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Keira and Amanda, twins, move with their family to a new town, and start their senior year at a new high school. But though they are twins, the girls have different fates. Amanda, beautiful, popular, is sought out by everyone. Keira, who has always lived in Amanda’s shadow, is smaller, awkward, different. Even her mother, who is so close to Amanda, doesn’t know what to makKeira and Amanda, twins, move with their family to a new town, and start their senior year at a new high school. But though they are twins, the girls have different fates. Amanda, beautiful, popular, is sought out by everyone. Keira, who has always lived in Amanda’s shadow, is smaller, awkward, different. Even her mother, who is so close to Amanda, doesn’t know what to make of her other daughter. Keira turns to books, and to her journal, for solace, and to find out about other worlds.Amanda makes friends easily at the new school, and quickly finds a boyfriend, while Keira is left alone, an outsider. But very quickly, it is clear that something strange is going on in Everstock. The town and the school are very divided. The popular, rich kids act as if they own the school and have nothing to do with the other kids, who are poorer and live in a different part of town. Not only are the kids meaner here, but an unknown infection has gripped the town, with more and more people going to the hospital. Something here is terribly wrong. But things change suddenly, as there is a terrible accident involving the twins. Not only are Keira and Amanda’s lives changed forever, but a new dimension of life begins to open to Keira. As Keira recovers, she begins to change in ways she can’t expect, receiving new and mysterious powers that no one can possibly understand. At the same time, a gorgeous, mysterious new boy, Cooper, appears at the school, who grips her imagination, and who refuses to tell her what secret he is hiding.As Keira and Cooper grow closer to each other, it soon becomes apparent that destiny has brought them together—and that they may each have to sacrifice it all if they want to stay together…...

Title : Saved
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Saved Reviews

  • Avid Reader
    2019-01-18 14:46

    I am not usually one to over critise for grammer/punctuation/or spelling errors but good God where was the editor for this? Despite the urge I had to send the author a revised version I did manage to finish the book. That being said, I felt the overall plot was great but poorly written. Again where was that editor in question? The meat and overall plot was fine but I felt like I was reading the FIRST rough draft for the book. A suggestion that should have been made for the overall plot; you are introduced to Copper, the love interest, and after the first time seeing him Keira is super obsessed. After the third time Keira has undying love for him? How are we suppose to like the love interest when the only thing we have to go off of is he is gorgeous and weird? I read that some people compared it to Twilight. The plot has nothing comparable other than vampires and a boy which no one knows anything about. Why people compared this book to Twilight? Simple, Stephanie Meyer's book was well written and edited making Saved look like the author jumped on the coat tails of the vampire trend to make money. Now I personally don't think this is true. The thought behind the book was great and I think had it been 'fixed'- if you will- would have stood its own. Unfortunately since it wasn't, it came off like a pathetic knock off. The book was just ok. I would NOT recommend spending your money on it though.

  • Bri
    2019-01-02 17:30

    Ok, so this was one of those: I-desperately-need-something-to-read-and-this-book-is-only-$.99-so- let-me-just-get-it-so-I-can-read-it type things. To be honest I didn't expect it to be very good so I was really, really surprised to find that it was, in fact, very good. Is it my favorite book ever? No. Is it meaningful and memorable and beautifully written? Nope, not really. Am I actually going to read the rest of the series based on the fact that it was engaging, cheap, and has a fairly good story? Yes. The characters were interesting, the story was very different than a lot of other vampire books, and really I forgot that this was even about vampires because it is like no other vampire book that I have ever read. I thought it was unique and I really couldn't help, but care about Keira and despise her awful, terrible, despicable, bleeping bleep parents. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't, but I assure you, its worth a try. ~Peace to ya~

  • Lunarbabee
    2019-01-22 18:45

    I usually give a book two stars because I did in fact finish it and I guess it deserves that much for not putting it down. Not this time. I always have this hope that it will get better and it didn't. The characters had no depth. How do you create a relationship based on one or two meetings where one or two sentences were spoken? The entire species of shadow vampires and other vampire "tribes" gets thrown out there with no explanations as to their history or origin? Why describe how they feed on misery when the beginning of the book talks about bite marks and an unexplained epidemic? One of the main characters says that shadow vampires only appear as shadows in the daylight yet in the next book, Touched, a MAJOR character that IS a shadow vampire enrolls in the High School to seduce Amanda? I don't know if it's just the NOOK version (maybe all eBooks) or if the printed version seriously lack editing because someone should have caught these lapses in plot instead of trying to crank out YA Paranormal Fiction by the bucket load in hopes of recreating the Twilight series' success. I think these books could have been better.

  • Henrietta
    2019-01-02 12:48

    Its such a shame because this book had great potential, but as I progressed through it became harder and harder to carry on reading. Alas, I did finally make it to the end, thank god. I definitely WOULD NOT recommend this book to anyone. The editing is appalling! The grammar and punctuation is all over the place, characters names change about and some sentences don't follow on from each other - at one point Keira has already showered, and changes into her sister's pink dress, then she goes to have a shower and puts on trousers and a jumper, but downstairs she's back in the dress again! The mistakes are just shocking. The basic plot is good but needs a lot of work, for example the characters seem to have no depth, all we are supplied with is their physical descriptions. The protagonists mood swings are hard to keep up with and make it hard for the reader to relate, and her obsession with the guy just doesn't make sense as she doesn't even know him. We are given no real explanation of her powers and the shadow vampires are only thrown in right at the very end, when she suddenly developes the strength to kill them all off. The end is very clearly rushed, with even more mistakes which are impossible to ignore - she's lying down fully clothed but then gets up and pulls on her clothes, and how can shadow vampires be so ugly when her boyfriend is half vampire but apparently has the looks of a god? And I also don't understand what the beginning she hates her appearance and towards the end she's morphing into her sister - although this might be explained in a later book. Her and her sister are identical twins, yet as far as I can tell their physical appearances are nothing alike. DONT READ THIS BOOK! I've never said this about a book before but this one is a complete waste of time - it's like it's been written by a twelve year old!

  • Aliyah
    2018-12-31 14:48

    Saved, by Allegra Skye, is about 2 girls who are twins named Amanda and Keira. This story takes place at a high school. Keira and Amanda both are in their senior year and are going to graduate soon. The story is told from Keira's point of view. Keira and Amanda both are complete opposites. Amanda is well known, popular, and has a boyfriend. Keira has very little friends and she is shy. But after one night Keira and Amanda take the wrong road and end up in a car crash. Amanda and Keira both go to the hospital. One of them is fine, but the other one is in a serious coma and might never wake up again.My favorite part of this book is when Keira discovers a new power. That part was really exciting because it had me at the edge of my seat. My least favorite part is when Keira's mom said " I wish you were never born". This made me cry because it was very emotional. I can't imagine a mom saying something like that to a daughter. I would recommend this book because this book is very interesting. This book is part of a series and I plan on reading the second book called Touched.

  • Reanne
    2019-01-18 20:30

    This book started out somewhat interesting, but it quickly degenerated, and by the end was a complete mess. Don't waste your time. Skye obviously needs to learn a lot about writing and crafting a decent story. The last several chapters seem like she didn't even care enough to re-read what she'd written (much less edit it) before publishing. (Like, in the scene where she's getting ready for a dance, she doesn't have anything to wear, then she puts on one of her sister's dresses, then suddenly she's putting on slacks and a sweater, and then she's wearing the dress again. And not like she's trying different outfits. It's clear the author just forgot what happened in the last paragraph a couple times.)

  • Kate
    2019-01-15 17:45

    So I picked up this book as an easy read, and yes it was, but I'm not impressed. At all. This book COULD have had potential, but unfortunately it reads as if it were written by a 12 year old. I'm sorry if that seems harsh but between spelling errors and the writing style that was all I was thinking about while I read this book. The spelling and grammar really got to me while reading this. It's actually the first time I've taken notes while reading a book. Like a lot of authors trying to get their work out there Skye obviously didn't have a editor. That's fine, I don't know how much they cost but I can imagine it's pretty pricey. Nevertheless, I think it's a authors responsibility to reread what they've written before publishing it themselves. And it wasn't that words were just misspelled, but some sentences had words missing completely, or a full stop put in before it should have and Words With Capitals That Didn't Need Them. Also, I think the ending was so rushed that Skye must have completely forgotten what she had written in the previous paragraph. Keira had TWO showers before she went to the dance and apparently wore TWO different outfits as well. She also was fully clothed and then within minutes she was pulling clothes back on. I'm not quite sure which of the two outfits she was putting back on but it still doesn't make sense. If this was reread I'm sure she would have picked up on these mistakes. Now, the characterisation... It didn't ever feel like any of these characters were real. The way they spoke, the things they did, it just wasn't believable. For example, as they enter the dance hall the character Ben looks around and says, "It's amazing, it's gorgeous." Men don't say gorgeous! It's not in their vocabulary! They say things like, "awesome," or "sweet" or "unreal." Women say gorgeous. Also, when Ben asks Kiera to the dance he says, "You know I've always liked you." They've known each other for a few days and I think this is the second time they've spoken. There is no always about it! Always is a word used when you've known the person for years, not days!And on the subject of knowing each other for days, what is with authors making their characters fall in love instantly. Cooper and Keira don't know the first thing about each other and yet they are quite literally willing to die for their love. Are you kidding me?! I know we all want to fantasise about love at first sight, but c'mon. Also, for anyone looking for a vampire book, this is not the one. Vampires aren't even mentioned until the second last chapter. Kind of disappointing when it's mentioned in the blurb and title and then you find there's over 200 pages of teenage angst before you get to it. *sigh*

  • Jessica at Book Sake
    2019-01-08 16:39

    The idea for the story was good, though the fact that these vampires don’t really feed but still leave marks on the neck confuses me. I gave the book 2 stars because there is possibility here; it just needs to be reworked and needs a lot of editing. I began paying more attention to the misspellings, too many spaces, too many periods, too many parts that didn’t line up with what just happened, etc., and that detracted away from the story for me. The vampire didn’t really show up until the end of the book which was a big let down for me as well.The love story was too forced, way too fast, and way too unrealistic to even care about. Her family was ridiculous…it was not something I could buy into at all. While I don’t like a book that is overly descriptive, this book is under descriptive and I couldn’t see anything that was happening or feel what the characters were going through. I think the author has a vision and she probably sees it all clearly in her head, but getting it down on paper where everyone else is drawn into the story is the hard part.Reviewed by Jessica for Book Sake.

  • Rachel
    2018-12-24 19:28

    Yesterday i read Sworn by Emma Knight. it was a slight disappointment but i was told this book was similar but better. so i read it and it is better. Keira is an interesting character who feels lost in her new town. Her twin sister Amanda doesn't share that problem. They are so different and they're not close. Keira doesn't really have anyone in her family she's close to. her parents don't really notice Keira, only Amanda. It seems rather strange that this book is about vampires, almost like the vampires were an afterthought. i liked that - so many vampire books i read are focused purely on vampires when Allegra Skye explores life, and the vampires are in the background causing problems. Plan to read the next one

  • Dana
    2019-01-06 19:53

    I very seldom give less than 4 stars, because I usually love every book I read, even if its not that great, but this book was so " all over the place", and the writer kept contradicting herself, they were fully clothed but she gathered her clothes when she stood up, I felt like some pages were missing or something, it could have been a great story, with a little more tweaking, the concept is a good one...kind of a different take on vampires, but I don't think I will be downloading the second book, I will move on to another series...

  • Adriana
    2018-12-31 19:33

    I really enjoyed this book cannot wait for the next buying it this week...I really hated the relationship Keira had with her family especially her parents...How can you not feel so alone having a family like that having parents favouring one child over the other...And i love the conneciton, the bond she has with Cooper she was drawn to him from the start...Great read...

  • Jenn Bragg
    2019-01-17 15:34

    Ever finished a book scratching your head and wondering what on earth you just read? Yeah, it was something like that...okay, it was EXACTLY like that.

  • Teena Reid
    2019-01-09 20:55

    #LovedThisBook Now I'm going to check out the rest of the series.

  • Dawn Gehler
    2019-01-11 19:44

    This is an awesome vampire series even though this was just the first book. Kiera didn’t feel right since the day she was born she was a twin and she felt neglected from the beginning. Her sister Amanda was the perfect child and Kiera felt she didn’t belong at all. She met a boy named Cooper and she knew there was something different about him but didn’t know what. The more time they spend together the more she is falling in love but Cooper keeps pushing her away but why?????youll have to read the book lol I loved it

  • Sahara
    2019-01-03 17:36

    CRAP. THIS IS UTTER CRAP. If I could give this a negative score I would. Is the author one of those people who was never popular and school and always felt like an outcast? If so, I can clearly tell she has not overcome that trauma. This was the WORST thing I ever read. I finished it as fast as I could so that I could write a review and warn people of its crappy content. PROBLEM #1-Grammar and punctuation. Was this even edited? Did Skye ever proof read? Who allowed this to go ahead and get published? In all honesty who ever gave this the green light is more to blame here than Skye.PROBLEM #2-Where is the character development? I swear, reading this book felt like I was reading a middle school girl's essay about how she was never involved and always pushed aside, never cool enough for the popular kids, a lot of self-loathing and complaining. All the characters got progressively worse. NO IMPROVEMENT. PROBLEM #3-So much contradiction. Does Kiera like herself how she is or does she want to be like her sister? Someone who likes/loves themselves for who they are don't spend the entire time comparing themselves to others. Keira spends the entire F****ING time comparing herself to her sister. "Keira wondered if she might even look as pretty as Amanda." -There she goes again. Comparing herself!"But Keira wasn't worried. She was happy with who she was. She didn't feel the need to be like Amanda, to be a popular girl.">SEE! See how she contradicts herself. I am just tired of this confusion. PROBLEM #4-Domestic violence. The passages in this book contain so much domestic violence references. IT IS NOT FUNNY. I would get it if it ties in with her family turmoil but NO! It doesn't. Her family is made out to be shown as mean, abusive, with preference to Amanda, and uncaring."How could he flip like that, change so quickly? Was it her fault? What had she done? Obviously, she wasn't enough for him."WHY COULDN'T SHE ACCEPT THAT MAYBE HE WAS THE PROBLEM? NOT HER? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY WOMEN LIVING IN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RELATIONSHIPS ASK THEMSELVES THIS?!!!!!PROBLEM#5-Excessive use of "she wondered if she had imagined the whole thing…" (p.64) "Was she imagining it again?" (p.75) "What just happened? Was this all a dream?" (155) "Was she dreaming? Was this real? Had he come for her?" (260)" Many small acts. Many small acts had to take place to pave the way to the resolution. She thought of her Mom. Of her many small acts of meanness. Of these girls all around here. Of their many small acts of meanness. Kiera felt something brewing inside her. She didn't know exactly what it was. It was a sort of intolerance, an intolerance to the way people treated her." -I find it hard to believe that a mother would outright ignore one twin over the other just like that. Kiera has low self-esteem and needs to work on that herself. She must learn to love herself first. And she spends so much time blaming her mother and sister for the way she feels. No one can make you feel less! Ok. I am too tired and in need of sleep. Overall this book sucks. I have never disliked a book so much in my life.

  • Bungle Midnight Reads
    2019-01-10 16:45

    Keira and Amanda are twin sisters who have moved to Everstock with their parents and have to start their senior year at a new school. But the twins are totally different, Amanda is the popular, beautiful one and Keira lives in her shadow. At their new school Amanda is quick to make friends and soon becomes one of the it crowd while Keira is left an outsider.If the girls parents like Amanda better than Keira.Things for the twins take a turn for the worst as there is a terrible car accident. While Amanda is confined to a hospital bed Keira's life is beginning to change. As she recovers from the accident Keira learns she is developing mysterious powers. And as she begins to home in on these new supernatural powers is drawn more and more to Cooper, the mysterious boy around school.As the two spend more time together it is clear that fate has brought them together but fate might also be ready to take it all away from them.Ok, there are things I love about this book then things I don't! I love Keira's character and find myself warming to her and feeling sorry for her. I also really like Keira's friends and find that they are nice secondary characters. I hate Keiras mum! I just don't understand how a mother can be so horrible to her daughter, and she stops Keira seeing Amanda in the hospital. Her mother is just mean!! Her dad also annoys me, he just seems to go from one extrema to another. Even though Amanda comes across as the spoilt rich kid I actually liked her and I love how different the twins are.I really like how Keira's character develops throughout the book and I love how she starts standing up for herself. Her relationship with Cooper feels like it comes out of no where and sometimes I found it confusing, he hardly speaks to her to begin with and won't tell her anything (a little Twilightish) but towards the end of the story their relationship grows and I really warm to them as a couple.I like the supernatural powers that Keria develops and I love the scene in the hospital with her and Amanda as she helps her twin find herself. The book is the first in the Vampire Shadow series but the only mention of vampires is that an infection as taken hold of the town and the thing victims have in common is two small holes on their neck. And we get the odd mention of a strange creature in the book and then again at the end. The ending is a little rushed and part of me felt confused with what had just happened.I think the idea of the book is great and if it had been longer, its only about 160 pages, it would have been perfect. Characters and relationships could have developed more, I just feel like so much has been left unsaid but I wonder where this story will go in the next book.

  • Beckie
    2019-01-20 16:38

    Review is also found here: let me say that Saved was a joy to read. Going into this book I did not think I would like it as much as I ended up. Saved was sure full of surprises. The story-line was not based solely on Vampires, you don't even get into knowing about the Shadow Vampires until more towards the end of the book. The story starts out with the main character Keira and her family moving to a new town. Keira has a twin sister but Keira has always felt that she was never noticed by her family like her twin, Amanda. Keira's Mom and Dad always pay more attention to Amanda and make Keira feel like she is a outcast. While reading about how Keira felt she was being treated I could not help me tear up a little. If you have brothers and sister you may feel like Keira did. Amanda was always popular in school and at home while Kiara was not but it never seemed to bother her much until once day she offered to drive Amanda to a party but on the way there was a tragic accident on the way. Amanda was badly hurt and now in a coma. While Keira walked away from the accident with only minor injuries. Well of course there parents blamed her, even more her Mother comes to hate Keira. In my mind I SO wanted to slap there Mother and want to understand how parents can treat each child with Love or in Kaira case Hate, and anger.While Kaira is dealing with her parents and feeling hopeless from what happened to her twin sister. She starts to find the oddest things starting to happen to her ... A Mysterious purple light, and having the new found ability to read peoples thoughts... So as Keira begins to question why these things are happening to her she meets Copper. As Keira begins to get to know him she finds Copper acting very hot and cold towards her. One minute he talks to her and is nice, the next Copper will push her away. I keep finding myself feeling so sorry for Keira was having to deal with and live with all of these problems. It was not until I found who or what Copper is and the story of his past that this book really become a shocking and exciting page turner. You will not want to wait to see what is in store for Cooper, Kaira and her family. I really enjoyed this book and I am glad I was able to have the chance to read it. Saved was a quick read and fun to read Allegra story. I would recommend Saved for YA-Adults.

  • Andrea
    2019-01-13 15:45

    Saved is the story of Keira, a high school senior adjusting to life in a new town. Burdened with a family who doesn’t understand her, Keira struggles to assimilate to their new life. Amanda, the more popular, glamorous twin, quickly leaves Amanda behind. With no one to truly connect with, Keira feels totally alone. While Keira is trying to adjust, the town is being taken over by an unexplained infection, leaving the patients with puncture wounds on the neck. After Keira and Amanda are involved in a tragic accident, Keira is able to hear people’s thoughts and develops an inner strength she has never known before. As she’s trying to adjust to her new abilities, Kiera falls under the spell of the handsome and to mysterious Cooper, who obviously harbors dangerous secrets. To be honest, I was unable to fully connect to Saved. Some of the major plot points did not feel fully fleshed out. For example, the mysterious infection. We first learn about this when Keira’s father, a physician, brings up the subject at home. Other than the few times its discussed amongst the two, not a lot happens with that subject. I thought that the infection could have had more depth within the story. Another plot point that felt lacking was Keira’s new abilities. After an accident, Keira is able to hear thoughts and has a new found inner strength. But, it’s never explained. The closest that’s given to an answer was from Cooper, who said, basically, I don’t know what you are, but you’re not human. That’s it. Maybe the answers to these questions will be in a sequel. If that’s the case, great. But I prefer when a book answers at least some of the questions that come up. Another problem I had was the relationship between Cooper and Keira. This is a relationship gave me just did not work for me. Keira practically falls in love with Cooper after seeing him walk across campus, then in the cafeteria. Then, she’s declaring to herself that there will never be anyone else for her after speaking to him only a few times. I’m not saying that there can’t be a scenario where the characters quickly fall in love, but give me a reason. These characters barely spoke to one another. I will say that I did like Keira. While she could get a little on the whiny side, I was always rooting for her. She definitely became a more engaging character after she started using her new abilities to her advantage. And, a sequel that answered the questions raised in Saved would definitely be more satisfying.

  • carole
    2019-01-15 14:39

    I liked Saved, it has some definite potential and I may check out the rest of the series. I love the twin element and I loved hating Amanda and Keira's parents, they are awful! If there is one thing this book is full of it's emotion. Allegra Skye does a wonderful job making the reader feel exactly what the characters are feeling, which is something I look for in a good writer. If I'm crying, screaming, or biting my nails while reading it's a job well done. The story could have used a little polishing up, it's an interesting story.Saved is an incredibly sad book, so be prepared, a lot of that emotion felt while reading is depression. Keira, our main character has a very low self esteem and a poor self image. This makes her relatable to any teen or adult who's been there. The relationship between Keira and Cooper, our secretive bad boy, is rushed and never felt real. Keira talks about love before she's said a hundred words to the boy. I need more than one interaction to believe that something is truly there. Their relationship felt awkward and forced and some of the dialogue could've used a little sprucing up.I was a little confused in the book when Keira tries out for a sports team. It didn't seem like something she really wanted to do, just something she did to be more like her sister and it felt very out of character. She spends a lot of time acting like she's okay with being different then goes to trying to be something else. I don't know if this makes sense I just got some inconsistent vibes from the writing, which may go back to polishing the book a little. Keira starts off in a dark place in the beginning of the story and by the end, maybe because of Cooper and the way she begins looking at life, she's grown a lot and begins to enjoy the fact that she's different.Saved starts out as a realistic fiction book with no hint at its sudden supernatural turn. I really enjoyed that and I like Allegra Skye's writing style.

  • Heather
    2018-12-27 15:51

    I have just finished reading the first book in Allegra Skye’s Shadow Vampire series. It was fairly short with less than 200 pages and for me it did not quite grab the attention of this reader. It was more background information on the main character Keira and her twin sister Amanda. What I do love about this book is the main character Keira is not like other main characters. She describes the character in such a way that she does not come across as your typical pretty teenager as so many young adult authors are prone to these days.Though there is not much action in the first-book, and you don’t see much action from the true protagonists it is clear their is some slight turmoil. Through the story, it has slight teen angst with a young girl just trying to learn who she is and what she really wants from life. I think if book one and book two was combined it would have been a much better book as things become a bit boring halfway through book one.We also have a slight love interest with a boy name Cooper, but it falls flat as the author seemed to be rushing to make a love connection between the two. I feel no true connection between the two and as far as the ending goes it was nothing spectacular that would make me want to read book two. While it does have its good points, it has become quite obvious to this reader that the author has a long way to go before she will be successful in the supernatural world. You only see a brief glimpse of the shadow vampires which is very disappointing. I will give this one a two out five stars.

  • Missy
    2019-01-08 15:32

    This book has the potential to be great, but as it is now there are a lot of issues.It almost seems as if the writer was in a pinch to get it out and didn't take the time to actually develop a plot, just kind of threw everything out there. It also has to many conflicting sentences, for example how can one paragraph says she had already showered and her hair was left over her shoulders, then in the next one say shes getting in the shower. Another example is when they say that Keira is wearing a dress and at the same time she is wearing pants and a sweater. Or when could she fall asleep fully clothed and then in the next paragraph got up and pulled on her clothes. On top of those issues there are a lot of grammatical errors, wrong names, bad punctuation, and over all horrible spacing and simple editing errors. The shear number of these errors started to distract from the story line and I found my self actually wondering what else I was going to find that was wrong.Its a shame that the Author and the publisher let this book be published the way it is, it really had the potential to be great if it was worked with more.Overall, I would not waste my time with this book again,and I regret not reading the reviews before clicking send to kindle.

  • Alana
    2019-01-14 18:57

    Keira and Amanda can't be told apart. They look exactly alike, they're twins of course. Except for their "crowds". Amanda is the girl everybody wants to be and be with. Keira, however, is the shy, "girl in the corner" type of girl. When the family moves to Everstock, Keira and Amanda start their senior year at their new school, things are still the same. Amanda makes even more new friends, and Keira makes friends, but only three. Nora, Amy Lee and Ben all sit at her lunch table which makes Keira feel happy. During class, she sees the boy of her dreams cross the courtyard, cutting class she guesses. Will she go after this gorgeous boy? Or will she stay her shy self? Find out in Saved. I liked the book because of the dramatic love story. It was "the book you couldn't stop reading"! The best part is when she discovers... Um I'm not telling you! This book is too good to spoil and it's a must-read. I would recommend this book to anybody who likes to read love stories and who is willing to stay up all night to finish a good book!

  • Melissa Maxwell
    2018-12-24 16:40

    I got this book free from Amazon and I have to say I really enjoyed it. It has been on my to read list for months so when I saw it for free I thought what the heck get it. I really like it and really loved Kiera. I hated her parents so much for not loving their daughter. I get that she is different but to wish it was her not her twin Amanda in a coma is sick. I loved that she saved Amanda and felt from the beginning very protective of her sister. I hope in the second book Amanda will try to explain to the parents that the accident was not Kiera's fault but I truly don't see that happening. For one it would put some attention on Kiera and Amanda like all the attention on her and also I don't think she is a strong enough person to actually admit the truth yet. I will be reading the second book soon but I am weary because she has yet to mention a third book which is making some of her readers mad. If she would up date facebook telling them she is working on it and it will be released some time ... then I think it would be nice. But I loved the book and would recommend it.

  • Cammie
    2019-01-22 19:34

    Saved wasn't a terrible book as far as genre YA goes, but it definitely read like a first or second time effort. The first thing that struck me right from the start was the over-the-top misery the author subjected the main character to. Granted, we all want to see the underdog triumph over adversity and all, but Keira's existence is an endless pity party where EVERYONE ignores her and EVERYONE doesn't care about her, and her life from the moment she came out of the womb an interminable tale of woe. It wasn't long before this got tiresome.The bones of the plot were okay, but everything that went towards expanding it into a fully-fledged story was pretty cursory. Also, the romance defied all my attempts at suspension of disbelief ... undying love just seems to materialise out of the pages with no rhyme or reason as to why or how.If the writer slowed things down, padded out the thinner parts of the story and pulled back on the melodrama, this would be a much better novel.

  • Sarah Crawford
    2019-01-16 19:45

    The story is about two sisters, Keira and Amanda, who are fraternal twins. They have moved to a new town and are starting their senior year in high school. Keira is quiet and studious, whereas Amanda is outgoing and popular.The difficulties start when Keira sees a boy on campus and is instantly attracted to him, but he seem to appear and disappear and is hard to find. Later she sees something in a tree outside her window. At the same time, her mother is nasty to her, and Amanda is having a change in attitude where she is becoming more of a typical difficult teenager. Things get worse when Keira is driving Amanda and gets into a car accident, putting Amanda into a coma. Problems with the parents go straight up for Keira, while her attraction to the boy increases. He seems to be hot and cold to her and Keira finds out the reason, along with finding out more about his background and that she, herself, has depths she never expected to find. An interesting first book.

  • Pamela
    2018-12-30 19:48

    Not impressed by this one. The overall plot is ok, but the writing just didn't support it. I felt it was a bit empty. The love story isn't that believable & I'm not really sure how we're supposed to just buy that Keira's in love with him when she doesn't really know anything about Cooper. They barely speak to each other & suddenly she's ready to claim he's it. In some books I've been ok with the "love at first site" bit because the writer made it believable. Not the case here. I also felt that Keira is a bit whiny. To top it all off, there are so many grammar & punctuation errors throughout the book, I found myself not wanting to finish it at all. What kills me is that I'm gonna have to read the sequel! I need to know if the author took any of the criticism into account & addressed the issues in this book.

  • Anniken Haga
    2019-01-13 19:39

    This started out so well! The first 100 pages or so were easy to read, and realistic. Then that started to change. Keira is starting in a new School with her sister, in I think it is the start of October. She stars seeing this guy all over the place, and soon learns that he's new to school to, and started in September. Thats all OK, but then I don't think it is. Suddenly there is no time-line, and apperantly, Keira has been gone from school for days, while all we know is that she's been gone for one day. And I just can't make my self belive the way her parents treat her! After about the first 100 pages, all credability just wanished out the window! This OK story turn out to be another love story between a vampire and a girl, who loves him more than her own life, after meeting him three times.It just ruined it for me...

  • Suleika Santana -All About Books
    2018-12-24 16:40

    I'm sorry but NO! I'm DNF'ing at 81%. I really tried and tried but just couldn't finish it. I actually feel like I wasted a lot of time just trying hard to like it and also trying to see if it was going to get better but if by 80% of the book I still don't like it then I know I won't change my mind. Also no vampires were found on the story, I think maybe Cooper is a vampire but honestly I didn't want to keep reading just to find out. I'm guessing he is the vampire since he is so mysterious but I will never know. The story is very juvenile, like maybe for a very young audience, and don't get me wrong, I love reading YA but this books is definitely not for me. I'm not rating this book since I did not finish it. I can't recommend this book, sorry.

  • Megan Lewis
    2019-01-06 20:35

    I could see that Allegra Skye's plans for the book would move many, and she started out with great potential. I took the time to read the book from cover to cover, and it seemed as though the author rushed into it and didn't take the time to slowly develop the perfect story it could have been. As I said, the beginning was great, however, it kept crashing and burning with constant intensity. By the end, it was a complete mess with plot and ideas bouncing off all the walls.With that said, take some time to read the book and judge for yourself. Who knows, you might be part of the group that loves the series.

  • Katherine
    2018-12-26 14:46

    Not rubbish, but i hardly love it. Interesting idea, but there were a lot of mistakes in the book, and there were some parts where i actually said out loud "What?!" because it just didnt make sense.I hated nearly all of the characters, especially Amanda.One of the main things that annoyed me, was how after just seeing Cooper, the main character is just obsessed with him. Even though he keeps being all Hot,Cold,Hot,Cold; she was still obsessed with him, and it was not romantic, it was pathetic.But if the next book was free, i might actually read it...