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While exploring on the beach, Sally gets a limpet stuck to her finger and no one can help her get it off....

Title : Sally And The Limpet
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ISBN : 9780744582888
Format Type : Other Book
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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Sally And The Limpet Reviews

  • Judy
    2019-03-21 10:21

    Colorado is pretty far from any ocean, so our kids have very little first-hand experience with tide pools, tides, waves, beaches, shells ... and all the life forms that live in that salty water. A lot of books overwhelm the young reader with too much info. I particularly like that this story focuses on a 'snippet' of the whole -- a limpet. I suspect that every child will remember something about limpets after reading this story, and they'll probably look for limpets when visiting the ocean.I also like the important idea that it's best to leave living things where you see them. (The gentle attempts at removal were good; I cringed at some of the harsher methods.) Being relatively uninformed about limpets ... would they really stick to a person's skin?The book begins,Not long ago, on a Sunday, Sally was down on the beach exploring, when she found a brightly colored, bigger-than-usual limpet shell.

  • Duncan Beckley
    2019-03-22 13:34

    Very cute story. Nice message. Delightful illustrations. Good vocabulary if slightly simplistic. Not much variety in punctuation.

  • Rose
    2019-03-03 08:25

    In Sally and the Limpet Simon James has created a gentle story with ecological undercurrents supported by fantastic illustrations. This book is a fantastic read-aloud story and would be great for any Key Stage 1 class. It is about one child, a girl called Sally who goes on holiday with her family and feels sad for a limpet she finds when she goes rockpooling. When Sally pulls the limpet off the rock it gets stuck on her finger and will not come off! Everything she tries fails (which includes going to the hospital and different people trying to pull it off), and eventually she takes it back to the rockpools where it belongs and the limpet makes its own way off her finger.On the face of it, this is a lovely story about an idyllic seaside family holiday gone wrong. Underneath all of that however, there is an ecological message which children will take away with them. The tagline from the front of the book “A limpet’s home is by the sea” really brings home the message that James is trying to get across. That message is about how you should leave things alone in their natural habitat and try not to disturb them, which is important for any child to learn. Sally and the Limpet would be of great value to any Key Stage 1 classroom as it covers topics such as holidays, the seaside, rockpools and marine creatures and would be great to use in literacy, topic work, or art.This book is fast paced, which allows children to get engaged with the story right from the very start and it captivates the reader in Sally’s attempt to get the limpet off her finger so she can resume her normal life. The ecological undertone to the story is very much in line with Simon James’s other works, but it does not overpower the whole feel of the book or the storyline of a family holiday to the seaside.

  • Renee
    2019-03-23 14:49

    Sally and the Limpet takes place on a sunny, summer, Sunday at the beach. Sally is playing down at the beach when she finds a limpet shell. The limpet gets stuck onto Sally's finger. No matter how hard the dad, mom, brother, doctor and friends try they can not get the limpet off of Sally's finger. The nature teacher tells Sally that the limpet lives for twenty years on the same rock. Sally decides to release the limpet back into the ocean and onto the same rock she found it on. This book is about respecting nature and the environment. As a teacher I would use this book with the resource model, Text Participant, to help children understand and make connections with what they're read.(Environment, nature, respect etc..)

  • Ben Perry
    2019-03-23 14:48

    This is a lovely book I read to year 2 children. One Sunday by the sea, Sally finds shellfish that is bigger than usual, and she decides to take it home with her. It makes a squelching noise and holds tight to its rock, but she keeps on pulling - until suddenly the limpet shell is stuck to her finger and won’t let go. Her dad tries to free her finger with his tools and her brother tries to feed it lettuce. The doctor pours on chemicals and potions. Sally’s teacher says a limpet lives for twenty years and spends its lifetime on one rock, to which Sally feels really upset. This is a fantastically illustrated book.