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From the award-winning author of The Man in the Box and The World I Made for Her, comes the breathtaking story of a young woman's love and betrayal set against the beauty and violence of a divided Ireland....

Title : Water, Carry Me
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ISBN : 9781573228541
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 336 Pages
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Water, Carry Me Reviews

  • Michele
    2019-03-21 06:04

    Even though I was desperate to read about my one true love (Ireland), I wasn't sure I wanted to read THIS book. I was afraid it would be another tedious read. After the first few pages, I couldn't put it down. It held my attention the entire way through (that doesn't happen often now that I'm entering my dotage).

  • Joani
    2019-03-03 06:01

    "Will break the hardest of hearts."Washington Post"

  • Emily
    2019-03-10 06:04

    This book surprised me in a lot of places, and I definitely preferred it over another Moran titleThe World I Made For Her

  • Chelle
    2019-02-25 00:22

    This shared a perspective of one motivation for continuing the unrest in Ireland. This book is a love story with all the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet but also sheds light on the cruelty of politcal unrest in Ireland.

  • Pam Diggins
    2019-03-05 02:29

    In a word; haunting

  • Suzanne
    2019-03-16 03:19

    The story intrigued me for a big part of the book. In the part where all the action happened, it actualy lost some of the magic for me..

  • Joanna
    2019-02-25 23:10

    The end was ever so slightly predictable but otherwise it was a beautiful book.

  • Catherine
    2019-03-09 03:11

    book club

  • Sensibly Sassy
    2019-02-26 23:25

    30th book of 2010

  • T.
    2019-02-21 01:11

    A book for constantly falling into a pool of confusion. It broke my heart, made a hole in my life, an awful, secret space, a haunting.

  • Kit
    2019-03-07 00:26

    Achingly riveting.

  • Christiane
    2019-03-17 05:29

    Although “Water carry me” has a powerful theme, in my opinion the execution of this novel is not successful and it ends up as a bland, sugary love story injected with murderous sectarian violence. The ending is largely predictable.I suppose that in order to make the contrast between innocence and ice-cold brutality even more shocking almost all of the first half of the book is taken up by the antics of a group of shallow Cork college girls living it up on daddy’s money, spending a lot of their time in the pub and bantering endlessly about nothing more demanding than men, sex and clothes. These characters are paper-thin and stereotyped: the womanly Collie, the beautiful, seductive Fallon, the elegant Gaynor and the willowy raven-haired Husky-eyed Una.In the second half of the book, while Una’s “best girls” continue having affairs, seducing each other’s men and drinking too much we see a love story developing between Una and the gorgeous Aidan that seems almost too good to be true but from the start the reader is given an inkling of dark things to come. As the book gears up for the climax Una and Aidan spend a week in Amsterdam where their romance reaches heights of corniness. I have to admit that the ending is powerful and shocking but by then the novel could not be saved from my two-star rating.P.S. Did I get the following right ? : While Una’s grandfather and his mates smuggle arms to the IRA out of conviction, her father does the same out of pure greed but for some reason he sells his goods to the Protestants ? What sense does that make ?

  • Liza Ahmed
    2019-03-11 06:21

    This was one of the most difficult books to get through. I wanted to quit reading it early on because it was boring and drawn out, but I convinced myself that in order to review it properly, I had to at least read 100 pages. Mostly out of principle, I begrudgingly finished it. The book lacked any real plot until 3/4 of the way through. Unfortunately, the fact that it got interesting at around page 150 did not redeem it. Moran failed to create a main character that you really like or relate to. She isn't very complex and the building of her character is superficial (young, insecure). Then at the end of the book where the last 20 pages were the climax of the plot, I still failed to muster any sympathy for the main character. My last thoughts were, "well, that sucks" before I turned the last page and proceeded to make myself a bagel. This book leaves much to be desired.

  • Jane
    2019-03-12 22:01

    My bookclub chose this book upon my recommendation. Reading it for a second time was just as rewarding as the first. Moran takes the reader into the "Troubles" of northern Ireland via an unsuspecting young woman. Although dark in subject, characters are well developed and lead to a twist that makes one wish (again?) for a better world. Highly recommended.

  • Maureen Jackson
    2019-03-10 22:11

    Beautifully written. Haunting.

  • Tina
    2019-02-28 05:14

    Wish there was a sequel to this story!

  • Terri Dowell-dennis
    2019-03-07 03:21

    I don't know how perfect this book is in depicting the troubles in Ireland, but this is an emotionally riveting story. I couldn't stop thinking about it.