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Deadly Beasts. Brutal combat. Welcome to Avantia.At the age of seven, Tanner's father was killed in front of him by the evil warlord Derthsin. But his father's death was not in vain and Derthsin was carried away to his doom by a good Beast, Firepos the Flame Bird. Now, eight years later, another evil army is wreaking havoc across Avantia. But Tanner has been training withDeadly Beasts. Brutal combat. Welcome to Avantia.At the age of seven, Tanner's father was killed in front of him by the evil warlord Derthsin. But his father's death was not in vain and Derthsin was carried away to his doom by a good Beast, Firepos the Flame Bird. Now, eight years later, another evil army is wreaking havoc across Avantia. But Tanner has been training with Firepos, waiting to avenge his father's death. There is something familiar about this new menace, who rides with a Beast of his own. The evil army is after the pieces of the Mask of Death--which allows whoever wears it to control all Beasts. Tanner sets off on a journey to stop them. Along the way, he encouters twins Gwen and Geffen, who hold the map to finding the remaining pieces....

Title : First Hero
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ISBN : 9780545361606
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First Hero Reviews

  • Nurete
    2019-05-06 16:49

    Gory and bloody. I don't know why people are saying this is a good book for kids. Too many people get violently killed in it. It gave my 9 year old son nightmares and he is not the squeamish type.

  • Erik
    2019-05-17 23:49

    This book simply has horrible writing. I know that it is aimed at 3rd grade readers (and I'd say probably more like lower 4th & 5th grade readers), but even taking that into account, I found this to be an unfortunate book. The story and the idea is original, but I couldn't get past the writing to enjoy this book at all. For some reason, I also found this book a bit on violent side (a little too detailed).

  • Dan Green
    2019-05-16 23:47

    I picked this up looking for something for my kids to read. (spoiler, not giving this to them)I read all four books of this series together, so this review is for the whole series. the books start out OK (I'd have given this book 3 stars), but get progressively worse, ruining the whole story for me.didnt like the pacing of this story, everything feels rushed. what character development there was felt very forced. kids start out fairly normal, then spontaneously become amazing warriors and leaders...One of my biggest peeves is when a story is not internally logical or consistent. couple examples: The prologue to the story is that the bad guy who can control all the "beasts" kills a boys father, then the boy's beast kills him (or at least attempt to) No explanation of how he couldn't control this beast.. In the later books this basically happens: "we've formed an army to help you fight the bad guy" moments later "our army isn't here to fight the bad guy, we just got together for safety in numbers while we forage for food." a few more paragraphs later the army is formed up facing the bad guys ready to storm the castle and we get a generic "rousing " speech to get everyone psyched up that ends with "who's with me?" to which no one speaks up, until we get the delayed volunteering led by one person, then another until the whole army cheers and attacks....the beasts are big enough to ride, carry multiple people,and fling around house sized monsters no problem, but 12yr Olds can sword fight foot soldiers while riding... so how big are these things exacly?anothe issue is that so much of the plot seemed forced, e.g. Main hero is repeatedly about to stop or kill a major bad guy, only to stop at the last second to go do something else. or two of the main characters repeatedly blowing up and brawling with each other?some things were just plain silly or dumb, e.g. a village has been recently attached and all the men and older boys hauled off, except for one (12/13yr old i think?)who is challenging 8yr olds to sword fights and half the village is cheering and applauding him and jeering the 8yr old... or the main character is given a potion to drink by someone who praises the bad guy, then gets possessed and tries to kill the hero, and then the hero decides to trust them and drink the potion.or repeatedly trying to race their beasts while they are trying to sneak up on an armyalso like many have said the violence level isnt appropriate for the target audience. e.g. one kid is tortured, smashed to death in a rock slide, brought back to life as a living rotting corpse to be tortured some more, commits suicide. sorry, this review would not have been so negative if I had reviewed after reading just the first book, but the fourth was so bad it tainted the whole series.

  • Criticalmick
    2019-05-17 21:51

    Warning! The best character in Adam Blade's First Hero is not even in the novel. I read this book to my nine year old, who loved the fantasy and friendship of the original Beast Quest series. Chronicles of Avantia rejects all that imagination and roots around in a juvenaliac mire of graphic violence, guilt and gloom. Whenever there came a description of villagers being slaughtered or people boiled alive, I would make up a bit about Sheepie, Tanner's pet superhero sheep. Now that beast had some fun and adventures! Instead of old ladies being impaled, the First Hero I read had a heroic sheep who head-butted the stock bad guy Gor right outta town. Some inventive dialogue turned the attacking army from bland targets into comical dolts. It got a few laughs. Tanner's wary love interest had a belt full of throwing pastries instead of axes. Ridiculous, yes, but no less stupid than the original text. And don't underestimate the deadliness of a week-old donut. Rock hard, baby!Sheepie won't be making a return. I was lucky to coax my son to the conclusion of his book- he requested reading something else rather than finish the rest of the series. If you have inadvertently picked up this pile of turgid slurry yourself, I only hope that a certain free-roaming brave and cheery sheep charges into your copy and brings along a bit of life. It's easy! All he ever says is "baaa!" It is more interesting and challenging than what "Adam Blade" filled fifteen chapters with.

  • LegendaryUmbreon
    2019-04-20 22:32

    This book was just awful... Of course, it had a good idea, but it plunged way to quickly into the action as a way to "hook" the reader. not only that but the writing is awful as well. The idea for Avantia and The four beasts (technically 5) is good, but it should have been put into the hands of a better writer. I, being 14, could do a better job than Adam. (Sorry Adam but it is entirely true). I had so many more and better ideas that could have been put into this book instead of what did get put into it. If i had a chance to make this book my own i would in a heartbeat.So my final words will be this: Good idea, bad output

  • Sarah Scribner
    2019-05-11 23:50

    I read this at my son's request because he loved this series. It's well written and interesting for a 3rd/4th grader without being overly complicated. I felt like it was a touch violent in the first few chapters - a little too gory for my taste - but overall I liked it.

  • Michael Bafford
    2019-04-20 22:35

    This book was grim and not much else. Too grim for me.

  • Vanalottiel Olanthir
    2019-05-18 18:33

    I first read this book series when I was like, 12, and now going back and reading them again several years later, I'm not too disappointed. The writing and world building is decent, although we get very little background before jumping right into the action. The only reason I wasn't confused is because I've read the book before.However, even though this was written for elementary/middle schoolers, I wouldn't reccomend it for anyone younger than 11 or 12. The descriptions of battle scenes are surprisingly graphic.

  • Sydney
    2019-04-29 19:32

    This is a great book and I love all the adventure and action that Is included .Its a good book if you like Beast Quest .

  • FantasyWereld
    2019-04-26 18:48

    De 15-jarige Willem was nog maar een kind toen voor zijn ogen zijn vader vermoord werd. De kwaadaardige Derzin viel zijn dorp aan en stak alle huizen in brand. Derzins leger nam Willems moeder mee en liet Willems dorp verwoest achter. Derzin zelf werd gedood door Vuurpos, een vlammenvogel die Willem die dag ontmoette. Op die dag veranderde Willems leven voorgoed: Willem bleek namelijk de Uitverkoren Ruiter van Vuurpos te zijn.Na die rampzalige dag keerde de rust terug in Willems dorp en Willem groeide op bij zijn oma. Maar nu dreigt er weer gevaar: het dorp wordt opnieuw aangevallen, deze keer door Gor en zijn mannen, en de geschiedenis herhaalt zich. Gor en zijn soldaten zijn op zoek naar het masker van Derzin, dat Willems oma lang geleden in vier stukken heeft gescheurd en verstopt. De drager van dat masker heeft de macht over alle Beesten in Avantia. Het is dus duidelijk dat Gor dat masker nooit te pakken mag krijgen. Maar als Willems oma weigert informatie te geven aan Gor, kost dat haar haar leven. Willem en Vuurpos gaan op pad om het masker te vinden, voordat Gor het vindt. Maar waar heeft Willems oma de stukken verstopt?Avontuurlijk en fantasievolDe eerste ruiter speelt zich af in Avantia: een prachtige fantasiewereld, die een beetje middeleeuws aandoet. Dankzij de landkaart voorin het boek kun je precies zien waar Willem is en waar hij heen gaat. De wereld van Avantia is heel interessant: op het eerste gezicht lijkt het zich alleen in de geschiedenis af te spelen en lijkt er weinig magie te zijn. Maar dan zijn er nog de Beesten. Uit de proloog blijkt dat er vier Beesten zijn, die samen met hun Uitverkoren Ruiters Avantia moeten redden van de oorlog. Willems Beest is een vlammenvogel, een soort feniks. Vuurpos is ontzettend sterk, maar met zijn tweeën kunnen Willem en Vuurpos Avantia niet redden. Gelukkig ontmoeten ze onderweg Gwen en haar Beest Gulkien, een gevleugelde wolf. Kunnen ze met zijn vieren Gor en zijn leger aan?Veel geweldEr wordt veel gevochten in dit eerste deel van De Kronieken van Avantia. Complete dorpen worden uitgemoord, mannen en vrouwen worden neergestoken en kinderen verbranden in het vuur. Eigenlijk valt Willem van het ene gevecht in het andere. Dit is allemaal heel spannend, maar hier moet je wel tegen kunnen. Er vloeit behoorlijk veel bloed en het leger van Gor doet gruwelijke dingen. Sommige dingen zijn misschien zelfs wel een beetje te gruwelijk voor jonge lezers.Wil je de gehele recensie lezen? Klik hier:

  • Lynn B.
    2019-04-20 22:35

    *possible spoilers!* Tanner is only a little boy when his parents get killed, and he's forced to spend the rest of his childhood with his nice but peculiar grandma. He does, however, have a secret: a Beast. Beasts are magical creatures in the land of Avantia that have special powers. Firepos, Tanner's phoenix-esque Beast, and he himself train hard all of these years.When a dark army starts to destroy many towns, including the town where he lived with his grandma, who ended up getting killed as well, Tanner and Firepos set off on a journey to stop them. But, on their way, they realize that Firepos isn't the only Beast around...Stale. I only need one word to describe the entire book. Stale.The writing is bad. It feels as if Blade just selected all fantasy clichés he liked and wrote them exactly the way you think it would go. He doesn't seem to be interested in writing it whatsoever, since this is about the most generic fantasy writing I've come across ever since "Het Groene Vuur" by Eva Raaff, and even she had less clichés inserted in her book! Blade's writing just comes off as unoriginal and stale.The characters are just cardboard cutouts. Their only traits are "brave" or "strong" (if they even have traits, which is rarely the case) which makes them come off as bad Mary Sues. The pacing is all wrong. Literally one thing happens directly after the other. The reader will need a moment to let what just happened sink in, juck. It goes way too fast and only focuses on what is happening, not on developing a character, which is needed so badly here! The villain (though, actually more of a henchman for a bigger villain which we know even less about) is about as shallow and boring he can get. People are complaining about it being too gory but all I just see is a boring and stale story that feels like it should be a badly-written fanfiction of some sort, not a freaking book! Actually I wouldn't mind seeing a little more gore, that would at least make it interesting a bit.

  • Eugene Sipat
    2019-05-13 21:48

    The Chronicles Of Avantia-First Hero was a inspiring book to the reader who is reading it.I continued reading the book until to the end because in the beginning it had a great explanation about the character.The author made a great introduction for the book about the charater and what happen next.A character named Tanner who was brave being himself without his father being killed and mother being carried away by an evil warlord Derthsin.For example "Derthsin's hand creeps to a sheath on his belt.He draws out a long dagger.I struggle to get up.In two long strides Derthsin closes on the man(Tanner's father).Moonlight flashes on steel.The man groans as the blade slides between his ribs.The thresher hits the ground.Someone else approches,stumbling down the road form Forton .A woman,crying in anguish.She bends over the stricken villager,cradling his head in her arms.A band of jeering soldiers follows in her wake.Put her(Tanner's mother) in the cart with the rest,Derthsin orders."(Pg.9)After what happen to Tanner's father and mother everything in his life changed.The action they show what happen to the parents makes it more interesting for the reader to read more of what hapens next after that.

  • Hilary
    2019-05-13 17:55

    Since the age of seven, when Tanner’s father was murdered in front of him by the warlord Derthsin, Tanner has been training, waiting to avenge his father’s death. Eight years later, an evil army menaces Avantia and Tanner teams up with Gwen and Geffen, twins who hold the key to discovering the missing pieces of the Mask of Death, which controls all telepathic warrior Beasts in the land. “First Hero” is a straightforward action-adventure fantasy. Humans bond with telepathic Beasts to become formidable fighting units. Evil warlords oppress the populace and Tanner is in training to become Avantia’s hero. There is a quest for a magical object and hazards and gore along the way. The novel reads like a swashbuckling movie- or comic book script. The plot is predictable and holds no surprises.Characters are undeveloped. The pace is rapid without much back story. The setting is out of a B-grade movie. But the story will appeal to readers raised on electronic fantasy games and with its dramatic cover art, short chapters, many combat scenes and non-stop action, “First Hero,” is bound to find a middle school readership.

  • John Cunningham
    2019-05-04 00:46

    Bloody, graphic violence for 8yos?!?I was really disappointed and alarmed at this story. What promised to be a quest-adventure story quickly turned dark with constant, graphically bloody scenes of violence and murder. Early in the book the young hero watches his father get hacked down by the primary villain, and later the author has the young hero watch the primary henchman murder his grandmother, describing how the sword thrust pins her to the floor while blood spatters out. WHAT!?!? This level of graphic, bloody violence runs throughout the book - arrows piercing eyes, people rolling around being burned by flames, throats being slit. TOO MUCH! This is R-rated violence in a G-rated guise...And even my little one was struck by how inconsistent the primary heroes are, how many dumb mistakes they make, how in one scene something is described and a page later seems to have vanished, etc. This poorly written book feels to me like this author was rushing to meet deadlines, and wanted to "shock" readers to prove he's not just a cutesy kid's author. Even an 8yo deserves a well crafted story without being spattered by gore every other page!!

  • 02TannerS
    2019-05-10 19:58

    The main conflict in this story is that Tanner ,The main character, Is being attacked by and evil Warlord.The setting takes place in Midevil times.The Protagonist in this story is Tanner a 15 year old boy who is trained as a knightTanner's father was killed by the evil warlord many years ago. Tanner thought he had seen the last of the evil warlord when his beast a pheonix threw the evil warlord into a volcano. But he was wrong. The warlord Gor is still alive and is attacking villages trying to take back his mask of power. Which he lost in battle many years ago. now tanner must find a way to stop Gor and his massive army.I like how this book is fantasy/Midevil.Quotes from the book are PG 202 They came over the crest of the hill only to find hundreds of warriors training their arrows on them.PG107 Gors men were only 10 feet away and advancing slowly, they were surrounded.The theme of the book is Some things turn out to be unexpected heroes.This book is for young readers and I would reccomend this book to everyone.This book is unique because it talks of Fantasy and Medival Topics.

  • Alexander Jensen
    2019-05-01 23:34

    The Chronicles of Avantia is written by Adam Blade and is about a boy whose village is burned down and is saved by a phoenix. In this book each magical beast gets a human that is worthy of the creature. In this book he meets a girl with a wolf that has wings. I chose this because I read a series called Beast Quest who was by the same person in the same world.The main character and the girl went on an adventure to stop the rising evil of an evil warlord that is trying to gather a mask that has the power to control the beasts and use them to destroy the world. This war lord burned down the main characters village so he felt like he needed to get revenge and stop him and his plan. The character starts out as a normal village boy and ends as a fighter that could defeat beasts and other fighters.This book has a lot of action scenes and thrilling moments with people falling from heights and sword fight. There is a lot monsters fighting as well. There are also a lot of moments of dialogue where the character is just talking with someone else. I fought this book was ok but the writing was very simple so I would give it a 6-10 and recommend it to people ages 8-13.

  • Grace
    2019-05-03 16:36

    The First Hero is about a teenager named Tanner who is a chosen rider of a beast. His city was attacked by Gor's army and they killed his grandmother Esme and stole their fragrant of the Death Mask. The Death Mask controls all the beasts of Avantia and the Death Mask got Split into four pieces and spread all over Avantia. On Tanner's journey to save another city and to stop Gor's army from finding any other piece of the Death Mask he met another chosen rider of a beast named Gwen. They united and continued on there journey. Their beasts are Firepos and Gulkien.

  • Rykett
    2019-05-14 20:52

    This book is an amazing adventure that is packed with action. To me it is a cross between Eragon and Percy Jackson and the Olympians Boxed Set, two of my favorite books.

  • Jessie
    2019-05-03 17:33

    Once I reached the halfway mark, I thought about putting it down and not picking it up again. But I didn't. Why? Because it's only 155 pages. How can you not complete such a short book? I had to force myself to read the rest of it just for that reason. It never got better.The entire book was fighting. All I know of the plot is that the protagonist was trying to find a mapmaker. That's it. Everything else was just a gory battle.

  • William
    2019-05-09 18:59

    The basic story of Avantia could have been epic, but this seemed to fall well short of its potential. The battles scenes may be a little too graphic or crude for young readers - blood, gore, death. The beasts (Firepos, Gulkien, and the others we didn't really meet yet) connected to their chosen riders give the story a good fantasy level, but I was disappointed with the simplicity of the story. This is the first book in a series, but we will not pursue additional volumes. 3.2/5.

  • Clare Cannon
    2019-05-06 19:39

    Action packed heroic fantasy adventure, incorporating some very evil characters who inflict a substantial amount of violence both within and outside of the battlefield, giving some description. Characters are not so well developed, but the writing is above average and the lengthy series offers something for avid young readers.

  • Heidi
    2019-05-11 00:38

    The storyline is pretty interesting, but it moves pretty slowly at times and it's a lot bloodier than I was expecting it to be. I wished I'd read it first before reading it to my son but now he's hooked on the Beasts and wants to keep reading the series together. If the author keeps describing bloody entrails and chopped limbs, I might be editing on the fly as we read aloud.

  • Jess
    2019-04-21 22:36

    Stars: 3 stars-----Did I like it? Meh-----Six word summary: -----Rating:-----Complaints: -----Praises: -----Summary: -----Ten words for the author: Next time match content with reading level please Mr. Blade.

  • Deloomey
    2019-05-17 18:34

    I really enjoyed this book. It was a good book. I'm currently re-reading it right now in the hopes of getting the second book of the series! I think it was a very good idea for a book and it definitely attracted my attention. I recommend this to anyone who loves fantasy!

  • Dylan
    2019-04-22 16:39

    A kid named Tammer was not normal. After his father was killed, he took his place. Fighting evil villains and slaying them. He needs to restore peace and save his land before its too late. He faught many monsters on the way but made it.

  • Alexis
    2019-05-16 16:47

    Really a great premise - but the mid-section of the book was just too 'gory' for my liking. Even my 10-year old son felt the same. But he is considering the rest of the series, I told him he will have to read those on his own. I think we are on to Mockingjay next!

  • Sue
    2019-05-02 18:34

    in our search to satisfy our lower level readers in junior high, this one i think hits the mark. the story reminds me of a cross betwee the rangers apprentice stories and conan the barbarian. there is a surprising amount of violence for a book deemed to be grades 3-6!

  • Julian
    2019-04-24 23:46

    It was awesome. It's about a kid that was chosen to be a rider and he must collect all the pieces of the mask before his enemy does

  • Logan Martin
    2019-04-26 23:42


  • Courtney
    2019-04-26 23:57

    Is Epos Firepos? Or a descendant of Firepos?