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If you build it, love will come. Jonathan P. Quiverbotton freely admits he is fussy, punctual…and terribly lonely. All his attempts to build a companion have failed miserably. Desperate, he rents a man-of-all-work bot from a local factory, intent on uncovering its secrets. When the manbot arrives, though, it bears a stunningly familiar face. The face of a notorious con mIf you build it, love will come. Jonathan P. Quiverbotton freely admits he is fussy, punctual…and terribly lonely. All his attempts to build a companion have failed miserably. Desperate, he rents a man-of-all-work bot from a local factory, intent on uncovering its secrets. When the manbot arrives, though, it bears a stunningly familiar face. The face of a notorious con man—with whom Jonathan once had a fleeting assignation. Marcus isn’t quite certain why this doorstep seems so familiar, but once he lays eyes on Jonathan, memories flood back so strong only one thing matters. To convince Jonathan that he’s a changed man. Raw sexual passion quickly forges a deep emotional bond, fueled by the knowledge that Marcus must soon return to the factory. Before their time ticks down, another man emerges from Marcus’s murky past, reminding him of his unfulfilled part in a blackmail scheme. Marcus wants no part of his old life, but refusal not only exposes Jonathan to danger, it puts him at the mercy of those who would use his illegal enhancements at the cost of his humanity. Warning: Contains one very fussy inventor, a decidedly wicked man-of-all-work bot, clockwork homecare creatures, and blazing hot sex between a man and his mechanical manservant. ...

Title : Far Too Human
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ISBN : 12415904
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Far Too Human Reviews

  • Julio Genao
    2018-11-12 11:58

    curiously deficient in various ways; read like an extended short, with an abrupt end.not terrible, but not satisfying.maybe the best part about it was the deflowering, but even that was oddly... imbalanced. as if, for the author, the big deal was the penetration, deserving of lavish discussion and description—but the actual fucking was an afterthought to be dispensed with in a line or two.most curious.

  • Bookwatcher
    2018-11-15 13:49

    Meet Jonathan an eccentric scientist and Marcus a robot .No wait, forget that...This is the story of a man, Jonathan that dare to desire to be controlled by a strong hand, in this case the robot Marcus, and live in a D/S relationship. The erotic scenes, of Marcus commanding Jonathan .....Oh no... wait, forget also that...Wanting to study the technology of the human bots available Jonathan a very skilled scientist decide to have one for two weeks. But at his door it's not delivered any robot, but Marcus, a gorgeous ....Oh again no.. seems not the right description...How can Jonathan follow his heart in a society that follow the strict rules of regency time? He want a partner, he want a lover ... he want a man by his side. After a quick unpleasant experience with two men Jonathan decide to dare to rent a robot, to study it's mechanic parts, and why not take some pleasure of it? But, for his surprise who knock on his door is not a common robot, but Marcus...Oh, better not... I would tell to much and spoil the storyHummm, ok.. maybe now I know how to described this bookFANTASTIC sci-fi steampunk world, that made me sweat, laugh and cry at the end! READ IT PEOPLE! IT'S VEEEEEERY GOOD!!!!!Oh yes, I'm not kidding... it's a romance, an adventure, it will break your heart and replace it, peace by peace, with the sweetest possible end.I love it, and it's a pity it's such so short! I think I could read 1000 pages of this world, of the timid and cute scientist, and the amnesic android... both completely lost, together by love. Heartbreaking steampunk romance... between a man, and a robot... that certainly enter in my heart, and in m mind. I think I can't forget two characters like Jonathan and Marcus... and I doubt i would want to now that I knew both.5 stars

  • Shandra
    2018-10-27 14:05

    Sensational Steampunk!Anitra Lynn McLeod has won my heart forever with Far Too Human. I love steampunk fiction and the world of Black Rock Colony. Jonathan is the best inventor character I've read in ages. He was distracted and fascinated and fiddly and I just adored him. His clockwork creations were all amazing to me; I loved he wanted to create himself a clockwork lover after his experience with Marcus which was not exactly what he'd wanted or what was socially acceptable. Marcus really touched me because how awful would it be to have no memories of what happened before arriving at a place where he was meant to be a servant? He remembers having his mind erased with chemical scrubbers. The guy remembers being put on an assembly line as if he were only another bot rather than a man and he really is far too human to be considered a bot. I hurt for him when the Man-o-War Limited crew came for him and treated him as if he were their property when he's still a man. He's not some machine. He's a man with some mech parts. Far Too Human has amazingly tender love scenes -I would call them love scenes even instead of just sex scenes since there's genuine emotion between the characters- and the two characters really connect on an intimate level rather than only on a base physical one. I would recommend this short read to anyone interested in steampunk worlds, obsessive-compulsive scientists with fussy mannerisms, men who've been mech-enhanced, or people who simply love a good M/M romance.

  • Feliz
    2018-11-10 09:06

    When we first meet Jonathan, he appears at the same time like a spoiled child and a gruff, old Scrooge. His intentions in regard to the man-bot are sneaky, and the way he “welcomes” Marcus can only be called arrogant. But Marcus soon manages to win him over. Within the first day of their acquaintance, Marcus peels away the repelling layers of self-protection Jonathan seems to have built since childhood to reveal the shy, affectionate man beneath. Actually, Jonathan turns out a very likeable character, endearingly fussy, quick-witted, and capable to love deeply.I liked Marcus and Jonathan together, they were a sweet couple even though their pillow talk occasionally bordered on saccharine. They had good balance with Marcus being more of a physical personality and Jonathan the intellectually stronger. Also, I liked Jonathan’s clockwork creatures very much; they were well thought out and lovingly pictured.Unfortunately, the issues I had with this story outweighted its strong points for me. Beginning with the writing; this story had a bad case of body parts mixup due to the single-pronoun problem. Here’s an example: “…Curious, Jonathan cupped his balls first, exploring the weight, the heat, the way they rolled smoothly within their safe covering. Moving his head between his legs, marveling at how the sounds of the parlor faded away until all he heard was his own heartbeat, Jonathan took his first tentative taste of Marcus. Sliding his tongue out, he swiped across his sac, catching the edges of his hairs and tugging them with the rough texture of his tongue….”This problem didn’t only occur during sex scenes, but this was where I found it the most annoying – I find it hard to enjoy eroticism while I’m busy figuring out who is doing what to whom at a given moment.My next problem might be due to the short format of the story, but the storyline left too many questions unanswered for me. While the romance and the sex scenes between Marcus and Jonathan took up much room, the actual plot, to me, read quite sketchy. Convenient coincidences or occurences popping out of nothing to often took the place of actual developments. (On a more personal note, I found that Marcus and Jonathan moved from attraction to love awfully fast, but that might be only my dislike for insta!love.)Jonathan’s backstory was quite detailed, but Marcus’s past was only hinted at. Where he came from, how he was changed, who did this, how and why – a few details were repeatedly mentioned while the rest remained vague like the entire concept of man-bots. To me, this read like semi-finished worldbuilding. The same is true for the motivations of the characters in this story, particularly for the villains, which seemed threadbare at best. Why they actually wanted to see Jonathan brought to harm never became clear to me.Also, I found some of the stated facts incredulous. To mention only one example, supposedly, Marcus’s actual creators were two creepy crooks who apparently had no problems crafting him in a short amount of time while Jonathan, with all his geniality, should have failed to figure out the technicalities of creating a man-bot for years? Not very likely.All in all, those issues added up to spoil this steampunk novella for me to a point where I can’t really recommend it.Then again, fans of the genre or fans of the author might still enjoy it. Once you’ve sorted out the body parts, the sex scenes are steaming, and the story has some delightfully humorous lines.

  • Ayanna
    2018-11-05 16:11

    Ice queen, just waiting to be defrosted. Not just any ice queen. A tsundere ice queen.This, weirdly enough, actually reminds me quite closely of a yaoi I read a while ago.Something about an earl and some random gardener dude or other. Anyways, it's a bit of fantastic fluffy fun. The resolution to the initial problem came too easily.And I agree that the steampunk elements are woefully underdeveloped/unexplored. The author hints at much and actually describes little. Even the world itself is little-described.This is very saddening. The concept is so good. There's just too much focus on the character interactions and budding romance that we all know is inevitable anyways and not enough on the world.*sighI mean, the intrigue is interesting and stuff, but the world really, really needs a lot more fleshing out before we can really get it. The whole manbot thing...that needs further defining for certain points to be more significant/have more meaning to the reader.The existential points were very Pygmalion-esque.*sighNo, that's not right at all. The steampunk isn't very steampunk-y. It's more government-conspiracy-esque.But disappointingly, the conspiracy part was woefully underdeveloped, too....*sighso much lost potential...This thing made me virtual-sigh three times. *resigned sighAlas and alack. I feel so disappointed...

  • Jennifer
    2018-10-25 11:07

    The idea was good and there are many interesting elements to the story, but somehow the execution made it nothing more than average for me. Others may disagree, but the characters are not engaging and the world building is sadly lacking.

  • Daesy
    2018-11-12 13:43

    **Grammar Warning**The book starts with Jonathan a young inventor that is trying to build himself a companion.He calls a company that rents this man-of-all-work bot to ask them for a servant, and with that excuse he thinks he will be able to copy their work.At his door will knock someone he never expected to see again.Marcus is an enchanted man, but still mostly human. Only his ears and eyes were modified.He and Jonathan had met some time ago, in particulars cincumstances. At that time he and his friend were working as ruffians. Not that he had wanted to, but that was easy.A man that hated Jonathan had asked them to seduce him and expose his interest for men. Marcus and his friend had seduced Jonathan, but while his companion wanted to go fast and just have sex with the man, Marcus found himself attarcted to Jonathan, and wanting to protect him, understanding that the man had never experienced sex.Marcus in the end covinces his friend to leave the house saying that they have alredy got the money and dont need to have sex with Jonathan.From that day Marcus will never forget about Jonathan, that shy gentleman,also when his memory will be scrubbed, he will only remember one thing, Jonathan.Marcus will for days go to Jonathan's house, bcs he wants to see him again, but each time he wil turn back and leave, fearing that the man hates him. One day this changes.Marcus enters the door and Jonathan cant belive that this man is a man-of-all-work bot, bcs he is too beutiful. While observing him, he is sure he has already seen this man, he is sure his is the face he dreams all ninghts.When he remembers in which occasion they had met,he is angry and wants Marcus to leave, because he will never belive this is not another trap.Marcus tells him that he will not send him away, bcs he needs Marcus and all he can offer, bcs in the end he wanted to create a lover not a simple companion, and Marcus wants to be that.Few pages after we see Jonathan accepting that Marcus stays and them having a little sex encounter in the parlor, also if they dond go really all the way. The thing i didnt like were the dom/sub tones, a thing that luckly will change after that scene and not come back again.Jonathan shows to Marcus all his inventions, his creatures and asks Marcus if he can study him, and the man agrees. Jonathan doesnt want Marcus to leave anymore, they have kissed they have touched and he cant go back from what he is feeling.Jonathan that had always feared sex will give his first time to Marcus, and the scene is nice and well written and i liked how that happens, and the fact that there is love from both of them.{"I thought it would be rushed, hurtful, even unpleasant, yet this is none of those things."........"But in a way, I am glad i did not know."............"I am glad i waited for you."}{"I wish I would have done the same."}This scene is so beautiful and at the same time sad, bcs u see Marcus being happy and proud that he is Jonathan first, but regretting how was his first time, that also if he cant remember when or with who, he is sure wasnt great and he would have wanted it to be with Jonathan, with someone he loves, bcs he is sure he never loved before.{"I know thay it's not quite the same, but from this moment forward, I want to be with only you."}{--To be Jonathan's first was profound, but if Marcus had his way, he would be his only--}After they have sex for the first time, Marcus regrets he tainted a so fine man like Jonathan, and he is sad, but when Jonathan mistakes his regret to be about having sex with him, Marcus tells him he would never regret that, and explains his thoughts, Jonathan will tell him, that he didnt dirty him, but he made him finally free.Some days after that, another man knocks at Jonathan's house, and this time is not a good surprise.Marcus finds himself face to face with his so called friend, and his memories come back. He understands that the man that hates Jonathan had sent him again to seduce him, and now his friend had come to find out if he had done his job. Marcus his scared that when Jonathan will find out this, he wil hate him, and will not belive that he didnt remember anyhting, that he didnt do this for the reasons his friend will tell Jonathan.Jonathan from the stairs observs his new guest and decides to act. He dresses himself like the perfect gentlman and puts on his impassible mask.They talk, the man tries to bribe him, but Jonathan never shows any emotions and in the end is able to make that man leave his house. Marcus is happy tha the man left, but now he fears that Jonathan will tell also to him to leave.All his fears go away when Jonathan explains that he belives in him. All seems going well, till while they are talking Marcus starts to feel bad, and Jonathan understands what they are trying to do.Jonathan goes to Atwood, and asks him to stop what he is doing and punches him, but nothing changes and Jonathan knows that if he wants to save Marcus he has to call the military, bcs is with their tools that Atwood was able to enchant Marcus.Marcus is not moving,just his slow breath tells Jonathan that the man is still alive. When the military comes with guns, Jonathan thinks is the end, but is not sad, bcs at least Marcus will survive.{"I shall love you until the day i die."}We are pratically at the end of the book. We see Marcus waking up in a room he doesnt know and a man observing him and asking him questions. He asks the man where is Jonathan and that he wants to go back home. The man says he cant, but Marcus doesnt give up, and asks again and again the same thing.We see Jonathan watching himself in a mirror and has beard on his face, he doesnt care anymore about his aspect, the only thing he wants, is see Marcus again, and searches for him everyday.And in the end is their love, their will to see the other that will make them be together again.The military will release Marcus.Jonathan is in the parlor when he sees that someone is at the door, he thinks is the mailman and goes to the door, but when he opens it he finds Marcus.{"I'm sorry I'm late."}Jonnie, or how Marcus calls him, cant beilve his eyes.This is the end of the book, they kiss, talk, are happy. And Marcus explains Jonathan why he wasnt able to forget him the first time they had met. Love.{"You are right on time."}Nice book, too short but good end. I would have liked more and in the initial part of the book,i feared it was becoming a dom/sub book,luckly wasnt. The line btw 4 and 5 stars is small, but since i cant say that i loved all that happens in the book, i will give 4. I will read more from this author for sure.

  • Kimberly
    2018-11-15 12:50

    Blue Ribbon Rating: 3 out of 5Original Review LinkJonathan P. Quiverbottom lives a solitary life, and he’s happy that way…for the most part. The straight-laced inventor hates to have anything interrupt his neat, orderly existence. But when he rents a man-of-all-work bot from a factory, determined to discover how the creations are made, Jonathan’s well-ordered existence comes tumbling down around him. For the bot has the face and body of a man Jonathan once knew - most intimately.Marcus cannot remember how he became a man-of-all-work bot, but he does have vague flashes of his life as a con man. And he very clearly remembers his one meeting with Jonathan. Lust sparks instantly between the two men, but how can they have a future with one another when society forbids it?Author Anitra Lynn McLeod puts the “steam” in steampunk with the red-hot FAR TOO HUMAN. Jonathan is delightfully fussy in a way that may drive most people of his acquaintance away but was endearing to me, the reader. Marcus, in turn, presented an engaging mystery. He was a con man but is now a man-of-all-work bot…or is he? The questions Jonathan has about Marcus’s appearance on his doorstep are made all the more interesting by the fact that Marcus himself is in the dark about why he, in particular, was chosen to fulfill Jonathan’s order.The title FAR TOO HUMAN references Marcus’s humanity, which has not been diminished by his enhancements. And another thing that hasn’t been diminished…his ability to drive Jonathan mad with lust. I liked the dynamic between Jonathan and Marcus. Marcus definitely took sexual control, but Jonathan was the more dominant party in intellectual pursuits. The pair fit one another, and though they did tend to get a little too effusive at times for my taste – the talk during the sex scenes bordered on purple prose - I cared enough about them as a couple to be invested in FAR TOO HUMAN. All in all, FAR TOO HUMAN was a charming story with heroes whose quirks were quite endearing.Note: My review was written for Romance Junkies and is cross-posted here courtesy of Romance Junkies.

  • Jessica
    2018-11-12 15:45

    3.5 stars I really liked the idea of this book. It was cool and set in a steampunk world which I think is fun. There were certain things that I wish were done a little better - some of the writing left a reader confused as to who was doing what. As well, I think that a novella length was perhaps too short for this story. There was so much in the story and it was so interesting that more detail was needed to tie it all together. Moving so quickly through the story made the world-building seem a bit patchy. Some details were phenomenally done, such as the little bots that Jonathon created to run his household, while others were vague, such as precisely what a man-of-all-work bot was. Overall, I liked the writing style and the tone of the book.I liked the balance of the characters with physical and intellectual differences. They were both quirky and insecure but were able to work out differences like adults. Their initial encounter had me scratching my head as to why it was going that way which is part of why I would have liked more world-building. After that encounter in the parlor I was then wondering why Marcus and Jonathon changed their personalities. They switched roles in the relationship which didn't really work for me. Their relationship was sweet, quick and dramatically torn asunder in an unseen twist. The first half or two-thirds of the book were the best parts to me. The ending seemed rushed but worked hard to tie-up all the loose ends.

  • Indigo
    2018-11-04 14:50

    1.5 stars - I really liked the first chapter. I had high expectations.After three misuse (from this reader POV) of words such as timorous (why not timid or shy or skittish ?) and pseudo vocabulary efforts, I lost any enjoyment I could find in this book.Furthermore, the different style/genre mélange transformed a potentially good book into soup.I shall (forevermore after) never (ever) read anything by this author again.Why ? Because I had the lasting feeling (from chapter 2 on) of being back in school and subjected to "essays in the style of..." whatever was the teacher's flavour of the month.Plus too much sex without meaning made this story really a pain to finish.

  • Kirsten
    2018-11-07 16:08

    It started out as a real D/s PWP story and I was a bit disappointed, but then about halfway through the plot kicked in and I really started to enjoy it. I wish some of the story elements had been better developed-- like why the neighbor and the thugs were so intent on bringing down Jonathan and a more developed steampunk world, but for a short quick read, it was pretty enjoyable. (And the PWP D/s sex was pretty hot.)

  • Ariel
    2018-10-29 14:04

    I was really disappointed in this book. I was excited for the concept of a gay steampunk romance novel, and instead it was a forum for badly written sex, and dialogue so cliched and awkward I couldn't bear to read past chapter four. The concept was nice, but the characters were remarkably unbelievable.

  • Eden Myles
    2018-10-29 15:02

    An interesting concept marred by clunky writing and too much purple prose. The romance was sweet, but the book felt far too much like it was unfinished.

  • Jonathon
    2018-11-02 14:47

    Gay steampunk sexy times. So much promise in that premise, but the steampunk element was an afterthought at best and so few sexy times - boo!

  • Liz (Bugetta)
    2018-11-08 10:53

    3.5* Okay romance. Had the usual problem of a novella -- not enough time for character development to make romance believable, but it was entertaining.

  • Jess Candela
    2018-11-02 08:07

    3.5I liked it, but I think it was a bit too short to do full justice to the story it was telling.

  • Teresa
    2018-10-30 14:13