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The page-turner for every woman who's ever had better days ...Natalie Daniels' husband just dumped her. Her boss is scheming to replace her. And she's falling in love with her sexy Australian TV news agent - who's about to propose to somebody else.What's a woman to do? Dig deep and show what she's made of - which just might land her both the job and the man of her dreams .The page-turner for every woman who's ever had better days ...Natalie Daniels' husband just dumped her. Her boss is scheming to replace her. And she's falling in love with her sexy Australian TV news agent - who's about to propose to somebody else.What's a woman to do? Dig deep and show what she's made of - which just might land her both the job and the man of her dreams ......

Title : Falling Star
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Falling Star Reviews

  • Charlie
    2019-03-02 06:54

    I finished reading Falling Star by Diana Dempsey around 6:30 this morning. Nothing really spectacular about that fact until you hear that I stayed started reading it at 9 p.m. the previous night.I don’t do that very often. And it surprised me that I did so with this book. This was not an epic tale in any sense of the term, yet after I started reading it I couldn’t stop. And I still can’t figure out why.After having read several books from my local library I decided to start going through my back log of books stored on my Kindle.Falling Star was a random Freebie I picked up months and months ago from Amazon – so long ago that I forgot why I had decided to download the book in the first place. Not even the blurb on GoodReads sparked the memory.This didn’t stop me from reading the book. The story plodded along at a steady pace even though I did find myself occasionally looking down at the progress bar to see how much I had read. I liked all the characters the reader is meant to like. The characters that were meant to be hated? I hated. Actually the one character I despised the most I felt was the weakest written character in the book – then again perhaps the character was meant to be transparent to the reader.Let’s just say that if air time was equivalent to page time then I could do without seeing this character on the page. If that was Dempsey’s goal she succeeded admirably.I kept reading the book. I kept reading even when I could see plot devices and motivations. It boggles my mind honestly that I can not for the life of me fathom why I stayed up all night reading Falling Star. I can’t point at the plot and say this is why, nor can I point at the characters. I did like the book enough to give it 3 out of 5 stars on GoodReads. Perhaps I am not used to reading main stream ‘chic lit’ enough to point out why. I would truly enjoy hearing opinions regarding this one.Note: Falling Star marks the end of The GoodReads 2011 Reading Challenge I set for myself in March of this year.

  • Jo
    2019-03-23 10:39

    Natalie Daniels is the long-time news anchor at a network, when a new News Director Tony is brought in to boost ratings and cost costs. Miles, Natalie's husband, has just signed a lucrative deal for his script - she has been supporting him for the last 12 years. He decides now is the time to divorce her, stealing the prenup in the process and denying it ever existed.Tony decides that Kelly is the perfect new anchor, younger and edgier than Natalie and Natalie finds herself being sidelined and doubting her abilities.Geoff is Natalie's agent who she starts falling in love with, but he is with Janet and Natalie is his client!!Watching Natalie's life fall apart from riding on the crest of a wave to landing face first in the sand was so sad, you saw every turn that affected her but also understood her complete frustration that there seemed to be nothing she could do to stop it all from happening. Kelly typifies the younger ambitious at all costs new kid on the block who Natalie had helped at the start of her career, though she seems to have forgotten that. Miles thinks he has got the upper hand and Natalie won't fight for what is right - he doesn't realise you should not back a wounded animal into a corner. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, loved the characters, the writing and that it wasn't full of sex - which some authors think is the only way to fill a chick lit book. 5 stars because I found myself squeezing in reading opportunities as I neared the end, and at the end I had a big smile on my face!Would make a brilliant TV film!!

  • Holly
    2019-03-14 11:47

    I came across this on Amazon for free and seeing it had pretty good reviews, decided to give it a go. Reviews however, weren't so good here on goodreads.It was ok. When the thing is free, you really can't complain too much.There was no excitement though, no groaning at the end of a chapter because you'd promised to stop there but *have* to continue because it's so good.Admittedly, it got better. First half or so, it was slow, things kept getting worse for Natalie while Kelly, Tony & Miles kept being their villainous selves but succeeding more and more.Thankfully toward the end, they are all found out and the proverbial hits the fan. Great. However, for Tony & Kelly, the greatly deserved comeuppance is undone when they are offered new jobs - why? Especially given that neither has a shred of remorse at any point and both are incredibly nasty pieces of work. Didn't love it, didn't hate it but was glad it picked up around the halfway point.

  • Nenette
    2019-03-18 10:57

    You know those twisty crullers from the donut shop? That's what I first thought of when I finished this story. It's twisty, sweet and yummy. I think it's what to expect in a career and love story set mostly inside the news room.For a romantic story, this is a bit lengthy, but it's "enjoyable lengthy". Though I knew already that the protagonist will win out in the end (and how), it still got that pull on me to read on and finish it.A good read on a lazy afternoon; and it didn't make me fall asleep.

  • Janine
    2019-03-05 05:31

    I got this book for free as part of Amazon's kindle bargains and I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised with this book. I was expecting it to be trash but I enjoyed it immensely. I liked the fact that the protagonist was 40 (an age group oft ignored in chick lit) and I liked that the ending wasn't as cliched as it could have been.Will it change your life? No. But its well told, thoroughly enjoyable and leaves you feeling warm at the end.

  • AliciaJ
    2019-03-12 07:47

    I wasn't impressed. I was bored. I got thru it, but only by sheer dint of will. I didn't hate the story, I just didn't feel anything about it. And I guess I don't really have much to say about it either. I can't even express what it was that didn't click for me. The whole thing was just blah. Too bad.

  • Dracula Raupe
    2019-02-23 06:01

    That's good story.

  • Jackie
    2019-02-22 04:32

    Not your typical substance-free free chicklit. The protagonist, Natalie Daniels, a 40 year old news anchor, is mostly forgettable and the supporting characters cariacturish. The protagonist's romance seemed a little groundless and the intimate scenes bland. What I really wanted to see was Natalie lose her job completely and her reaction to the absence of the center of her life. That would be rock bottom and though she neared it a few times, she never quite hit it. This means we never get a clear view of her true character, only glimpses.In the end, the author clears away a lot of the roadblocks for the characters and blindsides the reader with an ending out of nowhere. Perhaps that's too harsh, but with the demonizing of the two antagonists, who get too way much screen time, one would reasonably expect that they would get their just desserts, not job offers. I credit the author immensely for her in depth coverage of TV journalism and law relating to it—I learned a lot. If you're interested in these subjects, this is an enjoyable way to learn. If you want a great romance, don't look here.

  • Angelic
    2019-03-09 10:49

    From beginning to end I was so frustrated with the book and to make things worse I never felt that the "bad guys" never got their just desserts and you it seems to me unclear what the main character chooses in the end in terms of job descriptions. (I do not want to give much story details away just in case someone else wants to read it). If you do want to read this book, you really need to consider why!? I am glad that it was free from kindle otherwise I would have been asking for my money back! "Fallen Star!?" There is no substance in the story, it seems so real, no thread of fantasy in it as it just recalls what happens in work all day long - person good at their job, other person jealous at job, tried to backstab good person to increase their own standing in job. There is no sparkle in the story that would indicate any stars in its title. Should be renamed "Starless Fallen!"

  • Sheyla ✎
    2019-03-20 12:54

    Natalie Daniels is a reporter. She is about to turn forty which is when things turn ugly for her. She is famous and well thought of by the public but her private life is mess. Miles, her soon to be ex- husband may be cheating and stealing from her. Her new boss Tony wants a fresher face to replace her. He wants Kelly, her trainee to replace her.She starts making mistakes during a live newscast and by pursuing a certain story she ends up in jail. Natalie finds herself only trusting her Australian agent Geoff. But its more than friendship what she wants, however, he is already engaged. Trouble, trouble....This was a book about a female trying to survive obstacles due to her age and profession. Natalie is a fighter and she is able to pick up the pieces of her life and takes control.I enjoyed this book.3.5/5 Fangscross posted at my blog http://mrsleifs.blogspot

  • Maya Bohnhoff
    2019-03-24 05:54

    Simply excellent. A page-turner. Well written, well crafted and with great characters. The human detail was spot on and the dynamic nearly flawless. When the characters' behavior bothered me, it was because it was supposed to bother me. I love being manipulated emotionally when it's done this well.I wish I'd written it. ;=)

  • Radhika
    2019-02-26 12:33

    This was a very good book to read. Set in the world of News in LA, this story talks about the trials and tribulations of a veteran news anchor. This was a bit thrilling and a very romantic. A little more drama would have been interesting in this book, but all in all this is a good read.

  • Cristin
    2019-03-18 07:33

    Started out soooooo slow and didn't pull me in. But after I was about halfway through, it really grew on me. Ended up liking it way more than I expected! I do wish that a few story lines had been wrapped up a little better though. Overall, not a bad read :)

  • Cara Connelly Tucker
    2019-03-14 06:35

    So the TV news plot and the free download for my Kindle drew me in...the story was actually good but there were a bunch of strange typos that sort of annoyed me.

  • Mags
    2019-03-07 06:38

    First "romance" I've read in a long time and I quite enjoyed it!

  • Sharon Spearo
    2019-03-08 08:44

    Not sure why, because I typically don't like books about "stars" and glamour but I loved this book. It was a page turner for me.

  • Elli Andrews
    2019-02-25 11:47

    Knowing nothing about what goes on behind the scenes at a news station I found this to be an interesting read. It was also a good commentary on the debate between age vs experience of women tv-presenters, which is something that is particularly prevalent at the moment. The plot was alright - interesting enough to keep you reading. I also liked how the plot switched perspectives which kept the narrative fresh.At first, I sided with Natalie - the main character who is looking to lose her job and about to be replaced by a younger model, however then it was stated how much she gets paid a year and my jaw dropped - $750,000 and all this moaning was about being put onto a salary of a 'meagre' $130,000, something that I would kill for, and I suspect, never be able to achieve. At that point, I rather lost my sympathy for Natalie, and all the tension that had been built up just seemed to dissipate for me. The character of Kelly also seemed way too over the top - almost a pantomime villain and the plot itself seemed rather too far-fetched and was a little too long and drawn out than it needed to be which was in direct opposition to the ending which was too abrupt.Overall, I paid nothing for it and it was an easy-going, "holiday" style read but it wasn't all that great.

  • Philip
    2019-03-07 06:38

    Based on the review quip on the cover (of the Kindle edition) I was expecting some light, fluffy, feel-good romance novel.It was way better than that.This novel is really a quite involved story with lots going on, interesting and complex characters and great writing to tie it together, draw me in and not let me go. To be honest, it really didn't feel like a romance novel in that there was so much more to it than a simple romantic plot. Well, until the end; then it felt very much like a simple romance novel. But I'll address that later.Natalie Daniels suddenly has a few issues in her life. Oftentimes I think it odd how a book will start in the middle of someone's life, give the impression that the past many years have been wonderful and perfect and then expect me to believe that everything goes wrong all at once and the main character has a nervous breakdown or something. This story did a much better job with that.While it is true that a lot 'coincidentally' happened at once - Natalie looking like she'll lose her job and Miles trying to divorce her being the main things - the framework was put in place that made it believable (for the most part). For the two instances above, Tony Scoppio was just hired as the news director and wants to make changes and Miles (view spoiler)[just made a ton of money which he doesn't want to share with his wife with whom he hasn't been living and(hide spoiler)]is a slimeball and wants a divorce since he left her for another woman anyway. Or perhaps it's just that the book that I read after this one but before writing the review was terrible in this regard which helps this one seem much less contrived by comparison, but I don't think that's it.Much of the story is Natalie navigating these issues and trying to work things out. Which is fine because I found early on in the book that I really cared about Natalie and really wanted things to work out for her; I was cheering when things went well and groaning when she did dumb things. She's definitely not perfect; rather insecure about her age and feeling terrible that Miles prefers other women to her. Yet she's strong, does her best to make things work. And all this put together makes her emotions and thoughts powerful; the author really earned empathy for her.Even the side characters are great, too. I love Ruth; she is so fantastic. She's herself, she makes for a great friend, helping Natalie through things, and yet there is a moment when she exposes herself as somewhat vulnerable, which just makes me love her more. I could go on in vague terms like this about many of the characters, but since I don't like putting many specifics in my reviews, it would get really old quickly.However, I do want to mention Tony Scoppio. What a fascinating character. In this book, the relationship between him and his wife Anna-Maria is perhaps the strongest and most loving husband-wife relationship in the book. Yet he is such a dick. He's trying to help improve the newsstation and is doing a good job(view spoiler)[ until Kelly is and idiot and then some over and over(hide spoiler)], but he goes about it in such a tactless and inconsiderate way that it is so easy to dislike him. Yet the main reason he's doing it is so that he can bring his bonus home to Anna-Maria for her benefit. So I'm really torn between wanting things to work for him and not wanting things to work for him. And I do want to add as an aside before I really address the ending that his is probably the most satisfying for me.For me, the worst aspect of this novel were the two romantic plot lines. At least for me, by about chapter two or something (and before I realized that this was way more/better than a simple romance novel); I had a darn good feeling how it was going to end as far as relationships goes. Unfortunately, I was right. Hmm, I'll put the next couple paragraphs in spoilers because it's hard to talk about what I didn't like about the plotlines without mentioning them...(view spoiler)[Natalie and Geoff. It was obvious from the get go, yet really uncomfortable. They had apparently worked together for over ten years and the novel makes it sound like there was absolutely no sexual tension between them until Geoff gets Natalie out of prison. Then suddenly they're all over each other and that's all they can think about for the rest of the book. Ugh. It seemed so out of place and out of character. I recall groaning loudly and then complaining at Geoff when he first kissed her; I knew it was coming and desperately didn't want it to happen.Janet and Geoff, what on earth is going on there? By all accounts Janet is great for Geoff and he's really interested and into her until they get engaged. Then suddenly she's nutzo crazy and he can't stand her at all. Does that happen? Again, it felt out of character. Somehow the writing gave me a lot of respect for Geoff at the beginning, but how he dealt with Janet and Natalie really made me lose it. All of it lead to a really dumb ending of the two storylines that was just too predictable to be good even if it didn't feel like it was in the wrong novel. (hide spoiler)]It was those two storylines that led to the end of the novel. Unfortunately, those two storylines ended before most of the other subplots ended. Which made the whole novel feel really incomplete. I then saw that it was part of a series and figured that might explain it. I then saw that the books in the series weren't related, which brought me back to feeling really let down by the ending.Sure, there were some antics that made this novel somewhat silly; but for the most part, it was a well-written, involving and interesting story. While I don't usually separate my reading by seasons, I guess the person who wrote the cover quip has a much different idea of summer reading than what I thought most people considered it, because this was way better than what usually comes to my mind.

  • Heather Belleguelle
    2019-03-20 04:44

    This is the first book that I have read by Diana Dempsey, but there are now more on my wishlist. It was a pleasure to read such a well written and well constructed book. The story is told from four points of view which are all expertly handled by Ms Dempsey, and the characters are all real, believable, and have plenty of depth. There's a bit more bad language in the book than I would like, and I have stopped reading books with less, but this story is so compelling that I couldn't put it down. It was nice to read a novel that has romance as one element, but where it is not the driving force. There is so much more going on, with plenty of different aspects to keep readers glued to the pages. The interplay between the different characters, as well as the insights into the life of an American TV news station, is fascinating. I thoroughly recommend Falling Star.

  • Caroline Abernethy
    2019-03-15 10:54

    Interesting twisty love lost and gained storyA 39 year old woman's life changes when her husband leaves her for a younger model, her best friend dies of cancer and her career as a TV anchor is teetering on the edge. So what does she do? She turns 40 and keeps on going. Good little read with no cliff hanger.

  • Deb
    2019-03-20 12:45

    I have no idea what to say about this book. I kept reading because I started and wanted to finish. The story was ok, the writing was ok but it just didn't do anything for me.

  • Romantical Skeptic
    2019-03-01 08:36

    The story about an aging news anchor is something you might see on tv - a romantic comedy starring Michelle Pfeiffer in the role of a woman's who Had It All but then swiftly Lost It All because of circumstances outside of her control - the media's obsession with youth, a dog of an ex-husband, a scheming upstart seeking to usurp her position as lead anchorwoman. The love interest, her agent, would be played by a younger man. I'm thinking Bradley Cooper because he needs to be able to be lawyer-ly and comforting but not take away the attention from our leading lady.What say you? They look good together, right!? What am I even saying... Either Michelle or Bradley would look amazing cast beside a side of mutton. Anyway, I still think there's something nice going on here: http://theromanticalskeptic.blogspot....Once I had the visuals in my mind, I was more able to enjoy the story - because honestly, it was kind of sad reading about how this woman - capable, terrific at her job - just lost it all because she's not 25 and bang-able any more. I know, it's reality and I know it happens all the time, but it just reminded me that it TOTALLY SUCKS. So I made the whole thing into a romantic comedy in my head so I wouldn't feel so miserable.Anyway, story was well written - it was not written as a comedy (that was a made-up defense mechanism thing, as I explained). The protagonist stayed in character the whole time - that is, she is described as a tough, focused career-woman and she stayed that way the whole time - she doesn't just turn into a leaky faucet who needs a dude to save her when everything unravels. She loses her mind a little, does a few crazy things, but they were all in the quest to rebuild her life.The romantic angle in the book could have been beefed up a little - they didn't spend a lot of time together so I didn't feel the build-up. The guy has been her agent for years (it felt a little icky, he's been earning a bunch of money off her that whole time) and they are friends at first. Also, he's kind of dating someone else - almost married in fact (he's 37, it's time). So when they hook up - well, that's cheating, my friends! I definitely felt less sympathy for both characters at that point - he was kind of a jerk to carry on with his fiancee even after his stumble into bed with the h. Which makes him no better than the h's ex-husband - he was a cheating [email protected] too! We'd re-write that whole part in the Michelle/Bradley movie, obviously.Anyway, it all works out in the end. She manages to save her career with some audacious moves on her part and some luck. There was satisfying closure. The ex-husband was appropriately punished, the exec who was trying to push her out for a younger model was disgraced and the young, vampy upstart received her comeuppance. Boom. She wins and proves she can Have It All. Take that, world.

  • Maisie
    2019-03-14 08:44

    A light summer read where the story follows a TV station, its competitive, risk taking presenters and the measures individuals are prepared to take for success. The writer focuses on TV anchor girl, her struggle to stay in post whilst undergoing a messy relationship breakdown and simultaneously finding love.

  • Holly
    2019-03-21 06:48

    Natalie is a tv news reporter just about to turn 40 and has just been left by her older husband. Miles is a cad and she slowly realizes that he always was and she was somehow blind to it. Natalie is struggling in a business that only wants the young and beautiful and strives to be the newest hottest thing. When her station gets a new director/producer(?) she knows she is probably on the way out the door and he lets her know how he feels about her and her diva way (which we dont actually see much of but she kind of copes up to). Anyway, one of her few 'friends' is her agent Geoff. He seems a bit more invested in her than his other clients but she doesnt seem to quite get that, too wrapped up in herself (which kind of makes sense bc hello, divorce, getting older, possibly fired from only career). Geoff grows balls for minutes at a time, so he disappointed me a little bit. The new producer Tony is doing everything he can to keep natalie from getting hired anywhere else but also demoting her as much as possible. Her husband Miles is doing everything he can to take all her money and still sleep with every woman he can. Her coworker and girl she supposedly mentored, Kelly, is just a raging bitch who does crazy stuff that only a schizophrenic would do and obviously I couldnt handle her. I got sucked in but at the same time was just wondering when the hell was something good going to happen. All of this bad stuff and bad people kept happening to her and I was just wondering when she was going to drive her car off a cliff and end it all. So maybe I needed to read to the end to see it couldnt be all bad after all. I couldve used more of an ending, but maybe a bit open ended like it was is good. So, not quite the light romance I was looking for, but still good nonetheless.

  • Tammy Wooding
    2019-03-11 09:00

    “A Perfect 10! … Debut author Diana Dempsey soars with FALLING STAR, a powerful, moving, riveting tale of greed and betrayal, love and self-discovery …” Romance Reviews Today Natalie Daniels’ husband just dumped her. Her boss is scheming to replace her. And she’s falling in love with her sexy Australian TV news agent – who’s about to propose to somebody else. What’s a woman to do? Dig deep and show what she’s made of – which just might land her both the job and the man of her dreams. “Excellent characterization, great dialogue, and non-stop action make the book almost impossible to put down … Fast-paced, engaging, witty, and fun to read, FALLING STAR will grab you on the first page and hold you enthralled until the last. I highly recommend this fabulous book!” – Susan Lantz, Romance Reviews Today “Dempsey has reinvented the glitz novel for a new generation. This is glitz with heart! Clever and glamorous.” New York Times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz This full-length novel was nominated for a RITA award for “Best First Book” by the Romance Writers Association.

  • Marsha
    2019-02-22 07:31

    I read for escapism. That is why paranormal fiction is my first addiction of choice. However, at times I love a good romance book. So, when I read the summary for "Falling Star" I thought I should give it a chance. In all fairness to the author, let me say this just wasn't my type of book. As I read the pages I felt as though I was watching a reality TV show that unapologetically promotes the nastiest of characters. There were very few characters in this book I actually like including the hero and Hermione and that is saying something.There are 3,000 reviews on this book so I will not recap the story. However, I will say this book did nothing to take me on a pleasant adventure into romance it just showcased the nastiness that people are capable of. I read a little then had to put the book down and more than once I thought I might not be able to finish it. With that being said, if you like a lot drama in your books and more antagonists than protagonists, you will probably enjoy this read. It just isn't my cup of tea!

  • Cindy
    2019-03-19 09:32

    This was a free download and I was disposed to enjoy it as fluffy chick lit, but it ended up being more than that. My problems with the novel was that it took so long and it was so frustrating to see the heroine slip so far. It was the literary equivalent of a B-horror movie - I wanted to scream at the protagonist "Don't do it!!" as she screwed up by the numbers. I assume that the author does this deliberately as it is more satisfying to pick yourself up when you have fallen so far. Natalie is a good character and you do find yourself rooting for her to overcome the villains set against her. It is oh-so-fine when they get their comeuppance. Geoff started off as a great agent and there was a lot of chemistry between them, but I lost respect for him when he turns his back on a personal relationship with Natalie. The villains - Tony and Kelly - are almost too cookie-cutter evil and yet they do work for this story. Overall a better than average chick lit.

  • Georgina
    2019-03-15 06:58

    As far as books go this was a really good one. I loved the way it switched between the characters to show things from their perspective all the time.It deals with the relationship between women in the media/public eye and what happens when they reach the age of 40. I liked the characters and found them honest and believable.This book fell short of receiving 5 stars for numerous reasons...Firstly one of the characters was given an ending I don't think she deserved after all the bad she'd done, second I would have liked to have known what decision the main protagonist decided upon and once again I found that book ended quite abruptly and seem almost rushed, which if you look at my previous reviews you will know this is something I hate.However not a bad book and one that I recommend!

  • Lynda Kelly
    2019-03-17 08:59

    I got over halfway and packed this in. I thought all the women (and many of the men too) were pretty vile and couldn't really care less what happened to any of them. Natalie was a vain and shallow character and Kelly was a waste-of-space newcomer who'd do anything to get her own way. I found nothing the least bit sympathetic in either person the more I read till I pretty much despised the pair of 'em !!I only spotted a couple of errors, though. A character was Blaine on one page then Elaine the next. One sentence, "Yon can't trade in a racehorse for a donkey's ass" I imagine was meant to commence with you ? However, it could be some olde-worlde expression.I liked the author's mention in the acknowledgements written with her husband in mind. That was nice.

  • Heather
    2019-03-17 09:35

    I read half way through the book and had to stop. I got this book as a freebie through Amazon and thought I would give it a try. I found the book to be all over the place and sometimes hard to follow. I hated pretty much every character in the story, which seemed to be the Authors goal. I was getting really frustrated because nothing good was happening for Natalie. I was waiting for something to take a turn but never saw any evidence of that happening. I read the reviews to see what other readers thought of the story. The majority confirmed my prediction, that the story basically does not get any better. So I finally gave up. Too many other good books out there. Considering I didn't read the full story, I don't think it is fair for me to rate it.