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A novel of musical life set in the 18th century. The story of Consuelo, a Gypsy singer, and her adventures in Venice, Austria and Bohemia, narrated by the most eminent of French female writers. Sand was a prolific (nearly 60 novels) writer who shocked Paris with her own sexual escapades, but in her writing dealt with the serious issues of her time and was identified with tA novel of musical life set in the 18th century. The story of Consuelo, a Gypsy singer, and her adventures in Venice, Austria and Bohemia, narrated by the most eminent of French female writers. Sand was a prolific (nearly 60 novels) writer who shocked Paris with her own sexual escapades, but in her writing dealt with the serious issues of her time and was identified with the Romantic literary movement. Sand's strong, independent women characters would win her both the adoration of many other writers (mostly women) and the wrath of many reviewers (mostly men). She and her characters are enthusiastic, outspoken, sententious, with a bold manifesto of women's independence and a legitimate claim to emotional and sexual fulfillment. She was unique in her approach as a woman who refused to trivialize her craft because of her gender. Sand became known more for her eccentric lifestyle and love affairs with famous contemporaries, such as Alfred de Musset and Frederic Chopin, than her career as a writer....

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Consuelo Reviews

  • Mary Kay
    2018-08-27 11:49

    This is a spectacular book for me but maybe no one else anywhere will read with great pleasure 816 pages of lively adventures of an 18th century opera singer! She has a wonderfully independent, modest and gracious temperament, and wanders from Venice through a gothic Bohemia to the Vienna of Maria Theresa on her path. Historical musicians and other artists appear as characters, e.g. Haydn, Porpora, Metastasio. Highly recommended to fans of 19th century nnovels!

  • Laura
    2018-09-22 11:31

    Just arrived from France through BM.This book starts as a "nouvelle venitienne" where Consuelo is good to singing. After that, the author changes the scenery to a castle in Boheme, then to Vienna (at the relevant time when Haydn debuted) and then to Berlin under the reign of Frederic.This huge book was written as a serial book and sometimes we loose track on the main story.This sequel is La Comtesse de Rudolstadt.

  • Begona Fernandez
    2018-08-30 12:28

    I can't remember what made me pick up this mammoth of a book. Maybe George Sand was mentioned in my French lessons as a teenager and subconsciously made me choose it. And I don't regret it, even after taking me a month to finish and putting it down several times to read other books.It is a delightful book. Full of interesting events, ranging from the scandals and maliciousness of the opera world to the consequences of war, passing through the supernatural. It a tour of Europe and it's different peoples and usages. All all this done with easy and with amazing characters.Consuelo is a wonderful character. She is quite stereotypical in the sense that every man she meets falls head over heels in love with her, and as every heroine she is so goodhearted that even Christ has a problem keeping up with her. But on the other hand she is exceptional because she dresses as a man (reflecting what George Sand herself did), is an emancipated woman earning her own living, not actively searching for a husband and not fainting every five minutes.What probably stops me giving it 5 stars is that I am not overly interested in classical music, that I read in French (don't ask why: moment of transitory madness) and the Count. I find him deeply annoying. If he had stayed as mad as when we first find him I probably would have understood him dying in the end and he would have cut a romantic character. As he stands he is rather pathetic, the completely antithesis of Consuelo. Why would she consider giving up her career for him?

  • Natalya
    2018-09-21 12:46

    This one was my favorite during years of adolescence. I love how she follows him into the grotto and how he catches her singing and then feverishly trying to jump out the window. I skipped a lot of the historical Chech ruminatings that he was so obsessed on. Still think its one of the most powerful love stories with lots of interesting plot twists. I love her character - so passive, yet so determined and strong. All the family members in the castle were very endearing, especially in that they came around in the end. The sequel was too weird, masons and all, not nearly as good as this book.

  • Steve Gordon
    2018-09-17 10:28

    Simply brilliant. In Consuelo, Sand examines the relationship between music, religious fervor, love, and insanity, among other things, whilst tossing in numerous fascinating historical figures from the 18th century. And even at the end of 800 pages, you feel as though you could keep on reading the young Porporina's adventures for another 10,000 pages. Thankfully there's a sequel!

  • Moira
    2018-08-30 14:55

    Snažím si urovnat myšlenky. Bolí mě hlava. Jsem zahlcena dojmy. Tak se to pokusím vzít od začátku.Část příběhu, který se odehrával v Benátkách, nejspíše zapůsobil na mou romantickou dušenku. Zamilovala jsem si jej a přestože tuším, že je to právě naopak, považuju tu část, z mého pohledu, za nejpovedenější. Anzoletto byl jednoduše postava, která měla něco do sebe a i mistr Porpora se mi tam zdál "milejší". Snad jen Consuela mi neseděla, byla zakřiknutá, nebo spíše až moc důvěřivá, jako dítě. A možná že ta její nevinnost a naprostá absence sobeckosti společně s ušlápnutou pokorou udělalo z té části takový sladkobolný úsek.Příběh se pak přelil do jiné části. Z počárku jsem si myslela, že automaticky, nijak drasticky či "křiklavě". Teď s odstupoem se mi to zdá trochu razící, avšak... takové příběhy mají být, ne? Překvapivé. :) Skoro je mi líto říct, že se mi ta číst moc nelíbila. Byla znovu perfektně propracovaná, avšak trošku mimo mou ligu. Probírala se tam témata, kterým ani nemůžu porozumět. Avšak... avšak přečetla jsem to a zas 'tolik' se nenudila. A to se mi bohužel dost často u starších knih stává. To je také fakt, který by neměl zůstat opomenutý. Na dobu, kdy byla kniha napsaná, je to určitě obdivuhodný příběh. Nejsem si jistá, kdy začala ženská emancipace a kdy se začali uznávat "volnější vztahy", ale tuším, že v té době to zas tolik "podporované" nebylo. Poslední etapa knihy (možná by se dala rozdělit na dvě), podobnější první, mě už spíše unavovala. Přesto jsem trpělivě a nedočkavě ubíhala ke konci. Možná mě zklamal. Asi jsem čekala něco jiného. (A asi je mi z něj smutno. Možná jsem stále ještě v šoku, protože zbytek 'mě' stále dobíhá, zanechán v polovině knižky, když jsem tak hořečnatě spěchala ke konci.. :):Kniha se četla dobře, byla pěkná, postavy byly jednoduše perfektní. "Nečekaně" na mě zapůsobil nejvíce Anzoletto, byl opravdu zářivá postava, kterou vás Sandová donutila si zamilovat a poté jí začít opovrhovat. Chjo. Popravdě, dnes neznám žádného člověka podobného Consuele v první, druhé i třetí části knihy. Osobně určitě ne. A možná to jí dodává tu tajemnost, to jí dodalo to 'více', díky kterému mě příběh strhl. Jsem opravdu ráda, že jsem na knihu narazila. :)(Asi už vím, proč mě tak bolí hlava. Někdy Sandová psala moc složitá a zdlouhavá souvětí. Děkuju pěkně.)

  • Writerlibrarian
    2018-09-13 14:57

    Consuelo along with La Comtesse de Rudolstadt are among my favourite nineteen century novels. It's George Sand's masterpiece and bizarrely they were the books she wrote in the worst of times, always on the run, always on deadline. Writing in the dead on night, after all the visitors were asleep, sitting in her little cupboard, writing, writing until 4 am, sending the pages barely edited to Paris from Nohant to be published in the paper. Consuelo started out as a novel about music, opera and Venice. It gives the reader a wonderful view of the time, the people who had power and how a diva was made. But it went sideways because Sand needed money, because she was an amazingly curious writer and she became enamoured with Bohemia, its history, its legends. And Consuelo took a turn for the gothic and dramatic with her lead character on the road with a very young Haydn finding refuge in a very mysterious castle. There's a star cross love story, a dramatic ending, a wonderful, wonderful female lead, a mysterious, gothic lead male character full of angst, music, mysticism all mixed to form an operatic kinda novel. I still love it to pieces.

  • Marina Chilingaryan
    2018-09-05 10:56

    Not everyone can dare to read a 800-pages long novel about a singer from the 18th century. But since I have a special predilection towards historical books (especially those about the middle Ages), I couldn't leave this book unread. The novel is very absorbing and addictive; especially the second part of the novel stunned me with the veracity and vivid descriptions of the sensual and sensitive worlds of the characters. Even if the book doesn't have a strong moralistic aspect or special genius in it, it still made me a better person thanks to its light, honest, pure, and rightful characters. I look forward to reading the continuation in Sand's next novel.

  • Anita
    2018-09-21 16:36

    Rereading this for some fourth time, and I still can't understand... Hard to explain. Like, nowadays the ideas of reincarnation, clairvoyance and karma, and the concept of individual freedom promoted by the masons back in the days seem obvious nowadays, some sort of a mainstream esoterica, but how the hell did she manage to write this novel then?? It's truly amazing, and I wish there were more novels like this.

  • Trounin
    2018-09-19 12:33

    Не нужно обладать привлекательной внешностью, чтобы добиться успеха в жизни. Необходимо лишь одно — прекрасный беллетрист, способный найти положительные моменты и добиться лучшего из возможных результатов. И, конечно, для этого нужно быть литературным персонажем, чья сущность окружена романтизмом: иначе ничего не получится. Бесполезно сетовать на судьбу и взывать к помощи высшей сущности — в подобном случае придётся горевать и испытывать мучения. Поэтому (лишь поэтому) читатель искренне радуется за сиротку Консуэло, взращенную на благодатной почве, бегавшую от удачи и обретшую истинное счастье. В любом другом случае ей с её устремлениями обязательно было бы от чего страдать.(c) Trounin

  • Надежда Сикарева
    2018-09-15 09:50

    It is as good as a classical literature can be, in the way it is good. When judging the books like that you should mention a few points and remember that the mentality and the purpose of writing differed from today's. So I would say that I liked this book, I gave 5 stars to it because it shows the problems of women, their life and, moreover, from the point of view of a singer, a girl with casual appearance but perfect voice. I liked the plot and the main character, but I am not sure if I want to read it once again. Not because the book was bad, but because it is the book to-be red but not to be re-read, at least for me.

  • Helen Cranberry
    2018-09-06 10:44

    Если кратко, то - понравилось, но продолжения не хочу. Мне по душе образ Консуэло, всю книгу я ей сопереживала, порой была шокирована, в некоторых особо мистических моментах волосы вставали дыбом.. Но под конец я устала от этой книги. все-таки не так просто погрузиться в ту жизнь, тем более, что классическая, духовная и оперная музыка мало меня интересуют. тем не менее, книга очаровательна, как и сама Консуэло.

  • Tanya Porodzinskaya
    2018-09-25 16:36

    Буду читать продолжение! Интригующая, затейливая история, от которой в итоге чтения получаешь совсем не то, чего ожидаешь. Консуэло - это такая невинность и чистота, которых, наверное не существует, и это может вызвать недоверие к автору и произведению. Но эта проникнутость идеализмом отнюдь не помешала роману стать гениальным, полным чувственности и приключений.

  • Anna
    2018-09-24 10:37

    Music, mysteries and love. For me this story equals to Gone with the Wind - complicated love story, a fantasy set in historic events. Epic! If you love history and believable mysteries, and haven' t read this - well worth reading! Plus it qualifies as classic ;)

  • Andreas
    2018-08-30 13:56

    I have no recollection what prompted me to pick up this behemoth, which one would be tempted to call overly florid and verbose if it didn't kick so much ass. A complex story, well-developed characters, plenty of romance and intrigue—it all makes for a marvelously enjoyable read.

  • Judy
    2018-08-28 09:38

    The translation I read this in was quite dated and I think some bits might have been censored, but it is a powerful novel all the same, with its portrayal of a young girl born in poverty who makes her fortune by becoming a singer.

  • Lazyreader
    2018-09-07 12:53

    Read this book in my teens and absolutely adored it. I would like to re-read it soon to see if it will have similar effect on me...

  • Seinka
    2018-08-26 08:55

    Les premiers chapitres sont geniaux mais quelque part au milieu du livre l'histoire est devenue bizarre. C'est dommage car le style d'ecriture est magnifique.

  • Aimuldir Monko
    2018-09-19 12:48

    Read about 5 years ago, now The only character I remember is herself Concuelo. Liked the way she was >>

  • John Caviglia
    2018-09-09 16:34


  • Valerie Van Haltern
    2018-09-24 08:52

    all of George Sand is fun

  • Terrence
    2018-09-18 12:30


  • Buje
    2018-09-01 11:36

    I read this book in my early teens and it has left a deep impression on me. This book actually broke my heart! I wish only if he lived!

  • T.L. Kole
    2018-09-21 15:48

    I read this novel in my early teens and I must say it really made a huge impact on me in a sense of what is love and what is beauty. To this day I remember that a beautiful woman is also modest.

  • Vicky
    2018-08-30 11:48

    This was my favourite title many years ago.

  • Tatiana Soldatova
    2018-09-17 08:54

    J'aime ce livre passionnément! Magnifique! La romance, le mystère, l'aventure, tout y est.. Intemporel...

  • Dulguun
    2018-08-29 15:31

    it was really wonderful. Konsuelo is like an angel.and anzeleto or alibert"s love .. I think alibert is really sensible he thinks a lot of thinks, but he has torment

  • Camelia Rose
    2018-09-11 08:42

    Childhood favourite.

  • Milana Draughn
    2018-09-08 14:42

    Enjoyed as a teenager.

  • Ryan Johnson
    2018-09-17 14:38

    • Mostly excellent narrative; but occassionally breaks the wall with trite 'dear reader' appeals and 'for reasons which we will explain later' deferrals which besmudge her style . • Well-rendered characters with unique personality traits. • Consistently realistic dialogue but descriptions and sense of place are applied with somewhat lax discipline. • Contains occassionally brilliant philosophical and psychological epithets which make up for some of the minor weaknesses of narrative. • Plot moves forward at a steady pace. Plenty of parlor intrigue but still has a sense of gravity and threat which comes from Sands' decision to follow lower-caste characters (like her compatriot Victor Hugo). • Isn't as preachy as some books (Jane Eyre) but there is still the classically feminine stress on virginity and devout spirituality. • Occassional abrupt changes of scenery and scenario keep the books interesting. A more compelling and adventerous read than a pure parlor romance. • Has a tendancy to bog down in sophistic discourse but, when carefully applied, also creates an elevating effect. That said, strongly tends towards telling over showing which can drag the pace significantly and gloss over exciting moments. • Like Hugo, Sand has an interest in egalitarianism which is starkly out of place in 19th century lit. Her female characters are strong, intelligent and compassionate -- a refreshing change from much lit of this era. This book is a good antidote to modern readers grown weary of ever-present 19th century iniquity but it will beat you over the head with christian values and sadly contains more than one racists epithet about Jews. • Most trite parlor-romance plot devices are deftly avoided by the concientious Consuelo which makes for a plot which progresses organically during the first half. However, Sand continues to utilize deus ex machina which becomes more than a little artificial later on (Trenck for example). * Can seem like a strikingly uneven book at certain times. Still, it maintains a good overall balance. Sand digresses (often tiringly) on philosophical and moral points but nearly every writer of the era does as well. The feminist spirit of the book is the real attraction here.