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Alexia Tarabotti, Lady Maccon, has settled into domestic bliss. Of course, being Alexia, such bliss involves integrating werewolves into London High society, living in a vampire's second best closet, and coping with a precocious toddler who is prone to turning supernatural willy-nilly. Even Ivy Tunstell's acting troupe's latest play, disastrous to say the least, can not puAlexia Tarabotti, Lady Maccon, has settled into domestic bliss. Of course, being Alexia, such bliss involves integrating werewolves into London High society, living in a vampire's second best closet, and coping with a precocious toddler who is prone to turning supernatural willy-nilly. Even Ivy Tunstell's acting troupe's latest play, disastrous to say the least, can not put a dampener on Alexia's enjoyment of her new London lifestyle.Until, that is, she receives a summons from Alexandria that cannot be ignored. With husband, child, and Tunstells in tow, Alexia boards a steamer to cross the Mediterranean. But Egypt may hold more mysteries than even the indomitable Lady Maccon can handle. What does the vampire Queen of the Alexandria Hive really want from her? Why is the God-Breaker Plague suddenly expanding? And how has Ivy Tunstell suddenly become the most popular actress in all the British Empire?...

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Timeless Reviews

  • Katie(babs)
    2019-03-31 08:30

    The last book in this very hilarious series was somewhat of a let down. There's many moments of Gail's trademark humor that made these books wonderful reads. Something was lacking. I found the plot dull and the scene with Buffy back in London a big bore. But I do love Alexia and Conall's interactions and their daughter Prudence is adorable. Without Prudence, this would have been DOA.I may grade it higher when I had more time to digest what I read.

  • Maja (The Nocturnal Library)
    2019-04-07 07:21

    3.5 starsOh, I should have listened to this entire series on audio! It’s a completely different experience. With her great accents and excellent characterization, Emily Gray breathed life into a series that very much needed it in its last installment. She’s done such an amazing job that I’ll purposely seek out other audiobooks narrated by her, regardless of the genre, and enjoy them while driving to work and back. Of all the narrators I’ve come across so far, she and Holter Graham are by far my favorites.Unfortunately, Gail Carriger doesn’t deserve such praise. Timeless is essentially plotless, and what little excitement there is pales in comparison to previous books. Everything I used to love about this series is gone – even the humor isn’t what it used to be. The Parasol Protectorate simply lost its charm. It’s a good thing Carriger decided to end the series when she did – this is where we would have parted ways anyway. By making Timeless the last book, she allowed me to say my goodbyes with a smile and a little bit of nostalgia, instead of the bitter taste so many authors left me with. Timeless picks up two years after the end of Heartless. Alexia’s daughter Prudence is an extraordinary child and she’s keeping her biological parents and her adoptive father, Lord Akeldama, very busy indeed. She’s even managed to attract the attention of Queen Matakara, vampire Queen of the Alexandria Hive, the oldest supernatural in the world. Alexia, Prudence and their numerous entourage travel to Egypt to indulge Matakara, and hopefully, to uncover Alessandro Tarabotti’s plans for the supernaturals. Meanwhile, Biffy and Professor Lyall investigate the murder of a Beta, but they somehow spend more time flirting with each other than actually investigating. The budding romance between these two was my favorite part of this book. I loved seeing a different side of Lyall – the reserved professor is surprisingly passionate under the surface, much to my (and Biffy’s) delight.I never gossip. I observe. And then relay my observations to practically everyone. After many adventures and several misunderstandings, the relationship between Lord and Lady Maccon is finally steady and calm, but never boring! After all, neither of them is very conventional and Lady Maccon becomes rather restless if she isn’t involved in at least three different conspiracies and secret societies at any given time. But the tenderness she shows her darling husband, and his complete and utter adoration for her turned this book into a satisfying conclusion, despite its many flaws. You know I have to mention some of those flaws, right? I’ll try to make it quick, like pulling off a band aid. The most important thing is that I wanted more! Many questions were left unanswered and I’m still unclear on quite a few things. The humor… oh, the humor! I used to adore Lord Akeldama and his many fashion experiments, but he, too, became tiresome after a while. Much like the series, he just lost his shine. In the end, I will go back to the beginning: if you’re considering reading this book, do yourselves a favor and get it on audio. Emily Gray made everything so much more interesting. As for the rest, this is one of those times when saying goodbye isn’t hard. I’m sure Gail Carriger has a lot more to offer, but in a different series and with a new set of characters.

  • Gloria Mundi
    2019-04-22 04:27

    So, another series is over and, I'm afraid to say, for me the ending was just meh. Unfortunately, this appears to be the fate of so many series these days. The Soookie Stackhouse, Georgina Kincaid and Dante Valentine books all immediately spring to mind. Like the first two of these three, the main problem with the Parasol Protectorate series, I think, is that there just was not enough plot for the five books and the series went on for longer than the author is convincingly able to sustain the storyline.This last instalment takes place two years after the ending of the previous book with Lord and Lady Maccon still residing in Lord Akeldama's closet. The latter is the legal guardian to Prudence, the infant inconvenience who is now a toddler causing a lot of havoc and keeping Lord Akeldama, all his drones and the majority of the Woolsey werewolf clan on their toes. That is, until Alexia receives a summons from Matakara, Queen of the Alexandria hive and the oldest living vampire and the Maccons, along with the Tunstells and their troupe whom they take along as cover, set out for Egypt where, inevitably, they encounter adversity, mystery and adventure, leading to the series being very neatly wrapped up and tied up with a bow (a very oversize one with pink and turquoise stripes, to fit in with the general atmosphere).Where with the previous book I was a teensy bit bored, with this one, I was a lot bored. In fact all of the first half of this book was just filler, with the author re-visiting some of the more memorable places and characters from the previous books - the hat shop now run by Biffy, the Woolsey Hive (with notable appearances from Countess Nadasdy and Mabel Dair), the fleeting return of Felicity Loontwill in a flurry of spite, the sudden reappearance of Lady Kingair (in the nude in certain placess, no less!) and a single appearance of Guatve Trouve (to deliver a replacement parasol) to name but a few.The charm and humour of the earlier books has fizzled to a point where a lot of it read like bad panto tipping over into complete absurdity at several points (yes, I am talking about the hideous trouser ripping episode involving Tunstell and the overabundance of silly names). Most of the book could have been illustrated with images like these:[image error]Not a great visual backdrop.After the leasurly self-indulgent intro, the actual story and the wrap up were far too rushed and felt desperate and emotionally manipulative. (view spoiler)[Two major caracters die or are on the point of dying only to be miraculously rescued a few pages later, for crying out loud. (hide spoiler)] But the most disappointing thing of all, is that the main mysteries of the books - the Order of the Brass Octopus, the nature of the soulless/soulstealers (what/why/how are they?) etc - remain unanswered pretty much completely, unless you count the fact that Alexia's abilities are discovered to be cancelled out when she is submerged in water (I am not even going to mark it as a spoiler because, really, after five books, that is what we find out?!?).Having said that, there were a few things that I liked which saved this from being a one star disaster. While I still feel that too many pages were dedicated to it, I did like the relationship between Biffy and Lyall. It was nice to have a homosexual relationship which was genuinely sweet and not reduced to riduculousness. I admire the fact that Alexia stays human and the elegant solution introduced by Carriger to deal with Connall's immortality and that Alexia never descends to the depth of Bella's vanity to obsess about her aging. But the thing I like most of all is the fact that, unlike in the vast majority of urban fantasy and PNR, Alexia remains very much her own person, with her own separate interests, friends and responsibilities and does not immediately turn into a woman-sized appendage of her virile sexy werewolf of a husband, entirely subsumed into his world, beliefs and persona. I can respect that. And I still love certain characters enough (Madame Lefoux and Lord Akeldama please make your way onto the stage) to be content to simply watch them. I almost feel nostalgic already. Almost.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Ashley
    2019-04-06 07:18

    Gonna keep this short because I feel like I've already said most of what I want to say about this series in the previous four reviews I've written for it. It's fluffy. It's fun. It's got benevolent supernatural creatures in it who faff around being supernatural and adorable. It's got puns. It's got dirigibles. It's got smoochies. And this one has pyramids and mummies in it. If you liked the first four books, you will probably like this one, too, although the ending was a bit of a shocker and I had to think on it a couple of days before deciding on a rating.The focus here is the characters, so while there is arguably a "plot" (instigated by the disappearance/murder of the Kingair werewolf pack's beta on a trip to Egypt, and a request from the oldest living vampire queen to meet Alexia and Lord Maccon's two year old daughter, Prudence, who has the ability to temporarily steal the powers of supernatural creatures), you're really showing up to watch them do their thing, no matter the setting.I was particularly satisfied with the endings for Alexia and Lord Maccon (which resolves an issue I'd been wondering about since book one) and for dear Biffy, who once wanted to be a vampire, but ended up being stuck as a werewolf instead. Biffy ended up being my favorite part of this series, which I did not see coming after book one (which still remains my favorite).I'm gonna take a bit of a Carriger break, and then it's on to her YA series, and the two (so far) books that follow a grown up Prudence.

  • Lisa Kay
    2019-04-18 08:42

    Alexandria, EgyptI found this Victorian dress on Pinterest, pinned from “Old Rags” website.Its practical nature would surely appeal to Alexia Tarabotti, Lady Maccon.[image error]★★★★½ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Ah! My little kumquats, I do so love this series. Sorry to see this fifth and final book in the Parasol Protectorate.Emily Gray does an excellent job with all the various paranormal – and soulless – voices, but she does her best with Prudence, who is now a toddler, making her sound like the “puggle precious” Lord Akeladama dubs her; but, not to worry, she’s not too precocious! In fact, Ms. Gray is so good at delivering Ms. Carriger’s alternate historical version of Victorian England that I wish I’d know about her sooner. Now I’ll end up buying this series in audio as well. Yes, she’s that good. If you have NOT tried steampunk before; if you like the Victorian era; if you get off on Etiquette & Espionage; and if you like paranormal worlds filled with werewolves, vampires, ghosts, and a preternatural or two, this is the series with which to start. Maybe I did not laugh as much as I did in Heartless, and I certainly did NOT see... (view spoiler)[Professor Lyall and Biffy becoming an item! Shocker, that. But, I must say I quite liked it. And Lord Akeladama wasn’t too heart-broken. (hide spoiler)] However, I still enjoyed every minute of it.[image error]Alexia is called to Egypt this time, and she’s having a hard time finding any tea!Alas, Gentle Reader, it is impossible to review this book without spoilers! All I can say is that I am impressed and surprised at the all-encompassing arc of the series, with details planted early on and things neatly tied up, for the most part. Or, at least, we know that they’ll most likely reappear in the spin-off series The Parasol Protectorate Abroad which doesn’t come out until Fall, 2013!Archaeologist and author Ms. Carriger’s avatar showing her hard at work on her laptop. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • colleen the convivial curmudgeon
    2019-04-05 06:31

    4.5This is a really fun book, in a fun series, and I almost want to give it 5 stars, but I can't help but feeling just a small sense of dissatisfaction which is keeping me from jumping it with a full 5.The book starts off very strong. It picks up about 2 years after the end of the last book, and Prudence as a child had me laughing out loud on the train more than once, and Ivy, who's a big part of this story, left me chuckling and shaking my head and just the first several chapters are hysterical.It takes awhile to get to the real meat of the story and, honestly, I didn't mind all that much because everything else was such a pleasure.But when we did get to the heart of the plot it felt, I don't know, a bit discombobulated, I suppose. It retained some, though not all, of the humor and wryness as things started turning more serious, but it was more that things were happening almost too quickly and I just couldn't shake this niggling feeling like I was missing something.Part of it, perhaps, is the usual mystery sort of atmosphere where you only know so much as the main character, so you are actually missing pieces, but even after everything was 'resolved' I felt like some things were just too glossed over and not really explained to my satisfaction (for instance (view spoiler)[I still don't have a feel for what angles Madame Lefeoux is playing, and I was dissatisfied with the explanation of Floote's part in Alessandro's plans. I just wanted more... more motive, or backstory, or understanding. Something.) (hide spoiler)] I could live with this if this wasn't the last book in the series*.Conversely, there were some parts that were, perhaps, a bit too pat. (Such as (view spoiler)[Conall's survival of being shot, twice, and falling from the balloon while he was mortal. And Ivy's turning into a vampire queen. Not that I wanted either of them to die. When Connal fell I was aghast and, like Alexia, couldn't believe he would die, so I was happy when he didn't but, at the same time, it just felt too forced. (hide spoiler)])And while I really enjoyed the scenes with Lyall and Biffy and their (view spoiler)[budding romance (hide spoiler)], I would've liked to have seen more of the 'Lyall to the rescue' that we saw in past books and, also, I'm not sure how I feel about Biffy (view spoiler)[being an Alpha. And poor Lyall having to go to Woolsley. (hide spoiler)]So, while, overall I enjoyed the series, once again the real joy lies in the characters and the humor and the interaction and not so much in the actual plot line.Ah well. At least there was quite a lot of the good stuff to get me through. ;)* While this is the last book of the series starring Alexia, there is a follow-up series with Prudence so I console myself that we haven't heard the last of some of those loose ends.

  • ᑭIᑭEᖇ⒤ᗩᗰ
    2019-04-13 03:25

    Bravo Gail Carriger!!! For a perfect ending to a perfect series. I will now say goodbye to my favorite all-knowing, perfectly coiffed rove vampire(dama) and his merry band of drones, a certain studious beta, one dandy werewolf, a robust alpha whose cravat will always be messy, many fabulously gaudy hats, homicidal mechanical ladybugs, a most ingenious french inventor, the ever loyal but duplicitous butler, and most especially, her eminence, leader of said people; Mrs Alexia Tarabotti Maccon and her infallible parasol.

  • Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten*
    2019-03-26 03:32

    Floote and Lyall are the standouts of this series. I loved them both so much. I highly enjoyed this book, particularly the jaunt to Egypt and meeting Matakara. And I really admire Gail for her ability to tie everything up so well in the end and give everyone a solid happy ending, which is something I find very difficult to do.

  • L (Sniffly Kitty)
    2019-04-20 06:28

    I thought the cover for Heartless was bad.... Timeless is even worse T_T

  • MadameMelli
    2019-04-10 04:26

    Das letzte Abenteuer um Alexia Tarabotti hat mir nochmal richtig gut gefallen! Die meisten Fragen wurden beantwortet, Prudences Verhalten war genial und ich freue mich schon, ihreAbenteuer nachzulesen!Die Entwicklungen Alphas und Betas betreffend waren für mich oft überraschend und Gail Carriger hat es nochmal geschafft, mich an einigen Stellen mit offenem Mund weiterzulesen. Auch konnte sie die Emotionen ziemlich gut darstellen und trotzdem dem Stil der Romane und der Charaktere treu zu bleiben.

  • Bookworm Erica
    2019-04-06 08:16

    Reread Oct 2017.... what a great book. I'm sad it ended again but with the novellas coming out I can live book wise thru those. Esp the new lyall/biffy novella Nov 5th....glad I'm up to date again on their romance

  • Suzanne
    2019-04-04 03:21

    I'm really glad I read this series - the manners mixed with all the paranormal stuff are quite amusing, and I've enjoyed it. This was a good ending too!

  • Dani
    2019-04-12 03:19

    "Dandelion fluff upon a spoon" - a term used to describe a floating dirigible owned by a rather dandy of a Victorian vampire in this 5th/latest book of the steampunk "Parasol Protectorate" series. And it pretty well applies to the book series as a whole. These books are some of the most entertaining fluff I've ever read/listened to... and I just LOVE them. I bought the first audio book because it was on sale for $5, and I struck gold. Love Love Love these books... and now I have to wait until Fall 2013 for the next fluffy spin-off series to come around...?!? Boo. The books are a bit like... if Downton Abbey had vampires and werewolves... and steam powered, mechanical contraptions that would have made both Q and Inspector Gadget proud... only set in Victorian London for the most part... with a great deal of emphasis on proper tea and treacle tarts. It totally cracks me up. Much more witty and fresh than you'd think in this era of vampire/werewolf overload... and, it you listen to the audio series, the reader is FANTASTIC... I Love her voice and characterization!

  • Melissa Chung
    2019-04-14 02:39

    5 million stars!Oh this whole series was so good. Yes there were times when you were thinking when are you going to get to the mystery part. I don't care if Alexia is obsessed with tea. But that also is what makes the book so good. Let's see, I need to write a review without spoilers, but also reflect on the book. Whenever you are unsure where to start, from the beginning is always best.Alexia Tarabotti is a preternatural. This means she lacks soul. Where as Vampires, Werewolves and Ghosts has excess soul. The excess of soul allows the metamorphosis process to take place.Alexia is in her mid-twenties and by all standards a spinster. She is comfortable with this arrangement. Who needs stuffy men telling her what to do. She is comfortable among her family even though her sisters are awful and her mother is an embarrassment. At least she has a place to live and good food and tea at her disposal. Conall Maccon is the Alpha Werewolf of the Woosley pack based right outside of London. He is the leading interest in Alexia's eyes. Of course at the beginning of the book she is uncertain. I absolutely loved their spats back and forth such a lovely couple. It shows a real relationship. People fight! So to see them get their feelings hurt and love each other anyway. Is what it's all about.We then have the side characters. Professor Lyall, Maccon's Beta Alpha who is wholly involved in B.U.R. affairs and anything to do with pack relations. He keeps his Alpha dressed correctly and his love life in working order.There is also the extravagantly dressed and hilarious Lord Alkedama, Rove Vampire extraordinaire. Along with his many beautifully dressed drones. Drones are humans vying to be in the company of a vampire in hopes of one day becoming an immortal. (Only Queens have the power to change humans into vampires in this world). Biffy, one of Alkedama's drones is a big side character in this series that I absolutely loved. Dressed to kill, with the the ability of persuasion and a gift for gossip, he has learned from the best. He not only brings great fashion sense to the series, but loyalty and uses his powers of observation.Lastly I want to talk about Ivy Hisselpenny which is Alexia's best friend. Lover of obscenely ridiculous hats and is the best side kick Alexia could ever ask for.Of course there are many others like Floote, Alexia's butler and oldest confidant. He practically raised her. And Madame Lefoux the French inventor who was ahead of her times and dressed like a man. These two characters really helped the story move along as well and were detrimental to Alexia's growth in character. If you are wanting a fun, fast paced, witty Adult urban fantasy set in London during the Victorian Era with steampunk elements then this is definitely the book series for you. Just amazing. I can not wait to read all of Gail Carriger's works.

  • Kaitlin
    2019-04-09 01:28

    This is the 5th and final book in the Parasole Protectorate series and I have to say it was once again a whole lot of fun! I actually started reading this immediately after finishing up the 4th one because I loved the 4th one so much and just couldn't resist continuing, but I found that the 4th one was my favourite, and whilst this one is still wonderful, if wasn't quite as wonderful.In this story we once more follow our main character of Alexia as she ends up embroiled in a mystery surrounding a dead werewolf, a plague and a skin-stealer. She's a preternatural which means that whenever she touches a supernatural creature she turns them back into their human form and if she touches a Ghost then she essentially performs an exorcism. Alexia is a stellar character and one of the best female characters I have yet to read about. Not only is she charming, funny and intelligent, but she also has collected a very resourceful and fun group of loyal friends around her who are just as superb and fun.In this world we have Vampires and Werewolves running rampant and integrated into various societies around the world. They are not themselves unusual, but Miss Alexia's talents are pretty rare and therefore she's always becoming mixed up in all sorts of adventures.I think that the journeying to Egypt was certainly an interesting part of the story and I liked seeing what went on over there, but equally seeing Biffy and Professor Lyall in their tasks back in London was just superb and some truly touching and shocking moments occurred between and involving the two of them.Lord Akeldama was a great character in the series too, alongside Lord Maccon and Madame Lefoux, but ultimately Ivy Hisslepenny and Biffy, Lyall, Alexia and Prudence were all the stand out characters in my eyes. I think each of them shone and they had a great and vital role to play in the story, and some of the scenes between them all were just fabulous.I felt like the ending of the series was a little bit too convenient, but equally I did enjoy the way things wrapped up, so although this one was a lower 5* rating than book 4 the series as a whole is utterly fabulous and I would 100% recommend it :)

  • Mehsi
    2019-04-17 07:24

    *sighs*The last book in the Parasol Protectorate. Boy, I will be missing this series a whole lot, the characters, the world (though thankfully Gail Carriger is still writing books in this world). I hope that we will still see Lord and Lady Maccon in other books, or Biffy and Lyall. This book has a time skip of two years. Prudence is now a precocious little toddler, and just when everyone thinks it is time for some peace and quiet, Sidheag pops up, there is werewolf trouble. And if it can't get even more complicated Alexia gets an invite from the vampire queen in Egypt to visit her, and of course bring Prudence. One can't just say no to a vampire queen, so they have to pack up. And so the book is split up in two parts. Alexia, her hubbie and kid, and her friend Ivy and her hubbie and kids and their theatre troupe are going to Egypt (they need some sort of excuse why they are leaving London, and what better way than to have the theatre troupe go on a tour in Egypt). While Lyall and Biffy stay at home and figure out things from their home + make sure Sidheag isn't doing anything that may bring trouble. I loved both of these POVs. Biffy and Lyall's because I have been shipping them for a while and I just wanted to see them get together. And Alexia's POV because well first of all Alexia, but second Egypt! My favourite country in the world, I still hope to one day visit it. Of course like the other books there is some silly drama, and I disliked the way it was solved. The drama involves something that Alexia kept from her hubbie, namely what happened so many years ago to his old pack. I am still doubting if it was a good idea to hold it from him, but then again... I can also so see why she never told him. My lord, Lord Maccon is such a drama queen at times. Instead of just talking it over he gets super-angry and then just leaves. Whut? We also find out more about Alexia's dad (a real mess that guy was), about the Plague and why it is spreading (it was quite interesting to read when they found out what was causing it/how it was spreading). Plus we see a new queen and learn a whole lot about her (poor thing, I can imagine she may want to see Alexia and her kid). Of course there are also enough other exiting things happening. This whole book will keep you on your toes, well, sometimes also throwing you off your toes when you laugh at some of the things that happen (like that show by Ivy, her hubbie, and their theatre troupe). :P I am also happy to read that Ivy has twins now. Congrats! With of course names typical for Ivy and her hubbie. :PThe ending was fabulous, I was really happy with how everything turned out, it was a bit of a drastic solution, but I think it worked wonders. Even if it means a lot of adapting for all parties involved. Plus with certain things said, I was just awwing and cheering. That was so sweet of Conall. I was already thinking he may just do that, considering how much he loves Alexia. Yep, I really enjoyed reading these books. Great characters, wonderful story. Definitely would recommend the series to everyone.Review first posted at

  • RavenclawReadingRoom
    2019-04-22 04:27

    24/7/2016This was utterly delightful, even on reread. I loved the history in the story, the intriguing looks at Egypt and its history with the paranormal (we're told briefly that Ancient Egypt was controlled by werewolves, and Rome by vampires). It's especially fun after reading Prudence and seeing how the next generation turn out. Biffy's story is particularly delightful, and I have high hopes for a novella focusing on him sometimes in the future. Please and thank you?? 7/3/2012I've thoroughly enjoyed the entire Parasol Protectorate series, though I still think the first book is my favourite. In this, the final installment which is set two years after the events of "Heartless", Lady Alexia Maccon travels to Egypt with her husband and child on the request of the Queen of the Alexandria hive. With Prudence around, high jinks ensue. But in the process, Alexia discovers a number of things about herself, her daughter and her father. While the story didn't quite go the way I expected it to, it was still thoroughly enjoyable, filled with wonderful characters and witty dialogue.For the first time, the narrative is fairly split between Alexia (in Egypt) and Biffy (in London). I enjoyed this much more than if, say, the London side of the plot had been advanced solely through Alexia receiving messages from Biffy at regular intervals throughout the book. But at the same time, it was a little strange to suddenly have half a chapter without any input from the main character. I had a moment of "OH MY GOD, SHE DID NOT JUST DO THAT!!" with forty pages to go, which had me on the verge of a little tearful moment. But, as one expects from the last book in a series, all was tied up neatly, leaving the reader with a sense of finality. (Although at the same time, it seems like there's definite potential for a Prudence spin off series!!)

  • Bonnie
    2019-04-25 02:34

    My rating: 4.5 of 5 starsMuch thanks to Orbit for providing me a copy of this for review.Timeless, the fifth and last installment in the Parasol Protectorate. And the final adieu to Alexia, Conall, Ivy, and all the other colorful characters we’ve grown to know and love. This was actually my favorite installment out of the entire series surprisingly enough. Usually I don’t care for when a series that I’m quite fond of ends; however, it was done so well and was so much fun that I was sold. If you haven’t picked up this series yet and are looking for something incredibly original this is it.Timeless opens several years after Heartless with Alexia and Conall’s daughter Prudence having been adopted by Lord Akeldama in order to guarantee the safety of the entire family. Prudence had me laughing out loud on several occasions as she was such a handful but such a wonderful addition to the story. The entire family travels to Egypt when the God breaker Plague becomes an issue once again as it has started expanding at an alarming rate. With Alexia and the family in Egypt, Lyall and Biffy are left behind in London so there are POV shifts between the two locations. I can understand the need for this in retrospect but at the time I couldn’t help feeling it took something away from the story, especially with the focus on the budding relationship between Lyall and Biffy. All in all though? Extremely well done and truly enjoyable. Hands down my favorite steampunk book/series I’ve ever read.Luckily, we may not have heard the last of The Parasol Protectorate as there is a planned series called The Parasol Protectorate Abroad with the first story entitled ‘Prudence’. Sounds like Lady Alexia will be passing her Parasol along to her daughter – I can’t wait!

  • Minli
    2019-04-15 09:33

    A solid conclusion to the Parasol Protectorate, but still not up to the calibre of the first novel. I have to say, I groaned when I saw where this was set at first (Egypt) because I'm super conscious of imperialist tourism--so many "steampunk" adventure novels set in Egypt or Turkey seem to be just that.But Carriger makes it work because she focuses on further developing characters we know and already love. Frankly, I adored getting Biffy and Professor Lyall's perspectives--both of them seem to cross paranormal boundaries (Biffy a werewolf though in his heart a vampire) and Professor Lyall the subtle political maneuvering of his pack. Other minor characters also shone: the Ivys, Lord Akeldama, and even Madame Lefoux. Predictably, Alexia and Lord Maccon were the least interesting of the set, probably because there were no more places their characters could go, at least not emotionally. However, I do appreciate Carriger's "what happens after they get together" exploration. There's too much of a trope in sci-fi (or fantasy) that a couple becomes boring after marriage, and the woman becoming a vessel for the next chosen one. We never really see kickass heroines balancing motherhood and career. In Timeless, that issue is neatly sidestepped by Lord Akeldama and his drones being day-to-day caretakers, but the fact that there's a complex system of visitation rites and who's responsible for what makes me kind of happy.

  • Nikki
    2019-04-14 06:40

    If you’re enjoying the series, then this is basically more of the same sort of tone and plot, relationships, etc. There are a couple of nice developments — Biffy and Lyall’s relationship is particularly nice, and if you’re a fan of happily ever afters, then Conall and Alexia have a solution to something that was a problem, mostly unspoken, from the beginning. It ties up a lot of plot threads, including stuff about the God Breaker plague, Floote’s mysteriousness, and Alexia’s father.Plenty of drama drama, silly nicknames and sex-positivity, and general silliness. I’m glad to have finished the series, but I’m a bit reluctant to jump into Prudence… The silliness has always been a touch beyond my interest, and I’ve heard other critical things about it. We’ll see. I do own it, so I might as well try!Originally posted here.

  • Maria V. Snyder
    2019-04-19 05:36

    I'm listening to this one now. Love it! This is my favorite audio book series - the reader is fantastic and this is a fun series that hasn't gotten old.Finished the other day and I really loved how it ended. I enjoyed this series from start to finish and that's so rare - I can only think of a handful of series I've stuck with through the end. This last book was a little thin on plot and conflicts, but it entertained and I adore the characters and the reader, Emily Gray is the perfect voice for this series.

  • Robyn
    2019-04-19 04:18

    Not the strongest installment of the series, and yet, I very much enjoyed it. So many happenings! So much is explained! (I read the first chapter of Prudence and rapidly realised I needed to read this one first, so that one went on the back burner.) It wraps up the series while also allowing for more adventures, which I appreciated.

  • Ashley Owens
    2019-04-13 07:23

    I will be doing a full series review of the Parasol Protectorate books on my channel soon! My favorite thing about this book, besides all of the flirting, was definitely Prudence's tendency to say "No" at the weirdest of times. Had me laughing out loud.Needless to say I will be moving on to read Gail's other 2 series in the nearish future.

  • Penny Watson
    2019-04-19 01:24

    Timeless by Gail CarrigerIn this final installment of the Parasol Protectorate Series, Gail Carriger serves her readers the perfect cup of tea. Brewed just the correct amount of minutes, served at exactly the right temperature, splashed with the perfect amount of cream, and displayed in the most exquisite china tea set. (And possibly accompanied by a delicious and flaky bon-bon). I have been enamored with this series for a variety of reasons. It is a charming mixture of humor, steampunk creativity, paranormal politics, historical formality, and delicious characters. Alexia Tarabotti, soul-sucker extraordinaire, is channeling Amelia Peabody in the most fabulous way. They are both perky, no-nonsense heroines, partnered with giant gruff spouses (Conall-Emerson) and producing naughty cherubic infants (Prudence-Ramses). Where Elizabeth Peter's Amelia Peabody Series goes off in a more serious and historical way, Carriger's books are utter silliness. I adore both, for different reasons, but I especially respect the way Carriger has woven together the humor, romance, and steampunk aspects so flawlessly. This book charmed the Carhartt pants right off me. Yes, my little buttercups, it's true.My predictions about the budding romance between Lyall and Biffy were spot-on. (Did anyone really doubt Penelope? I think not). Prudence, the new preternatural baby, is the predictable offspring of a soulless Alexia and alpha werewolf, sensitive, mischievous, and filled with surprising talents. (And of course dressed to perfection thanks to Lord Akeldama). This book is even set in Egypt, further encouraging the Amelia Peabody comparison, but Carriger uses this setting as a back-drop for her over-the-top steampunk vision, whereas Peters uses it to explore her love of Egyptology.I did think the ending was a bit too abrupt (and of course I'm disappointed that there will not be more books in this series....I would love to see more Prudence!), but otherwise this book was absolute perfection. It even had copious references to beards! ........*****The earl could freely play with and, much to Lady Maccon's delight, take care of his daughter any time of the day or night without repercussions. He also grew a very large and scruffy beard, with which she was far less delighted."A man's virility is in his beard," he insisted.To which Alexia replied, "And a woman's is in her décolletage. Yet you don't see me allowing mine to get out of control, do you?""If wishes were balloons," was his only response.****Hee hee heeeeee......Alexia's only fault.The perfect ending to a perfectly wonderful series.Grade: APoised for pleasantries,Penelope

  • Shara
    2019-03-29 03:18

    The premise: ganked from Alexia Tarabotti, Lady Maccon, has settled into domestic bliss. Of course, being Alexia, such bliss involves integrating werewolves into London High society, living in a vampire's second best closet, and coping with a precocious toddler who is prone to turning supernatural willy-nilly. Even Ivy Tunstell's acting troupe's latest play, disastrous to say the least, cannot put a damper on Alexia's enjoyment of her new London lifestyle.Until, that is, she receives a summons from Alexandria that cannot be ignored. With husband, child, and Tunstells in tow, Alexia boards a steamer to cross the Mediterranean. But Egypt may hold more mysteries than even the indomitable Lady Maccon can handle. What does the vampire Queen of the Alexandria Hive really want from her? Why is the God-Breaker Plague suddenly expanding? And how has Ivy Tunstell suddenly become the most popular actress in all the British Empire?My Rating: Couldn't Put It DownThis was a wonderful fun, enjoyable, and entertaining read from the start. And beyond all that, Carriger actually wraps up the series very, very well. The whole series has been so enjoyable that I look forward to re-reading it back-to-back-to-back, from start to finish, so that I can catch all the little details I missed the first time around. I'm so glad that I finally gave in and gave this series a shot, because it's been such a fun joy to read. And while I might normally feel wistful that the series has ended, knowing that Carriger has two spin-off series plans makes that pain go away completely, because I know I'll see certain characters again, and her world is too rich, too fascinating to not tell MORE stories in. I just can't wait to see what they are!Spoilers, yay or nay?: Nay. With the book being so new, and with it being the final installment, I really don't want to ruin anyone's enjoyment. That said, books PRIOR TO Timeless may be spoiled, so if you aren't caught up through at least Heartless, you've been warned. The full review is at my blog, which I've linked to below. As always, comments and discussion are most welcome. REVIEW: Gail Carriger's TIMELESSHappy Reading!

  • Serena.. Sery-ously?
    2019-03-25 01:13

    Correva l'anno 2011...Lorsignori, con una media di un libro all'anno sono riuscita a finire una saga! Gioia e giubilo! Grazie, grazie.E CHE SAGA!Sono passati quattro giorni e sento già una tristezza incommensurabile per la fine delle avventure di Alexia Tarabotti.. Sì, ho altre due saghe della Carriger (e in una spero che Lord e Lady Maccon siano abbastanza presenti).. Ma non sarà la stessa cosa!!! Ero un po' titubante nell'affrontare questo ultimo volume un po' perché ero già nella fase "E poi? Come farò sapendo che tra i To Read non ho altre avventure di Alexia?!", sia perché fondamentalmente da questa serie/autrice mi aspettavo grandi cose e l'idea che potesse svaccare il tutto alla fine.. ARGH.Devo ammettere che qualche questioncella avrebbe potuto essere risolta in modo più approfondito e che ad un certo punto ero lì con "...What?", però credo che l'autrice abbia comunque fatto un ottimo lavoro, mi ha divertito tantissimo (come al solito!) e ha sviluppato i suoi personaggi dando ruoli importanti a tutti.. Oh, Biff!! Oh Ivy!! *_*La cosa fighissima è sicuramente il finale, perché.. Beh, perché Alexia è umana e Connall immortale: come conciliare le due cose in modo convincente e soprattutto rendendo felici i propri lettori?? Credo che la Carriger si sia superata!!Mi è piaciuto moltissimo l'amore incondizionato che traspare tra Alexia/Prudence, tra Alexia/Connal e Connal/Prudence: Ok, niente di straordinario considerando che sono una famiglia.. Ma giuro, sono tutte piccole cose, ma mi hanno emozionato tantissimo!! *_*Non vedo l'ora di leggere altro della Carriger, tanto love :3

  • Algernon
    2019-04-16 05:16

    [5/10] this series has overstayed its welcome for me. it was all right in the beginning, mostly harmless fun with vampires, werewolves ans steampunk gadgets. Timeless feels sadly like fanfic compared with Soulless, the humorous bits forced and the plot very thin, with a bit of conflict in the last 50 pages, and an ocean of trivial pursuits until then.I'm not very good at writing a synopsis, but Miss Tarrabotti is this time pursuing a mysterious plague that affects supernatural creatures, following in the steps of Amelia Peabody and investigating mummies in Egipt. Her lively daughter Prudence is supposed to be responsible for the humorous bits of the novel, but its a hit and miss opportunity most of the time. There's also a side plot involving secondary characters left in London to investigate a murder, a case where the culprit was very poorly hidden and the focus was rather on the romantic entaglements of the detective duo.I would like to see the author explore a different setting and different characters, like N K Jemisin did after her successful Thousand Kingdoms after only three books. In that case I will pick up the next Gail Carriger book. Otherwise I will continue with the originals she is trying to emulate : Elizabeth Peters and P G Wodehouse. edit: spelling woes.

  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    2019-03-30 09:34

    I'm sad for this to end. Review to come.Quick review:Cover: Fitting Rating:NC-17Steaminess:Steam Thumbs Up:4Overall: A series that I enjoyed is overCharacters: Well WrittenPlot: Alexia is on a mission for truthPage Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Series Ender Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: Biffy, Connel, TunsellSUMMARY (50 words or less)I’m not sure what to say. The story was entertaining. A lot of questions were answered, yet it seemed to miss something. I loved the wit and Prudence had some hilarious moments, not so much for her parents. Not sure I like how things ended with Ivy.For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at: ReviewEmily Gray is just outstanding. She’s perfect for this story as this story seemed like it was written for her. I look forward to listening to more of her narration.

  • Dee
    2019-04-09 08:13

    5 saddened starsAlas dear friends we may meet no more! This does, and doesn't, finish up everything nice and tidy. I enjoyed many aspects of it; seeing that Alexia and Connall are so close to Prudence despite the adoption; Ivy's character progression culminating in a true transformation! (view spoiler)[ a spin-off written from her perspective as a new vampire Queen would be hilarious!(hide spoiler)]; Biffy's ascension in rank and relations (view spoiler)[ though the whole having to part for decades was somewhat of a downer, at least he and Lyall had a moment first(hide spoiler)]; but set against these were a minor annoyance and a dash of confusion. I was irritated Connall got to be so annoyed following the teensy on page grovelling he did in Blameless; I was still vaguely unsure about Madame Lefoux's ultimate agenda other than to do whatever she wants for whomever; Mr Tarabotti's motivation eluded me (view spoiler)[ did he just utterly detest all supernaturals then? Why was he wanting a slow continued spread of mortality via corpse? Did I miss something?(hide spoiler)] And am I to take from the last page (view spoiler)[ that Lord Akeldama is a mega spymaster or some such from the reference to Goldenrod? As I recall the codename only being mentioned in a scattered way within Timeless as opposed to any earlier, I find this a strange point.(hide spoiler)]. My assumption is that it set up so that one must read the Custard Protocol series featuring the adult Prudence (Alexia and Connal and Akeldama's daughter). While I have no issue with this as such, the problem of an unfinished series and potential cliffhanging lies therein, as I am reliably informed that book 3 (of a scheduled 4) will not be out until 2018. So I may, or may not delve into Prudence as future mood takes. On the plus side my understanding is we will be blessed with a novella featuring dear sweet Biffy and Lyall sometime in late 2017. I eagerly await it!

  • Dara
    2019-04-11 09:38

    Spoilers for entire series to follow...Timeless picks up about 2 years after the events of Heartless, my least favorite entry in the series so far and to be honest, Timesless isn't a huge improvement over its predecessor.Alexia and Lord Maccon are now living with and next door to Lord Akeldama while he raises their 2-year-old daughter Prudence (for reasons I can't recall). Prudence is a metanatural - she can absorb a supernatural being's power through touch, making her a holy terror when she accidentally graces Akeldama or any member of the pack. I think Prudence is the main reason why I found this book to be such a drag. I'm no fan of children in general and have no interest in them being so prominently featured in any book I read. I find the daily rigors of child rearing terribly dull.Part of the book takes place in Egypt which was kind of fund but also a little bit imperialistic but I guess that's to be expected in a book that takes place in 1875. The main plot felt kind of scattered and not entirely cohesive but I still enjoyed it. My favorite parts of the book don't feature Lady Maccon at all. The B plot focused on Lord Maccon's Beta and new werewolf, Biffy. It was far more intriguing than the Maccons arguing yet again.Gail Carriger's writing is still fantastic. She's zingy, funny, and whimsical. Lines like this are why I love her so much: "She was the type of girl who would show her neck to a vampire one moment and her ankle to a chimney sweep the next." I'll definitely keep reading her works.This is the last book in this series but it doesn't feel like a final installment. There's no real sense of closure. Carriger seems to have deliberately left the door open for more tales of Alexia Maccon's life and I'm not entirely opposed to that. Overall, I was kind of underwhelmed with this book but I still had a good time.3.5 out of 5 stars.