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After vegan chef Lindsay S. Nixon wrapped up her popular cookbook The Happy Herbivore Cookbook last year, she went back to her kitchen in her new home of St. Maarten. Island living encouraged her to come up with simpler recipes, which led her to create a follow-up cookbook with a focus on recipes that bring tasty back to quick-and-easy.Now, in Nixon’s much-anticipated follAfter vegan chef Lindsay S. Nixon wrapped up her popular cookbook The Happy Herbivore Cookbook last year, she went back to her kitchen in her new home of St. Maarten. Island living encouraged her to come up with simpler recipes, which led her to create a follow-up cookbook with a focus on recipes that bring tasty back to quick-and-easy.Now, in Nixon’s much-anticipated follow-up cookbook, Everyday Happy Herbivore, readers will see, once again, that just because plant-based eating is optimal for health, that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive or time-consuming.Everyday Happy Herbivore will include more than 175 doable recipes—recipes that are so quick and easy, you could cook three healthy meals from scratch every day.Each of Nixon’s recipes are made with wholesome, easy-to-find, fresh ingredients and include no added fats. With additional notes indicating recipes that are ideal for preparing ahead of time and those you can whip up with just a few dollars, Everyday Happy Herbivore will be the must-have cookbook for anyone desiring a healthier, happier menu!...

Title : Everyday Happy Herbivore: Over 175 Quick-and-Easy Fat-Free and Low-Fat Vegan Recipes
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ISBN : 9781936661381
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Everyday Happy Herbivore: Over 175 Quick-and-Easy Fat-Free and Low-Fat Vegan Recipes Reviews

  • 7jane
    2018-09-23 19:17

    (read partly because I needed more N-authors on my list, partly because it was a quick read)So, this is a cookbook of 150+ recipes, most with photographs. The recipes are low-fat, with nutritional information for each, and tips with many, some suggesting different ways of doing recipes or replacing some ingredient with another (if you want something soy-free or gluten-free, for example).Smoothies, yoghurst & granola; hot breakfasts & brunch; muffins, bisquits & breads; sandwiches, burgers & more; soups, stews & dal; salads & dressings; stir-frieds & curries; casseroles & rice dishes; beans & faux meat; pasta & noodles; simple sides; desserts; condiments & spice blends; sauces & gravies; diy food stuff.There's also an appendix of glossary of ingredients, substitutions, kitchen prep lingo and metric conversions.My favorites include:Cinnamon bun smoothie, P. chocolate smoothie, Peanut butter cup smoothie, Mexican scramble, Dark chocolate pancakes, Jalopeño cornbread, Masala burgers, Shiitake miso soup, Ethiopian chickpea stew, NOLA gumbo, Mexican chowder, Southwest chop salad, Thai lettuce wraps + peanut sauce, Spicy mushroom stir-fry, Sweet & sour tempeh, Chana saag, Fiesta bake, Dijon rice with broccoli, Skillet frijoles negros, Chickpea tenders, Cuban black bean cakes, Cajun chickpea cakes, Creamy dijon pasta, Tempeh chili mac, Spicy orange greens, Cajun potato salad, Soft molasses cookies, Chai-oat cookies, and Pineapple sponge cake.The author's year-long stay at St Maarten, Caribbean plays an influence. There's certainly enough bananas included! Also see much use of garlic/onion powder, which feels a bit bizarre to me, since I don't use those. Some recipes felt kinda obvious and basic (and not all photographs look great: the "skillet refried beans" photo should have been replace with something more appealing approach - it doesn't look very tasty to me).But the book does have plenty of good recipes, some great ideas; and being able to do things quickly and simply (good for a beginner, I'd say) does put this book's rating on the good side, and worth buying it, for me :)

  • Naomi
    2018-09-09 21:09

    The Happy Herbivore's refreshing, quick, urban market, small-kitchen friendly vegan cooking brings the goods meal after meal. Whether trying out Meatless Mondays, incorporating more vegan meals, or living fully vegan, the Happy Herbivore has delicious quick easy recipes.Although I once could spend hours happily in the kitchen, living with a painful mobility disorder has meant I need quick, healthy food. One of the realities for many of us who live with chronic pain is the bowl of cereal dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner again. Truly fast (a half-hour is terribly long if you're really hurting), many of the recipes can be set up and prepared in under 15 minutes. Lindsay's cookbooks have given me back some of that happy time in the kitchen, and far more nourishing meals, with greater variety, than is possible rolling through the convenience and prepared foods sections of markets. Fast, delicious, mostly inexpensive, and possible - that's my kind of cookbook.

  • CC
    2018-09-06 21:05

    I was not satisfied with the quality of recipes. The low-fat diet trend is of dubious medical benefit, and the recipes in this book made little effort to challenge the status quo when it comes to bland, textureless vegan food. I have read many vegan cookbooks that offered a wide variety of ethnic cuisines and tried to incorporate many types of food in order to diversify the vegan dirt. Happy Herbivore's author seems to enjoy low-fat vegan versions of a five-year old's palate of foods. On the positive side, these recipes were truly easy to prepare. I was not introduced to any unfamiliar cooking techniques. The TVP tacos were dead easy to prepare and relatively tasty for TVP. I ended up adding healthy fats to almost every recipe, however, in the form of nuts, avocados, or small amounts of veg oil.

  • Tisha
    2018-09-06 23:08

    Um....I used so many Post-it page tabs I needed four colors. My husband watched me and asked why I even bother marking the pages when it appears I'll be using the entire book!I made the Black Bean and Salsa Soup and The Moroccan Lentil Soup numerous times each. So easy and yummy!!! The entire book is easy looking. Thanks Lindsay S. Nixon!!!!

  • Alison
    2018-08-26 02:59

    This cookbook contains some creative recipes, many of which use of beans and chickpeas.

  • lov2laf
    2018-09-18 01:04

    I've been cooking vegan meals for over eight years now using numerous cookbooks from many authors (Moskowitz, Romero, Klein, Atlas, Patrick-Goudreau, Reinfeld, etc).I was looking forward to using this book but, after making about five meals, I stopped using it. Everything I made came out bland, just okay or I had to modify the directions to get it to work.From the other authors I mentioned above, 98% of the recipes turn out great but I was getting 0 for 5 with "Everyday Happy Herbivore". I have to pass on this one.

  • Beth
    2018-09-14 22:03

    For some reason, whenever I make the Happy Herbivore's recipes, they end up a little bland and/or not at all like they are supposed to turn out. This could be user error, but I've had lots of success with other cookbooks and recipes (like Nava Atlas or who knows. The recipes are easy to prepare, and many of them are incredibly inexpensive as well, so there are probably a couple I'll make again, but likely with some tweaks.

  • Holly
    2018-09-03 02:16

    There are a few decent eats in here, but they're kind of boring and mostly things moderately experienced cooks could throw together themselves. I feel like there are a few copycat recipes in here as well.

  • Mona
    2018-09-21 22:54

    Lots of recipes to try that look as if they could become favorites. Love the ones tried so far.

  • Patrick Cauldwell
    2018-09-04 23:03

    I use this book almost every day. Simple, mostly fat free, easy, and delicious.

  • Allie
    2018-08-25 19:56

    I really like this! Especially all the 1- and 2-serving meals there are. Very celiac-friendly with lots of different chef's notes throughout about how to adapt the meals. Woo!

  • B.H. Alsop
    2018-09-16 03:15

    Wowzer!This woman knows her kitchen and what to use it for! I found more information in nearly every recipe that was new and exciting, and the flavors couldn't be beat. This book is a go-to resource on par with Angela Liddon and Isa Chandra Moskowitz, and she has joined the other two as the goddesses of vegan cooking!

  • Nina
    2018-09-09 02:16

    This cookbook shows you how to dress up simple, natural foods with little effort so that every meal feels like a special occasion. There are full page color photographs of each recipe, and each recipe is complete on one page. The author's enthusiasm for making healthy foods appetizing comes through in her helpful tips on cooking methods and ingredient substitutions, which appear throughout the book. Her original combinations of typically available seasonal produce with pantry items and herbs and spices create delicious dishes from plain and otherwise boring vegetables, beans, and grains. The variety of recipes includes Asian, Mexican, Cajun, and and Southern dishes. It IS possible to enjoy a healthy diet, and this book proves it. It makes cooking good food so easy it will appeal to beginners as well as veteran vegans and natural food lovers. I especially liked the Cuban Black Bean Cakes, Cauliflower-Pumpkin Curry, and Gingered Collard Greens. Anyone who is concerned about health should consider a plant-based diet (see The China Study by T. Colin Campbell) and this book makes such a diet a pleasure. It truly is an "everyday" cookbook. I have been consulting it everyday since I got it. I received this book free from the publisher as a part of the FirstReads program, but as soon as I realized its usefulness I gladly bought the author's first cookbook, The Happy Herbivore, which is also wonderful.

  • Elizabeth
    2018-09-25 23:14

    When I decided to add more vegan food to my diet, Lindsay Nixon's book looked like it was just what I needed. I ordered it and am I glad I did! Even my carnivore husband enjoys many of the recipes. Granted, he wants the herbivore fares next to a hefty protein, but it's a start.I often make food for my co-workers, too, and they love the food! Lindsay's recipes use common ingredients and are easy to follow. My grandchildren have requested several of the no oil/no egg muffins repeatedly. One of my grandchildren refers to himself as a 'parttime vegan!"If you are looking to inch into a vegan world or just want to increase your vegetable intake, I can highly recommend her book.The Happy Herbivore Cookbook: Over 175 Delicious Fat-Free and Low-Fat Vegan Recipes

  • Dana
    2018-09-13 01:08

    I've made about 15 recipes out of this book so far. It uses a lot of regular, easy-to-find ingredients. It would be very useful for anyone following a Dr. McDougall kind of diet since it uses very little fat. There are also a lot of pictures and nutritional data for each recipe.Recipes tried:Neapolitan SmoothieP. Chocolate Smoothie - I don't have a high speed blender so I had to strain this to get rid ofthe chunksPeanut Butter Cup Smoothie - added extra soy milkSpinach & Artichoke FrittataWhole Wheat Drop BiscuitsMarmalade French ToastGrilled CheezeQuick BurgersCheater G-nut StewCherry Quinoa Salad - mixed chickpeas with juice of one lemonDijon Rice with BroccoliMardi Gras Beans & RiceTempeh Chili MacSun Dried Tomato Cream SauceCarribean Sweet PotatoesNatala's Chocolate Cherry ShakeChocolate Mug CakeNo-Chicken Broth Powder

  • Christine
    2018-09-10 02:55

    If you're going straight into a low/non fat diet, or straight into a plant-based diet, you might be rather unpleasantly shocked with this book. The recipes are easy to make and easy to acquire the ingredients for, but they don't exactly pack on the flavor you might be used to. Of course, as the years go on, I noticed that my taste-buds have become more sensitive. I don't enjoy a candy bar as much as I used to - it just tastes fake, and I would take a dish from this book over something from the gas station any day. It's something I continually look in on, and I regularly prepare meals from it or just use it as a reference. That said, I've only been plant-based for about two years now, and I really like this book in particular. If I'm feeling a little less health-conscious, usually a dash or two of salt will add some more flavor.

  • Deb
    2018-09-02 01:51

    This book is a great resource for mostly healthy and relatively easy vegan cooking by the popular blog and cookbook author Lindsay S. Nixon. Lost of family-friendly comfort food dishes that as the title says, are perfect for everyday eating. Mostly I have cooked sauces and gravies from it--Sage Gravy, Everyday Mushroom Gravy, Simple Cheese Sauce (all great) and the No-Chicken Broth Powder which has become a staple in my kitchen. Recently I tried the Quick Pumpkin-Sage Pasta which was fast and easy to make and tasted delicious. A great use of canned pumpkin and a wonderful autumn dish.You can see the recipe and photos on my food blog here:

  • L
    2018-09-01 03:06

    I have used this book nearly every day since I received it as a Christmas gift. I made four recipes from it on Friday, alone. It is nothing short of amazing to me. Every recipe I've made is a hit: they are flavorful, healthful, quick to put together, don't require weird ingredients, are fat-free (or close), and vegan. I cannot believe how fabulous these dishes taste and how simple these recipes are. A great many of them are even gluten-free or can be modified to be so. The illustrations are beautiful, the sections are logically divided, and the recipes across each section are evenly distributed. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to cook well for your family in a pinch, pull this book out and you cannot go wrong.

  • Laura
    2018-08-27 19:05

    Recipes that have photos have a link to their corresponding photo in the recipe's description; although, it would be nice to see the name of the recipe with the photo or a link back to the recipe from the photo. Icons let you know at a glance if it's for one person, gluten free, soy free, can be made in 30 minutes or less etc... Visually, this book is pleasant on the eyes. What good is a digital cook book if you cannot easily navigate it? This one is easy to navigate.Lindsay does not spend a lot of time on fluff. Her focus is on get getting to the recipes and what a selection. Many are kid friendly.

  • Crystal
    2018-09-21 20:48

    I love this cookbook. I really do. Vegan. Low fat. Many of the recipes gluten free as well. And GOOD! I made the Cheater G-Nut Stew last night (so much better than the weird name suggests), and it was filling and tasty as well as nutritious and EASY. Southwestern Chop Salad was great too, although I prefer it served with guacamole, a la Chipotle. I can't wait to try more of the recipes. Cajun Cornbread Casserole is on the menu for later this week, as are Cuban Black Bean Cakes and Natala's Chocolate-Cherry Shake. I'm also really intrigued by the Butter Bean Cookies and SXM Strudel (basically an apple cinnamon tortilla).Do yourself a favor and read this too!

  • ReadingMakesMeSmile
    2018-09-20 03:09

    An amazing atribute to vegan cooking. This cookbook is my absolute best friend when it comes to mildy lazy everyday cooking! If I don't have an hour to whip up a tasty meal I know I can get this one and only take 20 odd minutes! Some of my fav recipes from it are: lemon basil pasta, skillet frijoles negros, chickpea tikka masala, tofu scramble, the spicy mushroom stir fry, grilled cheeze, chai oat cookies, morrocon sweet potatoes and chickpeas, single blueberry muffin and the bells tacos!Can not wait try more from the cookbook and get even more fav recipes from it!

  • Uniflame
    2018-09-11 23:08

    When I finally got this book on my doormat, I was really excited! I just couldn't believe that such a nice looking cookbook with so many pictures only cost me 13 euro! I mean if you buy a book like this in the Netherlands, you easily pay 20-30 euro, so I was astonished really. Lindsay holds a brief introduction on the basics of quick and healthy vegan cooking but jumps right into the recipes after that. I loved that for once a recipe that claims to be quick, actually was!....Read more at

  • Stefani Akins
    2018-09-23 19:02

    I'm fully immersed in food experimentation at the moment, and this book as added a lot of inspiration for future meals. I was able to purchase the Kindle version for a measly $1.99, and although I have not cooked anything from this book yet, I expect I will get my money's worth. The recipes are simple, featuring few and mainly fresh ingredients along with a few shortcuts, such as canned beans and tomatoes and onion and garlic powder. I find the photographs appealing and the book remarkably well formatted for a Kindle version, which is certainly not always the case.

  • Lisa
    2018-09-10 21:48

    The thing I love about Lindsay's book is that she adds minimal oil, if at all. The recipes are yummy too. A quick note, it's pretty clear she has a spicy palate, so tone down the cayenne pepper and hot sauce if you don't appreciate spiciness. My favorite chapter in the book is the DIY section. She gives you recipes for homemade chik'n and beef broth, taco and enchilada sauce, gravies, and Worcestershire sauce and they are all dead on!

  • Teri
    2018-09-16 23:01

    For the oil-free vegan, the Happy Herbivore's cookbooks are really helpful. Of the recipes I've tried so far, they have been uncomplicated and don't take too long to make. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone trying to cut down on fat, or to anyone who wants more veggies in their life. This is particularly good for those following McDougall.

  • Megan
    2018-09-10 22:08

    This is my fault, not the book's; I'm just not cut out to make vegan recipes. I can't imagine myself subbing tofu for eggs in a scramble, or making baked goods without eggs. On another note, I'm not sure how a smoothie is supposed to taste like a cinnamon roll when it's made of nondairy milk, cinnamon and banana.

  • Heather
    2018-09-22 23:54

    SInce we've been on the Eat to Live Diet, this cookbook is by far the most helpful. All great veggie recipes with no animal products and no oil! Would be 5 stars, but we are also eating only one serving of starch veggie or whole grain a day and most of these recipes have some sore of bread/rice/grain that we omit.

  • Jenna
    2018-09-12 22:14

    I grabbed this trying to get more healthy veggie meals and to see if there were recipes for my vegan niece. I have been pleasantly surprised by the recipes and I see very easy ways to turn some of these vegan recipes into vegetarian recipes and still enjoy them. I have several book marked to try.

  • Justine
    2018-09-12 01:49

    Healthy, whole foods based recipes. Not a lot of processed junk. The ingredients are easy to find. This isn't super-involved gourmet cooking, but simple meals for after work. I found the chapter on making certain spice mixes very helpful.

  • Jet
    2018-09-19 00:15

    Great for quick, easy meals. As someone with a dairy allergy, these recipes are great as you get into the vegan lifestyle. She also provides weekly menu options on her website which is a nice supplement to the book.