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Tom Mangan is the affluent proprietor of a number of luxury hotels in the Bahamas, whose future looks even brighter with the injection of fifty million dollars provided by a well-heeled Texan family. The day Mangan clinches the deal with his friend, Bill Cunningham, should be the happiest day of his life, but when his wife and daughter go missing at sea and a series of disTom Mangan is the affluent proprietor of a number of luxury hotels in the Bahamas, whose future looks even brighter with the injection of fifty million dollars provided by a well-heeled Texan family. The day Mangan clinches the deal with his friend, Bill Cunningham, should be the happiest day of his life, but when his wife and daughter go missing at sea and a series of disasters befall his hotels, he begins to uncover a conspiracy to ruin him....

Title : Bahama Crisis
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Bahama Crisis Reviews

  • Ian
    2019-03-27 16:16

    Desmond Bagley has a style similar to Wilbur Smith, Hammond Innes, Dick Francis even .... Like Smith, he is very slightly sexist in the way he writes his female characters, and similarly, he is at pains to point out his main character is not racist (the book being set in the Bahamas, with white and black population...) - but he seems intent on making this lack of racism come across as an admirable (and perhaps unusual) virtue, rather than it being simply what we might expect. Both of which are probably more a reflection on commonly held views at the time of writing, rather than anything more sinister.If you can get past this old-fashioned style, then, this is a very enjoyable adventure story, plenty of action, and immensely readable.Not to be confused with Banana Crisis, which is a very different book altogether - although not without its own merits.

  • Andrew
    2019-04-07 14:25

    Pretty good. A lot of the content and context is showing it's age now and the ending doesn't make a lot of sense given a contemporary understanding of the regions and it's relationships (he says, valiantly attempting not to spoil this for you).I was really disappointed in some of the characterisation, which seemed terrible stereotypical, but it was written a long time ago. I was particularly unhappy with the removal of one of the characters which seemed abrupt and their replacement was handled pretty poorly imho.That said, Bagley is a master of the genre, and there's more than enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end. A great read.

  • Julian Walker
    2019-03-24 16:26

    Classic Desmond Bagley. A little dated but a cracking yarn with plenty of pace, action and drama set again an as always meticulously researched backdrop. The Bahamas really come to life in this one. 

  • Lars Dradrach
    2019-03-23 21:23

    As a child/teenager I absolutely loved the ”simple” suspense novels by Desmond Bagley & Alistair MacLean, eating up every word. Triggered by an audio adaption of Landslide I fell upon, I decided to revisit Desmond Bagley to see if the Novels could withstand the wear of more than 35 years.The first (pleasant) surprise was that even though I thought I had read all the books, not all were translated to Danish at that time, so I could start out with a couple of new experiences.The Golden Keel (1963) , High Citadel (1965) , Wyatt's Hurricane (1966)The first 3 books, all new to me, were pleasant surprises and it was plain to see why Bagley so quickly became a best-seller novelist, the stories are well written with a fast pace and a sense of detail which makes them readable even today. Landslide (1967)Landslide was a revisit and one of my favorites both back then and now, the story is catching and has a definite film manuscript feeling about it, The Vivero Letter (1968)Another “new” novel, it was not as strong as the first 4 but still enjoyable.The Spoilers (1969)Another new novel and a definitely low point, the story is weak and utterly unbelievable.Running Blind (1970)Another reread and another favorite, maybe his best novel, the story is strong, the setting in Iceland is brilliant and characters, simple as they are, are believable. The Freedom Trap (1971) Another new novel very loosely connected to "running blind", this time mostly placed in Ireland, slightly weaker than it's predecessor but still a enjoyable read.The Tightrope Men (1973) Another reread, Bagley's take on the Cold War political thriller, which Le Carre made famous in those years, The political intrigues falls somewhat flat for me, but the surrounding action story is Bagley at his bestThe Snow Tiger (1975) Another reread, I read this again in 2012 and decided not to reread it this time around. The story is well written and as something new constructed around a retrospektiv framework so the first half of the book retells events already happened whereas the story kicks off from there, Bagleys first attempt to play with the narrative form and well carried out. definitely in top 3 bagley. The Enemy (1977) Another "new" novel and a good one at that. Bagley is now a mature storyteller with more dimensions, the story are still fast paced but far more unpredictable than the earlier novels, this one actually spins off in a totally unexpected direction two thirds though, another solid novel and far from outdated. Flyaway (1978)Another "new" novel and the first max Stafford novel, the story mostly place in the middle east are well written and believable even today. , Bahama Crisis (1980)Another "new" novel, not a bad story but the political setup seems far fetched today. , Windfall (1982), Night Of Error (1984), Juggernaut (1985)

  • Sthitadhi Roy
    2019-04-13 18:12

    An outright thriller which makes for a pretty entertaining read but nothing great about the plot. This is despite the fact that the basic premise on which the plot of the story sits, by which I mean the intentions of the antagonist, could have had dramatically devastating consequences for the Bahama islands; so much so that the entire economy of the Bahamas is massively threatened so badly that it could destroy the Bahamas as a nation. Yet, throughout the read, the seriousness of the whole affair never hits the reader. The story moves at breakneck speed, maybe a little too fast, which could be one of the reasons that the magnitude of devastation planned by the antagonist does not settle into the reader, rather he/she gets it only after the story ends. On the other hand, this could be deliberate by Bagley. Maybe he wants that after the reader finishes the book, and closes his eyes for a moment, it is it strikes him/her and he/she thinks "Shit!! that was so damn close". The story involves a series of seemingly unrelated and mysterious events that have only one thing in common; all of them seem to rock the tourism industry of the Bahamas which makes for eighty percent of the economy. The protagonist, Tom Mangan, is one of the richest and most influential businessman in the Bahamas, naturally with a lot of stakes in the tourism industry. But things take a turn for their worst when his wife and elder daughter aged five get murdered, though seemingly due to unknown reasons. Essentially the story is one of personal vendetta of Mangan against his wife's and daughter's murderers, and in the course of his actions, he discovers all the mysterious events including his wife's and daughter's murder, were all planned and unplanned events in the grand scheme of things set out by the antagonist to destroy the Bahamas. Of course in the end, Mangan with some help, does manage to kill the antagonist and hence take his revenge, and also save the Bahamas. A bit too poetic for my liking.

  • Hereswhatsgoingon
    2019-04-03 20:21

    Shades of Dick Francis, in that an ordinary man finds himself embroiled in extraordinary circumstances, and has the opportunity to display his resourcefulness. I spent a year living in the Bahamas when I was a child, and was drawn to this book because of my interest in learning more about the politics and growth pains experienced there. I got some of that, and the tale was entertaining, but the book was all about the action, not the characters. In my opinion, this book falls short of Windfall, the only other book of Bagley's that I've read.

  • Veeral
    2019-04-16 16:30

    A dismal effort from an otherwise a good thriller writer. The plot starts in the 2nd gear and remains the same throughout. In my opinion, Wyatt's Hurricane and The Golden Keel are his better books (I have read only 4 of his books).

  • Samuel
    2019-03-30 22:37

    Well-written novel of the 60s -70s.

  • Raymond
    2019-04-21 16:28

    Desmond Bagley has written a number of reasonably good books - It is surprising that he does not have a greater following. This story is believable and has enough suspense to hold your attention.

  • Willem Van Kalsbeek
    2019-04-08 14:38

    Het boek is nogal gedateerd. niet een mobiele telefoon in zicht om naar wat te noemen, maar dat heeft ook wel weer wat.

  • James
    2019-03-26 14:11

    A very good fast paced yarn.