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Richard Wright’s bestselling follow-upto Clara Callan is a quietly brilliant story of infidelity andforgiveness.Daniel Fielding has it all: a charmingwife and daughter, the respect of his co-workers, a nice house in a desirableneighbourhood. What, then, drives him to succumb to the charms of a pretty,young colleague at an overseas book fair? When a passionate indiscretioneRichard Wright’s bestselling follow-upto Clara Callan is a quietly brilliant story of infidelity andforgiveness.Daniel Fielding has it all: a charmingwife and daughter, the respect of his co-workers, a nice house in a desirableneighbourhood. What, then, drives him to succumb to the charms of a pretty,young colleague at an overseas book fair? When a passionate indiscretionexplodes into violence, Fielding must confront the ever-widening aftershocks ofhis actions, an uncertain future and his own inner demons.Adultery uncoversthe many shadings of infidelity and the intricacies of emotion that lie justbeneath the surface of ordinary life. Subtle but powerful, it proves once againthat Richard B. Wright is a master storyteller and one of our finest writers....

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Adultery Reviews

  • Lauren Hessey
    2019-01-23 17:02

    A great idea for a story with alot of potential, but I found it to be a disappointing read. It covered such a short period of time in excessive detail. The detail wasn't interesting enough to justify the level of detail. I guess this was the style the author was going for, however I did not find this style enjoyable at all.

  • Carol
    2018-12-30 17:47

    I was recently at a used book store when I happened upon ‘Adultery’ by Richard B. Wright. I picked up the book, read a paragraph, and found the writing extremely compelling. In the passage I read, a husband, traveling in Europe, admit to his wife, over the phone, and across the Atlantic ocean, that he’s been unfaithful. In that one paragraph, I felt all the pain of the situation. The writing was so honest and clear.The rest of ‘Adultery’ was as strong as that paragraph. Richard B. Wright is a great Canadian talent. ‘Adultery’ is a short novel that makes you feel, along with Daniel Fielding, the suffering that comes to all when you hurt someone. As Wright comments in his “p.s” section, “Guilt itself is not a bad thing. If we hurt someone, should we not feel guilty?” Daniel Fielding does something very wrong. He commits adultery. Wright chooses that word because he wants to display the seriousness of the offence. In a society where affairs and break-ups are common, Wright deals with all the hurt and pain that comes from thoughtless infidelity. Who is hurt by Fielding’s actions? His wife and his daughter, primarily. But Wright ups the ante. Fielding’s ‘indiscretion’ hurts many more, when it becomes part of a journalist’s tale of violence. Denise, Fielding’s ‘friend’ in Europe, is tragically killed. That’s how the novel begins. The circle of those who are hurt by the incident increases: Denise’s mother, friends, brother, extended family etc. Fielding’s family are also drawn into the media whirlwind and all suffer. Wright tells his tale so that you feel the suffering and grief. But he also makes you weirdly enjoy the ride. I can’t explain this fact except by saying that the writing is so good that you feel compelled to go along Fielding’s journey of redemption/non-redemption and enjoy yourself!While reading ‘Adultery’ I had a weird feeling of deja vu that I couldn’t shake. Something was familiar about this writer. But what? I was sure that I’d never read anything by Wright before. Reading the ‘p.s’, however, I discovered the cause of this deja vu feeling. Back in highschool (in the late seventies, early 80's, I had read his first novel, “The Weekend Man.” My parents had a copy of this little paperback in their home. Funny! Wright’s writing is unique enough that the style somehow stayed with me all these years! Next time I go home, I’ll look for this little old book, and give it another read. I’m definitely putting Wright on my list of novelists to read.

  • Christopher Sword
    2019-01-14 17:57

    Unfortunately I think the title will scare away a good number of readers and I admit to giving a thought or two to what my fellow commuters thought the content was when I read it on my bus but I'm glad I stuck with it. Wright has a clean, easy-to-read style but it is his attention to detail that really pulls you in. I'm not sure I've ever read another author who makes fiction feel so life-like.Yes, there is a short-lived affair and yes there is murder but don't expect this to play out like a detective story. That all gets wrapped up in short order - and just like life, it is the implications of these events that are most interesting, most heartfelt and touching.

  • Mary
    2018-12-28 15:44

    A week in the life of a man who�s impulsive affair in the UK goes wrong; the aftermath (it�s impact on both families) is the focus of the story.

  • Marilyn
    2019-01-03 17:01

    Unusual twist on adultery...

  • Shane
    2019-01-06 15:49

    The concept of this form of sin is very well explored from a male perspective and its enduring consequences are not sugar coated. I found the whole book moved too slow, though

  • Jill Robertson
    2019-01-21 15:50

    'Adultery' by Richard B Wright did not work for me. A happily married middle-aged man has a casual week-long fling with a young colleague thinking that no-one will know. However, when she steps out of the car to go to the toilet, she is abducted and brutally murdered. The affair becomes headline news, and the consequences spread far and wide, as ripples on a pond when stone is flung into it. We learn how the affair and murder affect his wife and teenage daughter, his friends, boss, colleagues, the girl's mother, her brother, and her friends. The author says in a discussion at the back of the book that a casual affair such as this is commonplace and most of the time people get away with it; he wanted to explore what happens when the man is unlucky to be caught. This novel was horrible and unsettling, given that the author aligns himself with the main character and expects our sympathy. And there is no indication that the man even liked the woman; he even says in the beginning of the book that he doesn't like her and when they get together he doesn't seem that enthralled, so it was a very annoying story.

  • Brian
    2019-01-05 16:39

    I'm puzzled. In a good way, I think. There's no doubt this is an intriguing, if somewhat understated, story. It goes down as smoothly as an expensive single malt. The characters are more than believable--poignant, trapped, exposed, hurt. All of them really. But what's puzzling is how little this work seems to be about "adultery." The offending husband's remorse (most of it unrelated to the affair) is real, and his wife (she hardly rates an encore at the end) is forced to mute her anger. It's the untimely death of the correspondent that Wright places under the microscope, that turns the offence into a media circus, that controls each character's reaction to what might otherwise have been a somewhat ordinary tale of sexual urges and social expectations. Wright steps away from "till death do us part" and drops the nuclear bomb of random homicide in everyone's lap including the reader. What still puzzles me is that a story that isn't much about right and wrong, seems to have a hard time being a story at all. Whatever it is, I enjoyed it very much.

  • Ed
    2019-01-15 18:55

    Read: Feb 2018. A sensitive and perceptive book about chance tragedy, guilt, and forgiveness.

  • Rochelle Byrne
    2018-12-24 15:55

    The third part of this book had me completely bored. Actually, I was never really taken with. However it was well written

  • Tangmiao
    2019-01-08 15:00

    “Adultery” is a new-style book that worth to read carefully, it was written by a famous author whose name is Richard. B. Wright, he has several brilliant books have done before begins to write “Adultery”, for example: “Clara Callan”, “The age of longing”, “Tourists”. All the books written by him are fantastically attractive, both for the elders and the adolescences, especially “Adultery”. “Adultery” can be called a new-style fiction which has less breathtaking development of the event and main story, but focus on the development of the character relationships and the conflicts inwardly after committing a tremendous fault that causes a young girl dead. Even though it wastes the basic frame of a novel, the special style that filled with personality can excited the readers; Richard analyzes the protagonist Daniel deeply and shows all the inward activity of Daniel after making a mistake. This is the principal aspect that I admire and respect, because there’s no doubt that humans’ thought is the most variable stuff in this world and sometimes the words has no adequate power to describe the inward activities specifically and accurately, that’s why some readers dislike and insult “Adultery” a lot, for example, in the p242 of “Adultery”, it says: “I got punched in the face, I was careless. I knew it was coming. I just didn’t see it.” Frankly, Ray deliberately takes a punch in Daniel’s face, but Daniel prefers to find an excuse to forgive Ray, rather than to blames him badly. However, unfortunately, there’s just a few people can realize Daniel’s helplessness of the event and ashamed of his fantastic fault.In my standpoint, Richard is an admirable author and has courage to try to write humans’ inward emotions into his lovely book; he hopes to create a new-style of novel, not like the traditional ones. Nevertheless, in the inward aspect ,“Adultery” just did a not bad description, but this is an advanced experiment, that’s why I regard “Adultery” as the best one Richard even write until now, I hope he can write more new-style books and can achieve success in this new-style novel.(Miao Tang)

  • Marisa
    2019-01-08 20:00

    Library Request. I found the protagonist Dan Fielding a happily married man in his fifties knowing where he was going, when he finds himself at a fork in the road and made a cliched of all cliches of an adulteress weekend, thinking that no repercussions if it occurred out of the country. What a load of hoopla, well needless to say the preverbal shite hits the fan, when things escalate out of his control and all the people that matter the most find out about the sorted weekend abroad.Again, I didn't like the character of Dan, I felt him detached and not really understanding what everyone was faced to endure because of his shortcomings. I was hoping for more remorse, I don't know maybe even some more fear of his possibility of arrest might have made me feel a bit better of what his cliched ass did to his would have been retribution, not sure though just saying. He was actually embraced by Lucille and Sandy, literately suggesting if things played out differently he could have been a member of the family, really,really..........It was a bit much in some parts to much detail, but all in all I read it I one sitting, not that long, would like to have read about the trail, and having Dan exposed again, but that could only assault his family again. First read oct 2014 and i re-read it again August 2015, I pretty much had the same opinion as the first time.

  • Kris - My Novelesque Life
    2018-12-29 14:50

    3.5 STARS"Some guys have all the luck. Take 55-year-old Daniel Fielding: a senior book editor with an established Toronto publishing firm, he has a loving and well-preserved wife, a dutiful teenaged daughter, a desirable home, and enough money to occasionally vacation abroad. Moreover, despite his admitted homeliness, women always seem to be throwing themselves at him. There was the "tall redhead who worked for the Star ... Jane somebody or other" and the "refreshing" twentysomething writer who once propositioned him in a Queen Street bar--not to mention his old friend Ann, who "had been inviting him back to her bed after their business lunches" for years. Fielding, however, "had never felt the need for casual romance" until a fateful trip to the Frankfurt Book Fair with the firm's aggressive and sexy junior editor, 32-year-old Denise Crowder." (From Amazon)I really like Wright's writing! He is a great novelist and becoming my favourite Canadian author. His characters are always so wonderfully flawed.

  • Booklovinglady
    2019-01-02 18:03

    See alsoForeign fiction translated into Dutch/Flemish for review in Dutch.What a great read! I really, really liked it and would surely recommend it.The book describes one week in the life of 55-year-old Daniel Fielding from Toronto, who has a brief fling with 32-year-old co-worker Denise Crowder, during a business trip to Germany and the UK. And what a week it turns out to be... Something happens that no-one could have predicted and this sets in motion a whole chain of events.The novel has a rather surprising start and the reader is slowly given more info on Daniel and others, often through flashbacks, while describing the events of just one week. A well-written and very convincing novel!

  • Louise
    2019-01-05 18:00

    A smooth, slow, sad novel of forgiveness and how 'moment' decisions can ruin your life forever. I read this novel in about 2 1/2 hours it was that good.From back cover:"Daniel Fielding, a quiet, middle-aged editor at a Toronto publishing house, has it all: an attractive wife, a charming daughter who excels at her private school, and a desirable house in a nice neighbourhood. But when Fielding and a pretty, assertive young colleague travel together to the Frankfurt Book Fair, what begins as an indiscretion unexpectedly explodes into violence. Now Fielding must navigate the devastation of the lives left behind.Adultery is a subtle, powerful story of a man's fall from grace and his search for forgiveness, even in the unlikeliest of places."

  • Dianne
    2019-01-16 15:50

    A senior editor and a junior editor from the same publishing company attend a book fair and have a two-day affair. Our hero, despite being happily and comfortably married with a daughter he adores, decides to take his colleague up on her offer of a fling, assuming no one will know. But the colleague is murdered and the secret is out. His wife is furious, but he appears to be convinced that eventually she will get over it. I was left pondering the ease with which men cheat on their wives. It seemed a realistic portrait.

  • Marie
    2018-12-25 14:50

    I really enjoyed this book and read it over a couple of days. Daniel Fielding's English affair quickly turns nightmarish in a very unsettling way. As he tries to deal with the fallout from his affair, we are left with a sense that anything could happen, anything could go very wrong again. Dan is, depite his infidelity, clear thinking and wants to do the right thing, understanding people's reaction to him. He feels guilty for what has happened and hopes for forgiveness from the people who matter. A story that pulls you in written with sensitivity and depth.

  • Sharon
    2019-01-13 17:39

    'Adultery' felt like a book that the author wrote to fulfil a contract! The characters were flat and bland, as was the writing. The emotions portrayed just didn't have any depth about them - death is written about, an affair and infidelity was written about, families in grief were written about - but you'd be hard pressed to think anyone in the novel really gave a toss, even if the odd angry word is thrown about. Even the few 'f' words read like they were being whispered instead of shouted.After closing the back cover my first thoughts were "what was the point". Pretty disappointing.

  • Laurie Gough
    2018-12-25 18:07

    After reading Clara Callan--which I absolutely loved--I was looking forward to this book. How disappointing to find that it goes absolutely nowhere after the initial first scene; holds no surprises; no twists; and no interesting characters. Wright is a good writer but this one falls so far short of Clara Callan that it's hard to believe it's the same author. Better luck next time, Richard! I won't give up on you!

  • Roberta
    2019-01-17 12:47

    While it's not as engaging as Clara Callan, I enjoyed this earlier novel. For me, it was about how everything can change in an instant and how our actions can have consequences we never imagined. It's also an interesting exploration of guilt and of forgiveness. As Claire says being sorry is fine but it doesn't change things. I like the way Wright describes the impact of the senses, especially scent, to create a mood or memory.

  • Margarita
    2019-01-05 13:40

    There is a strong hook at the beginning that is well developed for about 2/3 of the novel. However, the last 1/3 of the novel feels long and many parts quite unnecessary. Wright takes an unusual approach to the notion of adultery, choosing to spend more time on the family of Denise than on Fielding's family. Not quite sure it fully works, but it's a page turner nonetheless.

  • Kathy Mcdonald
    2019-01-11 18:54

    Dan Fielding is a successful middle aged editor who lives in an upper middle class neighbourhood in Toronto and is happily married with a fifteen year old daughter. The catalyst of the story is the murder of a junior editor while the two attend the Frankfurt book fair. What is left unresolved by Richard Wright is what Fielding would have done had the young woman not been murdered.

  • Caroline Mcphail-Lambert
    2018-12-30 15:09

    Interesting foray into one man's consequences of deciding to have an affair with a much younger womyn in another country. Not at all what I expected, and better than I thought it would be. Eager to try another of Wright's books.

  • Pamela Briant
    2018-12-26 18:48

    This is the story of Richard who has a fling with a work colleague on an overseas trip, ends in murder. The story is not about the murder, but the multitude of people whose lives are turned upside down because of one casual action.

  • Firman
    2019-01-20 17:01

    Novel yang keberjalanannya lambat, tapi mengajarkan bahwa sebuah keputusan dalam satu momen bisa mengubah hidup seseorang.Sudut pandangnya dari sisi lelaki, yang terjatuh dan mencari 'pengampunan'? entahlah kurang tahu kata yang tepat :))

  • Emily Gray
    2019-01-14 20:00

    A mix between a thriller and a study on grief and betrayal and eventaul absolution. A good read - and an easy read. I would reccomend it as a holiday book because it is a page turner and substantial enough in plot to keep you interested.

  • Bachyboy
    2019-01-16 15:46

    It is amazing what the Naseby library can come up with! There were some moments of bad writing in this book but generally it was compelling. After 17 years of marriage, the main character commits adultery with disasterous results. One gets the feeling he should have known better.

  • Deborah Ideiosepius
    2019-01-12 18:57

    This is the second or third time I have tried to read this book. It will be the last attempt because I still cannot summon the interest in the plot or characters enough to keep me going past the first quarter of the book.

  • Rob
    2019-01-16 16:58

    A ponderous story encased in numbness and cliches... Think McEwan-lite clouded with moody ruminations but without plot twists, remarkable characters, or anything much to raise the temperature on a damp tale about transgression and regret.

  • Sylvia Valevicius
    2019-01-22 15:54

    Enjoyed this read. Richard B. Wright of the lovely Clara Callan book is the author. I remember that he writes with restraint, but he handles the topic very well. Good little book!