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Heart Stealer is an emotionally compelling romance that explores love and how it can change you.After years of his fast playboy lifestyle, movie star Randall Rowe returns to his small hometown to make sense of his life and finds himself drawn to Kayla Denton, the runaway he'd once helped. Problem is, Kayla, now a schoolteacher, wants nothing to do with the handsome charmerHeart Stealer is an emotionally compelling romance that explores love and how it can change you.After years of his fast playboy lifestyle, movie star Randall Rowe returns to his small hometown to make sense of his life and finds himself drawn to Kayla Denton, the runaway he'd once helped. Problem is, Kayla, now a schoolteacher, wants nothing to do with the handsome charmer she has loved for eight years. She’s already been abandoned by one man after a tragic accident, and she refuses to feel so vulnerable again. As she’s forced to get closer to Randall, Kayla starts to realize underneath his devil-may-care persona lies more depth than she could've imagined. But when Hollywood comes calling and threatens to tear them apart, they're forced to resolve their painful pasts… Or lose a love that will only come once in a lifetime....

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Heart Stealer Reviews

  • MBR
    2018-09-01 19:00

    Heart Stealer by Tiphanie Thomas which takes place in the small town of Summerdale for most of the story and parts of it in Los Angeles was a book that provoked conflicting emotions in me. It tells the story of how play boy and movie star Randall Rowe finally succumbs to the lure of love and happily ever after, even though the journey he takes towards the final destination is one fraught with difficulties and a lot of growing up.Randall is the only child of the preacher in Summerdale. When Randall's dreams and ambitions takes him away from following in his father's footsteps, it creates a rift between father and son that seems to be incapable of ever healing. At the age of 18, Randall leaves home with Hollywood beckoning him to come and make his dreams a reality. It is when Randall makes his way back home for the first time in 6 years since he left that he meets the stick-thin and belligerent run away from home Kayla Denton.Kayla runs away from home at the age of 16 after being forced to live with her aunt upon the death of her mother in a car accident that continues to haunt her. Her father had immersed himself in drink, oblivious to the damage it was doing to his one and only child. It is Randall who sees Kayla's vulnerability and finds a way for her to live with his parents.The story continues 8 years on, with an all grown up Kayla working as a fourth grade teacher in Summerdale. When once again Randall returns home, this time to mend fences that he has neglected for far too long, the most surprising turn of events seems to be the way he reacts to the luscious older version of Kayla whom Randall has always considered to be nothing but a child.Kayla knows that nothing can come out of her feelings towards a man whose lifestyle differs so much from hers, who would never be content with settling down to small town life. But with each searing kiss and touch that brings down the walls of reserve around Kayla's heart and emotions, Randall wins her over making Kayla yearn for so much more than Randall seems to be capable of giving. For a man who has closed off himself for such a long time, relying and depending on someone else is a foreign concept and Randall finds himself hard pressed to be everything that Kayla needs.It is the differences that they can't seem to work out that drives them apart until once again it is Randall who comes back, determined that this time around he would convince Kayla that he is here to stay for now and always.I liked the whole premise and set up of Heart Stealer, quite an appropriate title considering the fact that Kayla steals Randall's heart whilst he is totally unaware of what is happening. I loved Randall for the fact that he was willing to be the grown up about things, for loving Kayla enough to be everything she wants him to be, even try as far as to open himself up to her even when its the hardest thing for him to do. For me, Randall turned out to be the best thing about the story, his patience and perseverence when it comes to Kayla being what won me over.Kayla is a totally different story. I found her to be a bit self absorbed and childish, never really growing up enough to tackle the issues that cropped up between herself and Randall in their short lived relationship. Kayla always seemed to be jumping to the worst of conclusions, always willing to look for a mistake that would give her the perfect excuse to give up on a relationship that brings her more happiness than anything else in her life.Though Kayla's character turned out to be a trifle bit disappointing, I still liked how Tiphanie relates the trials and turbulations of an actor who wants with everything in his being to make a name for himself in the world of stardom, a man who feels as if the only way to ease the loneliness and pain in his heart is by immersing himself in doing the one thing that he loves.Recommended for fans of contemporary romances that loosely feature the modern version of guardian/ward romances that you encounter in historical romances.Memorable Quotes:He leaned in, and his lips swept hers, capturing and rubbing them in a tantalizing tease. Lust rolled through her like wildfire. For all she knew, seconds could have passed, minutes, or an eternity. Too dazed to notice anything except the searing passion from Randall’s lips on hers, Kayla’s tongue dueled and played with Randall’s until her whole body felt like it would combust. She floated back into the sky, a slice of heaven filling her. Rating=3.75/5 Original review posted onMBR's Realm of Romance

  • Lady Raven RAVE!
    2018-09-17 22:55

    Reviewed by Lady Raven RaveA very well developed story along with its characters. You could tell a lot of thought went into the the book when being developed. Movie star, playboy and professional party boy  Randall returns home to his hometown to set his life in order.  He is tired of getting the stereo typed roles his been offered  lately, as well as being tired of his parting, drinking and his relationship with his father. The one person he unexpectedly has becomes attracted to is Kayla, who isn't a fan of  Randall, not since she was 16. Kayla, was a runaway at 16 years old, when she met Randall. She has a pretty bad childhood, especially with abandonment. Randall's parents took her in and raised her since then. 8 years later, Kayla is a school teacher and Randall is back, looking to make his home town his permeant home as well as getting to know Kayla beyond what he saw her as before. But getting use to home, acting comes calling back.Not a bad read, it was an ok read for me, the author made sure to take you on a journey with both characters. She also took you around the town so that you get to know the towns people as well. There was surely emotional baggage with both Kayla and Randall that they had to deal with and they did. It's a nice sweet read. The only thing I will say for me personally, sometimes the progress of the read became a little slow at times, but it didn't discourage me from reading it because I still liked the story.*********LIKE us here  ----> on FB. Also join us on our FB group Romance Novel Junkies 550+ members. We are also on goodreads.

  • Kim
    2018-09-16 21:47

    4.5 StarsI am shocked that this is a debut from this author. It was such an entertaining and thoroughly satisfying read from the first to last page. Randall looked out for Kayla when meeting her as a runaway teenager, and of course she has a crush on him that developed later into much more years later when Randall now see's her as a woman. Kayla was extremely proud, and would not take gifts from Randall. Often times I wanted to shake her and say just take the darn gifts! Of course they had their share of conflict, but their love was strong enough in the end to overcome it all. If you buy this book dedicate at least six straight hours to reading it because you will not want to put it down. I can't wait to read more about the people in Summerdale.

  • Dana Mason
    2018-08-27 18:47

    In the days of numerous self published books, here is a stand-out. I'm often disappointed when I spend well earned money on a self published ebook just to find out it still needs some editing. Heart Stealer is well thought out and well written. It held my interest until the very end and I'm anxious for another in the promised series.

  • Habrewer
    2018-09-01 20:09

    Heart Stealer by Tiphanie Thomas* I received this ARC free from the author in exchange for an honest review*Kayla has been in love with Randall for as long as she can remember, she just doesn’t like him very much right now. She lives in a small Midwestern town and is content with her life as a school teacher. She was raised by Randall’s parents and brought up in a loving home.Randall is a movie star that lives the movie star life with the women, liquor and parties. He seems to have forgotten where he came from and has snubbed his home town. His movies have not been doing well and he is not happy with his life or his relationship with his dad. He has decided to return to his home town to try and make some sense out of his life; he never expected to fall in love with Kayla.The love story between Kayla and Randall was touching; you could feel not only their love and pain but their happiness too. It was nice to see Randall as a real person like everyone else, even though he is a famous movie star. He has issues with self confidence and trusting in his abilities. He and his father have not seen eye to eye since he left home at eighteen and this has been the root of a lot of his problems.Kayla’s father walked away from her when she was a young child after her mother died. She ended up at the Rowe’s thanks to Randall but she still has her own issues with relationship commitments. She is afraid to get too close to Randall because she is afraid he will leave her like her father did so she runs away every time something happens between them.Their relationship has developed and grown over the years following a natural progression. They are good for each other and bring out the best in each other, they just have problems opening up and being honest with each other. This was a really good book and I enjoyed it, my only thought is the writer included some filler scenes that were not needed at all. The story of Kayla and Randall was more than enough to fill the pages. The secondary characters were interesting but some of them didn’t need to make as big an appearance that they did. I loved the Rowe’s and I had a bad feeling about Randall’s dad. I love how things have a way of working themselves out.Overall I enjoyed this book and the characters. They are so compelling that you can’t help but feel for them. I give Heart Stealer 3½ Flaming Hearts.

  • PepperP0t
    2018-08-26 01:04

    First -- I received this as part of a Goodreads giveaway with the hope I would give an honest review. I honestly enjoyed this debut effort from Tiphanie Thomas. Ms. Thomas wrote engaging, believable characters in such a nice setting that you wanted to be a part of small town America. I look forward to more of her scribbles. Heart Stealer is more than than the cover blurb states. Our star couple meet under not so great circumstances and are a testament that life doesn't always run smoothly to the things you want or get. Randall is making it in Hollywood but not the way he dreamed he would and while traveling home to re-group and lick his wounds he meets Kayla a runaway and saves her from a life of crime. As trite as the descriptions may seem the characters are multidimensional and develop as the the story goes on. Having started out as her protector Randall has a hard time dealing with the woman Kayla becomes as their lifestyles remain on different paths. It was completely believeable that Kayla's case of hero-worship and puppy-love would be rebuffed from an older man - and just as believeable that he would continue to see her that way, until one day he realizes she has become an enchanting and desirable woman. The story was interesting, easy to read and a little atypical. Yes it was a romance and you knew the ending - but you didn't really know how they were going to get there. Well worth the hours visiting Summerdale.

  • The Project
    2018-09-18 19:46

    When I was about a fourth of the way into the book, I knew I was going to be pleasantly surprised and I was. I LOVED this book.The author wrote such great complex and real characters that I felt what they did as I read along. Kayla was a totally normal person, with no severe issues or over-dramatics which you see a lot in books. And Randall was probably kind of mellow for a movie star, but with the way he was raised it was understandable. I simply adored this book, and the story that unfolded over time. The realization that you love someone, and then the pain of being scared and losing that feeling. What really pulled at me was the grief of being heartbroken. We've all been there and the author again totally captured the feeling to a tee. Even the minor characters were fun, and very vital to the main characters. And the moral of the story is that love can change you, if you want to change. --Brandi, The One Hundred Romances Project

  • Carol
    2018-09-13 23:47

    I really like this book, a true romance. Poor girl from the street being given a chance at a good life.

  • raeneysa
    2018-08-29 00:53

    this is a great book, not my usually read because the same ethnicity but i enjoy reading it.

  • Jess the Romanceaholic
    2018-08-25 21:01

    This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: April 22, 2011 (Available Now!)Publisher: Self-PublishedImprint: N/AAuthor’s Website: Source for This Book: Gift from the AuthorPart of a Series: NoSeries Best Read In Order: N/ASteam Level: SteamyEight years ago, movie star Randall Rowe returned to his small hometown for his mother’s birthday. When circumstances lead him to cross paths with Kayla Denton, a 16-year old runaway, he immediately steps in to help her, and ultimately convinces his parents to take her under their wings. Over the following years, he’s treated her a bit as a little sister, but his self-centered playboy persona has really hurt their relationship. Kayla, charmed by both his handsome appearance and his kindness towards her in her time of need, developed a crush on him that she’s tried to hide for the duration of their relationship. When his thoughtless actions forced her to realize just how little he valued their friendship, she tried to bury her feelings, and was mostly successful.Now, eight years later, Kayla is a school teacher, and also has a wonderful talent for interior design. When Randall moves back to town after some disappointments in Hollywood, he wants to hire Kayla to decorate his house — both because he truly appreciates her talent, and because he’s reached a point in his life where he realizes that it’s time to rebuild some bridges he may have burned in the past. For Kayla, however, this is a nightmare, because she knows that if she lets Randall charm her, she’s going to be hurt again, and yet she can’t help but fall for him a little more each day. In Randall’s case, the “little sister” that his family took in so many years ago has developed into a beautiful, capable woman — one that he cannot help but be attracted to.Determined to show Kayla that he’s a changed man, he sets out to charm her and thinks he may have succeeded, but when he gets an unexpected big break in Hollywood, the fast, glitzy lifestyle he’s so recently chosen to abandon may be more than Kayla can handle.While neither a positive or negative point, readers should be aware that there is a distinct Christian air to some parts this novel. While by no means what I would consider to be in the “Inspirational Romance” category, Randall is the son of a preacher, and G-d and religion factor greatly into the daily lives of both of his parents. While I personally enjoyed this, I know that some readers prefer to avoid novels containing devout Christian characters (even minor ones), so definitely be aware of this.Overall, however, it was a very enjoyable story. While I really felt that Kayla’s tendency to stomp off in a huff over the smallest things was greatly to her detriment as a heroine, Randall more than made up for it. His true desire to make up for the wrongs he’d dealt in the past, coupled with his willingness to take responsibility for his actions made him a wonderful hero in my mind. The love scenes were great, and the side plot involving Randall’s parents really helped round things out.In the end, I would call this one a fun summer read, with just enough angst to keep things interesting while still being light enough for a pool-side read.Recommended for fans of unrequited love, playboy heroes having to prove themselves to make up for their past, and taking chances for a love that might just be worth the risk.A very solid 3.5 Stars

  • Judy Hubbard
    2018-09-06 20:04

    Randall Rowe is the son of a preacher in Summerdale. Randall could be self-absorbed and self-destructive, but at his core, he had a good heart and he felt “real” to me. I really liked him. His father wants him to follow in his footsteps, but Randall wants to be an actor and he’s succeeded at reaching his dream, but his career is not where he wants it to be. He comes home for a visit and as usual things with his father are tense and his mother tries to ease the strain between the two. Kayla Denton is a girl Randall rescued from the streets when she was 16 who was raised by Randall’s parents. Kayla is now a schoolteacher and who has always secretly been in love with Randall. This is a story about reunions, choices we make and how they affect others and ultimately taking responsibility for our actions and growing up. Heart Stealer is an enjoyable book and a worthy read.

  • ~Charmer~the 1-click addict
    2018-09-11 02:45

    This was ok. I was not a fan of Kayla's. She was unappreciative, argumentative, and always second guessin herself and others. Kayla didn't appreciate anything Randall gave her or did for her. Anything he said became an argument. She ran away from problems and/or issues, instead of bein a woman and facin them head-on. And a brotha with green eyes is always hot. Mama Rowe and Joseph are Randall's parents and his father was way too hard on him, and his mother should've spoken up more for her child. This book is labeled as the Summerdale Series, so I'm wonderin if there are goin to be more, since it says, "Series". Just wonderin.

  • M.C. Walker
    2018-09-21 19:15

    I really enjoyed the opening chapter of how the two main characters meet. Instantly you're drawn to the quirky sarcastic fluid behavior each character brings. I couldn't help but cheer for the characters to be together and by any means make the relationship last. Its more than a game of stereotypical cat and mouse....I found that to be most refreshing of all. Heart Stealer is a beautifully woven romantic tale of finding love and holding it hostage in your heart and book shelf.

  • Bettye Griffin
    2018-09-16 18:45

    A promising debut from a new author. I cared about the characters, and they were developed well. The book did contain quite a few errors which became distracting after awhile, and the story could have been tightened up in places. I'd rate it 3.5 stars.

  • Tami Montano
    2018-09-24 18:45

    I loved this cute and cleverly written love story. I love the way the author built the relationships with all of the characters in such a way that you were rooting for their happy ending. I really enjoyed it.

  • Renee Motley
    2018-09-08 21:02

    It was a fast read. Too many references to the movie Pretty Woman - way too many. I would recommend it. Nice attempt for first attempt - - if more than that - - watch the movie references.

  • Katrina
    2018-09-03 03:07

    This was a very nice romance novel;and written very well. I'm surprised this indie author has not been picked up by a publishing house.

  • Shonnie
    2018-09-15 22:07

    This was a nice story.