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Cecilia Phoenix dreaded marriage, especially to Lord Fitzroy, and prayed for an escape, but when her brother was brought to her fresh from his defeat on the battle field, salvation was not what she expected to find in the angry countenance of Lord Aldere Wyke. Now they must find the strength to love and trust each other before their doubt destroys them both....

Title : Feuding Hearts
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Feuding Hearts Reviews

  • Cambria
    2019-02-24 10:48

    Title: Feuding HeartsAuthor: Shari RichardsonISBN: 0012444448Publisher: Astral Plane Publishing May 2011Format: E-bookCecilia Phoenix does not want to marry. When she realizes that she must in order to save her brother’s life and end a family feud that has been waging for too many years, she agrees, but it is with a heavy heart. For, she is marrying the enemy, a man that she was raised to hate.Lord Aldere Wyke is not the marrying kind. He is gruff, cold and without patience for the silly chattering of females. He declared that he will marry the daughter of the enemy before even lying eyes on her and resigned himself to a life of indifference.What neither one was expecting is to actually like one another…or more yet…to find heated attraction and possibly even love. Alas, things are never easy when it comes to matters of the heart especially when there are very jealous people lining up to take away the happiness that is right within reach. Feuding Hearts is in my opinion a classic historical romance. It is exactly what one would expect when picking up this genre. Aside from the spelling errors it is very well written and the characters are well developed. It was most definitely a nice respite from my usual genre of young adult. Cecilia was a likable character from the moment that she was on the page. I admired her strength and wit. She knew her own mind and she wasn’t afraid to speak it. Despite her instant fear when meeting large, cold mannered Aldere she didn’t let it show. She lifted her chin and went head first into a life that was most uncertain. I have to say that as I was reading I felt connected to Cecilia throughout the entire story but when she announced her age I was caught a little off guard. She is so young! However, I do realize that this was common back in those days but as I was reading I often marveled at the maturity that young Cecilia was able to project. I admired how such a young girl was able to take over such a large household and find the strength within herself to not cast out the jealous and evil Keisha from her home.Aldere was a strong, proud man that honored his commitments. While I really liked him and rooted for him throughout the story I couldn’t help curse at him while I was reading. He was stubborn, pig headed and sometimes blind to what was really going on around him. Yet toward the end he also became more humble and was willing to admit when he acted unfairly.Overall, I really liked this book. I hadn’t read a historical romance in a long time and I was reminded why I liked them so much. The setting is always fascinating and the actions of the people are so much different from how we live today. I would suggest grabbing a copy of this book and settling in for a romantic tale and a good time!Review written by Cambria Hebert

  • Jody
    2019-03-09 15:55

    I loved Feuding Hearts. This is a historical romance set in the medievel times when knights, lords and ladies lived and loved. The story immediately drew me in by beginning at the end of a tough battle between two fueding lords. Lord Aldere Wyke learns that Lord Devyn Phoenix has a younger unmarried sister. He decided to marry her and bind the fueding families instead of killing the last Lord Phoenix. Cecilia is innocence maid of 14, while this bugged me out a little I am sure it was more historically accurate than some stories. Lord Aldere treats her with kindness and helps her to learn to love with a gentle hand. Cecilia and Aldere are drawn to each other dispite the distrust and lies between their families. Everyone can see the love growing between them. As they move to the Wyke Manor, Cecilia is greeted by Aldere's pregnant mistress. Keicha is a vile witch who would love nothing more than to tear apart the new couple and be lady of the manor. There is also another evil Lord Fitzroy who swears to get Cecilia back from Aldere no matter what. He is selfish drunken brute who rapes his staff and wants to own Cecilia for a slave more than a wife. Fitzroy plots to attack the Wykes to get Cecilia and finds an ally in Keicha. I loved the interplay between the characters including Cecilia and Keicha. Cecilia has great heart and determination. She does what she must to save the manor once attack. The end of this book made me cry as I a sucker for a happy ending. I loved to escape in this story and enjoyed the characters. I would definitely recommend this to others who enjoy historical romance and happy ever afters.

  • Marsha
    2019-03-04 10:41

    Feuding Hearts has it all ... suspense, love, revenge, murder, passion, heroics, excitement, etc., etc.!!! The story line is real, and I felt what Cecelia was going through all the way. Aldere is a typical male, chauvenistic as men were back in the early days. Yet, he has a good heart and he truly has fallen in love, for the first time in his life. This book held my interest, and my enthusiasm. It was difficult to put it down! I loved that, even though Cecelia was very young and knew her "place" as the wife of Aldere, she was quite independent, intelligent and a little "crafty." She embodied the emotions of a young girl, as well as a grown woman, all at once. She had been raised (for 14 years) in Phoenix Hall, and she had some idea of how to run a large household of servants. Her sweetness and good nature won the respect and love of the staff at her husband's Hall. Her courage and smart wit made her unique and irresistable, especially to Aldere. Unfortunately, there were others who wanted her, for themselves, or just gone. Without giving too much of this book away, suffice it to say it is definitely worth reading. I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good love story. You won't be disappointed! It's not too "sappy," yet it is a story that will make your heart skip a beat or two. It shows the strength of a young woman, as well as the tenderness of a strong man, which makes it a wonderful book for everyone.Read and reviewed by Marsha Crum

  • Becca
    2019-03-01 13:40

    The author provided a copy for an honest review. My normal reading genre is YA but I'll read anything well written. So the question then begs....well-written????I wanted to make sure that I gave the author a very fair shake and was concerned about the genre issue. So I got my aunt and some of her friends who are all big Harlequin fans together (Shari's e-book being 195 pages had that feel to it) brewed a big pot of coffee, made bread pudding and read the book out loud to them between bites and slurps.The book and the discussion it generated took the afternoon and evening but the general conscience was this --- enjoyable read. The characters Shari created have a believable and endearing quality to them. The main debate surrounded the main character and his brother and who would be a more desirable match for a Medieval maiden. The plot had some predictable moments but was worth the read.Two of the group went home that night to buy copies from Shari's library of works.

  • Grace Menter
    2019-02-17 08:57

    aside from a few spelling errors, this book was stupendously ravishingly captivating <3 it demonstrates the folly of men and the core strength and petty jealousy of women better than anything i've read before. i dare you to read the first chapter and not go on from there :)

  • Ashley Mayer
    2019-02-22 16:02

    Wow! I can't even begin to put into words how much I LOVED Feudng Hearts! Cecilia is such a strong, stubborn, loving character and I couldn't help but love her, and the best part is that Aldere is the exact same way. Their relationship throughout this book was so emotion filled! I couldn't help but feel excitment, frustration, heartbreak, longing, and happiness! Shari Richardson did a fantastic job of making me feel what the characters were feeling, and it was so easy to relate to them. The story that surrounded the characters was amazing! There was a little bit of everything in this book, and I can't wait to read more from this author!

  • Kristina Franken
    2019-03-17 13:47

    I highly recommend this book for anyone FTC: I received a free copy of this book and was not reimbursed in any other way.

  • Shari Richardson
    2019-03-01 11:42