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Batman is the enemy... and Catwoman is the champion of justice?That's how it is in this mirror-image universe, where the names and faces only seem familiar...In Elseworlds, heroes are taken from their usual settings and put into strange times and places – some that have existed, and others that can't, couldn't or shouldn't exist. The result is stories that make charactersBatman is the enemy... and Catwoman is the champion of justice?That's how it is in this mirror-image universe, where the names and faces only seem familiar...In Elseworlds, heroes are taken from their usual settings and put into strange times and places – some that have existed, and others that can't, couldn't or shouldn't exist. The result is stories that make characters who are as familiar as yesterday seem as fresh as tomorrow....

Title : Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham
Author :
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ISBN : 12349040
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 48 Pages
Status : Available For Download
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Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham Reviews

  • lucy
    2019-04-15 07:15

    a ver, yo creo que como mundo alternativo donde no está batman sino catwoman y que batman sea el malo no está mal pero creo que la historia está mal ejecutada. además de que si lo ha escrito una mujer porque esa necesidad de sexualizar a catwoman y a todas las mujeres que salen en este comic? que alfred en version chica esta super sexualizada y es que me he reído por no llorar.

  • Nalle
    2019-04-12 00:13

    Estoy volviendome fan de los universos alternativos. Específicamente en este los roles de Batman y Catwoman están inversos, siendo el primero un ladrón y asesino con disfraz de murciélago gracias a que tomó como inspiración a Catwoman, la heroína de Gotham que cada noche sale de la Gaticueva a patrullar la ciudad. Su alternativa ego, Selina Kyle, es una millonaria heredera que perdió a sus padres en un callejón oscuro. Y en ese momento surgió Catwoman. La verdad hasta ahora me esta divirtiendo mucho, tengo muchas ganas de leer el siguiente tomo.

  • Earl
    2019-03-24 00:12

    For one, I do get the Selina Kyle: Rich Lady plot. But then, why make Bruce Wayne that way?

  • Andre
    2019-04-13 08:10

    If you want a comic book that practically begs you to rip it apart this one is your victim of choice.The concept of Catwoman being the "guardian" of Gotham and basically having Bruce Wayne's live (which they messed up here trust me) can work even if you keep the domestic cat symbolism of the character, e.g. when you focus on the cat's image of a silent and deadly hunter, or when you instead broaden the concept of "cat" to include big cats like jaguars.Well as you can see from the cover where our title character is in a very uncomfortable costume with no protection, legs too long and heels so long and thin that I am surprised she doesn't fall over (and even if, her boobs would let her bounds back immediately), the makers of that comic obviously had no idea how to accomplish this.It already starts with the costume, I mean how many incarnations of Catwoman had long her while being in costume? She is already much less bulky than Batman, actually she doesn't have the physique of a fighter at all, and her long hair and giant free boobs would give opponents lots to grab on to.And if you think her tits are big on the cover you should see it on page 2, in fact her costume looks like a dominatrix outfit especially with that... corset... at least I think it is one. And fitting with this we get plenty of unnatural spine contortions from our "heroine" which allows the reader to see her boobs as large as possible and give them even more shots of her ass, constantly, pretty much on every page. On some pages she has poses befitting a porno film, and not a good one mind you.So considered that neither her movements nor costume speak for a fighter, what about her actions?Nothing better there, it starts pretty early when she sees this universes' version of Killer Croc and all she has is a "wow," to which I say: "When you see an at least 3 m tall humanoid crocodile I am sure "wow" is not something you would say." And the scene with Croc is actually pretty good example of the artists and writers incompetence. Let's just ignore the stupidity of a 3 m tall crocodile man with a giant snout, tail and claws who thinks an operation could help him (he needs a mad scientist and not a surgeon) and focus on a particular picture: You see that one picture is, I am sure, supposed to show him having her in a death grip and trying to crush her (which considered his says he could probably do with his hands and would not need the full arms), but considered his upper arm length and the fact that she bends over backwards, presents her boobs, "moans" and would have had enough room between her and his chest to escape, doesn't make the scene look like they are in a fierce battle but that he is holding her and she has an orgasm.And when we get to the actual fight they don't even bother to show her as competent as she not only sits on his head like a porn star on a pony but she tries to punch his head with her fists and complains how his skin is too thick to damage even though just seconds ago she could easily draw blood with her claws. Not that his actual death per batarang (yes "he" is in it that early) makes much more sense, since according to the size of batarang and Croc the weapon might have killed him if left untreated but he would not have dropped dead immediately by a simple stab in the ribcage, seriously, it didn't even hit the spine.So, this early our protagonist is apparently in constant "sexy mode," in no way a fighter, stupid beyond belief and has a hindering costume, plus her over-plump lips are purple… Well at least the cat signal is frightening looking... Not that the other characters are any better. Commissioner Gordon is wearing uniforms that look weird and the female version of Alfred (called Brooks) is a twenty something "maid," who tells Catwoman she needs to stop fighting crime, get a nice hunk and have kids, and wears a dress that looks like… see for yourself:The female version of Two-Face is even worse and her outfit makes even less sense than the one of Brooks as her background is completely different from Harvey Dent and does not in any way explain why she has the same "split-look" about her as does.And now we get to Batman who apparently has to be in here as well, because of … reasons. His costume is pretty similar to the original except for the red eyes (because he is evil here) and the spikes on his costume. Btw. nearly all villains in this comic are defeated by him and not Catwoman, in fact she is pretty incompetent, she doesn't even have good security for her manor and cave in fact. She even partially acknowledges his superiority via her internal monologue of how the bat is an even darker creature of the night than the cat, which comes... kind of out of nowhere. A guy dressed like that makes her think this way but a 3 m crocodile man only gets a "wow"?And I think the author is a Batman fan, you see apparently this version of Batman is possibly the worst criminal Gotham ever had … because he steals and murders. What sort of whimps where the others like Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Killer Croc etc.? Also if he also wanted to get rid of Catwoman, why didn't he wait earlier in the sewers to see whether Croc kills her or not to see which survivor he had to kill? Similar to Catwoman, barely anything about this character makes sense.And neither does her suspicion that her cat-image was the inspiration for his bat costume, after all with all the other weirdos in this comic alone he could have been inspired by any of them.If this comic was really supposed to introduce the readers to a new version of Catwoman and show her as a competent defender of justice, then they obviously have no idea what they were doing. Considered the result I would have told them:"If you want to do a comic that boys can jerk off to, just do a porno!"

  • Kirsten
    2019-03-22 07:21

    I wanted to like this comic. I really, really, did. I love alternate universes. I love Catwoman. But this, this was just... bad. I know it's an AU but you have to have at least some semblance to the original characters this one just... I mean it... it's an insult to the original characters there is no other way to put it (the female version of Two Face being BY FAR the worst).I don't even know how to review this other than to say it's awful and don't waste your time. Don't read this unless you want to hate yourself.