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In the deep zone, even the very best player can find it impossible to beat a foe who’s hungry and waiting. . . .Troy White can predict a play before it happens. Star quarterback on his state football team, Troy’s a natural for the 7-on-7 tournament that’s being held at the Super Bowl in Miami. With any luck, his “football genius” will also be working for the Atlanta FalconIn the deep zone, even the very best player can find it impossible to beat a foe who’s hungry and waiting. . . .Troy White can predict a play before it happens. Star quarterback on his state football team, Troy’s a natural for the 7-on-7 tournament that’s being held at the Super Bowl in Miami. With any luck, his “football genius” will also be working for the Atlanta Falcons on that big day.Ty Lewis is a wide receiver with exceptional speed. His brother, an NFL star, says getting on a 7-on-7 team will prove Ty’s a winner.From the moment the two football champs cross paths, Troy and Ty begin to size each other up. Troy is suspicious of Ty’s interest in his friend Tate, while Ty worries his speed will never be a match for Troy’s game smarts. But when the two rivals find themselves somehow tangled in the same dangerous web of deceit, they discover that they have more in common than their skill at football.Uniting Troy, first seen in the New York Times bestselling Football Genius, and Ty, who was chased by the Mafia in Football Hero, Tim Green’s Deep Zone delivers it all—vivid settings, dynamic characters, and high-stakes action on and off the field....

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Deep Zone Reviews

  • Kendall Crowell
    2019-04-26 14:00

    The story takes place at an NFL game where a boy named Ty is watching his brother Thane play in a football game. Ty's brother Thane got injured at a game and had to stay in a hospital for a few days. meanwhile there uncle is in court for being a witness of two killers. The killers are now after Ty and Thane. Ty tries out for a 7-on-7 team and plays in Miami. His team advances into the championship. While they were at the party he gets kidnapped with another boy. The boys dad kidnapped him and held them in there. Then the killers who are after Ty came there and wanted to kill them. The boys dad decided to save them as long as they didn't call the cops. Ty plays in the championship and wins. I really enjoyed the book because it had a lot of suspense. Also it was about my favorite sport football.It mixed in all the things i like, football, NFL, mystery, and cliff hangers.I recommend the book because it had some funny and sad parts.

  • Andrew
    2019-05-15 12:19

    Spoiler alet!!!!!! if you are currently reading this book dont read this it will spoil your book!!!!! This story took place mostly on the football field.Ty's older brother shane plays in the NFL. Ty goes to the NFL after his brother and he goes to the falcons. Ty's brother shane is the couch of tys team. Well the first year they went to the super bowel to face the jets. Ty heard of a person who has betted on his team to lose. Not just a bet but he betted his whole house, kids, everything. So then while he was playing the game Ty remembered about that family. So they came back to beat the jets 42-10. And that guy lost everything and later had a life sentance in prison for something that it did not find out in the book. I would recommend this book to you.I like this book on a scale form one to ten I would pick a 6.

  • Trai Ervine
    2019-05-04 08:58

    I thought this book was really good. its about how ty likes to play football. His big brother thane is in the NFL. Ty makes it to this 7 on 7 tournament. then while he is in Miami he finds out that troy is his cousin. And there is this girl there that he really likes.

  • Jeff
    2019-04-23 12:21

    This book is very interesting because it's about two brothers that play football. And I like to play football. It gets very interesting when you get in the middle.

  • Gatlin Luke
    2019-05-01 13:10

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play in a 7 on 7 football tournament while being tracked down by people that want to kill you? Well if so the book Deep Zone by Tim Green is a book for you. The genre of this book is mainly sports and some action. The book Deep Zone is about a boy and his brother that both love to play football. Ty is the younger brother and had been watching his older brother Thane play in an NFL football game. While during the game Thane had gotten a very bad injury and would have to stay in the hospital for a few days. While Thane was in the hospital his uncle was in court because he was a witness of these two killers. The two killers were going to go after Ty and Thane to try to get back at Ty and Thane’s uncle. While Thane was in the hospital, Ty tried out for a 7 on 7 football team and he had made the team. My personal rating for this book would be a 5. I gave the book Deep Zone a rating of 5 because the book had a lot of action and suspense. Throughout reading the book I got very into the book and could not put the book down. I would say that this was one of the best books I have read yet. Ty and Thane remind me of my older brother and I because we both played football. Also if my older brother would have gotten hurt I would have been there for him while he was in the hospital. This book always had me thinking and wondering what was going to happen next. Overall the book was a very good read and I would definitely recommend it.

  • TerryC
    2019-05-19 11:13

    This was a decent book about a boy who has the potential to become an amazing football champion. However, the reason why I only gave this book 4 stars was because of how confusing it was at some parts. Overall, I definitely would recommend this book to other people who love football.

  • Jaden Onaca
    2019-05-05 09:57

    This book has been a really good book to read. It shows the true emotions of a 15 year old kid, living through the action of his uncle being in danger, and the horrible injury of his brother. This book is recommended for all the sports players out there.

  • Mason Potts
    2019-04-25 09:15

    Deep Zone by Jeff GreenA spectacular sports adventure!Characters: There are many characters in this book. For example the main character is Ty Lewis. Ty is a football player hoping to win the 7vs7 tournament in Miami, Flordia. Another character is Tiger Lewis. Tiger Lewis is Ty's brother who playes in the NFL. He suffered a severe injury during a football game. Another character is Benny the Blade. Benny's goal is to try and take Tiger's money he made in the NFL. Another character in the book is Troy White. He is a opponent who Ty plays in the championship game of the 7v7 tournament. Lastly two characters are Agent Sutherland and Tate. Agent Sutherland is helping keep Ty safe while Tiger is healing from injury. Tate is a girl Ty meets at the 7v7 tournament that he really likes.Plot: In the beginning of the book Tiger is playing in a game hoping to get to the super bowl. He is on the New York Jets. He plays wide receiver just like Ty. He went up for a catch at the end of the game and got injured in his knee. While Tiger was injured Agent Sultherland watch over Ty in case of Benny the Blade tries and do something. While Tiger was in the hospital Ty tried out for the 7v7 tournament and made the team! His team won regions and made it to the finals in Flordia. While at Flordia he meet Troy and Tate. He accidentally spilled his drink on Tate's dress, so he had to buy her a new one. They became friends after that. One day Ty asked Tate to go and see alligators and she said yes. They went and a storm appeared, so they went into a cave to stay safe. Before the championship game of the tournament Ty was at party when he got snatch from Benny the Blade. Benny took him to the cave in the swamp. Fortunately Ty texted Tiger and he saved him. So the championship game has arrived. Ty was losing with only one play left. The quarterback passed Ty the ball for the win. Did he catch it? What happened next?Recommendation- I recommend this book to people who like adventure. This book was action pack with adventure. I also recommend this book to people who like football. It had some great football terms lastly I recommend this book to people who like suspense. I recommend the age to read this book is between 10-15 years old. This book had you on your heels a lot. I really recommend this book!

  • Patrick L
    2019-04-24 09:20

    I really enjoyed this book. I'm not a big book person but I also do love football so it was fun to read. It was about two friends who really enjoyed playing football together but one day they played in same game but not on the same team. Once friends, now rivals. Will playing on two different teams run their friendship? I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sports. It is a long book but it's worth reading.

  • Regan Smith
    2019-05-10 17:03

    Deep Zone by: Tim Green was a fun book with kinda two things happening at the same time. At first I didn't think I would like the book because I don't really like football but that doesn't matter with this book! Ty loves football and is down in Miami for the Superbowl. He is also on the lookout for these two criminals that might be after him. Ty has what every kid would want, to sit on the sidelines at every Jets game with the team. His brother Thane (Tiger) is an NFL star. But when Thane hurts his knee Ty doesn't know if he will ever play again. Worst the FBI says that they heard these two criminals might be after him. Since Thane is in the hospitable and his parents died in a car crash a long time ago an FBI agent has to stay with him to keep him safe if they are right about the criminals wanting him. Ty tries out for a seven on seven football team that might get to play before the Superbowl in Miami. He makes the team! Down in Miami he meats a boy named Troy who is apparently a football genius and his friend Tate who are from Georgia. Troy and Ty don't get along very well and Troy sometimes thinks he sees his dad. Ty gets kidnapped by the criminals and Troy and Ty find out something they never would of guest. This was a very good book even if you don't really like football (like me). I recommend this book to anyone who likes suspenseful and double story books. I definitely think that if you are looking for a book you should try this one!

  • Ashton
    2019-05-06 15:22

    Deep Zone is a great book that kept me turning the page again and again. One of the best parts about this book is that you do not have to be a football fan to read it; even though, that is what the book is based on. Deep Zone has a bit of everything for everyone. The book has its adventurous parts, along with its comedic parts. It shows that when people work together, they can beat anyone, in football and real life. Ty and Troy, the main characters each have special talents that bring them together. Ty never gave up in any situation; even though, there seemed to be no way out. Troy proved that doing the right thing is more important than defending somebody that you love. The two also proved that anything is possible, and that it is about heart and effort. I give this book five stars out of five.

  • Austin Wendel
    2019-05-05 12:56

    I gave this book a four star because this book is about all the things all love about book mystery and sports. I just don't like how it is in one book it gets two confusing at times. I would recommend this book to teenagers and people who like sports and mystery. This book is about a kid Ty Lewis a wide receiver that is going out for a 7 on 7 team. His brother an NFL star, say getting on a 7 on 7 team will prove Ty's a winner. Troy White Ty's brother that is in the NFL he went for a deep pass in the deep zone at the end of the game and got hit hard. And he did not get in the end zone but he got hurt really bad his knee was all messed up. They had another problem someone was after his uncle to get revench on him ,so his brother had body guards for Ty just in case. That is why I gave this book a four out of five stars.

  • Grant McCallips
    2019-05-10 08:53

    I think that Deep Zone by Tim Green is a good overall book, it has a good balance of suspense and excitement. This book is the fifth book in the Football Genius series. Tim Green writes good football books because he used to be and NFL player, so he has a different angle than other sports authors such and Mike Lupica. In this book the main characters, Troy White and his new-found cousin Ty Lewis, play in a seven-on-seven tournament. Ty Lewis is an amazing receiver, whose brother plays in the NFL. Troy White has a gift, he can read plays before they happen. Together they are an amazing team. Ty didn't used to play, while Troy has always played. This duo makes this book very good, and I highly recommend it.

  • Nate Hahn
    2019-04-30 10:11

    My favorite book of all time is deep zone by Tim Green. In this book Ty and Troy find out that they are cousins. after making it to the super bowel Sunday 7 on 7 tournament.<<<<<<<<<< SPOILER ALERT >>>>>>>>>>after being caught by Troys dad and taken to some weird place. they get locked up stairs Ty sends Tate a text and she canoos out to get them and was almost back when theyaccedintly wave down the people after them.

  • Kasey Kattil
    2019-05-17 17:05

    this was a great book cuss it about football

  • Brendan Davidson
    2019-05-14 11:57

    Deep Zone is a very interesting fiction book about football. It is written in 1st person and is about a boy named Ty. Ty has to power through many obstacles to reach his goal of the 7 on 7 championship game. I see this as theme, because the writer is trying to tell the reader that in order to reach a true goal there will be some kind of obstacle in your way and you just have to overcome it. First off Ty’s brother Thane gets in a bad situation when he is told to run a go so the jets could have a chance to win. Thane does but blows out his knee after catching the ball. He is hospitalized and is in for a long recovery. Agent Sutherland, an FBI agent, comes to town to protect Ty while his brother is in the hospital. Ty is a school kid so when he had Agent Sutherland following him around everywhere things got a little awkward for Ty. While this is happening Ty tries to make a 7 on 7 football team. The team is expected to win the championship. Ty get a really bad cut on the back of his hand so at team tryouts he cannot catch a ball. He was told to tough it out if he wanted to make the team and he did. The coach noticed the cut and found out that Ty usually has excellent hands so after all Ty makes the team Agent Sutherland comes because Ty’s Uncle Gus is wanted by a mafia and the mafia believe Ty could know where he is. Ty’s football team keeps on winning and eventually make it to Florida where the playoffs are held and where the book gets heated. Ty Meets Troy, a football player himself but he can also predict plays before they happen. Ty gets caught up in a girl named Tate who just happens to be Troy’s good friend. This causes the two to go after each other but soon they will have to join forces to survive. And not only is Ty busy with football and girls but with Bennie the Blade. Ty is a very talented football player. He is one of the fastest 7th graders in the area. Ty is a caring brother to Thane while he is in the hospital. Ty is the main character in this book and he fits this role well. He makes lots of friends along the way. When it comes to football though he can be showy. Ty plays the role of a football player who has to endure a lot of trouble to make it to each game. Ty’s character is not pushy or bossy, he also does not crumble under pressure. I cannot really relate Ty to anyone I know just because his hardships are so extreme and yet he goes on like they are nothing. Deep Zone is a very interesting book. It goes from one happy page of playing football and the next page they are on the run from Bennie the Blade. It takes you on Ty’s journey to the end of the football season. He endures many hardships but his last is a bad one. And his journey is put on hold while in the swamp. This book causes Ty to think everyone he sees is part of the mafia. In our world this could cause a kid to think that our world is full of bad people. It also has Troy and Ty always one upping each other. To me this is a way people in our world get into fights so if people try this it could create another set of enemies in this world. It also had Ty overcome a lot of obstacles to reach his goal of a championship. If I were you I would definitely read this book. It is a very interesting book that will make you nervous for Ty at times. I personally liked this book a lot because it was intense and happy at the same time. I thought they could have added more football to the story but it was good as it was. To me the struggles he had were very extreme but it added a lot of suspense to the book. I really enjoyed reading this book and I think you will too.

  • Bo
    2019-05-05 17:03

    For this book review I read the book Deep Zone by Tim Green. The lexile range for this book is 790. In this book the main character Ty is trying to stay away from the D’micos which are after him for some information about his Uncle Gus. When Ty make the New Jersey 7 on 7 team he go’s down to Florida for the Superbowl and when he is down there he meets his long lost cousin and his cousins dad is trying to kidnap Ty, his cousin Troy, and Troys friend Tate. But after all Troy’s dad feels bad and brings them back to the hotel just in time for their game. The theme for this book is kind of mystery and football. I would way that is mystery because there is a lot of cliff hangers and dead ends in a way. And I would day that it is about football because that is the main focus in this book. I would say that this book developed over chapters very cleanly because it would just go right into the next chapter where it left off the chapter before. But there were times where I got confused because it would go form talking to football to be talking about his Uncle or another subject. I would say that the settings in this book are easy to understand because of what he is doing in that setting. Such as when he was visiting his wounded brother it tells us that we are in a hospital. Someone that understands football and likes football should read this book. I say that because like I said football is the main focus in this book. I would say that both boys and girls can read this book because there is no “girl” or “boy” books. What I did not like about this book is that I don’t get why Tim Green put the D’micos in this book it just doesn’t make sense to me very much. I also didn’t like how Ty found out that Troy is his cousin it just too out of the ordinary for this book. I would say that this book was easy to read because I don’t read very much and within two days of having this book I was already 100 pages in. My favorite part of the book was when Ty hit his uncle with a baseball bat because he thought that he was an intruder.

  • IsaacL
    2019-05-16 14:02

    Deep ZoneBy Tim Green Tim Green always does an amazing job writing his books. Even though his books are fiction he can make them seem like that is happening or could be happening, also his books can teach you what you can do if your ever in some of the positions like they are in his books. His books can make you think what you would do if you were in the same positions as the kids in these books. Deep Zone’s Lexile level is 790. I have been a fan of Tim Green’s books for a while now. Before I started reading his books I hated to read but his books changed my whole perspective of reading. Most of his books are all based on different things but could involve the same sports in some of his other books. In this book Ty Lewis faced a problem that his uncle got him into by gambling and gets trouble with this group called the D'Amico's and they are going around trying to get Ty and his NFL brother Thane. One of the people trying to get Ty and Thane has a nickname of Bennie the Blade because when he find the people he likes he cuts open her stomach with his blade. Ty got into a very bad situation following his friend Troy to go meet his dad. His dad and Bennie the Blade took both of them to this old abandoned house in the middle of a swamp. Ty and Troy worked to together to escape and they got caught the first time but finally Troy's day gave in and brought them back to where they were and Bennie the Blade and the D’Amico’s all got put in jail and everything went back to normal. I recommend Tim Green books to everyone even if you're not really interested in sports books I think you might like his books. I think you would be most interested in these books if you played the sports that he writes about. Even if you don’t like reading I really think that you will like his books. It changed the way I think about books and I think it could change your point of view too.

  • Tyce Tomey
    2019-05-23 17:14

    This book is about two football players named Thane and Ty Lewis, who is being tracked down by gang members while living their stressful lives. Also, they are constantly competing with a kid named Troy. They have to avoid these evil people and stay on track with their everyday life. In my opinion, I believe this book is really interesting and something that is not only fun to read but something that is unique.The author of this book is very descriptive and entertaining. For example, when he is talking about the stadium of the Atlanta Falcons, this is stated “ The crowd roaring, like a pack of lions who hadn’t eaten in years.” this is one of the things I enjoyed in the book.In the book, you get to know the characters very well. The author talks about each individual, how they act, what they look like, and what they do. These leave little room to make any speculations on the characters. For example, in the book the author wrote “ Thane, my older brother, a big man who was 24 years old and 6,4” by giving these details it gives you a picture of the character.This book is very straightforward and doesn't leave you with loose ends. By this, I mean that the author doesn't leave you with any cliffhangers and describes each subject so that you understand clearly. Another example from the book is when the 7on7 tournament goes on it gives you play by play details and score updates.In conclusion, I highly recommend this book. It is one of the few books that I was disappointed when I was finished reading it. I wanted to keep reading and would catch myself getting lost in the book. Overall this is a well wrote book that is very entertaining.

  • Milazim Maliqi
    2019-04-30 11:57

    GoodReads ReviewThis book is about two brothers Thane and Ty. Their parents died in a car crash when they were young and they were left alone. Their uncle has been in and out of prison from gangs. Thane is a NFL player who plays for the NJ Jets. He’s the star of the team.Thane will soon get a really bad injury that might end his career. Ty is Thanes little brother who is trying to follow in his footsteps. This book takes place in present day it is mostly on a football field. Deep Zone is a realistic fiction book.My favorite quote in the book is, “The only static that matters is wins and loses”. When Ty’s older brother Thane said, “The only static that matters is wins and loses,” he meant that it doesn’t matter how good you are or how you did it just as long as you did it. I can make a connection to Thane because just like him I also injured my knee playing football and i also needed surgery. I also have a little brother that follows in my footsteps because he tried to accomplish everything that I did.I still don’t understand how Thane got sick when he was at the hospital because he hurt his knee and not anything else.

  • Derik LeCaptain
    2019-05-12 09:18

    Deep Zone might be one of my favorite books to read of all time. It is about Ty Lewis, who is a teenage football star who is growing up with his older brother Thane White, who is a star rookie wide receiver for the New York Jets. The two brothers are extremely close, and always have been since there parents had died a few years earlier in a car crash. Ty, has just been given the opportunity of a life time. He has been invited to play with an all star football team from New York, and they will travel to Florida the same weekend as the Superbowl to play for the national championship. Ty and his brother Thane have been through a lot, especially after there uncle Gus had used them in his gambling schemes, and nearly gotten the two of them killed. Just when they think that there Uncle Gus is gone, he shows up at there house one night. He tells them how he needs money for himself and his family, so Ty and Thane help him out. Now the mob of New York, who was after Gus, knows that he has been talking to Ty and Thane, this sets up the book for some unreal and fun action. It is a good read for anyone who loves football and loves to learn about the ins and the outs of the game.

  • Lucas Dodson
    2019-05-23 09:15

    In the book “Deep Zone” by Tim Green Ty ends up being hunted down by the mob. The mobsters are looking for Ty and try to sneak into his house by his bedroom window but agent Sutherland stops him in the nick of Time. Ty make a team that gets to play the Super Bowl Sunday seven on seven tournament against his cousin, Troy White’s, team although he need a miracle to win. Does he victoriously win or sarcastically lose? I personally like this book because it is filled with action and it isn’t a book that a 8 year old kid would read it is a book that teens would read so there is a bigger vocabulary and because of that it has more details, and adjectives. The age group that would enjoy this book is most likely 12-15 because of the bigger vocabulary and because there is a good amount of pages in it so it isn’t ten pages like little children books.

  • Riley D
    2019-05-19 12:00

    Deep ZoneBy: Tim GreenTim Green did a great job writing this book with all the details and how he brings Ty and Troy together is amazing.Also how he incorporates Troy's dad in the book to is so good. I had a connection with this book because how Troy and Ty meet at the 7 on 7 football tournament I also have met a friend at one of my football tournaments.This is a true Tim Green book with sports and a good mystery being solved by kids.But I would never think that kids would help catch a thief that was trying to kill them though but although it was an amazing book.I have always wanted to see one of those national championships.I am a big fan of Tim Green I have read a bunch of his books before and they are all very good books that's why he is my favorite author. The Deep Zone is a very good book but they are some fictional things that are in the book like how Troy's dad kidnaps Ty and Troy because he made a bet on the super bowl.But although that he writes the story in such a way that he makes it seem so real with all the details and the way he expresses the feelings of the characters. Top of all Green has made another great football story with some mystery.I have recommended some Tim Green books to some of my friends and they said that they were great.I think you should read this book to feel how awesome this book is.There are some parts of the book that give so much detail that it is unbelievable how Green does it. The relationship with Ty and is brother is so good that he gives the feeling that Ty is an underdog in the book. I really recommend this book to teenagers who like football.

  • Zachary Mercieca
    2019-05-11 12:00

    I think the book deep zone By Tim Green deserves a 5 overall ranking because it is the best football novel that I have read and the first event really connects with all of the next big things to come and makes you want to keep on reading until the very end of the book. I also like how they start as playing in the regular season and then in the end of the book they go to Miami, Florida to play in the super bowl against each other. By both of the boys being cousins it makes it a lot more interesting and both liking the same girl. This would be a really good movie if they were to make one.

  • Brandon
    2019-05-13 11:04

    I really liked this book because it involved football and mystery. It starts with this young boy named Ty that sat on the sideline at his brother Thane's NFL game the 2nd to the last play of the game Thane catches a ball on the 2 yard line and shatters his knee. Thane is rushed to the hostpital where he is given surgery right away while Ty sleeps in Thanes hostipital room. Ty wakes up, while Thane is sleeping and goes home to get fresh clothes than goes to school. He visits Thane after and is met by a FBI officer as he is leaving the room saying that he may be in trouble because of his cousin. For the next week or so the officer stays with Ty because his cousin comes to town and he is in a gang so the officers think Ty is in trouble because he has been in contact with him. 1 night the officers sitting outside see someone trying to sneak into Ty's bedroom and they are scared by the officers. The next day Thane gets a disease from the surgery so he is put in ICU for a couple days. Finally the day came when there cousin leaves and Thane can come home, that night there cousin who had been in the trial and snuck into Ty and Thanes house and Ty wacks his cousin with a bat because he had no idea who it was. He was there for money, which Thane gave him $10,000. There cousin leaves and while Thane was in the hostpital Ty went out for the 7 on 7 team which he made. After some practices and school, Ty headed to Florida for the "super bowl weekend tournament" There he meets Troy which is another great football player. They have long practices and eventually both Ty's and Troy's team makes it too the finals. While they were in Florida they went to a party and Ty had accidentaly spilled a drink on Troy's sister Tate so Troy didn't like Ty. Thane buys Tate a new dress and both family's go out to lunch. Troy thinks he see's his dad and runs after him but never finds him. The next few days they had games which they won. The day before the final game there is a huge NFL party which all of them go to Ty follows Troy because Troy thinks he see's his dad again. Ty see's Troy walking with some one and all of a sudden people are chasing after him he falls over and 2 people are there when he wakes up, which are Benie the Blade and his partner , which are the ones that were looking for Ty back in his home state. They take Ty and Troy too a hidden house in the swamp, because it turns out Troy's dad is in with these guys and he has been seeing his dad. For that night they try sneaking out they almost got back by sneaking out the window but the 2 had been coming back from town and found them, with Tate. All 3 of them were locked in their own room and tied up. Troy's dad felt they didn't deserve it so he took all 3 of them and got them back to town safe and his dad went back to the house. The next day All 3 of them had been caught and arrested. The final game was a very close game, Troy couldn't play because of a bad ankle because of jumping out the window in the swamp. The last play Ty comes up with a play and with 2 seconds left Ty scores to win the game. Ty and Troy find out they are cousins while they were trapped in the house so for the final time they say bye and head home happy.

  • Carter Jauquet
    2019-05-17 12:20

    This is a very good book and I recommend it to all football fans. If you are interested in NFL football, this is the book for you! The book is about a twelve year old boy named Ty Lewis, who’s parents both died and he goes to live with his brother. This is the last book of the football genius series.

  • Trevor
    2019-04-26 15:03

    Deep Zone was a very good book. There was a lot of action, and a mixture of drama with the FBI being involved with Ty and Thane, but also action with the 7-on-7 tournament Ty was playing in. I liked all of the events that happened in the book, and there was a good lesson to be learned as well.

  • Noah
    2019-05-13 10:11

    This was a really good book. It had very shocking events and the plot was just very well placed. I'd recommend this book to people who like football, but it's also a book for people who like suspense and a bit of mystery.

  • Zach
    2019-04-26 10:03

    This is a good book because it has a kid that gets a shot to go to the Super Bowl for a 7-on-7 championship game. He goes through meeting a girl he likes and meeting a family member he never knew and getting kidnapped to go to the championship.

  • jessica shaw
    2019-05-22 17:22

    It is a good books