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A POWER CONSUMEDThe seasons have turned from spring to summer across the quiet earth - yet the Fhoi Myore were hiding in mist, awaiting their chance to unleash their icy realm of death. To defeat the Cold Gods, Corum of the Silver Hand must restore the High King's power with legendary treasures - the Golden Oak and the Silver Ram - lost talismans that wield miraculous forcA POWER CONSUMEDThe seasons have turned from spring to summer across the quiet earth - yet the Fhoi Myore were hiding in mist, awaiting their chance to unleash their icy realm of death. To defeat the Cold Gods, Corum of the Silver Hand must restore the High King's power with legendary treasures - the Golden Oak and the Silver Ram - lost talismans that wield miraculous forces unknown to Corum...Cover Illustration: David McCall Johnston...

Title : The Oak and the Ram
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ISBN : 9780425025345
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 160 Pages
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The Oak and the Ram Reviews

  • BillKerwin
    2019-01-14 11:14

    This second volume of the second Corum trilogy continues the adventures of Prince Corum as he champions the cause of the Mabden against the powerful Fhoi Myore. It is not equal to the dark intensity of the first book or to cumulative power of the third, but it is entertaining and leads the reader toward the satisfying conclusion.

  • KostasAt
    2018-12-29 14:03

    6.5/10‘The Oak and the Ram’ proves a better continuation from Corum’s first chronicles, with the story becoming again more entertaining as Moorcock brings back a more classic sword-and-sorcery adventure, but like ‘The Bull and the Spear’ it still doesn’t reach the level of the first trilogy.While the story was more entertaining in this book, it felt very similar to that of ‘The Bull and the Spear’ with Corum having to find again some magical talismans to save the world.Of course, Moorcock did the same with the first trilogy as Corum went each time to a different, but pretty similar, Lord of Chaos, and had at the end to find some ways to defeat them. But in the first trilogy the story felt really entertaining so it flowed more easily.In the first book of the second trilogy though, the story I feel became less important, as also the characters feel somewhat less interesting too. However, in this book the story does improve a little, I think, but not as much as that of the first trilogy.Overall, this book is definitely more entertaining than its predecessor but I’m still looking for something better in this trilogy, as I really enjoyed the first three books in this series.

  • Ahmed Mahdi
    2019-01-01 13:20

    الرواية الثانية في ثلاثية كورم ذي اليد الفضية، وهذا الجزء أكثر إثارة من سابقه، ومايزال الفوي مايوري يهددون عالم البشر، فيخرج كورم في رحلة جديدة ومسعى جديد لإنقاذ البشر. لا يتوقف مايكل موركوك عن إثارة اعجابي بخياله ووصفه للعالم، ولا اكاد اطيق انتظارا لقراءة الجزء الثالث ومعرفة كيف سيختم السلسلة.

  • Paul
    2019-01-15 07:18

    Another really fun read by Moorcock as the destiny of Corum unfolds in a future human land. He must help them against gigantic ages old foes who bring ice and destruction to the planet, he must save them before all are doomed...

  • Fredrick Danysh
    2018-12-26 14:14

    The demi-god Corum starts his second quest. The Fhoi Myore are destroying the Earth that he is in and the kingdoms will only unite to fight under the leadership of the High King of Mabden, Amergin, who is a prisoner under magic spells. Corum sets out to rescue him and restore the people's faith in Amergin.

  • David Cozens
    2019-01-12 13:09

    Follows straight on from 'The bull and the spear'.

  • Rick
    2019-01-14 10:04

    Another fine chapter in the tragic life and struggles of Corum Jhaelen Irsei, the Prince with the Silver Hand. Moorcock plays with the myths cycles of Celtic lore and Irish stories of Cuchulain. These are reworked and presented in entirely new ways, but the influence and inspiration is clear. This volume picks up where the previous one, The Bull and the Spear, left off and sets the stage wonderfully for the next volume, Corum - The Sword and the Stallion: The Eternal Champion, which completes the chronicles of Corum Jhaelen Irsei as an incarnation of the Eternal Champion. While many middle books in a trilogy have a tendency to start nowhere and end nowhere, this one does offer a unique and important series of events in the life of Corum Jhaelen Irsei and establishes the particular quest which is necessary for this chapter and then resolves things quite well before foreshadowing the tragedy that seems to fall upon all of Moorcock's long-suffering heroes.

  • Simon Mcleish
    2019-01-17 12:21

    Originally published on my blog here in July 2000.The second novel in The Chronicles of Corum is even more sombre than the first. The Fhoi Mhore continue to overwhelm the world, though only six of them remain - the warmth of the world is killing them even as they destroy it. Yet mankind is unwilling to unite against them, using the excuse that the High King Amergrim has not ordered them to do so. He is unable to, having been captured by the Fhoi Mhore and enchanted to think himself a sheep (Moorcock presumably being inspired by the fate of Nebuchadnezzar in the book of Daniel). In this novel, then, Corum's task is to rescue Amergrim and obtain the items needed for a counterspell - Sidhe talismans, the Oak and the Ram.As always in Moorcock, the background is particularly strong, with a universal sense of decay (both in the institutions of men and in the slow sinking into death of the Fhoi Mhore). The only real characters in this novel are Corum and his companions; all the others are marginalised, and their adventures are only important to hold the attention while the reader soaks in the background.

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2018-12-21 10:06

    Corum fighting to save those who once would have destroyed him trying to get what's needed to achieve this (the Oak and Ram). This is a much, much darker series than the first trilogy of Prince Corum. The books are still absorbing, still filled with action and still good story telling.This is an interesting Trilogy something of a retelling of the Irish legend of the Silver Hand. It could be looked at as tying the Eternal Champion Cycle into the history we know and Mr. Moorcock's Million Spheres. While I dropped the rating here to 3 stars it has to do with my own experience of the trilogy. It's well written and well told, but very, very dark. Of course if you've read the Irish legends, the other versions of them and books based on them it could be little else.

  • Mark
    2018-12-22 09:00

    Book 5 of the Chronicle of Corum, from what I recall I liked it quite a bit. This second trilogy (coming after the Swords Trilogy - the first part of the Chronicles of Corum), deal with the return of Corum, displaced into a legendary realm replete with figures and customs from Celtic mythology and culture respectively. It is somewhat more tragically oriented than the original series (a series based in the tragedy of the extinction of Corum's race), as the incarnation of the Eternal Champion embodied in Corum, continues to fulfill his destiny in a world that called him to itself to address its own dangers and needs. It was quite a good book, especially for those interested in Celtic mythology.Four Stars * * * *

  • Shannon Appelcline
    2019-01-08 09:02

    This second volume of the second Corum series loses some of the strong Celtic flavor of the predecessor, in large part due to the appearance of Jhary and Gaynor who bring the problems of the multiverse back to Corum's door. This offers some interesting connections, but results in a story that isn't as strongly thematic as what comes before. It also feels a bit repetitive, as Corum discovers more treasures, makes a slight gain with them, then they disappear.

  • Timothy Boyd
    2019-01-17 10:56

    The first set of the Eternal Champion books I read. Very interesting, very tortured main character. Great fantasy set. Highly recommended.

  • Eloi Puig
    2018-12-31 05:58

    Ressenya en català:ña en castellano:

  • Robert
    2019-01-11 06:16

    Haven't read a page of this in over a year. I must've read 30+ Moorcock fantasy novels in my life to date and once you know the formula it's pretty hard for works like this to shine.

  • Arax Miltiadous
    2018-12-24 08:07

    επικός και ο κορουμ αλλά συγκριτικά με τον ελρικ ... φθίνουσα πορεία ..however τα καλύτερα βιβλία φανταστικής λογοτεχνίας που έχω διαβάσει!