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Dani and Shannon are blushing brides-to-be. Shannon’s niece Amanda, with friends Claire and Jordan, will soon be witnesses to the forthcoming nuptials. Together, they’re a party of five intent on having an unforgettable week in Las Vegas.Though far from home, none of them can outrun the pasts that have shaped their lives so far. The brides each harbor a secret that could bDani and Shannon are blushing brides-to-be. Shannon’s niece Amanda, with friends Claire and Jordan, will soon be witnesses to the forthcoming nuptials. Together, they’re a party of five intent on having an unforgettable week in Las Vegas.Though far from home, none of them can outrun the pasts that have shaped their lives so far. The brides each harbor a secret that could bankrupt their wedding dreams. Jordan, the self-avowed eternal bachelor, finds herself in an unexpected high stakes game of love. Claire, a doctor still grieving the loss of her long-time partner, hits a jackpot she isn’t sure she wants. And Amanda, carrying a secret of her own, decides to gamble it all on love.It’s a dizzying, exhilarating week of discovery, passion and surprises, and no one knows where the spinning wheel will stop.The stakes are high, the risks life changing and the pay offs beyond measure in this latest romantic tour de force from Tracey Richardson....

Title : The Wedding Party
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ISBN : 9781594932342
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The Wedding Party Reviews

  • P. Industry
    2019-04-21 06:58

    There was a lot going on with this book.Shannon and Dani are getting married; heading off to Vegas with their cadre of friends and family, it promises to be a spectacular party and a fun trip. Instead every single character gets more than they bargained for as their lives blow up (or in some cases collide) and they're forced to take stock of what they want and need from the people around them.This is a pretty bare-bones summary for a pretty amazing book; each character is given their own arc, in effect creating five main characters and a fluidly changing POV through each of them. Each character brings with them their own themes and concerns. These neatly encompass many classic lesbian fiction tropes, and most of them are executed with fairly innovative new twists. There are many tender moments in this book; there are many times you want to slap the characters; there are some times you crinkle your eyes in amusement. I think the great strength of this book - the multitude of threads - might also be a weakness for some people. I personally thought the book was well written enough that a silk purse was made out of a pig's ear, but keeping track of the characters at certain places (and their emotional states) positively required a flow chart. My favourite such thread involved a post-prime pop artist and the avowed female bachelor, although the other two couples were adorable as well.Regardless, I would highly recommend this novel. It is very well written, cleanly executed, and an example of fine world-building.

  • Isabelle SIMONET
    2019-04-14 07:19

    I am going to be very fast and especially very clear: the books of Richardson I wouldn’t bother to make a review of each of her books. You can go there with your eyes closed, everything is good, her writing, her stories , her characters, everything. Go ahead, read Tracey Richardson without hesitation !!

  • Frida
    2019-04-15 12:27

    I loved this book. I didn’t think I would but the way the book was structured was amazing. I liked how each chapter follow one of the five in the bridal party. The book filled me with so many different emotions. I’m sad it’s over. The only thing that truly bothered me was that book cover. It made no sense. The bridal couple did not dress alike and the cake was not described to look like the picture portrays.

  • Ally
    2019-03-29 15:02

    Not here for the transphobia or biphobia.

  • Jen
    2019-03-30 07:59

    I won this book from Bella Books and besides the excitement of winning something I am so glad I won because this is an excellent book. This is my first time to read Tracey Richardson but it definitely will not be the last! When I first started reading it I was concerned because the chapters are broken up by people, I have read books like this before and they seem disconnected and incongruous but Tracey just blended each chapter with not only a great storyline but also a beautiful timeline. The story was very fluid and you didn't spend half the chapters repeating the same day in a different person's POV. Tracey brought so much depth to not only the story but also to the characters involved. From unceasing love, terrible loss, throw away sexual escapades, deep friendships, new friendships, weighty secrets, and realizations of epic proportions this story pulled me in from word one and the movie in my head is still playing. The only reason I put this book down was because I didn't want the book to end. I wanted this book to last forever and had to slow my reading on occasion so I didn't finish before I was ready for what was happening to the characters. The characters and storyline are so rich and real it is like she is writing about personal experiences. I related to this book on so many levels and it has moved into the list of my favorite stories of all time. Thank you Bella Books and thank you Tracey Richardson for sharing this amazing story with me. I will pass it on to others!!! Well maybe not my copy!

  • MJS
    2019-03-28 10:26

    I've read and enjoyed all of Richardson's books, and this one was no exception. As another reviewer points out this is the first story told from multiple points of view. I enjoyed the way the story went from one character to the next and still allowed the story to flow. The characters were all interesting too. The only problem I had with the book was it was just too pat, even in a lesbian romance novel it's a bit ridiculous to have everyone achieve a happily ever after.The storyline for Claire and Amanda was intriguing, and more believable (if just as fast) as the Jordan storyline. At least the two of them spent most of the week together, the readers are expected to believe Jordan finds real love in the space of 24 hrs, with practically none of that time spent actually talking to the supposed love of her life. Please. The u-haul effect was well and truly in play in this book. I think the book would have been better served by leaving the Jordan storyline out, or making it a sequel, but even with it The Wedding Party is still an enjoyable read.

  • Ayse
    2019-04-19 12:59

    There was a lot to like about this book -- I especially liked the may-December romance, which can sometimes be icky but was really well done. Three complaints though: 1. reformed womanizer was way too cliche and could have just stayed single a little longer; 2. Why can't a person have two true loves? One line about how it was never as good with Claire's other partner as with the new one completely diminishes the previous relationship. It was unnecessary and off putting; 3. The rampant heteronormativity. Why can't two butches walk down the aisle together? It is ludicrous -- two femmes, two butches; any variation of gender expression belongs together and a great thing about being gay is that you don't have to buy into the binary version. Though aggravating, these things could often be ignored enough for me to really enjoy the story, with only occasional outbursts at my kindle

  • Alena
    2019-03-24 06:58

    Meh. Oddly disappointing.Throwing so many characters in the mix always leaves the danger that characters are not developed well. That was true to some extent here, incl. that some were really cliche. I also simply didn't care for some of them.On the other hand, I would have really liked to read more about Claire and Amanda. I also found some of the writing cringe-worthy, with really was a surprise. Just little things, but I never encountered that in her writing before.