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What in the name of flowers and candy is going on?!?! People are falling in love and getting married in unheard-of numbers after meeting on the new internet dating site, Marsha Underwood, Director of Marketing believes something fishy is going on; the crazy success can't be just good marketing. Marsha suspects her boss, Paul Latimer, may have something to do withWhat in the name of flowers and candy is going on?!?! People are falling in love and getting married in unheard-of numbers after meeting on the new internet dating site, Marsha Underwood, Director of Marketing believes something fishy is going on; the crazy success can't be just good marketing. Marsha suspects her boss, Paul Latimer, may have something to do with it. She knows Paul will do anything to earn the respect of his own powerful, rich but remote father. And Paul flunked ethics in business school.The trouble is, Paul is in love with Marsha, but for good reason she doesn't consider Paul to be marriage material. When Marsha, her father and best friend begin to investigate the goings-on behind the pretty web pages, her allies are destroyed in mysterious fashion. Afraid for her own life from the man who claims to love her, Marsha nonetheless chooses to pursue the truth about the company that has made her rich. But is now a worldwide phenomenon, and won't give up its secrets easily. All her courage and smarts may not be enough to unravel the mystery and save her own life. And while she's at it, she wouldn't mind finding the love she was created is smart, original, fun and funny. It's for everyone who has been in love, or wants to be, or just enjoys a suspenseful whodunit....

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  • Valentina
    2018-09-16 19:54

    A mystery about an online matchmaking service with too much success, a promising premise for an interesting book. One, that fortunately, did not disappoint.This is a fun book. The plot is fast paced, yet carefully constructed to tie in a number of seemingly unrelated storylines that provide a good background to the main character, Marsha. She is a dynamic business woman suffering under Paul Latimer’s unrequited love, a love that is as violent as it is obsessive. I do wish we’d seen a few more dimensions to Marsha’s personality, but I can’t complain too much, she was fun to read.Paul is represented better, elevating him from just a “bad guy” to a “complicated guy”. It’s hard to cheer for him, but we can at least feel his twinges of romantic dissatisfaction. What I enjoyed the most were the chapters of’s creation, all the minutia that is so cleverly introduced into the story. You’d think that the steps to putting a business together, the marketing tricks, etc. would be boring to read about, but on the contrary, they make for some really entertaining sections.There is an aura of tension throughout the whole book, that makes the reader pay attention, waiting for the violence to start. And it does.The only real issue I have with the book is the ending. In my opinion, it felt a bit rushed. Everything gets resolved in the space of two pages, so suddenly that I had to reread them to catch what happens. A bit more suspense would have fit the careful story better.Other than that, this is a very entertaining book. I spent a good bunch of hours reading it and I can recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good mystery.

  • Meagan
    2018-09-03 23:05

    I finished this book yesterday afternoon. was one of those books that got better and better with each page. Essentially it is a book about a dating website that has an ungodly amount of success in it's first year. The marketing director starts getting suspicious and the deeper she digs, the more her life is endangered. The deeper I dove into the story the more I wanted to know. It definitely kept me reading until the end. It was an easy, fun and enticing read that I would definitely recommend. It had the thriller aspect along with a little romance and intrigue. I definitely look forward to more books by RW Bennett and when you read the end will definitely throw you for a loop. I wasn't expecting it at all!

  • Al
    2018-09-19 20:02

    My natural inclination is to be intrigued and generally enjoy novels that explore the impact, positive and negative, of new technologies on everyday life, especially those made possible by the internet. It is a rare day when I don’t marvel at how the internet has transformed life in how we gather information and interact with each other, but not without paying a price in privacy, to name just one area. The plot of is a perfect fit for my tastes in the way it combines technology and romance into a thriller. The big picture is good, but the execution falls short in the details.While reading I kept hitting speed bumps, errors or clunky sentences, that would throw me out of the story. The biggest offenders were verb tense errors, unnatural dialogue, and unneeded detail, which bogged the story down. A representative sample of the kind of issues I saw in dialogue is this conversation between Paul and Marsha:“He’s already on board, Marsha. I would love to tell you about it. Can we meet for lunch or dinner in the next few days to discuss it?” “Sure, Paul. Dad tells me you’re starting an Internet dating service. Is that right?” “Marsha, I think I’m on to something big here. Can we get together this week to discuss it?”These characters are friends. They’ve known each other since college and still get together to play tennis about once a month. Besides the obvious problem of using the other person’s name every time they open their mouth, which is not how real people talk, the entire quote sounds too formal and contrived. This was a recurring issue.One example of unneeded details was when a character named Devin was signing up for a new account at The description of the process tells every excruciating detail. Most readers understand what is involved in setting up an account online. Why do we need to know every screen involved and what was entered? Does the logic Devin used in picking a password and what it was matter? The only part of this section pertinent to the story is that Devin opened the new account, possibly what he chose for his screen name and why (since this provides some characterization), and the terms and conditions of the site, which is important later in the story. Other examples of too much explanation are explaining that some men are turned on at the thought of having sex with a bisexual or lesbian woman (people know this; don’t explain something most readers already know), or a character making a wisecrack and then explaining it. The wisecrack was funny without the explanation. Knowing that it was a Seinfeld reference and what happened in the scene it was referencing might make it funnier, for those who understand from seeing that episode. But if a joke can’t stand on its own without an explanation, you’re better off without the joke. In this case, I think it could have stood alone.Although overall I enjoyed, I also found it frustrating at times for the kinds of reasons cited above.**Originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog. May have received a free review copy. **

  • Conchie Fernandez
    2018-09-02 20:17

    "" tells the story of a handful of colorful characters that embark on creating the premiere online dating service, using it, and ultimately debunking it. R. W. Bennett's debut novel opens with the main character, Marsha Underwood, explaining on Oprah why, the online dating company whose Marketing department she spearheads, has become an overnight sensation. not only swiftly pushes the competition from the playing field, but also breaks records garnering quick marriages and otherworldly passions that lead to attempted murders. What Marsha - and the book - don't immediately reveal are the mysteries behind the success and the imminent danger that has created.The novel moves quickly, enthralling the reader from the very first chapter. Mr. Bennett has a rare gift for creating highly entertaining main characters, numerous plotlines and unforgettable supporting characters that come together to push a smart, often hilarious and always engaging novel. From the sleazy Director of Research of the pharmaceutical company that inspires the trick behind's success, the billionaire entrepreneurs who design and finance the start-up, the brilliant woman who takes up the challenge to create a successful demand for's unique Soulmate offering and the minor characters who enter the stage to unveil the truth, "" works like a carefully crafted patchwork of thrilling storytelling. "" is more than a thriller or a mystery. Beyond the intelligent dialogue and surprising twists lies perhaps the biggest truth in Mr. Bennett's novel. Our lives have become so entwined with information and connectivity that we don't search for love (the most basic of human needs) in the people that surround us. It's become apparently easier to fall for manipulated profiles and pictures and the promise of instant human connection brought on through sometimes expensive, exhausting and frustrating cyber matching. As Marsha Underwood states at the beginning of the book, "There is more to a relationship than gettng one's own needs met." Selflessness and the pursuit of an increasingly elusive definition of love lies behind Mr. Bennett's thrilling novel, and he succeeds with flying colors in creating a brilliant cautionary tale disguised as highly entertaining fiction. Kudos to the author for an outstanding first novel.

  • Allizabeth Collins
    2018-08-31 01:47 by RW Bennet is a fast-paced mystery about a new dating site that's too good to be true. Paul Latimer, a wealthy man who wants to be wealthier, buys and sets a plan into motion. Members of this dating site won't have any fees to pay until, (and after), they find the one and tie the knot. The company even provides perks like wine, reservations, and gifts for added romance. Sounds great right? Until clients end up dead after meeting "the one". Marsha Underwood is hired by Paul as's Marketing Director, and brings her father in to prepare questionnaires for the site's users. All seems kosher until Marsha sees the statistics. How is it possible that every user of finds their "soul-mate"? This question leads Martha and her father to an investigation that could leave both of them toe-tagged.I received from LibraryThing Member Giveaways and found the story-line to be quite enjoyable. I really liked the premise since it seems like the internet is the new frontier of dating. The characters were relatable, but I would have liked to see a little more personality, especially during conversations between the characters. I felt that the dialogue was a little lacking and had some flow problems, but for the most part it was easy to follow. The only other problem I had was with the rough tie-up of the ending; it seemed like the resolution was rushed and crammed into the last three pages. Still a very entertaining and quick read. Overall, I thought that this was a great first novel by RW Bennet.

  • Jacqueline Hopkins
    2018-09-07 22:56

    If you like fast paced, well defined characters with suspense and romance rolled into one novel, you will like An enjoyable read about an internet dating site started by father/son millionaires who hire a very outgoing, go-getting marketing executive who knows what she is doing. They also hire her father who knows what he is doing when it comes to men/women relationships. With the minds of the father/daughter team creating the best advertising ads and match-making questionaires, the dating site quickly becomes a hit and everyone on the team fast become millionaires as well. But soon enough, something goes wrong and the marketing executive becomes suspicious about why the dating site has become so popular so quickly and starts to question her role on the team as well as her position with the company.This book kept my attention, and the characters are well-defined that I wanted to know more about them and what happened to them. The dialog was believable and I did not find any typos, grammar or sentence structural problems. None. For a debut novel, I find this very enlightening and makes for a very easy read.The only problem I had with the book was the timeline. I think it would have flowed a lot better had the author kept the timeline in the sequence in which events happened, instead of jumping back and forth between the years in which the dating site is created. Overall, I give this novel 4.5 stars and do look forward to reading more from this author.

  • Kristi
    2018-08-30 22:58

    As you can see by the lack of stars, this book did not go over well. While I hate (absolutely abhor) having to post a negative review, I also have to provide my honest opinion. So in the hopes of balancing honesty and tact, this review will be as succinct as possible. For me, and again this is just a personal opinion, the jumping back and forth in time over the course of 3 years was just too convoluted, and the characters themselves read very monotone.***I will provide an "honesty disclaimer" here and state that I started this book 3 days before my mother received a diagnosis of cancer. 70% of this book was read during this time, until I finally had to admit I couldn't devote my attention to it as I should be doing.***Also, if you've already read the author's biography, then you know that this is Mr. Bennett's first book. Everyone, and anyone, who is associated with books knows that technique, skill, and talent only improve with time. I fully believe that Bennett has brilliant ideas that will one day lend themselves to an unstoppable talent. But we all know what opinions are like, & I've read plenty that disagree. So, keep reading, and see if yours differs from mine. It hope it does.

  • Alexia Chantel
    2018-08-26 23:07

    A suspenseful read that will have you suspecting everyone till the end. Written in short chapters that jump from characters to characters Bennett does a wonderful job of keeping the story moving at a fast pace. You are introduced to main characters and minor ones alike as everyone’s lives impact each other and intertwine. You follow the main female character as she navigates a new job that begins to smell fishy and a slightly stalkerish love interest. From there you get some felonies, moral lines being crossed, business success in the millions, and even murder. But in the end it all boils down to love and what people are willing to do for those they love. Bennett has a fun writing style that is enjoyable to read as it makes you keep track of what is going on with all of the different characters story lines. You get snippets of the mystery interspersed with different couples meeting on The writing style, mystery and, of course, the love stories all come together to make an enjoyable read.

  • Kristi | Hidden Staircase |
    2018-09-03 01:52 is an Internet dating company, set up to allow people to find their Soulmate. But why does the company boast such a high number of not just matches but marriages? Marsha is determined to find out.I had some trouble getting into this book. The first half bounced around a lot, between story lines as well as timelines. I liked reading about Devin and his search for his "Soulmate" on The problem was the author kept switching between this story (taking place in year 2 I believe) and the foundation of the company (year 1), with a few chapters of year 3 thrown in. I really wasn't that interested in all the marketing and ad strategies the company was taking as it began the business, I was looking for a mystery book.The last half was better. Marsha finally catches on that something is going on with the company and starts putting the pieces together. I wish the book had focused more on this and less on the initial setup of the company.

  • Stephanie Wolf
    2018-09-16 18:58

    A new twist on the internet dating site. Why charge for members to meet, then stop collecting fees once they do? Instead, no membership fees to look for their special someone, the fees begin once they marry, and continue for life, or the length of the relationship. But why are members getting married in greater numbers than any other site?Let’s also help these dates find each other at a specified restaurant, with complimentary flowers, some perfume and a glass of wine.Marsha begins to think something just isn’t right and begins to investigate. Then her father gets a threatening email and winds up is a story not only of the group of people who started it and helped to make it what it became, but also a few of the members and their stories. Humor with a twist of suspense. A good read for everyone.

  • Shelly
    2018-08-30 23:01 is a thriller with a fun and original plot. I would say one of its biggest strengths is its originality. I have read a lot of books over the years and this storyline was new for me. Once I got into the timeline of the book, I had a hard time putting it down. It moved along at a fast pace and there were many interesting side stories/characters that really added to my enjoyment. The characters in the book are well developed. You'll love the good guys. Interestingly, you develop some sympathy for the chain of events that lead to the intrigue. I'll definitely look for more books by R W Bennett. I enjoyed reading a fresh storyline with a great pace. Thanks for the Firstread giveaway!

  • Gregandemy
    2018-08-27 00:09

    Just won this through Goodread's giveaway and I'm so excited. I thought this sounded like a fun book to read. Thanks! Update 5/31/11- Took this book on vacation with us last week. It is a fun 'beach' book. Little romance mixed in with a mystery. The mystery was predictable and the romance was a little vulgar (not anywhere near a Harlequin romance- more PG-13), but it was still an enjoyable, easy read. Fun book for the summer.

  • Kelly DePerry
    2018-09-10 23:06

    By the name you might think it's a romance...but it's a mystery of sorts. You learn about the blossoming of a successful match making website, and the money hungry creators will stop at nothing to make their business more and more profitable. The twists and turns keep you guessing an although I predicted the ending it was still a good read. Well done RW!

  • Cathy
    2018-09-04 19:04

    Good story about an online matchmaking company that goes awry. Suspense and romance.What happens when your company really takes off and you have more than 1 million marriages among your subscribers? Rumors start about several of the men dying during sex on the first date. Is something going on that not all the company execs know about?

  • LiteraryChanteuse
    2018-09-13 19:04

    When I began the book it almost had a short stories feeling to it but as I read on the story began to tie in and I found it enjoyable. It did get a little technical and predictable for me however it is modern and fun with a creative approach.

  • Kristina Franken
    2018-09-25 00:04

    I highly recommend this book for anyone FTC: I received a free copy of this book and was not reimbursed in any other way.

  • Aimee McGill
    2018-09-02 00:14

    This book had a little of everything. Im so glad I won it. Mystery mixed with romance and online dating what more could you want (LOL)

  • Heidi
    2018-09-13 19:17

    I really enjoyed this book.

  • Marlene
    2018-09-18 02:53

    good time killer, the ending is pretty surprising although looking back i can not see the clues!

  • RW Bennett
    2018-09-18 00:12