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The dazzling wedding fashions of A Lady’s Favor dress shop are guaranteed to make any girl the talk of the ton. But the brides aren’t the only ones falling in love…Lady Helaine’s father was cast out of society as a liar and a thief—a scandal which renders her unfit for marriage. In order to provide for herself and her mother, she adopts an assumed name and runs a dressmakeThe dazzling wedding fashions of A Lady’s Favor dress shop are guaranteed to make any girl the talk of the ton. But the brides aren’t the only ones falling in love…Lady Helaine’s father was cast out of society as a liar and a thief—a scandal which renders her unfit for marriage. In order to provide for herself and her mother, she adopts an assumed name and runs a dressmaker’s shop that specializes in bridal wear for ladies of high society. Helaine is happiest immersed in silk and satin, but she lives in terror that someone will learn her true identity and she will lose everything…again.Robert Percy, Viscount Redhill, is entranced with the mysterious Helaine and weaves a web of seduction sure to ensnare the delectable dress designer. Yet too late he learns the heartbreaking truth about who she used to be. Now he must find a way to overcome the past to claim Helaine as his own. But what chance has love when a secret mistress becomes a scandalous wife?...

Title : Wedded in Scandal
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ISBN : 9780425245934
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Wedded in Scandal Reviews

  • Mskychick
    2019-05-03 08:04

    DNF becase the characters made me so mad. I stopped reading when I discovered how angry I was at Helaine when I read that she was finally going to give in to Robert's repeateded importuning. The man is an ass. "No" means NO! A woman should not have to say no to you over and over again, and have you still keep pestering her to sleep with you. And when he finds out that she is the daughter of a disgraced earl, he thinks, "Despite her identity, despite the fact that she'd been raised a woman of his own set, her circumstances had not changed. And that gave him an opening to possess her." REALLY? And you want me to like a man who is this shallow and selfish!!? What a complete and utter jerk.I wish that I could flip to the end of the book and find that someone has killed Robert, as he so richly deserves, but as I know that won't be the end the author has planned, I am tossing this in the Done pile now. Ugh.

  • Mollie *scoutrmom*
    2019-05-10 11:08

    An OK historical that tries to be a Lisa Kleypas novel and fails. The character of each protagonist as described does not match the actions. Likable folks, anyway, with a good but not great plot.

  • Dabney
    2019-05-21 11:00

    Dear Ms. Lee,I fell head over heels in love with your hero in the very first few paragraphs of your novel, Wedded in Scandal.“Yer wants to go in there? But, er, why?”Robert Percy, Viscount Redhill, ignored the mine manager and began stripping off his coat and gloves. They were in the shack outside a coal mine that his father had purchased in a fit of drunken entrepreneurship. Sadly, the earl didn’t fall down in his cups like a normal person. No, instead he bought businesses, which Robert then had to save. And given that no one in his family knew anything about coal mining, this was going to be a challenge indeed.But the first step in a new venture—or after one of his father’s drinking binges—was to inspect the new property. So he was determined to go down into the hellhole of a mine despite Mr. Hutchins’s objections. He’d already pulled off his coat and folded it neatly to the side, but after one glance outside at the filthy employees all lined up near the mine entrance, he stripped off his waistcoat as well. He would have taken off his fine lawn shirt, but he couldn’t greet his new employees half naked.However, by the end of the second chapter, I no longer thought he was a paragon of male perfection. By the end of Chapter Two, I thought he was a pompous prick. I was wrong both times—Robert isn’t a jerk, although he does tend to arrogantly overwhelm most everyone he encounters, nor is he a dreamboat peer. By the end of the book, I liked him and understood why the heroine, Helaine Talbott, not only fell but stayed head over heels in love with him.Helaine has had a difficult past decade. When she was in her teens, her father, a drinker and a cheat, stole a case of fabulous brandy the Earl of Bedford had sent as a gift to his son, a soldier finding for England in Spain—Helaine’s father, the Earl of Chelmorton, had a drinking buddy in charge of certain military shipments to Spain and he somehow used information from his friend to nab the booze. Helaine’s dad, immoral and stupid, then threw a party and carelessly bragged about the brandy’s provenance. The Earl of Bedford, an unforgiving type, retaliated by socially destroying Helaine’s father, now known as the Thief of the Ton. Her father subsequently vanished and, within a few short months, Helaine and her mother were tossed out of the ton, and found themselves in the poorhouse. Helaine’s now business partner, a seamstress named Wendy (there’s a mystery there that’s never explained) bailed Helaine and her mother out of the poorhouse and suggested that Helaine and she—Wendy—open a dressmaking business together. Thrilled at a chance for survival, Helaine said yes. For years, Helaine has supported herself and her mother but, each day, Helaine worries the shop could fail and she and her mother will be again without resources. As a dressmaker and shop owner, Helaine has completely left her aristocratic past behind; in fact she keeps her past rank a secret, sure the ton wouldn’t buy clothes made, no matter how well, by the daughter of the Thief of the Ton. She uses the name Helen Mortimer and presents herself to clients as a lowly tradeswoman.Helaine has one aristocratic client—the rest of her patrons are from the business class—the soon to be married Lady Gwendolyn, Robert’s sister. Gwen wants Helen to make Gwen’s trousseau—Helaine is really good at what she does. This would be marvelous for Helaine if she, Helaine, could convince merchants to let her buy fabrics and the like on credit which they, given that she’s a woman of no means, adamantly will not. Gwen, like all aristos, is used to buying on credit and so Helaine is stuck—she needs to make gorgeous creations for Gwen, but she can’t afford the fabrics she needs to do so. Desperate for funds, Helaine calls on Robert and asks if he will pay Gwen’s bills. Helaine tries to convince Robert the bills are for dresses already made, but he calls her bluff. Even worse, he accuses her of extortion, and readies to call the constable. Helaine implores him not to and tells him the truth, and he, still unwilling to pay her, says the best he can do is give Gwen control over her clothing funds and she, Gwen, can decide whether to pay Helaine. As the two bargain, Robert becomes enamored of the buxom, attractive Mrs. Mortimer. So much so, that, later the same day, he goes to Helaine’s shop with the intent of asking her to become his mistress.Once there, he gets her alone and kisses her—she’s twenty-eight but knows nothing of passion. It’s a damn good kiss in part becauseNearly a decade ago, his uncle had taught him how to seduce a woman with just his tongue. It had been the most useful lesson any relative had ever given him.Despite the stirring kiss, Helaine turns down his offer.  A few days later, he kisses her again, and, this time, he realizes despite her reputation as the long-term mistress of a recently dead Lord, she’s a virgin. He believes this is the reason she’s turned him down and he, sure the passion between the two of them would be remarkable, asks her again, differently.“I have handled this incorrectly, Helaine, but the desire remains. I should like you to be my mistress.”“And I desire to be an honest dressmaker who isn’t constantly accosted.”  She did not invest her words with anger. She simply stated it and prayed he would hear her.He did understand her implication. His wince was proof of that. But that didn’t stop him from pleading his case. “I am a slow lover, Helaine, patient and generally considerate. And though I have never taken a virgin, I would make an exception for you. I would introduce you correctly to this business. And would pay handsomely for the privilege.”to read the rest of this review, go to Dear Author:

  • Lover of Romance
    2019-04-25 11:03

    "Thank you for your wisdom,"He blinked, his mind only slowly shifting away from the sight of her lips. "You make me sound like a old cleric sitting on a dais. You know, some women find my quite spry""Some women would find aged cheddar cheese to be spry."He Blinked. "Did you just compare me to cheese?""I did, my lord." Then she leaned forward and touched his hand. "But never fear. I have quite the fondness for cheddar cheese."Lady Helaine was once a member of the Ton, and was raised in society, but then when it became a scandal that her father was stealing from others, they were cast out. Her father disappeared, and she and her mother were forced to provide for themselves. So in order to keep them from starving and living on the streets, Helaine's takes a new identity as a "Mrs. Mortimer" and she then designs gowns for young ladies in high society. When put in a hard position of asking for money instead of credit, since she will need food and more supplies in cloth and accessories, she decides to go to the Viscount Redhill. Robert is outraged when the Mrs. Mortimer comes to call and demands that he pay for his sister wedding trousseau, and believing the amount to be way more than he thought it would cost, he forces her out of his home, and threatens to call the magistrate on her. When Helaine returns home, she knows she will have to take swift action, but then Robert's sister, devises a plan for Helaine to get supplies. Helaine has been forced to take certain measures to get credit at certain suppliers, but when Robert and his sister demand to come along, she concedes reluctantly. A disaster ends up happening, and Helaine has lost her one and only source of materials. Then Robert declares his intentions to have her as his mistress. Even though that is the last thing that Helaine could ever desire, she finds she can't resist his tender embraces, or the way he heightens her senses with his kisses. When Helaine's past comes to light, he wonders if there will be a way to overcome the past and build a future together as husband and wife.Over the years I have heard so many great things about Jade Lee. When I found Wedded In Scandal on the shelves of my local library, I couldn't resist trying it out. Especially since this whole series was there, and I wanted to try out the first one in the series. I don't always have the chance to read a series in order, but I do want to try in this series. I do love Regency romances that have a setting of a hidden identity and where a character has to get creative to survive. I truly fell in love with Helaine for the most part, strong and independent and smart. She had spunk and fire to her personality, she didn't just give into any demands, but went after what she desired. Robert, is like most hero's from this time period-Handsome, Arrogant, Stiff and proper. But underneath is a man that has a secret that could ruin him just as Helaine's secret could destroy all that she has built. Even though they seem to be from opposite worlds, they both have a unique bond with each other, and seem to connect because underneath the surface they are more alike than different.I found the style of this story, very original in its own way. There were certain things, such as the basic story line that was very similar to many other Regency era romances that I have read. However, as I read Wedded In Scandal I found that it was way more intriguing than I thought it would be. I found it to be so captivating and witty and charming that I couldn't put it down, having only read it under a couple of hours. Yes it is slight shorter with only 300 pages, but I flew through the pages faster than I have in a book for a long time. There was a certain detail to the story that pulled me in from the beginning. I couldn't help but admire the compelling writing of Jade Lee as she weaves a tale of in depth characters and a plot with fast paced tension to sweep you away into a beautifully crafted love story of passion and desire.Overall I couldn't help but fall in love with Jade Lee and the first installment in the Bridal Favors Series of Wedded In Scandal. A truly sensational read that is refreshing and emotionally driven!!! A WONDERFUL STORY!!! Well Done! .

  • Book Binge
    2019-05-21 08:56

    Mrs. Helen Mortimer, aka Lady Helaine Chelmorton daughter of an Earl, has become a dressmaker. Five years ago her drunkard father created a scandal so huge that Helaine and her mother would be forever ostracized from the ton. Luckily Helaine had only attended one ball and wasn’t well known so was able to start a dress shop along with her friend Wendy without her true identity becoming known.She has finally gotten an order for a trousseau that will put the shop, A Lady’s Favor, on the map, but she needs to be paid in advance as she doesn’t have the coin to purchase the needed material. The bride ordering the trousseau, Gwen, daughter of Earl herself, had stated that she would pay up front. Unfortunately the accountant handling the families money isn’t so keen on paying up front because it just isn’t done. Helaine is forced to request payment from Gwen’s brother, Viscount Redhill who then basically tells her she’s a con artist and almost calls the constable. The Viscount, Robert, soon shows up at Helaine’s shop and tries to find out what the situation is with Helaine as he doesn’t trust her. Robert and Helaine soon start verbally sparring and Robert finds that he wants to be around her more and more. Yes, he likes her for her looks and body but he likes her mind as well – a definite point in Robert’s favor.Robert is desperate for Helaine and soon asks her to become his mistress. While the reputation that Helaine created for herself states that she was someone’s mistress already, the truth of the matter is that she’s not ever been kissed much less bedded. Helaine eventually acquiesces but she knows that the relationship can go no further as she’s just a dressmaker and Robert’s a Viscount.This is my first read by Jade Lee and I definitely enjoyed the book. I got into the verbal sparring and witty banter that Helaine and Robert exchanged – it made me smile. I really liked the fact that Helaine didn’t give in to Robert’s request right away. In fact she turned him down flat on more than one occasion and I loved that she had the strength to stand up for herself like that.Robert was a great guy as well. He was thoughtful and giving and would do almost anything for his family and I loved that about him. What I couldn’t figure out was the money. He didn’t have a ton of it and it was spread far and wide with all of his good works. He stated on several occasions that he didn’t know where he was going to get the money for this or that but he’d find it. Then he was offering to set Helaine up in a house with a monthly allowance. It didn’t make sense to me. There felt like a lack of consistency in this matter as well as several others in the book.The story is entertaining but the ending really was too contrived for my liking. Also, the HEA came so late in the story we didn’t get to find out how the heck it was all going to work. The sheer logistics of the relationship was something that I just couldn’t figure out. If Robert wed Helaine then she would become a lady and does a lady run a dress shop? No. And she wouldn’t give up her shop for anything…or so she stated. I would have liked more information so that I could figure out all the twists and turns.I think I will be reading the next book in this series as the excerpt for it at the end of Wedded in Scandal was definitely intriguing.This review was originally posted on Book Binge by Tracy.

  • Elle
    2019-05-11 04:48

    Some great humor at the start of the book gains this a star, even though I was a little disappointed with some aspects of the story. The heroine is the daughter of an earl who was exposed as a thief, having stolen brandy from soldiers in the war. Shamed and bankrupt, he disappeared, and left his wife and daughter penniless and shunned. Helaine has become Mrs. Mortimer, a designer of gowns. Robert Percy, Viscount Redhill, also has a disreputable father, though he hasn't gone as far as Helaine's. Robert has spent his life cleaning up after his father's messes. When he encounters Helaine, he has to have her as his mistress. Now here's where it started to bug me... (view spoiler)[ When he realizes who she really is, he feels guilty about his sexual advances, knowing that as the daughter of an earl, she should've been treated with respect. He knows, too, that she wants to protect her virtue as it's important to her to be able to go to her husband as an honorable woman. But he justifies continuing his pursuit because she's socially ruined, and she can't expect better. She might be able to marry a tradesman or something, but he thinks she's better off as his mistress. In other words, he takes for granted that she's really not wife material for him. She's not good enough for him in any respectable way. And what's frustrating is that when he finally has the inevitable epiphany, it happens offstage. We never really see his thought process as he turns this around, so I still see him, even in the end, as kind of a snobbish jackass. Moreover, while it seems important in the end that she not be exposed as Lady Helaine, it never seems to occur to the characters that his marrying a working woman who was reputedly another man's mistress is going to make her just as socially unacceptable among the Quality. At least as an earl's daughter she has the bloodline going for her.(hide spoiler)] In other words, while I liked the story, there were points of logic that didn't work for me, and the guy never really got past the jerk phase.

  • Sheila
    2019-05-15 05:00

    There is a small store in London where magic happens at the end of a needle. In the newest series from bestselling author, Jade Lee you'll be whisk inside A Lady's Favor dress shop. Once inside, you won't want to leave. Filled with ribbons of humor, flounces of intrigue and woven together in the fabric of love, Ms. Lee's Bridal Favors series brings Regency England to life. Each book in this new series will feature a different woman who by circumstances, usually not good circumstances, comes to own or work at the dress shop. Beginning with the prequel to the series, Engaged in Wickedness, her heroine Lady Gwendolyn is a woman with too much curiosity. She captures the imagination of a quiet baron and her life, and her passions will never be the same. Yet, everything is not as it appears, and old secrets have a way of raising from the darkness. Featured in the next book, Wedded in Scandal is a disgraced Lady Helaine. Her father was thrown out of polite English society for being a liar and a thief. The scandal leaves her unfit for marriage, and financially destitute. She opens the dressmaker's shop under an assumed identity. Her world is difficult, but she is earning her way. Her biggest threat is that someone will learn of her true identity.Enter the Viscount of Redhill, Robert Percy. He is handsome, he is regal, and he is attracted to the mysterious woman. With her scandalous past, will they be able to give their love a chance? There are obstacles to overcome, but love does have a way of conquering all.At present, there are two additional books forthcoming in the series: Wedded in Sin (June 2012) and Engaged in Passion (October 2012).If you love rich, finely detailed Regency historicals, The Bridal Favors Series from Jade Lee will take you there. It is a fun, well-crafted, adventurous read sure to please her legion of fans.

  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    2019-05-10 11:59

    The heroine Lady Helaine has had to move from the world of being a lady to the world of being a merchant / dress maker. She and her friends and her mother have all had a hard time of it. But they have picked themselves up and starting to make their lives better. This is the official first in the series but there are some other short story books that lead into this book and during the "Bridal Favors" Series. I only mention it for us that like to read in order of the books to keep up with the characters we fell in love with. Sadly this is one of the series I have had to jump around in but found that with most Jade Lee books you don't have to read them in order to enjoy them. They are stand alone good! The hero was to me in a similar type role of having to take charge, keep his family going and help them. That is what Lady Helaine did with her group..although she wasn't the one that started the dress making shop she was brought in to help the seamstress design dresses, Lady Helaine quickly to me became the one that held it altogether. Another great read from Jade Lee and I would highly recommend this books and all of her books!

  • J.J. Rodeo
    2019-05-08 11:05

    I could really sympathies with the female protagonist and the plot wasn't so bad, but the ending was really rushed and it kind of ruined the whole story.Helaine, the female protagonist, was an outcast aristocrat who was forced to do a mundane jib as a dressmaker, and after a few confrontations, she starts a romantic relationship with the brother of on of her clients.Apparently the main hurdle in this story was the male protagonist's stupidity, as he considered Helaine below himself and had doubts about marrying her. Unfortunately, Helaine did not do anything to make him change his attitude and in fact, succumbed to his arrogant demands. When He came to his senses and realized that he wants more than just a temporary relationship with Helaine, the conflict was resolved. (view spoiler)[The double wedding in the end was really stupid and somehow anti-climatic. (hide spoiler)]

  • Sue Skerl
    2019-05-13 09:43

    I won this book on the goodreads first read giveaway. What happens when the father of Lady Helaine is cast from society? It also affects her standing in society. No longer able to marry her peers, Lady Helaine becomes Mrs. Mortimer and provides for her and her mother by designing dresses. Viscount Redhill is star struck by this daring woman and wants to make her his mistress. Helaine struggles with her morals and has to face reality. Will she become his mistress? I really liked this book. It is a book that is well written and highlights the issues that women had when not protected by family or friends, and the struggles they went through to survive In that day and age. I recommend Jade Lee’s book Wedded in Scandal.

  • Jen Pezzotti
    2019-05-13 07:06

    Probably closer to 3 1/2 stars. I love Jade Lee but this book drove me a bit crazy. The behavior of the hero kind of annoyed me - when he kept pursuing her as his mistress even though he knew she was a lady in disguise was a bit repulsive. And never once did he think perhaps he should marry her - he kept talking about setting her up as his mistress until the end when he overhears a conversation between Helaine and his sister Gwen. And then he decides to marry her. Not very believable. It took me a while to get through this book because I just couldn't get invested into the characters. Although I am awaiting the next books in this series - since Jade is such a great author - it is just that I didn't like this premise all that much.

  • Angela
    2019-05-19 11:03

    I haven't read much in the way of Regency romance. I'm more of a paranormal/urban fantasy lover, but Jade Lee has me hooked on this series! I'm also quite the feminist (another reason I steer clear of a lot of historical romance), but after getting my mind wrapped around the ways of that particular era, there is actually a lot of good feminism going in this novel. On top of that, there's fun banter, lots of steamy suspense, and details so perfect that the setting comes to life in that effortless way that some writers have. Jade Lee definitely has it going on. I'm in desperate need of book two!!!

  • Kitty Bucholtz
    2019-04-27 13:07

    This story was different from other historical romances I've read. I'm not sure how to describe what I mean - the people seemed like real people, not "regency romance people" or something like that. I LOVE regency romances, but I couldn't tell you the time period of this or any book - LOL! - but I like the historical romances where the people are kind and funny and interesting. THAT is what I liked about this book - the people were really interesting, the storyline was really interesting, and all the things the characters did were really interesting. I couldn't stop reading it, and that's what I love in a book! :)

  • Rachel
    2019-05-15 04:47

    London possibly. Never heard the age of Robert but Helaine's age is 28.The story moved along nicely. Robert was not very likeable as he seemed so consumed by Helaine. There was no villain in the story, so that was disappointing. The story could have been good had there been one, but since not it fell flat. The ending seemed very rushed and short and seemed to only tie it up to give it a happy ending. Not a very good story, but the plot could have been better. Will still read the others to see what happens.

  • Deanna Against Censorship
    2019-05-22 06:08

    3 and a half stars because I liked the exploration of the problems of a woman making it alone and making it in business. I also liked the two main characters. Robert was an Earl to be who already had the responsibility of his family and business. He had a secret that was most important to him. Helaine had her own secret yet had to face the public as she worked hard to expand her business and support her own "family". They have an instant physical attraction followed by deep respect and admiration. Well written. I trully enjoyed this book.

  • Desere
    2019-05-18 05:06

    I am not a major historical fan but I do love a good romance and also being a Jade Lee fan I was intrigued enough to read this fabulous book. I loved the stunning characterisation by the author ,yes I actually found myself wishing I could be Lady Helaine just so I too could close to the totally fabulous characters of Robert Percy !I have never ever read a historical (yes I have read many good ones) but none with such a intriguing and mind boggling turn of events ! Well done Jade !5/5 star review

  • Karline05 Un brin de lecture
    2019-05-14 04:56 énième romance historique qui ne manque pas d'intérêt. C'est frais , bien écrit et plein de situations cocasses et de réparties amusantes. Le duo est original et charismatique. Hélaine et Robert sont attachants et suffisamment originaux pour nous réserver bien des surprises dans cette romance agréable et addictive. Pas la lecture de l'année mais une qui apporte la chaleur et le sourire sous la couette pour cette saison d'hiver....

  • Sarah
    2019-05-17 08:11

    After Roberts first meeting with Helaine he knows that he want's her for his mistress. But Helaine has already had her life ruined by titled men and she isn't about to give in. So, with out plots of death, murder or mayhem, this book manages to still give you everything that you could have hoped for and leave you happy. I loved the interaction between Helaine and Robert, even more I enjoyed Helaine's strong character after all the hard ships that she has endured. I laughed, I cried, I was outraged! And when it got to the end I LOVED the ending! 5 stars!

  • J.R. Newell
    2019-05-15 09:09

    There was a lot to like about this book - strong characters who aren't perfect but are fun to read about. The plot was enjoyable but for some reason, I didn't enjoy the scenes of intimacy between the characters (a bit of a problem since this is a romance). And the hero's sister was so nice that she came off as two-dimensional and rather annoying. The happily ever after felt rushed and too sickly sweet, which is why I couldn't give this book more than three stars. Still, it was a good story and I look forward to reading more books by this author.

  • Barbara
    2019-04-29 05:44

    Just OK, OK story, OK characters---actually Helaine and Robert were very interesting people. Take the setting out of the way and it could be a contemporary story. Helaine has a "career" and Robert has a career of sorts also. The thing that makes this enjoyable was the lack of villians, spying, etc. Instead this is a story of two people falling in love, fitting into each others families and finding a way to make their careers work. A little tweak....this is a story that has hints of another.....

  • G.P. Ching
    2019-05-04 04:55

    This book was the most romantic romance I've read in a long time. It may seem odd to call a romance romantic but often times the other elements of the story overshadow the romance itself. Not here. Wedded in Scandal is a credit to the genre. The characters are lovable, multi-dimensional, and have a dose of wit that keeps the pages turning. I recommend to anyone who likes to get lost in a good romance.

  • Jackie
    2019-05-20 06:44

    Got about halfway through, but couldn't push myself any further. The characters have a backstory, but no real personality or individuality. Lots of period-inappropriate behavior anachronisms (not the least of which was the seamstress named "Wendy," a name invented by J. M. Barrie during the Edwardian period), and a plot with a lot of logic gaps made for a book I just had to put down.

  • Bunga
    2019-05-09 10:04

    Akhirnya selesai juga baca... novel yang sangat menarik, sweet, touching, dan full romance. Sayangnya karena kesibukan saya bekerja, jadi cuma bisa menyempatkan diri mencicil baca sedikit demi sedikit. Tapi saya gak nyesel. Sepertinya Jade Lee adalah author favorit saya yang baru. :)

  • Sarah S
    2019-04-24 09:49

    I was a bit queasy at the beginning when Robert didn't seem to hear the word "no." In fact I might have given up, if this weren't a book club pick, and then I would've missed the characters learning to communicate.

  • Leonie
    2019-05-04 12:46

    This book would've gotten a better rating had the author solved the main issue of this story in a better way, the ending was too unrealistic and so much remained unexplained in favour of a quick and unlogical HEA.

  • Amanda
    2019-04-26 06:51

    This is my first read by Ms. Lee, and I loved it! The characters stole my heart early on, and I truly was affected by their choices, their conversations, and the story overall. I laughed, I cried, and I would recommend it to others--a book accomplishes these 3 things, I give it 5 stars.

  • Bonnie
    2019-05-21 11:12

    It's the first time I've read one of her books and I really loved it. I know I'll be reading more of her works. Very enjoyable.

  • Alex L
    2019-05-13 07:52


  • Jill
    2019-05-12 07:59

    Energetic, strong characters kept my interest. Although it was a period writing, it didn't have a lot of boring details. I enjoyed the book.

  • Phylis
    2019-05-22 11:08

    Excellent book; plot was very interesting. Would love to read more of her books