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It is a vast spread in the eastern wilds of the newly independent Republic of Texas, the ranch their parents fought for. . .and died for. To the eight Graham siblings, no matter how much hard work or hard love it takes, life is unthinkable without. . .In the wake of his parents' murder, Matthew Graham must take the reins at the Circle Eight. He also needs to find a wife inIt is a vast spread in the eastern wilds of the newly independent Republic of Texas, the ranch their parents fought for. . .and died for. To the eight Graham siblings, no matter how much hard work or hard love it takes, life is unthinkable without. . .In the wake of his parents' murder, Matthew Graham must take the reins at the Circle Eight. He also needs to find a wife in just thirty days, or risk losing it all. Plain but practical, Hannah Foley seems the perfect bride for him. . .until after the wedding night. Their marriage may make all the sense in the world, but neither one anticipates the jealousies that will result, the treacherous danger they're walking into, or the wildfire of attraction that will sweep over them, changing their lives forever. . ....

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Matthew Reviews

  • Jen
    2019-03-15 12:48

    I was looking for something different when I decided to check out this historical romance written with a Western feel to it. The story takes place on the Circle Eight ranch where the Graham family live. Unfortunately, this family has been through much grief in the last little bit. Their parents were murdered, and their youngest brother was kidnapped...none of the siblings know why this has happened, nor do they have any clue on the where abouts of their kid brother.Matthew Graham is the oldest of the 8 siblings and he has been notified that he will lose the ranch unless he is married. When is confronted with this news, he panicks and tells the man that he indeed is already married and his wife's name is: Hannah! His brothers that are with him immediately freak out when they leave, because they know Matt is lying through his teeth!! Never fear though...fate has something in store for these interesting Grahams...Her name is Hannah Foley, and lets just say that the story begins there...I was pleasantly surprised with Emma Lang's writing, and with her story that she created. I loved how Matt and Hannah started off as strangers, and slowly they developed a bond through many trials that they lived through. Hannah was a very strong heroine, and she had her work cut out for her with trying to be accepted by the family..She sure was determined to make them see that she was in for the long haul, and she was very loyal to her new family.This story is full of adventure, family, love, and even some hot sex scenes. The sex isn't over the top erotica, it is light yet it will give you butterflies as your reading it!!! I will most certainly be continuing with this gem of a series, and I am just so glad I gave it a chance!!!

  • Aղցela W.
    2019-02-24 14:58

    Spoiler Ahead This was a pretty good book. Matthew Graham and his siblings come home from an outing in town to find their parents murdered and their youngest brother, Benjamin missing. All the hopes that their parents had for expanding the Graham family's holdings may be dashed with this awful event. Matthew, the eldest at 25 finds himself in the precarious position as head of the family, and he wants to continue what his parents had set out to do. Matthew travels to Houston to claim a land grant which will expand the acreage on the Graham holding only to find out from the land office that in order to claim said land, Matthew must have a wife, but Matthew is unmarried. The land officer gives him 30 days to bring his wife back to the office. Hannah Foley, a plain looking 23 year old who lives in town. Hannah has been helping her grandmother run the local boarding house for years now and hasn't had many prospects in the man department, that is until Matthew Graham literally bumps into her at the local store. When Matthew finds out her name is Hannah he can't believe his luck. This was a really good book and it was nice to see Hannah get involved with the Graham kids and help fill the void left by there parents. Matthew and Hannah go through some good times and bad as the get to know each other. This was my first time reading this authors work. This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

  • Brenda
    2019-02-23 16:37

    Twenty-five year old Matthew Graham's life has just been turned upside down. After the murder of his parents and the kidnapping of his baby brother Benji, he is left to take care of his six brothers and sisters as well as the Circle Eight the family ranch in the Republic of Texas. Before his parents were murdered his father had intended to claim four thousand more acres that the Republic of Texas was offering. When Matthew decides to go ahead with his father's plans he learns that he needs a wife so Matthew tells the land agent that he already has a wife named Hannah, but the lie backfires when the agent gives Matthew thirty days to bring Hannah in to sign the papers.It seems as if fate has intervened when Matthew runs into Hannah Foley, a twenty-three year old girl who often dreams of a husband but because of her looks and size believes she will never find one. So when Matthew proposes she gladly accepts. Will their marriage of convenience eventually turn into something more, and how will Hannah fit in with the Graham clan?Once I started reading this book I just couldn't put it down. The author had a way of pulling me back in time, making me feel as if the story was unfolding right before my eyes. She easily brought the characters to life. Who wouldn't marry a man like Matthew, a handsome young man who was taking care of his family. The sexual attraction between him and Hannah was electric, and as they slowly got to know each other love started to bloom. Matt was determined to maintain control over his feelings because he was afraid it would make him appear weak. Little did he realize he was already falling head over boot spurs for Hannah! I thought Hannah was just what the Graham family needed especially after the death of their parents and the worry over their missing sibling, although the oldest sister Olivia really gave Hannah a rough time.I loved that Hannah wasn't described as beautiful, or dainty instead she was sturdy and strong, and in the beginning Matt didn't really think she was pretty but over time he saw Hannah's beauty.The author also throws in a nice little mystery of who killed Matthew's parents and what happened to Benji. The ending was a twist that I didn't see coming, and since the author leaves a few questions unanswered I can only hope that she is going to give us a sequel. If you enjoy reading historical romance with real characters and a nice mystery then your certainly going to enjoy this one. I would warn that there are some sexual situations written into the story, but overall they were very well done. I for one enjoyed this book so much that I intend to check out Ms. Lang's other works! On a scale of one to five I would give this book a six because it was just that good!Book reviewed for

  • Romancing the Book
    2019-02-17 11:44

    Posted on Romancing the Book's blogReviewed by~IveReview Copy Provided by~the PublisherI fell in love with Matthew in chapter one, the way he stepped up and took control of the family after the tragic murder of his parents and kidnapping of his youngest brother. I also enjoyed the fact that the author showed his vulnerability and let the readers see that even the toughest man can be brought down to his knees. Hannah is just as lively and just as vulnerable but with a quick wit that will makes you want to reach into the book and give her a high five lol. Put these two together and the story burst thru the pages with passion and understanding.This is the first book I have read from Emma Lang and I will assure you it won’t be the last. I could not put this book down, every page I read I had to keep turning to the next to see what happens next. The author captures you from the first page and the awesomeness just continues from there. The chemistry Matthew and Hannah have comes thru perfectly without it feeling forced which seemed like it would be a difficult task since they literally know each other for a few days before they get married…but it all worked marvelously. I loved each turn and twist Mrs. Lang wrote in this story and the good part it didn’t leave you hanging at the end, some series tend to leave you on a sour note turning the page saying to yourself “Is that it?” but not this one. I can’t wait to read the next one in the series.

  • Miranda
    2019-02-18 09:41

    Holy Mother Moses....this rough around the edges cowboy is hot as hell. I really liked his character. A lot. I cannot get enough of these men. Great start to a fantastic series!

  • Maida»-(¯`v´¯)-»
    2019-03-07 14:05

    RATING: 3 Hearts!

  • MandaLee
    2019-03-19 10:49

    This was a nice read for me. I loved Hannah! The girls in this series are strong and that has me happy to continue the series. And of course the hot cowboys are great too;)

  • Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-02-21 14:40

    This review was posted at Under the CoversI'm not sure what I was expecting when I started reading Matthew, but I sure wasn't expecting Matthew to be such a perfect man, who could make me fall in love with him almost instantly! After his parents are murdered in their own home and their little baby brother is kidnapped, Matthew is now the head of the family and has to look out for the best interest of the rest of his siblings (which are many!). He can get land from the government to expand their ranch and with that, they would have a successful operation. But there's a catch. That land is only available to families, and although his siblings count as kids, he needs a wife. He happens to blurt out that he is already married to a woman named Hannah. Now he has 30 days to find a single woman named Hannah and marry her or he will loose the land.I think I loved everything about Matthew and Hannah getting together. His attraction to Hannah was there even before knowing her name, and even while she wasn't looking her best. He didn't try to lie to her and woe her, he was honest from the start. Even though their marriage started off on strange circumstances, he always respected her and gave her the love and attention that he would've a wife he married for love.Now going back to Matthew being the perfect man... Of course there are the few points I just mentioned above, and on top of that he has integrity, he truly loves his family and would do anything for them. But when he loves a woman, he does do everything for her. He loves deeply, even when he's fighting his feelings. And then there's Hannah who has grown up taking care of her grandmother and working to support them both most of her life. She hasn't left the adversities she had to face change who she was as a person, they only made her stronger but not bitter. She's one tough cookie.There's a bit of suspense in this book as well, since someone did kill his parents and obviously doesn't want them getting that land and now Hannah is in the middle of it.If you love cowboys, and a very well written story that will suck you right in, then you have to check this out! I honestly can't wait to read the next installment!

  • Susan (susayq ~)
    2019-03-15 13:02

    3.5 starsThere were some spots where I rolled my eyes because Hannah and Matt acted more like they were 14 or 15 rather than 20 and 25. Once I got over that, it was a pretty good story. Matt's horrible sister redeemed herself and I'm actually looking forward to her book :)

  • Lori
    2019-02-23 13:04

    4.5 out of 5 stars.The Graham family has gone through a terrible tragedy. Their parents were murdered and their youngest brother is missing as a result of the same attack. Now Matthew, the oldest, has taken on the responsibility of raising his siblings and becoming the head of the family. Thus begins the Graham sibling's saga. For Matthew, one of the ways he can honor his parents is to continue on with their wishes – including expanding their farm by taking advantage of a land claim. He travels to Houston to sign the papers and finds out that the land grant is for a family, and he has to have a wife. Flustered, he blurts out that his wife's name is Hannah. The land grant office gives him 30 days to bring her back in to sign the paperwork. Now Matthew must find a wife named Hannah, and do it quickly.By simple chance, he runs into Hannah Foley in the local mercantile. Literally. When he finds out her name is Hannah, he is dumbfounded. Strangely intrigued. And determined to marry her.When Matt proposes to Hannah, she knows it's likely the best offer she'll get. She's not a beauty, and has no other offers. But she wants to marry and longs for a family. So she accepts.I really liked both Hannah and Matt. Like any 25 year old, Matt pulls some bonehead moves. He has in his head how a marriage is supposed to work in 1839. The man makes the decisions, and that is that. Oh, how I loved the conflict that produced. Because Hannah is no wilting flower. She is used to living her life without relying on a man to make decisions for her. I loved that she curses up a storm. That she feels responsible for her grandmother. That she takes on all of Matthew's siblings as her own. Having a big family is what she's always wanted.I liked the sense of family that pervades the entire book, both Matt's and Hannah's. This family argues, teases, laughs, fights, and loves deeply. And somehow, Hannah becomes as integral to the Graham siblings as they are to each other. Hannah's relationship with her grandmother warmed my heart. Her grandmother is quite a character, and totally calls it like she sees it. She helps Hannah work through many of her issues with common sense and understated love.The romance between Hannah and Matthew grows slowly, and especially given the times, completely works. Matthew comes to completely appreciate and love Hannah, and she also loves him. They come to rely on each other and really like each other, which only reinforces the very hot attraction between them. That mutual respect and genuine liking of one another made the slow fall into love more complete and lovely.The one thing that hit me as I was reading that threw me and made me really sad, was the realization that the Graham sibling's children would likely be drawn into the Civil War. The novel takes place in 1839, and Matt is the oldest. So once the youngest has children and they are young adults, they will likely be fighting for the rebel army. I don't want any of them to die!!! Yes, I know I'm crazy, but still.It's no secret that I'm a fan of Emma Lang (and her alter ego Beth Williamson). I love that she writes American western historicals. One of my favorite genres. Her historicals always feel authentic, have strong characters who can have tremendous flaws and who make you root for them to be happy. Anyhoo… this is a wonderful start to a new series, The Circle Eight. It releases on January 31. I can't wait to find out what happens next in the continuing story arc to discover what actually happened to the Graham's parents and youngest brother. The oldest sister, Olivia gets her story next, with the mysterious Texas Ranger Brody Armstrong as her hero. Mmmmm.If you are a fan of Emma Lang's previous books, or of Beth Williamson's western historicals, you won't want to miss this first book in a new series. I loved it. Order it now.

  • Virginia Campbell
    2019-02-17 09:40

    When his parents are murdered and his youngest brother is kidnapped, Matthew Graham, the hero of "Matthew" by Emma Lang, becomes responsible for his remaining six brothers and sisters. At the age of twenty five, he is the oldest, and he becomes a "patriarch" and must care for his family and see to the running of their ranch. The Graham siblings fuss and fight like most families do, but they all agree that Matt must apply for the land grant that their father had coveted in order to increase their land holdings and secure their futures. When Matt goes to apply for the grant, he is stunned to learn that the grant is for married couples with children. He has the children, and he makes up a wife named "Hannah", which gives him thirty days to come back with his wife to sign the paperwork. Grieving for his parents, and determined to find out what happened to his baby brother, Matt must now also contemplate becoming a married man. He just has to find a bride named "Hannah"! Fate takes a hand, and in a chance meeting at the local mercantile, Matt meets a woman to whom he feels an immediate spark of attraction. After she leaves the store, he learns that her name is Hannah Foley, and he knows he must follow her and also follow his inner voice. Hannah is equally shaken by her encounter with Matt, and then she is shocked when he immediately shows up at the boarding house she runs with her grandmother. Without wasting words or time, Matt explains his situation to Hannah and proposes marriage. Hannah is tall, curvy, "plain and practical", and she never dreamed that a gorgeous cowboy would ask for her hand in marriage. She agrees to his plan, and they marry and take her grandmother along with them back to the ranch. Hannah's welcome is a mixed bag of reactions, with Matt's oldest sister, Olivia, expressing open hostility. Finding hidden strengths that she never suspected in herself, Hannah determines to fit in with her new family. Her husband is at turns kind and gruff, often leaving her hurt and confused. The passion between them is the one clear thing in their marriage. Matt comes to admire his wife more and more, and he also begins to see her as a lovely woman. He is afraid to give her his heart because he does not want to lose control over his life. The evil that killed his parents and stole his brother returns to threaten the Grahams, and an attack on Hannah frightens Matt into considering how he really feels about his wife. Texas Ranger Brody Armstrong advises Matt that other ranches were violated in the same manner, with more deaths and kidnappings that are under investigation. Matt and Hannah must find a way to protect their family and nurture their young marriage. Both characters have some growing up to do, and some important self-realizations to discover. Emma Lang has written an involving historical western romance featuring men and women who are rough around the edges, as vivid and exciting as the land and the times. This is a love story with heart and grit, and I look forward to the next book in the series, "Brody", which will feature Matt's sister Olivia and Texas Ranger Brody Armstrong. Olivia is a strong-willed character, and Brody is restless and quietly elusive. Their story is bound to be another great "sparks fly" romance from talented storyteller Emma Lang!Review Copy Gratis Kensington Books

  • Kimberly Rocha~ Book Obsessed Chicks
    2019-02-18 11:01

    Matthew Graham and his siblings come home from an outing in town to find their parents murdered and their youngest brother, Benjamin missing. All the hopes that their parents had for expanding the Graham family's holdings may be dashed with this awful event. Matthew, the eldest at 25 finds himself in the precarious position as head of the family, and he wants to continue what his parents had set out to do.Matthew travels to Houston to claim a land grant which will expand the acreage on the Graham holding only to find out from the land office that in order to claim said land, Matthew must have a wife, but Matthew is unmarried. What shall he do? When the land officer asks if he is married, he lies and even gives his imaginary wife's name, Hannah. Oh this keeps getting better and better! The land officer gives Matthew a period of thirty days in order to bring Hannah the imaginary wife back to the land office to sign the papers necessary to make the land Graham land. Now Matthew is in quite a bind.Enter Hannah Foley, a plain looking 23 year old who lives in town. Hannah has been helping her grandmother run the local boarding house for years now and hasn't had many prospects in the man department, that is until Matthew Graham literally bumps into her at the local store.One touch has each of them discombobulated. When Matthew finds out her name is Hannah he can't believe his luck, and so the real trials begin.Not only do Matthew and Hannah have the trials and tribulations of their quick nuptials, but they also come face to face with possibly unraveling the mystery of the Graham parentsWhat an awesome way to begin a series! I thoroughly enjoyed Matthew and the Graham clan. Matthew and Hannah have their work cut out for them trying to bring their family together without having to have others against them. Taking two virtual strangers and seeing their relationship progress is my favorite part of this. Emma Lang aka: Beth Williamson is a fabulous writer who gives you just enough to keep you coming back for more. You really feel for the characters... from the hero and heroine all the way to the snotty sister Olivia who is most unwelcoming to Hannah when she arrives. I am truly looking forward to more Circle 8 books and I plead with you Beth.... hurry up and give me more!!!

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-03-15 15:38

    It's only been a few weeks since someone killed Matthew Graham's parents and kidnapped his youngest brother. But now he is the head of the family, doing his best to run the family ranch and raise his brood of brothers and sisters. One of the tasks that has fallen to him is a trip to Houston to claim some extra acreage his father was planning to use to expand their property. But when he arrives, Matthew is stunned to find that he must be married to get the land for his family. In a moment of weakness, he lies --claiming to be married to a woman named Hannah. Only, the officials give him 30 days to produce that wife or the deal is done.It's pure luck that allows Matthew to run into Hannah Foley at the market. He feels an attraction to her, but he honestly lays out his situation to her and asks her to wed. Fearing it's her only chance for a husband, Hannah accepts his offer and they are married within the week.It's really kind of nice watching Hannah come into the fold of the Graham family. She helps fill some of the hole left by their parents' death and they give her the family she always dreamed of as an orphan. Of course, Matt and Hannah's marriage of convenience becomes more over time. The sexual connection happens right away, but real feelings begin to surface as they get to know one another better.There were times I got frustrated with both characters. Hannah takes a lot of crap before she stands up for herself. And Matt... if I had to read his internal monologue about establishing dominance one more time, I may have found a way to jump into the book and kick his shins. But the sex was good and both characters managed to do alot of growing over the course of the book.There was a good mystery surrounding who killed the Graham parents and some shady dealings with the land entitlement. I liked villain reveal and the circumstances in which our couple eventually prevailed. I was surprised that the author opted to leave a few threads open... not everything was wrapped up into a neat little package. But this leaves her some elements to incorporate should she follow up with a story on Matt's sister and the mysterious inspector. Almost 4 stars.*ARC provided by author for review

  • Kathleen
    2019-03-14 13:05

    "Read" is misleading here, because I didn't finish the book. I tried, but eventually the shallow point of view and retreading of the same internal angst by both hero and heroine became too irritating. The author's skill at portraying a character's internal turmoil on the first pass left me feeling bludgeoned with the obvious every time Matthew or Hannah restated their core issues in lengthy internalizations.In addition, one or the other seemed forever to be feeling or seeing or smelling or knowing something instead of demonstrating their emotions, experiences and thoughts. The unfortunate result: The reader is left watching through a window instead of participating in the characters' journey.Despite all that, Ms. Lang once again drew an uncommon heroine. The hero, too, sucked readers right in. The family dynamics showed promise, as did the plot (although the promised external threat to the ranch had yet to materialize by the time I left the story about a quarter of the way through). I remain curious about how Hannah and Matthew worked through their conflicts and overcame whatever threat faced them and their extended family, but not curious enough to endure what increasingly read like an extended synopsis instead of an immersive adventure.

  • Tiss
    2019-02-17 09:40

    Emma Lang's historical western romance is sad in the ways of children loosing their parents and a sibling. Matthew Graham is trying to go on after the deaths of his parents and loss of a younger brother. He goes to fulfill his dad's wishes of gaining more land, but doesn't know until he gets to the land office that he needs a wife. So he invents one. Little does he know, there is a woman in town who has the name he needs. He offers to marry her and tells her why. But as time goes on and Hannah lives on the Graham ranch, things heat up. Hannah does marry Matthew and they consumate their marriage. The bedroom is a hot place and with time, love grows. They are looking for the person's responsible for the murders of their parents and other in the area and Hannah tries to help but puts herself in danger along with other family members. This is the first in a series of books. Emma did an awesome job incorporating everyone in, so that the other books are a continuation of the last. I'm looking forward to reading them all.

  • Heather M Jones-Lancto
    2019-03-05 14:04

    The storyline has potential but the book was poorly written. The author bounces between character perspectives with any breaks. Places in the book that should transition appear as one paragraph right after the other. The sex sciences were uncomfortably written with words like: shaft and nub. I will not read any more works by this author. I would not recommend the book.

  • Helyce
    2019-03-16 14:47 Graham is the eldest of eight children. The world as he knows it is met with unexpected tragedy when his parents are murdered and his youngest sibling, Benjamin, is kidnapped and also presumed dead. He has no choice but to take over as head of the family and raise his younger brothers and sisters. He does it without question and he’s doing the best he can. When he learns that his father had started the process of gaining additional land due to a Texas land grant, he heads to Houston to finalize the process. It is there he learns that he must be married in order to redeem the grant. The thought of losing all that land due to him not having a wife is enough to have him lying to the Houston official and claiming that he is, in fact, married, and that his wife’s name is Hannah. The catch, though, is that he must produce said wife within 30 days as she too must sign the documents in order to transfer the land into the Graham name.Hannah Foley lives with her grandmother and manages a boarding house in town. She’s lived with her grandmother since her mother died when she was 12. She’s had to take on more of the day to day responsibilities as her grandmother ages and can do less to help her out. She often day dreams of a man who’ll fall deeply in love with her and take her away from the drudgery of cooking and cleaning. But Hannah is realistic. She knows that she’s not that attractive; not tall enough, plumper than she should be with curly mud-colored hair that she can barely tame into a braid. She’s accepted that fact and that’s that.So, when she and Matthew literally run into each other at the market one day she could never have known exactly how much her life was going to change simply because her name was Hannah.As I read through this story the words “lovely” and “sweet” kept rolling through my head. And it is truly a lovely romantic story about two people who may never have met if not for the fact one needed a wife and the other happened to be named Hannah. When Matthew and Hannah run into each other at the market, Hannah is completely taken by Matthew. He’s gorgeous and everything she’s ever day dreamed about while doing her daily work at the boarding house. And though he attempts to talk to her, she is quick to run away and get out of the store. When the store owner mentions her name to Matthew, he can’t believe his luck and knows that he must find her and tell her of his plight.I loved that when Matthew approaches Hannah he is completely honest and forthright with her. He didn’t try to use his looks to pretend love at first sight or seduce her. He tells her the facts and asks her to marry him to help him secure the land his family deserves. She accepts knowing full well this is a marriage of convenience and with no prospects in her future, she’s really got nothing to lose. In spite of the odd arrangement however, Matthew is kind of smitten by Hannah and thrilled that he actually likes this woman that will move in with him and his family.Of course nothing goes as smoothly as planned. Matthew learns that one of his neighbors had been buying up bits and pieces of land in and around his and other rancher’s properties. When a Ranger comes to Matthew’s ranch to investigate the validity of his marriage to Hannah, he leans that there have been other murders in surrounding areas similar to his parent’s murder and in many cases young children were taken as well. It sets up the plots major conflict, while also setting up possible future stories.Through this, we watch Hannah and Matthew grow closer and fall in love. But before we get there, we watch both of them struggle to be what they think the other wants. Matthew thinks that he has to keep Hannah in line and wants her to be the quiet respectful “do what I say” wife. But Hanna is a tough as nails heroine and she is not going to just toe the line and do what Matthew says. I loved her. She’s got a potty mouth, which was actually quite refreshing as she did not let Matthew dictate to her at all; something I imagine men did quite a lot of in 1836. When she accepted his proposal, she accepted all that came with it and when she realizes she was falling in love with her husband she wasn’t quite sure that was a good thing. She certainly does not expect him to fall in love with her and that is why it was even more beautiful when he realizes that he actually does.I was very surprised by this story. I don’t generally read historicals and I think this one worked for me because it reads like a contemporary, while set in 1836 Texas. I like to classify this type of romance read as a “feel good” romance because that is exactly how I felt while I read it. Hannah is fun and strong and she takes on her new family proudly and with a lot of love in her heart. She is just what they need to fill the void left by the death of Matthew’s parents. She helps the family heal without them realizing that she’s just want they needed. Especially for Matthew who luckily realizes it before it’s too late. I am also a sucker for a story where the plain Jane gets the hottie! I also love a series that centers around a family and there are enough hints towards the end to make me look forward to book two.

  • Lisa Jo
    2019-03-06 17:06

    Emma Lang has done it again! MATTHEW, the first book in her new series ‘The Circle Eight', is a fantastic novel with plenty of sex appeal! It's a must have for fans of historical westerns with plenty of spice.Life has been extremely difficult for Matthew Graham lately. His parents were brutally murdered and his youngest brother abducted. Suddenly all responsibility fell to his shoulders, caring for the ranch and his brothers and sisters. When he decided to finalize the land grant his father was working on before he died, he realizes the state of Texas will only give him the land if he's married. So Matthew invents a fiancé named ‘Hannah' and quickly realizes he only has thirty days to find a girl by that name and marry her.Hannah Foley spent most of her time working in her grandmother's boarding house and the rest of her time accepting the fact that she may never marry. Yet one day she meets a handsome stranger in town who follows her to the boarding house and within minutes proposes to her. Matthew explains his tricky situation with the government and the fact that he has to marry a girl named ‘Hannah' within the next month. Willing to take a risk, Hannah accepts.Newly married, Hannah and Matthew find they have no problem in the bedroom, but plenty of problems building a relationship outside of closed doors. Now there may be a problem with the land grant that will affect the future of the farm. Unfortunately for Hannah, she realizes she wants a marriage based on love and she will do whatever must be done to get it.My opinion of Emma Lang's latest release can be summarized in just a few words; I loved this book! Ms Lang (who also writes as Beth Williamson) has been a favorite of mine since I first read Ruthless Heart last year. Her stories are interesting and extremely sexy...and MATTHEW was no different. It is a story that doesn't drag around, moves fairly quickly and contains amazing characters. It is positively a joy to read and a novel that just cannot do any wrong.One thing I adored about MATTHEW were the characters. Ms Lang has this unique talent of creating such vulnerable characters that you can completely fall in love with. They are so absolutely charming you just get lost in all the magic of their story. Matthew was the soft-spoken, yet masculine cowboy who was fighting his growing feelings toward his wife. He was a loner, despite his large family, and had trouble accepting the possibility that he could be falling in love...with his wife, no doubt. He was just the perfect hero. Always endearing and truly adorable.Matthew's better half, Hannah, was extremely charming as well. She has little to no experience in matters of the heart, she just knows she loves her new husband and wants to be loved in return. Her angelic innocence was something I found very enjoyable and interesting. She is easily the heroine most girls can relate to, including myself, because of her down-to-earth qualities. With this new series, Ms Lang sets up an enormous cast of characters around Matthew and Hannah. Each one is as uniquely delightful as the last. It's pretty amazing how easily you fall in love with this family and begin to desire to become a part of it.Yet beyond all the drama and creative storytelling is an unbelievably passionate romance. Ms Lang had a difficult task when she set out to create a newly married couple, who are virtually strangers, yet share a grand attraction. Especially since they could share everything in the bedroom yet could only share a charming awkwardness outside of it. Still, she pulls it off beautifully, creating a sexy yet beautiful love story. It was delightful reading about these characters as they stumbled along the way to getting to know each other and to find their happily ever after.If you love erotica and western historical romances, MATTHEW should be the next novel you pick up. Emma Lang is a wonderful talent who writes brilliant stories you will thoroughly enjoy. While this novel may contain plenty of scorching love scenes, at the end, you will be pleasantly surprised by the emotional and charming romance inside this novel. MATTHEW is one of the rare novels a reader picks up and never wants to end. Luckily for all of us, this is only the beginning of The Circle Eight series. Lisa @ The Romance Reviews

  • Toni
    2019-02-17 09:07

    4.5 StarsMatthew just painted himself into a corner and needs a wife in thirty days. It’s time to get busy on the Circle Eight.Matthew is the eldest of the eight Graham children, and after the murder of his parents and his youngest brother going missing, he is in no way ready for a wife. But life goes on. He has six other siblings he needs to take care of and that includes expanding their holdings for the future. Problem is, when he went to sign papers on a land grant his father was securing before his death, Matthew ended up lying and stating he had a wife. One would think, “Oh, no problem”, but it was…Matthew actually named his wife Hannah. Now his time is ticking to find a woman named Hannah, or lose out on the land grant. At twenty-three, Hannah Foley feels like her life is slipping away. In her small town, being “sturdy” and plain was not a selling point. Though in her heart, she desired something she would never have, a large family. She knew that it was always going to be just a daydream. But fate has a funny way of screwing up one’s life. Forgotten turnips and a touch, change her life forever. She may have found her large family, but will she ever find love?A marriage of convenience is all either of them expected, but in their hearts they desired more. Matthew marrying Hannah for her name only and Hannah marrying Matthew because she felt it was her only chance for a husband and a family. Things change for both of them after their wedding night. Both feel the attraction, but they don’t know how to get past the obstacles that keep getting in their way.I fell in love with the whole Graham family. My heart went out to them when they lost their parents and youngest brother. I was also right there with them during all their troubles and tribulations. Ms. Lang had a way of drawing me in, never giving me the chance to step away from this engaging family. I felt their joys and frustrations and I couldn’t be more thrilled.I’m not sure how far this series will go, considering the age gaps between all the children, but I do know I’m extremely excited about the next story, Olivia’s.Matthew was a perfectly flawed cowboy and Hannah, was a delightfully strong woman. I have never read Ms. Lang’s stories, but I do believe I’ll be checking out her other novels. If her other books have even a smidgen of the quality of writing that I experienced in Matthew: The Circle Eight, then I will be enamored by them too.So if you like your cowboys hot and your women spunky, pick up Matthew: The Circle Eight. Filled with second chances, high emotions, and suspense; it is a wonderful story and shouldn’t be missed.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-12 09:39

    This is the first historical western I have read in a long time so i was really excited to have the opportunity to read this book. I have never read a Emma Lang book before but i have seen them and have wanted to read them. Her covers always look so good that they peak my interest. Someone is definitely doing a good job there with Matthew's cover. This series starts out when the oldest Graham sibling Matthew at age 27 suddenly finds himself as a parent to 6 of his younger siblings with the baby of the family missing when his parents are murdered. In order to claim some land he finds out he needs a wife. A Wife named Hannah. Now all he has to do is find her. lol Hannah on the other hand is a only child. Her parents died when she was 7 and so it's been her and her grandmother every since. She's had no one but her grandmother and the boarding house they run together. She has always longed for a big family, any family. She runs into Matthew's brother literally at the general store and Matthew tries to apologize to her but she runs off. That's when the store keep tell him that her name is Hannah and Matthew decides he's just met his wife! This was a really good book with a lot going on. Matthew has to learn to run things without his parents and be the boss of everything. He struggles with his feelings for Hannah and how he needs to do things. Hannah has to learn how to be a wife and a be in a big family especially when one member is quite hostile towards her. Then there is the missing Graham sibling and who killed Matthew's parents. You have your love, lust, passion and danger all rolled into this great introduction to the Circle eight series. If your in the market for a historical western this is a great place to start. The writing is great. The dialogue has lots of funny bits that WILL make you laugh out loud and the interaction between Matthew and Hannah runs from sweet to HOT! Both Matthew and Hannah grow throughout the book. From being unsure of who they are to being take charge people. It was so much fun to watch. Hannah is so meek in the beginning and you hardly recognize her by the end. To me this was a really great love story within a much longer story that is yet to come in the books that follow this one. I'm ready to see what happens next! 5 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick stars. Read more about this book and check out a excerpt here Emma Lang is also known as Beth WilliamsonAs a bonus you can also read a excerpt to the next book in the Circle eight series "Brody" You meet him in the above book and this is Olivia Graham's book.

  • Julia
    2019-03-05 16:51

    This was a quick fun read. I was not looking for something super deep, and this wasn't it. The surprises were quite predictable. But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. I wanted a Western and this is exactly the answer to that. The StoryMatthew is raising his six siblings after the murder of their parents and the abduction of the youngest. While all Matthew wants to do is find his brother and enact revenge, he realizes that he needs to keep the ranch going to support the rest of his family. This includes getting some land his parents laid claim to, but oh no! he needs a wife to get the land. Enter Hannah. The story was fine. It was pretty predictable, but it held my interest regardless. And I am curious about what is going on in the larger story arc of the series with the parents murder and Ben's kidnapping. The CharactersMatthew and Hannah I thought were both pretty standard. Nothing really set them apart for me as standout leads. At the same time, nothing stood out for me (that I can think of now) as things that I could negatively comment about them. The story itself wasn't too deep, and the characters barely scratched the surface of themselves, if that makes sense. But in the context of the story, it was fine.The ExecutionMeh. There were some technical errors with some grammar and things that popped out. But I kept reading anyway. There were some obvious tropes and cliches. But I kept reading anyway. The plot of this story pretty much stares you in the face in the first quarter. But I kept reading anyway. This won't be for you if any of that would bother you.The RomanceIt wasn't bad. I liked some of the sexy times, and I thought that Hannah's character was more interesting based on her reactions to the sex and the relationship in vs out of the bedroom.The romance itself though was almost an apparition. I would have appreciated more time with them alone as a couple exploring their new relationship. The times that did happen in the novel I really enjoyed.OverallOverall, it was what I was looking for. Something light and entertaining. Something that I didn't have to read too deep into. Oh and it was set in cowboy time. That was a major requirement. If you have less tolerance for books that are easy to predict, don't like cowboys, or want some more meat in your story, you may want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, Matthew is your book :)

  • Denise
    2019-03-10 12:38

    In Circle Eight Matthew by Emma Lang Matthews parents were both murdered on their farm and Matthew's youngest brother disappeared. Since Matt is the oldest his is now in charge of taking care of the whole family. His farther wanted to expand there ranch before he died so Matt had decided that this was best for the family. But in order for this to happen he ended up lying to the grant office saying he had a wife and on top of that they wanted her name so he said Hannah but he also had to prove this to them. Now he leaves the office not only having to find a wife but one named Hannah. He was so screwed. When he told his brothers and sisters what he did they couldn't believed he lied because he never did. When he literally ran into into a woman who appeared to be afraid to him, he wanted to apologize for being clumsy but she never gave him a chance but when they bumped into each other it felt like a connection. So when she ran off he just felt like a idiot. He found out her name was Hannah. He was dumbfounded that he let his future wife get away so he followed her to where she lived. Hannah was well aware of the hot man she bumped into but since she was so in experienced with men she didn't know what to do so she ran away. She felt a weird feeling when she bumped into him. But when he followed her home and he told her what his problem was she felt bad for him and his family and she also needed a husband so she said she would marry him. Next thing Hannah knew was her world changed. After they got married is when his plain quiet Hannah was not so plain and quiet. But with the murder of his parents someone wanted it kept quiet so there was an attack? On who I'm not gonna say you just have to read to find out.Emma Lang had me from the beginning of this book. Matthew you just wanted to eat him up and Hannah was a strong woman. She stood up for herself and her new family. I loved the fact that from the very beginning of the book Matt screws himself by having to find a wife and not only that but one named Hannah. It was interesting how that came about in a small town. Hannah's grandmother was comical and Matthews brothers and sisters had their own personalities that shown through. I cannot wait for her next book.

  • Ren
    2019-03-14 09:50

    4,5 starsI won this from chat with Beth Williamson at Goodreads.Thank you! She even not hesitant to send the paperback version, even I live outside USA. How very kind of her :')BTW, its not affect my rating for this book. MATTHEW indeed is a good read. I don't know that this one can considered as historical romance, since its happen at 1836. In Antebellum era, precisely after the Civil War. Its doesn't feel like historical romance either (that full of lord, lady, and ball), but maybe because Matthew took place at Texas, America. And I'm not familiar with historical story in this continent. So I believe this is the first time I delved into Wild Wild West teritory.Anyho, rather than titled MATTHEW, this book should be titled "HANNAH". Since she is more a strong character compare to Matthew. I consider to kick Matthew and smack his head for his unsensibility to act toward his wife. Hannah start as meek girl and frustated spinster (even she still 20 years old) but turn strong even ass kicking! The whole family drama with Graham clan also enjoyable to read.Emma Lang also write a sex scenes that... if I describe, its not too hot or explicit, but the amount of sex scenes are... more than twice or thrice. Not that I'm complaining, tho ;). Matthew and Hannah are already married in the beginning of story so its natural to have them having sex as many as possible :P.I also love Graham family, especially the ladies one. Olivia, the oldest daughter is so annoying and leash her frustation to Hannah, even seems hate her. But finally they understand each other. The little ones, Catherine, Rebecca and Elizabeth is so adorable and I'm glad they support Hannah. Graham caretaker, Eva is a wise woman, and Hannah's Granny always encourage Hannah to be a good woman.There's a mystery surrounding Graham's family, from the murder of their parent and the lost of their younger brother, Benjamin. The problem is unsolved yet in the end, so I'm curious to know who person that responsible for disaster event at Graham's ranch, Circle Eight. This is the first time I read cowboy historical romance, and definitely not the last.

  • Trish
    2019-03-12 13:49

    3.5 StarsI wasn't sure what to expect with this book. And I'm still scratching my head over it. Emma Lang also writes under the name Beth Williamson. I have read her book, Unbridled, which I truly enjoyed. But Matthew left me feeling a bit unsure if I would contine to read this series. Granted, I typically don't read historicals, but because this was Beth Williamson, I decided to give it a try. Matthew is the oldest of eight children, and lives on a ranch in Texas- early 1800's. After the unexpected murder of his parents, he is thrust into the role of head of the family and the weight of the heavy responsibility is almost paralyzing to this young cowboy.He struggles to do the right thing-what his father would have done would he still be alive-and heads to Houston to claim the land promised him. Only he finds out that he must be married in order to receive it. Hating to lie, but unable to just walk away, he makes up a name on the spot--Hannah.Now he is on the search for a woman with the name Hannah to ask her to marry him. All in order to save his father's dream of increasing their ranch and ensuring a promising future. I guess that is what has bugged me about this story. It's a little bit too contrived, too falls perfectly into place for my taste. But pushing that aside, Matthew is well written with accuracy of the time period always at the forefront. Hannah was a great character and I loved the her personal growth in this book. She struggels to become the woman Matthew needs and still manages to remain true to herself. She has an unshakeable strength to be admired. I tend to like my cowboys a little edgier--rougher and Matthew is not that. He is more gentle than I'd like and I never felt that "umph" I like to feel tingling you know where when I read a book. Matthew is a sweet, easy to read, western romance that was just a wee bit too sweet for my taste. Avid readers of this genre will love Lang's portrayal of Matthew and this historical romance.

  • Kat ~ Forever Book Lover ♥
    2019-03-14 08:41

    You can read this review and others at Forever Book Lover.This is the first book in an exciting new series, about the Graham siblings. This book pulled my heartstrings right from the start.The siblings return home to a devastating tragedy and their whole world changes in one afternoon. Matthew is the oldest of the Graham's siblings, his heart ached at being thrusted into the role of parent at such a young age, but his family was everything to him. He must marry to be able to claim the acreages to secure his family's well being, when asked what his wife's name was ~ he said "Hannah"..With the clock ticking, he has 30 days to find a woman named Hannah, marry her and return for his land... There were parts that seemed just to fall in place or just a little too ironic, he is looking for a girl named Hannah and *Poof*, he bumps into a woman at a local merchant, anyone want to guess her name.."Hannah". Each have their own reason for the sudden/pretend marriage... Can true love bloom from this hasty marriage? Will they find the courage, determination and hope to recover from the family's devastating tragedy ... I love the discovery of their love, the way the family held strong throughout the early stages of rebuilding their family. It was heartwarming to watch this family perseveres against all odds, by working together with others and have support from family and friends.Ms. Lang gave us a wonderful start to what is going to be a wonderful series. She gave us a glimpse of each sibling, just enough to spark your interest and leaving you wanting more... Bravo, can't wait for more. I almost feel embarrassed to mention this but this cover is one of the hottest covers I have seen in a while. I began calling Matthem- Mr. McSteamy. Just when I didn't think they could find a sexier man, I got a glimpse of Brody's cover. Hello Mr. McHottie!!

  • Michelle
    2019-02-16 08:37

    Matthew Graham, the oldest of eight siblings, has inherited the running of his family’s ranch after he discovers his parents murdered and his youngest brother missing. Because of a loop hole in the processing of a new land grant, Matt’s required to marry within 30 days and he hopes he finds the solution to his problem in Hannah Foley. Hannah is a plain young woman, fully on the shelf, with no future prospects but content with her life working at her grandmother’s bed and breakfast. When Matthew proposes a marriage of convenience, Hannah jumps at the chance of marriage and maybe a chance to belong. They both walked in to this marriage with their eyes open so neither was expecting much of a connection and their connection in the bedroom was instant. Trying to figure out how to live with each other outside of the bedroom takes a lot longer. Both Matthew and Hannah are plagued with insecurities that turn in to jealousies and creates a conflict that they need to work through to accept their Happily Ever After.This was a great introduction to the Circle of Eight series with wonderful characters introduced. Matthew and Hannah really grew on me and I enjoyed their development in their relationship. They came together out of need but stayed together out of want and desire. The sparks between them in the bedroom were sizzling. There were sparks outside of the bedroom as well, but it’s conflict, insecurity, and jealousy creating those sparks. Matthew was a very dominate character with his idea of a woman’s role and what he thought he wanted from a wife. Initially Hannah went along with his ideas but I loved when she finally found her spunk and sass and stood up for herself. There’s a great overarching storyline and mystery that was introduced in this book but will continue as the series progresses. Great story, great characters, and I’m excited for what comes next!

  • Gee
    2019-03-19 12:53

    This was a pretty good story. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.So why not 4 or 5 stars? Mainly, the hero was just not that swoon worthy to me. He was a good guy, a hard worker, and I'm glad the heroine married him. But he just wasn't that devoted to her. He kept fighting his attraction to her until the end when he finally realized what he had. I guess I just like to read heroes that are a little bit more....well, heroic.Now Hannah was a Kick-A heroine; no complaints there. But she carries the day through the whole book. If not for her, those Graham siblings would never have made it. She is smarter, braver, and kinder than all of them put together. Her wits and strength, and nothing else, are the reason they win in the end. Speaking of the Graham siblings, I didn't find them that likable either. All they did was argue and their negativity wore Matt down until he was always exhausted. The brothers were cold to Hannah, the sisters indifferent (except for the little girl Catherine), and Olivia was downright hateful until about 75% of the way through. Hannah wins them over in the end but the reader is left hanging with questions about the Graham parent murders and the whereabouts of little Benjy. Presumably these will be answered in future books.Now that Brody character, the Texas Ranger: He seems a little more alpha. I'm looking forward to his book with the bitchy Olivia. I sincerely hope he gets her in line, because somebody ought to!With all of the above, it may seem like I didn't like the book but I did. The story itself hooked me. The author knows how to spin a good yarn.

  • A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)
    2019-02-20 11:58

    Matthew Graham is stuck between a rock and a hard place. His parents have been murdered, his five-year-old brother is missing and if he doesn’t go to Houston and claim the 4,000 acres his dad was going to claim the family of eight will lose it and only have the 600 acres to survive on. So, 25-year-old Matt goes to Houston to claim the land only to find out he needs to be married. He says he is, but his wife Hannah stayed home to watch his younger brothers and sisters. He now has 30 days to bring his wife to Houston to sign the land grant papers. The only problem is there is no wife and he doesn’t know anyone named Hannah. Rock meet hard place.This is a great story that was hard to put down. The characters are interesting and well-developed, the plot is good and the writing flows smoothly. Set in 1836 in the Republic of Texas you really have to feel for Matt as he shoulders the responsibility of the ranch and the care and safety of his six siblings while enduring the pain he feels for his murdered parents and his missing brother. Hannah is a smart and gutsy yet insecure person. An orphan raised by her grandmother, at 23 she’s considered a spinster. A chance meeting with Matt and lucky that her name is Hannah her life takes a sharp right turn.A first read of Emma Lang for me, I really enjoyed this story and look forward to Book 2 Brody as well as searching out other stories by her.*The publisher provided a copy of this book to me for review. Please see disclaimer page on my blog.

  • Diane
    2019-03-14 10:06

    Years ago I read historical romances and got bored because they became formula (and the same formula everytime!) so I was reluctant to read historicals again! However, having now read Beth Williamson, Caroline Linden, Emma Wildes and now Emma Lang, who are all among my favorite authors, I'm glad I did not hold onto that opinion!What I LOVE about Emma Lang historicals (and feel the same about Beth Williamson/Caroline Linden/Emma Wildes) is that both male and female leads are strong but with vulnerabilities, the coming together is not always smooth, sometimes a reluctant partnership, but that is the key - it is not always an instant love, but some kind of partnership that develops along with the story.Which brings me to this, the first in a new series, I liked both characters from their first introduction - I was crying in intro for what Matthew and his family had to deal with! Hannah is a spitfire and I loved how practical their coming together was, and how they evolve in their relationship, finding their roles during an extraordinary time period, extreme experiences and how they surprise themselves, as well as each other, of what they can be.The secondary characters were a mix of well developed and hinted at what may be, and I liked that the character of Olivia was able to make changes through this book rather than follow her anger through an entire series!And there is the mystery of what happened to Margaret - and will we find out in the next book???Needless to say, I enjoyed this one so much, I have already preordered the second in the series, Brody!

  • April
    2019-02-22 15:04

    MATTHEW by Emma Lang is an exciting western historical romance set in 1836 Texas, It is Book 1 in the "Circle Eight" series. It is the story of Matthew Graham,a handsome,sexy rancher who has eight siblings,his parents where murdered and he needs a wife to claim a land grant. And Hannah Foley,is a plain Jane,practical,living with her grandmother,running their boardinghouse and would love to marry. Enter Matthew,Hannah is the perfect wife for him or so he thought. This is a story of danger,romance,love,betrayal,trust,hardness,kindness,finding the truth,sensual tention,grief,steamy sex,and learning to love. With his parents dead,his youngest sibling missing,and the others underfoot all the time,Matthew must navigate the waters of a new marriage,manage a ranch,fight his desire for his new wife,and save the lives of his sister, his wife,their ranch,before time runs out and he loses it all. What a fast paced,action paced,adventure that is a page turner from beginning to end. "Matthew" is a must read,with strong characters,steamy passion,and a neighbor who is not so friendly, who may just be a killer. I can hardly wait for the next installment of the "Circle Eight" series. Received for an honest review from the publisher. Details can be found at Brava,published by Kensington Publishing Corp. and My Book Addiction Reviews/My Book Addiction and More.RATING: 4.5REVIEWED BY: AprilR,My Book Addiction and More