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Jovilette Wilder had the heart of a lion and the temper of a wildcat. And when Keane Prescott hirst crossed her path, she had her claws bared. Jo was certain her beguiling new boss imperiled everything she cared for, but she couldn't deny the overpowering attraction that sizzled between them. And though Keane's kisses left her breathless with longing, it was the tendernessJovilette Wilder had the heart of a lion and the temper of a wildcat. And when Keane Prescott hirst crossed her path, she had her claws bared. Jo was certain her beguiling new boss imperiled everything she cared for, but she couldn't deny the overpowering attraction that sizzled between them. And though Keane's kisses left her breathless with longing, it was the tenderness he showed her that threatened to tame her heart....

Title : Untamed
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ISBN : 9780373218431
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
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Untamed Reviews

  • Krissy
    2019-03-19 06:20

    The audiobook narrator, Lauren Davis, did not fit the story at all. She sounded extremely young. Like early teens young.

  • Lyndi
    2019-03-11 02:18

    2.5 starsGod, grant me the serenity to finish reading this Nora Roberts collection without wanting to kill somebody.I've wanted lighter reads lately because I'm having to stop reading so often to deal with the baby. So these earlier Nora Roberts books have been kinda perfect. It's a straight-up romance with flowery prose and melodramatic statements. It's very clear to me that Nora Roberts has improved, polished, and explored her writing - her recent romantic suspense novels are gritty and intense. I wouldn't have believed the writer that wrote this book would be able to also write novels like The Witness or The Search. Anyway, this one was pretty alright. Maybe it's just bad luck, but the last couple female lead characters I've read have been ridiculous. The stories, fine. The male lead characters, so-so. The females... sweet baby Christ, stop. I'm so tired of these women now.I've got a few more in this Nora Roberts collection and then I'm trading them for something else. Something violent. Maybe something paranormal. I must cleanse the palate of this sugary sweet romance and stupid females.

  • Lisa Kay
    2019-02-19 00:18

    ★★½✩✩ Audiobook was well narrated by Kate Rudd.I was debating whether to give this book 3 or 3 ½ stars and then came the ending. **blows raspberry** I see why I didn’t read NR way back when. She is much improved, so much so that I'm seeking out her new stuff.

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2019-03-19 04:23

    I really enjoyed this book. Which is a complete shock as it's one of her earliest works (published in 1983--Roberts' first book was published in 81) and I generally find her 80s novels a bit hard to take. Before anybody gets too happy about it, though, I have to acknowledge that my enjoyment is probably idiosyncratic and unlikely to match general tastes.My favorite part of the novel is that although Keane is one of those demanding alpha types, he doesn't get things his way. Jo actually stands up to him when needed and his own sense of honor prevents him from pushing or taking advantage of her when he could very well have done so once she acknowledges her own feelings (to herself). Further, he doesn't even attempt any of the emotional manipulation so common to the era (Hawkeye Pierce playboy stuff, if you know what I mean).And I liked Jo's personality. She's a great blend of fierce, open, and naïve that makes sense to her background. She's brave (as opposed to fearless) both physically and emotionally and loyal to a fault.And this is where I'm going to diverge from popular opinion, but it's all about the ending, so, sadly, it's spoiler time. (view spoiler)[I particularly liked the ending. Yeah, it flies in the face of feminist dogma because it is Jo who makes the sacrifice, giving up her life as a lion-trainer in the circus in order to be with Keane (trust me when I say it doesn't feel as cheesy as it sounds when reading the book). The fact of the matter is that Keane is right that there is no adequate compromise possible for him. He cannot take that she puts herself into life-threatening danger every day (something Jo wouldn't bother to deny because it is literally true) and that fact was clearly killing him. A lot of readers are going to see that as controlling or inappropriate, somehow. The thing is, actual equality in a relationship isn't about who compromises or who gets their way. Equality in a relationship is achieved by both partners working as a team to figure out a solution that works given their respective resources and/or limitations. In such a situation, Jo is perfectly reasonable to do what she has to in order for the relationship to work because they both want it to work. It isn't about gender, it isn't about who is stronger, it isn't even about what's right. It's about working together to overcome an obstacle and finding the solution together. And that's exactly what they do. Keane doesn't demand it (let alone expect it), Jo offers because she knows she can and it will solve the problem keeping them from being together. (hide spoiler)]So yeah, revoke my feminist card (if I can find it), but I found the ending not only reasonable, but a strong choice.There is enough melodrama to keep this from an unqualified five stars, but it's a pretty solid four.A note about Steamy: Note, there is no steamy tag on this review. That's because there is no steam. Well, there's a passionate grope or two, but nothing to signify.

  • LaFleurBleue
    2019-02-19 00:00

    It is indeed a short book, even for an Harlequin. For such a short format, it was not so bad. Characters disclosed themselves progressively, well mostly the hero. The storyline was compact but well managed around the encounters between Keane and Jo. What I liked more than I thought was the rather realistic view of the way a circus works and tours.Honestly the main problem was Jo's character. First I hated her first name, Jolivette, until I realized it was the name of a birth control pill. Her character did not seem real to me: she started as a blabbermouth telling everything to Keane, as if she were a young kid of 5 or 6 trying to impress an adult. Then there's a scene in which she spoke her mind in very harsh terms to Keane - I read the scene 3 times to try to understand why she kept flogging herself about how she had been unfair and cruel to him. I did not get it, nothing she said there was over the top to me, the tone might have been too hard, the words were not. And this is just the perfect introduction for the horrible and to my opinion totally unrealistic ending (view spoiler)[ after just a few weeks, she decided to stop her contract as a circus performer, to be Keane's wife and have a family with him, without having finalized the training of the new guy to take over the care of her animals which supposedly were so important to her and like her family(hide spoiler)].

  • Sarah Campbell
    2019-02-23 06:25

    It was just well crap

  • Halima
    2019-03-17 04:26

    I die.

  • Cyndy Aleo
    2019-03-02 05:03

    You have to hand it to the marketing folks at Harlequin/Silhouette; they know a cash cow when they see it. Nora Roberts started out with the thin, cheap paperback bodice ripper genre, and once she became the huge bestselling author that she is now, they started rereleasing her catalog of out-of-print romance novels, which is how I ended up with Untamed in a pile of books given to me by my sister.::: Three Rings Too Many :::Untamed tells the story of the orphaned Jovilette Wilder, a lion tamer raised in the circus, first by her parents, then by Frank Prescott, the owner of the circus. After Frank's death, Jo learns that he left the traveling circus to his son, Keane, a man who had never been around the circus, and was a successful Chicago lawyer by all accounts. Jo can't help feeling bitter that the only home and family she has ever known will probably now be sold off piecemeal, and tries as hard as she can to convince Keane not to sell the circus.Keane, meanwhile, is learning a bit about the life his estranged father led, a life as foreign to him as if he was visiting another planet. He's also intrigued by Jo, who reads classic fiction in the original language it was written in, and who faces danger with her lions night after night without seeming to think about it.::: Something Is Missing :::Untamed was originally published in 1983, and I found myself wishing that Roberts had waited a while before writing this story. Her penchant for serious research about a topic before writing about it is evident even in this short novel, but the characters and plot are under-developed. The reader is left with the feeling that Roberts could have done a lot more with not only the romance between Jo and Keane, but also with some of the other characters she introduces, such as Rose the snake charmer and Jamie the clown. Everything seems rushed, and you end up feeling like you weren't given the time to get to know any of the characters, or understand their motivations, leaving you lost as Roberts begins to tie up all the loose ends at the end of the novel.Still, Untamed is better than a lot of the books you'll find in the short romance genre, and is an interesting read, even if it isn't quite as filling as her meatier books.This review previously published at Epinions:

  • Maura
    2019-02-23 07:13

    The book started out pretty well. It takes place in a traveling circus - the heroine Jovilette is a lion trainer and Keane has just inherited the circus from a father he never knew. There are plenty of misconceptions and assumptions that get in the way of these two to start and they overcome them pretty well. The hero goes through what seems an irrational asshole phrase (since we don't get his POV we have no idea why he's acting like that) but we get to experience the angst through the heroine. And it all goes pretty well. The insights to the circus were interesting and the characters were likeable enough (even Keane, because we just know he's being an asshole for a good reason, right?) Then the ending. All I could think was, WTF? That's not how to end it. It was rather unsatisfying. And I'll give a spoiler ending...just in case you'd like to know. (view spoiler)[ So he was an asshole because he realized he couldn't be with her. She couldn't give up the circus and he couldn't stay with the circus and watch her risk her life every day. So she gives it up for him. Sweet, really, but when we look at how she's spent the entire book arguing that the circus is her life and that through it she builds dreams and miracles, etc. and then she just gives it up like it meant nothing to her? She was all ready to be pissed if he would have sold it, but she can just quit. And do what exactly? She's been in the circus her whole life - she's not qualified to do anything but sit on her ass. There could have been a compromise. Like, maybe she agrees not to train the cats, but she still works with the circus or something. It just felt like a crap ending.(hide spoiler)]

  • Sonia Cristina
    2019-03-18 05:04

    Quando li a sinopse não fiquei nada entusiasmada pois o mundo circense desagrada-me mesmo muito. No entanto, Nora Roberts é Nora Roberts que é o mesmo que dizer, um vício que não dá para ignorar e lancei-me a este pequeno. Acabou por ser melhor do que esperava, sim. Até dei por mim interessada no dia-a-dia do circo Colossal, os seus personagens - humanos e animais e as peripécias. Acho interessante como Nora Roberts consegue escrever sobre tantas profissões pouco usuais e sempre com um tom de quem sabe do que fala.O romance: foi engraçadito. Desenvolveu-se durante várias semanas, não de um momento para o outro e foi complicado chegaram ao seu final feliz devido aos estilos de vida tão diferentes de Jo e Keane.

  • Dee
    2019-03-21 04:01

    This one was pretty pitiful for NR. One of her very first, and how did I hate it? Let me count the ways...A hero/boss committing blatant sexual harrassment.A heroine who wimped out in the end and gave up everything for him.Enough said. I didn't like it.

  • Pam Go
    2019-03-04 01:13

    This is the first time that I read about the writings of Ms. Nora Roberts! I must say that I am very disappointed with her writings in the novel entitled "Untamed." I think I expected too much of her potentials as a writer but it turned out unexpected as a great disappointment. The plot in the story is very flat, no twist, no surprises and it is very predictable to the point that it becomes very boring to read! ( I think I only finished reading it because it's not my hobby to abandon a unfinished book...) In this novel, I think Jo is the one who captured the heart of Keane and made his heart become soft and change it from untamed to tamed heart. that the both them compromises so that they will find their road to forever and they will leave happy ever after because of the magic and power of love. I think the only good thing about this novel is it depicts the real life setting that we should break the norms that society have created. For instance, in this novel it shows that the women can now ask for marriage proposal to the men. Also, it gives us a glimpse in the real world most especially about now that we are now leaving in the 21st century that is full of challenges and changes.Overall, I did like the book. It was so boring, very predictable that makes the story very flat and no surprises and twist. It's lousy and such a waste of time to read a boring and very predictable book from her that have no twist and surprises. It's disgusting! However it will not discourage me to read some of her writings but it will just give the persistance to explore more of her writings and read some of them.

  • Mojca
    2019-03-05 07:17

    Jovilette "Jo" Wilder has spent her entire life in the circus. She knows no other life, and she wants no other life...Until the new owner shows up after inheriting the circus from the father he's never met.This story sure didn't age well. The story itself could work in any time setting, but the characters and their actions and reactions don't fare well in this day and age.First of all, the story is written in third person, but from the heroine's perspective. Since said heroine, despite being twenty-two (or so we're told) comes across as childish, immature and rather self-absorbed, so we don't glean much about the hero or his possible inner workings from the narrator.Because we're not privy to the hero's inner voice, his character and his intentions remain (mostly) a mystery, and the final revelation about his true feelings doesn't really work and seems rather unbelievable or implausible.

  • Sue
    2019-03-12 02:26

    Maybe it's just a function of the times, but the owner of the circus grabbing and kissing a performer under contract (who's only 22) and then TELLING her he's going to have her but first they are going to talk business. Harvey Weinstein much???And it gets worse. She ends up giving up everything she knows and loves for him without compromise because he's a selfish, spineless wimp (and so was his mother so it runs in the family). Nice to know that any kids they have will probably hide under their beds when they hear thunder and never come out again!

  • Suzanne Nadon
    2019-03-09 01:03

    Excellent "Untamed"Being a longtime fan of Nora Roberts, she really brings us behind the scenes of the performers and the magic of the Circus... the close-knit family of all the people involved!

  • ms bookjunkie
    2019-03-13 02:23

    A product of its times, but I found it quite delightful to read, anyway.

  • Debbie Cappel
    2019-03-01 06:10

    you can tell it's one of Nora's first books. has plenty of description, showing she did her research. light romance, characters had real personalities you could relate to. quick read.

  • Stacey
    2019-03-17 23:09

    Super greatI love the circus and the wildness of lions reminded me of movies that I have seen which is great to me.

  • Shelley
    2019-03-10 01:24

    I'm not much of a Sillouette-type romance reader. That said, a friend thought I'd enjoy this book.Meh.

  • M
    2019-03-19 23:59

    DNF. Just Nope. Didn't like the circus. Writing definitely wasn't modern NR.

  • Diane
    2019-03-13 07:17

    I didn't get into it as much as Robert's other books. It was either because of the Circus theme or the life drama I was going through when I read it.

  • Alexandra
    2019-02-28 07:27

    Lumea circului pare sa fie un loc total nepotrivit pentru un avocat. Insa exact cu asta trebuie sa aiba de-a face Keane Preston , in calitatea sa de nou proprietar al afacerii tatalui sau decedat. Keane nu pare sa manifeste nici un interes pentru a pastra mostenirea primita - pana cand o intalneste pe Jovilette Wilder, o dresoare cu bravura unui leu si temperamentul unei pisici salbatice. Inca de la inceput, Jo este convinsa ca fermecatorul Keane pune in pericol tot ce-i este ei mai drag, dar nici nu poate nega atractia neasteptata care s-a infiripat intre ei inca din prima clipa. Pentru Keane, Jo este pur si simplu irezistibila - gratioasa, curajoasa, nestapanita si imprevizibila ca leii pe care ii dreseaza - si se va dovedi a fii cea mai pretios dar lasat de tatal sau...." De fiecare data cand intrai in cusca aceea, eu intram in iad. M-am gandit ca poate ma voi obisnui, dar nu am reusit sa te uit.Am tot revenit. In ziua in care ai fost ranita...Te-am urmarit aruncandu-te in fata acelui baiat si primind lovitura. Nu-ti pot descrie ce am simtit in acel moment; nu exista cuvinte pentru asta. Singurul lucru la care m-am putut gandi a fost ca trebuia sa ajung la tine. Apoi... apoi am fost nevoit sa stau si sa privesc cum te pandeste leul. Niciodata nu am mai simtit acel gen de teama. Genul care iti goleste corpul si mintea. Apoi s-a terminat, si am ajuns la tine. Erai alba ca varul si sangerai in bratele mele. Am vrut sa ard circul din temelii, sa te scot de acolo, sa sugrum leii cu mainile goale. As fi facut orice. Voiam sa te tin in brate, insa nu am reusit sa trec peste frica si peste furia irationala de a fi fost neputincios. Inainte ca mainile mele sa se fi oprit din tremurat, tu te gandeai sa te intorci in cusca aceea blestemata. Am vrut sa te omor eu insumi, sa se sfarseasca odata. Saptamani intregi am revazut scena de fiecare data cand inchideam ochii. Iti pot arata exact unde sunt cicatricele. Nu pot privi cum intri in cusca, Jo. Daca te las sa stai cu mine acum, nu te voi putea lasa sa te intorci la viata ta. Si nu-ti pot cere sa renunti la ea." Insa Jo este bucuroasa sa renunte la viata de la circ si sa se dedice lui Keane, alaturandu-se vietii lui pentru o vesnicie.

  • Yulia Anggraini
    2019-03-04 23:17

    Udah lama sangat baca NR yg in...awal2 kenal HQ sekitar 2008...n mungkin in NR yg pertama kli aq baca... :pjd pengen reread lg...RIPIU PART 2... ;Pakhirx jd juga reread ini...alhasil jd melihat ceritax dengan cara yg berbeda...dulu waktu bacax rasax agak bosan n alurx lambat sekarang g,cz udah tw gayax NR...hehe..."kenangan adalah hadiah bagi usia yg bertambah tua..."tidak terbayangkan bagaimana rasax hidup d lingkungan sirkus dan nomaden...sekumpulan orang yg hidup d dunia mimpi dan menjual keajaiban...dari semua profesi yg tante NR gunakan,sirkus dan dan pelatih singa ini yg paling berkesan...jd bertanya2,apakah masih ad sirkus seperti itu d zaman sekrang...karna udah lupa ceritax jd penasaran ap yg akan terjadi antra jo dan keane,apa keane mw mengorbankan kehidupanx d chicago dan tinggal bersama jo d sirkus...atw jo mw meninggal sirkus satu2 x dunia yg ia tahu,dan pindah k dunia x keane...atw tidak ada satupun yg mengalah dan mereka tetap menjalani kehidupan masing2 seperti orang tua keane...atw mereka bisa mencoba berkompromi dan berbagi kehidupan antara dunia jo dan keane...dan kalopun mereka berkompromi sanggupkah keane melihat jo mempertaruhkaan nyawax setiap hari dengan singa2 x..."cinta saja belum cukup...kompromi tidak selalu memungkinkan"

  • Cindi
    2019-03-15 03:16

    I am a huge Nora Roberts fan but I was not happy with this book. No, that's not entirely true. I was okay with it until the end. Of course, as is the norm for all of her books, there was a happy ending. That is a good thing. Usually. In this case, while it may have been "happy" it was just wrong, in my opinion. Apparently "compromise" was not something that was considered. I know that this is one of her much older books. I get that. But why is it that in a lot of earlier books it is always the woman to give in? The man never seems to. Yes, the story was good. Yes, I even liked the couple. But I really felt like it should've ended differently. I have always loved her books. She is and has always been my favorite author. Maybe this one was just a fluke or maybe I was having a bad day when I read it. Either way, it won't be one of my rereads in the future.

  • Gramedia Pustaka Utama
    2019-03-11 01:15

    NR memang selalu mengerjakan PRnya dengan baik, termasuk saat dia menulis buku ini,salut ! Awalnya saya tidak begitu tertarik membaca buku satu ini, tetapi ternyata NR melukiskan kehidupan dalam dunia pertunjukan sirkus dengan sangat baik. Dalam buku ini saya bisa memahami bahwa kehidupan didalam dunia sirkus tidak segemerlap penampilannya. Jika Jovilette mengatakan mereka menjual mimpi dan keajaiban, itu adalah kenyataannya.Memang menyebalkan bila bertemu dengan pria yang memiliki karakter seperti Keane, tapi jujur karakter unik seperti ini memiliki cinta yang unik juga. jika saya ditanya, apakah saya menikmati buku ini, jujur akan saya katakan bahwa saya menyukai apapun yg NR tulis dalam series LoLnya, karena dia memiliki karakter2 yang beragam dan menarik untuk mengetahui karakter2 tersebut.

  • Kuljit
    2019-03-07 07:17

    Usually when I write a review I try very hard to not give anything away and exclude any spoils. That being said, I may fail here because I loved this novel so much. I completely fell love. This has to be one of my favorite Nora Roberts novels, if not my all time favorite. Jo and Keane are wonderful together. In one aspect, they're a case of opposites attracting together. He's a logical, serious lawyer who is trying to come to terms with his resentment towards his father and why he chose the circus over his son. She's a enigmatic, unorthodox "Queen of the Jungle", who's first love has always been the lions she works with until she meets Keane. They love of classic literature bonds them together along with their intelligence and dedication to their professions. I love this book so much and I hope others will enjoy it just as much as me.

  • JayeL
    2019-02-27 00:24

    This was a fast read that required very little brain power or attention. Keane was a little more restrained with his emotions towards Jo than Taylor was towards B.J. in From this Day, but it is essentially the same story. I was glad they got together in the end, but I still found Keane to be overbearing and a bit manipulative. I'll have to read one of Nora Roberts current books and see how her writing has changed since 1983.

  • Laura Elizabeth
    2019-03-20 07:17

    I don't care what anyone says, or how low even I rate some of them, I'll still love her.But I'll admit, this isn't one of my favorites. You have Jo, raised in the circus, and Keane, who was given the circus from his late father. Most of the book they argue about the why the circus is great, why Keane shouldn't sell it off, and how the circus is Jo's life. But then in the end... well, I won't spoil it, but I just think the ending wasn't realistic given the above statements!Not her best, but still I love Nora.Happier reading!

  • Marchel
    2019-02-19 03:03

    Hiyaa, baca Harlequin lagi gw. ^^Tanda-tanda kejenuhan membaca atau karena gw lagi stress ya? *curhat nda penting*Sumpah, asli, gw bisa nebak ceritanya.Awal baca, gw suka ada cerita sirkusnya. Wow, pelatih singa lho. Cewek lagi -__-Tapi semakin lama dibaca, semakin jelas. Malah sempet kebayang, si cewek ntah kenapa luka atau mati karena singanya. Dan tebakan gw ada betulnya. Yayy...*joget-joget nda jelas*Dah ah, cukup begitu saja.kasih bintang 3, karena setidaknya stress gw berkurang...

  • Marjo
    2019-03-18 05:58

    DNF. I should have known this was a mistake. I know far too much about the traditional treatment of circus animals, and I care too much about the well-being of those animals, to be able to read a book set in a circus. The opening scene is a number with 12 lions (triggering my love and pity for the feline family, too) and all I could think was "what did this cats go through to train for this obviously artificial behavior?". The mention of them "sliding into their cages" as part of that routine made me shudder. Poor babies.