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Dr. Temperance "Tempe" Brennan spends her days in the autopsy suite, the courtroom, the crime lab, with cops, and at exhumation sites. Often her long days turn into harrowing nights.It's June in Montreal, and Tempe, who has left a shaky marriage back home in North Carolina to take on the challenging assignment of director of forensic anthropology for the province of QuebecDr. Temperance "Tempe" Brennan spends her days in the autopsy suite, the courtroom, the crime lab, with cops, and at exhumation sites. Often her long days turn into harrowing nights.It's June in Montreal, and Tempe, who has left a shaky marriage back home in North Carolina to take on the challenging assignment of director of forensic anthropology for the province of Quebec, looks forward to a relaxing weekend.First, though, she must stop at a newly uncovered burial site in the heart of the city. One look at the decomposed and decapitated corpse, stored neatly in plastic bags, tells her she'll spend the weekend in the crime lab. This is homicide of the worst kind. To begin to find some answers, Tempe must first identify the victim. Who is this person with the reddish hair and a small bone structure?...

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Déjà Dead Reviews

  • Crystal
    2019-01-22 01:47

    eh, it was okay. I am a huge fan of the TV series Bones, which is loosely based off Kathy Reichs' series, of which this is the first book. However, I realized exactly how LOOSELY BASED the series is after reading this book. what I love about the show is the romantic tension and sparkling humor and wit. these books are so much dryer and less fun. Even the lead character is less appealing--instead of being a gorgeous unattached doctor, she's an older alcoholic doctor, with a messy divorce and a teenage daughter. the supporting characters are also much less appealing. I guess it really is the lack of humor and relatability that makes this book such a disappointment after watching and loving the show. Call me shallow, but I prefer my fascinating forensic details served up with a little humor, romance, and appealing, attractive characters. Also, the book seemed much more violent, although that may have been my imagination. I just didn't enjoy this book. I'm awfully glad it was written, though, or I might never have had Bones to watch. :)***Disclaimer--several years and seasons later of Bones, I have to say I'm no longer a fan of that either anymore. I like a BALANCE of humor and forensic details, romantic tension and reality. Bones has become almost farsical humor, and that makes me sad. Because now I don't care for the book it's based on, OR the show. :(

  • Samantha
    2019-02-09 03:28

    Separate the tv show and this book. You will be very disappointed if you come in thinking it'll be like the tv show. The characters, setting, and story are drastically different. However, I think this book is a lot better than the show and I liked the first seasons of Bones. The lead character is more believable. She has faults like any normal human being and doesn't always make the smart choices. She isn't a superhero on crack (she actually gets pretty banged up). The character seems more human. She's not out of touch with reality like how the TV show plays Brennan.The author's descriptions are detailed and medically oriented. I enjoyed that as someone in a medical profession, but you don't need to be to understand. The French I feel the same. I don't speak French, but had no trouble following. There really is very little actual French in the book and most characters speak to her in English as Brennan is an American-born doctor. There isn't a lot of romantic tension in this book. It builds up over the series if you keep reading. This is the first book which really sets the background for later books.Fair warning: The crimes ARE violent and emotionally disturbing at times. This book isn't for people who want to read sunshine and roses or want a superhero who always saves the day. It's definitely dark. There are some sad moments that made me want to light the book on fire. If you've never read a crime novel or aren't really into them I'd suggest something else- not this series.

  • Heather
    2019-01-31 07:31

    Honestly, I didn't like this book much during the first several chapters. It's obvious she was a novice writer and her over-use of metaphors drove me crazy! Also, not being a French speaker, all the French (slightly excessive in my opinion) annoyed me a bit.I am a fan of the tv show 'Bones', which is based on this series of books, so I was excited to start. There are some major differences between the tv and the book versions of the main character, which was a transition for me, but I ended up like it.I loved the end of the book, I thought that was very well written. Can't really explain why, spoilers and such, so you'll have to find out for yourself! lolOverall I did enjoy the book and I read it very quickly...her use of foreshadowing was impressive and kept me wanting to turn the next page.I'd definitely recommend this book and I will be continuing the series.

  • Andre Gonzalez
    2019-01-23 06:31

    This was my first exposure to Kathy Reichs, and I must say, I'm impressed! As a fan of the TV show Bones, I found this debut novel of Dr. Brennan much more enjoyable than the TV character. The book had plenty of twists and turns while keeping a quick pace. The only turn off for me was the French names and locations...I found it difficult to distinguish between the characters and locations, but that is understandable due to the book taking place in Montreal. I look forward to continuing the story of Dr. Brennan and her graphic descriptions of murder scenes!!

  • Janice
    2019-02-06 02:53

    "i was killed by curiosity like a finely tuned cat."that was not, actually, one of the many similes this book is drowning in, but it may as well have been. some real examples:"In my mind’s eye I could see her standing at a pay phone, scanning her surroundings, her eyes never resting, broadcasting fear like Radio Free Europe."or"She was thin as soup in a homeless shelter"or"For the third time in as many days I saw daybreak, an event I embrace as eagerly as Joe Montana welcomes an all-out blitz."i don't even know what that means.not to mention such general sparklers as:"I had enough pharmaceuticals in me to numb the Iraqi army ..."the iraqi army is an odd choice for a book published in 1998, though i guess it takes place in 1994. still, odd choice for a book that takes place in 1994. unless there was some iraqi army drug scandal i'm forgetting all about. or was the iraqi army the lasting symbol of "a big group of people who it would take a lot of drugs to numb" back in 1994? it may be that i only read this book because i've been feeling really negative about almost everything i've read recently, and my reviews have fallen on a spectrum from cranky to brutal, which may or may not be fair. might as well read something that i know i would hate, right? the sad truth is that when i was bored last winter i watched some of the t.v. show bones, which is based on these books. smart science lady who is smart and says smart science-y stuff and figures out stuff in a smart way? (i am also smart, as is evidenced by the previous sentence.) sign me up!but the "same" character in this book says things like:"I watched him walk away, admiring once again the way he filled his 501’s."and constantly comments on how she can't quite figure something out, there's something she's missing, there's a piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit. all the while, i'm screaming at the book, "i can tell you what you're missing! it's fucking obvious!"also, this book would be half the size if any of these near-interchangeable characters actually told each other anything. they're supposed to be running an investigation. together. or maybe a decent editor would have sufficed.the final reality is that i just didn't care about anyone in this book. well, that's not true. i really liked the lead character's cat. so maybe i finished the book to find out what happened to the cat. (view spoiler)[nothing bad happens to the cat. (hide spoiler)] or maybe i finished it so i could exorcise my book crankiness and take it all out on kathy reichs.we'll see. watch out, Woman in the Dunes

  • Tammy
    2019-02-16 01:52

    Christ, was it a struggle to get through this book. When I read up on her books on Amazon it said "Better than Patricia Cornwell!!" so I thought DAMN this MUST be good, seeing as I loved many of PC's earlier novels. It sucked. Not only did it suck... but it sucked hardcore. I was halfway through the book and still couldn't keep track of who half of the characters were. I dreaded anytime a conversation ended because that meant she was about to start one of her endlessly descriptive blurbs.Don't get me wrong, being descriptive is good when trying to help you get a mental image of what is going on in a book... but getting a detailed description of which street she takes when driving places or a three page step by step explaination of how she digitally compares teeth impressions is a bit much. I shit you not, she actually wrote something like ... first I click file and go to blah blah, then I click on the photo and drag so the frame of dots shows up, then I click blah blah ... and on and on and on. Did I buy a crime novel or Photoshop for dummies?Ugh, just because I'm a sucker for punishment (and have no other unread books around) I'll probably give her 2nd book a go. If it's not substantially better than this one within the first 1/4 of the book. I'm tossing them both.As for the 'Better than Patricia Cornwell' crap. What a joke, this book wasn't even better than PC's WORST.

  • Mireille
    2019-02-09 07:40

    I made it to chapter 4 of this book (pg45) but really had to stop. The book itself was good, don’t get me wrong… HOWEVER, I picked it up specifically because I totally LOVE the TV show “Bones” which is based off of this series of books. And as everyone knows, the book(s) that a TV show, mini-series, or movie is based upon are always better… boy was I wrong.I love forensics stories with a good plot & this one has that, BUT I just can’t get involved with the book’s “Tempe” because she’s sooooo much weaker than the “Bones” I am used to.The TV show must be extremely, loosely based off this book series or they had to pay the author just for the character’s name, Temperance Brennan. I say this because NOTHING is the same with the main character… in the book she’s recently divorced, has/had a girl child, is a recovering alcoholic, is NOT the head forensic anthropologist at the institute she works in but a lowly peon, she is not scientifically logical but emotionally visceral… I can list more, but it is just too depressing.:( To make matters worse, there are NONE of the supporting characters known in the series, which in very hilarious, & sometimes poignant ways, assist Temperance to understand what it means to be human. Instead of Booth, she has to deal with this fat, dumpy, angry, sexist, weasel of a man as the investigating police officer. She also has no working, or personal relationships with anyone else that works at the institute; everyone else in the building is disconnected & aloof toward her. Granted, I only made it to chapter 4, so maybe these characters come later in the book, or series, but I refuse to waist any more of my time with this book. I only suggest this book to someone who does not own a TV, & has therefore NEVER seen the series. Anyone who has seen the series before reading the books will be sorely disappointed.

  • Kathi
    2019-01-26 02:32

    This book is exactly as good as you'd expect it to be when you buy it for 7 Euros at the airport out of desperation when you have nothing else to read and you need something to occupy your time on a 9 hour flight from Europe to the US. Which is to say, it was awful.Where to even start? How about with some of the terrible similes that appear every two pages or so (sometimes even more frequently)? "I'm as familiar with the ebb and flow of Gabby's moods as I was with my own menstrual cycles." "The swarm seemed to absorb him, like an army of antibodies seeking out and surrounding a foreign protein.""One false lash had loosened, and it curved upward on her lid, like a millipede rising to test the air.""They ran through the rain, clinging together like socks just out of the dryer."These are but a few examples I found in about five minutes worth of scanning the book. There are literally hundreds just like these to be found, each one as chuckle worthy as the last.Let's move to the characters. Or should I say character. There really seems to be only one: Doctor Temperance Brennan. She's the star of this book, an expert in the field of forensic anthropology, who for some reason spends more time out of the lab than looking at the bones of the victims. Her favorite activities include: talking with her cat, having her blood turn to ice whenever some shocking revelation is made, musing over how horny she is, being unable to concentrate on things because she's thinking about the case or making up weird sports metaphors, being too concentrated on the case and therefor unable to do anything else other than investigate whatever caught her attention, having her anxiety levels reach new heights every time something scary happens, thinking about how much she would like a drink, and of course doing very dangerous and stupid things alone because "Hey, why not? I'm the main character of this book so I should definitely be gallivanting around by myself with no back up or training in cop-like activities because that is just sooooo smart." Let's just say that I was not as big of a fan of her character as I was hoping I would be. Every other character in this book is just a loose amalgamation of physical characteristics, maybe (and just maybe) one odd personal tick, and a name. They appear and disappear as needed, giving Brennan some kind of useful clue and then vanishing, having served their purpose. Or, in the case of Gabby, appearing to prove that Brennan has a friend, quickly becoming very annoying, and then vanishing. I mean, heck, the only thing I can remember about Ryan (who is arguably one of the more important secondary characters) is that he has blue eyes "like lasers" and a nice ass. And I finished this book today. Other great things about this book include: the absolutely riveting descriptions of different scientific procedures which were in no way boring and dry! The totally pointless and random use of foreshadowing! The insertion of French words and phrases every now and then to remind the reader that this is Montreal! Using the "Every Chapter Ends In A Cliffhanger" things as a way to keep the reader interested (I hate that)! The list goes on. To finish I will say this: I will grant that this is Kathy Reichs first book, and having read a later one I can say I think her writing improves a bit (then again it's been awhile since I read that...) and that I did finish this one because I was interested in seeing who the criminal was (and what his motivation was, which sadly was not explained as fully as I would have liked it to be). I've read worse books than this, but I can't say I would ever recommend this to anyone else, not even as airplane reading.

  • Heather
    2019-01-27 05:51

    This is the first of the Temeperance Brennan books. If you are looking for the Bones version of Temperance Brenna, this is not it. Think of this as the original and the Bones version as being the modified version designed to be appealing to a wide television audience.In many ways Kathy Reich's books remind me of Patricia Cornwell's. Or perhaps I should say Patricia Cornwell's remind me of Kathy Reich's, seeing as KR first began writing in the forensic's genre before PC did, add to that a the fact that KR's real life in many ways parallel's the fictional character of Tempe Brennan and you have a book with a particular flavor of authenticity that you can only get from a writer who has done more than just simply research a subject.If you are looking for books that set the foundation for the current multimedia love for forensic work crossing into the realm of detective investigation, these a great series of books to spend your time with, just keep in mind, that these books tend to be a bit more graphic and gritty than many similarly themed books written by other authors.

  • BJ Rose
    2019-01-25 06:50

    I wanted to like this a lot more than I did - and that has nothing to do with differences in the Temperance Brennan of this series and the one in TV's Bones. This one, after all, is the original. My problems were twofold; I hit overload (often) on the lengthy and detailed explanations of the mutilated bodies of the victims, and the overly detailed scientific and forensic descriptions. Yes, we know that she's a forensic anthropologist and expect some of that, but it was often too much to wade through. My 2nd problem, surprisingly, was not the first-person narrative, which usually leaves me wondering why others are doing what they're doing - there was some of that, but it was mostly workable, except for her good friend Gabby; I never felt that I got to know her. No, my 2nd problem was when this highly-intelligent person develops TSTL tendencies, such as when she goes out alone to a less-than-desirable neighborhood on a dark and stormy night knowing that a serial killer is out there somewhere!On the positive side, I felt that the thriller/suspense mystery was very well-done, so on balance this is 3.5*. I love a good mystery, so will read the next in the series, hoping that the problems mentioned above do not continue.

  • Amanda McGill
    2019-02-13 07:50

    From the start of the book I just couldn't get into it. I found the writing to not flow very well and there was just way too much information. Things I didn't like about Deja Dead:- The French and English writing. I know the book is set in Montreal, but the author doesn't have to point out what language people are speaking. Also the author would translate some french words, but leave others. I ended up just skimming over the french words. - The main character. Couldn't connect with her at all. - I didn't care about any of the characters in the book, even the murder victims. - The medical procedures going on. So boring. Even though I've heard that the books get better, I'm done with this series for now.

  • Cherie
    2019-01-23 03:36

    I am only sorry for waiting so long to read it. Great story! I think KR does have a sense of humor and I loved all of the technical stuff. Another series added to my list.

  • Paulina
    2019-02-14 23:48

    This book was such a waste of time! Terribly written, too long, and extremely annoying. The protagonist is probably the dumbest pathologist ever. Incredibly unprofessional, over-emotional, hysterical, and simply so stupid, I could kill her myself. She runs around the plot like crazy, and I honestly think she is perfectly summarized by one of the minor characters: "[she] wouldn't be able to find [her] own ass without a map". Indeed. More luck than wits. On the other hand, she is still probably the smartest one out of all the other characters; I sincerely hope that the presentation of the police force's work in the book is far from reality. As to her best friend, I was almost happy she was murdered, so that she wouldn't make any more annoying appearances in the plot.I hated the language of this book- the dialogues are probably meant to be dynamic, but the result is a bit neanderthal, with the characters communicating almost in monosyllables. Also, there are way too many details- I guess they were meant to provide some (or, rather, any) personality to the characters, but I honestly don't care which part of her body Tempe was soaping with circular movements (breasts), just like I am not interested in the make of her car, her lunch, breakfast, drinks, shoes... you name it. It's almost like Lisbeth Salander's living room, with exact info on every IKEA item she owns (in case the reader wants to buy the same?). Moreover, I have no idea why Tempe's alcoholism, ex-husband and daughter were even mentioned, and I will probably never find out; they do not enrich the plot in any way.The author's real profession is the source of numerous grim descriptions of autopsies. While they may be interesting for some people- correct me if I'm wrong- I believe that most do not enjoy such detailed pictures.Finally, the mystery. Honestly, it took them so many pages to figure out who the murderer was- while the answer was so simple. Again, I do hope that in the real world the police are able to investigate and connect facts (one of the victims worked at the butcher's and the murderer dismembered the bodies with surgical precision. Turned out they worked in the same place. So surprising. Wow).All in all, though I would recommend "Deja Dead" only to my worst enemy (and that only if I had one... and if my PMS were driving me crazy), I think I might try reading some later novels by the same author- since this was her debut, she may have written something better since, especially that she is a pathologist herself. We'll see. Maybe.

  • Heba
    2019-02-14 06:31

    "برينان" عالمة انثروبيولوجيا تعمل على فحص العظام وكتابة التقارير اللازمة كدعم تقنى للمحققين الجنائيين وذلك للكشف عن القتلةكنت اتابع بشغف تلك المعارك الحوارية بينها وبين المحقق "كلوديل" العنيد المتغطرس وصعب المراس الذي لم يكن يتقبل منها اى مساعدة ويستهين بذكاءها القاتل المتسلسل هنا كان يرتكب جريمته ببشاعة مخيفة وغضضت الطرف عنها بالرغم من فضولى لمعرفة القاتل لكن جل اهتمامى كان موجهاً على علم الانثروبيولجيا ترانى هل اعمل مساعدة للمفتش الجنائي هارى فى روايات "جو نيسبو" ام اعمل مساعدة ل"برينان" في اعمال "كاتى ريكس" :))

  • Trin
    2019-01-27 05:50

    The TV show Bones is probably the best and worst thing to ever happen to this series. The best because it’s no doubt brought a whole slew of new, eager readers to these books—including ones like me, who are really only sporadic watchers of the show. And the worst because all those new readers will inevitably be hauling all their show-based expectations with them. At which point they will discover that this book is—to me, sadly—nothing like the show.The main character both on TV and in print is called Temperance Brennan, and in both mediums she is a forensic anthropologist. That’s pretty much where the similarities end. TV Temperance is brilliant and socially oblivious—in short, she’s wonderfully weird. Apparently, her personality is based more on Reichs’ own than on anything in the novels (thanks, Wikipedia!), which makes me wish Reichs had stuck much more closely to writing what she knew, because book Temperance—or Tempe, as she prefers to be called—is far less entertaining. She’s just so...normal. Aside from her somewhat eccentric choice of career, she’s a fairly average woman with fairly average concerns (prior to getting caught up in the book’s serial killer plot, anyway) and tediously average thought processes, on which Reichs spends way too much time. (I’m not sure I as a reader ever need to hear about every stray song lyric that gets stuck in a character’s head.)I have to say, I really prefer my main characters to be oddballs. This may be my predilection for socially awkward geniuses at play, but I really do think it’s especially important in a genre that can all-too-easily become formulaic: you know there’s going to be a bad guy, and in the end, you know he’s going to get caught. A good mystery is really all about the journey, so the person you are accompanying on that trip needs to be unusual in some way. Bones the TV show is full of weirdos and goofs, and is packed to the brim with surreal moments and humor and—at times, an overabundance of—wacky shenanigans. I was in the mood for something like that: a puzzle, some jokes, a dash of sexual tension to add a little spice. Instead I got a depressingly straightforward police procedural, anchored by a lot of stiff, mostly colorless characters and a protagonist who, in being rendered more “relatable,” becomes much less interesting than her TV counterpart.

  • Ana T.
    2019-02-01 07:51

    I had a good time reading this book, it's my second read by Reichs and I'm looking forward to more. I like the thriller feel, the fast paced action and even the gory details and suspense parts that keep you on the edge of your seat regarding what's going to happen next. The plot revolves around the discovery of human remains that Brennan quickly relates to another murder whose victim she has come in contact with in the past. As the police doesn't seem to give credence to her serial murder theory Tempe takes more chances to prove she is right and soon finds herself in danger and the target of the killer's attention.However I would have liked it even more if there was more focus on the criminal profile - it was a mystery till the end regarding who it was and what were the motivations, and if there was more contextualization of Brennan's character and life. She was a bit too adventurous, had only one friend and her relationship with her daughter and ex-husband is only approached in a glance. A B.Having said that and since I'm also a fan of the TV series Bones I must say that the books are nothing like the series although they are both good in their own way.

  • Heidi
    2019-01-24 00:30

    I'm happy to report I've found a new series that I really enjoyed-- although not for the faint of heart or sensitive of stomachs. It took me longer than usual to get over the opening chapters because this author is as precise in the physiological details as I've ever read-- I could practically smell the decay. Once I mastered "skimming the grossest of details," I was hooked!This novel features some interesting characters and I love that it's set in Montreal, Quebec... a city I didn't know much about until reading this book (and hey, I can say &%*hole en Francais now... a little cultural bonus my French-speaking children enjoyed).The book cover proclaimed that this series is the basis for the Bones show on Fox-TV, but that isn't why I picked it up. However, I did agree with one of the book notes-- if you like Patricia Cornwell, then you'll enjoy this author just as much! I've been looking for a new mystery series to indulge myself in, and this one is perfect!

  • Quenya
    2019-02-02 06:29

    So I went back and re-read this one because in the recent Tempe books she is started to get on my nerves. Well apparently when I was younger, her characteristics didn’t bother me but this re-read found me wanting to strangle her as much as the killer wanted to. So this will be a ramble fest – I apologize in advance.The mystery is very intriguing and it really grips you but I found myself going “just spit it out” a lot because I felt like the characters new something but wouldn’t admit until the author was ready. Not a big problem but the author kept dropping hints and you’re like just say it.Temperance Brennan has got to be one of the most annoying characters ever written. She really shows a lack of something as it relates to her relationship with the law enforcement side of the house. Sometimes you’re like this is completely unrealistic and put in the book to simply allow for Dr. Brennan to be put in dangerous situations. There were many times when she should have just waited for one of the police officers to call her back versus charging out there. She spends most of the book griping and bitching about and at her best friend which makes it very hard to understand her concern for Gabby’s welfare. The other thing I noticed is that Dr. Brennan seems to be plaqued by the same things over and over in each book. A disgruntled co-worker who may or may not file a complaint against her, a complete disregard for the police’s ability to do their job because she would rather risked her own life than put them at risk, a family/friend/loved one in danger – I probably should not have read this book after reading some of the other ones. I know you are wondering why then did I give 3 stars. Well for one the supporting characters, the mystery and the actual villain were very good and for two the narrator, Barbara Rosenblat, does do a great job for this book. I like the way she gives Dr. Brennan’s inner monologue a different tone so that you can recognize it and she does an excellent job with all the different characters and accents.

  • GridGirl
    2019-01-29 06:37

    Finally! This felt like forever….So, in case you’re not aware: This is the first book in the Temperance Brennan series by Kathy Reichs on which the famous TV show Bones is based on. I haven’t watched the show religiously, but I do have to say that I enjoyed watching it every now and then and I had certain expectations going into the books. If you plan on doing the same thing, be warned: The series is not a 1:1 screen adaption of the books. In fact, the series just took the character of Temperance Brennan, made her 10 years younger, deleted all her back story and made her solve crimes with her anthropologic skills. The Temperance Brennan in the books does not have the same character traits and background as the one from the TV show.But this is not supposed to be about the show, this is a review for the book. Just as a heads up, in case you are a fan of one and are interested in the other.First of all, the setting: Montreal, Canada. Awesome. Canada is great! What’s not so great? A lot of French phrases throughout the book. I feel like a basic French class would be enough to understand what’s going on, but not everyone has basic French language skills. Latin helps, though. Still, I feel like a lot of people might get frustrated with all the French expressions in this book.Apart from that, the story just didn’t really wow me. Yes, it felt really suspenseful to me. But I’m a hopeless wimp, so I shouldn’t be a measure when it comes to any sort of thriller or horror book. I have a hard time putting into words what bugged me about this book. It just felt exactly like your regular 90’s crime book. Nothing extraordinary and just a little too slow.(view spoiler)[Also, I felt basically nothing when Gabby died. I didn’t like her, I didn’t really dislike her. It just felt like Kathy Reichs wanted to get rid of a character she wasn’t able to get any other use out of.(hide spoiler)]I probably won’t continue the book series and will just watch the TV show, since I just like the characters better and I just didn’t enjoy the story and the writing enough. 3/5

  • Troy Blackford
    2019-02-11 04:56

    Adequate Yet Strangely UnsatisfyingThis book was entertaining, creepy, and engaging. It also struck me as kind of ridiculous in places and grating throughout.The mystery was decent. The technical perspective (i.e., seeing the crime procedural from the vantage point of the forensic scientist instead of the detectives) was refreshing. The crimes were macabre and disturbing.The main problem for me was voice. This is a first-person tale, told from the perspective of 'Temperance Brennan.' I just didn't like her much. As a person, she's cool. Her way of relating information and talking, however, is irritating. At one point (this book is from 1998 and set in 1994, so let that temper your opinion of the following) she describes the process of sending an e-mail to her daughter. Since that was relatively new in 1998 when the book was released and certainly was in 1994 when the story was set, this can be excused. What can't, however, is the way she does it. After describing the technical aspects of HOW she is able to send the e-mail, she says (and, unfortunately, I quote). "Yahoo! Everyone hop aboard the internet."Ridiculous asides like this abound. She eats fast food chicken and follows off a description of the meal (the book is FULL of descriptions of EVERY meal) with a KFC reference by saying "Thanks, Colonel." No thanks, Kathy Reichs! I feel like it's meant to give a somewhat stream of consciousness perspective into Brennan's mind, but I guess I just don't like it. It's not her fault that I wouldn't want to hang out with someone who communicated like this, and I'm sure lots of people would find it funny, but it just gives this overriding tone that has nothing to do with the story or the characters that rubbed me the wrong way.Also, some of the plot developments are hard to swallow. They find the killer's secret hiding place, with a map on the wall with two Xs where they have already found bodies, and a third X where they haven't looked yet. "Maybe that's another body!" says intelligent Brennan. "We should look!""It's probably nothing," says obstructionist, woman-hating detective man.That's the end of the police's interest in that third X, and it takes an enterprising Brennan to go out there in the middle of the night on her own to look for the body herself (during which time she is assaulted and knocked unconscious, not killed, and then the fact that someone assaulted her--presumably the killer--is never again referenced in the book aside from a time a little later when she wonders what happened).Anyway, I still enjoyed this book and will try reading the others but I must say, I wish that the character of Brennan struck me as more likeable in tone. She's just fine in action and behavior. But other than that, it was a fun read.

  • Dawnie
    2019-01-30 02:43

    Years ago, I read this book before I ever watched the tv show that I am not even completye Süden exsited back then.... you see it has been awhile since i read this book. Back than from what's I remember I didn't find it bad, but clearly not at all remmeberable since I forgot everything! Now in comparison with the tv show, that I can not not compare the book to!, it's not really that great sad to say.It's not bad, if a bit (very!) outdated feeling taking place in 1994! But the writing is good and the crime/thriller aspects pretty good and I love the forensic descriptions this book gives! But I relay like Brennan in the show, she's smart and funny and sometimes a bit world stupid but overall she just tries really hard! The book Brennan in the other hand.... she fells very old and worn out and overdone and has too many flaws and problems and issues that are not really talked or explained but simply mentioned in this book and I didn't like that! I love a flawed character! I love it if they are less then perfect, that to me makes any character more real! But Brennan to me in this book was too.... much in many ways.I just felt like she didn't like her job, her work, her colleges, what she as doing and how she was currently doing it. And I have a problem if I read a book about the job of the main character and I fell the entire time that the man character would love to do anything but what she's supposed to do because it seems her job! So that didn't really work for me.I am also not the biggest fan of the trope that the killer suddenly focuses on one of the or the main character and does evyerthing they do just to show how much smarter and better they are then the main character. That doesn't work for me most of the time because Irma just don't make much sense to me why the killer would suddenly chance his or her focus to a completely different victim profile simply because they apparently have to get the main character! So wasn't the biggest fan of that here.All in all, even when I just spend a good amount of time talking this book down.... this book wasn't bad It just wasn't good for me either. And I think I just expected to much from it because the show! I will try the next book and see if this is just the first book Syndrom, where the author needed to get momentum and gather up the actual speed the series needs or if I am just not the biggest fan of the written Brennan and should stick to the first few seasons if the show... we'll see I guess. For this book.... all I can say is that it's not a bad crime book but if you love the show? Don't do read it!

  • Erika
    2019-01-23 06:52

    Two things first.1. I am not a "mystery person." Therefore my review might be biased because of that.2. This book is nothing like the TV show "Bones" unless you count the main character's name and profession.Okay, now... This book was an okay read. I felt the only character that was complete was Tempe. I felt like the other people in the story were interesting only if Tempe paid much attention to them in her thoughts, which is how this story is filtered. I liked the plot, overall. I am a little disappointed in who the killer turned out to be, although it did make sense in the end. My main gripe with this story is that the dialogue between Tempe and the killer during the end climactic scene was forced and unnatural. Granted, you can't know the things a homicidal maniac would say unless you've either met one or been one but the things this particular one said disappointed me. S/he might as well have said, "Aaargh! I am a big scary killer and I am going to torture you! Aaargh!." It would have seemed just as strange to me.A few other gripes: Tempe's daughter, best friend, and ex-husband were all disappointingly selfish and fairly absent of characterization besides the selfishness. The french phrases throughout were a bit off-putting, though not terribly done.I liked Tempe's attitude and thought processes, and also her relationships with the various detectives she worked with, especially Claudel.The gore was well done and appropriately disgusting.I doubt I'll read any more in this series, but you never know, I guess.

  • Christina
    2019-01-29 02:43

    I love Bones, so I thought that reading the series that launched the show would be a good supplement while the show was on break. I don't think it was the worst idea, but I'm not sure if I want to continue reading the series.The plot deals with a serial murderer--and having interned with a mystery editor that didn't really like serial murders, I kind of have that distaste for these plots too. That it is more likely that it's someone that the victim knew and has a real motive to kill that person is more interesting because the reader is narrowing down suspects based on the characters introduced vs. meeting some random murderer in the end.The writing is okay (maybe it gets better with her subsequent books). One major flaw in the writing is the conflict between Brennan and the French detective that hates her (sorry, I forget character names all of the time). The dialogue between them is strong, but I wish that there were some more description of their contempt for one another. Brennan comes off as whiny, which is not what I was expecting. What makes up for some of the weaker writing and character development is the climax. My hands were sweating--I found it that intense, however, I also have a very overactive imagination.Unfortunately, this book was nothing like the show--but more like an alternate reality of it. Like Bones's cousin that is older with an ex-husband and college-age daughter.

  • Jamie (The Kansan Reader)
    2019-02-16 01:44

    Accidentally read the second book last year so I decided to read the first book and now getting to it.Most of us has heard or seen the T.V. show Bones. I know I have. I love Tempe Brennan. She is just amazing (not to mention the fact that I want to have her job). Deja Dead is the first book in the Temperance Brennan series which the show is based on. Of course the book isn't the same. The only character that is the same on the show as the book is Tempe.But this is so much more. Tempe is in Montreal through the whole book. She is a forensic anthropologist. She is helping investigate the murder of 5 women. I love Reichs writing style. I was kept on my toes. I couldn't even guess the suspect. Mostly because of a fake name and not much interaction with him till the end of the book. Claudel one of the detectives that works for C.U.M (actually acronym) is a real arrogant jerk. But he has some of the funniest lines of the book. "Nice place" said Charbooneau"Yeah. A thing of beauty. I'd rank it up there herpes and Burt Reynolds's hairpiece.Reichs new when to ease tension with comical relief and when not to. That was a nice change. Ryan, the other detective that works for S.Q. which Brennan kind of had the hots for, also had some comical effect ever now and then. The end changed my view of Claudel. At first he was arrogant but at the end he shows some human decency. I Can't wait to reread the second book.

  • Steven
    2019-02-15 05:51

    While completely different than the Dr. Temperance Brennan from Reichs' foray into television on the hit FOX show BONES, Reichs has woven a complicated web of murders. Are they connected? Are there multiple twisted killers, or is there one masterfully demented and disturbed mind behind all of the seemingly random slayings?Reichs' Tempe Brennan is a likeable character, with clear strengths, endearing weaknesses, and is enough of an "every man" for any reader to relate to her.Reichs also succeeds in recreating a mental Montreal and French Canadian setting, complete with the occasional French phrase, the cultural melting pot, and even the seedier "red light district."Pick this one up if you like a thriller/mystery. You won't be disappointed with this well-crafted suspenseful murder mystery.

  • brea
    2019-01-19 23:49

    I really enjoyed this book; like really enjoyed it.It was by no means a great work of literature *said in a fancy English accent* but it was fun, and very engaging. However, as a long time Bones fan, I was slightly disappointed at how different the main characters are, BUT as I continued to read I was able to separate the fantastic TV show from this equally engaging book, and appreciate them separately.Lastly, I found parts of the book to be a little predictable.Brennan was constantly just putting herself in the way of danger, and you knew that bad stuff was going to go down. Towards the end, you totally knew who the serial killer was, but again, who cares! It was a fun read.I would definitely read another book in this series; very entertaining and I'd like to see what happens to Ryan and his cute butt.3.5 stars

  • Hayes
    2019-02-05 04:55

    3+ stars, not quite 4.It suffers from the Don't-Open-That-Door-Because-It's-Friday-the-13th-and-You-Live-on-Elm-Street syndrome (view spoiler)[It's night, there's a thunderstorm, there's a stalker out, not to mention a possible serial killer... what a good time to go dig up dead bodies! (hide spoiler)], but it's a lot of fun, if you consider autopsies and dead bodies fun ;-) I will read a few more in the series, but perhaps not right away.

  • Sarah ~
    2019-02-17 00:43

    الرواية رائعة ..أول رواية تكتبها كاثي ريكس ..وأولى مغامرات الدكتورة تمبرنس ..الأحداث سريعة جدا ...والدكتورة تمب برأيي أنها متهورة .. ..وكماهي دائما رواياتها صادمة جدا .. فيها الكثير من مساوئ البشر .. القتل وبالتأكيد الكثير من العظام ..كرواية أولى هي رائعة ..لا اعرف لم لمْ .. اقرأها قبل الآن ..رغم أنني قرأت جميع روايات الكاتبةالأخرى ..

  • Carolyn F.
    2019-01-29 04:51

    AudiobookSPOILERS GALORE!!!Another book with a To Stupid to Live (TSTL) character. Brennan is trying to figure out who the serial killer is so she keeps going to places where he might have been/might be constantly by herself. And although she has the police to work with since SHE'S JUST AN ANTHROLOGIST, if they don't answer the phone she doesn't leave a message, she just gets up and goes. Then when he's targeted on her, it seems the perfect time for a nighttime run and a nighttime tour of a practically abandoned property. She finds a dead body but since it's so late the police will just put someone out to guard it and will look at in the morning. Is this normal police behavior? The killer targets her best friend and when she finds her daughter's picture with her friend's dead body does she stop and say I should try to stay with people or in my home? No, this doesn't stop her at all, she's still going places by herself. And since she's figuring things out quicker than the police, do you think they'd answer the phone most of the time when she calls? Nope, they always put her though voicemail. Then she finds out her daughter is driving up to see her (this is the early 90s so I guess no cell phones to call and warn her). Does she stay home to be there when her daughter arrives? Nope, she goes to work out and finds her daughter's backpack when she gets back. Is she worried? Kind of, but she has work to do. If this is what the rest of the books are like, I'm going to give up on this series.

  • Mike
    2019-01-28 00:41

    Tempe is a displaced North Carolinian working as a forensic doctor in Montreal. Recovering from alcoholism, and maybe avoiding a rough marriage, she throws herself into her work.A deteriorating skeleton points her towards another found previously, and puts her on the trail of a probable serial killer.Dr. Brennan must push through the resistance of Canadian police, and puts together alot of the evidence herself.We also get the joy of meeting one of the most annoying characters ever written, her friend Gabby.