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MEET THOMAS.THOMAS IS HAVING A ROUGH GO.HIS GIRL LEFT HIM.HE'S ALONE ON THANKSGIVING.HE'S OUT OF WAFFLES.AND NOW SOMEONE IS TRYING TO KILL HIM.His love life in shambles, Thomas Prescott returns to Seattle, the very place he fled from after his parents' deaths nearly a decade earlier. Just as Thomas is getting settled in, he sees a body floating in the private cove behind hMEET THOMAS.THOMAS IS HAVING A ROUGH GO.HIS GIRL LEFT HIM.HE'S ALONE ON THANKSGIVING.HE'S OUT OF WAFFLES.AND NOW SOMEONE IS TRYING TO KILL HIM.His love life in shambles, Thomas Prescott returns to Seattle, the very place he fled from after his parents' deaths nearly a decade earlier. Just as Thomas is getting settled in, he sees a body floating in the private cove behind his boyhood home. It is a woman. But not just any woman. The governor of Washington.As the suspense ratchets, and the twists unfold, Thomas is thrown into the middle of the biggest murder investigation in Washington state history. Prescott is forced to confront the demons from his past and unearths a new enemy, one that couldn't possibly be human, one that has haunted man since the dawn of time......

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Gray Matter Reviews

  • Shawn
    2019-03-13 08:43

    I really like Nick Pirog's writing - he's funny and a great storyteller, and his books are among the most entertaining I've read recently. Yes, he uses some words incorrectly (e.g. donning for dawning, etc.), and yes, it bothered me, but not enough to ruin my enjoyment of the book. Think he's fixed many of the grammatical and spelling mistakes since the other reviewers made the complaints. Did not find spelling or grammatical errors with noted frequency, and found much fewer than in other Kindle books I've read recently. This book is two stories in one: a modern murder mystery, and a sort of old man walk through history - old / young man bonding story. I wholeheartedly recommend it and his previous book, Unforeseen, especially if you like the genre.P.S. My only complaint is that he wraps up the books too quickly with too much murder and mayhem all at once, but again, does not stop me from recommending them!

  • ADignorantium
    2019-03-08 09:08

    Nick Pirog shows much improvement with 'Gray Matter', the second Thomas Prescott book. There were none of the frequent grammatical errors that were part of the charm of 'Unforeseen', the first Thomas Prescott novel.I hate to admit that I was kinda looking forward to some spelling and grammar gaffs.A year after finally solving the Tristen 'The MAINEiac' Grayer case, Thomas Prescott is once again single. He leaves Maine for his boyhood home in Seattle, which has been empty since the death of his parents.Upon arrival, Thomas goes through the motions of readying the house for habitation: Clearing cobwebs and shaking loose forgotten memories.Just as Thomas is getting settled in, he sees a body floating in the private cove. It's a woman; a very important woman. ...and the police suspect Thomas of foul play.I liked 'Gray Matter'. Though there were a few sluggish moments, it was interesting to see Nick Pirog's writing style evolve. The subplot seemed to come out of nowhere, but Mr. Pirog managed to tie it all together nicely. All in all, 'Gray Matter' is a good read. I look forward to future Thomas Prescott novels from nick Pirog.

  • Sandy
    2019-03-12 09:43

    I have such mixed emotions about this book. The reader in me says it was implausible, a little all over the place, had way too much ambition - could have taken a few things out and probably made it a better story that flowed well but, the bottom line is I really enjoy this author. The character of Thomas is maddeningly hilarious and there is pretty much non-stop action - there's always something going one. And the side story (Harold) in this book definitely kept me coming back dying to know what was going to happen. Don't look for this to be a literary masterpiece but if you are looking for what I call "a mindless novel" to lose yourself in and enjoy, read this book.

  • Harold Kasselman
    2019-03-19 15:42

    Enjoyable murder mystery with some humorous tidbits that may offend some people. So read it if you want a light-hearted mystery.

  • Greg Tymn
    2019-03-17 14:54

    Sometimes, humor gets in the way of a story. An author can be too cute or have such an offbeat sense of humor that he loses the reader. That is clearly not the case in Gray Matter. Thomas' internal dialogue and word play was, at time, laugh-out-loud funny. And the story kept rolling along. On the more serious side, I liked the plot. Nick did a masterful job of keeping me interested and off-balance so that I didn't see the linkage necessary to solve the case prior to its reveal. Good job there.There are a number of technical things that one might say about Nick's writing style, ability to develop characters and set scenes, etc. The other reviewers adequately addressed the strengths and glitches. I'll just say that he did a fine job in all areas and I felt good after reading this mystery. If there was any weakness in the novel, it was the abrupt ending. It worked for me, but a longer signoff would have worked too. Author's choice.I'm looking forward to reading more of Nick's work and getting to know him and his characters a bit better. I liked Prescott a bunch.

  • Pamela
    2019-03-08 16:05

    The protagonist, Thomas Prescott, is a fantastic protagonist: Self- effacing, with a quick wit and a keen mind. The plots in this series have been very interesting and well paced. It is refreshing to read intriguing and unique storylines which features such a winsome character!

  • Nancy Kennedy
    2019-03-01 16:09

    This one popped up on my Kindle and I thought I'd read a couple pages and see if it's any good. Man, I read this one in 2 days! Very well written. The narrator reminds me a little bit of the guy in The Martian, with his dry wit and gumption. The last page nearly gave me a heart attack. I'll read more by Nick Pirog! Way better than the other "Gray" books!!! (Not dirty at all!)

  • Holly
    2019-02-26 09:56

    I'm all over the map on this one. I enjoyed that the protagonist was a sardonic asshole, but the characterization of everyone else was extremely shoddy. I also found myself empathazing more with the "bad cop"--who was bad, it has to be said, because he lobbied for the main character to be fired FROM THE POLICE FORCE after beating a suspect so badly he nearly died. So. . . yeah.

  • Julie Booth
    2019-03-12 09:10

    I really enjoyed this book! I'll definitely look for some of his other books. Great "beach" reads - page turner, entertaining, great sense of humor. If you like Nelson DeMille's John Corey character, you will like Thomas Prescott.

  • Nicole
    2019-02-19 16:07

    I made it all of seven chapters before I quit. It started with little details that pulled me out of the narrative: no one plays football at 8 am east coast time on Thanksgiving. Even the Macy's Parade doesn't start that early, but Prescott finds both on TV. Then he watches the sun set after 5 in Seattle on the same day despite the fact that in the Pacific Northwest, the sun has already gone down by that time. I know. I live here.Still, I kept going because everyone makes mistakes on details, and maybe Pirog really knows nothing about the NFL despite its ubiquity. Five more chapters, though, and I realized this was a modern take on the noir detective genre that includes many of the things I like the least about it. A rundown of my pet peeves includes:1. A non-stop wise-cracking narrator (Prescott) who is more obnoxious than funny2. As Prescott stews over the fact the female detective is leading the way down to the beach, one of his reasons she should have followed him is "he has a penis," related without any obvious sense of irony.3. On the walk to the beach, Prescott suggests the female detective take off her top. (He's already been mentally impressed by her melons.)4. Prescott was kicked off the Seattle force for beating a suspect nearly to death, something he regrets only in that he didn't kill the guy.5. Prescott, the flawed but noble investigator, is being set up against his old colleague who has been introduced as incredibly arrogant but a little stupid and will probably turn out to be interested solely in climbing the political ladder at work in whatever soulless and amoral way necessary. I don't know for certain his character will turn out to be entirely flat, along with the whole narrative, but I'm not willing to waste my time reading this to be proven wrong.

  • Karen
    2019-03-04 13:51

    So so mystery where humor in the situations is a major theme. The book moved along well but the hero, Thomas Prescott ran into so many weird things: eaten by wolves, old man in nursing home, murder of New Year’s Eve date, it got a bit silly. Humor wasn’t enough to compensate for the other strange situations

  • Jeffery A Richman
    2019-02-26 09:10

    A new interesting characterStumbled upon Nick Pirog just last week. I wasn't expecting much but Thomas Prescott is an interesting character. Lots of twists and turns. A fun read. Looking forward to further Thomas Prescott books..

  • Sleepwalker103
    2019-03-07 10:41

    Great book!I was up all night and couldn't put the book down. It was a real page turner. I enjoy his style of writing. He keeps it interesting and manages to be witty along the way.

  • Laurie
    2019-03-15 13:48

    I love his style of writing and the humor mixed in .

  • Tonia Harber-anderson
    2019-03-04 17:09

    Yes!Just as good as the first in the series. Great writer, great story, fabulous characters. Looking forward to reading the next one.

  • William E. Petersen
    2019-03-11 09:40

    Lots of surprising twists and a great sense of humor.I have seldom laughed so much reading any book let alone a detective mystery. I highly recommend this book. A riot!

  • Sharon McFarland
    2019-02-16 10:09

    Great book. Fun read! I really like Mr. Pirog's style. A real hoot and good mystery writer. I'm getting his next book, The Afrikaans, today.

  • A. Jones
    2019-02-17 11:51

    Clever, but I couldn't connect with any of the characters.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-14 16:05

    Fastest I've ever read a book in a while. Could not put this down I just wanted to consume the whole thing. Really enjoy Thomas Prescott's character.

  • Dena
    2019-03-03 15:01

    I'm really liking this author's books more and more. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Amy Wright
    2019-02-23 11:43

    I really like this author. He's not perfect, but I like the overall humor.

  • Barb
    2019-03-09 10:41

    I really enjoyed this book. Very entertaining, a good story, and laugh-out-loud funny 😂 parts. I shall read more of this author's books.

  • Ken Moffat
    2019-02-22 13:41

    Interesting read, sort of a light hearted mystery. Good plot twists. Parts stretched my limit on believable.

  • Kirsten
    2019-02-25 11:02

    The narrator Thomas Prescott is sarcastic, ironic, down right irreverent, and a rogue investigator. Hard boiled does catch it. Tom is depressed and leaves Maine on Thanksgiving to his vacant childhood home only to discover the dead body of the governor on the beach below. The police don’t want him back but he still investigates, falls in lust, and gets accused of murder. Despite the deaths, this book’s dark humor prevails. However, wish I had started with the first book. This gives no back story on that book really but does fill in a lot more.

  • Keith Curran
    2019-02-27 15:55

    GREAT, SMART, UNIQUE CRIME NOVEL...... with surprises every step of the way. A terrific, complex lead character, Thomas, an ex-detective, disgraced out of law enforcement, and with a lifetime of other, more personal regrets, he is all ready to hide away and lick his wounds at his sister's no longer used house in Seattle, which sits both gloriously and perilously just above The raging Puget Sound. Then Thomas... discovers something... and his resolve to "never again detect" collapses, overwhelmed by his "ingrained detective-y instincts", as well as his incessant need for SOMEONE upon which to make full use of his sometimes incessant, sometimes dark, sometimes sophomoric, sometimes truly hilarious, sometimes wholly unnecessary, sometimes more distracting than rewarding (and, yes, sometimes exactly- as-amusing-as-intended), sense of humor, and he's OFF! Driven in no small part by the fact that he has immediately fallen in love, against his own wise resistance, with the delectable detective co-heading the subsequent "official" investigation into that which he... found, as WELL as the fact that his new love's co-detective is a man Thomas has recently loathed, who loathes him back even more ferociously, and who tries desperately to find some reason, any reason, to put Thomas, his perceived rival and jackass, in prison.This book is startlingly well written, both the prose and the plot are finely tuned, with a subplot involving a nursing home resident that will truly break your heart.One discomfort: Mr. Pirog's sense of humor - and thus Thomas's - is, at first, UNRELENTING. About a third of the way through the book, I was so irritated by these rhetorical speed bumps that I almost gave up. Fortunately, Pirog FINALLY shakes off a healthy percentage of these prosaic diversions and decides he actually has a REAL story he wants to tell us (rather than just a series of inconsequential events upon which to hang his self-conciously amusing observations and metaphors; The Pig's Lipstick over-applied), and both he and I got really involved in what was actually HAPPENING in the BOOK! So, all I dare suggest is that this truly multi-gifted author learn to trust himself a little more and try being a little less distractingly, and so effort-transparently, clever/amusing. He is much better at being, more appropriately, clever/involving. I would not want to dampen his TRULY unique, often very funny natural abilities, I'd just suggest that he be less desperately joke-y. It all rather made me picture what Robin Williams would be like, on The Tonight Show, describing how a serial killer disembowled his entire family. All the while he'd be employing Russian, Scandanavian and Baptist accents, mimicking effeminate choreographers and butch lumberjacks, doing body-impressions of a drunk stewardess, Duddly DoRight and Sean Connery in his later films. ENOUGH ALREADY! A serial killer DISEMBOWLED HIS ENTIRE FAMILY? Seriously, Robin, that alone is of sufficient interest even without the juggling of fire batons.Okay, ENOUGH! Mr. Pirog is WORTH the occasional South Parkian detour. He is a natural, maybe even one day he will be a master. Dry, eventually, of the stand-up comic's flop sweat (but leaving intact the best joke in any five!), his could be an entirely unique, and uniquely entertaining, voice in the otherwise far more common, authors-who-take-themselves-far-too-seriously, crime fiction. I have already ordered ALL of Mr. Pirog's novels, and am looking forward to a delightful weekend's Pirogathon!

  • Jackie
    2019-03-03 16:54

    Is zero stars possible? I was so appalled and disgusted by the subject manner of this book.I'll level with you, Nick. Your writing style is cute and witty, sure. And yes, you write fiction so maybe you feel like your duty to entertain trumps your responsibility to do any kind of research. The wolves. I don't even know where to begin. According to this book, packs of wolves routinely hunt people down, kill them, and eat them. In fact, more people die from wolf attacks in this book than have ACTUALLY died from wolf attacks in North America in 200 years (the confirmed, official number is 4, by the way. Wikipedia lists 3 more suspected fatalities but bears were also listed as potentially liable in those situations). Due to hundreds of systematic extermination, wolves these days are extremely shy of humans. Even in areas where they have been reintroduced, wolf sightings are rare.Anyone with any sort of education in ecological studies can tell you what a keystone species is. If asked to name an example, many will probably mention the wolf. Reintroducing wolves in Yellowstone has done wonders for the whole system, controlling deer and elk populations and therefore helping vegetation and other animal populations recover from decades of imbalance. The one person who touts this information in the book is a crazy wolf-obsessed Professor who, like his furry brethren, also kills people. Seriously?And yes, ranchers and wolves have always clashed. Some of the reintroduced wolves have preyed on livestock. Yes, it is a problem. Yes, the wildlife service needs to find a way to reimburse ranchers who lose livestock to wolves. But at one point in his book, Pirog waves around a livestock loss statistic of "somewhere between 10 and 15%" as a national average for ranchers. What??? Dogs and coyotes kill more livestock than wolves. Almost 10x as many. The official percentage is something south of 1% of all livestock loss being contributed to wolves.But Nick Pirog ignores all of this, choosing instead to portray wolves as vicious child murderers and viable threats to human society. It would be enough if this was all just an over-excited author creating beyond his means, but Pirog takes it ten steps further and lists all the names of bills in progress across the country with anti-wolf legislation. As in, here readers, now that you see how awful wolves are, go make sure they never get reintroduced anywhere. Because, you know, they might kill you.In reality, you're more likely to die of boredom from Nick Pirog's atrocious novels. Moving on to better literature.

  • Quentin Feduchin
    2019-03-13 16:45

    Thomas Prescott was a cop, but due to disagreements with the management and the odd misdemeanor, plus some inheritance, he's not doing much at the moment. But apparently he was a pretty good detective and this stands him in good stead in this narrative.Anyhow he ends up in one of the properties he and his sister have inherited; and discovers a body.The story develops from there; you can read the synopsis to get some idea.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~To be honest I initially found Mr Pirog's writing style a bit unpolished and at times downright annoying. In particular he likes to have his main character tell wisecracks at moments of tension. Whether it's to relieve the reader's tension or his own, I wasn't sure; anyhow it got to me.But thankfully after about half way he let that habit die away; maybe there was lots happening and it became unnecessary.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~As the story develops, Thomas starts making some very useful observations which help both him and a clever lawyer get out of trouble. But it doesn't stop there: Quite a few unfortunate assumptions are made by the local detectives, and Thomas is able to throw new lights on the occurrences.The situation becomes dangerous for several characters, that are finally resolved, and the book indeed becomes an exciting thriller.The lawyer also has his moments and gains our attention with some clever work.Altogether an exciting book and guaranteed to keep the reader interested, right up to the last page.

  • Dr. Simone J. Simone
    2019-03-17 12:52

    Fantastic!I enjoyed book 2 very much but suggest counseling for Prescott! Not the book included at the end totally intrigued me! Wow! How could you have thought up that disorder? As a shrink, that would have been interesting enough for me. But you used that in a plot that was as complex as one of those little wooden boxes with secret chambers. I can't recommend this author's writing as highly as it deserves. Because I'm not the great writer ; )

  • Carolyn
    2019-03-07 12:42

    If I could, I would give this book four and one-half stars. I loved the development of the main character, Thomas Prescott. This is the second Prescott book and was pleasantly surprised at the time and depth spent developing this guy. This is the first book in ages that made me laugh out loud. Prescott is an ex-FBI officer leaving Maine to go back home to Washington State. The first day back he becomes involved in a murder investigation. This guy is hilarious and I appreciated his sense of humor. The teacher in me noticed a few misused words by the author, but I was so tickled with the main character that it really didn't bother me. There were many references to everyday, modern culture and I think those added to the fun of this book. I don't often use the words fun and hilarious when reviewing a crime novel, but with this just works. I read this one in the car on a road trip with grandchildren. My frequent laughing and giggling reinforced their thoughts that their Nana might be slightly "off". I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the slightly twisted ending. I will go back and read the first installment and look forward to the follow-up to this one.

  • Marti
    2019-03-13 09:44

    nook book that I reviewed for B&N This story was almost 800 pages long, so a lot of incidents were recounted. The title may refer to Ellen Gray, the governor of Washington state, whose chewed up--by wolves--body was found by the main character, who had moved back to Seattle and was living in his sister's house. Accused of her murder, he chooses Grey's husband, an excellent lawyer, to defend him. If he isn't the murderer, who is? He had been a detective, and investigates. Besides being the instrument of Ellen Gray's death, wolves also play a significant part in the story. There is a separate story about Harold the narrator's old friend. This is often exciting and surprising at times. Somehow, the main character manages to stay out of trouble--other than getting seriously attacked by a pack of wolves--one especially. I feel that it is a worthwhile book to stick with and finish.