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My first kiss was going to be my last, but it was worth it. His cool lips, his sweet taste, they were my salvation. I would never regret it, no matter what happened. Mairin Cote thought loving a vampire was hard, but losing him to others of his kind was worse. When the death toll in East Hampton points to a rampaging vampire, the vampires and werepanthers must form an uneaMy first kiss was going to be my last, but it was worth it. His cool lips, his sweet taste, they were my salvation. I would never regret it, no matter what happened. Mairin Cote thought loving a vampire was hard, but losing him to others of his kind was worse. When the death toll in East Hampton points to a rampaging vampire, the vampires and werepanthers must form an uneasy alliance to stop the destruction. To save the love of her life, Mairin must decide if living life without Mathias is worth risking an eternity with him....

Title : Captured Sun
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ISBN : 9781461007951
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Captured Sun Reviews

  • Jody
    2018-08-28 23:45

    Captured Sun is the 2nd book in the Highland Home Series. Again the beginning of the book had a twilight-y plot feel to it. But I love the genre so this doesn't bother me, however if you want a completely different type of vampire plot line you may want to make a different choice. That being said, I was so glad I stuck with it as I really enjoy the characters. Captured Sun again follows Matthias and Mairin who having defeated the demi-god in the last book are happy and in love. Mairin still is having prophetic dreams but this time it is of a vampire she cannot quite see killing people in East Hampton. The problem is that by the time she dreams of it and alerts the panther pride, it is always too late. Mairin is unable to sleep and can only sleep when Matthais sneaks in her room and holds her through the night. Let's face it--isn't that every girl's fantasy. This book introduces quite a few new characters such as Alfred who is the vampire that rescued Matthias and guided him so he feels as though Matthias is his son. Alfred's Maker Serina comes looking for him as it seems the bond between maker and vampire can actually create a strong almost slave like blood bond. She ends up capturing Matthias as a prize to keep Mairin and her family safe. She takes him to England to torture him as a slave. Mairin has dreams of his torture and defiance. She gets Alfred to help her go to England to save him. She almost dies for his freedom. When they come home Matthias does the whole you will be safer without me and leaves. What I really appreciate is that although brokenhearted. Mairin is mad and doesn't mind letting her feelings known to Matthias. I think this is much more realistic a reaction than Bella's just forgiving him right away. Also in this book, Kerry who is Mairin's little sister takes a much bigger role as a supporting character along with her boyfriend Xavier the leader of the pride. My only complaint is that I want to know more about Kerry and Xavier. Maybe a companion book or a couple of chapters from their point of view! I enjoyed the read and I am sucker for a happy ending. Also, it is hinted that Kerry and Mairin have big things in their future and are not quite human which continues to peak my interest. I would recommend this for fans of the first book and fans of the Twilight series.

  • Marsha
    2018-08-30 02:38

    S. Richardson never ceases to deliver the goods! Captured is as riveting as Mourning ... what's next?Keep them coming!!!!!

  • Sara
    2018-09-09 01:43

    Mmmmm... don't know what to say about this book... or how I would rate it... Really, it baffles me... For quite some time I just wanted to throttle Mathias... Really, what the Hell is wrong with you, man?!! Vampire... Whatever! You're so full of shit!!Then at one point I was almost sobbing with Mairin... Had to stop the tears that threatened to escape... The ending....... just... I don't know? Left me baffled, again.Overall, this book (and the previous "Mourning Sun") just reminded me too much of the Twilight Saga. Wait, Mourning Sun reminded me also of the first books of the Vampire Diaries series...Anyways, I still don't know how to rate this book.....Mmmmmmmm........Mmmmmm......Mmmmm.........Guess I'm gonna give it 3.5 stars, even though it'll show 3 only.

  • Shirley
    2018-09-07 20:47

    What can I say? I loved this book too!!!!!! It was great! I love Mairin! She is such a fun and loving and selfless person! The love she has for the people she cares about is admirable. And her and Mathias are sooo cute! I love them and was soo happy they got back together. I do want to know what is going on with Mairin and her sister. They obviously are something more than just human and I hope there is another book so we can find out what they are. Anyway I love this book and please let there be another one!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ivey Byrd
    2018-09-23 18:34

    Third book??? Please! I would be forever indebted the genius who wrote these awesome, and impressive books!

  • Shari Richardson
    2018-09-10 19:36

    Again, I'm biased as it is my book :)

  • Jen
    2018-09-10 19:52

    This book starts off about 6 months after the last one.. I was a little confused about Karry and Xavior now a couple. In the last book they shared a look, and that was it.... humm Anyways - Mairin is still having dreams, only this time it's not of Mathias. But this new Vampire is on a killing spree. After she wakes up with the victims screams echoing in her head, Mathias is right there to help calm her down. They tried getting the Werepanters to the site in hopes to catch the Rouge Vamp, but they always show up just a little too late. When Alfred, Mathais father of this life shows up out of no where,We can't help but think he's responsible.. Alfred and Mathais know that they're the only ones that are able to fix this mess. And that means leaving Mairin behind so she's not in danger. But of course Mathias wouldn't dream of leaving Mairin. But it's for her own safty.(didn't Edward say the same thing??) Only this time, Mathais is leaving Xavier and the werecats to watch over her (humm) BUT Mathais PROMISES to return (dreamy sigh) "Promise me. Promise me you will come back." "I promise, my heart." He said caressing my back and pressing me tightly against him. "How can I not return? You hold my heart in trust. I cannot live without it, without you. You must promise to keep safe for me." Can I hear an "AWE" :) The ending was sweet, fast, and emotional. But something big is headed for Highland Home, and this is just the begining

  • Genea
    2018-09-14 18:36

    Enjoyed this installment in the series, but wish it wasn't so light on information. No background on how Xavier and Kerry started dating and Kerry's gift, if she has one and what is it. Wished there was more on Mairin's and Mathias' relationship too. These are definitely to short, need more.This time around it might have been a bit too sugary for me, I know and acknowledged the books influence but it was rather too familiar. A bit too verbatim. Mairin is still determined to sacrifice her well-being for others. I just don't how she can always turn the other cheek without feeling devastated. Although this time around her attempt to sacrifice herself paid of in her favor, mostly. As for Mathias, he's just too sweet, still being very protective of Mairin. Stop doing things for her own good, it upsets me too. lolI'm anxious to see how Mairin handles her new responsibility of being the "queen" of her own Vampire Army and how much her power will grow that even the Werepanthers will have to defer to her. The supernaturals in this book are just too judgmental, the Weres and Tawnya the angel. They need to look in the mirror and judge themselves. I truly don't see how Mairin and Mathias will be able to get around their intimacy "issues". They certainly have a uphill road ahead of them for their future, you know him being a Vampire. The series is slowing building up steam and I can't wait to see what's in store for the Highland Home gang.

  • Emily
    2018-09-12 20:41

    Just like the first book, this is amazing!What I don't like is how the author just goes into the story without explaining some things that happened in between. Like when did Kerry and Xavier start dating? I don't think she even hinted about it in the first book! Also, this always happens to me while reading the book! I get Mathias and Mairin's names mixed together. It's just that their names are so alike! And sometimes I see Mairin's name as Marie.And I just want to slap Mathias! How could he do that! This is kind of reminding me about Twilight. How Mathias left like Edward. How Mairin's all broken hearted because he left like Bella. And let me just say, I did not like Twilight. I still like this series though! I love how the author shows Mathias' point of view sometimes too. We can see how's he's feeling. Though in the first book, he seemed like a stalker to me, but now he feels caring and loving. Also, how would it feel like to own a vampire army? I would think awesome. One thing I'm wondering is how come Mairin didn't take advantage of that?! She could've told the pride and called in some vampire backup to help with the fight! And about the fight, I thought it was too quick. There wasn't much action at all and Braden's father gave up too quickly. Overall, this series is great, but I'm hoping for something more in the next books! 3.5 Stars.This review is also on my blog:

  • Lynelle Clark
    2018-09-08 18:35

    The story continues with Mathias and Mairin, the angel, a witch, werepanthers, psychic’s and a demigod with its little minions. With a new character added, the queen Serina. An evil Vampire that controls and kills at her own leisure. Making slaves and keeping them under her sadistic hold.Promises are broken in this follow up and Mairin who made a sacrifice is left in despair and depression. Grieving for the love she could not have. Captured and bounded to a vampire that seems to have grown cold towards her. But her magnetic pull to the supernatural becomes stronger as the story unfolds and she inherits more then she bargained for.Kerry’s own gifts come out more at the end with Tawnya and Lorraine playing a low profile in this follow up. So far I am not overly impress with the angel.Xavier has become more prominent in his role as protector and I really start to like this young man.From both young men, Mathias and Xavier you get a strong sense of chivalry. Doing what is right not only to the women they have fallen love with but also to the people that is in their care.Making this story an interesting read

  • Laura
    2018-09-16 01:54

    This was a great book, it is the second book in the Highland Home series. This book is a fast read and will keep you reading until the end. I love the story of Mairin and Mathias, and this books is just as good as the first one. I love how both Mairin and Mathias try to protect each other. I can't wait to read the next book, because I just love their story. The characters are growing and with each book, and you learn a little bit more information about them that makes it a bit interesting. I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

  • Lisa Cox
    2018-08-30 02:45

    I received all 5 books in the series for winning a contest on a book blog.I read all 5 books in one night as I couldn't put them down!If you're a fan of vampires, shifters... heck, paranormal in itself, Irecommend this book (series).The characters were well written. The story grabbed you from the start and kept you involved and entertained. Yes, I would recommend reading them in order as it's hard to follow otherwise. This is a continuation of Mourning Sun Book #1 in the Highland Home series.

  • Barb
    2018-09-10 19:30

    The characters in this story are so easy to like, hate, love and all of the above.Once I started reading, I just couldn't put down the book. Lost sleep because thestory line kept me turning pages! The characters are believable and so well written.I am a fan of vampires, shifters and paranormal in generalm if you like all oreven part of those, this is the book for you. Can't wait to read more books fromthis talented author.

  • Nicole
    2018-09-23 23:00

    The second book in this series was AMAZING!! almost as good as the second one! Mathias has to go up against Serena and it back fires so Marin decides to go help him! once they all get out alive Mathias decides its better that he leave :(!(I was so mad at him!) then Marin goes in a downward spiral and eventually she just shuts down. then he comes back because another threat arrives!

  • Rosie Amber
    2018-08-31 21:53

    Don't you just love it when you can't put a book down? Even better when you can't put the series down! Great easy addictive reads.

  • Pepper Flanagan
    2018-09-19 01:40

    Half way through.