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Alice Ayre is no ordinary teenager. She took her first name from a statue in Central Park, pulled her last name out of the air (literally), and she’s actually almost a thousand years old. In fact, the only “ordinary” thing about Alice is that she’s in love.Alice was a sylphid—a winged air spirit—when she spotted Daniel Field camping in the Adirondacks and lost her heart toAlice Ayre is no ordinary teenager. She took her first name from a statue in Central Park, pulled her last name out of the air (literally), and she’s actually almost a thousand years old. In fact, the only “ordinary” thing about Alice is that she’s in love.Alice was a sylphid—a winged air spirit—when she spotted Daniel Field camping in the Adirondacks and lost her heart to the handsome NYU student. Intangible to the human senses, her only hope of winning his heart resides in becoming mortal, even though transmutation is forbidden by Paralda, ruler of the air. Risking punishment, however, seems a small price to pay for a chance at true happiness. Tracking down Daniel in New York City ends up being surprisingly easy. Getting noticed by him for all the right reasons is another story, especially when the human world keeps tossing challenges in Alice’s path. Just when she’s mastered zippers and buttons, she catches herself dropping a sugar packet into her coffee and mistaking a photo of John Lennon for one of Daniel’s relatives. Her eccentricities raise the occasional eyebrow with Daniel and his friends, but her quirky charm, sweetness, and sincerity win out. Before long, she lands a job, begins a relationship with Daniel, and starts settling into her new life—until her past comes after her....

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Thin Air Reviews

  • TheBookAddictedGirl
    2019-01-05 11:51

    Aeris is a sylphid, a spirit of the air. She is considered especially beautiful, even for her fair kind, and is desired by all the sylphs, even King Paralda himself. But none of them are of any interest to her. Until Aeris does the forbidden: she falls in love with a human called Daniel. All she longs for is to have the chance to be with him, but as a sylphid, that is impossible. So Aeries makes the only choice that seems bearable for her, even though it has been banned by Paralda. She chooses to be transmuted – transformed into a flesh-and-blood human. Changing her name to Alice Ayre, she sets out to find her love. The worst she was expecting was that she would have to compete with Daniel’s current girlfriend. Instead, her past catches up with her. And it will not let go, will not go away, until…I expected an airy-fairy tale when I picked Thin Air up. That was not what I got. Sure, there were fairy beings. But there were also humans. There was the worst of humanity – assault, death – and the best – love, hope, friendship. Altogether, this combination of magic and realism was outstanding – above and beyond anything I expected. It had the beauty of faeries and a gritty realism that almost made everything one-hundred-per-cent believable.Aeris was rather proud, although she loved her friend Tempesta, her home and her sister spirits. And she really did love what she was – being at one with the air. She was so full of life, of passion, so strong. Once human, Alice Ayre became less proud and more vulnerable. Some of her reactions to human things were really cute and funny! Although, some of them were totally cringe worthy. She was really naïve, yet really mature at the same time. I can’t wait to see where her character goes. The one thing I hope for? That she may be more sure in herself, more confident in her strength. She was just a little damsel-in-distress at times… Which was unnecessary, ‘cause she was stronger than she thought she was… Daniel Field was a sweetie, artistic, a musician. He was really nice to Alice, even when she made big blunders. And he was the cutest! I mean, he had a collection of pigs. And he named them. How adorable? I love him. He was strong, sweet, accepting, darn adorable. The dream boyfriend. The only thing he may lack: witty sarcasm! Which is made up for by…Dante Sinclair, who was wonderful. He was warm, fun, sweet and great. And he was in the theatre program at NYU, “studying to be a drama queen”. Plus: such a sweetie! He was hilarious, slightly snarky and eccentric. And my own personal favourite! Dante rocks!The rest of the characters were wonderful, a wide variety of personalities. Shane, Dante’s wonderful boyfriend, who had a snake called Lady Gag-Gag (he and Dante were the cutest!). Wren, who was blind and got “feelings” that were never wrong. Her boyfriend, Nicky, who was a real sweetie. The rich Giovanni Accello, jolly, kind and an aspiring jeweller. Delilah, Daniel’s girlfriend, who was cold, evil, possessive and plain horrible (in my opinion). And another favourite of mine, who wasn’t in it much at all: Terra, an air spirit who helped Alice out at the beginning. I loved him, and would really, really like to see more of him in the next book… (hint, hint).What was amazing about this book was the world Seresin created. All the different beings were intriguing. The sylphids and sylphs of the air. The undine of the water. The gnomes of the earth. The salamanders of the fire. Flower spirits. Forest spirits. For them, there was no death, no pain, no hunger. They were practically immortal. And, of course, the whole seeing-the-world-through-a-spirit’s-eyes was fascinating. Aeris had no idea what pain was, or hunger. She had no clue about anything. I mean, she didn’t know what a statue was. This was a great read. It was addictive and new: wonderful. I may not have been a big fan of the violence, but – while it shocked me at times – it was needed in an odd way. Alice had to see the bad side to get the most from the good side, if that makes any sense. Horrible, yes. But Alice just had to know – how horrible humans can be, I mean.As for the writing… it was beautiful, lyrical and so Alice. I was entranced by its style, actually stunned. From the way this lady writes, this book should be sitting on a shelf at Waterstones, if you ask me. She even made love-at-first-sight work! Which is, as many of us know, an impressive, impressive success. Still not 100% convinced by the sex scene... it didn't really seem to fit, in my opinion... And, while some twists were rather obvious, others took me completely by surprise. ‘Though, I gotta say, not entirely convinced by the justice in the book…Even so, I can’t wait to see what Lynn brings out next – especially if it has Dante and Alice and Daniel in it! (And maybe Terra?) I loved the airy-fairy side to the story: the romance, the characters. The humanity was shown at its best, its worst. It was completely new and different. I can’t wait for Friendly Fire!

  • KristinAragon
    2018-12-19 13:12

    I cannot tell you how much I adored this book, especially Lynn’s characters. They are an amazing group of individuals that are bound by friendship and comradery. As you know, I always like to tell you a little about the characters so you know who you are reading about, so here they are…Aeris – (AKA…Alice Ayre) is a sylphid who chooses to risk everything she has ever known for the one she loves. She is beautiful, talented, and…well, lonely as a sylphid. She must leave the only life, the only home, she knows to complete her life.Terra – is a good friend to Aeris; although, they have little interaction in this book, I truly enjoyed the small role he played in Thin Air and hope to see more of him in Friendly Fire. Tempesta – is Aeris’s well-meaning sister who fears for her safety and happiness when it comes to love.Paralda – is the demanding and vengeful king of the Air Elementals.Gob – is the king of the Earth Elementals. He is the only one that can give Aeris what she needs to become human.Daniel – is a young man of the human breed that Aeris gives her heart to.Delilah – is, well, a bitch! I just can’t describe her in any other way. Even Daniel, her boyfriend, knows she is a terrible example of a human being.Rose Quartz – is a lovely woman who helps Aeris, now Alice, find her way into the human world.Ignid – is a great help to Alice – assisting her in finding her one true love, Daniel.Dante – is my favorite character ever. He is extraordinarily fabulous. He is charming, witty, funny, and a true friend to Alice. Actually, Dante is a true friend to everyone he cares about.Shane – is Dante’s other half. They appear to be inseparable. He is loving and supportive of Dante’s singing career and his studies. Shane also helps Alice with some much needed guidance in her new world.Wren – is a blind young woman – dating Nicki – who befriends Alice. Wren has a certain “sixth” sense about trouble and is quick to warn Alice when trouble arises.Nicki – is Wren’s boyfriend.Giovoni – owns the “palace” that is home to Daniel, Shane, Wren, Nicki, and eventually, Alice.Ray – is a friend of Dante and Daniel. Ray is the owner of a bar that the gang frequents. He has plenty of his own secrets to hide. Could he be friend or foe? One can only guess.Now, here are a couple of my favorite passages:“With Gob having narrowed their search to New York City, Paralda’s assassins will kill every woman who resembles you in the hopes that they’ll eventually find and destroy you. Humans have a special name for murderers of this sort – serial killers, they’re called.” – Ray“I slid my leg over his and frowned at the rough feel of denim against my naked thigh. “I liked it better when you weren’t wearing any pants.”…Laughing softly, he kissed my forehead. “That can easily be arranged.” Without another word, her reached down and began to wriggle out of his jeans, thrashing against the confines of the sleeping bag as he did so…”(Sorry, am a sap for a good love scene, and nope…I’m not telling you who said that quote! You will just have to read the book.)So now that you know something about the characters, I suppose we should talk a little about the story.I have read plenty of books about Fae and even a couple that mention Elementals; but, Thin Air is enticingly different from any other novel I have read. The beginning of the book felt more plot driven and seemed a little sluggish to me; however, by the time Aire meets Terra and starts her voyage to find Gob, I was completely consumed. At this point the book shifts to a character driven adventure and things really come to life. Alice begins to meet all these wonderful characters who create a loving and sometimes turbulent world.Lynn does an excellent job of bringing her characters to life. I had premonitions of how I should feel about the characters, and for the most part, my feelings were dead on. However, the jury is still out on a few of these “well-meaning” or is it “menacing” works of art. Thin Air is filled with love, heart-ache, drama, and danger. The pace of the book was perfect to keep me flipping the pages well past bedtime. If you are a lover of mythology or tales of fae…I believe you will more than love this book – you will covet this book.Recently, I have read several books that include characters that enjoy an alternative lifestyle and I truly appreciate authors who embrace this element. Lynn made Dante’s and Shane’s relationship seem so effortless and surrounded them with people who truly appreciate them as the wonderful people they are.

  • carole
    2019-01-13 11:09

    Thin Air is a wonderfully poetic kind of book. The story begins when Alice or Aeris, is an Air Spirit with blue hair, blue eyes, and transparent skin. She cannot find love in her realm of cloud making and peaceful existence and deep down seems to fear she never will. When she sees Daniel, a normal "En Why You" student everything changes for her. She finds herself thinking about him all the time and makes up her mind to become human to meet him, but once she does this she can never come back to her world.The beginning, much like many fantasy books, has a lot of information to get a hold of. The elemental plane that Lynn describes is nothing like anything I've read in other books. It's original and very interesting to think about and at the same I could see it being a little confusing, so if you do decide to check it out (which I highly recommend) take your time reading it. The story has so many different things going on, it's a real page turner.Alice's experiences when she becomes human and winds up in New York City are very cute and comical. Simple things are foreign to her and with some help she finds him, Daniel, but there's a catch and her name is Delilah. Delilah is kind of crazy, and I appreciated that about her, she's not going down without a fight, definitely respectable.Alice reminded me a lot of Giselle from the Disney film Enchanted. I actually started picturing Alice as Amy Adams (with blonde hair). She has a light, carefree, sweet natured kind of personality that was so adorable to read about. Delilah was her stark opposite and that made things very interesting.Throughout the book as Alice learns pain and drama her demeanor reflects that she becomes more well rounded but keeps her child like nature. Lynn Seresin does a wonderful job creating these two very different settings that Alice ventures through, the one she was born into and the one she chooses to be part of.Lynn is a very talented author who has character making down to an art. In addition to Daniel and Alice we are introduced to all of Daniel's close friends. There is no shortage of funny one liners and adorable scenes featuring all of them. Normally I can pick a favorite background cast member, if you will, but in this book I loved them all so much. They are all very different and hilarious.I really enjoyed Thin Air and this is definitely a love story, and it's done so well and includes so many other aspects from murder to adventure and friendship. It's a great book for fans of fantasy romance books. There are some sexually explicit parts, nothing too bad but I'd definitely say 13 and up for this one.

  • The Fairytale Nerd
    2019-01-04 06:51

    4.5 stars!!!Amazing book! It grabbed me from page one, and didn't let me go until the last page! Full Review at The Fairytale Nerd.Daniel Field is My Book Boyfriend #3. Read about him here.LOCATION/SETTING:The story is initially set on a mountaintop, a place where mountain-dwelling sylphs or air elementals live. Imagine living in a cloud. These air spirits make rain, throw clouds, breathe vapors, and form rainbows. Then the setting shifts to modern day New York City after the main character decides that she wants to be human. MAIN CHARACTER:Aeris is the main character of the story. She is basically an air elemental. Even among her kind, she is considered an exceptional beauty. The women envy her, and the men desire her, even their king. (So when she transformed into a human, you can probably guess how beautiful she became!) Aeris is not mated with anyone because she has not found the right one yet. Then one day, Aeris sees Daniel, a handsome twenty year old NYU student, who was camping with his girlfriend. And Aeris realizes she would risk everything to be with Daniel. Ah! Daniel… I love that you have that piggy collection. Daniel is basically everything a girl would need in a friend, and would want in a boyfriend. He is sweet, protective, and romantic. And he cooks too! WHAT THE BOOK IS ABOUT: Aeris is the narrator of the story. As said earlier, the day she laid her eyes on Daniel, she fell in love with him. At first, she was debating with herself whether she wanted to give up being an air spirit for a man she does not even know. Like most first loves, the feeling just got too strong, and Aeris just had to be with the guy, and decided to be human, regardless of whether or not the guy will love her back. Taking such a risk, she went to Gob, the king of the earth spirits, to take this potion that will make her human. Entering the human world, she was guided by other former elementals, pointing to her where NYU is, guiding her on how to act human, and helping her find the guy named Daniel. Eventually, she finds him. Now this is where the funny parts start! Aeris, now a human renamed Alice Ayre, is basically "Ariel with the fork" from Disney's The Little Mermaid. Who knew being human is so difficult? It cannot be denied that there is an instant connection with Daniel, but he is currently in a relationship, and the girl is a bee with an itch from hell. Not only that, Paralda, the king of the air spirits is after Alice as her transformation is against his laws, and now she's being hunted too! As to the love story… yes, this book is one of those instalove relationships, but it works this time! At first, Daniel seemed reserved, but once he was out of his ex-girlfriend’s reach, he couldn’t keep his hands off Alice! The two are just so passionate about each other; some of their scenes may be considered too hot for YA. LOVE:This book grabbed me from page one, and held me steady until I reached the last page! It didn't feel like I was reading an indie book! Smooth-flowing story line, vivid descriptions, well-formed characters. Amazing!(Although I am very intrigued by Terra, and I would love to read more about him! What can I say, I'm a sucker for supernatural boys!) The author beautifully described the place where air elementals live, how they form clouds and make rainbows for fun. It made me want to go there and be one myself! And I love that this book tackled diversity - in sexual orientation, in race, even in tastes in art and hobbies. The author did not hold back on some of the realities that today’s youth are facing. NO LOVE:I didn't like Alice. Don't get me wrong here, I love the book! It's just that I preferred Aeris over Alice. I like Alice better when she was still not human because at that time, she was independent and didn't need anyone to protect her. Now after her transformation, she became this damsel in distress, always in need of saving! SIMILAR READS:Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel The Little Mermaid CONTENT REVIEW: profanity: moderate violence: moderate sexual content: heavy mature themes: moderate age recommendation: 15+

  • Jennifer
    2018-12-22 05:55

    Thin Air was a great read. I enjoyed every minute of this book. It kept me company while on a plane ride. Since the main character was an air spirit it seemed suitable to read the book while in an airplane up in the clouds. What I liked: • The use of elementals. Usually I read books that have vampires, fairies, angels, or something like that. In this book the main character is a sylphid. The book references elementals that represent fire, earth, water, and air. I hadn’t read a book like this before and I was quite taken. • Characters. I love a good character and this book was full of them. Aeris is the main character and the story is told by her. As an air spirit she is the envy of all the females and all the males want to be her mate. As a human she is beautiful. She comes across as a little naive but that is just because she has to learn how to be human. She has to learn about eating, wearing clothes, saying the right things, and reading. As an air spirit she was confident and in control. As a human she is unsure and helpless. She does have a moment towards the end where she displays her confidence and control. Daniel is a human who captures Aeris’s heart. Daniel is in a relationship that isn’t all that great. He is such a nice guy that he seems a push over at times. He has great qualities that I like. He is a musician which is a plus. He is loyal, supportive, and he even has a piggy collection. What is not to like? Oh yeah, he has green eyes. I am a goner there. Another great character that didn’t get much time but made an impact on me none the less is Terra. Terra is an earth dwelling sylph that helps Aeiris seek the king of the gnomes so she can become human. Terra is a character that for a moment I wished Aeris would love. I would love to know more about him. As a human Aeiris assumes the name Alice. One of Alice’s first friends is Dante. Dante is someone I would want as a friend. He has style and sass. His comments on certain events in the story had me snickering. • The overall story line drew me in. I am usually not a sucker for love at first sight but in this book it worked for me. I guess because Alice was not human at the time she first laid eyes on Daniel made the difference for me. She was curious about Daniel and his green eyes sealed the deal (I’m a sucker for green eyes). I also liked that when Alice was finally human and sought Daniel out she had to work for it. Daniel was in a relationship already even though it wasn’t a good one. She had to fight for him. The aspect of elements played out throughout the whole story. Alice found that she was not the only one who ever left the elemental realm for love. The author provided themes of love, diversity, tolerance, and friendship all in a wonderful package of a story. What I didn’t like: As Aeris/Alice becomes human there are times in the story where she shows that she doesn’t understand being human and does silly things but then in other instances she knows exactly what is going on. For example, she doesn’t know how to open a can of soda since as an air spirit they don’t hunger or thirst. Someone shows her how to open the can. She doesn’t know to open the sugar packet before putting it in her coffee so she puts the whole packet in. At another time she sees someone using a cell phone and knows exactly what it is. It’s just a little thing to notice but I figured if she was truly learning about being human why would she know what a cell phone is when she saw someone using one? This by no means took away from me liking the story. It was just a little inconsistency that I thought about while reading. My overall feeling about this story is that I loved it. I liked the use of elementals. The story was just the right amount of romance, action, and humor. I recommend Thin Air to everyone who loves to read a great story.

  • Kris
    2019-01-02 06:05

    General CommentsOverall, I thought Thin Air told the cutest story, with an interesting array of characters and a more-than-interesting storyline. However, the first thing that really comes to mind when I think about Thin Air is that O-M-G, I cannot wait to read the next one! I’m pretty big on beginnings but this time I can’t get my mind over the ending as well as an excerpt from the next one. I went bug-eyed and was doing the whole did-she-seriously-end-there?-Oh-no-she-didn’t! But alas she did, and now I have to wait. Why must people taunt me in such a fashion?Critical ReviewAuthor’s POV/ Voice:Thin Air is written in the first person POV using the past tense and I personally found it to be beautifully written. We are taken through the story by Alice, first in her sylphid form, that’s an air elemental, and then in her human form. I really loved that I could feel Alice coming through the words from the very starts. Her very language was airy and sweet and I felt like I was in her head, experiencing every thought along with her.Characters:Alice Ayre is probably one of the sweetest female protagonists that I have ever seen in YA. Sweet, loving, most definitely too trusting, and extremely naive, a trait that she has due to her time as a sylphid. I immediately liked her, however, after awhile her naïveté began to wear me down a bit. Yes I understood she was still getting used to the human world, but as much as I tried to remember that, I still wanted to shake her a little. At other times I found it hard to connect with her and her and any emotions she had that weren’t her great love for Daniel. I really wanted to feel more of her and I didn’t.There is a very large cast of diverse characters in this story. We have Daniel, Delilah, all of Daniel’s friends, other transformed elementals, and other human characters. Each was used to further the story, to help Ariel develop as a person, and to help us learn more about Ariel. At times, they felt a bit flat to me. None of them was truly extremely developed but somehow that complemented the general ease of the flow of the story.Storyline/ Plot:Now this story was very Little Mermaid-esque. It involved a non-human girl falling in love with a human boy and becoming human to win his love. Then the story took on its own life. We really got to watch Alice as she struggled with being human and the way she had to come to terms with the life she left behind. There were a few lulls in the story but they were always followed by some much needed tension that pulled me back in.Cover & Blurb:I really loved the cover here, I thought it was so pretty. And the butterfly reference becomes clear as you read the book but not in a predictable or annoying way. The description really drew me in. An elemental? Really? When was the last time I read a story about one of those and no I am so not counting Water Babies because I was like eleven.Rating ConclusionAll-in-all, I’d have to give Thin Air 3.5 out of 5 stars. The story had a very easy flow to it and was extremely easy to get into but the fact that Alice started to get on my nerves after awhile was a bit off-putting. Then there was the single sex scene between Daniel and Alice and it made me feel extremely awkward. Not because I’m a prude but because Alice seemed so innocent and child-like to me, I just couldn’t wrap my head around her having sex. Otherwise, this story was extremely enjoyable and very relaxing. I never had to force myself to pick it back up and that’s a big thing for me.For more reviews check out my book blog: Words That Fly

  • P.E.
    2018-12-22 07:02

    Thin Air was a love story with action. a fantastic cast of characters, and a really interesting world. What would you give up for love? If you're Alice, you'd do quite a lot. What's apparent early on while reading was the singular writing style. I don't usually talk about the writing as I'm no particular expert but there was so much distinctive voice here that made Thin Air feel different from other reads. I liked it and I thought it fit the novel well. It appeared elegant and whimsical, almost lyrical for me. If this book was a dance, it would definitely be contemporary/modern.The world concept is intriguing. It's the kind of world you wouldn't mind knowing more about. Instead of regular fairies, there are elementals which are invisible spirits that are kind of in charge of nature (in a way). I enjoyed learning about elementals and their hierarchies. Salamanders in particular interest me, as do the specifics of how everything works.I also really liked the variety of characters. The "gang" (Shane, Nicky, Wren, Daniel, Giovanni, and DANTE!!) were awesome. Guess who I liked reading the most about? The characters were unique in the way that they were very people like and not all the same. They each had problems and distinguishing characteristics and I would love more from them. I loved how Wren had feelings or how spontaneous and funny Dante was. Shane was so sweet in helping Alice and Giovanni was a character I wouldn't mind spending more time with. They were all decent, real people which was so refreshing. Thin Air was very fairy tale-ish. By that I mean there were many times when I questioned how real the story could be. Sometimes situations seemed slightly too convenient. For example, when Alice was learning how to be human there were times when I thought she should have had more difficulty but that wasn't really needed for the story. This didn't take away from the story but it's something I noticed. I recommend just enjoying Thin Air and accepting what happens. Now, on to the love part of the story. Something I know some people may not like is the insta-love. Thin Air has that, but at the time Alice is an air elemental so you know she acts differently. Maybe it's an elemental thing. Also, Thin Air is all about what happens because of that love so I think it can be justified. I was rooting for Daniel and Alice and I liked reading about them falling in love. Daniel's protectiveness was adorable. Daniel himself won me over early on. Pigs! :)The plot was NOT what I was expecting at all. There were sweet scenes and scenes where my jaw dropped. The villain at the end fit and though I would have liked more development for them, I thought they were as good a villain as many. All throughout the book there was an urgent feel and I was constantly nervous for Alice. I'm certain she'll be fine though if she sticks to Daniel.There was more dark material and mature subject matter in Thin Air than you'd expect. All the characters were in college and there were some disturbing scenes so I wouldn't recommend this to younger readers. I was actually so shocked at some of the events. Alice didn't have an easy time.Overall, Thin Air is an original, fantastical tale of love with danger mixed in. There's a colorful cast of lovable characters and the book will leave you wanting more. You'll still be satisfied though- the book is long enough to give you that plus it ends without a real cliffhanger. There is mystery though! 4 stars,****

  • Melissa (i swim for oceans)
    2018-12-22 07:59

    Alice is anything but ordinary, but she'd do anything necessary to fit in. She's a Sylphid, a spirit of the air, but a mere human made her want to be more, or less, according to her species. She wants to be mortal. Mortality has a price though, and whether Alice is ready to pay it or not is a serious question. Daniel might be the man of her dreams, but there are rules that Alice must break to find the one she is destined to be with. There's a chance she will fit in famously, but there's always a chance that her past will come back to haunt her.Thin Air breathes new life into the paranormal genre, introducing readers to an entirely new type of being. Rather than inundating us with the common vampire or werewolf, we're given the ethereal, and we watch as it mingles and bleeds into real life. Author Lynn Seresin has wrote a tale of love and destiny, foremost, then added the paranormal into the mix, giving us the best of both worlds. With intricately detailed prose and a light, almost serene writing style, we can feel the world of air, fire, water and earth spirits. Thin Air risks it all with a new measure of the paranormal and allows the reader to delve into the elemental.There was touch of brilliance behind Thin Air. Truly, it's a beautiful and unique story, blending elemental spirits into a very humanity-driven novel. We are introduced to Sylphs, who are air spirits, Salamanders, who are fire spirits), Gnomes, who are earth spirits and Undines, who are water spirits. It's an entirely new world within Thin Air, but the author develops the paranormal element very well, balancing it well with the necessary characterization. The setting of Thin Air was also done extremely well. Based on Greenwich Village in New York City, the backdrop of the novel is vivid and alive, lending to the urban aspect of the urban fantasy genre. Daniel and Alice, as a couple, were well-rounded, though I struggled with how quickly Delilah was pushed aside upon Alice's introduction. The other main issue that I had, honestly, had to be with how sweet and serendipitous the evolving relationship was and how abruptly sex was thrown into the mix. Now, I don't mind sex in YA books, but I want to see a true evolution, and I felt it was sudden and rushed and, to be honest, a bit out of place. The ending was also bit hasty for my liking, but at the same time, it did have that element that made you desperate for the next book.All in all, Thin Air was a good book. Perhaps it wasn't my absolute favourite book, but it was fresh and original, which counts for a lot! I give it a strong 3.5 out of 5, and I highly recommend it fans of YA, especially those who enjoy paranormal, paranormal romance and urban fantasy.I received this book free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review. This, in no way, affected my opinion or review of this book.

  • Jamie
    2018-12-20 06:03

    Thin Air is so good. It is very interesting and fun to read. Alice was once a sylphid, a winged air spirit. She lived in the elemental realm making clouds. One day she ventured to the mountains where she spotted the guy of her dreams, Daniel. She instantly falls in love with him. She has heard that she can go to Gob, a king of another realm and be made human. Once she does this there is no turning back. She knows nothing of Daniel except she thinks he might live in New York City. Alice decides to leave everything she has ever known to become human and search for Daniel. The first few chapters or so focus on Aeris aka Alice when she is living as a sylphid. I didn't really enjoy this part of the book but it was short so it didn't really matter to me. The story gets really interesting and fun when Alice becomes human and lands in NYC. Her she meets a couple of elementals that have been human for many years. They get her started and one even helps her find Daniel in the first day or so. The only problem is that Daniel has a girlfriend named Delilah, and she is crazy jealous. Alice meets Daniel's roommates to begin with and they invite her to live with them. They think she is from upstate New York and has just moved to the city with nothing. Things end up not working out very quickly for Daniel and Delilah, which I was glad cause I didn't like her at all. Daniel and Alice begin dating and things are going really good. Then she learns that she is in danger. I am not going to give anything else away about the plot. Dont' want to spoil it for anyone.I will say that I really enjoyed all the characters, except for Delilah. I loved Dante and would love to be friends with him. He is so funny, loves to shop and is a great singer. I also really enjoyed seeing or reading through Alice's eyes what it is like to not know anything about being human. The simple things that we take for granted everyday she had to learn very quickly and without anyone noticing. I would highly recommend reading this. It is really good, there is romance, action and suspense. It is very well written. I am looking forward to reading the sequel. This e-book was provided to me by the author for review. This did not affect my review in any way.

  • Avery
    2019-01-17 05:03

    ***May contain spoilers***When I first started reading this book and learning of the world of Elementals I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by its cuteness (sylphids, faerie-like creatures, flying about day in and day out, making clouds, rainbows, and the likes of)- there were countless times I literally "Awwww"ed out loud while reading the book. But then I was quite taken aback by something that happened in the book. Sex. Now don't get me wrong, I am not a prude when it comes to sex in books whatsoever- I think that there is a time and place for it/ for it to be successfully done but I don't think that it was entirely successful in this book and I think that it didn't fit the overall feel of the book. The cutesy-ness/ innocence of the book and its characters- elements which had completely defined the first bit of the book were gone, replaced by a borderline obsessive feel (basically Alice, as a sylphid, stumbles across Daniel, the boy that she falls in love with, having sex with his girlfriend. Being invisible Alice is able to watch the entire dealio and is able to position herself in a way that she feels/ thinks she is the one having sex with Daniel and not his girlfriend. I just found it all to be very awkward and borderline voyeuristic). *I should make note that the sex in the book wasn't overly graphic, like you would find in an adult PNR/ UF book, but I personally felt that it was more graphic than the large majority of YA books that do contain sex- ie. "Desires of the Dead" by Kimberly Derting or the "Vampire Academy" series by Richelle Mead AND I should make note that I am in no means getting involved in the 'should there be sex in YA books?' debate.*Somewhat awkward sex scene set aside, I did quite enjoy the book overall because of it originality (it was unlike anything I have ever read before) and its characters. Alice was generally a very sweet, albeit naive, character, while Daniel was a true knight in shining armor- putting her safety before his own in every single instance. Furthermore, Dante, Wren, and Shane were the most well developed and likeable secondary characters I have ever had the pleasure of reading before.

  • Michelle
    2018-12-30 06:55

    This book is really unique. In a good way. I enjoyed reading this story from start to finish. It made me cringe in embarrassment for the characters a few times, but that was because of the situations they were in. This is the story of an air spirit that becomes human to go after the boy she fell in love with. and oh yea, he has a girlfriend (of course). It seems like such a hard relationship to make work. Logistically, there are just a ton of things that have to happen. First you need to find him, even if you narrow him down to just the US, that is still huge! Then you have to figure out how being a human even works, and then you need to make him fall in love with you. It seems like there is a lot that needs to happen, and I was worried when I first started reading the book that the story had the potential to be very unrealistic. But I was so pleasantly surprised with how everything was laid out and how it all unfolded and worked itself out. everything was super hard for Alice/Aeris. Even little things like using utensils. It was those little details that I really loved. If you had never observed human culture and you just popped into human existence one day, you would not know how to do anything! And Alice didn't. I'm surprised more people didn't think she was super strange. I guess it helped how pretty she was. That is the one thing that Alice has going for her- she is gorgeous. And true to form in the real world, being extra pretty seemed to help her in some situations. I liked Daniel as well. I read books 1 and 2 back to back, so it's a bit hard for me to separate my feelings for him in book 1 with those in book 2. He seemed to change a lot, but here he is just a cute smitten boy. I really liked him! I love when Alice finds the "A" song on his song idea board in his room. Too cute. Overall, Thin Air is a really good book! I enjoyed it a lot, and I grew attached to Alice. I am really liking this series. I'm interested to see where it is going to go from here. My review of book 2 is coming later today!

  • Sarah (Inklings Read)
    2019-01-14 07:53

    This is one of those indie books that makes me wonder why it hasn’t already been picked up by a publisher. I feel that with further editing and a few other changes, This Air could be a young adult hit!The elemental world was fleshed out so well in Thin Air! I was hooked on the beautiful descriptions from the start. Seresin has a poetic writing style that I absolutely fell in love with. This style really showed through when she was writing about emotion and love. For example, I think she did a wonderful job expressing Aeris’ desperate longing for Daniel. Seresin managed to make Aeris’ love for Daniel believable, even if initially seemed out of place.As far as the plot goes, I found it to be quite predictable. Being predictable however, did not take away from my enjoyment of the story and of the writing. I found that the story’s strongest points were the beginning and the end. In the beginning, I just loved reading about the naiveté and innocence that Aeris possessed once she became human. Seresin did a great job making Aeris’ transformation to a human realistic. It was reminiscent of the 1984 mermaid film, Splash, starring Tom Hanks. Unfortunately, Thin Air did hit some dry spells in the middle for me. During that time, some circumstances and events seemed forced to push the story along. Overall I found the story to be enjoyable, but predictable.I found the romance between Alice (Aeris’ human name) and Daniel to be cute and sultry (if that makes sense). They had some great chemistry from the start. Despite my love for Daniel, I secretly hoped for a love triangle between Alice, Daniel, and Terra. I would like to see Terra make an appearance in the second book! *crosses fingers*It’s not often that you see books about elementals. This would be my first, but I don’t think it will be my last. I’m definitely looking forward to reading the second installment in the Thin Air Saga! Thin Air had a strong ending and left me wanting to find out what happens next! ht

  • CrystalBookSnob
    2018-12-23 06:05

    When I first received Thin Air in the mail, I was so surprised by how thick it is. I even kind of avoided because of the length. But then my review book started piling up and I made a decision to just get through them no matter what. And I literally read Thin Air in less than two days! The first aspect of the book that really pulled me in was the sheer creativity of the characters. I have never read a book where the author turned the simple elements of the environment into actual creatures that make the wind blow or the rain fall. It caught my curiosity so immediately that I instantly wanted to know more about the elementals. I really enjoyed the supernatural world that Seresin created. Just above the clouds, live a type of elementals called the air sylphids. Their main job is to make the clouds which is pretty cool. I wish my job was to just make clouds! So after living for years and years without mating with one of her own, she falls in love with a human and eventually decides that she needs to become human herself to truly be happy.The only thing I didn’t like about this book was how fast she found Daniel. She was thrown in the middle of New York City, completely naked, without even a name and she manages to find Daniel within a matter of hours. It seems a little unlikely to me but I guess her story with Daniel was more important than her journey to find Daniel.My most favorite parts of the book were when she was figuring out how to be a human and to do normal things that we do every day. They were really funny and it made me realize how often we take for granted normal things like eating or opening a can of coke. Even though the ending was happy, there’s also this cliff hanger that makes me want to know what’s going to happen next or if she will ever be safe! And I must say this Daniel must be damn good-looking for so many women to be in love with him! I really enjoyed this book and it really is different, exciting and very creative! Definitely worth the read.

  • Rebecca
    2019-01-02 05:50

    I quite enjoyed reading Thin Air. When I started it I kept thinking, wow this reminds me a little of The Little Mermaid and then I found out that it was roughly based on The Little Mermaid so I thought that was really cool.I found the idea of the elemental people to be really interesting. It intrigued me how the sylphs and sylphids worked in their ethereal plane. One thing that really surprised me was how mean some of the sylphs and sylphids could be towards the others, I just thought they would all get along really well.My one biggest complaint was that the description on Goodreads details a good portion of the book and so I was reading through it and there were parts that tried to be suspenseful but they weren’t because I had read the description and so I knew what was going to happen anyway.While I found a lot of the story to be quite predictable I was quite surprised by the ending as it wasn’t what I had expected at all. I thought I knew how the book was end, i.e who would be the bad guy and the battle/fight that would ensue but I was really surprised.My favourite character was Dante. He just added so much to the table and you couldn’t help but absolutely love him. Shane and Daniel were both pretty awesome too. They were just really down to earth and genuinely nice and I always like that in a character.Alice herself was quite interesting too. I thought it was quite interesting just how she didn’t understand the way the world works and I thought it was funny that she tried to do things that normal people just would not do.Overall, I enjoyed Thin Air. It was pleasant enough but I did find some parts to be a little slow. There was one thing that I thought was missing from the story but I’m hoping it will be in future books. I also really loved a lot of the characters. Either way, I enjoyed Thin Air and I think that anyone who is a fan of The Little Mermaid will quite like this one as it is very similar.

  • Chanel
    2019-01-02 11:08

    I give this a 4.5. WHY ARENT MORE PEOPLE READING THIS.If there was more detailed emotion I would have given it a 5. I really love this book..I just can’t put it into words at the moment. I love the beginning of the book seeing the ethereal world through Aeris. Everything is so descriptive then. I have to say it’s great that Lynn Seresin has included gay MAIN characters in the story, but I feel like Dante and Shane are just uninformed peoples image of the “stereotypical gay couple’. A New York gay couple at that. Shane is well…just Shane. And Dante well he’s femininely beautiful, likes to wear: tight leather pants, eyeliner, eye shadow, and glitter, does theater and SINGS in a band. Oh and they both appear to be fans of Lady Gaga. And all the constant “cute bantering’, which isn’t really so cute…just kind of bugs me a little.And the scene with Delilah ***SPOILER*****I understand that she was a deranged psycho jealous woman and that she wouldn’t stop until Alice and Daniel were dead but the fact that he was so ready to kill her with no hesitation was just strange to me. He’s still human he has never killed someone before yet he was just all ”IT’S THE ONLY WAY”. I don’t think any other human would be so calm with that choice. He decided on that easier than someone decides what they are going to eat for lunch

  • Savannah (Books With Bite)
    2019-01-09 05:52

    I like this book introduce me to such a different world. Immediately I was intrigued and kept reading wanting to know more about the book. One thing that grabbed me was the change of the character. I love it when a character is thrown into a whole new world that she has never seen before and doesn't know the rules. I was amused by her questions and curiosity of earth.While I enjoyed the plot line, I had a hard time connecting with the characters and her feelings for Daniel. I can understand her curiosity but some of the things she did was really elaborated. I just couldn't connected with her when instead of getting the feeling of falling in love she was more obsessed with him.I did enjoy the plot line. I liked that her past came back to haunt her and played a big role in an future decisions. I liked that she grew strong over a short period of time to fight for what she believed in. As the reader, the good vs. evil plot really help bring more out of the book. I felt the fight, but most importantly I felt the strength in the characters coming into who they are.This is a great book for a fast read on adventure and finding who you are. If you like an different earth planes, newbies to earth, and fighting, then this book is just for you.(*sex scene)

  • Tahlia Newland
    2019-01-03 13:00

    When I first started reading this, I thought it was very young, fluffy clouds stuff, but the further into the book I went the more mature it became and it turned into a very good book. The author's talent is in her characters and the way they interact. She introduces us to a wonderful bunch of friends and I loved every one of them. I did find the antagonist a little one sided though. It made me wonder why a great guy like Daniel would bother with a bitch like her. The other downside was how much the elemental already knew about the human realm, we needed to see that she had observed them at some stage for her to understand all the things she seemed to understand. Some things happened to easily for the protagonist too, but the ending was fabulous. Definitely worth a read and I encourage you all to support this great new indie author.

  • Ameera
    2018-12-26 08:48

    the writer input was impressive and in some how related to a poem i read lately called everyman-from the 15th century-in the manner of building anticipation. it has new ideas slightly different form the repeated plots these days, it kept me interested till the end. and yes now i'm going to read the 2nd book as soon as i'm done with the books on the shelve. thank u lynn.

  • Alexa
    2018-12-31 12:57

    love this book i want terra to be in the next one and i think he will cause i read a preview and a new guy was turned and asked for her by her old name and had brown hair and was quite handsome not the biggest fan of daniel but i love shane and dante and giovanni a bit

  • Aanchal (Book Flame)
    2019-01-08 06:07

    3.5 Starswill have review up soon!

  • Amy Kirchman
    2019-01-05 05:52

    It wad really good.

  • Beckie
    2019-01-12 09:52

    Love this book. A very fun, light and magical read. I will be doing my review for the author @Bittersweet Enchantment on Oct 28.