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For homicide detective Mac, it's been a good year. Having Tony to go home to makes him a better cop and a better person. For Tony, it's been hard being in love with a man he can't touch in public. Evasions and outright lying to friends and family take a little of the shine off his relationship with Mac, but Tony is determined to make it work.As the Minneapolis Police DeparFor homicide detective Mac, it's been a good year. Having Tony to go home to makes him a better cop and a better person. For Tony, it's been hard being in love with a man he can't touch in public. Evasions and outright lying to friends and family take a little of the shine off his relationship with Mac, but Tony is determined to make it work.As the Minneapolis Police Department moves into a hot, humid summer, Mac is faced with a different challenge. A killer has murdered two blond women, and the police have no real clues. Mac hates to think that another murder may be the only way they'll make progress with the case. But when that murder happens, it hits close to home for Tony. And suddenly Mac faces an ultimatum: come out into the sunlight and stand beside Tony as his lover, or walk away and live without a piece of his heart....

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Breaking Cover Reviews

  • Arianna✦❋SteamyReadsBlog❋✦
    2019-06-02 08:39

    “Breaking Cover” is the second book in Kaje Harper’s Life "Lessons Series". Six months had passed since Tony and Mac decided they want to be together as a couple. Their relationship progresses normally despite the fact that Mac is still in the closet. They spend all their free time together at Tony’s apartment, Tony being there for Mac whenever he needs someone to talk to about his job or something else. Tony is certain that Mac is as deeply in their relationship as he is. He never felt for someone what he feels for Mac. He loves Mac, but he secretly wants more. Being Mac’s dirty secret is not enough anymore. “What do I want?” Tony looked at him. “I want the moon. I want you and me and Ben and Anna, and a little house, and a fucking white picket fence, and me bitching to the kids because you’re late for dinner again. I want you standing up for the next poor tranny who gets a knife waved in his face, and no one wondering why. I want to leave the kids with a sitter and go to a movie with you, and kiss the shit out of you on the street after the show because it was just so romantic. I want everything.”Tony can’t hide anymore, he can’t lie anymore, he wants all or nothing.Mac has to decide very carefully what he really wants, he has to decide if he loves Tony enough, he has to decide if their relationship is more important than being safe in the closet. But he also has to do his job as a cop and stop a serial killer.I loved this story. I'm happy to say it was as good as the first book in the series. I couldn’t put it down. What I loved the most besides the wonderful writing was the realness of this story. The characters, the plot and all the emotions, everything felt real. The two main characters are well developed, believable, likeable and relatable. I must admit I was frustrated with Mac at the beginning. Even if I understood why he still wants to be in the closet, I wanted him out and proud like Tony, I wanted them to be together. As the story progresses Mac chooses well and proves not only he’s a great cop, but that he’s a great man as well. I think the author did a really great job with his character. I really felt for him when he finally decides Tony and their relationship are more important that being in the closet and some of his colleagues don't accept him as gay. He’s afraid of course, but with Tony’s help he finds the strength to finally accept who he is and that he’s in love with a man. I absolutely loved Tony. He is amazing! And I also understood him and why he can’t be Mac’s secret anymore. He is mature, supportive, loving and caring with Mac. He is patient, he always listen and most of all he loves Mac with all his heart. Tony and Mac’s relationship is different, more solid in this installment and I loved it. I loved their interactions, how they are with each other and how they love each other. They warmed my heart! The two kids, Ben and Anna are adorable and I loved their relationship with the two adults. My heart broke for poor Ben but I was glad that he has Tony and later Mac and Anna. The murder mystery was intriguing and the police procedures were once again very well done and believable.All in all, “Breaking Cover” was a fantastic story and I’m looking forward to read the other books in the series and to find out more about these wonderful characters. “I love you, Tony Hart,” he said.Tony’s smile was everything Mac wanted in the world. “Oh, yes,” Tony breathed. “You’re mine.”

  • Baba
    2019-06-22 08:46

    The hardest thing about coming out, he reflected, was that it was irrevocable. Tony is sure that Mac is as deeply in this relationship as he is. But no one else had ever denied his existence outside of the bedroom like this either. Tony doesn’t want to push Mac; he doesn’t want to ask for more than Mac was willing to give. That said, it got harder as Tony saw no sign whatsoever that Mac was even thinking about cracking open his closet door. It’s very hard when you can’t touch or kiss your partner in public. They have to lie to family, friends and workmates and it is getting quite tedious. When Mac and the Minneapolis Police Department have to hunt down a serial killer, something happens that hits very close to home for Tony. Finally, Tony and Mac arrive at a crossroads and Mac has to face an ultimatum. Either come out of the closet and live a loving life with Tony or walk away forever. Breaking the Cover deals with interesting topics. It’s about Mac’s coming out, gay parenting and custody trial. There’s drama and a lot of emotions as well. And Mac and his workmates are solving a murder mystery—a serial killer is targeting young women. Again, I think that the police procedurals are nicely and realistically done, although I have one complaint. While I highly appreciated the author’s way to blend the kids into the story, I was very annoyed when Ben (view spoiler)[did get caught up “in the line of fire” at the end of the story. I couldn’t understand why the police (and Mac especially) NEVER ever considered that Ben could be in danger. Ever heard of protective custody? The media did expose Ben to the whole world, after all. Even though he was hiding in a closet when his mom was murdered, he was a witness for Pete’s sake! It’s rather obvious to me that a serial killer will try to off every witness in the first place. What a mess! (hide spoiler)] That’s my main issue but otherwise Breaking the Cover was a very enthralling, complex and satisfying read. I even changed my opinion about Mac’s behavior eventually. Yes, I will admit that I was one of those readers who thought he acted like a coward when he didn’t want to come out. On the other hand, I could understand his fears and after reading this story I’m sure they were justified. Mac’s internal struggle (coming to terms with a lot of feelings, shortcomings, and expectations) is so well done and very rewarding in the end. Nevertheless I think that coming out is a process  because you don’t do it all at once. And every process needs time, dedication and a firm belief that you do the right thing. And there’s no denying it: I love Kaje’s absorbing and thoughtful writing. Overall I felt that Breaking the Cover is a very worthwhile read. While Mac and Tony lived happily for now at the end of Life Lessons, they truly got their HEA with this story, and it was well deserved after overcoming so many obstacles.  Breaking the Cover is the sequel to Life Lessons["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    2019-06-17 05:53

    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Might contain spoilers*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱High school English teacher Anthony ‘Tony’ Hart (25) and detective Jared ‘Mac’ MacLean (34) are back, and we finally know their ages. This time a killer is on the loose, Mac's trying to hunt him down, and then things strike personally at Tony. Tony is now really struggling with Mac being so deep in the closet, while Mac is being a coward, but is he willing to risk Tony and the chance of finally having a family? “Howdy, stranger,” Tony said softly.Mac fisted a hand in Tony’s dark hair and dragged his head back to lick and bite at his throat. “I’m not a stranger,” he growled, moving his mouth lower. “I’m your man and don’t you forget it.”“Never.” Tony’s hands skimmed over Mac’s back.“I haven’t forgotten anything.”Overall, it was a tiny bit better than the first one. We get to know Tony a little more personal, however, we still don't know much of Mac's past. I really hope we get to know them better, or at least Tony gets to know Mac a little better. He wants to spend his life with him after all... Ben Serrano (6) and Anna MacLean (5) are adorable. However, I really don't like how Anna has been raised. But that's just a personal feeling and opinion. On to the next one.“I don’t mean good like going to church or not breaking laws. If, in your heart, you try to get through the day without hurting other people, then you are a good person...”Quick basic facts:Genre: - (Adult) Contemporary Romance (M/M)Series: - Series, Book TwoLove triangle? - (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Cheating? - (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]HEA? - (view spoiler)[For now? (hide spoiler)]Favorite character? - Anthony ‘Tony’ Hart.Would I read more by this author/or of series? - Sure.Would I recommend this book/series? - Yes.Will I read this again in the future? - No.Rating - 2.5/3 stars.

  • Heather C
    2019-06-07 07:39

    Tony and Mac are one of my most FAVORITE couples...EVER!! I actually started this book several months ago and stopped at 10% because I was scared it was going to get angsty.  Well, it did get angsty, but it was totally worth it. I loved this one even more than Life Lessons. I enjoyed the romance and the mystery. The sex was so much HOTTER and they got very experimental with a variety of "lubes". Also, I thought this one was a lot more romantic than the first. I was so glad to see Mac finally man-up! (view spoiler)[and come out of the closet...and take over responsibly for Anna...and put that bigoted bitch Brenda in her place. God, I hated her!! (view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]I laughed. I got mad. I cried!! (view spoiler)[Mac and Tony were breaking my heart when they were separated. And Tony and Ben kept making me cry!!! (hide spoiler)] I don't usually like kids in my romance novels but Ben and Anna are too adorable! Sweetest kids ever!!!I recommend this to anyone who loved the first book in this series.I ♥ Tony and Mac forever!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Ingela
    2019-06-04 12:42

    ...a very late review November 24, 20135 Impressive Stars - ..offers everything: It's ordinary life, to dare to "step out", family and children, take the right decisions, desires and needs, and of course an thrilling crime drama.Breaking Cover is the second book in the series about the tough police detective Mac and his wise lover Tony, and their "two" wonderful kids, Anna and Ben. Better than the best, I'm breathless right now....Two months later - For some reason, I missed to write a full review about this wonderful second part about these guys. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~What makes this series so different and good is that it feels so real and genuine. I really believe in this story. Among the better you can read in this contemporary M / M genre I feel. Looking forward to the next two parts. It will be so wonderful to follow their path towards a more open life together. Mac's life is complicated with a lot of awful police colleagues (..they are horrible homophobes - I almost hated them), a very cute little daughter and his "real" first boyfriend, Tony. He now has several people around him to satisfy, both in his privat life and in his job. He is torn between them and all decisions on what is absolutely most important for him. ...and of course; This series is a lot adout to dare to come out from the gay-closet. It's not that easy always - you have to be brave and you need some time. ~ I'm cheering for you, Mac!“(...) Hell, you're the only man I've ever met that I would stand in front of a judge and say I'm gay for.”As in the first part (Life Lessons), was also this one both about Mac's private life with Tony -and his police work as a homicide detective. The crime part was really adventurous, scary and thrilling. I bit my nails... - I was so worried about Mac's little family. Very well done and well written as always. But despite that of course I loved all the stuff about their important relationship issues best. Absolutely amazing is that this story never becomes cheesy or sugar sweet. (That alone is worth a fifth star.) Mac and Tony are not the so commonplace fantastic goodlooking über alpha men you quite often meet in M/M stories too. They are just two ordinary men with faults, defects and thousands of wonderful abilities. Thanks for two such lifelike characters, Ms. Harper!‘He might face flack from all sides in the morning. But ha had a life, not just an existence. It was difficult, but it was real, and it was good.’As I said to a dear GR friend; “For me, this was so good, so perfect. There was nothing to complain about (more than Mac's nonsense, but it's the way he is ...). Once I like something, it becomes almost like I'm in love with the book and the MC's, and I maybe get a bit euphoric with handing out stars. (...)”Not the most "steaming hot" boys who loves boys" novel perhaps, but very fine, honestly and realistically described. ~ ...and hot and steamy enough for this smut lady. A very much recommended series! I LIKE - a favorite series - soooo good!~~~~~~~I really liked first part Life Lessons as well (my review). There are also two free shorties to read between the first and second part (And To All A Good Night and Getting It Right)

  • Edina Rose
    2019-06-23 08:51

    When I finished this book, my heart was full of emotion! I wrote on my kindle: "I'm going to sleep and have dreams about peace and love, about children and happy homes."In Life Lessons, Detective Mac met teacher Tony when Tony discovers the body of a murdered colleague. They get together but Mac insists on staying in the closet. Tony is too smitten to say no. He probably did not think the closet would last. But it does.When Breaking Cover starts, they have been together for a year, I think, and Mac is still deep in the closet. He is still wearing his deceased wife's wedding ring. They don't go out together like any couple, no dinning out, no drink out, not even driving out. They are only seen in public if they are bringing the children with them, covering up as two dads whose children are friends. The children are delightful. There is Mac's daughter Anna who is living with his ultra-religious aunt and Ben, Tony's kind of surrogate son who live with his drunkard mum. (hum, now that I'm writing this review I realise that the mothers in this book are all extreme in a bad way). Tony is starting to resent Mac for hiding him, making him lie to his friends (since he must keep Mac's real role in his life a secret). He also resent Mac for not wanting to have anything to do with anything gay in public, for fear of being found out. I was pissed off myself. Then a serial killer case Mac is working on touches close to home. When Ben and Tony become involved, it starts a chain of events that will push Mac to come out in order to be the rock he has always been for Tony. You have to feel a bit sorry for Mac, because the coming out process at 34 yr old, when you have an established career in a macho environment, and personal hang ups because of your education and your past experience, IS painful. The thing that surprised me the most was to learn that Mac still thought being gay was being "less than". I think it was the biggest hurdle he had to pass. The end of the book is just brilliant. The way the case is solved, the way Tony and Mac's problems are solved, the way an adorable family just emerges from all that mess, is beautiful. I have to say, I did not like the first book much because I couldn't feel the connection between Tony and Mac. But in this book, I get it plenty. It bursts out of everything they do, they say etc. And what is amazing is that most of the time it is done in an understated way, a "manly" way. Brilliant!Last thing I want to add is that this book is long and never dull, not even for a second. The mystery and the romance are both great, though the emphasis is on the romance. The plot is really well thought, no information is gratuitous, everything has a purpose and as the story goes, you get why this was said, why that was done etc. I liked that a lot.This is money well spent. PS: My fav word in the book was the word "Forminator". LMHO

  • Macky
    2019-06-12 11:46

    Finally getting around to this fabulous series in my m/m reading addiction - Hi my name's Macky and I can't stop reading about hot men! - has got me kicking myself silly for leaving it so long. I am totally gaga for Tony and Mac, who have wormed their way into my heart...and their trials and tribulations which are totally compelling and have left me drooling for more. What I love about this series is not just the truly romantic love story that is cementing itself and strengthening over each book but the fact that Kaje also writes a damn good murder mystery, with great plot , depth and nail biting suspense. Mac is frustrating to the point of screeching and kindle throwing but I adore the man - warts and all because under that stubborn personality is a guy who desperately wants to be loved for who and what he truly is but hasn't been able to because of the ' macho' sector he works in and the fear of retribution from his homophobic colleagues. Understandable and not just something that happens in books. Tony is an absolute sweetie and fits with Mac perfectly, these two are soul mates and it shows, so seeing them struggle in this, was at times heartbreaking but at the same time ultra romantic when they realise that life without each other would be unbearable, making Macs' redemption' absolutely sigh worthy! Then theres Ben and Anna, the kids who are cute but not sickly sweet, solid supporting characters and a gripping ongoing thread that leaves you wanting more. I love it!Another fast and now firm addition to my best ever m/m couples list and most favourite m/m series' . Kaje Harpers writing style ticks all my plus points and if she writes 'em , I'm definitely reading 'em! Big smiley happy Macky because still another to read, a new one in the pipeline plus some freebies to slot inbetween. Aren't books great!

  • Tina
    2019-06-27 13:39

    4,5 stars for the second installment of the Life Lessons series. :)Life Lessons ends with Tony and Mac in love but living in a closeted relationship. Breaking Cover picks up several months later. Mac is investigating the murders of two young women. A third dead woman drags Tony into the case.Mac's and Tony's life situation is crumbling. Tony has to step up as a father to his Godson Ben and his resistance to live in the closet is getting stronger. Mac has to make hard choices. And there is Anna, Mac's daughter, who still lives with Mac's bigoted cousin. If only Mac and Tony could put their kids and themselves under one roof. But first Mac has to find the courage to come out on the job while chasing a serial killer...The love these two men have for each other is present in every single moment. To see what they go through makes the storyline absolutely believable. Their situation feels authentic. You want them together, out and proud, as men, lovers and parents. Absolutely awesome is the good mystery/crime/romance combination of the series. It's not a m/m romance with a little suspense to make it interesting. It feels rather like a well-wrought thriller interwoven with the right amount of romance. Kaje Harper's writing feels authentic, her characters act absolutely true to life and I love, love, love gruffy Mac and adorable Tony, their strengths and weaknesses and their true love for each other. This book left me wanting more and I can't wait to get my hands on the third book. I can't recommend these series highly enough.

  • Lauraadriana
    2019-05-30 11:34

    Oh man can I add a start to this? Five seem to little!!! I can't even begin to say just how much I loved this book, this couple, this family! I finished reading it, and I had a smile on my face and thought...This is as it should be...Every person has a right to a home full of love with children who know that there will ALWAYS be someone to come home to, and to keep them safe, and love them NO MATTER WHAT.We meet up with Mac and Tony a year after they've started their relationship, it is still a secret, because Mac cannot face the consequences of outing himself at work, and what that will mean to his situation with Anna his little daughter.A tragic crime results in Tony having to step up as a father to his Godson Ben. Things begin to escalate and for Tony it is no longer viable to remain with Mac in the he has to make hard choices. The love these two men have for each other is raw and PRESENT in every single moment in this book, that I was consumed by their story. I wanted them together, happy, in love, in a family, out, proud of who they were as men, lovers, parents...I wanted them to have it ALL.I loved loved loved this book. One of the best love stories I've read in this genre. And the writer backs all that up with a seriously good mystery/thriller. I SOOOOOO Recommend this book!Sighs...Is there a third one coming? Please?!!

  • MaDoReader
    2019-06-11 09:54

    Mejor que el primero, el outing de Mac ha sido precioso ;)

  • Susan
    2019-06-24 06:48

    I'm so in love with Tony's and Mac's relationship and the journey it took in book 2, Breaking Cover. I found myself actually crying during the difficult moments and smiling at my Kindle during the good times. I felt like my heart could physically feel the connection and deep need for one another between the guys. And how ADORABLE are Ben and Anna?! It was hard reading about such deep-rooted bigotry and hate aimed towards our gay leads and knowing that, though this is a work of fiction, those exact things actually happen in the "real world". I found myself screaming "are you serious???" at the screen when I'd read about the small-minded beliefs and hateful words coming from those who supposedly "love God". But, this is about the book...and the book was delightful. I found it a little slower throughout the middle when it focused more on the suspense and the crime/case (view spoiler)[and when Tony and Mac were broken-up and apart (hide spoiler)]. But the emotional build-up in the beginning and the emotional wrap-up in the ending were both so good.Can't wait for book 3...

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-05-27 07:52

    **4.5 stars**This book kept me company all day long during Jury Duty. It was an escape from the little world of grumpy people, hard plastic chairs, and a room that had to be at least 95 degrees. In the middle of winter. I soooo needed that escape!The second book in the series picks up where the first left off. The new mystery in this story was interesting and brought about some MAJOR developments in the personal lives of our Tony and Mac. On one hand, I kept thinking, (view spoiler)[why can't Tony catch an F-ing break!? All of his friends drop like flies! He is like the death curse! (hide spoiler)] and it really bordered on unbelievable. However, I loved the push that the plot twists forced upon Tony and Mac's relationship. I feel so invested in these wonderful characters. I love the way that Kaje Harper made these characters come alive for me. Moving right on to the third in the series!

  • Deeze
    2019-05-28 05:51

    What can I say. This book hit all my plus buttons. The killer mystery was handled well, plenty of detail without bogging the story down, with an exciting climax, but I really hope I get some payback for the two jerks in the police department. I hate to see a man in charge get away with crap just because he is the boss.The kids were damn near perfect, and I don’t mean in that annoying way some writers have them be. No these kids acted and sounded pretty real to me. Ben especially, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them both in the next book.Finally Mac and Tony. Tony is a wonderful guy, funny and loving and great with kids, but Mac? he really stole my heart. He managed to break it a few times too. The bathroom scene after the judge’s verdict where he is so lost, omg talk about emotional, that one sentence nearly killed me lol. So far Mac is the true heart of these stories for me. I can’t wait to read more.My only complaint is a long standing one, too much sex. Sorry but when a stories as good as these I hate having to wade through a sex scene to get back to the real story. But that’s a purely personal peeve lol.

  • Liz (Bugetta)
    2019-05-31 10:58

    Re-read 1/9/18 I think I liked it even more the second time around. I'd give it six stars if I could! :) Wow! Kaje Harper is so good. I finished this in pretty much one afternoon. I couldn’t stop reading. She is so good at creating realistic characters who feel like real people just trying to figure things out like the rest of us. She does an excellent job of balancing the romance and mystery aspects of the story, which is a delicate balance. She also has created a couple of the most realistic kids I’ve read since I started reading romance. These are not just “plot moppets” -- they seem like real kids. They’re not just there to further the plot but real characters in their own right. I don’t want to give too much away but this was a really exciting read both for the murder mystery plot and all the changes it brought to Tony and Mac’s lives. Highly recommended and now onto the next one!

  • Gina
    2019-06-26 09:36

    IBook 2 of Life Lessons series and another chapter in Tony and Mac’s life. This was a hard time for both men. Mac is struggling with living in the closet and the fears he has of coming out. In fact it is such an issue it starts to come between them. While Tony is sure he loves Mac keeping their relationship a secret from everyone in his life is increasing difficult. I totally loved watching their relationship grow and evolve, how they grew to depend on each other and need each other emotiionally. this story felt totally believable to me. And I really got into the crime, mystery part of this story as well, it kept me glued to this book. And of course the steam factor in this was very good, oh my my! Obviously i know nothing about coming out and the emotions and obstacles a person has to deal with, but this felt very realistic to me. I could understand Mac’s fears and Tony’s frustrations with Mac. An excellent book!

  • Bev
    2019-06-27 07:58

    For me, a big improvement on the first book of the series, 4.5 stars and a bigfrom meThe writing was certainly more assured in this book, the characters more rounded and the plot once again was really good. Tony was his usual calm collected self, strong, helpful, kind and without a doubt head-over-heels in love with Mac. Mac, on the other hand, was still having problems with coming out of that bloody closet, and when he discovered that one of the murders he was investigating involved the mother of Tony's godson Ben, it became personal. At that point, Mac and Tony had broken up due to Mac's reluctance to admit he was gay, and Tony had been named as Ben's carer after the death of his mum....unfortunately, Ben's maternal grandparents decided that they wanted to take care of Ben, although they had a major problem...the grandmother liked a drink and was undergoing an AA programme, but for them, that was nothing compared to Ben being allowed to live with a 'faggot'!!Eventually, Mac came through for Tony and went to court stating that Tony was a 'fit and proper' person and ought to be allowed to adopt Ben, and 'outted' himself by admitting that he was Tony's boyfriend, but that they'd split because Tony wanted to do everything 'by the book' for Ben, and his own reluctance to come out of the closet.....of course, everyone would now know (Mac's police colleagues included) that he was gay.In the background of course, we had the murderer and the on-going investigation into who he was, where he was and how the cops could catch him. A lot of Mac's legwork paid off and the net was closing in around the culprit...they found out who he was, and were playing catch-up as to where he was staying until they got a break....Mac and Tony were back together as a couple, Ben was living in the larger apartment that Tony had rented, and Mac was even talking about moving his daughter Anna in as well. They decided to celebrate by having a day out at a local park, unaware of the fact that the murderer had managed to call Ben and arranged to meet him to give him his mum's obvious trap!! That's all I'm saying'll have to find out for yourselves what happened next.

  • Ami
    2019-05-31 12:34

    4.5 starsOkay, that's it, I have a new favorite M/M couple and their names are Tony and Mac *sigh*. I definitely think that this book is better than the first book. Not because of the HEA but because it deals with Tony and Mac's relationship situation slightly more than the mystery. I'm not saying the the mystery is downplayed, especially since this time it also has a direct repercussion on Tony and Ben (a child of a friend who is practically like Tony's own). But I feel that this book is deeper in the journey of what steps the men are taking in their life, especially Mac.The story takes time about a year after the events in book #1. Tony and Mac are practically living together although their relationship is still a secret since Mac is not out. Then several murders hit close to home and suddenly Mac must makes a decision whether he is letting Tony go or steps into the light by coming out.I already admire Tony in book #1 for his willingness to be Mac's secret. That must not be easy, considering he has been out since teenagers. He shows maturity for his 25-years-old of age in ways that surprises me. Plus he is so good with children. I don't think that Tony is giving Mac pressure. I mean, the situation is valid and reasonable. I understand Tony's decision regarding Mac.For me, this is mainly Mac's book. How he handles being who he is, how he handles the notion that being gay is never less then. I know that in my opinion for book #1, I said Mac and Tony's situation reminded me of Adrien and Jake from Adrien English's series. However, Mac is not as complex as Jake. In fact, I think Mac knows what he wants. He wants Tony. But at the same time, it is not easy to be out in his surrounding. He also has valid reasons for his fear. And this makes the story so, SO compelling.I enjoy the process of Mac coming out and starting to accept who he is without thinking that he is less than everyone else. I LOVE the men's interaction with the kids -- and my, those kids are adorable *sigh*. I also enjoy the secondary characters, most notably Oliver (Mac's partner), Sabrina (Tony's best friend), and a victim named Lulu/Walter Sinclair. The writing is fluent and it keeps my interest high ... and the best thing is this series feel like I'm in company of "real" people. How they talk, how they act. There are no sugary sweet things that make me gag. The police-procedural is well-researched.The only reason for me not giving it 5-stars at the moment is because I feel that Ms. Harper still keeps things from making this a complete book. I still wonder about Mac's family. I also wonder what has happened with Ben. Those questions are yet answered. I hope the next book will tackle this ...

  • Mark
    2019-06-13 05:35

    Breaking Cover - a very apt title as Mac's cover is now definitely blown! This book was exciting, the murder / mystery well thought out and paced while dealing with the story line of gay parenting. I really liked how this subject was dealt with illustrating that blood relations are no guarantee for a child's happiness. However, when I think about everything that poor Ben went through I would ask myself if the child would not end up eventually having permanent emotional scars and hang-ups later in life. As for Mac he now has to be strong in his new life and identity. That although he is the tough guy cop, coming out takes more courage than you think. Dealing with people's prejudices can be a hard and cruel lesson to learn, but in the end good will out and it doesn't matter what people think. If family and friends truly love you then they will see the good in a person and anyone who doesn't see that doesn't need to be a friend. A super read and now looking forward to what part three brings....

  • Sofia
    2019-06-26 11:41

    To me courage is not lack of fear but rather going on inspite of that fear and it is that right here.After reading the first book, I couldn't start this one immediately because I had promissed to read other books but I kept thinking of Mac and Tony and yes having read this I confirm that my anticipation was spot on.The slow quiet story catches you unawares with the emotions it evokes and its emphasis on the small everyday choices and how they end up being part of our lives.(view spoiler)[the picture of Mac curled up in bed with a broken heart remains with me just like the picture of Jake from Adrien English waiting outside in his car.(hide spoiler)]A very very good mix of crime, family and love. Definitely on to the next one.

  • Jerry
    2019-06-11 07:33

    Kaje did a great job with creating a realistic relationship with Mac and Tony. It is so very hard to come out. I cannot imagine coming out as a cop. Even being a teacher is really tough. A lesbian member of our church choir is a High School teacher and I know it was tough for her to come out at school and at church. Tony and Mac deal with all the stresses that come their way very well and very believably. I don't know kids, yet they seem very believable to me as well. All the supporting characters are also well drawn, quirky and varied enough so again they all contribute to a realistic story. Kaje handled the Jesus/God question by Mac beautifully. I was so impressed as it was one of the best I have found in a M/M book. Fortunately I have never felt separated from the love of God. Something a Sunday School teacher or maybe my parents taught me that years later when the fire and brimstone started about "my lifestyle" nothing touched my relationship with God.I hope in the sequel you continue the exploration of finding a church for them to go as a family. I am really looking forward to her future work.

  • Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**
    2019-05-30 13:58

    ***5 Frustration and Family Stars***No sophomore slump here folks! This second installment was even better than the first. Breaking Cover had me falling deeper in love with Tony and Mac. I completely understood Tony's frustrations while sympathizing with Mac's reluctance to come out of the closet. His fears were justified, and at times crippling and aggravating, but completely understandable. Tony did what he did best, he stood by Mac, pushed when needed and retreated when the situation called for it...but he never gave up hope. "You're the only person I've ever known who really sees me, who sees all of me, and who likes what he sees."I admired both men's strength throughout this book. My heart both broke and healed for them over the course of this second leg of their journey. Their unyielding love story has sucked me in from the get go and shows absolutely no signs of letting go. Watching these two try to embrace the direction their lives have gone in, adjust to their relationship and become a family has been a roller coaster of a journey, but masterfully done. Kaje Harper's writing continues to show its effortlessness. I no longer feel as though I'm a reader, rather a voyeur peaking into the window of two men's lives. Tony and Mac have cemented themselves as not only one of my favorite M/M couples, but one of my favorite couples. Period."This, this was what he had needed for so long. Himself and Tony, one body, one rhythm, one flesh."

  • Jenni Lea
    2019-06-12 09:53

    This book. This book right here. This book is the most perfect example as to why Kaje Harper is one of my most favorite authors of all time. I was completely blown away by the emotions in this story. Kaje made me do the ugly cry! And the words! The beautiful, creative, descriptive words and phrases woven into the conversations and inner monologues elevate Ms. Harper into an elitist category all her own.“No time for slow, no time for thought, just the urgent rhythm of two bodies straining together, trying to become one. Now, and now, and now, and holy fucking shit!”Tell me that’s not hot! Tell me that isn’t beautiful poetry!There wasn’t a thing wrong with this story. I was pulled in from the beginning and kept completely enthralled throughout. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could.Bravo! ♣♣♣♣♣

  • Marte - Thunderella
    2019-05-29 05:57

    **** 3,5 stars ****I've been dithering back and forth on my rating, and I ended up rating this one a bit less than #1. Basically because I liked #1 better. It's not that this one is bad or bad-er, it's just, I feel I need to distinguish between #1 and #2. It's not a 3 and it's not fully a 3, so 3,5 stars it is.I really like when two people meet and start to get to know each other and everything is new and exciting and so. And, of course, that was in #1, naturally. In "Breaking Cover" Mac and Tony is a couple, but only behind closed doors. Tony is bothered by this, but doesn't want to put pressure on Mac. Mac is, well he is VERY in the closet, and he is not coming out anytime.....soonI liked the book, but didn't love it. I'm on the fence on continuing the series. I think I will, but I have a feeling that the next book will be (even more) "domestic" than this book turned out. Mac and Tony's relationship is real. They have real problems, and I have enough of real problems in real life that I'm not sure I want to read about them in my books. I may continue, though. I don't know. I'm still dithering apparently.

  • Awilk -never sleeps-
    2019-06-23 09:54

    I'm reading these books back to back. This one made me shed a few actual tears. Tony is such a sweetheart that it makes me want to smack Mac upside the head at times. Thankfully, I also understand some of the problems that Mac is facing so that I forgive him. By the end I was so happy that I just kept going on with book three. The thought of finishing these books upsets me, but I just can not make myself stop.I must admit, as I am reading these for the romance side, I am being kept very happy, but the suspense story is a little weak. This weakness didn't bother me enough to deduct a star, but it may bother other readers.

  • Heidi Cullinan
    2019-06-16 13:33

    The best testament to this book is that I don't like mysteries and am always reluctant about sequels that only further explore an established relationship, and yet I loved this. Lots. It was an awesome exploration of a relationship, and I even liked the mystery. I was totally caught up in this from end to end. I started it last night, thought I'd read "a little" before I laid down for a nap this afternoon, and I never napped.Excellent characters. Great story. Harper's got some chops. She just went on the auto-buy list.

  • StellaR
    2019-06-11 08:53

    I can't say how much I love this series. Tony and Mac's relationship continues here, facing another challenges along with Mac's murder case.Again, I love Tony, he's so mature and adorable. Between Mac and him, he's the grown up. I'm glad how thing turn out to be for Mac in this book, minus his assh*le boss and colleagues. The murder mystery is written well, I'm amazed although I'm not sure how valid the facts are, they're still make sense to me :p I hope there are more to come to Mac and Tony, please give us another book of them, Ms. Harper!

  • ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣
    2019-06-06 08:56

    I really do have to give this book five stars. It kept hitting me that I was really enjoying it, was thinking about it while doing other things and always wanted to get back to it and find out what was going to happen on the next page. These are simple things but some of the best about reading a really well written book.I'm still processing it a bit having just finished it (it's barely 7:30 AM as I write this) but wanted to do an immediate, if a bit raw, review. The characters are fully realized, and continually growing, which is definitely a main talent of this author. I won't get into specifics but I definitely reacted to their struggles, both internal and external. There is humor, self doubt, fantastic heat between Mac and Tony, worry over missed opportunities and wrong decisions, and so many more very human life experiences. Their jobs and past experiences continue to influence the decisions they make, especially about this relationship they both want very much to be everything they want. They just want a family, that place you know you can always go to and know that it's home and you'll both give and get what you need.I'm usually not the hugest mystery fan, and I don't necessarily go for children being a main focus in a story like this, but these aspects are so well handled here. The difficulties, the joys and the just plain hand wringing that you feel coming up off of these pages are all very real. Emotion. Suspense. Contemplation. Laughter. Love. They're all here, and so much more.Seriously, I ... all I can say is this is now on the will definitely read again list. Kaje is on my favorite author list now and I've just purchased the third in the series. Fuck, I love a good book.

  • Monika
    2019-06-16 06:45

    OH BOY!Is it possible to give more than 5 stars?!This story deserves it.The sequel to Life Lessonswas so beautifully written that I really lost myself in it and cried when I finished it.Please tell me there will be a sequel!!I'm so in love with Mac and Tony I don't want this to be the end,I'm sure there will be more the end does leave it like there could be.PLEASE,PLEASE,MORE!This book had everything you could want mystery,suspense and a very special romance.Unfortunately it also had hatred and bigotry that had me crying because this goes on in our real lives and I hate it.It's great that they are now becoming a family(not that two aren't a family)with the kids, Mac and Tony deserve it.I just downloaded And To All A Good Night,I somehow missed this so I'll read this out of sequence but that's okay it just gives me more Mac and Tony.HURRAY!!

  • Amy Lane
    2019-06-14 11:52

    As promised (thanks guys!) this was an excellent read! Tony and Mac are so very believable, and even if I wanted to smack Mac and yell, "Oh, c'mon, nut up and come out!" I totally understood why that was an AGONIZING choice for him, and why the scars of a dimly hinted at childhood would bind him into a suffocating closet. I REALLY loved that Tony got that too. I loved that when Tony snapped, it was for the right reasons, and not for vanity or principle, but because Mac's closet was damaging Tony's life. The redemption scene was everything I could have asked for, and Tony's reaction was very human and very dear. I love this series and this author--and I understand she's writing a sequel and I'm all swoony! Excellent!

  • Cole Riann
    2019-06-04 09:45

    4.5 starsWonderful sequel with a bit of a different vibe than the first, since the children enter much more into the story and coming out issues are front and center. The mystery case is a bit more in the background than the previous story, though the whole clan does inevitably find a way into the whole ordeal. A great story that I'm sad to finish!