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Tessa Cosma is a deceptively sweet businesswoman who knows how to ride the wave of chaos in corrupt, post-communist Romania to maintain the lifestyle she so carefully built for herself. Her ideal world shatters when an unplanned pregnancy ends after a brutal assault. To compound her troubles, she must unravel a fraud accusation that threatens her reputation and career. AleTessa Cosma is a deceptively sweet businesswoman who knows how to ride the wave of chaos in corrupt, post-communist Romania to maintain the lifestyle she so carefully built for herself. Her ideal world shatters when an unplanned pregnancy ends after a brutal assault. To compound her troubles, she must unravel a fraud accusation that threatens her reputation and career. Alessandro Santinelli, the charismatic Italian banker with whom she spent an incredible, lust-filled night months ago, comes to her rescue. But Tessa refuses his help and chooses to rise above the devastating forces of death, betrayal and fraud to prove her innocence and discover her true self. Throughout Tessa's journey towards forgiveness and redemption, Alessandro guards over her from a distance. He provides her the space and time she needs to heal, meanwhile hoping to recapture something he believes was lost and unattainable....

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Hidden Heart Reviews

  • Morgan
    2019-03-17 16:50

    CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFThe only time I put this book down was when I had customers at work, while I was driving my car (okay, I peeked at red lights), and when I was in the shower. I had my eyes glued to this book while eating dinner, blow-drying my hair, brushing my teeth, walking up the stairs (which is kinda dangerous), etc. I didn't part with this book unless it was absolutely crucial, and when I had to put it down, I was still thinking about it. Hidden Heart by Camelia Miron Skiba is a WONDERFUL story. Honestly, I read the book description multiple times before I finally decided to purchase and read this book. The reason I kept putting it off was because I thought it was going to be boring. Hidden Heart is many, many things but boring is not one of them. It's a beautiful, emotional story about a women's journey. After undergoing some emotional and physical struggles, Tessa must pick herself up and find herself again. It’s one of the most moving, inspiring and original stories I've ever read. I devoured every word the author gave me. Like I said before, this story is so many things. Hidden Heart is romantic, heartbreaking, cute, shocking, funny, twisted, sweet and suspenseful. This breathtaking romance didn't leave me wanting anything more.At one point in this story I was completely taken by surprise and I freaked out. It was in the middle of the night and I started shouting, “OMG. OMG.” over and over. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I continued my freak out session by bouncing on the bed like an overly excited little kid. I am very embarrassed by my behavior, but I included this story to show that this book is not at all boring; it’s the complete opposite of boring. As a reader, I developed a very strong emotional connection with story and the characters, so strong that I cried for them, laughed with them and freaked out over them.Throughout the novel, we learn a little bit about Tessa’s two sisters and their own heartbreaking journeys. I’d love to read their stories in detail. I think both sisters’ stories would make wonderful novels. Whether Skiba writes their stories or not, I will definitely read more of her books in the future.Hidden Heart is a book that I'll remember months, if not years, from now. This is also a story that I’ll definitely revisit one day, probably numerous times. I gave Hidden Heart by Camelia Miron Skiba 5 STARS (4.5 STARS).It’s a must read for adults and older young adults. Keep in mind; this is not a light read. Pick up Hidden Heart when you want something emotional, brilliant and all consuming. -XOXOREADING, EATING AND DREAMING

  • Cindy C Bennett
    2019-02-26 10:48

    I have to begin by saying how very much I love the cover of this book. It's so beautiful, very attention grabbing. But does the book deliver on what the cover portrays? Absolutely! Tessa is a strong woman, who has managed to rise above the less-than-stellar lifestyle most people are subjected to in post-communist regime in Romania. In the romance department, she doesn't always make the wisest choices, but overall, life is going well for her. Then, tragedy strikes. I don't want to give anything away, but it's as if someone has pulled the rug out from under this poor woman, and nothing goes her way. Camelia Miron Skiba does a fantastic job of telling us Tessa's story, pulling the reader into the heart of both Tessa and Alessandro. Their actions - and reactions - are realistic to the circumstances they find themselves in. You'll find yourself rooting for the both of them to find the healing they search for. That the story is set in the authenticity of Romania (where the author herself grew up) only makes the story that much richer. What a great glimpse into a place that many of us have never been able to visit. Wonder where Camelia Miron Skiba will take us next? I can't wait to see.

  • Natalie
    2019-02-28 09:49

    Wow, this book was a great surprise! When i started reading i thought this was gonna be one of these ordinary romance book, but it was so much more. This book involves so many subjects in life. Love, death, sorrow, happiness, rape and even almost-incest. The reader gets to follow Tessa (Anastasia) during a few, emotional years, which is a rollercoaster ride of everything life can throw at you. HIdden Heart is anything but boring. It is kinda a slow burn in the beginning but it soon picks upp and you cannot stop reading, you have to know what is gonna happen with Tessa and Alessandro, the swoon-worthy sexy italian. I loved it and i am so glad i found this author! She is amazing!I recommend it to everyone, it is extremly well written and i am so sorry that so few people has discovered this amazing author!! She is not even an american but she handles the english language better then almost any author I have read books by. I'm so very impressed by her. I wish I could get more people to read this.This book is definitly one of my favorites and I cannot wait to read her other book:A World Apart

  • Mariamateo
    2019-02-21 12:46

    I know it's a cliché but I was hooked the moment I saw the cover. When I picked this book I knew very little about Romania and nothing about the author, but I decided to give it a try anyway. To my surprise I finished the book not wanting the story to end. I know it's a work of fiction, but I wonder how much of the Romanian society and post-communism life was the author's creation and how much is true. ased on the articles I found on the internet, a lot of the social aspects--the bribery, the corruption, the treatment of abused women--are still there, still happening. Kudos to the author for the way she incorporated those aspects without boring the reader. The characters are captivating in a contemporary setting and intriguing circumstances from the first page.I find the novel more of a women's fiction genre with a strong romance influence. It's a story of courage, a journey to physical and emotional healing of Tessa Cosma, a feisty beautiful Romanian woman, who despite what life throws at her--fraud accusations, violence, loss and betrayal--still finds within herself the strength to stand up and start over.While the hero, Italian banker Alessandro Santinelli appears in the prologue, it's about 50 pages or so into the book when he reappears. What started as a one-night stand evolves into a relationship that offers Tessa support when she needs most. But her secrets catch up with her and when tragedy strikes, she thinks of herself as a sinner needing to suffer alone for her crimes, not good enough for his love. Their breakup is heartbreaking, but Tessa knows that unless she makes peace with her past, she has nothing to offer.The plot comes full circle, with a climax I didn't expect and I found myself rooting for both protagonists after witnessing their constant evolution. I have a tendency to give out details that take away from the excitement, so I will end by saying I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for a powerful, touching story.

  • Jessica Freed
    2019-02-25 08:59

    Drama galore, a hero to die for, a heroine with brains, that’s my kind of book. Hidden Heart delivers that and more. I’ve purchased the book mainly because of its cover more than anything; there were a lot of books on the stand but this one called me back whenever I looked away. I’m glad I gave it a try.Camelia Miron Skiba has a wicked talent to bring to life well-rounded characters, with flaws and qualities that one can relate to. The storyline took me by surprise over and over again until this one moment when I screamed WHAT???? From there on, I kept rooting for the heroes, hoping they come out victorious. The only complain I have is that I wanted to see more of Tessa’s sisters. There were only glimpses in their lives and they were as fascinating as Tessa’s. Would like to see their stories as well.

  • Jessica's Book Review
    2019-03-02 14:52

    Read more reviews on my blog | Like me on FacebookHidden Heart is a novel about a thirty year-old Romanian women, Tessa. On a vacation with friends in the mountains of Italy Tessa meets an attractive Italian man, Alessandro. They have a hot one night, all because of Tessa leaving Alessandro while he sleeps in the middle of the night.Tessa heads back home to Romania to work on a major case for work. Her world seems to be going well after the almost year it was when she had a one night stand with an Italian man. She is being promoted in her work, she is back with her on and off again boyfriend living the life of dreams. Suddenly it all changes when she is accused of fraud and being investigated. The bank is sending an employee to check on the case. It turns out the bank employee is Alessandro. To both their surprise he is now working in Romania and investigating Tessa's fraud accusation. To make matters worse, her live in boyfriend was caught in the act of cheating in her own bed while she is pregnant with his child.As her life spirals downward, Alessandro is there to pick up the pieces and tell her that he wanted more than a one night stand that year ago. As she opens up to him, Tessa is attacked and her unborn child did not survive. She cannot move on and becomes depressed wanting no one in her life, including Alessandro. As Tessa tries to move past her attack she discovers who she really is and where she came from trying to figure out if Alessandro is who she wants or needs.The novel by Camelia Miron Skiba is beautifully written novel. I really enjoyed reading about Romania in the time of pre & post Communism. The book is not an easy read but very enjoyable. I could not put it down, even reading while at work. Tessa is a strong and beautiful character that I enjoyed reading about her and her career success. Alessandro is a romantic who only wants to love her. He picked up his life and started over just to be near Tessa, what a romantic gesture he made. I see why some people thought parts of the story was slow, but I felt it was needed to understand where Tessa and her mother were coming from and why they made the choices they did. I cried with Tessa and felt her pain while she was trying to move past the attack. There was a part in the story that made me scream "oh my god" toward the end. A twist I did not see coming and was still in shock all the way until the end. The epilogue was perfect and I felt it ended perfectly for Tessa.

  • Caro
    2019-03-04 11:06

    I really liked this multicultural romance. Actually, the title romance probably doesn't do Hidden Heart justice. It's the portrait of a romanian woman struggling for identity, the picture of a corrupt post-communist culture where woman are lesser creatures and doctors need to be bribed in order to care for you.I deeply enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.Hidden Heart is about the romanian business-woman Tessa Cosma. At the beginning of the book, she encounters Allessandro, an Italian banker who immediately catches her interest - and she his. After an intense night together, Tessa returns to Romania without saying goodbye. Not believing that they would ever meet again, Tessa pushes the short encounter to the back of her mind and drowns herself in her work, where she's most comfortable.Accused of fraud because of a deal gone wrong, Tessa gets drawn into a net of crime and danger she can't seem to escape...I really liked Tessa as a character. She was strong-willed and stubborn - a realistic business-woman. Alessandro was interesting too. While he was very taken with Tessa, he still had his own mind as well. I don't see that in Romance novels often. What impressed me most in this book was probably the writing style. Even though Ms Skiba is Romanian, her use of the English language is eloquent and creative - something I couldn't say about many books written by Americans. I was impressed with Skiba's prose - the words were finely drafted and obviously thought-about.I liked how this author really put work into her story and characters.Overall, this is a 4.5 stars book. I considered giving it five stars, but Hidden Heart also had it's flaws. I would have loved for Alessandro and Tessa to get more screen time, because I felt the resolution at the end to be much too rushed and too neat. I really recommend this book. The crafting is beautiful. You definetely won't regret reading it.

  • Searock
    2019-03-02 13:06

    4.5 stars. This book is excellent in many ways. I was originally awed by the cover which is no less than gorgeous! The setting was unique. The story was layered. I adored the hero and wanted him in every scene (which sadly, he was not). I read this in a few hours because I could not put this down. I was racing through the book to find out what happens. In fact, I skimmed a bit when the story became detailed about side characters or events so I could go faster. Usually this means I get to go back and re-read for details, but that won't be the case here. I enjoyed this book, but find I don't need to savor it and didn't mind that it ended. Part of the reason may be the subject matter as this story is mainly about the disintegration of a life. It's done darn well, but its pretty intense and often sad. I actually became teary a couple of times which is so very rare for me (I avoid sad material). I needed a pick- me-up after several sad scenes, so I went back and re-read the prologue, which was lovely. *Possibly spoiler-ish* The last third of the book quite inspiring and there was a great sense of hope and renewal. *End of possible spoilerish-ness* Ultimately, I think Ms. Skiba is extremely talented and although this story wasn't perfectly written, it was wonderfully told. There was lots of details and possibly too many side elements which felt like too much of a good thing sometimes. On balance though, I never felt shorted or cheated on information. If the author had been more efficient in her writing, this would have been 5 stars for me.

  • Trish
    2019-03-18 09:44

    5 Stars/Fiction; RomanceFirst off, let me just start by saying that I don't toss out five stars freely but this is one novel that I feel really fits the "It Was Amazing" Goodreads rating.Hidden Heart is a heartbreaking and beautifully crafted story. In other words, I loved it. It is one of those stories that remind me why I enjoy the romance genre so much. Filled with emotion and intrigue of worlds undiscovered, we follow the unique story of Tessa and Alessandro.After a sexy, romantic encounter, Tessa and Alessandro go their separate ways yet neither can deny the connection that they feel for each other after that one incredible night. Later, when they meet again all of that sexual tension and angst resurfaces as they struggle to find a place of stability in their complicated relationship. With plenty of twists and heart-wrenching moments-- their love story will grab hold of you and keep you at the edge of your seat until the last page.If this debut novel by Camelia Miron Skiba is just the tip of her proverbial writing iceberg, then I see a long successful career ahead for this author. This is definitely a re-read for me as I wait unpatiently for her next release. Well done, Camelia!!Highly recommended.

  • Kimberly Morghan
    2019-03-11 09:49

    This is a romance novel with PLENTY of dramatic tension as two people who are clearly so right for each suffer one romantic setback after another. I enjoyed the initial intense meeting of the two main characters and the twist of fate that brings them back together as adversaries rather than as lovers. Then they meet again as lovers, but with a conspiracy to unearth that is only resolved in horrible and violent scene that tears them apart again. Only after a period of recovery and soul-searching can the circumstances be right for them to once again meet, but it seemed like they were both so damaged and afraid that they jumped to all the wrong conclusions and never said what needed to be. As a result, then entire story had me riveted wishing for things to finally go right! The narrative of the story was different, with a series of short descriptions of events followed by gaps in time of weeks or months. It helps build the story while saving time, though I was a little lost on the timeline at parts because I wasn't quite sure how much time had passed between sections. I felt it was a worthwhile read and was definitely an engaging one.

  • Ashley
    2019-03-14 11:48

    I know it is wrong to judge a book by its cover, but can we make an exception just this once? Because, well, it is an absolutely beautiful cover, and it does actually do the book justice. Camelia Miron Skiba is an extremely talented writer with an amazing literary voice and presence. Tessa Cosma, the protagonist, is an incredible character-one more people should be introducing us to in the literary world. Simply put, she is a strong, intelligent woman, while not being over the top (i.e. she is feminine and has some spunk-she has flaws and is, in laymen terms, as “human” as it gets when referring to a fictional character). In addition to all of these great things, at no time does Mrs. Skiba’s style appear anything but realistic. You will find yourself engrossed with this story until the very last page. Here is to hoping Mrs. Skiba writes many, many more stories!

  • Jeana Casady
    2019-03-12 14:45

    The saying goes that you should seldom judge a book by its cover, but the inside of Camelia Miron Skiba's "Hidden Heart" truly matches up to the gorgeous artwork on the outside. I had so much fun reading this book, and could hardly put it down once I got started. The plot is engaging and keeps the reader wanting to read on to see how Tessa's story unfolds. The characters are all well-developed and are incredibly personable. I found myself both enjoying and learning from the story of this book. I highly recommend this novel to anyone with a passion for adventure and romance. I truly can not commend Camelia highly enough on this fantastic work.

  • Mercy
    2019-03-19 10:01

    this was such an amazing book! every time i put it down i was drawn right back to it, it takes you through so many different emotions and keeps you engaged.

  • Jeremy Reppy
    2019-02-19 13:55

    Overcoming evilOne of the things that appealed to me about this book was that it was set in Romania and the main female character was Romanian. I do not often run across books set in Eastern Europe or involving Eastern European characters. I thought the author did a good job portraying how the legacy of communism affected business relationships, women's rights, and domestic violence assistance.The story alternates between lighthearted moments, such as the developing relationship between Tessa and Alessandro, and very serious and dark moments, such as a violent assault. Tessa faces numerous challenges that cause her to re-evaluate her life and what she wants from her life. A tough read at times, but worth it.

  • Kelly Knapp
    2019-03-01 10:52

    This was an wonderful book. Ms. Skiba writes a great multicultural romance. However, I could not give it the five stars that it would have deserved had she not lost sight of her heroine, Tessa's inner strength, even though she quickly recovered Tessa's backbone.Tessa is the perfect heroine at the beginning of the story. She is not a stereotype. Beautiful, tough, but flexible is how she is initially portrayed. While she is certainly interested in dating and love, it is not the only thing she expects from herself. She is concentrating on her career and is very good at what has been a "males occupation" in her country. She is aware that her country has many issues to overcome, and she intends to be one of those that helps it overcome some of those issues. Then she meets her hero. While is is the typical strong male, he is not chauvinistic. He is more than willing to wait by the sidelines and let Tessa handle her own troubles.Then, Tessa is attacked, beaten, and nearly killed by an ex-boyfriend. She is beaten down. No one seems too concerned with the is just the way of her country. Another out-dated idea that needs to be addressed by the powerful and governmental sections of her people.However, I found Tessa's spiral down to the depths she plummets to be too much of a dichotomy from the original Tessa. It felt contrived. It is as though she was pretending at the beginning and was never really strong. In addition, she tells our hero to get lost and for all intents and purposes, he does. I might not have found his abandonment so disjunctive had Tessa not plumbed the very depths. But, where he had carefully watched from the sidelines at the beginning, he now only appears by happenstance or contrivance of the author. The man I met at the beginning of the story would not have disappeared so easily, or completely at all. He might have moved further into the background, but he would have still been watching, even if he believed there was no future with Tessa. He would only have left after she had made a decent recovery. While Tessa certainly must recover from her attack, both physically and mentally she is seen doing it all alone. She pushes everyone away, neither her family nor the hero continues to watch over her after her most devastating incident. While her family is not as close as some, we are not made to feel as though they could be pushed away so easily. Of course, Tessa's inner core strength slowly carries her through the worst of the time, then allows her to see how she can take what happened and begin changing the way the powerful and governmental entities view domestic violence. In some ways Tessa ends stronger than she started, but the author could have allowed her to learn to overcome adversity with others, rather than totally alone. So I saw ways the author might have failed Tessa. The book was only wonderful, but had she remembered Tessa's inner core strength and allowed for recovery with others who cared for her, it would have been AWESOME.

  • Madge
    2019-03-17 17:03

    I am thrilled to have won a copy of this amazing book from Goodreads First Reads giveaways! Camelia Miron Skiba is not afraid to take readers into the darkest depths of human emotion and life in her novel Hidden Heart. This is the heartwarming, and sometimes heartbreaking, story of Tessa Cosma, a young woman living in Romania. I laughed, I cried, I struggled with demons from my own past, and most importantly, I learned something about myself from this book. This truly is a gem. If you're considering reading it, stop and get a copy immediately! My words alone can not say enough about this book.*Potential Spoilers!*Tessa has made a successful career and life for herself, despite society's negative view on women in post-Communist Romania. Women are still considered second class citizens. Tessa spends an incredible night with an Italian stranger, Alessandro Santinelli, while she's vacationing in Italy. Business cuts her stay short, and she returns home. Soon, her relationship with her high school boyfriend Daniel is on again and things seem to be better than ever for Tessa. She's working on closing a huge deal at work, Daniel seems more understanding of her long work hours and he even seems to have matured more since they were together last time. The problem is that things are not always what they seem. Soon, Tessa is accused of fraud and comes face to face once more with Alessandro, who is part of the investigation. Alessandro and Tessa kept their relationship all business for a while, but eventually their passion won out and they begin to see one another. Tessa, however, is keeping a secret from Alessandro, and everyone. She's pregnant...with Daniel's baby. Daniel keeps showing up at her apartment and threatening her. After the last threat, Alessandro begs Tessa to move in with him so he can better protect her, but she refuses, assuming that Daniel is all talk. Daniel comes to Tessa's apartment while she's alone and attacks her, and ultimately rapes her and leaves her for dead.Tessa spends a long time in the hospital recovering and even longer recovering emotionally. Even with the help of her sisters and Alessandro, she feels like her life should have ended during the attack. Eventually Tessa starts to snap out of it and sends Alessandro away, telling him she needs time to figure out who she is. She remodels her parents' home, making it her own, volunteers at a battered women and children shelter, and eventually finds her biological father and a half brother. By the end, Tessa is a new woman, strong and full of life. She knows who she is, what's important to her, and learns how to stand up for herself.

  • Tina
    2019-03-12 11:03

    I won this book on Goodreads first-reads. In one word, this book is Amazing. I highly recommend this book. I had a hard time putting it down and I will read this again and again. I can't wait to see what Camelia comes up with next. I will say if you are looking for a fairy tale type romance novel where before you are halfway through the story the couple is involved in a wonderful, planning the perfect wedding, happily ever after book then this is not for you.Tessa Cosma is a cunningly, strong businesswoman who can handle the chaos of post-communist Romania where corruption is a normal part of life with ease. Things have not been going well at work, then she loses an unplanned pregnancy after a brutal attack where she was left for dead. When she thinks things can't get any worse, she is accused of fraud at the company she works for that threatens not only her reputation but, her job itself. Italian banker, Alessandro Santinelli is the man who is brought in to to try to discover what is happening in the company and discover who is the thief. He is also the one man Tessa spent one incredible night with about a year ago and hasn't seen since. She doesn't take it very well when she finds out that she now has to answer her business concerns to him. All the answers that Alessandro is finding are pointing to one person, Tessa. He tries to help her in any way he can think of, and she refuses everything from him. She is determined to prove her innocence as well as get thriugh the betrayal and fraud accusations while trying to discover who she is. Guarding her from afar, Alessandro watches Tessa fight for everything she believes in. As much as he wants to rekindle what they shared a year ago, he's afraid he doesn't have a chance of it ever happening.

  • Ali
    2019-03-04 15:40

    I received this book as a Goodreads Giveaway ~ Thanks!!Hidden Heart is more than a romance novel, much more. It is dramatic and tragic and thoughtful. Within the first handful of pages you are drawn in to an exciting encounter between two strangers. A year later they meet again under much different circumstances. A series of tragedies befall them and they struggle to cope with life, love and loss. One of the things I loved about this book is that it doesn't sugar coat the horrific. I have read many a book where tragedy strikes a heroin but with in pages 'love' has seen her through. Hidden Heart makes a great attempt at showing the struggle to heal, and I applaud Camelia Miron Skiba for it.The writing was a bit different then what I am used to. There is much dialog, which lends to more believable relationships. Though, at times I found it lacking a little more description of setting. I would describe it as very fast paced, jumping sometimes weeks ahead, but with so much ground to cover ~ it worked.The only thing I had a bit of a struggle with was the dialog. Again, I liked that there was so much of it. However, at times it felt off...I think more than anything, it is a cultural difference. I have lived my life in the Seattle suburbs where most are pretty laid back with their speech ~ (Evidently we are known for saying 'hella', as in "this coffee is hella good.') So, it felt like I was reading a book narrated by someone who was taught proper English as a second language. I was able to get over my awkwardness fairly quickly though.After about a quarter of the way through the book I had a hard time putting it down until the end. Again, thanks for giveaway Goodreads and Camielia, I enjoyed it!

  • Angela
    2019-02-22 14:01

    I was looking to read something different yesterday so I picked this book up and started read....and kept on reading until I finished the whole book in one sitting. It was like being pn an emotional roller coaster and I just had to see how everything was going to turn out. If seemed that almost every worse possible situation befell Tessa; from an earthquake on the first page, an abusive ex, corrupt government and businesses, death of a parent, unplanned pregancies and abortion, etc, etc ...well you name it. It was interesting to see how everything was going to tie together. And in the end everything did fit into the puzzel and there was closure with the book and its characters. I enjoyed the characters; none of them "annoyed" me, but I also did not fall in love with them as much as I could have. I have high expectations for my characters, but then I also read more series based books where I have multiple books to learn and watch my characters grow.Also from a grammar perspective, there were several sentences/ statements where I noticed there were some articles missing and the occasional missing or wrong word used. If I did not think about each word as I was reading the sentences I did not notice anything wrong and the sentences read exactly how they were supposed to. This did not hamper my enjoyment in the book. With so many topics covered in this one book, I would be very interested to see how another book would measure up, to still be exciting without being repeative.Thank you so much for allowing me and introducing me to this book and author. I will be keeping my eyes open for other books by her.

  • Devon Ashley
    2019-02-18 14:59

    Wow. Hidden Heart takes you on quite the emotional journey. Tessa Cosma certainly gets rung through the ringer again and again and again. She starts off being someone every woman in post-Communist Romania wishes they could be - successful and respected by the men she works with (but unfortunately not by the numbskels in the street that still treat Romanian women like no-nothing whores and loser boyfriends that can't deal with the woman being more successful than they are). Her job and relationship officially go to hell-in-a-handbasket when she's accused of stealing money from her latest work transaction, then cancels an out of town work obligation just to go home and find her boyfriend in bed with another woman. What a day...But the hits don't stop there. The bank employee sent to investigate the fraud allegations turns out to be a man she had a steamy one night stand with. Joy. Her drunk ex-boyfriend begins to harass her and threaten violence. Super joy. She finds out she's pregnant with drunk's child. Gre-at...A family member passes away. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Is it any wonder she contemplates suicide after being brutally beaten and left for dead? What I liked about Hidden Heart was that you trully learned to care for Tessa and began to feel what was happening right along with her. Luckily, Tessa has one positive thing going for her that makes all these horrible tribuations bearable - a new lover that makes her heart melt...and the reader's too.

  • Albert
    2019-03-09 08:45

    Overall Feedback: Without a doubt this book has to be the best romance novel I have ever read. I know, the best, really, this is coming from a guy that usually starts out reviews of romance novels with a standard (I normally do not read this genre speech). Yes, this is the best and I have indeed read some great ones and also some put that tree back ones. Before reading the rest of this review go ahead and purchase your copy, as you will not regret a thing about that purchase.Point of View: You are reading from Tessa's viewpoint. Tessa is strong willed and shows us that we can overcome anything.Voice: The lessons learned by the character and written by the author will and shall carry on in your living world.Character Development: Camelia takes you on a journey with her characters and makes them more than just entertainment, they become family.Plot: The plot is straightforward and easy to follow although the journey through the plot is where this writer is masterful.Dialogue: Natural and non forced.Pacing: You will never want to put it down. Just look at other reviews (reading and driving anyone).Setting: Post Communist Romania, let the tears begin.Continuity: If you can find a hitch in this area you are looking to hard and not reading the book. Stop nitpicking and enjoy a fantastic story with great emotion and superb characters.

  • Kristi Morris
    2019-03-04 09:00

    I was fortunate to have received this book from Goodreads First Reads GiveawaysWinter continues to be cold here in Minnesota. The snow is holding off where I am at, the southern part of the state not as lucky. Nonetheless, it is perfect weather for reading, but then again I can find excuses to read throughout the year. This week I chose Hidden Heart by Camelia Miron Skiba as my distraction and was imersed into the city of Bucharest, Romania. Much to my pleasure it was a book set in Romania that was NOT about vampires or other such lore. Hidden Heart tells the breathtaking story of courage and survival of Tessa Cosma a businesswoman in Bucharest who is faced with more heartbreak than an average woman could survive. From career sabatoge to an emotionally crippling assault, this book has more ups and downs than I anticipated. Amidst the aching of tragity there is a love between Tessa and Allesandro Santinelli an Italian banker who gives hope that there is a man out there who will fight for the one he loves. A superb romance that empowers women to rise from the ashes and forge ahead with self discovery. A grand story that I am thankful to have read.

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-22 11:40

    I really enjoy romance novels like this. While a good majority are very cut and dry, this one takes you on an emotional journey with Tessa and Alessandro, and the very unconventional development of their relationship. It moves from majorly being a sexual attraction to something deeper, something that heals Tessa and Alessandro both, without them even realizing it. I also liked the fact that we get to see this develop in a woman not from a first world country, one with different ideals and different morals and an entirely different approach to life and love and family.This books goes on such an adventure, but one that is more mental and emotional than physical. There are plenty of twists and turns, a couple surprises, and an ending that will leave you satisfied but still wanting more. Ms. Skiba outdoes herself with this novel, delving into modern Romanian life and portraying a successful business woman in a post-Communist country. I will admit, sometimes the timeline confused me a little, but overall, it was beautiful written, and woven together carefully and intricately. You won't be able to put the book down once you start, trust me.

  • Samantha
    2019-02-17 14:57

    OMG, Hidden Heart had me from the beginning! I loved this book, and seriously read it in two days! I couldn't stop reading it. It's a story about Tessa who is a smart, beautiful woman who has everything she wants or needs. Until she meets handsome Alessandro, who is from another country. They meet and have a one night stand, until a year later when Tessa is being accused of stealing money. Same day, she finds out her on/off boyfriend is cheating on her, and her mother dies not long before all this.Alessandro hasn't been able to get Tessa out of his mind since their one night. So to walk in and she she is the woman he is to investigate is a shock. But the feelings get in the way. They become inseparable, and he even moves to Romania. After Tessa gets assaulted, they have to really find their way back to each other again.I loved it, it had love, action, funny, sad and everything in between. It me glued to the pages just wanting to read more and more. I loved how everything ended, and can't wait to read more by Camelia.

  • L Peterson
    2019-03-11 08:53

    Hidden Heart is an emotional story with incredible characters that jump out of the page. They’ll forever be in my heart for their flaws reminded me how we all make mistakes and how we learn from them, coming out that much stronger. Tessa Cosma is the symbol of resilience. As for Alessandro who doesn’t love an Italian hero, mysterious, honorable and willing to go to the end of world for the woman he loves?I really enjoyed the author’s voice. There’s something unique and apart that she brings to the table, maybe because—based on her bio—English is not her maternal language. There were parts in the story that reminded me of how beautiful our language is and how we just butcher it in our day-to-day vocabulary.I also liked the international flavor of this novel. Without being a geography lesson, the novel takes us to Italy and Romania, countries I’ve never been to, in fact I knew very little about Romania. A definite keeper for my bookshelf. For lovers of contemporary romance with a strong multi-cultural cast I highly recommend Hidden Heart.

  • Vanessa
    2019-03-01 09:42

    Real Rating: 3.5 stars Spoiler alert!This is an amazing story with great characters and a wonderful ending. Tessa's characters is fantastic, she is very brave. Alessandro is like a dream guy, yummy,yummy! I should have given it 4 starts but when I was reading it I felt like I needed something more. I felt like this: when someone is telling you about a really good movie and they got excited and ended up telling you every detail about it and you feel like you have seen the movie because the person who is narrating it is very good but you know that it will be never the same thing as seen the movie per se ( of course!).Well that is how this book made me feel like I was hearing someone narrating this amazing story but I couldn't actually "seen" it. The only scene I actually "saw" was Tessa's assault, it was described very well. In my (humble) opinion (I am just a reader not a critic) I think that if the story was written in first person maybe the result would be different, maybe...Anyway this is definitely worth read if you like happy endings...

  • Rose Reeve
    2019-03-05 14:06

    Along with a ton of other books, I purchased this book from the author while at the Festival of Books in Tucson. Because of its absolutely gorgeous cover I elected to read it first and oh boy!, what a roller coaster ride did I get on.Page after page I admired the main heroine, Tessa Cosma. To make a good life for herself, become successful in a country where apparently corruption governs and yet not flaunting it just made me fall in love with her. I just wished her private life was as successful as her career, but then again, who has it all?Alessandro made me sigh a few times, in a good way. Reading the book I could imagine Joe Manganiello playing his role . . . sigh again. He’d be perfect!I have a list of books I like to re-read and this is definitely one of them.

  • Mneeson
    2019-03-02 08:39

    This book is not your boy-meets-girl-fall-in-love-have-sex-live-happily-ever-after. It’s also not your easy read because its plot and twists keep you wondering until the very end. The characters have intricate lives and relationships so believable, that the reader can only wonder if they are real. Tessa’s life is all sorted out until everything she created so carefully falls apart. One blow after another has her literally destroyed. I really liked the fact that she didn’t rely on Alessandro to pick herself up and redo her life, but rather took one step at the time until she was once again able to stand up on her own feet. It’s nice to read something else other than the heroine needing a man or his love in order for her to succeed in whatever she wants to achieve.Really liked it.

  • Ejg
    2019-03-04 15:43

    Hidden Heart by Camelia Miron Skiba -- This was a Goodreads giveaway. I’m scrolling through the giveaways and this beautiful cover kept pulling me back to it. It was even more beautiful when I received it in the mail. The story grabbed me from the first page – being in an air gondola during an earthquake!! – and never let me down, never got bored. I read it in 2 days. It wouldn’t have taken me that long (hard to put down), but I do have a family to take care of. I’m not good at writing review, putting things into words, but I know what I like to read. Hidden Heart was one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. If you want to read something different than what you usually pickup at the WalMart book department, READ THIS BOOK!!

  • Teresa Robinette
    2019-03-02 17:07

    This book had me engrossed from the first chapter and continued to pull me in with an interesting back drop of Romanian culture and the develop of such a strong character, Tessa. I loved Tessa for all of her heart, soul, stubbornness and willingness to stand above her fears. Tessa accepts her failings, her family's failings and turns it to her strength and a way to heal and trust again. Tessa's love interest was so vunerable but stayed true to his feelings a lovely romance.Skibas description of life in post-communist Romania was interesting and thought provoking. The book was an enjoyable read and has left me wanting another book from Skiba.