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Humans have been almost wiped out. All the males are gone and only a few hundred females worldwide survived the devastation. The same deadly virus annihilated the female population of a mighty alien nation, and their three kings—Dar, Ezra and Maddox—are looking for one special female, Lillian, to capture and seduce.Though Lillian survived, she has no memory and struggles wHumans have been almost wiped out. All the males are gone and only a few hundred females worldwide survived the devastation. The same deadly virus annihilated the female population of a mighty alien nation, and their three kings—Dar, Ezra and Maddox—are looking for one special female, Lillian, to capture and seduce.Though Lillian survived, she has no memory and struggles with the fact that three alien men have become her lovers. One by one, they take her, make her burn for release and satisfy her every sexual need. She craves their touches, their kisses, their comforting embraces while forming strong emotional bonds with each. Lillian is falling for her sexy aliens and agrees to become their life mate in a special ceremony—her three males will make love to Lillian as all the surviving alien males watch.But, as the ceremony nears, Lillian begins to remember. The aliens lied and covered up the horrible truth. Their happy, new life together might not be possible after all.Reader Advisory: This book includes very brief M/M sexual contact involving secondary characters....

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Galactic Burn Reviews

  • Carolyn F.
    2019-06-17 01:08

    Lillian wakes up in the mountains with no memory. She sees smoke from a fire in the distance and walks toward it. There she finds out she's the chosen mate to three alien men. All of the alien women from their planet died of a virus and they went to Earth to find their mates. The same virus happened on Earth and all the men on Earth died and along with most of the women. Because of the huge difference in numbers between men and women, they have to share mates. When she runs into the first one, he leads her to his tent and it's wam-bam-thank-you-mam'. She fights it a little and then just starts to accept what happens. But as her memory starts to come back, she's not sure what it will tell her because she has a wedding ring on her finger. Maybe if this book had been fleshed out more and perhaps started at when the virus started on Earth and then went from there, I would have given the book a higher rating. It's a good book but it seemed really rushed and although I really hate smart ass for no reason women, a little more questioning would have been welcome. Also, there's a small conflict with the captain of the space ship and Lillian. Maybe expanding on that would have added to the book. I'm planning on reading more of this author's books because overall I enjoyed the story.

  • R.E. Butler
    2019-05-28 23:10

    I picked this book because it had two things that I like: aliens and menage.The heroine spends almost the entire book with only snippets of her past, due to a virus that kills nearly everyone on the planet - except for (of course) some women. She runs smack into three aliens who happen to be kings of their people. And their people happened to have been nearly wiped out by a virus as well, so...yeah...they need ladies. They're going to share the heroine, whether she cares for it or not.Sometimes I dig aliens that are rough and forceful and sometimes I like my aliens all friendly and sexy-squishy and lovin' all over their woman. The aliens in this book - Dar, Ezra, and Maddox - were an odd mix of the two. Sometimes acting loving but mostly just planning to have their way with her. The book was really too short for me to connect with any of the characters, and the heroine's abrupt emotional shifts were unbelievable. The aliens were too arroagant and too secretive to be likable.And the menage aspect is really not a menage at all. Yes she has sex with all three guys, but only one at a time. I found that really disappointing. The aliens didn't really want to share her, but they were going to, so the best way in my mind to prove that they could share would be for them to actually "share" her at the same time.I did finish the book, and it picked up for me at the end with some drama, but it was a case of too little too late for me.

  • Dallass
    2019-06-06 01:11

    Well, this year certainly started off with a dud. All I can say it that thankfully I borrowed this ebook from my library because I'd be pissed if I'd spent money on this.Just didn't enjoy it at all. This is not a genre I read, and this didn't change my mind.

  • Twinsie Talk Angie J
    2019-06-11 01:54

    check out this review and others at, or @ twinsietalkI received this book from the author for a truthful review and truthful you shall get.So if you read the book blurb you see that there is a reader advisory....well people scratch that. The real advisory should say the following "Have plenty of batteries for your vibrators handy Or have a significant other ready to easy your needs!" Ok yes crass, I agree but damn if my hubby didn't enjoy the benefits of me reading this novella.So "Lillian" finds 3 alien kings who are in need of a Queen. The 3 aliens have a "alien type bond" that draw then to her on Earth. I really dont eant to get to much into the story because it is a really short, hawt read. I am going to discuss characters with you.Lillian is the female lead who has amnesia due to the virus that has killed the alien and human races. She is one of the lucky few who is able to fight off the infection. Her memory does start to return through the novel which does cause some issues with her and her alien loves.Dar is the first alien you meet. He is sooo very different from his people. They are the kind that if you see them on a street ya walk on the other side of the road. He, however, is so sweet and cocky and very concerned with taking caring of Lillian.Ezra is the "dark knight" or so it seems. He is scary as hell when you first meet him. he is soooo very different from Dar. I kinda felt bad for Lillian because he was so intimidating. However, his people are soooo liberated and free. They are the complete opposite of Dar. Also the M/M action happens when Lillian meets his people.Maddox is the shy, quiet one that steals your heart. I have to say he was defo my favorite of the 3 IF I had to pick one. His people are nearly gone with only a handful remaining. The bath scene, OMG it was pretty delicious I have to admit. I totally want the "sponge" he used when giving her a bath :) better read if you wanna know what I am talking about!!!!If you are a fan of erotica then this is a book that you need to add to the top of you TBR pile. I think I amgoing to have to find time to read book 2 in the series. One of Ezra's captains found HIS Earth woman and I wanna see how that works for him!!!!

  • Katrina
    2019-06-10 02:51

    I am shocked that this book was published by Ellora’s Cave. I usually really like or love the books taken on by this publisher but this book was pretty awful.There was a lot missing from this book. Two of the characters were having sex before the end of the first chapter. Sometimes an author with good character and world building can justify quick sex in a book but these characters were obvious strangers since they aren’t even the same species and the author didn’t even attempt to introduce you to the world or the characters before they were having sex. Another thing that kind of made me shake my head and say “Huh?” is a penis that sends electric currents during sex. Seems a little to BDSM to me and seemed like it was the author’s way of getting by with minimal detail on a sex scene and talk about quickie! My God! Give the reader more than a few quick thrusts, a shock and ooh baby the best orgasm ever…This book had potential but the author did not put the time or effort into making it of any great value and I am greatly disappointed that I spent $5.00 on a book that should be given away or not sold for more than $.99. Last words of wisdom? Don't waste your time or money.

  • Elisa
    2019-06-13 01:04

    I'm not even sure if I should put this on my menage bookshelf. Why you ask? spoiler;Because while she is with all 3 men, they do NOT want to share her and they take turns with her, one day at a time.This is usually one of my favorite tropes but this one just didn't do it for me for many of the same reasons the other reviewers have mentioned so I'll just leave it by saying it wasn't my cup-o-tea. I didn't hate it and I did finish it but I'm not sure if I'll read the next one or not.

  • Julianna
    2019-05-21 05:58

    This was an ok book. It all happened kind of fast, she seemed to fall into bed with them all rather quickly (like within minutes) and then was married to all three of them in what amounted to about 2 days. The post apocoliptic world was a nice touch.

  • Dena
    2019-05-29 03:15

    To me the story was a little far fetched

  • Camylle
    2019-06-14 02:01