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An alternate cover for this ISBN can be found here.Morning Glory Academy is one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country... but something sinister and deadly lurks behind its walls. When six gifted, but troubled, students arrive, they find themselves trapped and fighting for their lives as the secrets of the academy reveal themselves!This oversized hardcover colAn alternate cover for this ISBN can be found here.Morning Glory Academy is one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country... but something sinister and deadly lurks behind its walls. When six gifted, but troubled, students arrive, they find themselves trapped and fighting for their lives as the secrets of the academy reveal themselves!This oversized hardcover collects everything to date of the YALSA-winning series from issues #1-12, plus many behind-the-scenes bonuses and other features....

Title : Morning Glories: Deluxe Collection, Volume 1
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ISBN : 9781607064305
Format Type : Hardcover
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Morning Glories: Deluxe Collection, Volume 1 Reviews

  • David
    2019-04-19 15:18

    The titles of the various Morning Glory collections are a little confusing, especially as there was apparently a hardcover volume 2 that got recalled. So, this is the hardcover edition that includes the trade paperback collections Volumes 1 ("For a Better Future") (which I reviewed separately) and 2 ("All Will Be Free"). I will comment mostly on volume 2; I recommend you read the above review for an introduction to Morning Glories.Each issue of volume 2 focuses on one of our six "Glories," the main characters who are now trapped at the most prestigious boarding school in America. How a school manages to become so prestigious when no one is ever allowed to leave and the student casualty rate rivals that of redshirts on the Enterprise, I am not sure, but then, there are a lot of things about this series that after 12 issues I just plain don't understand, which is how the writer obviously intends it. Everyone compares this series to Lost (and this edition has a foreword written by Lost creator Damon Lindelof), which can be a good or a bad thing. If you dive into a long-running saga full of labyrinthine plots and sudden shocking twists, with generous helpings of weird science and the supernatural, there are one of two possibilities: (1) the writers know exactly what they are doing and if you hang on for years waiting for it all to come together, eventually there will be a big payoff, or (2) the writers kinda sorta had an idea of what they were doing in the beginning, but then things happened, they weren't sure how to write themselves out of some of the corners they'd put themselves into, and at a certain point you are pretty sure they're just making shit up as they go along.I am wary, but I haven't lost faith in Morning Glories yet and it's entertaining enough for me to keep reading.So anyway, Volume 2. Our "Glories" are: Hunter, the ginger-haired nerd. He has a crush on: Casey, the hot blonde science whiz who in Volume 1 (view spoiler)[found her parents hanging dead from chains in the school's basement (hide spoiler)] and has not yet mentioned this to her friends. Casey, so far, is the lead candidate for mastermind/group leader who wants to get them all out of here. Jun is the strong, silent Japanese foreign exchange student who so far has mostly shown up when someone needs to be beaten up in the nick of time. Zoe is the hot slutty Indian girl who is all about the boyz and the $$$. (Note: these are how the characters are presented — as we will learn in this volume, none of them are completely as they appear.) Ike is the son of a Park Avenue billionaire. He killed his old man and inherited his fortune, yet even he can't get out of this place. This doesn't stop him from living the life of Chuck Bass. Finally, we have Jade, probably the weakest character so far, an angsty farm girl who apparently has psychic powers. Or something.Each issue in Volume 2 focuses on one of them. They all turn out to have much more complex backstories and personalities. Now we know more about the main characters and some of the secondary ones, and some new ones are introduced (like Lara Hodge, a hot redhead who comes tromping out of some kind of Tomb Raider adventure to appear at Morning Glory Academy as a "guidance counselor," and yes, she dresses like Lara Croft.) At the end of 12 issues, we still have very few clues as to what the true purpose of Morning Glory Academy is, why they do the things they do, what they want with these particular students, and why almost all the other students and staff seem to be sadistic psychopaths. Basically, we've got heavy hints that the six main characters are "special," and it's related to their all being born on the same day. Beyond that... what? Will it all tie together eventually? Will it make sense? Or is the writer already making shit up as he goes along? I don't know, but I am deeply intrigued and I really, really want to believe that this story is going somewhere mindblowing. We've already had several characters do some really extreme and unexplained things, and I want an explanation, dammit!A large part of this series's appeal is the artwork. Joe Eisma's full-color pencil artwork is lush and radiant, and Rodin Esquejo's covers are gorgeous. Now, I admit there's a lot of cheesecake, but Esquejo makes the boys as pretty as the girls:A lot of graphic novels I read because I still like superheroes, or because the artwork is kind of cool, but there are a handful of series that really have a story that is worth following, something that approaches literary caliber. Morning Glories is about teenagers and it's definitely a YA title, but I would say it's worth reading for adults as well. I just hope there is an ending...someday, that rewards us for the journey.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Shara
    2019-03-31 20:12

    The premise: ganked from publisher's website: Morning Glory Academy is one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country, but something sinister and deadly lurks behind its walls. When six gifted but troubled new students arrive, they find themselves trapped and fighting for their lives as the secrets of the academy reveal themselves!At last, an oversized hardcover of NICK SPENCER's runaway hit series, MORNING GLORIES. This deluxe edition features every cover, plus sketches, character studies and other extras that no collector or fan of the series will want to be without.See why critics everywhere have cited MORNING GLORIES as THE book of the year!Collects MORNING GLORIES #1-12My Rating: Couldn't Put It DownI was a little worried that this title would be over-hyped, or that its similarities to Lost would be far less satisfying than I'd hoped. But I figured, one hardcover, not a big loss, and it'd give me plenty of time to figure out if I liked the story.Well, I'm 100% sold, and salivating for the next collection. Everything's here that was promised, and the comparisons to Lost are nothing but a good thing. That being said, I can see how some people would hear that and take it as a warning: this kind of complex storytelling and myth-making always runs the risk of having no payoff, or even worse, a disappointing payoff. I don't know what to tell you. The series is on-going, and this is only the first twelve issues. For me, I'm thrilled to be a part of the ride. The characters all have their own unique personalities, and better still, they act like the teenagers they're supposed to be. The mysteries are all fascinating so far, and answers to some questions have been solely doled out through out the series thus far, all while raising new questions. That's the best kind of storytelling for me -- it keeps me on my toes and has my brain actively engaged in trying to figure out what's going to happen. 12 issues in, and I'm completely thrilled so far, and can't wait for more.Spoilers, yay or nay?: Nay. One of the joys about this series (as in any suspense, thriller, WTF? kind of story) is the surprises that jump up along the way. So I will spoil nothing, and try to tell just enough so that those of you who are interested will get a chance to check this out. The full review is at my blog, and as always, comments and discussion are most welcome.REVIEW: Nick Spencer's MORNING GLORIES: DELUXE COLLECTION, VOL 1Happy Reading!

  • Meagan
    2019-04-12 22:09

    I liked it fine, but never really clicked with the story. It seemed like we were going somewhere, but when I look at where I started and where I ended up, I realize that I learned very little about the institution, the glories, the faculty, or the reason for the story. Everything was shrouded in too much mystery for me. I don't need to know everything, but I do need a direction and a reason to root for someone beyond that their parents were brutally killed. That works, but only takes you so far.So, while I was interested enough to keep reading, I'm not sure deluxe volume 2 is in my future.

  • Sookie
    2019-04-13 22:14

    There is so much going on and after 12 issues, there are twelve different threads that haven't slowed down in their progress. Its weary to go through a different characters, different story with every issue even though they all have some shared familiarities with respect to minor characters.Its a very fascinating story, no doubt about it but after reading a dozen issues, a certain degree of closure is expected.

  • Sam Quixote
    2019-04-10 15:05

    SPOILERSStarting points - they're easy enough to create but it's developing them and turning them into something and then ending them that makes a story. Unless you're creating a lengthy series in which case, say, in the first book of a comic book series you introduce a load of characters and throw in a barnyard full of starting points to be developed later. And that's precisely what you get with "Volume 1: For a Better Future". Except it's not enough. It's not enough to introduce a number of teenage characters and put them in a school. Especially when it's a school run by murderous teachers where the classrooms are deathtraps, there are roving security squads everywhere, vengeful ghosts, homicidal classmates, insinuations upon insinuations of stories to come, a cult in the basement, a mysterious object that revolves and causes death, a 15th century ghost (yes another murderous ghost!), and (deep breath) doppelgangers. See, it's too much. There's no explanation for why such a school exists and for what purpose. None of the ghosts are explained, nor why the students were "chosen" nor why anything that happens to them happens for a reason. As such their actions are perplexing - why accept such radical surroundings so easily? Your parents were tortured to death in the basement - so why so stoic about it? You're being hunted for some reason and one of the people you just met is going to be executed - why? It's easy to throw in stuff that seems interesting, it's another to develop them and turn them into something more. Maybe this happens in later books but when so much is crammed into a first book it tells me the creators are trying too hard and/or have no idea what they're doing. These kind of things should be teased out over time. The first book should establish the main story but instead there's so much happening you never get to catch your breath and figure out what this series is supposed to be about. All you're left with is a dozen unresolved plot points that seem to have no connection. To some, this might be exactly what they're looking for. Tantalising storylines, but for me I prefer for it to have a point rather than a mishmash of non-sequiturs that become less than the sum of its parts. Nick Spencer writes like a less talented Brian Vaughan and "Morning Glories" comes across as a knockoff of "Runaways" while the art is far from spectacular looking like Pia Guerra's work on an off day. I've read a ton of comics and can tell when a series is worth following and maybe to teenagers this is just the ticket but not for me. "Morning Glories" is the product of too many ideas put together to resemble a formless mess.

  • Krk
    2019-03-23 22:16

    Purchased this hardback on a epic discount. I can see why people like this, the idea is interesting. For me it fails in execution. The art is inconsistent, the dialogue is cliché and often poorly structured, and, while this rarely bothers me, none of the characters are likeable. While I would like to know what's really going on at this school, I don't care enough to continue reading.

  • Kristina
    2019-04-11 20:10

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  • Karthik M
    2019-04-19 16:24

    A poor redo of Deadly class, which was far superior in its philosophization of characters and overall effect of mindless violence on the reader!

  • Morgan Lee
    2019-04-11 16:09

    Read this review and many more at my blog For Such Love We Feel.Oh god, what do I say about a comic that literally grabs you by the balls and doesn’t let you go… This is an incredible series and in 2011 at Wizard World Comic Con Philly I was lucky enough to pick up the first of two deluxe editions of the series written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Joe Eisma, with cover art by Rodin Esquejo. By his own admission, Spencer said Morning Glories is “Runaways meets Lost,” and I couldn’t agree more.We begin by meeting six new students to the famed Morning Glory Academy, all different in their own ways, all with their own seemingly strange, sad pasts. Casey, Hunter, Jade, Jun, Zoe and Ike know nothing of the danger they are entering when they arrive at the school, which seems at first to be just another first rate private school. They quickly learn however, that nothing is as it seems at Morning Glory Academy, Casey perhaps worst of all. Their ragtag little team sees constant action from teachers and students alike trying to wear them down to some unknown end, and the horrors don’t stop there. All these kids are brilliant and through the first story arc, For A Better Future, we see them grow closer as a group towards the common cause of saving Jade from both the faculty and herself. Casey emerges as a leader, though she distances herself from the group emotionally by hiding a tragic event and keeps everyone at arms length. In the second story arc, All Will Be Free, each character has the focus of the story for one issue, and we jump from past to present in order to more clearly understand the purpose and motive behind each person. Still we’re left in the dark, wondering about certain things, hoping that by the end there will be some kind of grand reveal that will pull everything and everyone together. We’re left hanging at the end of issue 12, wondering if a newly introduced guidance counselor Miss Hodge is really friend or foe, like everyone else.This series has enough gore for the horror lovers and enough suspense for the thriller/mystery crowd. I think there’s something for everyone in Morning Glories and it certainly keeps you guessing until the end. I loved how I never knew what was around the next corner, never knowing what to expect or from who. People we think can be trusted prove themselves otherwise and the suspense grows constantly and exponentially, as Spencer gives us little tidbits of the past, present, and future to work with. It’s clear from the very beginning that Nick Spencer had this whole thing very well planned out when they started Morning Glories and it really works in the series’ favor, keeping it tight and concise while leaving us wondering, but ultimately knowing that things will be revealed all in good time. The cover art work by Rodin Esquejo is exquisite and Joe Eisma really makes these characters come alive on every page of the series. I absolutely cannot say enough good things about Morning Glories and it’s a series I would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys reading comics.(I have read the whole series, and own volume two of the deluxe editions, however in the spirit of reviewing only what I have read in the above mentioned book, as I do with any other review, not all story arcs for Morning Glories were discussed. I encourage you to read the entire series, and to keep an eye on my blog for a review of the second volume in the coming days.)

  • Morgan
    2019-03-30 21:09

    I still have no idea what I just read, but that's what I like about this series. Just recently I've been venturing away from Marvel and DC and found Image. First reading Fatale, this was a good second choice. It has that same element where you're always guessing what's going to happen next and the use of the flashbacks is great too. Plus I really like how the main characters are set up. There all different and you start liking the ones you didn't care for in the beginning.I've never seen Lost before, so I can't say if this is similar to that or not. Reading this edition I can see similarities with American Horror Story though. Again with the guessing part and the flash backs. But this isn't a horror comic. It's basically a mystery comic. If you want crazy and one insane comic then this might be a good buy. I has that TV show feel were you pick one issue up and then you want to read the rest of it just to get the full story.The only reason I gave this a four instead of a full five is because the inside art I'm not to crazy for some times and the censoring of "fuck." I seen other review about how the guy draws his faces and have to agree they are sometimes off. He does a great job making it feel like a TV show with the crazy camera angles and the backdrops are great too, just his faces seem off to me. Also "fuck" is for some reason censored when they can say "shit" all the time. Maybe their is some editor thing with Image, but if a comic book has the rating M then they shouldn't need to censor stuff.I feel like I need to rate this comic book when it ends fully because it set up for you not get anything until the end. Because of that, I'm now hooked. Good thing the second deluxe just came out because I must know what happens. It all for a better future right?

  • Alexa
    2019-04-03 19:21

    I wish I had the option of using half stars because I think this volume probably deserves a 3.5, but I had to round it down because I think it was just shy of being worthy of four. As far as the art, color and characterization were concerned I would give it a very high score. These characters felt real to me, and the dialogue was spot on. I have never read such an accurate depiction of high school students before in comics which was really exciting. Where this collection let me down was the pacing and the overall narrative structure. The first few issues really sucked me in and got my attention. I could feel the suspense building with each issue and it had me intrigued as to where the story would go. Then about halfway through, some teasers were thrown in about potential plot points and the reader is shown a little glimpse into what the academy could be. However, by the end of the 6th and final part, nothing was really revealed and yet even more questions were raised. I realize that a series shouldn't show all of its cards in its first volume, but I did expect for some questions to be addressed. I feel like maybe the scope of the story should have started smaller because all the flashbacks and behind the curtain stuff just sort of turned into a bit of a tanglement with no attempt at a resolution. I'm just afraid that I will not get any payback to the investment in my time if I continue with the series because it might just string me along for a few volumes before anything is actually revealed.

  • Shannon Appelcline
    2019-04-01 22:31

    I've loved Morning Glories since the start. Its clearly drawn characters, its interesting mysteries, and its non-conventional storytelling have all contributed to a great story that always leaves me wanting more. Unfortunately, that story hasn't been served well by Image's trade paperback format. Not only have the arcs been getting longer, but Image's trade paperbacks have also been getting shorter, and that's resulted in collections that are less and less comprehensible. So, I decided to trade up for the Deluxe hardcovers, both because they were nicer and longer.Volumes 1 and 2 of the TPBs, which are collected here, are the arcs that really worked on their own. The first part tells the story of a group of six new students come to Morning Glory Academy. Then, the second part delves into their backgrounds while introducing some new mysteries and edging forward the story. Surprisingly, it all works even better as one book. Now, the ongoing plot is that much clearer, and the two halves of the volume form a great reflection, showing these characters in the modern day and the past.Spencer is truly working toward the long game here, so it's no surprise that Morning Glories gets better the more deeply you immerse yourself in its world.

  • Brian
    2019-03-25 21:01

    I read the entire Hardcover on a Friday night while I was supervising Teens play Dungeons and Dragons. As a result, I think I missed some important parts of the book as I skimmed through it. Near as I can tell, there is a secret high school that is run by some shadowy figures who are able to use magic or science or something to run the students through cruel tests that could break them at any moment. Each of the students have their own quirks, there is a flirty East Indian girl, a crazy rich boy, an earnest kid from Toronto and a bunch of other kids. At any moment they could turn on each other even though they only have each other to trust. As near as I can tell there is a mystery, but I can't tell you specifically what it is other than it has something to do with why the kids are there. I'm sure that if Drew read it, he would be able to tell me all of the stuff I was missing. But I don't really care about all that "easter egg" stuff, I think the art and the story is awesome, and I can't wait to see what happens next. I would say that this book is almost as good as books like Locke and Key, DMZ and Y etc..

  • Vanessa Wolf
    2019-04-07 14:11

    So if I picked this up issue by issue I might not gotten as far as I did before I just sighed and dropped it. This is one of those stories that expect mysterious circumstances to substitute for character motivations. Which I find irritating, especially since the adults could be just as compelling as the kids. Speaking of the kids, I couldn't tell if they wanted this to be "Battle Royal" or that weird Whedon school for supers. The story follows yet another super pretty blonde girl as she leads her fellow students against a school that kills too many of its students to be so famously prestigious, while a ginger boy lusts after her. It would've been easier to convince me it was a new school rather than a historically prestigious one. Oh and there's some scary device in the basement that might relate to why everyone acts randomly violent. Who cares? The art is very compelling and kept me reading for longer than the plot kept me interested. Fantastic shading and coloring, but sadly its tied to a plot with tires in the mud.

  • Courtney
    2019-03-28 19:23

    6 kids have been selected to become students at the prestigious Morning Glory Prep School. It's a boarding school that claims to prepare its students for a "better future", but one of the students notices that something is awry almost immediately when she realizes that not only do all 6 of the newcomers have the same birthday, they also cannot reach their parents or anyone from home. These kids have no idea why they've been selected, other than for their sheer over-achievement and no idea what the school is trying to accomplish. What they do figure out, quite quickly, I might add, is that the school has a deeply sinister side with motivations yet to be seen. As the arc progresses, we find out more about each student and their troubled pasts. I'm still not sure how everything fits together yet, but this is a pretty exciting beginning to a story that will undoubtedly have much more to offer.

  • Scottsdale Public Library
    2019-04-16 14:18

    High School's a killer, and this graphic novel series makes anyone feel lucky to get out alive. This is a fast paced, super violent, world building series is filled with smart and snarky characters that all have something to hide. Fans of the Hunger Games and Battle Royale will like this series. -- Alexis S.Morning Glories is a title that you have to re-read because you might have missed something on the first pass. In my opinion, Morning Glories is one part the Breakfast Club mixed with one part the Facts of Life brewed and steeped in the creative mind of writer, Nick Spencer then filtered through the keen eye of artist, Joe Eisma. What you get is one deliciously strange brew that keeps you wanting more! This graphic novel will definitely appeal to both genders because it has a fantastic script and some of the best art that I have ever seen. Due to language and mature themes the recommended reading age for Morning Glories is teens to adults. -- Leslie G.

  • The_Mad_Swede
    2019-03-30 15:19

    This was something I picked up at the spur of a moment at the library, not quite knowing what to think of it, or why I opted to do so. But I am very, very happy that I did.Morning Glories is writer Nick Spencer and artists Joe Eisma's series (with beautiful covers by Rodin Esquejo) about the mysteries Morning Glory Academy, and the six recruits to the school: Hunter, Casey, Jun, Zoe, Ike, and Jade. It is a prestigious school and the children are special, but the question is exactly how special, and what does the MGA want with them?I will not delve into much more detail, plot- and content-wise, as I believe that would seriously spoil the reading experience. Suffice it to say, that this is a series which thrives on twisting and turning in unexpected manners. And that I, for one, am intrigued to see where Spencer and Eisma will be taking me along for the ride.

  • Todd
    2019-04-12 16:12

    This is review is really for the second half of the volume and the extras. I already reviewed the first six issues separately if you are really interested.It's hard to really talk about the plot in any conventional way. Especially because the second "arc" isn't really an arc but a collection of stories each focusing on one of the main characters. I really enjoyed them all and was glad that each one was unique enough that I didn't feel like I was getting the same crap over and over. My favorite character is probably Ike. He's the evil self-serving bastard that has potential to be a real hero.This is an engaging book. The story is twisty and weird. It's fun. I'm hoping that Spencer has an end in sight. I would really hate for the journey to be ruined by a train wreck at the end.The art is fun. Eisma can draw a knockout pin-up girl. Even when being suggestive it's not overly lewd.

  • Michael
    2019-03-28 21:17

    Teenagers with varying degrees of paranormal ability are recruited into Morning Glories Academy - which is basically the Boarding School from Hell. The story bears some good similarities to the TV show Lost - tantalizingly bizarre phenomena and the storytelling tactic of building intriguing backstories for the main characters through flashbacks. Hopefully these storytellers have a better-defined overall story than the Lost creators did!This story isn't for the faint of heart - the cruelty of the MGA knows no bounds.While the story itself isn't exploitative, the artwork is somewhat sexualized, as one might expect when half the roster of characters are private school girls. :)Also, the issue-by-issue cliffhangers are pretty badass.

  • Josh Angel
    2019-04-05 17:18

    The whole "like Lost, but actually good" was what drew me to this series. Thus far, it is good, but I am getting the distinct impression that much like Lost, the author has already lost control of the series. There is SO MUCH going on here, with no answers to all the mysteries as yet, that I already suspect this may be a waste of time like Lost was. I'll give it until the end of volume 3 (because it really is quite good) but if we don't at least start getting SOME answers, I'm not going to continue reading. I've already been down this road where you get sucked into a mystery with the faith that there will be answers, only to find out there are none. Fingers crossed.

  • Sage
    2019-04-03 22:20

    Solid story, solid art, strong characters. An enjoyable read and introduction to a series I knew nothing about (other than people speak highly of). Not sure if the plot is terribly original... some smatterings of Lost, Twilight Zone, Battle Royale and even some Gossip Girl thrown in. This book covers the first twelve issues and does a good job setting up the story and characters. As mentioned nothing terribly original (yet?) with the plot and said characters are seemingly very stereotypical.... still a fun page turner.

  • Dru
    2019-04-15 16:16

    This is a pretty slick collection. The art is polished: realistic characters, good coloring, backgrounds. The story has got a lot of potential, with several plot threads being pushed and pulled. But. The storytelling of the art gets a bit messed up during action sequences, and the story *could* be good, but I'm still trying to figure out what kind of story they're trying to tell. Not for me, but others will like it.

  • Aryeh
    2019-04-06 15:17

    Amazing art, really solid writing, sadistic torture, hot-for-teacher type fantasies throughout, some intriguing paranormal activity, nods to the LOST tv series, teen romance, nightmares that come to life, a naughty nurse, and did I already mention the artwork? Absolutely can't wait to read the next installments. Only downfall was on the library's end, because they put this in the young children's GN section. This is maybe for older teens, definitely not for kids.

  • Delia
    2019-04-13 14:09

    Locke & Key meets Lost and pretty little liars! I loved it!!! But you should be okay with a lot of unsolved mysteries. It can get a little frustrating at times because you'll have no idea what is going on! And i definitely recommend reading the first 2 trades before you decide wether you like it or not... Or getting the beautiful Deluxe edition :)

  • Rebecca Whaley
    2019-04-14 16:19

    I just finished it and I have to say I really liked it. It's not my normal reading because it's rather dark and horrifying I parts. I would never want to go to this school. These people are murderous psychos! I don't yet understand the point of putting their student thru these things but I'm willing to read on to find out. highly recommend this graphic novel.

  • Jase
    2019-04-18 19:10

    Read all 12 issues and still a "To Be Continued..."Hate when that happens. Not sure what's going on in this school that kills students and makes them do odd things. I think they're living in a bubble somewhere. The art is pretty good and the boys are slightly cute. Good amount of blood and violence but I can't seem to get sucked into it. Hope V.2 hooks me.

  • Emilia P
    2019-04-16 14:12

    Ehhhhhh. The premise is pretty cool (totally evil and shady and possibly supernatural boarding school?) and the characters are kind of a great cross-section of stereotypes, but the storytelling is mushy and confusing and muddled and I'm not particularly interested in sticking it out. Alas.

  • M.i.
    2019-04-18 20:20

    Its not Hogwarts, but there's a lot of mischief and mystery in this boarding school for gifted kids that keeps the reader hooked. This volume doesn't clear up what it is that has drawn these kids to this said school, but it definitely grabs the reader's attention.

  • Dolores
    2019-03-31 22:08

    In many ways, this book reminded me of "Locke and Key". It was a very intriguing story. Lots of twists and turns and plenty of violence and gore. It's not quite as good as "Locke and Key" but few books are. A promising start to the series.

  • hithatsmyname
    2019-03-29 20:28

    More than what I expected,just blows my mind away