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Der ursprüngliche Titel Deutschland - ein Greuelmärchen zeigt, in welche Tradition Brecht dieses Stück eingereiht wissen wollte Er sah die Verhältnisse im "Reich" mit dem scharfen Blick der Emigranten und beschrieb sie mit knapper, realistischer Genauigkeit. Die vierundzwanzig Szenen des Stücks zeichnen das Bild des Faschismus und der ihn konstituierenden Mentalität....

Title : Furcht und Elend des Dritten Reiches
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ISBN : 9783518103920
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Furcht und Elend des Dritten Reiches Reviews

  • StevenGodin
    2019-03-03 05:03

    Over there we can see men comingWhom he's forced to relinquish their womenAnd coupled with blondes in their placeIt's no good cursing and prayingFor once he catches them racially strayingHe'll whip them back into the race.(9. The Jewish Wife)It's all in the title really. 24 hard-hitting scenes depicting life under Nazi rule in which people were exposed to poverty, violence, fear and pretence in the years leading up to the Second World War. The play premiered in Paris in 1938, which featured some strong Nazi antisemitism in several of the sketches (all to the annoyance of Hitler & his cronies). They all carry an underlying message, and are a bit of a mixed bag, some are excellent, whilst others are so brief that if you sneezed in the crowd you would probably miss the whole scene. I would have loved to view this on stage back then, preferably with the Führer in attendance, to witness him ranting and raving and going red in the face whilst having a tantrum. All heil Brecht!

  • Steffi
    2019-03-06 07:36

    Einzelne, zusammenhanglose Szenen, die scheinbar auf Nachrichten und Augenzeugenberichten beruhen. Meist geht es um einfache Menschen, die versuchen sich anzupassen um zu überleben, oft aber auch nicht wissen, wie sie das am besten tun sollen. Da ist zum Beispiel der Amtsrichter, der so entscheiden will, wie es den neuen Machthabern gefällt, aber der Fall ist kompliziert und egal wie – irgendeinem Mächtigen wird er es nicht recht machen können. Gerade durch die Kürze der Szenen sehr dicht und die Personen sind meist nicht eindeutig schlecht, sondern eher ratlos und verängstigt.

  • Eadweard
    2019-03-05 08:55

    What it must have felt to be a regular citizen not swept up by the frenzy of the era; the constant fear and paranoia, always on the lookout, afraid of being denounced. Well written dialogues and characters.

  • Raquel
    2019-02-21 04:59

    I had a boyfriend once. He was a semi-professional drama actor. The last play he prepared before breaking up was Fear and Misery of the Third Reich. Many years after splitting up and attending the performances, I've summoned almost all my courage to read the play from beginning to end. Due to time and cast limitations, they didn't play the whole collection of scenes, so I had the feeling that I couldn't comment anything until I had read it from cover to cover. I still remember many of the lines, though. Set in Germany during the 1930s, Brecht uses 24 vignettes to show the rise of the Nazi party and its effect on the lives of ordinary people. Some of the vignettes are tiny, essentially a punchline. Some sketches work better than others, but taken together, they offer a remarkable collage of life in Nazi Germany. Each scene has a very specific political message (All bullies are cowards, treat Nazi apparent goodwill with suspicion, think before speaking if you want to keep living, out of sight out of mind) that it is almost impossible to overlook as a reader/part of the audience. It is very disturbing to read –in scenes that hop from absurd comedy to the gloomiest drama to sharp symbolism– how civilian life is taken over by anxiety, prejudice, paranoia, denial, violence, dread, angst, insurgency, and darkness. The vignettes dramatize with surgical accuracy the distress experienced by common people, not only Jewish citizens. German citizenship from all walks of life is harassed into submission – housewives, medical personnel, teachers, factory workers, scientists, shopkeepers – and they display how complicated can be to resist such a change, regardless how much one might admit that is wrong. Brecht's portray of the decay of common life under a political agenda is both historical interesting and emotionally fascinating. No matter if the action is set in the 1930s or in 2016, Fear and Misery of the Third Reich is a temperature gauge of what may happen in any country today when a dictatorship annihilates its own citizens in the name of morality, patriotism or cleansing.

  • Randall
    2019-03-12 04:38

    This play helps one to understand how, by small degrees the nazi oppression took hold of the everyday lives of ordinary people in myriad ways. The slow advancement of fascism and the Demi's of freedom is inexorably catalogued. The moral is, beware of the insidious loss of your freedoms. Are we vigilant enough today? What loss of our rights have we taken for granted? What unspoken aspect of our society do we willfully ignore?

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-03-21 08:47

    Furcht und Elend des Dritten Reiches=Fear and Misery of the Third Reich, Bertolt Brecht (1898 - 1956)عنوان: ترس و نکبت رایش سوم؛ اثر: برتولت برشت؛ مترجم: شریف لنکرانی؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، مروارید، خانه کتاب ایران، 1344، در 196 ص، موضوع: نمیشنامه های نویسندگان آلمانی قرن 20 م

  • r
    2019-03-16 06:51

    همون کتاب ترسونکبت رایش سوم.نوشته برتولت برشته ..این کتاب در ایران توسط اقایشریف لنکرانی ترجمه شده است..

  • Andrez Santos
    2019-03-13 09:42

    4.5 na verdade , sempre tive curiosidade em ler Brecht e com certeza que vou ler mais obras dele.

  • Andrey
    2019-03-15 04:50

    Il pozzo buio e profondo dell'anima umana ...

  • Munro
    2019-03-19 12:58

    Brilliant. I love that each scene is completely different--different characters in different settings-- but that all the scenes share a common theme.

  • Maisie - Jane
    2019-03-23 07:52

    I cannot wait to perform this play for my drama show !!!

  • Ali
    2019-03-05 09:58

    اغلب اثار برتولد برشت به فارسی برگردانده شده؛ "سقراط مجروح" کیکاووس جهانداری / "در انبوه شهرها" عبدالرحمن صدریه / "استثناء و قاعده" محمود اعتماد زاده(م. به آذین) / "ان که گفت آری و آن که گفت نه" مصطفی رحیمی / زندگانی گالیله (گالیله ئو گالیله ئی) عبدالرحیم احمدی / "ترس و نکبت رایش سوم" شریف لنکرانی / "ننه دلاور و فرزندان او" مصطفی رحیمی / "آدم، آدم است" دو ترجمه از شریف لنکرانی و امین موید / "بچه فیل" و استنطاق لوکولوس" شریف لنکرانی / "زن نیک سچوان" دو ترجمه از فریده ی لاشایی و مهدی زمانیان / "دایره گچی قفقازی" دو ترجمه از حمید سمندریان و امین موید / "چهره های سیمون ماشار" دو ترجمه از عبدالرحمن صدریه و شریف لنکرانی / "داستان های آقای کوینر" سعید ایمانی / "داستان یک پولی"(اپرای یک پولی) هوشنگ پیرنظر / "تفنگ های ننه کارار" دو ترجمه از فریدون ایل بیگی و شریف لنکرانی / "ارباب پونتیلا و نوکرش مه آتی" سه ترجمه از عبدالرحمن صدریه، فریده ی لاشایی و رضا کرم رضایی / "درباره ی تیاتر" منیزه کامیاب و حسن بایرامی / "هیولا" همایون نوراحمر / "مادر" منیژه کامیاب و حسن بایرامی / "کله گردها و کله تیزها" بهروز مشیری / "بعل" خشایار قائم مقامی / "پیرزنی که پیر نمی نمود" کامران فانی / "گفتگوی فراریان" خشایار قائم مقامی / "اقداماتی علیه زور" ناصر صفایی / "حیوان محبوب آقای کوینر" / ناصر صفایی / "اگر کوسه ماهی ها آدم بودند" بهروز تاجور / "شوایک در جنگ جهانی دوم" دو ترجمه؛ حمید علوی، فرامرز بهزاد / "عظمت و انحطاط شهر ماهاگونی" مهدی اسفندیارفرد / "قطعه آموزشی" مینو ملک خانی / "اندیشه های متی" عبدالله کوثری / "محاکمه ی ژاندارک در روان" عبدالله کوثری / "صلیب گچی" سیاوش بیدارفکر / "قیمت آهن چنده" رضا کرم رضایی / "کریولانوس" مهدی تقوی / "اپرای سه پولی" علی اکبر خداپرست / "ژان مقدس کشتارگاه" دو ترجمه از جواد شمس و ابوالحسن ونده ور / "صعود مقاومت پذیر ارتورو اویی" افرویدون / "زندگی تیاتری من" فریدون ناظری / "روزهای کمون" کاووسی (فریده لاشایی) /"درباره تیاتر" فرامرز بهزاد / و بسیاری دیگر از آثار نوشتاری و مجموعه ی اشعار برشت

  • Danny Daley
    2019-02-21 08:48

    Bertolt Brecht's anti-nazi play from the 1930's in its 24 scene format. I read this along with Joseph Kanon's "Leaving Berlin," a historical novel set in post WW2 Germany in which Brecht is a minor character. The play has a few fascinating scenes, such as "The Spy," and "The Old Militant." They were insightful and revealing, and it is obvious how they would be improved by watching them on the stage. However, some of the scenes felt a bit redundant. The play may have carried more power had it explored a wider range of nazi power and interests than the few ideas presented. Overall, an important piece of culture and anti-nazi literature, and an insightful and quick read.

  • Carmillaburana
    2019-02-21 05:42

    Bertolt Brecht peint avec vivacité et réalisme des scènes de la vie quotidienne sous le régime nazi. L'absurdité et la peur, l'aliénation de l'individu face à un système de plus en plus impitoyable s'installent au fil des scénettes, dressant le portrait d'une population souffrante et soumise, écartelée entre la tentation d'embrasser l'ordre nouveau (avec l'incertitude fébrile suscitée par les sautes d'humeur capricieuses du pouvoir) et un conformisme de façade, parfois un geste de résistance dérisoire dans l'attente passive que s'achève la tempête historique.

  • Meg
    2019-03-19 04:36

    I hesitate to say I "liked" this book, due mostly to the subject matter and the way the author subtly insinuates the Nazi menace. Very uncomfortable to read, especially in hindsight, and you can see that the protagonists often do not know what to say or do to keep themselves safe; what is perfectly all right one day is cause for arrest or 'disappearance' the next.

  • Işıl
    2019-03-08 10:45

    nay, the Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui is still second to none...

  • Dan Richter
    2019-03-12 04:55

    Entgegen der Buchbeschreibung sah Brecht die Verhältnisse nicht besonders genau. Wem wollte er eigentlich einreden, man litte Mitte der 30er in Deutschland Hunger?

  • David Bessiere
    2019-02-26 09:47

    Not fun at all but extremely interesting !

  • Marc
    2019-03-08 06:01

    One of the absolute best scripts I've had the honor of directing.

  • Lina
    2019-03-14 07:58

    I highly recommend it!!

  • Regina Andreassen
    2019-03-19 10:45


  • Kristina Dixon
    2019-03-14 06:36

    Fascinating play with stupendous characters. Wonderfully written.