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The Hot Line is an on-call service that dispatches totally authentic, fully equipped firemen to explore the secret desires of women in need. It's an irresistible dare for three best friends wanting to feel the heat: a curious reporter, a talented lingerie designer, and a chef who loves things spicy. Each one is going to make her hottest firefighter fantasies come to life iThe Hot Line is an on-call service that dispatches totally authentic, fully equipped firemen to explore the secret desires of women in need. It's an irresistible dare for three best friends wanting to feel the heat: a curious reporter, a talented lingerie designer, and a chef who loves things spicy. Each one is going to make her hottest firefighter fantasies come to life in these three thrilling novellas....

Title : The Hot Line
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ISBN : 9780451223050
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 288 Pages
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The Hot Line Reviews

  • Shawna
    2018-08-30 01:16

    4 ½ stars – Contemporary Romance/Erotica Anthology Whew...This should come with a warning, “flames likely to ignite resulting in the need for a firefighter to use his hose to douse the blaze”! I mean really, what woman with a pulse wouldn’t love a hunky firefighter, who possesses wicked skills in the bedroom that rival those he demonstrates in a four alarm fire, answering their call to the ‘Hot Line’ that promises to fulfill a woman’s ultimate sexual fantasy? YOWZA!In The Hot Line, three best friends visiting Chicago for the wedding of their friend, who’s engaged to a firefighter, have their wildest erotic desires and secret fantasies brought to vivid life by three sexy-as-sin firemen who are determined and equipped to meet their every sexual (and emotional) need. FeverSara is a small town reporter looking for a hot story that will finally be the big break she needs to land her dream job at a popular Chicago woman’s magazine, and getting the scoop on a fantasy Hot Line sounds like the perfect opportunity. Of course, if that means she gets to engage in some fun, naughty poolside trysts with firefighter playboy stud Mitch, so be it. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? SirenLingerie designer Jenna is a successful, confident businesswoman, but she’s not nearly as self-assured about her body or sexuality due to the teasing she suffered in childhood and adolescence. Can hunky firefighter Dean convince her that she’s a lush, sexy woman and help to unleash her inner siren? When he takes her to a private sex club, Jenna discovers erotic desires she didn’t even know she had, including a fetish for voyeurism and exhibitionism that make her long to shed her shyness and insecurity and be the sensual, bold woman Dean sees in her. Flash FireSous chef Megan’s divorce to her “house hippo” ex-husband has made her weary of men and relationships and disbelieving of happily ever after. She’ll enact her deepest fantasies with surfer looking, sinfully sexy firefighter Brady, but she only wants no strings attached sex. Brady is convinced that he and Megan are perfect for each other and meant to be together. Can this sweet, caring, nurturing, too good to be true firefighter convince a woman who’s had her faith in love shattered and doesn’t want commitment that what they have is more than just hot sex and to take a chance and risk her heart? It’s an entertaining, smokin’ HAWT anthology with three deliciously sweet, fun, sexy, albeit short, fantasy filled erotic stories with spunky heroines, yumtastic firefighter heroes, and nice HEAs. 4 ½ stars!Now, excuse me while I busy myself with trying to find a Hot Line fantasy firefighter for myself!

  • Julie (jjmachshev)
    2018-09-15 01:52

    My fingers are tingling. 3 intertwined stories of 3 women who fulfill their fantasites and the fantasies of their firefighter men. HOT

  • Holly
    2018-08-27 21:52

    This book was 3 HOT, STEAMY stories about 3 smoking hot firefighters!! I highly recommend it!!

  • Alex Ronk
    2018-09-04 21:05

    No sé ni por qué lo leí xD no, esperen, era parte del Book Jar y fue el que tocó :S pero por fortuna es corto, aunque no por eso es muy bueno, al contrario la verdad es que pasa a ser de las peores lecturas del año porque simplemente no tiene ni pies ni cabeza, la narrativa está del asco y no sé si es la traducción o así lo escribieron, con los pies! No ofrece nada nuevo al género y en cambio si tiene momentos bien WTF que son grotescos e innecesarios, es una fortuna que sean poco más de 150 páginas y aún así les confieso que me salté algunas cosas porque era too much :S Hacía mucho que no leía un libro del género, el último que intenté fue El Señor de Montecristo y no llegué ni a la página 50 D: así que me dije que igual y no era mala idea darle una oportunidad a éste, sobre todo porque son 3 historias y podía haber valido la pena, pero la realidad es que sin duda le digo que se le alejen de el ya que no tiene nada que valga la pena, los personajes son sosos y medio tontos, las situaciones se vuelven irracionales y en general no lo lean, no se molesten en ABSOLUTO en leerlo porque no tiene NADA que valga la pena.

  • Mojca
    2018-09-05 02:15

    Though I couldn’t escape the feeling of déjà-vu (I read Sun Stroked by the same author a day earlier), this was still a hot little number of an anthology – also thanks to the firefighter factor. And yet again, the middle story wasn’t for me (I don’t like ménage plotlines – I just can’t get the whole sharing-of-the-person-you-love thingy, but that’s just me).While the second one didn’t exactly play to my tune, the first and the third more than made up for it. Now, if only the firemen in my town possessed one of those "special phones in their sleeping quarters". ;)

  • Jan
    2018-09-05 23:05

    I don't believe that they were real firefighters. They never had any calls in Chicago. They were to busy answering the hotline too so Chicago could have burned down and they would have been to busy having sex at the firehouse. Lol

  • Mayu
    2018-09-20 18:05

    Este tomo lo componen tres relatos, el primero y el tercero me gustó. El segundo no, y es el que contiene un menage a trois, los otros no.

  • Erin
    2018-09-14 23:52

    Well bugger, it's been a few days since I finished reading this one. I did have thoughts on it.. hopefully I'll be able to remember them.The first story... I found repetitive. And the just never ending firefighter innuendo got really old, really fast. Having said that, it was still enjoyable.The second story... I liked more. However, I didn't really like the main female, or the fashion show. It was a ridiculous moment of "lets get her naked in front of him" just for the getting of them together (which gets acknowledged at the end of the book, but it was like "really? you couldn't come up with any other way to get those two together?") But I still liked it. And Dean was a very naughty boy. I'd say this was the kinkiest of the three novellas.The third story... Quite enjoyable, and tied everything together well. Over all, even though it felt a little repetitive at times, I did enjoy this one. I liked all the characters. I didn't think anyone was overly dumb, other than a few moments in each one.

  • Adictabooks
    2018-09-15 21:07

    Esta novela me la leí hace unos años ya, pero siempre que me apetece leer un libro sobre bomberos y que sea divertido y ameno me viene a la cabeza este.Es una novela que se divide en tres historias diferentes pero que a la vez complementa una historia de amor más, que no es otra que la de Cassie la amiga que reúne a sus tres amigas que serán las futuras damas de honor.RESEÑA y CRÍTICA en el blog...

  • Trudy Whatnot Books
    2018-08-30 18:12

    Red hot!I'll finish Sunday ready to ship after I finish! had planed to finish on Sunday, but could not put the book down! I advise a pot holder while reading, a handy significant other to quench the flames! Or better yet stoke the fires higher and read it to each other!

  • Leslie Jane Fahrney
    2018-09-21 22:59

    Three inter-connect stories by the same author, set in the same time frame and area, centering around three friends who came to Chicago for a friend's wedding. And they all call "The Hot Line", a on-call service for firefighters who will put out all your fires. These men are hot, and I so want to get the number of that Hot Line. And they each help their heroine find herself and her dream job.

  • Billiejo
    2018-09-24 18:56

    The "hot" line is right!!

  • Serena Miles
    2018-09-22 00:47

    Libro entretenido y que me ha gustado. Lo mejor, el cuerpo de bomberos jajaja, de las historias de las tres amigas la que menos me ha gustado ha sido la de Jenna 7/10

  • Chrissy Dyer
    2018-09-22 17:58

    If you want hot, sexy, erotic firemen, you have to read this series!!

  • Noemí Black Telipko
    2018-09-25 01:15

    Un bodrio total, mucho sexo, poco argumento y las parejas se conocían, se acostaban y ya se enamoraban todo en el transcurso de 2 semanas (3 parejas = 5 días cada una). Están locos!

  • Pam Batchelor
    2018-09-21 21:07

    3 stories about hot firemen who answer the call of duty.. Whoo Hoo! Hot hot hot!

  • Brigette
    2018-08-30 21:48

    Me gusto mucho el libro, muy exitante . y divertido al mismo tempo.

  • Alisa
    2018-09-05 02:08

    I enjoyed the first story but the same thing over and over made this difficult to finish. I did, but it is not one I would read again. Definitely a good book to read in a day and be done with.

  • Jezelmae Fuentes
    2018-09-14 22:11

    its okay :)

  • Ale Rivero
    2018-09-07 20:51

    Uno de los mejores libros que he leído en mi vida XD