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Looking for the new cover? See here.Meghan is 16 when she dies. She wakes up on a flying steamboat on her way to a school run by Angels in a white marble castle. On the boat she meets Mick who has been dead for more than a hundred years but still looks like a teenager. He helps her past the difficult beginning at the new school in a new world. One day some of Meghan's roomLooking for the new cover? See here.Meghan is 16 when she dies. She wakes up on a flying steamboat on her way to a school run by Angels in a white marble castle. On the boat she meets Mick who has been dead for more than a hundred years but still looks like a teenager. He helps her past the difficult beginning at the new school in a new world. One day some of Meghan's roommates find a mirror in the cellar of the school and they persuade her to go through it with them - well knowing it is strictly against the rules of the school. Meghan ends up back on earth where she meets Jason. But Jason is in danger and Meghan know something important. Something that is a matter of life and death. Soon she is forced to choose between the two worlds. The one she belongs to now and the one she left.Beyond is the first novel in Willow Rose's Afterlife series....

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Beyond Reviews

  •  Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews
    2019-04-27 08:52

    I was fortunate enough to make the cut for reviewing this book for R2R on GoodReads. I would like to thank the Author T.P. Boje for providing free copies of her book to the Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Fanatics Book Club and in no way, does this affects my review…Where to start???? Okay first, let me apologize. I had some issues with my kindle convert; that thanks to a goodreads friend, I found that I could convert my PDF. And gosh, was I glad; PDF on a kindle is not your friend. So, that is why it has taken me so long to read this exciting new first installment from T.P. Boje.The cover… You would think that was what drew me to the book. Well surprise, surprise, surprise not this time. It was an online advertisement I saw over summer 2011. So it has been a long time coming… Don’t get me wrong the cover is amazing. It's just intriguing enough to bring the readers in.The Story… Wow, I had the shock of my life…! The book just didn’t stand up to the hype. I was expecting a cross combination of House of Night meets Vampire Academy with a spiritual twist of souls. What I got was a shock I wasn’t planning on. After spending weeks working out the kinks to see the words, I was disappointed to the point I just wasn’t able to finish the book. Don’t get me wrong! It has a strong beginning I loved the concept of Meghan starting her afterlife off in a flying boat to the academy. I somewhat enjoyed the characters coming into their own; only I couldn’t relate. Something was just off; the dialog maybe. However, it will not stop me from trying to make a go at it later. Maybe as a group read with a circle of pre-teens. What to Rate…? I gave the book an average of Three (3) stars….There is some math involved in this rating this book. I personally gave this book one (1) star. I know it doesn’t seem fair to the author. After all she spent so much time creating this world for Young Adults. The problem was the characters seemed too childish to be sixteen (16) to me. That said; I know it takes guts for an author to put their self out there for everyone to criticize. For that alone I give her five (5) stars. Now, here is where I come to a cross roads. The book seemed perfect for my eleven year old daughter. So, I gave up the copy to her. Wow, was I impressed. My daughter who is normally a slow reader (taking one (1) to two (2) weeks to finish a book) finished reading it in two (2) short days. She loved it and gave it four (4) Stars. So, with my ratings of one (1) and five (5); and my daughters rating of four (4) that gives me an average of three point thirty-three (3.33).Don’t let my review discourage your reading… If you are looking for an interesting book for girl age 10- 15 look no further. According to my daughter it is a perfect book for girls! So check it out! And don’t forget to share thoughts.

  • Gemma
    2019-05-01 04:04

    I was sent this book via the Basically Books Group to review. The story is about a young girl called Meghan, who has just died and she starts her new existence in the Afterlife. But, before you can become a fully fledged spirit in the Afterlife, you have to attend a School to prepare you. Meghan quickly makes friends with other students and also the School chef, Mick. Meghans friends find a portal into the human world, which is forbidden to students they decide to go through to the Human world and here Meghan meets Jason and she has some tough decisions to make. The story was Harry Potter meets Casper the friendly Ghost. There were a few parts where I felt it was a little too close to Harry Potter, for example the moving stair cases, which I didn't think was relevant to the story and could have been left out. It also reminded me of the film Ghost in some places!To not cause hurt to the families or the new spirits, any memory of your family back on earth is wiped until you graduate which I found a bit odd, but it is explained by Mick during the book and the reasoning behind this did then make sense, I can see why the author chose to do this. However, there were a few instances where they did remember certain things of their lives, I felt it should have been all or nothing as this did annoy me a little bit throughout. The story is easy to read, easy to follow with quick descriptions that enable you to really picture the characters and the scenes. I have no belief in the afterlife whatsoever, but that did not matter I still enjoyed reading this book as after all, it is fiction. The story ends with you wanting to find out the rest of the story, and what happens next for Meghan I will read the next book in the series. To sum up, this book did have plenty of faults but as an Adult reading a Children's/Young Adult book there will be, I think if you realise that and take this book for what it is, then it will be an enjoyable read and I would recommend it.

  • Diana Stormblessed
    2019-04-25 09:10

    The premise of this book got my attention. A school for those recently deceased. What happens when you die? Meghan is 16. She wakes up on a flying boat, remembering nothing of her life or how she got there. It was a very promising start.Unfortunately, as I read my attention decreased. The book reads like Harry Potter (or at least the first one, the only one I read). A bunch of kids and their hijinx at their new school. And that’s how I kept seeing the characters, as kids. I actually forgot that Meghan and her friends were supposed to be 16. In my mind they were closer to 12, and when kisses started popping up I had to do a double take. Outside of the kissing and the death parts this book could be a cute story for a middle school audience.My biggest issue with this book, however, was the editing. The sentences were short and concise, not allowing for much description or flow. And the dialogue didn’t contain any any apostrophes, for any of the characters. Examples of dialogue:“I will go first” she said.“That sounds a bit dangerous. Not knowing where we will end up,” I said anxiously.“I have been doing nothing all of my life.”Real people just don’t talk like that.In the end I just couldn’t get past the editing to try to enjoy the story. I got about 65% through after several tries, and then gave up. I’ve noticed that this book had some pretty good reviews from other readers, so I fully accept that this book was just not me. I encourage you to try it out for yourselves.For more reviews visit:

  • Darkfallen
    2019-05-05 10:12

    I wanted to like this book. I really did...I mean a book about a bunch of spirit kids going to school in the Afterlife to learn how to be spirits? It sounded great to me.Unfortunately this just feel flat for me. I mean it started off great. I loved the voice of Megan in the first few chapters. The way it sounded like she was settling in to tell us her story with just a hint of snark to give her some flavor, but then things changed. Her voice changed completely and the wording just seemed all wrong and forced. The story just started falling flat really fast and I found myself disconnecting with everything. I have been pushing myself to finish this book for the last three days but I think it's time to call it quits. It makes me soooooo sad that I couldn't bring myself to read the whole book. I hardly ever do that.I was also disappointed because while this is supposed to be a YA novel is reads more like a middle grade book. And maybe that was my problem with it, because I don't usually read middle grade. I just don't have the patients for it. In fact I've never even read Harry Potter. So in the end I just have to admit that this book wasn't for me however there are a lot of good reviews out there so try it for yourself. You might like it.

  • Rea
    2019-05-02 05:52

    Full review can be found here.I suppose first and foremost, the similarities between this book and Harry Potter should be mentioned at least in passing. I don’t want to focus on them too much but they’re certainly there in various forms. T.P. Boje did go to lengths to change the things borrowed from the Potterverse and adapt them to her creation. Honestly, their presence didn’t fuss me all that much but I know that some readers didn’t appreciate the ties to one of their favourite series.The way that the story starts, the narrator, Meghan, is addressing the reader and explaining the world of spirits: what a spirit is, how they appear, etc. I’m not sure that this was necessary. I understand why the author did this as it was her way of setting the scene for her world, but the downside is that in doing so she’s laid the whole of her universe before the reader before anything even happens. I think I would have preferred it if the book opened with Meghan waking up on the steamboat with no memory of how she got there and then all these concepts from the first few pages be introduced slowly throughout the book. For the most part, these things are actually rehashed at various points in the narrative so it wouldn’t have harmed the book if the first few pages had been removed.One of the things mentioned in that part, though, is that a spirit appears in the clothes that they were wearing at the time of their death. All I could think was what would happen if the person died, say, in the bath? Would that spirit be forced to spend eternity in their birthday suit? Maybe I’m thinking too much, I know I have a tendency to do that at times.I soon found that I was actually very interested in this afterlife that T.P. Boje had created with the idea that spirits train to later go back and interact with the living in order to try to sway them towards doing good things in life and joining them on the good side of the afterlife upon their death. And then God and Satan were introduced. I was really upset and frustrated at this point (obviously I didn’t pay much attention to the synopsis mentioning angels and heaven). I’d been really eating up this concept of the afterlife and then it was all reduced to a Christian concept. Christian because Satan is a Christian concept, not Jewish, and he is much more recent than the concept of God. There’s a scene where it’s mentioned that Satan is leading Adam and Eve somewhere, I forget where, but that’s not possible because he didn’t exist for several thousand years after the idea of Adam and Eve. The snake in the Garden of Eden is actually a representation of the god of the religion that had been popular in that area prior to Judaism and it was fairly normal standard at that time to take the imagery of the previous religion and vilify it. Enough religious side-tracking there, but yes, I was so disappointed when this world was made to revolve around God as I’d been hoping for a really interesting afterlife concept that didn’t hinge on religion. Really I suppose that I should have seen it coming as of the Hebrew terms introduced right at the beginning.I’m not sure whether this book is aimed at teens or YA. Meghan herself is about 16 but the narration is fairly simple, which would be better for younger readers. It also leant heavily on believing what Meghan told you. I’ve got two examples for this:1) Meghan is shown to go cloud surfing with Abhik, a young Indian boy who died of cancer. After that one scene together, Meghan suddenly considers him a good friend whom she has to protect - I suppose from himself - when he is coerced into going to visit the humans (something against school rules at this point in their education). I didn’t see enough interaction between the two characters to warrant Meghan feeling this way about Abhik. Had they had more scenes together to show the growing friendship between them, then I would have been more willing to accept this premise. Instead, I found myself having to just accept Meghan’s word for it.2) When Meghan first arrives in the afterlife, she is sorted into a group of teens around her age. There are six girls who are all introduced when they’re together in the dorm. One, Portia, is soon presented as a spiteful persona and a ringleader with two cronies, Mai and Acacia. Later on, we get this quote: “Everyone who started to hang out too much with Portia seemed to be affected by that [poisoned heart]. I had seen it in Mai and later in Acacia, how they slowly turned more and more vicious every day.” Maybe Meghan had seen it, but I didn’t. Mai and Acacia were never presented as being nice. As of the very introduction of their characters, they were Portia’s cronies and they were not particularly kind, preferring to kick those who are already down. To back up this quote, there should have been scenes earlier in the book where Meghan is interacting with Mai and Acacia and those two girls are slowly changing from being nice girls who could have been her friend to being Portia clones.There were a few other times when the reader was asked to just accept things on Meghan’s say so. A little bit of tell is ok but this book was occasionally heavily tell. There was show too, but I did find it to rely on tell a tad too much.There were also certain things that didn’t make sense, such as Mr Grangé, the spirit who will teach the new students how to fly, was guillotined during the French Revolution and he carries his head around under this arm… yet he compares flying to being “the best roller-coaster ride you have ever tried”. How would Mr Grangé have had the experience of a roller-coaster to compare the two thus? I know that in the first few pages Meghan mentions that the spirits can choose to be visible and move around amongst the living, but it’s not expanded on in this first book and, anyway, Mr Grangé was decapitated – he’d stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd! Also, they don’t seem to get enough new comers. I know there are supposedly around 400 of these schools for spirits, but Meghan is there for approx. three human years and we only see one new intake of students. An awful lot of people die around the world in a span of three years. I know some of these will become bad spirits, but surely there’d still be a fair number of good spirits to contend with. Just little things like these left me scratching my head on occasion.The last thing that I want to mention is that Meghan makes friends with a human boy, Jason, despite this being against the rules. This is fun and I enjoyed reading about the friendship blossoming between the two of them and the subtle hints that Jason was growing up as Meghan stayed the same age. I thought it was well done and I liked the concept of friendship and even romance between a living person and a ghost. Hell, I’ve liked that concept ever since I was convinced that Casper the ghost and Cat the human girl should totally have had their happily ever after! But then Meghan realises that the abuse Jason receives at his stepfather’s hands is going to go too far one day. She feels understandably powerless to do anything to change the situation but she doesn’t want Jason to die. Instead of either trying to find a way to prevent it, or coming to terms with what she can’t change, she just goes all Bella Swan on us and that is never a good thing. She just lies around in bed for a few months and mopes for the boy who’s not even dead yet but who she cannot save. I didn’t like this Meghan at all. I never like characters that choose to mope rather than be proactive, even if their proactivity does not give results. It’s better than reading about a depressed person failing classes and avoiding their friends.Despite the fact that I’ve mentioned a number of things that didn’t work for me with the novel, it does have redeeming features as well and I did enjoy it. One of these redeeming features is the on-going plot of how Meghan died. We do not yet know what happened to her, but there are hints that maybe her parents never discovered her body and they’re still looking for her. This is actually heart-breaking. Can you imagine how horrible it would be if your child did not come home one day and then you never even had the closure of knowing whether or not they lived or died? That is one of the hardest realities I can imagine. The author also deals with child soldiers in Africa and I think she treated the subject admirably, even if it was only in passing.As I said before, it was an interesting concept of what happens to us upon our deaths, and I did like the world that was presented even if I also harboured reservations about the religious side of it. I would have preferred it without the religious undertones, especially as the book brings together people of all sorts of different cultures who are not all Christian yet does not address this issue. But then, there is a large market for Christian fiction out there.The book also ends at a point where Meghan’s next steps will define her as a person (or spirit as the case may be) and I’d like to see just how she’ll go about rectifying the negative impact she has had on events.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-23 03:45

    Beyond is a whole new world that explains what happens to people after they die. It's a creative read that shows people exactly what happens when you start messing with other people's destiny. Mehgan is a brave, caring girl that just wants to help, but you know what they say about good intentions: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.The Good:Beyond was an easy book to peruse, due to the delightfully descriptive prose. T.P Boje did an excellent job at making sure every image she tried to portray was accurate and clear. I really enjoyed her way with words. The whole Spirit world is so original (except The Academy), but we'll get to that later), I have never heard dying explained quite like that before. The whole idea that people die and go to school to learn how to survive as ghosts is so new and intriguing; that was one of the novels main draws for me, when I started it. When Meghan was taken by Mick to see how ghosts are taken by other Spirits to join them in the Afterlife, my favorite part the lady that was in a car accident was allowed a second part at life. It was another very unique way of explaining how people come back to life after their hearts stop. I loved the part about Michael Jackson. I cracked up when a kid in Mehgan's year at The Academy asked the teacher if, since he saw MJ, does that mean he's innocent? Hilarious, T.P. Rahmiel is a favorite, as well. She sounds so adorable and kind (which would make since, as she is an Angel...), I kinda wish she was real, so I could give her a big, cuddly, hug. Funny quote: "Where are your rabbits?" I asked him. "Where they always are," he said with a smile. "Making more rabbits?" "You said it." The Bad: Right from the start, I could tell the whole Academy, was taken from Harry Potter. I mean, come on, the moving "ladders", the refilling plates, the boats that take the first years to the school. It all was stolen from Hogwarts, and takes away some of the originality. For shame. The characters rarely use contractions when they talk, which was SUPER annoying for me. What was the point of that? Confusing.For the most point, I adored Beyond. It was a mixture of paranormal and love (amongst other emotions) and I really had fun reading it.Recommendations? I think a lot of teens would enjoy delving into Mehgan's story of life as a Spirit. Take a peek if you're at all interested in the paranormal, or life after death. I have a feeling adults would like it, too.

  • Dorine White
    2019-05-22 04:11

    I have an interesting self published YA paranormal for you today. The author contacted me via email and sent me the books herself. I was happy to give them a go, especially because they are paranormal. I’m very picky with self published books, so I was happy to find this one well written. Written by T.P. Boje, book one of the Afterlife series is entitled, Beyond.The Story- Meghan, age 16, is dead. She doesn’t remember why or how or even her own family. Her new reality involves other dead people at a school for newly deceased people. The school is run by angels and other dead spirits. In school Meghan is taught how to fly, walk through walls, and distinguish evil spirits, or Se’irim.Meghan is enjoying her new friends, especially the hot new school cook, Mick. But of course, teenagers get into trouble, whether dead or alive. One day, Meghan follows some friend s through a mirror in the basement. She is transported back to earth where she meets and befriends Jason. She breaks all the rules and continues to visit him daily. But, when she finds out he is on a list of people about to die, she is forced to choose between the two worlds.My Thoughts- The reason I agreed to read this series was because the hook caught me right away, a school for angels. It is something fresh and not really delved into yet in the paranormal world- Lots of fallen angels, but not angel schools. I’m glad I took the chance. The book is a lot of fun and contains a couple of mysteries that are engaging and make me want to head straight to book two.First off, there seem to be secrets out there, and nobody will tell the newly dead the whole story. And then there is Mick. I have a feeling he is more important to the story than is let on in book one.Another thing I enjoyed is the ending. In many books the hero takes it upon themselves to go against the rules, but ends of saving the day. In this book, Meghan’s decision is full of real life consequences that she did not foresee. I liked this development. It made the book seem grounded and the choices real.So far, so good. I’m off to read book two,

  • Maryann
    2019-05-11 06:59

    I was sent a copy of this book from the author, via the Basically Books group for an honest review. Beyond is a great, quick and fascinating read. I loved the characters and the book concept. “Meghan is 16 when she dies. She wakes up on a flying steamboat on her way to a school run by Angels in a white marble castle. It is a school everybody has to go to before they are let into Heaven.” The book goes on to tell of her adventures in school and even ventures back into the human world. I liked the author’s view of the afterlife, although the timing of both worlds was a little confusing (one is faster time wise). I am interested in the next book to see what happens with Meghan and her schooling and also Jason! If you like Young Adult and 'ghost' stories, I recommend this book for you.

  • Faye {Daydreaming_Star}
    2019-05-19 11:57

    Beyond: The Academy is one book that I simply enjoyed thoroughly. It was a nice, easy read where I was fully able to just forget about everything and simply read a story that really interested me and kept me wanting to turn page after page. While there were some issues that I had with the story, all in all, this was a novel that I would happily read again, one that I would recommend to others, and one that has me sitting on abated breath for the next instalment. Therefore, it simply makes sense that this novel deserves four stars from me because it is just such a good read.I loved the concept behind this story. It should be known now that ghost stories always touch a soft spot in my heart. I absolutely adore them and I am so glad that this book was no exception. I love the idea of a ghost academy where one goes to learn about how to be a spirit properly, learn how to control yourself and how to fend yourself against the evil spirits that lurk around the corner just waiting to enter your mind. I also implore the idea that the spirits can affect the humans thoughts and actions, I found this to be such an intriguing and though provoking part of the story. Another aspect of the story that I adored was the love story. I am always usually a bit iffy when it comes to love in a novel, or rather, I’m picky. However, I liked the way that it played out in this novel. I really liked Jason, especially the way he acts the first time that he is introduced. From then on, I knew that this was a character I was going to enjoy reading about. I like that the love wasn’t too pushed or forward and I like how she didn’t think it was a good idea to fall for him and yet just couldn’t help it. It felt more natural than the other relationship that tried to happen in the book but failed. That is probably why I am more excited to see how it will turn out for Jason and Meghan.It is this lack of unnatural friendships with in the book that is one of the problems I found with it. Unfortunately, the characters, for me at least, just weren’t fleshed out enough and it was impossible to see how the relationships therefore worked between them. I found myself asking too many questions as I read, such as why was Meghan suddenly friends with so-and-so? When did they become so close, did I skip something? While this did detract from the story slightly, it did not stop me from reading and it was easy to just push it aside to see the other relationship with Jason develop and to witness how everything else went down. It is unfortunate but for me, it is only a small issue that is easily resolved by just continuing to read and enjoying everything else the book has to offer.The only other problem I felt with the book was the lack of description in some places and sometimes it would feel a little inconsistent. It was often difficult to really see how they got from place to place, and it was told that they couldn’t hold things but they would sit and eat, and open doors, etc, but it was never really explained how this was possible if they hadn’t learnt how to fully feel objects fully. It was slightly distracting but once you realised that it was never going to be explained, it was easier to just sort of go with it. This was the main reason this story didn’t get five stars and it very nearly made me change it to a three star review before I realised that, actually, I really liked the story and while there were inconsistencies, the plot helped to just push these things aside.I really liked how this story ended, and the message that it was getting across that everything we do has consequences, even the things we think we’re doing out of kindness. I loved the little twist at the end and can honestly say that I cannot wait to read and find out how that is going to turn out! This ending was another reason this story was rated so highly with me, it was just so rich and full of emotion and something that I just wasn’t expecting at all.All in all, this was a novel that I just really enjoyed. It had some issues but these never fully detracted from the great story that was unfolding before my eyes. It is a book that I am extremely happy to have read and one that I would happily read again as well. I received this book as part of the read 2 review scheme on the Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Fanatics goodreads group and boy am I glad that I did!

  • Amanda The Book Slayer
    2019-04-23 10:10

    I have to hand it to T.P. Bojoe. This book takes the Afterlife places I hadn't thought about. Mainly, the fact that once you die you get send to an Academy to learn about the new you, was an intriguing concept.Recommend: Young Adults and Adults who enjoy a good Angels Vs. Demons story. I kept hearing the song Sail by Awolnation as I was reading this book. It had an otherworldly vive to it that reminds me of the song. Plus, the opening scene Meghan,the main character, is sailing on a ship in the sky. Feel free to listen to the track while reading the first chapter. The section you are looking for starts around page 8. Now on to the things I loved about this book: 1) I loved the Thinking Chair. I loved how it could read minds and take you where you want to go. I keep picturing the foot stool that used to be a dog on Beauty and the Beast.2) Professor Grange was an interesting character. I loved that he carried his head around under his arm while teaching. Kinda has that Sleeping Hollow feel to it.3) The love story between Meghan and (view spoiler)[Jason (hide spoiler)] rated up there with West Side Story. 4) Angels Vs. Demons Do I really need to say more? Fighting for Souls in the Afterlife.5) The ending surprised me, in a good way. I felt like it was a lesson that most people could benefit from. Things I did not like:1) I was not a fan of (view spoiler)[Mick (hide spoiler)]. I thought at first I might like him but then I did not. I just kept going back and forth. Therefore, I have decided that (view spoiler)[Jason (hide spoiler)] is the guy I am sticking with.2) The Hebrew terms/names for the Angels were a little hard for me to pronounce so I ended up dubing them Angels and so on. I think this is why it took about 80 pages for me to get into. The terminology was a little complicated for a Young Adult book, in my mind. I am looking forward to reading the next book in her Afterlife Series. The ending kep you on the edge and hoping for a better tomorrow.Thanks to T.P. Boje and Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Fanatics! group for giving me a copy in exchange for an honest review. This book is definitely worth purchasing and reading.

  • Michelle
    2019-04-22 08:46

    Okay first things old is this author? Seriously my 14 year old sister could have written better than "T.P.Boje"...the writing was soterriblethat I gotheadaches while reading this second thingI would like to thank the Basically Books was not your fault that I hated this book, and I thank thee for the read...even if it wasso bad that I originally thought it was supposed to be funnywhile reading this I took some notes on microsoft word...i think i might just copy and paste it here...1. Girl is a “spirit” but looks like a human?a) She is made out of fluids? b) The soul leaves the body 2 seconds before it dies? i) But you wouldn’t BE dead yet…so the soul leaves the body before the body actually dies?2. I HATE the narrativea) Umm she says “cute-looking” like seriously? b) She thinks boys just LIKES to wear old fashioned clothes….like come on! c) She wants to “be close” to her teacher? Who is a lady…3. So she dies then wakes up on a steam boat that is really an academy?a) In denial b) Umm why is the Academy a steam boat? i) Oh wait! She just got off the boat…my bad! a) Small man holding torch waiting at the platform looking for new students b) Pretty sure it’s Hagrid! i) Is she at Hogwarts?….OMG what if when you died you’d get to go to HOGWARTS…just kill me now :) c) Unusual that she doesn’t remember her death? I think? d) WAIT! She doesn’t remember anything ABOUT HERSELF…I’m pretty sure….4. WHAT ARE WITH THESE NAMES!!!!!a) What kind of parent would name their child: Rahmiel or Salethiel? i) Because it’s not like these people came to the “after life” and suddenly changed their names to these weird ones a) “Oh yes…this is Heaven? Then I want my name to be Salethiel, and teach people about their cool powers like becoming fluid” b) STUPID STUPID! 5. I think I’m just going to stop reading, it’s just way to much and way to bad…

  • Kelly
    2019-05-05 04:46

    I'm a little torn on this book. I like the idea of a school for the recently deceased that teaches them how to let go of their mortal way of thinking and learn the ins and outs of being a spirit. That said, while the book feels geared toward a younger audience (it's definitely in the young adult category in my head) I had a hard time with some of the dialogue. I found myself stumbling over some of the phrasing and it did slow down my reading a bit. Beyond that, there were a couple of references to rape that took me by surprise and left me blinking in confusion. While I can understand why the topic was brought up - it was relevant to one of the characters - I had been viewing this book as a middle grade book up until that point and I really wasn't expecting it.Now, upon occasion I'm a big fan of books that give us a non-standard ending and I did like that this one wasn't a pat happily ever after. It was left open-ended enough that there are a lot of ways the next story arc can go and it seemed necessary to Meghan's overall character development. Am I thrilled by the position one of the characters was left in? No. I can't even say what I didn't like about it without giving away something major. So, there's that.Interesting, but I have to say that I think it was written with a younger audience in mind. The talk of rape may be off-putting for some and I was disappointed in Meghan's reaction to the revelation that one of her classmates had been raped. Honestly, that one scene is a small drop in the bucket but I was slightly put off by it.-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

  • Bianca
    2019-05-22 07:09

    Well, I am reading the box set at the moment, but I felt like adding this to my shelf, as I finished book one yesterday and a review is needed for this.It was a rather quick read - luckily. I don't know if I would have brought up the will to continue reading, if it would be longer. First impression? Welcome to Hogwarts, but Harry is dead and a girl this time. Luckily this impression changed. Guess I was a bit scared of a Harry Potter rip off because I recently read a bad one. Anyways...the main character...yeah. See here it starts already. I can't even remember her name. Bad sign...She basically is dead, and i expected a lot of stuff happening...but instead there isn't much going on. She is on the academy, does something she is not allowed to do, like all good and bad students and therefore fucks up more or less. And that is basically the plot of the first book. (view spoiler)[The whole thing is basically a "ghost falls in love with human - human is about to die - ghost saves his life but screws it at the same time - human turns into a homeless boy".(hide spoiler)]I got the set for free, and I will finish it. I hope it will get better in book two. I would have loved more of the cool don't know...something really amazing happening and the Ghostbusters interfering....or, no, that was too much. I would have just wished for more action =)

  • H.Lee
    2019-05-18 08:48

    I would like to thank the author and R2R for allowing me to review this title. I would love to report that I loved the book, although, I am not able to.This book felt like middle grade rather than YA to me. I enjoyed the character of Mick. He was mysterious and interesting, but it was not enough to keep me reading. I could not get a feel for the main character of Meghan. I never really felt a connection to her.I did enjoy the beginning where it felt like Meghan was opening with a story of her own. Explaining what had happened to her. I felt like this was an interesting opening and had high hopes. After that, the book just seemed to fall flat for me.Needless to say, I could not finish the book. It did not hold my attention and I kept finding myself having to reread what I had just read.I have read some really good reviews for this book and many people loved it. I guess it just was not one for me.

  • Tere Fredericks
    2019-04-28 08:44

    First Book Does Make Second More UnderstandableI read the second book of this series, Serenity, first. As I said in that review, that could be a standalone book. However, reading this one first does clarify the second. What happened with Jason and his family. Why Meghan was allowed to see him. How the first year at the Academy went. All these things are explained here. Especially how Meghan meets Mick. All women need a Mick in their lives. I have this only four stars because it was not as textured as the second. I wasn't turning pages as fast. The beginning of a really great series can be like that as the author introduces you to the story, the characters, and the setting. I already know I will love books 3 & 4!

  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    2019-05-21 10:11

    This story wasn't terribly long. So it shouldn't take long to get through. The premise was interesting but this story lacked on execution. I'm not one to make issue of grammar mistakes, but here it was a really problem for me and maybe because I never really connected to the story. Authors are incredibly courageous to put their books out there to be critiqued. So I have to give credit for that. Others really liked this story, so don't take my word for it and give it a try.

  • MarytheBookLover
    2019-05-18 12:06

    I am in between on this one. It started good then went down hill. I am reading the second so we will see.

  • Hannah
    2019-05-15 08:47

    Interesting conceptThe book has an interesting concept... the idea of spiritual beings in training. I couldn't tell a couple times if the author was wanting to pay homage to other stories by making nods at them (such as Harry Potter) or if she didn't realize she was so heavily influenced by a couple of books that she practically copied some plot points (mostly minor things). I enjoyed the book but I don't know if I will be able to recommend it to many people. Since I have already purchased the next two books in the series, I will be reading them and perhaps the series will continue to improve.

  • Wren
    2019-05-03 08:53

    This is a YA series of 4 books: Beyond, Serenity, Endurance, and Courageous. With that in mind, I'll say I really enjoyed them and found the subject matter and story progression original and very well written. Unfortunately, there were massive editing problems on the Kindle Unlimited copies I read, and that detracted from the read.I have an interest in the afterlife from a very loosely-based Christian context and would think writing about would be pretty difficult. The story did not seem forced or unnatural and I really enjoyed that aspect.After finishing all four books, I wanted to read more from this author, but I really don't care for horror.

  • Nancy Silk
    2019-05-11 09:00

    "Welcome To The Afterlife Experience"This series is great! Just know that each story begins with death. Megan is 16 yrs old when she dies. She wakes on a flying steamboat which takes her to school which is run by angels at a castle. On the trip she meets Mick whose been dead for more than 100 years. However, he's still looking like a teenager. He helps her learn about the afterlife and helps her learn about the magical powers she will have. This novel is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance which adults will also enjoy. You'll soon learn that every book Willow Rose creates is breathtaking. Enjoy the trip to almost heaven!

  • Ashley
    2019-05-12 05:00

    Intriguing I don't read many supernatural books but while I as a Christian and huge fan of Willow Rose's work find this was very intriguing and I really enjoyed her take on this because who doesn't wonder about afterlife and I find it very plausible. I can't wait to go ahead and start the next three books in this series. Even though I love her usual horror stories she proves that she is just as good at any style of genre she pens. Great work as always Ms Rose!!

  • Alana Byers-crawford
    2019-05-19 07:09

    The premise of this book was interesting but unfortunately that's where all the good things stopped.The characters were unrelatable. The dialogue was frustrating and too fake. There was so many things that instantly reminded me of Harry Potter but of course not done as well. I couldn't get into it and simply finished it because I don't like having unfinished books.

  • Deanna Gurley
    2019-04-27 04:11

    Beyond (Afterlife Book 1)I will say as all of Willow Rose's books, I am at the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. This book was brilliantly written & I can't hardly wait to read the rest of the series.

  • Laurie Nathan
    2019-05-18 06:45

    Only an introA wonderful beginning but ends as a cliffhanger. I will not but the next three books to learn the conclusion.

  • Keren Hughes
    2019-05-15 11:04

    Reviewed by Sarah at Gothic Angel Book Reviews. Original post can be found here:http://gothicangelbookreviews.blogspo..."As I was just telling the class, I am going to teach you the History of the Afterlife. I will not only fill you in on the history of this Academy, but also the history of the Spiritual Realm. As you know, you have entered the spirit world, the world of Ru'ach. This world is filled with possibilities, and you will be amazed at what you are capable of doing.This is your first full day in the Afterlife and there is a lot you don't know. But don't worry; by the time you graduate from this place, you will know all you need to know"She looked at the class and turned to the blackboard behind her. It was an old-fashioned chalkboard. I noticed she had a feather pen with a silver inkwell on her desk. It occurred to me how old everything seemed to be, like nothing had happened here for hundreds of years."As you know by now you have all lost your physical body, but you still exist as a spirit," Mrs Higgins continued. "Not many people on earth are aware that they have a spirit that will still exist even when their physical body dies. There are several academies like this in theAfterworld, about four hundred or so, that take care of the spirits and prepare them for the Afterlife. Just before a spirit is born into a body it is appointed to an academy and it follows you through your earthly life and helps you get to the right place once your earthly body is dead."That explained a lot to me, like what I saw in those pictures. They had captured these people's deaths and just repeated it again and again. But I didn't understand why. What purpose did those horrible pictures have?" '"Me" is Meghan, a sixteen year old girl who has just died and started her new life at the Academy. "Those horrible pictures" are in a book that Meghan found, while lost, looking for her classroom on her first day at the Academy.'I stood motionless and stared at the picture for a long time. Then as I flipped through the book, I realized all the pages were filled with pictures just like this one. And in every one of them someone was dying. I flipped twenty pages or so and saw a woman on an operating table in a hospital. I flipped a couple more and saw a young ma, no more than seventeen or eighteen, lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Someone was standing next to him. It made my heart race. The man raised a baseball bat and hit the boy with it. Then he did it again and again ; the body just lay there lifeless. My eyes filled with tears. How could anyone do something that cruel? As the man kept hitting him,the boy exhaled and his spirit emerged from him. Like in the other picture, two spirits arrived through the wall and took the boy's spirit with them and left the body behind'We follow Meghan and her teenage classmates through their lessons and adventures in the Afterlife. Meghan ends up in a love triangle between Mick, the Academy cook and Jason, the living boy from the picture. It culminates in Meghan trying to prevent Jason's death, with unforeseen complications.This is a powerfully moving story, simply, but elegantly written, and it left me wanting more. Luckily, it is the first in a series called Afterlife. The second book is called Serenity, and I will be reviewing it soon, as I can't get Meghan and her friends out of my head. I know the premise of this book is a bit far-fetched, but the way it is written somehow makes it totally plausibleI recommend this book for mature young adults and adults alike. The writing style is fresh, the concept unique, a real page-turner. I know that's a bit cliché, but in this instance, it's true.

  • Avardsin
    2019-05-05 09:54

    Brought the boxset from Amazon a while back. Just finished first book, when ive completed all three books i will be posting full boxset review on Amazon..Meghan an interesting enough character. The book starts with her dead. Big surprise right?? She has no memory, well that's incorrect she has no personally memory attained to herself except her name and few facts here and there, the author set this up so she wouldn't be stuck dwelling on the physical world, to cut attachments from her previous life, which is a big role in this book and a smart interesting concept.One of her first afterlife memory is on a boat going to academy to learn about the afterlife and rules (which are bit ambiguous) to prepare them for what happens after the academy (whatever that is) we seem to have seen three examples... chef(alex), teachers and spirit collectors?It stated that the afterlife runs time differently (faster) to the human world, but this was pulled off poorly and very confusing. For example she visits Jason night after night and they seem to match with his time line? after being stated that it moves faster (meaning earth time moving slower being left behind. I forgot the exact displacement-ratio) So if she returning every night from the academy shouldn't she be popping up all over the place throughout the day?Also at the end when she travels with the Angels back to earth two years has passed. It didn't explained how that happened i just put it down to Angel Time-Travel... Overall the think the time aspects added to this story were unnecessary and confusing (except angel time travel, to show consequences)This story does pose some tricky questions about right and wrong. The best example is when Meghan goes to the hospital, and the dark spirits try to tempt her... To be honest good doesn't seem to be that good in this story, what the dark spirits said made sense, though then they a portrayed completely different causing discord, belittling, bullying, emotional abuse etc etc..But that doesn't mean the "good" is great, they seem to be all about free will and leaving people to make their own decisions, or leaving them to their own devices, their own course in life, even if this means an innocent is brutally abused and murdered.. Oh don't get me wrong they can whisper words of encouragement and try influence it subtly, but it doesn't seem to be enough...One of the biggest offput about the good, is the preaching for people to forgive.. So if someone getting physically abused they should just accept it and forgive? I know they a piece in the bible that preaches jesus turning the other cheek (not attacking anyone religion), but im my opinion forgiveness should not just be handed out, in that case you're just enabling them to do it again.It seen in this book as the stepfather being an abusive drunk and even the mother defends his actions as "He will be good in the morning.". People like that frustrate me. This book seems to be black and white, but in reality there a plenty of shades of gray... If i was Meghan at the end of this book, i would i have should my non-corporeal hand in the step-father and materialized it, killing him to save someone else? Is that good/evil.. I would have been convinced i was doing a good thing, by doing a bad thing... I don't know what going to happen to Jason and I hope she doesn't get with Mike... I also do not want her to get with Jason.. It would be like Nate from soul-screamers, the pairing i hated glad it seemed to move to Todd..First book completion on kindle says 28% so i figure about 70% minus title pages and exit pages...

  • Lola
    2019-05-03 12:02

    I got a copy for review in exchange for an honest review.I have some mixed feelings about this book, so 3 stars it will be. First the story sounded original and that's one of the reasons I wanted to read it. The beginning of the book was a bit confusing, it started with the narrator explaining things beforehand, which made me really confused and after that we just followed her and learned some things she already mentioned beforehand. I would like the book better if this beforehand explanation was removed and the book just started on the steam boat, I think the explanation only makes it more confusing. I had some difficulties getting into this book. The story was nice and I wanted to know what happens, but the writing style felt a bit weird and I couldn't really connect with the narrator.So first more about the story. The best point about this book, I liked the story and it kept me curious about what was going to happen. Some parts where a little strange and I the book sometimes even had a Harry Potter kind of feel. Well the story is like this, narrator Meghan just died. She don't know how or why and almost remembers nothing about her life before (which seems te be normal). She is on a giant steamboat (original, I liked it) that flies through the sky and brings everyone that just died to the Academy. Here is where the Harry Potter feel comes in, they go to a huge castle and they have to study there to learn everything about the afterlife and the headmaster has a long white beard and hair (haven't I read this before?). Also the castle has all kinds of magical stuff going on, like (view spoiler)[ a magical chair that can help you(hide spoiler)]. I found it a bit strange that Meghan was dead and she needs 3 years to learn how to be dead? I really can't fanthom where they need 3 years for. I liked the idea of a school for the dead and the story kept my attention, that's why I gave it the 3 stars.The world building was nicely done, some things where very well explained, but there where also some things about the world I still don't understand. I think this is purposefully done, but I would've liked a bit more details about some things. Like: what do the spirits do when they graduate? How come the world isn't full of spirits eveyrwhere? what are the evil spirits exactly? what are the angels? I think we will get answhers to a lot of these questions in the second book.The characters are a totally different story. It is a first person view, but somehow I had difffulties conencting with the characters. The story felt a bit distant, everything that happened was interesting, but I didn't really get an idea of who the characters are. This really bothered me because the story was really enjoyable. It just felt a little distant. At the end of the book I still felt like I didn't really knew the characters. I even had difficulties connecting with Meghan, I had no idea who she was like only that she curious and cares about her friends. I hope there will be more character depth in the next book.Another thing I want to mention is that I felt this book was more of a prequel, we get to know the world and Meghan learns a few things, but I felt like the story will only really start in the next book. I will defintely be buying the second book, because I think the book has a lot of potential and the story is interesting enough.To conclude: a book where I have mixed feelings about. I liked the story, but felt the characters where a little bit too shallow. I also felt that the book felt a bit more like a prequel and I have many questions left. I will be reading the next book, because I think this book has a lot of potential.

  • Lyndsey
    2019-05-12 04:46

    This review contains some spoilers.Rating: 2.5 to 3 starsI really enjoy books that have interesting first paragraphs. I think this one is quite nice; How do I say this? Well, the thing is... I am a spirit. Before you close this book because you don't believe in a life after death, just take a deep breath and listen to my story. It might be interesting to you. You might want to know that death is only the beginning of the next great adventure. I know I would have liked to have known that when I was still alive.Meghan was sixteen when she died. She is part of Ru'ach which basically is a spirit that can interact with humans still. She doesn't really know how she became a spirit. She thinks it might have to do with the way she died. SHE STILL DOESN'T KNOW HOW!!Once you cross over, you don't remember certain things. Sometimes you only remembered. There are twins, Frederic and Alexandra who only remember the car accident they were in.Mick is another spirit that Meghan hits it off with. He's been dead for a very long time. He's the cook at the academy. Can they even eat? They can feel stuff....Wow this book is starting to feel like Harry Potter books. Salathiel is the headmaster and he has a white beard. They live in a castle. The castle doesn't have stairs since the teachers teach them how to fly. In the meantime they use ladders to go places in the castle. There's a bell that changes location. It will know your motives. If you ring it without help in mind, something bad will happen but they don't say what, yet. THEY NEVER DID!Meghan got lost and couldn't find any bells. She sat on a chair. Ofcourse it has magical powers! It ended up bringing her where she needed to be. Rahmiel is kind of like the school's mother. She sees Meghan on the chair and says this to her;"Don't forget to thank the chair and tickle it under the seat. It really likes that"That passage made me laugh. She did it and one of the chair legs started moving... I have HP and Beauty And The Beast coming to mind now XDOmg they made a joke about Michael Jackson. The teacher, Mrs. Higgins was talking about life at the academy and asked if anyone had questions and this happened;"Where did all the bad people go? Are they here too?" Mrs. Higgins sighed. "No, they are not here. They went somewhere else," she said. Where? Nigel asked."You don't want to know"Another boy raised his hand. "Yes, Alberto?""I was sure I saw Michael Jackson in the hall; was that really him? Does that mean he was in fact innocent?Professor Grange seems really cool. He was beheaded so he walks around with his head while it speaks.They learn about Se'irims. Think of Harry Potter - the Dementors. Like the Dementors they bring an unhappiness to you, they want you on their side. Good Angel vs darkness. It is said they are the most vicious of all the kinds of spirits.Ofcourse in the castle there's a two-way mirror which some of the girls go into - back into the human world. This is where Meghan meets Jason. To not spoil anymore of the book, I won't talk about this boy. I'm also not even going to talk about the ending but let's just say that sometimes the choices we think are better than the alternative can make things even worse than before.

  • Breanne
    2019-04-23 12:08

    I have very mixed reactions to this book. It starts out with 16-year-old Meghan finding out that she has died, and is now a Ru'ach, or a spirit. She is on her way to the Academy of the Spiritual Realm, where spirits learn how to function as a spirit and move throughout their new life. The first chapter was very interesting, and got my attention.Chapter 2 to Chapter 8, I had a very hard time not putting the book down in disgust. It felt like reading a parody of Harry Potter. Here are some examples, that while reading them almost made me want to scream "plagiarism": 1.The scene of the tiny man taking them to the castle reminds me of Hagrid meeting the first years at the train platform. He calls for "new students" instead of first years, and he's not a giant, but the tone of the entire scene is almost exactly like Harry Potter.2.Once in the castle, the descriptions of Hornam Hall are reminiscent of the Great Hall at Hogwarts. They eat on golden platters with silver forks and knives, and the plates magically refill with whatever food they are currently craving.3.There are magic ladders in the Academy castle that sometimes go different places at different times, and will sometimes lead you nowhere at all. The descriptions of the staircases, doorways and hallways at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry sound surprisingly the same.4.The 'villain' of the book (besides Satan and his Se'irims) is another student sharing the dorm with Meghan named Portia. The descriptions of Portia and her two sidekicks are very Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. 5.Mrs. Onayashi, the Art of Transition teacher, holds her classes in the "cellar" of the castle. She has cold and empty black eyes, can keep a class silent without effort and hates Meghan from the beginning of the first class. (If you need a hint, refer to Professor Snape).6.The Se'irims previously refered to, are the bad spririts or demons. They must be cousins of the dementors. They haunt dark and dirty places, they flourish in despair and decay. "They suck all life, peace, hope, and happiness out of people..."On another note, Rahmiel who is the Angel of Mercy and Love, and makes everybody have warm, snugly feelings reminds me of Jasper from Twilight.Around Chapter 9, the author found their own voice, and the story finally takes off. Meghan, while breaking the rules, finds herself in the human world, and in contact with a boy named Jason. Something about Jason draws her back over and over again. Then she realizes that Jason has to die, and wants to stop it from happening. The author handles all the different sides of what can happen when interfering with humans very well. Meghan goes with Mick to accompany another spirit after she leaves her body, and must see all the different angles of these events.Jason's story doesn't turn out the way Meghan hopes for, and she pledges to be there for him until she can fix what she ruined by interfering.I would very much enjoy reading more of the books in this series, as long as they can follow the last half of the book. J.K. Rowling is to be admired, but I don't enjoy reading books that don't have their own voice.

  • Shellie Cruz
    2019-05-18 09:02

    In Beyond Meghan wakes up on a flying steamboat to find that she has died and is now going to the Academy to learn everything that she will need in this new life. This is a very interesting twist as to what happens in the afterlife. She meets Mick, a very sweet and interesting character who wants to be there for Meghan but let her learn things on her own, consequences and all. She meets others that have passed but she doesn’t remember anything about her own life. I would have liked to known what happened to her and why she doesn’t have memories but others around her do. She goes into the mirror in the cellar with her roommate, otherwise she wouldn’t have even thought about crossing over into a human’s home. This is where she meets Jason. They are drawn towards each other almost instantly. He isn’t suppose to know about her or her world and she isn’t suppose to continue to go visit him but the urge is too much and she gives in. The time is different in the afterlife than it is in real life so what may seem like days to Meghan may be months for Jason. She feels the urge to protect him and for good reasons, but after that midnight flight and surprise kiss she hasn’t seen Jason, even to warn him of his impending danger.One day Meghan is wandering around and sees this book that has some terrifying images in it, and while she is flipping the pages she sees Jason. Her mind is set that she has to do something about it but with Mick around she knows that she cannot go back through the mirror and he just confirms what she already knew…she shouldn’t intervene. Her roommate has turned towards the dark side of the afterlife and has been kicked out making her realize just how easy it is for someone to sway one way or the other. Mick, against his previous mentions does help Meghan get back to Jason just in time. But did that really help him, or did it make his life worse? Would Meghan have done anything if she would have known what the consequences would have been? It is a great story to remind you to just let things happen the way that they are suppose to, not try to intervene in fate. (My last update when I finished was “Well then, lesson learned, late fate do it’s thing!” and that’s just how this book will leave you.)This was a very quick and enjoyable read for me, it was very easy to keep up with the pacing of it. I love how things have a bit of a magical feel to them, with it being the afterlife I think that T.P. Boje did a great job adding new and exciting things in Beyond. We were provided some background information but I hope that in the second book we get more information about Meghan. I would have loved to give this a 4 start rating but with the lack of information that was provided with Meghan I was left more curious as to why she couldn’t remember but others could, so again I hope that is cleared up in the 2nd book!