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At last! An A-to-Z reference guide for readers who want to learn the cryptic language of Rock Snobs, those arcana-obsessed people who speak of "Rickenbacker guitars" and "Gram Parsons."  We've all been there--trapped in a conversation with smarty-pants music fiends who natter on about "the MC5" or "Eno" or "the Hammond B3," not wanting to let on that we haven't the slighteAt last! An A-to-Z reference guide for readers who want to learn the cryptic language of Rock Snobs, those arcana-obsessed people who speak of "Rickenbacker guitars" and "Gram Parsons."  We've all been there--trapped in a conversation with smarty-pants music fiends who natter on about "the MC5" or "Eno" or "the Hammond B3," not wanting to let on that we haven't the slightest idea what they're talking about. Well, fret no more! The Rock Snob's Dictionary is here to define every single sacred totem of rock fandom's know-it-all fraternity, from to Zimmy. (That's what Rock Snobs call Bob Dylan, by the way.)...

Title : The Rock Snob's Dictionary: An Essential Lexicon of Rockological Knowledge
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ISBN : 9780767918732
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The Rock Snob's Dictionary: An Essential Lexicon of Rockological Knowledge Reviews

  • Bob
    2019-05-12 11:23

    A found-on-the-street item from 2005 by two Vanity Fair writers who either are huge music fans or know how to hire researchers. My aim in reading it is, of course, to ensure there's nothing in here I don't already know (alright, I didn't know the name of the recording studio where the 4th White Stripes record was made), looking for actual mistakes ("bassist Greg Ginn"), questionable judgements ("My Bloody Valentine's dud 1991 album Loveless"), odd interpretations from slim evidence (Charles Ives' "symphonic experiments in...microtonality" - of Ives' oeuvre of several hundred pieces for every imaginable ensemble there are only three short quarter-tone pieces for piano - I suspect the authors of showing off that they know what microtonality is) and so on. Also I cannot find a single serious Dylan fan who refers to him as "Zimmy".Part of the problem with the premise is, as with the whole "trivia" thing, knowing anything at all has become suspect. You hardly need to be willfully esoteric to have heard of a Moog synthesizer, and having some sort of name for the fourth Led Zeppelin record ("Zoso") just means you grew up in the 70s or 80s. It's obviously meant to be light-hearted and there are many hilarious aperçus but it's a bit steeped in the condescension that characterizes many writers of the glossy magazine class.

  • Jlawrence
    2019-05-02 10:30

    Two admitted rock snobs (music journalists/critics themselves) collaborated on this brief, amusing dictionary that's a combination of snarkily taking down obscure works and artists they feel fellow rock snobs have over-praised while also displaying their own snob-knowledge/occasional faves.As a recovering rock snob, I nodded sagely with the entries I agreed with, got stereotypically peeved at ones I didn't, and was pleasantly surprised by how many entries I *didn't* know anything about in advance (both because it was fun to learn and because I proved... maybe I was never that much of a true rock snob!). This was especially true of many entries that covered colorful/innovative/vile producer personalities from various music industry eras.(Most fun fact I discovered: Kimberely Rew, Robyn Hitchcock's fellow guitarist in The Soft Boys, went on to play for Katrina and the Waves and wrote the 80s hit "Walking on Sunshine"!?)Uber rock snob Greil Marcus good-naturedly says it best in his quote on this book's back cover:"These people have no idea what they're talking about. They think they're cool. They don't even know it's not the music, it's not who played on what, it's WHO DESIGNED THE COVER! WHAT TYPEFACE THE LABEL IS IN! I mean, I mean-"

  • Todd N
    2019-05-17 09:10

    This is a birthday book from my mom. I used to have a regular show as a DJ on a local college radio station, KFJC. As someone who is not naturally hip -- though I am naturally cool -- I had a lot of catching up to do on my music knowledge. Fortunately this has led to the discovery of some of my favorite music.KFJC doesn't have "rock snobs" as so much as people who care deeply about music. There is a base level of music knowledge that is required if you want to benefit from their insights and recommendations. After a while, it slowly dawns on you why KFJC adds every Wire bootleg we can get our hands on.This book is a handy reference for getting a quick overview of some of the most influential, but not popular, musicians and bands. It's heavily skewed toward prog and rock. A few cursory nods to other popular genres or movements are made here and there, mostly with a single entry with the title of the movement.I'm glad I read/skimmed it. Fortunately or unfortunately I agreed with most of the entries, though a few of them were snarky to the point of conveying only attitude with no information.If you are interested in this book, you might want to look at Music Lust by Nic Harcourt before buying it. Or High Fidelity by Nick Hornby (though I've only seen the movie not read the book.)

  • Jodi
    2019-04-30 10:07

    I have to admit The Rock Snob’s Dictionary: An Essential Lexicon of Rockological Knowledge was probably not meant to be read from cover to cover like most books. Really, who sits down and reads the dictionary?I did, and it was a little exasperating. Mostly because the definitions started to get a little samey. How many times can you use the word hirsute in one book? Apparently 48 kabillion. Ditto lodestar. In fact, those two words were used so often that I started to count each instance. But then I decided that was insane and stopped. read more

  • Tim Niland
    2019-05-20 07:09

    As a music blogger of questionable grammatical knowledge but impeccable musical taste, I was hoping to gain some more hipster cachet by reading this book. It was actually quite good, written in a snarky and ironic manner throughout, skewering snob's insider argot like referring to Bob Dylan as "Zimmy", a play on his real last name of Zimmerman and snob lost causes like easy listening music. There's not really a lot to be learned by the well versed music snob fan, but it is a light funny read.

  • Sonia
    2019-05-01 09:07

    Now that the living breathing rock dictionary has left the building, I need to bone up on my rock n' roll facts. The authors are smart and mostly stayed with the classics rarely stepping into the minefield of one hit wonders. After reading this book I think I might just be a "gasp" rock snob. I'm surprised the extent of my own knowledge from Krautrock to High Fidelity to Sun Ra. A fun light read to test your pop knowledge.

  • Jim
    2019-04-29 09:15

    This is one of those fun books because of the chatty writing style. Has loads of bite sized little entries about anybody who is a rock snob favorite ie: Brian Eno's seventies albums like "Another Green World", and "Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy", green world is a personal favorite which I guess makes me a rock snob--ooh, don't I feel lucky.

  • David Allen
    2019-05-04 06:18

    As a rock snob myself, I found the entries -- from Acetate to Zoso -- drily humorous but accurate, enough so that the text was strangely useful to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. A snob-worthy addition to your rock library. Ideas for post-2005 entries: Rodriguez, Radiohead, Bear Family Records, Auto-Tune, vinyl.

  • Gloria
    2019-05-23 11:05

    Don't know enough about rock to really read this book! Gave it to Brian, who is a rock star, and he thinks it is great, though. Will need to borrow it when I do need to look up a definition (like there has to be a better definition for Emo music than music that kids listen to when they cut themselves).

  • Ed
    2019-05-16 06:11

    The authors take us through the salient and choice bits of rock snobbery, the who's who and what's what that those in the know know and tend to sneeringly share when debating the salient and choice aspects of rock with a capital R? Plus it's just interesting. And funny in spots.

  • Mary (BookHounds)
    2019-05-15 12:14

    I have to say that I actually use this book as a cheat sheet. This is all stuff that I should know but there is not enough room in my brain. Some of the information is pretty common knowledge but there are some gems in here. I do kind of wish there was an index though.

  • Brian Kovesci
    2019-05-07 09:22

    Published in 2005 but not relevant to music in 2005. I figured it was going to cover all rock, but it had a focus in alt-country rock and I think the authors have an unhealthy obsession with Brian Wilson.

    2019-05-20 09:27

    no matter how snobby you are, there's always someone snobbier. i imagine the sequel will cover such overlooked entries as; the fairchild 670, 180 gram vinyl and the fact that the preferred snob nomenclature for morrissey is 'steve'.

  • Joshua
    2019-05-07 07:35

    This is a funny book. Me lady gave it to me for a birthday present a few years back and it was fun researching all the hipster shit it throws at you. Knowing about Blind Willie Tell and the music supervision in the Soprano's. Really for total music nerds, which is a lot of the people I know.

  • Laura
    2019-05-15 05:17

    Can't believe the left out Belle and Sebastian.

  • Andy Molino
    2019-05-07 10:26

    Like any rock snob worth his salt, I'm pretty sure this book was written especially for me, or more specifically for the poor souls who must abide my snobbery. So enjoyable I've purchased it twice.

  • Mazzi
    2019-04-29 09:12

    I liked more than "film snob's dictionary".Good facts.

  • Steve
    2019-05-01 09:21

    Excellent book for all us non-snobs to learn the proper way to become a ROCK SNOB. Wanna borrow it just ask friends.

  • Matt
    2019-04-28 06:10

    A great overview of obscure widely overlooked musical knowledge.

  • Paul
    2019-04-25 05:06

    This book is only for (rock) snobs. Others need not attempt.

  • Davy
    2019-05-04 05:21

    A bathroom reader for the hipster music-inclined. Entertaining enough, but still a throwaway.

  • Gretchen
    2019-05-15 05:30

    pretty funny actually!

  • Rachelandthecity
    2019-05-16 05:06

    A great book to keep on the back of your toilet.

  • Scot
    2019-05-06 10:28

    Interesting entries for genres I never knew existed and for people and groups I had forgotten.

  • Cynthia
    2019-05-12 06:24

    I love music books...I love trivia's all of that plus more wrapped into one lovely book that you can fit into your bag.

  • Bram
    2019-04-22 11:06

    I need to relocate this and post some of the most hilarious quotes.

  • Brad Tilbe
    2019-05-07 10:23

    so much information...this book turned me on to so many bands and artists and musicians, I am forever grateful.

  • Modysoul
    2019-05-09 10:08

    Not really a must read, but makes a great coffeetable/bathroom book. Very tongue in cheek!

  • Fadwa Rizek
    2019-05-03 06:18

    Read this when they were still articles in Vanity Fair. Amazing, I still have some of the cut-outs.

  • Kelley Something
    2019-05-12 06:30

    Interesting stuff, but remember, this is a still a dictionary.