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Daniel Schrock and Aiden Cermak have forged a life in the rural Montana foothills, but a shadow still lingers, made stronger when a letter arrives from Daniel's brother Mark inviting him to his Christmas wedding. Daniel fears returning home might force what he wants to avoid: telling his family about Aiden and facing the dreaded Amish shunning.Despite the uncertainties, DaDaniel Schrock and Aiden Cermak have forged a life in the rural Montana foothills, but a shadow still lingers, made stronger when a letter arrives from Daniel's brother Mark inviting him to his Christmas wedding. Daniel fears returning home might force what he wants to avoid: telling his family about Aiden and facing the dreaded Amish shunning.Despite the uncertainties, Daniel and Aiden head to Illinois, where frustration will not only endanger Daniel’s relationship with his family and the church community, but his bond with his boyfriend, who leaves Daniel with a choice: him or the Amish. Before Daniel can stop Aiden, he’s gone… and threats from the past resurface, crystallizing Daniel’s fears about a murderer still at large.As he desperately searches for Aiden and the identity of the suspected killer, Daniel will have to decide if love is important enough to risk losing everything he knows. Will Daniel choose to keep his commitment to the Amish church or will he stand by the promise he made to Aiden that first night they made love?...

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Between Two Promises Reviews

  • Hank L.
    2019-05-18 22:57

    I'm beginning to discover Shelter Somerset's voice unique in the sea of m/m romance. I am a fond reader of happily ever after stories, and I have become accustomed to the litany of banalities found within the romance genre. To discover subtle undercurrents of political commentary far flung from the voices echoing between the covers of m/m literature is rather refreshing. I will look for more of Somerset's novels and see where this goes....

  • Meggie
    2019-04-20 19:55

    Well written part! This sequel truly completed this story. Every loose end and unanswered question, from first book, came to conclusion in this book. Aiden and Daniel were well suited as a couple and the end felt right and real. And the emotions and feelings, between Aiden and Daniel, felt real. I understood both of them. I highly recommend both books!

  • D
    2019-05-14 22:56

    Just can't do Amish. And Daniel is an asshole.

  • Erica Pike
    2019-05-20 20:39

    I accidentally read this one before the first, although I have the first on my Kindle as well, but I didn't even know this was the second book until at the end where I saw the advertisement for the first book. Throughout the read I kept thinking how clever the author was to distribute tidbits here and there of how the two met, where most would give the back story in a clump at the beginning.The story was very well written without excess fluff. In fact, there was maybe a tiny bit too little fluff in it, but I guess that is to be expected when of the characters is Amish! This is the first book about a gay Amish man I've read and I was not disappointed. The insights into the Amish life is amazing and it made an excellent conflict between the two characters - one of which is not Amish. The last third of the story was very heart wrenching and the climax was exciting (though I'd figured it out already), but I would have liked to see a little more remorse on Daniel's part once he finds Aiden again. The confession in the end was also a little too smooth, a little too easy, but I'm not retracting a star for that because I loved this story.Now, to start on the first book!

  • Debbiedowner
    2019-05-10 20:36

    I really enjoyed the first novel and the sequel did not disappoint, in fact it came across more polished. Amish setting was as real as I've read. I loved the winter landscape and Christmas feel. Very well written, great characterizations, twisting plot. I was pleased to discover the secondary female characters from the first novel fleshed out in the sequel with interesting stories of their own--one heartbreaking. The best part: The Amish wedding reception scene with the homoerotic philosophy. What a treat and so true!! Look forward to more of Shelter Somerset's novels.

  • jules0623
    2019-05-04 21:47

    Thought Daniel was an utter ass in this one, but it's still a four-star read.

  • Susan
    2019-05-08 00:34

    ugh. both aiden and daniel acted like needy children in this sequel. And don't even get me started about the resolution of the 'mystery.' I did like seeing more of the Amish community, though, and this series gets an extra star from me simply for the setting. However, it appears that the next in this series has nothing to do with the Amish, so I'll be skipping it. I am kind of curious to know how things get resolved with daniel and his family (if it gets resolved at all, since presumably daniel is now officially shunned,) but I don't think I'm interested enough to read more.Then again, maybe I will. One thing I'll give Somerset, he does make you care about the characters. I feel pretty invested in them, especially daniel's family.

  • Chris Jeffreys
    2019-05-07 00:47

    Between Two Promises is a wonderful sequel to Between Two Worlds. This is the continuing story of Aiden, an "Englisher", and his love, Daniel, an Amish man. This story provides an intriguing look into the underbelly of Amish society. Other folks have said in their reviews that this author knows a lot about Amish culture, and I must agree. The author demonstrates the outside charm of Amish life with its simplicity, but she also shows the extreme dogma under which it's members are forced to live. Here is a quick summary of the story. In the first book (Between Two Worlds), Aiden meets Daniel and falls in love. At the end of the first book, it appears that the couple will be spending their life in rural Montana in an ideal setting. This sequel picks up the story about two months later. Aiden and Daniel have now established a life together that is somewhere between an Amish life and an "English" life -- simplicity without the deprivation. Everything is fine until Daniel and Aiden are invited back to Daniel's home town for his brother's wedding. Aiden pushes and pushes for the two to return for the wedding -- it appears that he also wants to share the good news of his commitment with Daniel. (I believe the line in the book is that he does not want their relationship to be a dirty secret). Well, they return to Amish country in central Illinois, and there is a lot of self-created angst by Daniel in trying to make certain the no one knows that he and Aiden are a couple in a committed relationship. It ends up that the Amish elders come down pretty hard on Daniel -- not because he is gay (since he never comes out to the community) - but because he has left the community without continuing to attend church in his new home in Montana. He is ultimately shunned by his home and most of his family. (I say most of his family because his brother and sister - who apparently knew he was gay and in love with Aiden - continue to send him letters to update him on family life.). The shunning is not a surprise at all, and you can see it coming a mile away, and it appears as though Daniel does not really care one way or the other. But, he is concerned about being outed to his community. In the midst of all of the Amish hoopla, there is a kidnapping and a murder, and a trial for murder. Surprisingly, it all makes perfect sense in this story. This is an exciting sequel to the first story. It is as good, or better, than the original. Since I gave the original five stars, of course, this also must be five stars since it may be even better. I surely hope the author will someday write one more story about these two main characters so we can all see what has happened to their lives together in their dream home in Montana. On a personal note -- a lot of the reviewers have been writing whether they empathize more with Daniel or Aiden in this book. Let me throw in my two cents. (And, I acknowledge that I was in a situation similar to Aiden at one point in my life when my love could not acknowledge that I existed due to pressures of being in the military and "don't ask, don't tell".). Aiden's position is absolutely justified in this story -- I felt almost no sympathy for Daniel. When a person promises that "I take you as my partner, above all others" -- it means just that. No matter what, your partner comes first. Daniel continually forgets his promise all through this book. Some reviewers believe that Aiden was selfish, but I have the exact opposite view. Once you take a life partner, whether in gay or straight life, it is "for better or worse, in sickness and in health, to love and honor, and forsaking all others, for as long as you both live." If you read the book from that perspective, I don't know how anyone can say that Aiden was selfish.

  • Octobercountry
    2019-05-13 23:41

    As I noted in my review of Shelter Somerset’s "Between Two Worlds," once I had finished the first book I couldn't resist immediately reading the sequel, titled "Between Two Promises."When I reached the end of the previous volume, I couldn't help but think that Daniel and Aiden had a very rough road ahead of them. Important choices would have to be made sooner or later, and they wouldn't be easy---no matter what decisions were reached, there would be pain involved.And my musings were soon proved to be correct: this story begins about two months after the conclusion of the first book, and while the two men had been letting things slide up to that point, it was apparent that actions would soon have to be taken that would permanently affect their lives, one way or another.As I was reading I kept wishing that I could take Aiden aside, and tell him that he was pushing for far too much, too soon, too emphatically. But then, I also wanted to tell Daniel that he really did need to be more understanding as well, and try to look at things from Aiden’s point of view on occasion. Well…. That’s what makes for good drama, eh?We get a glimpse into additional aspects of the world of the Amish this time around, and the picture isn't entirely positive. A lot of people do view the Amish way of life with a sort of romance, through rose-coloured glasses---and I’ll admit I have been guilty of this myself. But in this story we see that the very structure of this constricted, walled-off society does leave itself vulnerable to all sorts of unchecked abuses. This is a real problem, and I've read a few accounts of some of these scandals in the papers from time to time, though often these problems go unreported.A mystery that was a small part of the plot of the first book plays out in the conclusion of the second. But, I have to say that the solution is extremely unlikely! I mean, almost ridiculously so---I don’t think any reader could guess how things would end up given the clues (or lack thereof) that were present in the text. Then again---I have to admit that I've read many mysteries over the years that were just as preposterous, so I’m not complaining too much.Actually, the fact that right near the end certain adventure/mystery story elements come to the forefront (with one of the main characters being put in peril) was a surprise to me. Because this really isn't a mystery at all---it’s the study of a developing and evolving relationship between two men from extremely different backgrounds. And so the shift in tone in the last ⅙ or so of the text was unexpected. Still, that’s not really a negative necessarily, just an observation.I have to say I loved both Aiden and Daniel, and was totally caught up in their story. I wouldn't mind reading even more about them, though I don’t know that the author has any plans to continue their tale. But in the meantime, there are several other books by Mr Somerset that I’ll be putting on my list, and I look forward to reading them.Heartily recommended.

  • ~RMG
    2019-05-04 22:49

    3.5 stars - Although I understood why things were the way they were, I felt awful over how badly everything soured between Aiden and Daniel's parents, and even young David, Daniel's youngest brother. They faulted Aiden for Daniel's abrupt ending of his engagement and his leaving to Montana, for putting Daniel on the path of 'the shunning', the Amish's way of banishing a baptized member deemed no longer part of the church and community. It was saddening to see what had started out as a good friendship in the first book become so irrevocably damaged in this book. Aiden and Daniel continued to struggle with their relationship, Daniel's attempt to hang on to Aiden without losing his family and standing in the church leaving Aiden to feel like a true outsider, unloved and unworthy at times. I much enjoyed the heart-stopping action Aiden and Daniel stumble upon as the truth about the mystery Aiden fruitlessly investigated in the first book was finally revealed, leading Daniel to truly embrace his love for Aiden, no matter the consequences, no matter the cost. Definitely recommended.

  • Monsieurtriquet
    2019-05-15 22:45

    I still like the description of the amish community as much as I did in the first book "Between Two Worlds" It is not prejudiced but shows the strengths but also the terrible drawbacks of communitarianism. My complaints are of a more technical kind regarding the way the plot is construed. I honestly find that Somerset is bending the rules of "who dunnit" by first introducing the Carolyn character in book number two. All the suspects have to be ready from the beginning, you can't just introduce a new one much later without breaking the contract with your reader and violate the rules of promise and payoff. She should have been there working on Kevins newspaper already in book one. But maybe the author didn't know at that time how he should end the story and who actually should be guilty in Kyles death.

  • Terry
    2019-05-04 00:51

    And another homerunbout of the park.This book is better than book one and I did not think that was possible. This author has a gift of making characters be real. It's like I see this story really happening. I am so grateful he shares his gift with us. I can't wait to red number three.

  • Veenayraja
    2019-04-25 19:52

    The gay Amish series were a delightful read. I found both books refreshing and very well written and extremely emotional. The second book could be read on its own, but I recommend reading them in order. The second books ends without anything left to be tied up, but I do hope to find a third book about Aiden and Daniel in the near future.

  • Jess
    2019-05-17 22:53

    I loved the first book, really disappointed by this one, it was like the characters weren't even the same people anymore. Didn't really enjoy it, I prefer the first one but if he did bring out a 3rd one I would read it to see what else he's done with these characters.

  • Sheila
    2019-05-10 17:56

    This is what gay lit should read like. Thank you, Shelter.

  • kasjo_peja
    2019-05-06 00:51

    Very good story, slow paced but strong. The characters were real people, with real problems.

  • Theo Fenraven
    2019-05-01 00:52

    The first book was good, but the sequel was, if possible, better. I couldn't put it down! The tension throughout was exquisite. I love it when a story tortures me.