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Sixteen-year-old Perdita Rivers has spent her entire sheltered life being told what to do. Lately, she’s felt ready for a change, and the universe seems to agree. Her new best friend’s brother is the boy of Perdita’s dreams. Literally. Even though he plays hot and cold, she’s sure there’s more to it, but she’s kind of distracted by the sense she’s being followed - not to mSixteen-year-old Perdita Rivers has spent her entire sheltered life being told what to do. Lately, she’s felt ready for a change, and the universe seems to agree. Her new best friend’s brother is the boy of Perdita’s dreams. Literally. Even though he plays hot and cold, she’s sure there’s more to it, but she’s kind of distracted by the sense she’s being followed - not to mention the rumours of wild animal sightings that seem to mean more to her new crush’s family than they should. Perdy’s on a mission to find the truth, but maybe the truth is the danger she should hide from, after all....

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Verity Reviews

  • Sarah
    2019-03-03 07:38

    This was an okay werewolf story, although it took a long while for the werewolves to actually show up. The constant bickering between Perdy and her best friend Tammie got old too.6 out of 10

  • Dianne
    2019-03-02 10:47

    Her life has been controlled by her family. On one hand, her father refuses to allow her to do anything, on the other, her grandmother allows her to spread her wings, providing her father doesn’t know and if he finds out, well, grandma really doesn’t care. There is Perdita, stuck in the middle, sixteen and anxious to live a little, do what her peers do, in other words…be a teen.VERITY by Claire Farrell has nailed the trials and tribulations of being a normal teen, but Perdy is far from normal, and not even just regular “far from normal.” Perdy is part of a curse and she is clueless, totally clueless. One thing she does know is someone or something seems to be following her, watching her and just maybe her father had the right idea, keeping her hidden away…and then that rebellious teen thing rears its head...Living life in school on the outer fringe, with only her cousin and one girlfriend, life begins to change for Perdy when Amelia and her brother Nathan start classes. Amelia is determined to become great friends with Perdy and Nathan is determined to ignore her. Poor Perdy, how does she deal with Nathan? She has seen him in her dreams before she ever met him! As she discovers their family secret, Perdy comes to realize that things that go bump in the night really do exist and she is caught up in the middle of something she, once again has no control over.Have her father and grandmother been keeping something from her? Is she losing her mind? Werewolves? Werewolves following Perdy? Who is Nathan to her? Why is hot one minute than cold as ice the next? Perdy wanted a freedom and a life, but maybe if she had known what she knows now, she would have watched what she wished for.Claire Farrell has created a teen character in Perdy that is extremely and painfully realistic, and often hard to deal with, then again, I have never been FATED to mate with a werewolf! Nathan, werewolf in question is definitely NOT the alpha type. He actually has a pretty spineless streak that makes him less than the hot hero guy in my book.This is the first in a series, so a lot of unanswered questions and murky answers are sure to be cleared up later on, and hopefully combing the tangles out in the process! A YA read that nails angst, immaturity and “being thrown to the wolves” perfectly, proving that NOT keeping dark secrets can shed light on potential problems before they become ginormous.Series: Cursed - Book 1Publication Date: April 24, 2011Publisher: Claire FarrellGenre: YA Fantasy | ParanormalPrint Length: 188 pagesAvailable from: Amazon | Barnes & NobleFor Reviews & More:

  • ♥ Sarah
    2019-03-07 09:56

    If I wasn't so familiar with the whole werewolf/soulmate trope so often seen in the YA paranormal genre, I might have given this one a higher rating. Maybe. Things that really irritated me:1. It might have just been me, but I felt like the author might not have been American? The dialogue didn't feel natural or authentic for teens. Maybe that's how people from Ireland talk? IDK but it felt off to me.2. "Perdy" our heroine/protagonist was REALLY hard for me, or even sympathize with. I mean, wth kind of name is Perdy? She's SO insecure about herself, I found myself cringing constantly at her descriptions of herself. 3. Perdy's family = INSANE. RIDICULOUS. CRAZY?!?! Her dad and her grams were also slightly off. They treat Perdy like a prisoner in her own home. Her dad makes her wear overalls all the time, calls her constantly, and she's not even allowed to stay 15 minutes after-school. WTF? JUST...NO.4. Nathan, Nathan, Nathan. When I saw the prologue, he was the one narrating, so I thought the POV was going to shift between Nathan & Perdy. Apparently, it was a one-time only thing. It was ALL written in Perdy's depressing, psycho POV. Also, there was nothing unique or swoon worthy about Nathan. He didn't even really have any "wolf-like" qualities! No chemistry, no back-story, nothing. He just really wanted to "fit in" so he flirts and dances with every other chick except his very own *drum roll* SOUL MATE! Oh, and guess why he avoids her like the plague?? *whispers* soul mates = curse. 5. So, moving on then. THE CURSE. *dramatic sigh* I just, can't. Supposedly, the whole soul mate thing is Nathan's family curse, and Perdy is somehow a part of it, because she was chosen as his "mate." But they don't wanna like each other ONLY because of some stupid curse. And then some strange ass wolf people start stalking Perdy, and ultimately, there's a big brawl towards the end of the book. Very anti-climactic, and abrupt. 6. Tammie. UM. WTF? Talk about PSYCHOS in this book. This chick is WAY off. She just all of a sudden turned into the backstabbing, bi-polar, attention seeking type. WHY? NOBODY KNOWS....7. Ultimately, there wasn't much of a plot. Perdy's annoying, Amelia cries about everything, Tammie is apparently bipolar or something, Nathan's uninteresting, and Perdy's dad is a major creep. Maybe you should skip this one. I wish I did.

  • K. Bird Lincoln
    2019-03-04 08:38

    I think I may have overdosed on paranormal YA recently, and its possible that is clouding my judgement. Verity deserves more of a 3.5, probably. This is a perfectly fine YA romance with werewolves. Girl dreams of boy. Girl meets boy. Boy must resist acting on his lurv for noble reasons. Girl finds out werewolves exist. Girl turns out to be more than just your normal human.Twilight (or Leopard Moon, Destiny Binds, Intuition series) fans would quite like this one, I imagine.Perdita lives with her grandmother and father who fight over how she should live her life. Sadly, her father wins most of these arguments. He is so paranoid-obsessive about her safety she's never stayed over at her best friend, Tammy's house, never goes out, and must wear button down sweaters to school all the time.Naturally enough, Perdita is a fringe-dweller in her high school. Her only friends are Tammy and her nerd-clueless cousin, Joey.But then Amelia and her brother, Nathan show up at school. Nathan's got the same, brown eyes Perdita has dreamed of (and doodled) for years. And along with the newcomers, dead cats, big, shaggy dogs, and strange, staring men also pop up in Perdita's small, Irish town.Will she win the battle to be a normal teenager? What are all the mysterious men and shaggy dogs doing? Why does Amelia's family have so many pictures of wolves in their house? Okay, so it was kind of cool reading the occasional non-Americanism "let's sort this" etc. It was also cool to have a non-American setting and culture (although I could have used even more of that). Perdita is suitably spunky at times and romantically overwhelmed by Nathan at times. So why did I rate this less than the 4 stars?Blame my jaded palate. I can't be satisfied with the normal YA paranormal anymore. I need either a POV character who totally wrings my heart, or a lime twist on my glass of teen angst-ade.While I had no problems with Perdita, she didn't get under my skin, either. And the whole werewolf thing is a blatant elephant in the room. The somewhat confusing prologue (for me) with the werewolves in Europe, and then the whole Amelia wearing a werewolf charm bracelet (I mean really, she calls the charms werewolves? Why would she do that? Why doesn't Perdita get the little bit curious or clued in?)along with the many wolf pictures in Amelia's house gives it away.The other thing that kind of made this more 3ish for me was the blatant, over-the-top villainry of the High School Queen Bee (and another person supposed to be Perdita's friend.) I don't mind villainry, but I like more grey in my villains. It just struck me as weird that Nathan would be so clueless, even if he was being noble and hesitant, that he would go along with such blatant bullying. It made him seem wishy-washy and clueless as opposed to angsty and conflicted.On the other hand, the last third of the book picks up the pace quite nicely, bringing in an interesting curse/werewolf story involving Nathan and Perdita that sets up some nice angst in the unresolved ending.This Book's Snack Rating: Like eating a can of Pringles for the perfectly snackable plot and characters without any special flavor or twist

  • Heather andrews
    2019-03-19 10:50

    *********************************SPOILER ALERT*****************************Nathan there's just something about him that draws you to love him right off, "hi," he said, so low I could barely hear him. He stared at me in a way I didn't understand." He loves his sister and chooses to stick up for her, where as the older brothers of sisters I know choose to ignore the hazing, to become popular, "no, thanks. I'd rather sit here next to my sister. You know, one of them. I'd introduce you, but I think you've already me," he called back." Not many men can admit to being wrong and apologize Nathan isn't one of those men, "my sister told me you thought I was taking Dawn's side or something, but I wasn't, I swear. I was just trying to calm everyone down. Obviously laughing in the middle of it wasn't the best move, but you looked so cute when you were all outraged at me that I couldn't help it." He just has this way about him and he finds humor in almost everything, "how was I supposed to bring it up? Hey Perdita, wanna go out with me? By the way, we're destined to be together forever, and oh, yeah, you're going to mother my werewolf son." I enjoyed the book but I'm not sure if I want to continue the series I mean I may just to see if Perdy and Nathan get their happy ever after, but right now I'm not to sure.

  • Marie DeLaRosa
    2019-03-17 11:47

    Verity by Clair FarrellPerdita is just a young girl trying to get by in high school; she pretty much keeps to herself, drawing no attention. She can’t wait until she is out on her own, to get away from her over protective father and her grandmother, Both constantly arguing over what she can and can’t do or wear. Regardless, she finds all the comfort she needs in her best friend Tammie and her cousin Joey. But even they wouldn’t understand the dreams she’s been having, especially when it regards a boy and a wolf. Until one day the boy from her dreams shows up at her high school and everything that Perdita knew…starts to change. Claire Farrell develops her characters through the story and you get to grow with them. You might even share experiences similar to Peridta. Aside from the werewolves that is, I thought this book had a great mix of humor, love, and mystery . This book did have parts that were rather predictable but nonetheless the book was enjoyable and kept my interest. I would recommend this book for werewolf lovers, such as those interested in the 13 to Life series. Her next book Clarity was released April 4, 2012.~Marie

  • Karataratakus
    2019-03-22 11:59

    Verity Review for GoodReadsSo for my fourth venture out into the world of YA bandwagons, here's another one Kindle suggested for me, which is about werewolves. This is quite a short read, and set in the village of Dublin (seriously, the capital city of Ireland felt like random American small town #1827 in this) which is... a setting.Now, let's get started!THE COVER: A wolf, a forest, and a girl who's either put her finger to her lips as a shout out to Hush, Hush, or is about to pick her nose.THE PROLOGUE: There's no pretence to mystery in here, we learn the love interest's a werewolf in the very first sentence, which takes place in Devon for no reason, and then we go to a wood in Poland for a reason that won't make sense until the epilogue, and even then, only barely.THE MAIN CHARACTER: Perdita's an outsider and a freak—I know this because the best character, Dawn, said so. Sure, it might seem like the book goes more down Perdita's own estimation of herself—that of a non-entity—but she doesn't need a personality, she has a soul mate for that! She does have a really strict and controlling father though, which is essential so there can be an obstacle between the lovers—oh wait, no, that doesn't become an issue at all. I guess it's essential for wangsting purposes though! I will give Perdita this, she did actually do something in the second-to-last chapter, though what it was exactly I'll leave as an exciting mystery!THE LOVE INTEREST: Nathan... sure is a werewolf! It seems like he might have some mind control powers at one point because everyone in the school immediately likes him for no reason, but it turns out they just like him because of his even more fearsome power of being a Gary-Stu.THE BEST FRIEND: Ah, Tamera. Like most best friend characters she's used to make the supernatural creature things look good by comparison. It seemed like the author wanted to give her a personality but just couldn't quite decide what it should be, and ended up making her sort of evil? I'm sure that will be resolved in the sequel.THE ANTAGONISTS: Has Verity ever got a treat for its readers with these antagonists! They're so mysterious we don't even learn their names until the epilogue! Now, some might say they come out of nowhere for seemingly no reason and leave barely any impact throughout the story...Hmm? Oh no, I was done.WORLDBUILDING: Well, werewolves exist. And they have soul mates. And there's a convoluted nonsensical gypsy-curse which makes you wonder how any of the other werewolves even exist, but it's not nothing, and with these books that's... something.PLOT: Now, this isn't a self-contained story—kind of like Game of Thrones; the sequels continue on the same struggle rather than picking up a new chapter in their lives like the Twilight novels, so you'd expect a few plot threads to be unresolved.However, when the plot only actually has one thread, mostly shoved in quickly at the end, it can create the illusion that nothing actually happened in the book outside of the first half of Twilight with werewolves. In Ireland. Of course, an experienced reader such as myself can see through such illusions to the true story of Verity; the life and times of Dawn Talbot. (yes, Talbot. It's an homage!)THE REAL HERO: Ah, Dawn Talbot, the stereotypical mean American cheerleader of Ireland who's not a cheerleader, I'm afraid you have replaced Marcie Millar in my heart. Such passion for taunts worthy of one more than half your age! Such a lack of any motivation! Such dedication to making the heroine's life miserable by your very existence for no reason. We salute you, Dawn!And that's Verity in a nutshell, the story of one girl's slow meandering fall into the passionate romance of the very... uh, hour, and some werewolves or something. A one out of five on GoodReads for lack of plot, lack of originality, and general lack of point, but a seven-point-five on the Karataratakus scale of Things that Entertained me with their Badness for the one thing it did have; Dawn.Shine on, you crazy not-cheerleader, you!

  • Sadia
    2019-03-24 06:43

    Verity is a... good enough book. I was actually expecting more and was really disappointed at the end it. It seemed to be lacking in all the aspects that make up a good book. The romance wasn't gradual enough for me. I'm fine with soul-mate type romances where the love interests were 'picked' by the universe but the romance still could have been more developed and gradual. Even with instant attraction you can add depth and layers to a romance so that it doesn't feel unrealistic or stereotypical. To me the lack of real romance lets down the overall impression I have on the book. I felt the plot was slow in most parts of the book but when it did get to the little fighting scenes I was really intrigued and then... saddened when I realised there was only, like, one action-packed-amzingly-cool-and-interesting scene. Hey! At least there was one! (Always look on the brigggggght side of life *whistles* - lol) The last thing was the characters, which were, how do I say this? Ummmm, well they were pretty much confusing. Every single one. They confuzzled my brain (apart from Dad and Gran - they were quite stereotypical as far as things go) especially Tammie. Tammie is the first best friend and she's sweet at first, slightly weird and really, quite likable but then Tammie gets a complete character change. Suddenly she's the controlling, manipulative and bitchy friend-turned-enemy. Honestly, I think this only happens to make room for Amelia - the second best friend. I don't think I've actually talked about our protag, Perdita, there's not much to say. In short she's... good enough (Ha! Seen this before?), nothing special but nothing really to despise and desire to punch. It's a good sign when you don't feel the urge to beat up the main character every few seconds. Even though this review has been primarily about all the negative parts of Verity I do think it was okay and when the sequel comes out I'll try and get a hold of it, however I don't think it's a priority at the moment. Star Rating: 2.5

  • Shelby
    2019-02-24 13:01

    3.5 Stars

  • Nicky Cartwright Pashley
    2019-03-17 11:43

    Verity was the first novel that Claire Farrell started (though not the first one that she finished!). Unlike the The Ava Delaney series (Thirst, Taunt and Tempt) I was immediately conscious that this story was aimed at the YA market. It took me a little longer to be drawn into the story (than it did with the Ava Delaney series) but the personalities and lives of the characters quickly caught my interest. Perdita is a 16 year old that is struggling with strange re-occurring dreams, an overly strict Father who is constantly battling with her Gran and emotional baggage from being abandoned by her Mother – someone that her Father is determined that she will not be like! Then life begins to change. The subject of her dreams suddenly enrols at her school but he blows hot and cold with her, leaving her feeling more confused than ever. She finds herself followed by menacing strangers, the local neighbourhood suddenly seems to be playing host to a pack of feral dogs and her lifelong best friend, Tammie, starts to behave oddly. Perdita wants to have the freedom to act like an ordinary teenager but this looks less and less likely, as her life spirals out of control around her. The story sees Perdita develop from a shy wallflower into someone who starts to stand up for what she believes is right, to stand up for both herself and for others.Although I was not drawn into this story as quickly as the Ava Delaney series, I did enjoy the book. One cannot help caring about Perdita, Nathan and Amelia. Tammie’s sudden and abrupt change from a caring supportive friend to a vindictive liar is as initially confusing to the reader as it is to Perdita – confusing in a good way, as I wanted to find out what had caused her apparent personality change. There were no real plot twists to the story, it followed a fairly predictable path but I enjoyed this book nevertheless. It was enjoyable because the characters are well written and engaging. I look forward to reading it’s sequel, Clarity, when it is published later this year.

  • Neyra ♦
    2019-02-27 09:50

    An interesting "twist" in the werewolf mythology, but I only learned about it from the last 15% of the book, give or take. The only thing I learned was how much of an annoying teenager, Perdita is. God, and how needy! She forgives her so called "best friend" for being a two-faced lying bitch and pushes her cousin into forgiving her as well. Despite how nasty she is being out of no where, they still all sit together, it's ridiculous. No way would this happen in the real world, but just because our "heroine" needs a friend, or better yet, someone to make her look like the speshul snowflake she is, this bff stays. Ugh.Our "hero" is your typical seventeen year old heartthrob with a hot and cold personality that will give you whiplash. I mean, for once I would like an author not to write about a love interest who seems to want to be around everyone except the MC. Until of course he can't resist any longer and decides that for the last 10% of the book he's going to admit how unable to keep his distance he is. *sigh*I'm sorry, the plot? Well I guess Got the last 5% of my review I can mention it... tbh, I don't really know. The book was too busy telling me about how much perdita hated Nathan's hot/cold persona, while secretly being in lurve with him to actually show me what was truly going on. /End rant

  • Jenna
    2019-03-16 08:57

    I liked this YA take on werewolves. I thought that the writing flowed well and I enjoyed the Irish slang used throughout - people who complained need to realize that not all authors are American and don't write just for an American audience.Perdy was an interesting character and it was nice to see her grow from the 'freak' at school who was always quiet to someone who stood up for her friends and for herself - even if that meant doing things that she didn't like or want to do. Tammie was extremely annoying, but then most teenage girls are not all that mature at only 16 and often times are willing to throw over a friend for a boy.The only downside was that it took quite a while to get to the werewolf part and then it seemed to turn into a whirlwind quickly and the ending left you a trying to figure out what just happened in the last 2 chapters. Looking forward to reading the next though.

  • Sara
    2019-03-14 10:34

    Verity was a fairly good take on werewolf stories... I liked how they weren't a dominant part of the story but they were still present. Sometimes with paranormal books the paranormal side really takes over and you don't get to see much of the human side of people. I liked how this book developed the characters and their relationships before the werewolfs entered the story. I really liked Perdy and I liked how she was a strong character on her own. She didn't seem to rely too heavily on her friends or family, she was a character who knew who she was and did a good job balancing her crush on Nathan with real life. Anyhow, I don't want to get into spoilers so I won't say much more. I do hope the next book in the series comes out soon, I can't wait to read more about what happens with everyone!!

  • Booklover
    2019-02-25 12:58

    Verity was ok. Nothing particularly exciting happened until chapter 11, and there are 16 chapters. The action was minimal and there wasn't a lot explained. I think this book would have been better as a novella. The majority of the teenage drama could have been left out. That was the biggest issue I had. There was nonsense drama that didn't have a point and it felt like a filler to lengthen the book. By chapter eight I was wondering if werewolves were actually in the book, and again, they really didn't make an appearance until chapter 11. I'm disappointed. I'm curious enough to possibly continue the series, but I have other books to read, and this one didn't leave me wanting more.

  • Emmeline (The Book Herald)
    2019-02-26 11:01

    My goodness that was awful...seriously. never again, as in EVER. Yowza! This is going into the' never again shelf' for sure and most likely in the 'read if you hate yourself self' too. Don't do it. Save yourself from insta-weird- love. From atrocious dialogues and irritating and frustrating, did I mention nonsensical? characters. A romance that made no sense, and werewolves who don't know a thing about being werewolves...even though they've been cursed since the 17th Century! Ughh!-The Book Herald

  • Radiant
    2019-02-23 11:57

    Well i was going through Werewolves spree..and got hold of this book.Though it was not as much as intimidating as i thought it was after reading the summary was a good one to read.Where in most books werewolves are a different being Cursed is quite a catch.Though i really could do a bit more of Nathan n Perdita..afterall they are was ok!But still there are many open ends n mysteries - which is kind of irritating - to be solved which i think will be in next book which i will read in few :)Overall a good one with Werewolves!Sri.

  • Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    2019-03-19 10:37

    This book was good :) I liked the story and i found the characters adorable. But im only give the book3 stars because, while the book had its many ups, it had also many downs. It didn't really happen much in the book, and it took a hell of alot of time before it actually happen something... But im still looking forward to read book #2 :)

  • Delta
    2019-03-19 09:35

    This was an odd book for me. Mostly because we don't see a shapeshifter (or discuss the topic) until nearly three-quarters through the story. Then we get the insta-love typical of YA paranormal/fantasy. I was kind of hoping for something different given the odd plot structure, but I was sadly disappointed.

  • Sharon Mariampillai
    2019-03-10 10:00

    Actual Rating: 3.15 This was a good book. It just was not the book for me. Also, I feel like the characters and plot were well developed. The story just made me confused and it made me put the book down a couple of times. Overall, an okay book.

  • Jasi
    2019-03-08 09:47

    Endlich hab ich das englische Buch geschafft (:Mein erstes Fremdsprachenbuch das ich GANZ durchgelesen habe.Und ich muss sagen es hat wunderbar geklappt. ;)Tolle Geschichte, ich freu mich schon auf die weiteren Teile!

  • Runningrabbit
    2019-03-15 05:55

    Not a bad YA read with many of the usual components. Weird attraction, wonderful eyes, bitch from hell, pretty good supporting friends, strict parents. I'll certainly read the next one and see where it's going with the hope that's it's not more of the same.

  • Casey
    2019-03-23 08:36

    1.5 Stars

  • Kay
    2019-03-22 10:57

    Maybe a 2.5. Perdy the main character was hard to like, actually I didn't like her. Way to insecure. Tammie was annoying. The writing seemed choppy. Nothing happened until the last two chapters...

  • Melissa Levine
    2019-03-09 09:58

    First off, I really liked this story. I did hate how it ended though. It's like so much seemed to be going on (at least in my opinion) then it's done with! I've read plenty of stories that take place in Ireland and other foreign countries. Now the thing with this story, I didn't feel like they were foreign really. I mean there were a few terms that the author used such as "rowing" which I assumed meant fighting or something along those lines. There were also a few sentences or phrases that didn't really sound right, so I assumed that was the way they talked in Ireland? Although none of them sounded familiar to me at all. Some of them weren't even real sentences. For ex: "I think she was bang out of order.""Suppose.""Maybe stay out a bit later 'at' weekends." "Everybody loved seeing someone lose the plot.""Long may it last.""Hey leave it out."But other than a few words or sentences here and there, they're just wasn't any 'foreign feel.' I mean the main character is born and raised in Ireland, yet she talks like a regular american person. What was the point of even having the story take place in another country if you're not going to have the accents for that country, in regards to the way the people talk? UPDATE: Okay right after I first posted this I went to check and see where the author was from. Ireland of all places. So again, very strange about there not being any type of accents (would that be the right word here?).Questions/Comments:The word 'canteen' that's used in the story is in reference to the cafeteria. I've never heard canteen used in that way before so I did a search. I couldn't find any Irish reference to it but I did find that the British use canteen instead of cafeteria. Now I don't know about anyone else but I wouldn't consider Irish and British people to be similar. Am I wrong here?There's a part where Tammie wants to go to the shop to get a snickers. Her and Joey end up going together. The question here is in regards to the fact that we knew Tammie was wearing a mini skirt and high heels, at the time.'s raining out. See where I'm heading here? Yes, Joey had a car but still. Tammie didn't know he would volunteer to go with her.When Perdita stands up to Dawn by defending Amelia, I don't get what made her do that? I didn't really understand the whole wanting/needing to protect Amelia? Given she's younger than Perdita, BUT ONLY BY ONE YEAR! I got the feeling like the author was trying to make her act/sound younger. I didn't really understand why though. It's not like Perdita was a senior and Amelia a freshman. That didn't make sense to me."Before I fell asleep, I realised I had only heard Nathan say one word..." Huh? Considering Nathan was trying to befriend everyone he ran into, or so it seemed, how did she hear him say only one word?Now usually it's pretty easy to get when someone is being mean or sarcastic while reading. Yet, whenever someone was being mean in this story, I don't know, the writing just didn't give me the feel like it was suppose to. For ex: "You have something in common with Perdy then, She has a granny instead of a mammy too. The malice in Tammie's voice was unmistakable..." I guess it could just be me though. I just can't imagine someone saying that phrase and it coming across as mean.What was with all the sneering btw?If Nathan wasn't really as much of a fan of Dawn as Perdita thought, why was he always letting Dawn get all touchy feely with him?So while Nathan and Perdita are chatting in the hall, Dawn comes along starting crap, AGAIN. Dawn ends up pushing Perdita back or something and the bell rings. "Ready to walk us to our next class?" Nathan looks at his watch (not sure why, the bell did just ring) and tells Perdita that he has to go. Even though they're all going to the same class! The red haired guy. Perdita has been seeing him around the school and her house. I think it was the second time she sees him that this happens..."I might not have noticed him, but his eyes were a strangely yellow shade of amber that attracted my attention." Now we already know that he had the red hair, yet it was his eyes that attracted her this time. If she hadn't seem them, then she probably wouldn't have even noticed him. Right...because we all know that red hair isn't really eye catching.If Perdita hated wearing her hair down, then why not cut it? Easy fix.What's with Perdita's grandmother? How often does her mom visit, sounds like it's a rarity, yet her grandmother still considers the house to be the mothers? I get that that's her daughter (Perdita's mom and grandmother) but come on! And when Perdita threatens that her dad could move out and her grandmother responds with "Don't be silly. He'll never leave you." Um...she could go with him! Hello. How did the grandmother not think of that one?Why did the Amelia's family lie to her about where they when while they were hunting? That made no sense to me. I mean she already knows what they are.Amelia. What the beep was wrong with her? She's grown up with a werewolf family yet seems so stupid and majorly naive. She's questioned about her charm bracelet. 'Oh, they're not dogs, they're werewolves!' No, she couldn't have just said wolves. Or when her and Perdita go to her house, they find blood in the entryway. Perdita is trying to get Amelia to come back outside because there ends up being a werewolf inside. Amelia is all calm like it's no big deal. Common sense would have told her that if there was blood, most likely the werewolf wasn't a relative. Yet she takes her time leaving, stating that there's a door separating them or something along those lines. They then run off into the woods, Amelia being way ahead and not waiting for Perdita, and now suddenly terrified. Huh? The bad wolf ends up getting Amelia but Perdita and then Nathan show up and help her. Nathan then runs off. Where did he go exactly? That was a strange thing. "I'll take care of you. But I need you to calm down for me." This was Perdita to Amelia. What was going on with Amelia? She should be use to this kind of thing. How is she more scared than Perdita? No sense whatsoever there. "Two black wolves burst through the trees...Amelia gave a little shriek of alarm." Yet, Perdita is basically fine. What's wrong with this picture here? Amelia's character just makes no sense to me. How did Perdita kill the one werewolf? I didn't understand that part. She hits him like twice with a stick, he looks back at her and falls over dead? The fact that she blamed herself for Lia's death and all that happened was just stupid. Or when she informs the others that she needs to go to the police since she killed someone. What a joke. I'll just assume she was in major shock there.If the bad wolves really wanted Lia, then why did they kill her? How are there werewolves still if they can't breed to create more, only Lia could? I didn't understand that part either. There's nothing really to say about Tammie in the end, I can't imagine any reader liked her. I assumed that the only reason she was friends with Perdita was to get to Joey? That was the only thing that made sense to me. Although once she gets him, she goes crazy? Very strange.In the end, I would like to continue with this series.

  • Elena Johansen
    2019-02-23 12:56

    This took too long to get to anything interesting (like, you know, the werewolf part) and made me cringe too much along the way.Perdita, our main character and narrator, has a personality that can best be described as "inconsistent." She stands up for herself to her controlling father, only to let her absolute bitch of a best friend steamroll over her. She whines and moans about how unpopular she is, how much of a freak and a loser she is, but more guys than just the curse-besotted love interest hit on her when she goes to a party. She's sheltered and fragile, but then she straight up kills an enemy werewolf with a giant stick.I'm even more disappointed in this book because it could have been interesting. The curse Farrell cooked up to explain the whole soulmate angle of this actually works for me! The curse is what makes Perdita and Nathan feel better together than apart, and (to some degree at least, it's not super clear) feel each other's emotions to create a sort of forced intimacy. They like each other, they're drawn to each other, but after the secret is revealed (waaaaay late in the story, bad pacing) they both know that it's not genuine...yet that doesn't mitigate the curse's effects. So the book ends with them together, at least in the sense that they're going to (try to) take things slow and actually get to know each other. Which I like.Too bad I had to wade through all that stupid, melodramatic angst, all that mountain-out-of-a-molehill false drama to get to the mildly good part.

  • Ashlynn
    2019-03-18 08:36

    Was actually kind of good but there was just something off about it it just didn’t make me want to read the next book. I didn’t believe Perdita and Nathans love story, there was no romance they just liked each other all of a sudden with no real reason as to why except for the curse, which they kept saying wasn’t going to be the reason they liked each other but after saying that they basically did what they said they weren’t going to do 🙄Tbh they remind me of when in a book the girl is in love with two guys and has to choose... and one is a nice guy who loves her and on paper they’re perfect together, but you know they’re not going to end up together because there is something missing. They haven’t got that spark. And then there’s the bad guy who she’s obviously going to end up with because they do have that spark, you can just tell from there first meeting. More often than not this guy infuriates the girl and they’re constantly arguing( which i love in my hero and heroine).Now even though Nathan did have the whole bad boy thing (kind of) and they did argue a bit... he was so obviously the first boy and the spark was missing... and that is what was missing from the book. And also what kind of name is Perdita? Her nickname was no better either, Perdy!! Why would she call her heroine Perdy??

  • AuburnEdge
    2019-03-03 11:58

    WerewolfyThis is a different take on destined pairs. What if it's not what you wanted? Can you fight against your destiny and not fall for your true love? I really enjoyed the way the story player out and how the author mass you wonder what could be happening in their minds the whole time. I wish there was more from his point of view so we knew his thought process.A good read for paranormal fans.

  • L Carson
    2019-03-01 08:42

    This is a very quick, entertaining read - but pretty predictable. The editing on the copy I have also isn't great (a real pet peeve of mine). If you're looking for something you can get through in a couple hours, pick it up because it is fun. A true YA book - nothing scandalous and no iffy content for the younger YA crew.

  • Naoé
    2019-03-05 04:50

    I don't really read werewolves books but this one was entertaining I didn't loved it but the story stuck me in and I practically read it in one sitting Will I read the other books I don't know yet because even if the ending left me hanging I wasn't the biggest fan of the main characters apart from Amelia who was the cutest so I'll see