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Ami isn't much for trusting strangers. She has a hard time trusting anyone. But she's no coward, and she's no pushover in the protection department either. So when she comes across a mysterious warrior taking on eight deranged vampires on his own, she doesn't hesitate to save his bacon. Of course, that was before she realized what one little rescue would get her into . . .Ami isn't much for trusting strangers. She has a hard time trusting anyone. But she's no coward, and she's no pushover in the protection department either. So when she comes across a mysterious warrior taking on eight deranged vampires on his own, she doesn't hesitate to save his bacon. Of course, that was before she realized what one little rescue would get her into . . .Marcus Grayden has been an immortal protector of humanity for eight hundred years, and at the moment he's not interested in backup. From the moment Ami arrives in his life, he can't deny that she's strong, smart, and extremely skilled at watching his back. But she's also destroying his protective solitude and stirring desires he can't bear to awaken. After all, whatever her secrets — how can she defeat death itself?...

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Night Reigns Reviews

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2019-05-18 14:51

    3.75 StarsI don't know what it is about me and the books in this series...I am really enjoying them, but - for some reason - something is keeping me from thinking they are "ermagherd AWESOME" so far.I don't know what it is.I think it's that the "rules" of this world aren't as...established in my mind as I would like them to be. Disclaimer: I am about to embark upon an explanation that will most likely make NO fucking sense. But I'm gonna give it the old college try anyway. And I tried REALLY hard in college. But I digress...anyway... Here's my beef. The "powers" of the Immortal Guardians seems super crazy awesome one moment...and then they are suddenly vulnerable to something in another moment that I feel like they shouldn't be, if that makes sense. Also, one of the main characters, the leader of the Immortal Guardians - Seth - is supposed to be REALLY powerful. Like, superhero crazy powerful. More powerful than all of the Immortal Guardians. We don't know what he is really as that hasn't been revealed to us yet (although I have my suspicions..) - but anyway, he's like SERIOUSLY powerful. And therein lies a problem for me. I feel as if all of these obstacles the Immortal Guardians run into - while mostly easy for them to handle, but not too easy, mind you - are problems that Seth should be able to solve with a snap of his fingers. Because, you know, REALLY FUCKING POWERFUL. And perhaps the author realizes that too - knows that Seth can easily solve all of the problems arising in these stories and thus, completely negating the whole purpose of these stories, that is - because, even though he is in charge of the IG's...even though he is supposedly orchestrating all of their activity...whenever a BIG moment happens...Seth is of course magically tied up with some other "BIG EVENT" at the last moment that prevents him from being their during the "BIG BATTLE" and coming to their aid. In other words: He's nowhere to be found. I know what you are thinking....I guess what I'm trying to say's like watching someone cleaning up a pile of sand grain by grain......when there's a fucking vacuum sitting right next to them. Something else that I found...suspect...was the revealing of Ami's backstory. When her "origins" are revealed to us, my reaction was...varied. But whatevs, I'll take it. Other than that, like I said, I really enjoy this author's writing and I like the world she has built here. I just think the above...issues....are keeping me from 100% loving these books. But I am still looking forward to tackling book three. And now that I have thoroughly confused everyone...Fine me at:

  • Blacky *Romance Addict*
    2019-04-22 14:04

    Lara Adrian did it better.I don't mind the direction in which it went actually, fine whatever.But the way it was done, the explanation was really really bad.big spoiler ahead:(view spoiler)[So, she lives on the other side of the galaxy on some planet, and looks EXACTLY like a human. Yeah. Right. Oh, and has same internal organs as a human, not just looks. Yeah. Right. (hide spoiler)]It would've been a 4 if not for that BS

  • Cyndi
    2019-04-23 12:42

    Another good one in the series! I enjoyed Marcus and Ami. They were both sweet to each other and I liked their relationship. A few minor complaints: I didn't like that Marcus had loved or been obsessed with another woman for 800 years. The reason I didn't DNF is that he was never more than friends with this OW. What he felt for Ami was completely different, but I didn't like that he thought he was in love with OW for that long. I also didn't like the little statements or thoughts that Marcus had about his sexual past. Obviously his feelings for the OW didn't stop him from sleeping around- he mentioned that he had slept with many women and had an "intimate arrangement" with a woman that always wore fancy matching lingerie sets. That's TMI in my opinion. I don't want to know these things. Anyway- I still liked it :)

  • AJ
    2019-05-16 10:37

    Book 2 in the Immortal Guardians series, and the action, romance, and paranormal excitement continues! This time focussing on Marcus and Ami.I really liked Marcus in the first book of this series – Darkness Dawns. Of course he’s a badass Immortal warrior, but he’s also loyal with a big heart and a fantastic sense of humour. He lives his life on the edge – throwing himself into danger with a carefree attitude, but he keeps his emotions close. When Ami is appointed by Seth to be Marcus’ second, Marcus is less than impressed. Sure, he’s attracted to the mysterious girl, but his past romantic life is complicated and tragic, he’s not interested in being with anybody, and Ami tempts him like no-one else.Ami has come a long way since the first book. Set 18 months after Darkness Dawns, she has mostly recovered from the horrific torture that Seth rescued her from, and has proven herself to be intelligent, strong, and completely accepting of the world that she has been thrown into. She works really hard, and is there for Marcus whenever he needs her (professionally… and personally when he allows), but there is also a vulnerability about her which is really heartbreaking. She is hiding a massive secret, and obviously still suffers from all that she has been through, but she pulls up her big girl panties and just gets on with it, and OMG, the girl is a total badass! This book is action packed, and I LOVE that Ami just throws herself on in there! It’s not just the boys out there fighting vampires, oh hell no! The girls get into it as well, and there are some fantastic fight scenes in this book. And it provides some perfect opportunities for Marcus to get all protective over Ami, and I love it when his soft side comes out! With Marcus fighting his feelings, there is more of a build-up to the romance compared to the last book, and I really liked that. Not only did it seem more real, but it builds the UST beautifully so that by the time they get together, it’s all very intense and super hot. Like the couple last book, Marcus and Ami are super functional. They are open with each other, they’re not afraid to talk about how they’re feeling, and even though they occasionally argue (usually about each other’s safety), they hash everything out together. It’s so refreshing to read a book when you can enjoy the love story, and you know that they are committed, and there is no relationship drama. All of the drama and action is based external to the two of them, and they just get on with it and face it all together. I love that!And there’s a whole lot going on! The vampires are becoming more organised, are attacking in greater numbers, and appear to be led by a self-declared ‘vampire king’. I like the multiple POV of these books that allows us a glimpse at the bad guys, as well as random characters throughout the book so we get to experience different facets of what is going on – even those who are introduced for the sole purpose of us watching them get killed. It shows the brutality of the world, and gives the book a darker feel. And then there’s Ami’s big secret. Honestly, I was sort of expecting it, but it still comes as a bit of a shock. It adds a new twist to the story though, and with her life continuing to be in danger, it’s going to bring a new element to the series.I love that we’re getting to know the cast of characters more! Roland and Sarah are a big part of the story, and I was happy to be able to spend time with them again. We get to know Chris a bit more - I love his no-nonsense attitude, and hope we get to see more of him. Bastien continues to be a conflicted character – I actually really like him, and the sparks are already happening between him and a certain doctor, setting up the next book in the series. I’m really looking forward to his story.And Ami’s relationship with Seth, David and Darnell is absolutely gorgeous! I love how they feel all parental and protective over her, and every time they showed up and called her ‘sweetheart’ I just melted. And Seth and David being able to read minds leads to some hilarious encounters whenever they are around Marcus.This is a great continuation to the series. I’m getting really invested in all of these characters, and I’m excited to read on. 4 stars.

  • Denisa
    2019-04-26 14:07

    This one was cute.The previous book focused more on the story, this one was more about the love and romance. But it wasn't bad at all, I liked it. It kept me curious 'til the end, I really wanted to know what Ami was and the answer stunned me.Maybe that part I didn't really like, (view spoiler)[ I mean, c'mon, aliens? Really? (hide spoiler)]Ah well, it's a pretty nice series, it's worth giving it a try.

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-04-29 12:58

    With every single installment I read, I love this series even more. This is Marcus and Ami’s story. And before I get too far, I have to address the big elephant in the room. A lot of readers took issue with the reveal of who/ what Ami really is. It is kind of out there. But I started this series with book 6, so I already knew what she was, long before she told Marcus. The reveal that turned off so many readers, wasn’t a thing for me. So yeah, it is kind of weird (and that says a lot, considering this is a vampire book.) If you can get past that, though, or maybe if you go into it spoiled, I really think you’ll enjoy the book as much as I did.I’m going to give you a choice and let you decide if you want in on the secret. (view spoiler)[Ami is an alien. DON’T STOP READING. Really, just wait a second. Please stay with me here. The author does a good job explaining what she is doing on Earth and it makes sense why she was being held and experimented on when Seth found her in the last book. Do I love that she is an alien? No. But I love her with Marcus and that is enough for me. (hide spoiler)]The story begins about a year and a half after the events of Darkness Dawns. Ami is healing from the torture she endured and Seth thinks he can help her even more by making her a Second for Marcus. The centuries-old Immortal has been taking unnecessary risks since the death of his beloved Bethany and having Ami around could help ground him. Marcus balks at first, but it doesn’t take long before he realizes what a gift he has been given.Ami is such a great blend of innocence and strength. I love how seriously she takes her role as Marcus’s protector. She is fragile in some ways, vulnerable due to her past and her secrets. But she tears through Marcus’s walls with her tenacity and loyalty. I loved watching these two fall for each other. I loved the mystery unfolding for Marcus, even if the big reveal was odd. I loved the sexual tension and the budding romance. And, of course, I loved the bigger picture.One of the best things about this series for me is the huge, engaging cast of characters. Dianne Duvall does such a great job incorporating in all of these different people and infusing them with such interesting personalities and backstories. I am all aflutter over Bastien and the lady doctor he is totally supposed to be with. I also want more of David and Seth.The world building is great too. It’s a little complicated, but it’s laid out in such a way that I’m never confused. Everything makes sense. The pacing is good. The dialogue is good. Heck, Duvall even cut back some on all the healthy-eating references that annoyed me in the first book.I would definitely recommend this series to PNR fans. And if you can get over Ami’s origins and just roll with it, I think you’ll love it too.

  • Malinda
    2019-05-13 15:53

    4.5-5 starsThis was a great story. I've read the first book in the series Darkness Dawns which I loved and this book is a great addition to the series. I really liked Marcus in book #1 and was happy to get to read his book.Ami is a nice woman with a strange/painful past. She's been separated from all she knew and ended up in a horrible situation that Seth and David (the 2 oldest Immortals) end up saving her from. It takes a while but she slowly begins to get back to herself and recover from her trials. When she becomes strong enough both emotionally and physically, Seth assigns her to be a second (a helper) to and immortal that he believes (slightly erroneously) she's never met before.Marcus is an Immortal that's 800 years old. He loved a woman once but lost her and now he just lives life, killing vampires and nothing else. He's tired of his life and enjoys his solitude where he stews in his discontentment. Seth (being the oldest and wisest of the Immortals) sees that Marcus needs something to help bring him out of his funk and decides to assign Ami as his second, thinking it'll do both of them some good. Marcus isn't so sure and goes out of his way to avoid Ami when she first becomes his second.Ami isn't a shrinking violet (no matter her painful past) and is determined to do the job that Seth set for her to do. It would be easier for her if Marcus wasn't so intent on avoiding her. Marcus isn't mean to Ami but every time he's in her presence he's uncomfortable because he's finding he wants her. This serious attraction, paired with the fact that she's nice and sweet and he can't help but like her makes it very hard on him so he avoids her. This doesn't go on very long before Marcus and Ami end up in a huge fight with many Vamps which they come out of and it bonds them. After that they become closer and he stops avoiding her and starts to give in to his attraction. Ami is rather innocent but falls for Marcus pretty quickly and isn't adverse to getting more physical with Marcus either. As Marcus and Ami become a couple there's much going on in the action plot as a self proclaimed Vampire King raises an army and the Immortals are inundated with tons of Vamps to kill as the Vamps try to kill (or capture) them. A few times as the story progresses, weird things become apparent about Ami and Marcus is left trying to figure things out while he's already falling in love with her. When he finds out the truth, he also finds out that a past enemy of Ami's has resurfaced and is in the fight against the immortals. Marcus is determined to protect Ami and does everything he can to keep her safe. The Vampire King is dealt with in the end but the old enemy is still out there and it'll be interesting to see where the storyline goes with this as the series continues. After things settle down, Ami and Marcus get a sweet conclusion of the story with a wonderful HEA.I really enjoyed this story. The characters are all great and I loved Ami and Marcus, both separately and as a couple. The storyline is interesting and engaging and I can't wait to read the next book in the series. This is actually a reread for me but I feel it's just as great now as the first time I read it. I'd recommend this book. 2 thumbs up! :D* note - I listened to the audio version of this book and the narrator did a great job.8/21/15 - Reread of series before the release of #s 5.5 & 6. Marcus and Ami are still a great couple and the storylines are interesting and engaging. :D

  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    2019-04-30 11:04

    Quick reviewCover: It’s okay. RatingNC-17 for sexiness of it all. Thumbs Up4.5Overall: Solid good read.Characters: Love them.Plot: Maybe not as good as the first but still excellent.Page Turner: Yes. Series Cont.? Yes. RecommendYes.Book Boyfriend: MarcusSUMMARY (50 word or less)The cliffhanger at the end of the previous book left me wanting to read this book right away. And well, I think part of the anticipation which isn’t immediately gratified, caused some of the let down. But a lot of questions were answered and I’m ready for the next one.To see my full review and book boyfriend pic, check out my blog post. REVIEWKirsten Potter continues to do this series justice. What I like most is that she continued with the choices in voice for the characters from the previous installment. She didn’t recreate them because maybe she was more comfortable speaking a certain way. This made it easier to continue with the story although different characters were the main focus.

  • Erika
    2019-05-08 15:41

    5 stars!!Wow did I love this book! It was so good! I am very grateful to my Goodreads friend Jessica who suggested the series. It is just what I have been looking for!The heroes and heroines are amazing people. I have gotten tired of reading about selfish characters, and this book, (just like the first), are filled with people (well, many of them non-human) who are motivated by love for each other and the desire to protect innocent people. In this book, Marcus the hero, is simply divine. He is protective, brave as hell, strong, smart, noble, trustworthy....and possessive (not in an over-the-top way) of the heroine, Ami. Ami is an amazing, amazing heroine. She is sweet, totally kick-ass, kind, unselfish and ..... has a huge secret. I was waiting with bated breath to find out who/what she was. The underlying storyline of this series grew by leaps and bounds with this book and I am really looking forward to the rest of the series.

  • Laurie Garrison
    2019-05-11 08:48

    Dianne Duvall delivers another action pack romance in book two of the Immortal Guardians series. If you read book one and loved it you sure can’t miss this one. What is Ami? That’s what we was left with in book one. In this book you get Ami dumped on Marcus as his second and you don’t get a clue about what Ami is until mid way, then things starts unwrapping about what she is. One thing about Ami is she is strong and can fight right along with an Immortal and it doesn’t take Marcus long to figure out she’s different. These two fit together really well and the tension between is really hot, but it takes them a bit to really get going. I really enjoyed the wait. The downside for me was the Immortals fighting with each other. Some of it seemed really childish. Still overall a great paranormal romance read that not to be missed.

  • Beth
    2019-05-13 08:48

    Love this series! A perfect balance of action, romance and character developement. Definitely a book I'd read again.

  • Maria_Love_For_Books
    2019-04-25 12:58

    Reread and loved it again!! The following review is from the first time I read this book and I am not going to change it!******************I am a huge fan of Dianne Duvall since I read the first book of the Immortal Guardians series and now, after I read “Night Reigns” the second book of the series I have to say that she is absolutely AMAZING! Although this is a paranormal romance book the plot isn’t focus only in the main couple and their romance but it has a great plot also!In this book we learn the story of Marcus and Ami. Marcus is an Immortal and we have met him in the first book. He is badass (of course!) but he’s also smart, brave and… hot! He is kind of a jerk at first (in a good way!) but his behavior is like that because he’s lonely. Ami is what he needs. But what Ami is exactly? Seth has rescued her from a true horror a year and a half before and now Seth treats her like a daughter. Although she has many reasons not to trust anyone, she is loving and caring and she wants the best for the ones she loves. At first, Marcus and Ami aren’t close, because Marcus was avoiding her but soon this changed. I loved the way their love grows in the story and the development in their relationship is exactly what it should be. Both of them are lonely. He has lost some years before a woman he loved and she has a big secret that no one must know. It’s perfect that now they have each other!I loved all the secondary characters in the book because each and every one of them has a unique sense of humor. Mysterious Seth who is like a father or a very protective big brother to all of them, Roland and Sarah, David, Darnell, Chris and Bastien make the story very interesting and funnier some times. Especially overprotective Roland who always teases Marcus. I find myself very curious for Seth and Bastien and I am looking forward to read the next book of the series! Also, I have to say that this book has a lot of action and it’s great that in this story women fight also!!Dianne Duvall is one of the best pnr authors and I totally recommend this book!

  • Beate
    2019-05-11 10:45

    Talk about the biggest letdown of the year. This is the one book I was anticipating the most. The one book that didn't get here soon enough. The one book I was impatiently patient for. I've had all my friends reading the first book in the series, because I believed it to be that good!This book lived up to my expectations all the way up to where Ami tells Marcus who, or rather, what she is, which is around the 75% mark or slightly after that if I remember correctly.(view spoiler)[SHE'S A BLOODY ALIEN!! (hide spoiler)] I know this was skirted by in the first book as a possible explanation. But I honestly did not think the author would go there. (view spoiler)[But she went there with planets, solar systems, inter galactic wars (sort of). The whole shebang. (hide spoiler)]This whole thing set other issues, like the constant obsession with "big breasts", "tiny waists", "flaring hips" and "the heart of her" to the side. The little quirks that annoyed me don't matter anymore. Even with the little things, this book was sailing up to a solid 5 star. And it's the fact that I like the first 3/4ths of the book that stop me from giving it a 1 star.Had I known from the beginning that this was where she would go, I wouldn't even have picked up the first book to begin with. It was so out of character, and did not belong anywhere in the set up of the books, that I've flounced at the 78% marker. I just can't continue to read it without wanting to throw my Kindle at something hard.This is a book about vamps and other supernatural beings. Shifters would have been a better bet here. Or angels (which I'm guessing some of the characters really are). Even demons could have explained Ami, just not bloody (view spoiler)[aliens! (hide spoiler)]I am incredibly disappointed and sad that this book went there.Will I pick up the next book in the series? Doubtful.

  • Crystal ♥ RBtWBC
    2019-04-22 10:05

    4.5 StarsDianne Duvall delivers scorching romance, gut-wrenching emotions, and heart-racing danger and suspense in her latest Immortal Guardian’s novel, Night Reigns!In the first novel, Darkness Dawns, readers were left with the mystery of what exactly Ami was and what part she will play in the series as well as Marcus’s depression over the loss of the woman he loved. When Seth, the leader of the Immortal Guardians, places Ami as Marcus’ second all of our questions are slowly answered. Not human and not immortal, but something definitely different, Ami can more than take care of herself and watch Marcus Grayden’s back. And though Marcus proves quite a challenge living with, by constantly trying to drive her away, Ami is determined to succeed and be the best second there is. Once Marcus see’s that Ami can hold her own however he starts to respect her abilities and having her by his side in a fight somehow feels right. But can he chance caring for someone again while knowing that one day she will die and leave him? Ami hides a crucial secret though that could change everything in her budding relationship with Marcus. Will she ever be able to fully trust him enough to open up to him, or will it be too late?Dianne Duvall is, without a doubt, my favorite debut author of 2011 and a rising star in the paranormal genre!I absolutely loved the first novel in this series, Darkness Dawns, and was absurdly happy to find such consistency in writing with the series in this second novel. Dianne knows how to lure you in and captivate you in this exciting world of action and passion until the very last page! With dark, sexy and intriguing Immortals battling murderous and mysterious vampire villains the action never stopped and together, Marcus and Ami were one kick-ass team! Though Roland and Seth still claim a good portion of my heart Marcus definitely found his way in there with this story; perfectly flawed with a tortured soul - how could you not love this brooding hero? And Ami tops the list of butt-kicking paranormal romance heroine’s, saving the life of our capable hero on more than one occasion. Together these two have a blistering sensuality and are a lasting fit. Dianne has created a riveting story with its creative premises and memorable characters that was a wonderfully satisfying read. The Immortal Guardians are addictive and I can’t wait to read the next in the series! The cast of characters Dianne has brought forth are each incredibly intriguing and I cannot get enough of them; I need more, more, more!Though Night Reigns has some continuing story lines from the first novel, it is set up well to read as a stand-alone. However I of course would recommend reading the series in order just for the fact that they are both superb reads!

  • Melindeeloo
    2019-05-02 08:52

    Marcus has been grieving over a love that was never his to lose and flying solo, throwing himself headlong into deadly confrontations with vampires, until - against his objections - he is assigned a 'second', Ami. And when his plan to scared her off doesn't work, Marcus is reluctantly gaining respect for the deadly little human and finding that it is way more than nice to have someone who 'has his back' after keeping everyone at a distance for so long.I really liked both of the leads, the stubborn brave little heroine, Ami, and the broody Marcus and I liked the story too - and was actually liking better than the first book Darkness Dawns - right up until the heroine's big reveal (which I knew about having read the spoilers). The 'what' of her secret was fine but the info dump to explain the 'why' was odd and klunky and not that interesting. (view spoiler)[ I would have actually been fine with a simple "I came in peace and they carved me into pieces" (hide spoiler)]And I felt that it derailed the rest of the story as well, because after that point, the focus shifted from blood thirsty bad a$$ vamp villains to even badder 'men in black' villains and the book just sort of came to a fizzling conclusion. I know that others had problems with Marcus getting over his 800 year unrequited love and falling for Amy so quickly, but you know it didn't bother me at all. I had gotten the feeling that his love in the distant past was more a romanticized idea of this unobtainable love and a young man's crush and then later, in the present time, a safe love that he didn't risk anything for, so I didn't mind that his feelings for Ami snuck up on Marcus when he wasn't looking. Things were obviously left open for the next book, which I had me guessing - and hoping - that the next book would be about Bastien since his outcast status makes him interesting. My other choice would be the intriguing Seth, but I imagine Duvall is saving him for much later in the series. Edited to add - Yep, Bastien is up next in Phantom Shadows out October 2012.

  • Mel
    2019-05-21 12:58

    These Immortal Guardians are hot! With hard bodies, super fast reflexes, and the skills to protect the human race from mad vampires on killing rampages, these guardians will capture your heart. In Night Reigns, the solitary Marcus is forced to take on a second after a near death experience. Ami is the tenacious second assigned to take on Marcus. As Marcus fights against armies of vampires, Ami is determined to prove her ability and worth. As these two battle at home and in the field, sparks fly!Duval has created a new and intriguing world in which there is a definite divide between good and evil. When exposed to the vampire virus, the Immortal Guardians become powerful night dwellers who drink blood to survive. Unfortunately, vampires eventually succumb to a madness which causes them to kill. Luckily, Immortal Guardians have extra DNA which prevents them from suffering from vampire madness. This series is a true paranormal romance. Each book contains the story about one couple with plot twists and cliff-hangers continuing book to book. I recommend this series for anyone who likes Lara Adrian, Kresley Cole, or Larissa Ione.

  • T.J. Shaw
    2019-04-29 15:52

    4.5 Stars!Wow! This is really turning out to be an interesting story. I didn’t see the new plot twists coming at all. I really enjoyed Marcus in the first book, DARKNESS DAWNS, so I’m glad he got top billing in NIGHT REIGNS. Ami is an intriguing heroine who I’ve rooted for from the very beginning. So glad they got their happily ever after. What I find so fascinating about this series is the overall story that is developing throughout all the books. Ms. Duvall gives the reader just enough hints to tantalize, but not enough to solve the puzzles. I’m so curious to see where she takes this series as a whole and the surprises she has in store for the reader. What a great different take on the vampire/immortal genre.

  • Dee
    2019-05-01 14:40

    A spectacular follow up to the first one.......full review to follow ☺Can't wait until October for the next one......come on Ms Duvall - please write faster :))

  • Lyndi
    2019-05-12 07:52

    I feel like we're not really resolving things here.

  • Liz F
    2019-05-10 14:04

    Ok, seriously, Dianne Duvall is my new favoritest of the favoritests. Nora who? Dianne Duvall puts them ALL to shame!!Night Reigns is the second book of her Immortal Guardians series. The third one should be coming out this year so you'll only have book 1 and book 2 to tide you over. And please trust me when I tell you that two is SO not enough!!Night Reigns focuses on Amiriska, who, if you remember from Book 1, Seth rescued from the evil government scientists who were torturing her. She goes by Ami and is not like anything anyone has ever seen. We also get better acquainted with Marcus Grayden, who we also met in Book 1. Marcus is such a great character! He's around 800 years old so he was born sometime in the middle ages. He fell in love with a woman who had traveled back in time....!!!!! The author explains it WAY better than I could but she traveled back in time to whenever Marcus was a young man. He falls in love with her sort of "from afar". He's the squire to the man SHE falls in love with and Marcus has such respect and admiration and love for this man who was like a father to him, that he doesn't want to hurt either of them. So he transforms into an Immortal Guardian later on and then he waits hundreds and hundreds of years until that woman is born in the future/present. He still only loves her from afar because he still feels loyal to that dude from the past. Even though she hasn't met him yet! Sheesh!! But really, it doesn't seem that confusing in the book, I promise!! LOL! Anyways, so the time comes where she travels back in time and Marcus is beside himself. He is super depressed and takes all these crazy risks just so he can feel something other than his broken heart.Seth (Leader of the Immortal Guardians) places Ami with Marcus as Marcus's "Second". The Immortal Guardians have these "Seconds" who are usually humans who do all the dirty sort of work for the Immortal Guardians. Not dirty work so much, just more of a helper. They run errands during the day (I.G.'s can't go in sunlight similar to vampires), they patch up the I.G.'s when they get hurt in battle, I think they also help fight when the need arises but that's pretty rare since I.G.'s are pretty hard to kill and Seconds are only human! So Seth put Ami and Marcus together, hoping to help Marcus out of his unhappiness. Its also to help Ami, as she's really traumatized by her torture at the hands of the government. She's really shy around new people, etc.You can imagine that sparks inevitably fly. The war, of sorts, is still ongoing with the vampires. I.G.'s don't really want to kill vampires but in these books, vampires go crazy after a few years of being bitten and IG's have to take them out so that none of them get discovered. But someone is organizing the vampires and they need to find out who that is. There are so many threads woven (weaved?) into the story that it would be too difficult to sort through them here. But some of the major points are: #1) Sexy-time is really hot! #2) The characters are all unique (in my opinion) and the author writes them in such a way that you really care about what happens to them. #3) There's this mystery that goes through each of the books and its sort of one big mystery but they also solve little parts of it along the way so you feel satisfied at the end of each book. But the mystery is still intertwined and you really need to read them all and in order to get the whole picture. #4) There are plenty of laughs, plenty of fights and plenty of emotions.I really feel like this series has it all. I don't think I've enjoyed a book as much as I've enjoyed these. Please, please do yourself a favor and give them a chance. I swear you won't regret it. And because, if you read them, you'll be as hooked as I am, I should let you know that the author has a website and on it, she has transcripts of "interviews" with some of the main characters in the books. So you'll have a little something to tide you over until the next one comes out!

  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    2019-05-11 16:05

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyThanks to the excellent introduction to the world and the mythology regarding vampires and Immortals in DARKNESS DAWNS, the first book in the Immortal Guardians paranormal romance series, Dianne Duvall wasted no time launching into an equally seductive story for the sequel, NIGHT REIGNS. Both the hero and heroine had been introduced in the previous book, but newbies to the series won’t feel like they are missing out when these two meet for the first time while fending off a massive vampire attack.Not the most romantic introduction, but it isn’t meant to be. Long before moving in that direction, Ami and Marcus first needed to trust each other and build confidence in the others capabilities. Ami is wickedly lethal with gun, and Marcus’ blades are lightening fast. Mutual respect and admiration flared to life and then when attraction and more developed, it was an unbelievably welcome change up from the instant love/lust that too many paranormal romance couples are saddled with. When Ami and Marcus started to realize that they were in love, I didn’t doubt it for a moment.And it’s not just the romance that is sizzling in NIGHT REIGNS, the mythology is very cool, especially with the new addition that Ami brings. I won’t spoil anything, but I’m hoping for even more revelations in the next book. We are so used to vampires being the heroes in paranormal romance, that it still so fun to see them portrayed as ticking time bombs ready to go berserk when the virus that infected them fully corrupts their brains. I said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’ve fallen for paranormal romance series like the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Lords of the Underworld, or Immortals After Dark, you will love the Immortal Guardian series. Complex and captivating mythology, strong and sexy supernatural alpha males, smart and resourceful women, and stories that capture all the dark and dangerous moments that bring them together. Do I really need to go on?Sexual Content:Two graphic sex scenes

  • CC
    2019-05-03 12:41

    3.5 starsHaving just read the 1st book in the series and really feeling the main couple, this one was just not quite as good for me. I really liked both main characters. A lot. There was just something missing. It was probably because Marcus spent quite a long time pushing Ami away (which I really do not like) and his 800 year fixation with another woman (I will not go there). But I really liked Marcus. Ami was a rock star. By far the fiercest female fighter I think I have ever read. Incredibly brave and loyal. Her delight at the most normal things was fun. There is just nothing unlikable about her. The overarching storyline was pushed forward with some new twists. Getting to catch up with all of the secondary characters was great. Making me want to dive into the next book. Safety Gang Safe but a possible minor trigger(view spoiler)[Hero fell in love 800 years ago and that fixation has continued. He never had a physical relationship with this woman as she was married to his friend and mentor. She has been totally out of his life for about 8 years and he has essentially been mourning. I normally would hate this in a book, but I certainly believed that the feelings he had before amounted to infatuation, not what he has with Ami. The problem is that I never felt that HE admitted that and he certainly did not to Ami. If she were a normal female (which her background ensures she is not) she would have wanted closure on this issue. So me, being a normal female, wanted more close. Others telling him it was obvious, does not mean, to me, that he fully gets it. All that being said, readers will not doubt his love for Ami.I understand that any being that is 800 years old has a history and I have to give him some slack! (hide spoiler)]

  • Melissa
    2019-05-02 13:42

    Oh this is another swoony read by Diane Duvall. The first was Darkness Dawns (my review linked) and really needs to be read first. This book takes place not long after the first and you are already introduced to several of the characters and their situation. In this book Marcus, a immortal guardian is paired with Ami. This is their story.So, without spilling the beans of the first book, I will tell you I loved the characters. Marcus was grouchy at first but quickly fell into the sweet bf role we all can swoon over. What I also loved about the first book was that Sarah was an interesting character in herself. I was not disappointed with this book either. I really enjoyed Ami and found her strength despite her fears such a great combination. There is also a twist with her character I wasn't sure I would like at first. I think it just threw me for a fruit loop. However, once more of the pieces were put together, I really enjoyed this twist. No, I'm not telling you what it was *evil laugh* (oh it's been too long), but I will say that it will make the next books very interesting.I give this book 4 1/2 stars. I think if you love PNR, action, and fun you really need to get into this series. Read in order like I did... *gives smelling salts* because I think it is necessary to piece everything together. No, it's not complicated, just makes more sense. Oh and there is a sort of cliffie in this book. More like the major aspects were solved, but a thread forms that will lead you to the next book. Those I don't mind. :)

  • Grace
    2019-04-29 13:00

    I'm giving this book a 4 because I am enjoying the story and it left me with enough questions that I'm eager for the next book. I like the characters, especially the hero/heroine. will admit though that I wanted to rate this book a 3 because of a reoccurring theme that Ms. Duvall is putting in these books. Apparently, Ms. Duvall is an organic-lovin', hybrid-driving, anti-crap food lover. I don't know how many times within these first 2 books that I had to hear how bad chemicals were in food, how organic food was wonderful, and being vegetarian was the only way immortals liked to eat. No cancer-causing, Alzheimer's-creating crap for them. (OK -- maybe I'm exaggerating a tad, but just a tad.) My thing is, I can appreciate this lifestyle, even though I don't have the discipline to follow it, but I just felt like Ms. Duvall was a little too preachy about it. I also thought it was entertaining that a need-for-speed immortal drove a Prius.I guess when I read a paranormal romance, I just want to be entertained, not preached to. I'm just glad the action, the storyline, and the cliffhanger has me overlooking this. However, if she goes into this again in the 3rd book, I can't say I'm going to be so generous.Am I the only one who felt this way after reading the first 2 books? Oh well...

  • Ezinwanyi
    2019-04-25 13:37

    This book was a 3.75 stars read for me. I loved Marcus from book 1 and it featured Amy, the mystery victim from book 1.This book occurs 1 1/2 years after Roland and Sarah got married. Marcus was being hunted by a group af organized vampires who think he is Roland. So Seth assigns him a second, Amy, to watch his back. The rest is similar to book 1. But there was the addition of a Sci-fi type nations. I liked it but I didn't get why Amy just couldn't be gifted.I have a few questions: most important is WHAT is Seth? He has wings, and is keeping a huge secret that he shared with ET Amy.More to come

  • HeatherTX
    2019-05-20 14:04

    An awesome read.....the story and characters are just full of emotion, action, suspense and love. The series is written in a way that just leaves you guessing at who's story is next and in what direction will the story go?! I love all the main characters and look forward to reading each of the stories and hopefully their HEA's.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-04-23 08:50

    Another good read! Spent the day reading this instead of catching up on reviews! :)Review to come!

  • Kay (❦ ᴗ ❦ ✿) BooksandMe
    2019-05-13 15:58

    I 'devoured' this in one day! Ha!

  • Debrac2014
    2019-04-25 08:01

    3.5 stars! I enjoyed it! I would never have guessed Ami's secret! I liked both Marcus and Ami but I'm more interested in Bastien and the doc!

  • Paulette
    2019-05-12 11:50

    I love this series! Great characters, interesting storyline, always leaves you wanting more! Can't wait to read the next one!