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The extra-sized final volume collecting Neal Adams' acclaimed covers and stories featuring the Dark Knight This volume includes material featuring Two-Face, the Joker and more members of Batman's famed Rogues Gallery. Plus, two never-before-reprinted stories done for Peter Pan records and a sketchbook section showcasing Adams' advertising and custom comics work with the CaThe extra-sized final volume collecting Neal Adams' acclaimed covers and stories featuring the Dark Knight This volume includes material featuring Two-Face, the Joker and more members of Batman's famed Rogues Gallery. Plus, two never-before-reprinted stories done for Peter Pan records and a sketchbook section showcasing Adams' advertising and custom comics work with the Caped Crusader...

Title : Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams, Vol. 3
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ISBN : 9781401204075
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 280 Pages
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Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams, Vol. 3 Reviews

  • Michael
    2019-03-09 16:44

    Hearing Neal Adams talk about his career on a couple of "Fat Man on Batman" podcasts really piqued my interest in seeing some of more of his art. Luckily we live in the age of Google. But while a Google search can bring up some samples of his art, it's really not the same as reading and viewing the original source material.Enter two collections of Adams' tenure as the Dark Knight artist from DC. Of the two, I found the third collection the more interesting one, if only because it includes segments of the early introduction of Ra's Al Ghul and the illustrations for two Power Records stories featuring Batman that were written and drawn by Adams. The third collection also includes an issue that "Fat Man on Batman" host Kevin Smith cites as one of his first entry points into the printed world of Batman. Coming away from the collection, I'm struck by how solid the artwork by Adams is. And how dated these stories seem. Many times it feels like the stories have to work too hard to contain themselves to a single issue (and it feels odd to say that since one of my bigger criticisms of modern comics is the way stories are stretched out past to fill a six-part arc). I get that comics were intended to be more self-contained and welcoming to new readers back in this era, but it still feels like some stories end abruptly. It could be that the threads are picked up in other Batman titles not drawn by Adams, I suppose. I couldn't help but feel that some type of supplemental material addressing this might have been nice. Or maybe I'm just not versed enough in my Bat-lore.

  • Doyle
    2019-03-17 10:28

    The digital recoloring on this volume (and the previous two volumes) is terrible and bothered me every time I turned the page. The coloring in the original comics wasn't great either, but it fit the art style much better. The digital recoloring on the covers are not nearly as offensive as the interior story pages, and I suspect they were done by someone else.The other offender is the incredibly dated dialogue. Granted, I wasn't alive in the late 70s, but I can't imagine anyone of any time ever saying some of the phrases Denny O'Neil penned for what he thought were hip and trendy college students of the Carter administration. What is interesting to note is that despite the campy dialogue, many of the stories collected in this volume have become essential Batman lore and were adapted into episodes of Batman: The Animated Series during the 90s.

  • Alex
    2019-02-20 15:35

    More great tales - some of the strongest Batman stories ever.

  • Michael Emond
    2019-03-02 10:22

    I bought the other two editions, how could I not buy the third? Although, I do have the best stories in this volume in other forms it was still a treat to get some of the audio books Neal did - even if the stories of these were painfully bad (more on that a bit later). But what you do get is Adam's work on Batman and Ra's al ghul and that alone is worth buying the book and they are the few stories that are worth reading for the stories. The rest is a mixed bag of typical 70's stories, which is to say not particularly good or memorable (most times they don't even make sense). But you buy this for the art and I have to say Neal Adams' art still takes my breath away. It is no hyperbole to say he was head and shoulders above any other artist of the time and his art still looks amazing beside the art of today.But those audio books - wow. Neal wrote one of them about the Joker and it is a horrible story. We quickly understand why he was an artist and NOT a writer. It is made worse by the fact that not once but TWICE Robin and Batman remark that it would be best if the Joker received a frontal lobotomy to cure him of his mania. This was a children's audio book!! That comment would be out of character at any time but it is horrifying to see it in a book made for children.Overall, I can still recommend this book for the art. I read about Adams retouching the colouring and people disliking that but I am not one of those people. I liked the colouring. I guess I am not a purist :).

  • Kevin Mann
    2019-02-17 09:21

    In Volume 3, the writing finally rises up to the level of the ground-breaking Neal Adams art. You have all the Ra's Al Ghul pieces, plus Joker's 5 way revenge, etc, etc, al., so Denny O'Neill was FINALLY hitting full stride after a lot of misfires in volume 2. (I wont hold the two 1976 Power Records "Book & Record set" curiosities/stories Neal wrote against the quality of this TPB, as they were clearly aimed at preschoolers learning to read a book along with a vinyl record being played.) As for notes about the Art, the Adams inages are still, at their core, fantastic, but I am still put off by the garish, inappropriate, misapplied 21st century coloring job & Neal's bizarre propensity to redraw 45 year old panels, so it loses a rating star, but if you are going to drop $25 bucks on an Adams BATMAN compilation, THIS is the one. Only buy volume 1 & 2 if you are a completist or Adams-maniac, as the writing contained in those 2 TPB's is beyond horrid and they are painful reads.

  • Carl Walker
    2019-03-12 15:50

    Oh my! A lot of these stories are... not very good. I'd actually read the Batman: Tales of the Demon trade a few years ago so I skipped all the Ra's stuff this time, and that probably didn't help. I would just recommend checking that out (or whatever the latest edition is) because this trade skips a few "tales" not drawn by Adams, and instead you get several "eh" comics and some purported classics that in my opinion are just... not.Although the "kids read along" books at the end are hilariously bad, dialogue-wise, as they betray both a bogus idea of how to tone down dialogue for kids, while also being dragged down by the need to include narration (always by the characters) needed to describe the action when just listening to the record. So those are almost worth a look if you like to enjoy bad things in that ironic fashion so popular on the Internet.

  • Dave
    2019-03-09 08:33

    I became a Batman fan in the early 70's, watching Re-runs of the Adam West TV show. My dad subscribed to the Batman comic book for me, even though I couldn't read at the time(I was 4) Oh do I remember those comics! The artwork! Those covers! Years later I found out Neal Adams was the artist for many of the comics I got in the mail. Issue 244 really stand out in my mind! This volume has many of those comics in it, along with two "Power Records" comics I had and played ALL THE TIME! At that time in the 70s, Adams was part of the movement to make Batman serious again, a figure of the night....they did it!!! The artwork is great, as are the stories. Great stuff here!!!!!!!

  • Fraser Sherman
    2019-03-13 13:49

    This includes the landmark debut of R'as al Ghul, the reversion of the Joker from bizarre criminal to homicidal maniac and a very good little werewolf story. Art is awesome. That said, I find Batman's first battle against R'as a little weak--for all the awe he invokes here, he's not the omega-level threat we're supposed to take him as.

  • Tom
    2019-02-18 14:26

    A nice collection of cool classic stories and covers. I love Neal Adams' art and Batman's costume. And I liked actually seeing the story behind some of the famous old Batman covers - especially the ones hanging on my walls as posters.

  • Jacob
    2019-02-23 11:38

    Third's the charm. Easily the best in overall content of the 3-volume series. Unlike the prior books this one has modern recoloring from beginning to end. More experimental panel layout, but better stories than what came before.

  • AmirCat
    2019-02-20 15:35

    Part of the reason I read comics as a 31-yr old is that I need to get back to my childhood. I had tons of Neal Adams comics passed down to me and to me his batman is the real batman. Reading "Daughter of the Demon" again 223 years later is such a treat.

  • Ondra Král
    2019-03-09 12:31

    Scénáře se zlepšily, ale furt to není žádná pecka