping, uncouth clothing removal, or graphic violence (nevermind Dumitru's grandiose worries over torture). The entire story is barely 300 pages -- it's no wonder things felt rushed, like two books crammed into one cover. The first half is an atmospheric gothic (Joyce's strength); the second half is a nod to old-school adventure romance. The adventure bits were written well enough, albeit too brief. But to truly take it up another notch & do justice to the ripper-esque plot, legit torture/violence/threats would have to be carried out against our hero & heroine...and since this is a post-1990 genre romance, that ain't happening.Even so, Joyce is one of my fave writers in genre romance. Her books have a distinct flavor -- a lushness & a sense of language that is utterly lacking in many of her contemporaries. She also tries to write actual stories, not just connect-the-dots blah blah romance with point-and-click sex scenes. She seems to enjoy thumbing her nose at formula, whether via throwback angry!sex or adventure-themed romance & tame love scenes.Not Joyce's best, but better than most newer historical roms. The unusual setting, semi-throwback plot, & a heroine who's not dumb about sex are definite positives.

  • Dark Chocolate
    2019-01-09 18:51

    Ъммм,тази книга ми я подариха "за развеселяване" и подейства (Лили знам,че четеш това) :D Това официално е първата ми такава книга и трябва да призная, че бе по-интересно и приключенско, отколкото очаквах :D Краят обаче щеше да е по-епичен и същевременно истинска трагедия ако Димитру бе решил, че вместо да го измъкват- ще го измъчват и се бе самоубил. Пс: наистина не знам как да оценя такава книга и ще и дам звездите дръг път :D

  • penelopewanders
    2018-12-29 19:53

    The copy I have is an ARC (advanced reader's copy??) or something like that - not a real cover, not really proof-read for mistakes etc. There are also a great many paragraphs marked in pencil (seems somehow to be a trend in the books I've been reading recently, not sure why). This being said, this was the first book I've read by this author, and I quite enjoyed it. I don't think the fact that I started with the third in the series was a problem at all, and I found the writing mostly quite lyrical. The characters are complex, and although the plot towards the end gets a bit wild (Russian doll type captures and escapes and captures and ambushes and escapes...)it was a fun read. A highly intelligent (although socially gauche) heroine is never boring, in my opinion, and her reflections on beauty and on the control of one's own destiny were interesting. Now I'd love to read the others in this series, although I can hardly imagine how it could be a series, in that there are no obvious characters to continue in other books. At anyrate I'll keep an eye out for this author.

  • Julie Johnson
    2018-12-25 12:51

    I loved Wicked Intentions by this author but did not like this one as much. The other had a better pace to it, this I found slower. Also I didn't like the heroine as much, I just couldn't connect with her. She was a bit too naive for my liking (the other heroine in the other book had her wits about her more! And had more energy to her character, not so passive). Perhaps it isn't fair to compare the books but I read Wicked Intentions first and that impacted my perception when I read this one. Perhaps with more space & time between reading them I might have liked it better.Unfortunately, tho, I have to give it only 2 stars.However, I will say that I liked the other book so much (I have given it 5 stars, one of the best romances I've ever read) I will gladly look for more books by this author!

  • Marionela
    2018-12-25 15:56

    Интересна и увличаща, с малко "английски" поглед върху османската империя и динамиката на освободителното движение на фона на една странна любовна връзка. И естествено, има един предател в книгата, с националност БГ :(

  • Susan (the other Susan)
    2018-12-28 18:03

    Another gorgeous gothic novel by the author of Veil of Night. This time, we're in Transylvania. Eee!

  • Mydearloverboy
    2019-01-17 13:04

    WAY BETTER THAN A LOT OF ROMANCE BOOKS I HAVE READ!!!I didn't like the abrupt ending, so I'm giving this 4.5 stars;)Overall, a very good read.