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Liverpool, 1937. Jessica is married to Bertie, a mean, patronising man who she has stayed with purely for the sake of her two young children. To make up for the love and passion that is missing from her life, she spends the occasional afternoon at the local cinema, lost in romantic films. But when an unexpected glass of champagne is offered to her in a Liverpool hotel, theLiverpool, 1937. Jessica is married to Bertie, a mean, patronising man who she has stayed with purely for the sake of her two young children. To make up for the love and passion that is missing from her life, she spends the occasional afternoon at the local cinema, lost in romantic films. But when an unexpected glass of champagne is offered to her in a Liverpool hotel, the consequences turn out to be shattering.When Bertie discovers his wife's deceit, he is ruthless in his revenge. He sells their house and disappears with her beloved children, leaving Jessica devastated and alone. Then she is asked to visit Paris and help an old friend and her small daughters return to Liverpool before the onset of the war. But Jessica finds herself stranded in Paris under German occupation. With new friends and a small family to care for, she must find the courage that she never knew she possessed......

Title : Au Revoir Liverpool
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Au Revoir Liverpool Reviews

  • Linsey
    2019-04-22 07:28

    Really enjoyed this book, a good light hearted easy to read book :)

  • Margaret
    2019-05-11 07:34

    This was the first book that I had read by Maureen Lee and likely to be the last. So many descriptions and details left out, so much more could have been said in those pages and instead I am left thinking that she is a very very lazy writer with some decent ideas that she failed to fit on paper, or just failed to try.

  • Layla Ashby
    2019-05-14 11:24

    5 stars Loved this WW2 STORY. GREAT READ.

  • Jessica Zoe
    2019-05-03 10:30

    I picked up this book because it looked romantic and its set in liverpool, where my family comes from. Set in the 1940's, it tells the story of an ordinary person's problems in the midst of the colossal problems of the world.It's mostly light-hearted, but emotionally powerful on many occasions. At the beggining of the book, Jessica is unloved, unappreciated and easily bullied; her children are her only comfort in a marriage in which her husband, Bertie, is extraordiarily unkind to her. At the end of the book, having been abandoned and cruelly deprived of her children, having survived the horrific second world war in occupied Paris, having realised that she's not as thick as Bertie had made her think she was, she discovers her own courage to 'keep calm and carry on'. Extremely beautiful, she captivates the heart of every man she meets: everyone is in love with her - including Bertie! The characters were very real to me, and although I didn't approve of a lot of the stuff the main character did, in retrospect there's a lot of stuff that I've done in my own life that wasn't dissimilar, and I think that's the point. A truly beautiful story, easy to read and uplifting. I think Maureen Lee might even be one of my favorite authors! :)

  • David Lowther
    2019-05-22 07:23

    I read Au Revoir Liverpool because I devour everything that has the Second World War as its backdrop. It turned out to be romantic fiction, not usually my cup of tea. However, after sorting out who was who at a wedding which opened the story, I thoroughly enjoyed it.It was a saga, spread over ten years, stretching from Liverpool to Paris and back again. The heroine, Jessica, is, in part, a tragic figure who makes one serious mistake that costs her dear but whose qualities enable her to build a new life under very difficult circumstances.Au Revoir Liverpool is not a war story but a story set in the war. There are some fascinating characters and the tale is really about how they interact with one another and this makes for a gripping read. Of course, the war is always there but only intrudes in the narrative when absolutely essential. Of course, there are tragedies which remind us just how terrible the conflict was. Excellent.David Lowther. Author of The Blue Pencil. (www.theblue

  • Michael Cayley
    2019-05-16 12:09

    About a Liverpool lass whose husband chucks her out, and who gets trapped in German-occupied Paris where she finds happiness and sorrow. It's the first Maureen Lee novel I've read, and I enjoyed it.

  • Jazzy Lemon
    2019-04-26 10:18

    Jessica, mother of two in a lacklustre marriage, is surprised to find she has feelings for someone else, with dire consequences. A pretty good book with (mostly) believable characters. There were the few gushy, somewhat embarrassing scenes but only a couple, and though I did find the depiction of one of the characters far too harsh, I enjoyed it over all.

  • Shirley Revill
    2019-05-08 07:09

    Really enjoyed this book. Recommended.

  • Ann
    2019-05-13 05:11

    A good read, set during WW2, a little far fetched, but enjoyable non the less.

  • Barbara Lock
    2019-04-28 05:23

    Sorry I couldn't get into this book. I may one day read it but at this moment I wouldn't be reading

  • Itchy
    2019-05-02 11:30

    I didn't finish this book. The author's description of the occupation of Paris was very poorly researched including the curfew and the rationing of food and clothing. The author didn't track events within the plot very well and referred to things that weren't possible because they were previously dealt with differently. The writing disintegrated as the book progressed and at the 75% point I gave up reading it. I won't bother reading any more of this author.

  • Melissa Walford
    2019-05-23 10:10

    Having read several books by Maureen Lee I was glad to find this one for sale in the library best 20p I've spent! Easy to read story based in Liverpool during WW2.

  • Pol
    2019-05-14 06:36

    A enjoyable book

  • Gail Murray
    2019-05-15 11:33

    Au Revoir Liverpool by Gail Murray c 2011 Maureen Lee sets the majority of her novels in Liverpool, England during WWII. Au Revoir Liverpool begins in 1937 and ends with the allied liberation. Our heroine, Jessica, grows in depth and confidence as the story progresses. Unhappily married and staying in the marriage 'for the sake of the children', she is unwittingly enchanted by a flamboyant older man and their one afternoon of indiscretion results in loss for Jessica. Her mean-spirited husband steals her home and children - a home paid for by an inheritance left to her by her beloved father. Today's readers would be appalled by this! It is a reflection of the times. Undaunted Jessica finds office work at a munitions factory. Later to aid an elderly Jewish friend, she travels to Paris and is strapped their during the German occupation giving us insight to everyday life in an occupied country. There is also a love story for the romantics out there. I felt I knew this woman and could empathize with her.Lee is fluid and easy to read, carrying us along on Jessica's journey. I for one found this a satisfying read with believable characters.

  • Beata Dobrogoszcz
    2019-05-10 05:30

    Wonderful book from the first to the last page. The story is about young Jessica who is married to dull and somehow narrow-minded and manipulative Bertie and stays with him only for the sake of their two children. One day she made wrong decision, one mistake and Bertie decided to punish Jessica for her deceit. Then everything changed. Since then Jessica followed her heart and instinct and made her life better but still complicated. When just before the WWII she tried to help her friend Sarah, she found herself stranded in occupied Paris. I loved the story and characters. Jessica is not the only character beautifully portrayed. Her friend Sarah and Sarah’s husband Luis, Sarah’s daughter Frannie, Sarah’s mother Ethel. Everyone plays a very specific role in Sarah’s life and everyone’s decision had consequences. Great read. Recommended for everyone who likes novels with a good plot and well-written characters. It is the story about love, loss and hope, however setting it in Liverpool before the WWII and then in occupied Europe, makes it more special.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-14 06:30

    I read this in 3 hours and at least one and a half of those I should have been asleep for but it was an utterly compelling read. I felt that I cared about the characters. Jessica is married to Bertie, a manipulative, mean man. One day she does something foolish and Bertie throws her out and doesn't allow her to know where the children are living. Jessica seeks to carve out a new life for herself whilst grieving for the loss of that relationship. Outbreak of war is imminent and an old friend asks her to travel to Paris to bring his daughter back to safety. We follow Jessica's journey to Paris and the life she begins to live over in France. This book covers quite serious topics such as the German occupation, the resistance movement in France as well as the deceit and betrayal in people's marriages. I loved the way that the German soldiers, when featured, where shown to be humans and not just unpleasant killing machines as can occur in some books.

  • Rosemary
    2019-04-30 06:30

    An unexpected story set in the 1930s of a young woman whose boring married life is turned upside down after a moment of passion with her stepfather. It's not an abuse story but it does highlight how the double standard operated, since Jessica loses everything and her stepfather hardly seems to suffer at all. After that, her life takes on some unexpected and rather unlikely turns and she finds herself in Paris as World War II is starting.I enjoyed the plot although I found it very hard to believe in places. I didn't like any of the characters very much, the worst being Jessica who seemed to have no self respect and drifted into relationships with any man who fancied her. However, it was much less of a classic romance than I expected and I did appreciate that spark of unpredictability in it.

  • Bernadette Robinson
    2019-05-21 12:34

    I've not read any of Maureen Lee's books for ages. I quite enjoyed this one and at times felt sorry for Jessica, as everything that happened to her seemed to be due to the fact that she'd a moment of passion with someone that she should never have been with. It just goes to show that the rash decisions we make in life can often affect our future and in Jessica's case it wasn't for the better at the start.A lovely tale and an ideal way to spend the time it takes to read, reading it.

  • Brenda
    2019-05-10 10:11

    The first of Maureen Lee's books that I have read. I was expecting something along the lines of Helen Forester, Lyn Andrews etc. so was pleasantly surprised when this turned out to be about a more middle class family, the break up of a marriage, and an insight into life in Paris during WW2. The ending was a little predictable though.

  • Theresa
    2019-05-21 09:24

    A very okish book. So much material to use but lacking any real deep description. Horrors of war,broken relationships but all very dry and did not draw me in at all. Skips in places and just also just stops when you want more in depth explanation.As someone else has commented very lazy writing indeed and I would not read another of this writers books.

  • Helen Farrow
    2019-05-15 12:17

    Set in Liverpool at the outbreak of the 2nd world war. Enjoyable saga with good characters.

  • Allie
    2019-05-16 11:22

    Definitely not my usual genre of choice but this was a Book Circle read and I felt I ought to give it a go. Surprised at how much I enjoyed it :)

  • Jenny
    2019-04-22 10:36

    Love all her books anyway.

  • Laura Quinn
    2019-04-25 10:22

    love this book didn't want to finish it

  • Fiona
    2019-04-28 11:24

    Really enjoyable

  • Grace Dronsfield
    2019-05-04 07:08

    good plot and quick moving.

  • Christine Brennen-leigh
    2019-04-24 05:28

    Good book set during WWII. Takes place partly in England and partly in Paris.

  • Michelle Sibley
    2019-05-13 11:09

    it was okay. did enjoy it but wouldn't rave about it

  • Lyn Ford
    2019-05-01 04:18

    I really enjoy Maureen Lee's books but this one didn't quite do it for me and her earlier ones have

  • Lizzy Attwood
    2019-04-26 10:28

    This book was a surprise, it's intense and gripping. Not at all what I expected. Really enjoyed it. Read it quickly, became gripping!