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Mildred's good intentions in the second year are upset when she finds that Miss Hardbroom is to be her form teacher again. She clashes once again with Ethel who turns her into a frog, whilst later on she rescues an enchanted magician....

Title : A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch
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ISBN : 9780140314465
Format Type : Paperback
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A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch Reviews

  • LolaReviewer
    2018-08-28 12:58

    Mildred is growing, but so is her special, unfortunate ability to get herself into trouble. Sometimes she asks for it, sometimes she doesn’t—just trying to do what seems best—but regardless, her intentions are always right. In this third book in The Worst Witch series, Mildred tries to comfort new students at the Academy (one of which turns out to be the little sister of her nemesis) with a terrifying story of magic put to the worst use. Not the most appropriate thing to do to new students, but Mildred thought they would be amused.So now her nemesis wants to take revenge on her for what she did to her sister. Granted, it’s the hundredth time someone puts a spell on Mildred, but the stories are always about how she gets rid of the spells, not how she earns them, which is never truly hard. I liked this sequel a lot. I find Jill Murphy’s writing so perfect for middle grade/children’s books. That’s why I think these books would have worked even better if they’d been longer and more complex. Though they work this way too. The thing is, the stories are always short because they retell a misadventure of Mildred’s. They never go very, very far. But they do the trick, which is to put young (or old) readers in a mighty good mood. Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google+ | Bloglovin’

  • Andrea Way
    2018-09-17 14:56

    3.5 - This was a trip back to the past for me. Loved reading the whole series when I was younger and love just the same now.

  • Jessica
    2018-08-28 10:57

    OOOOH, ETHEL! ONE DAY YOU'LL REALLY GET YOURS!The bad spell ends well for poor Mildred, making her the school's hero, and partially thanks to Ethel. I'm also glad to see that the snotty Ethel got a bit of a comeuppance in this one, and I'd like to see more comeuppancing in future books, the awful little snitch!

  • Tonty Gibson
    2018-09-05 10:48

    It was after the long summer holiday, the beginning of a new term in Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches. Mildred has had the worst first year in the academy and she was hoping to have a better second year. Meanwhile Ethel was prepared to make sure that Mildred have another bad year in the Academy. When Ethel discovered that Mildred told her little sister a frightening story about a person being turned into a frog, she decided to have her revenge. Soon Mildred went missing and a strange frog appeared. Mildred’s friends; Enid and Maud tried to solve the mystery behind Mildred’s disappearance.Bullying behaviour is a big issue in schools, reading this book to a class can help children to talk about their feelings about bullying in school. Also it can be used as a curriculum support in PSHE to address bullying behaviour and during circle times. In addressing the social and emotional aspect of learning and discussing this with children, they will develop an understanding and become aware of what to do when faced with such behaviour; understand how other children are feeling and knowing how to react appropriately. This book is suitable for KS1 and KS2.

  • Jorge Rosas
    2018-08-30 08:58

    It was so adorable, Mil really trying to be a better wich,full of good intentions but somehow she ends up being in trouble again. A transformation spell involved, so Mil goes into an unconventional adventure and finds a friend in a bizarre predicament. I remember this book been in the TV series.

  • Carol
    2018-09-21 13:42

    I'm pretty sure this book actually became a chapter of the TV series. I strongly remember the frog bit. I just keep falling in love with all the characters, and reading this book reminded me so much of the TV series and my childhood.

  • Kirsty
    2018-09-07 13:02

    I liked reading about all things magical from a young age, and so I loved this series. I liked reading about all the scrapes Mildred manages to get herself into. I enjoyed watching the TV series as a kid too.

  • Jenni
    2018-09-03 13:51

    Our most loved witch gets herself into an inconvenient predicament when she gets on the wrong side of her rival, Ethel, more great antics from Cackle’s Academy.

  • sabisteb
    2018-09-07 09:59

    Entgegen aller Erwartungen hat Mildred es geschafft, nicht von der Schule zu fliegen und ist nun im zweiten Jahr ihrer Hexenausbildung. Auch diesmal beginnt das Schuljahr mit Katastrophen, obwohl Milded es nur gut meint. Feuerlöschübungen werden nicht als Übung erkannt und statt eine neue zu trösten verängstigt sie diese so sehr, dass deren große Schwester Rache nimmt und Mildred in einen Frosch verwandelt.Wie immer ein schnell gelesenen, charmantes Kinderbuch. Kein bischen angestaubt und nett zu lesen.Ein dünnes Büchlein, das man auch als Kurzgeschichte bezeichnen könne, da die Schrift sehr groß ist.

  • Nikki
    2018-09-25 14:35

    This book was definitely better than the first two. It didn't have nearly as many time gaps where nothing happened and there were a lot more details. The beginning of the book wasn't nearly as confusing either. I enjoyed this book more than the first two but it was still not nearly as good as I had been hoping this series would be when I got the books from the library. I hope the rest of the series continues to get better and better.

  • Mckenzie Richardson
    2018-09-23 10:59

    I really love this series. This is a great addition to it. Very silly and entertaining. You just can't help but like Mildred Hubble. This is a pretty quick read filled with lots of adventure. I really enjoy Murphy's humor.I'm also super pumped that there is a Worst Witch series on Netflix. No surprise that this story line made an appearance. I can't wait to continue reading and watching Millie's adventures.

  • Sarah Crawford
    2018-09-13 15:55

    Another fun book in the series. It's the very first day of her second year at the school and Mildred starts it off by dumping a bucket of water (with the buck) on Miss Hardbroom's head. Miss Hardbroad orders Mildred to finally train Tabby but, before long, Mildred is a frog. Who makes friends with another frog and later does a major favor for that very same frog. A really cute story.

  • Talia
    2018-09-08 14:36

    In this installment, Mildred gets into it *again* with bossy Ethel, somehow insulting her family. As revenge, Ethel casts a spell on Mildred, turning her into a frog! I enjoyed this one, moreso than the last in the series. Mildred has the unfortunate "means well" M.O., and I think that resonates with kids.

  • Lia
    2018-08-28 12:51

    The third book in the Worst Witch series speeds along nicely as Mildred finds herself in much bigger trouble than usual because of Ethel, and the ever forbidding Ms. Hardbroom. But all ends well when Mildred helps her new friend - (view spoiler)[ a magician who's been turned into a frog! And gaining praise from the academy's guest Mr. Hellibore. (hide spoiler)]

  • Claire
    2018-08-26 14:43

    I'm really enjoying reading these books and seeing how TV series took the original stories and expanded them into longer story arcs or into something quite different. This book is pretty much identical to what happens on the TV show, and it's one of my favourite stories from the series!

  • Kelly
    2018-09-14 12:02

    This installment of Mildred Hubble's misadventures might be my favorite in the series. Love re-reading these before Halloween!

  • Rhia Mahay
    2018-09-25 15:48

    Amicably admirable of Mildred to help out Algernon the frog.

  • Kirsty Feltham Varney
    2018-09-25 11:47

    I have loved revisiting these books with my daughter. They have really helped to get her excited about reading.

  • Rachel
    2018-09-18 15:39

    Loved it! Wish it could have been a little longer

  • Kay
    2018-09-02 08:40

    Another book one of my nieces was reading. Very cute, enjoyable book. Great character development and story line that moves along. Going to read the rest of this series.

  • Shannon McGalliard
    2018-09-06 10:02

    Another witty, fun magical adventure with Mildred Hubble at Cackles Academy. Although they are short books, they are a very enjoyable read and open your imagination to think anything can happen.

  • Nicole
    2018-09-16 10:34

    Read February 2018

  • Pop Bop
    2018-09-11 13:41

    A Much Loved Witchy Treat for Newer ReadersThe "Worst Witch" series of books, (of which there are, I believe seven), has a long and honorable history, going back to the first volume's original publication in 1974. This particular volume, "A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch", was the third in the series, was first published in 1982, and has gone through multiple editions with numerous publishers.By this third book in the series the main characters had all been set. We have our heroine, the worst witch Mildred Hubble, and her two pals - Maud and Enid. Think of Maud as Ethel Mertz to Mildred's Lucille Ball, with Enid there to round out the gang and you get the idea. On the other side we have Ethel Hallow, a goody-goody from a prominent witch family, who has a nasty streak and is Mildred's foe in all things. Miss Hardbroom always ends up as Mildred's form mistress, throughout the series, and is fearsome and seems particularly to find fault, (often deservedly so), with Mildred.This combination of characters, with occasional secondary figures as needed, mix it up from book to book. Each book tends to have a few isolated funny or awkward or embarrassing incidents involving Mildred, tied together by one overarching plot arc that runs through and closes out the book. This one's main plot involves frogs, transformations, spells and counter spells, and mistaken identities. But, rest assured that people will end up wet or muddy or bewitched or confused or embarrassed throughout in proper measure. Things usually end well enough, but Mildred does always seem to remain the "worst witch" at school.These books are cheerful and fun. The girls are at an academy for witches, but the magic is of the broomstick ride and accidental spell casting variety, with no menace and no grand magic system or deep magical world backstory. Everything is lot more "school daze" hijinks than magical/fantasy.The result is that you end up with a very reader friendly, good natured school girls tale with some excitement, some drama and a lot of silliness. You also have displays of friendship, loyalty and honorable conduct, as well as some simple lessons, (like, "pay attention" or "tell the truth"), that are usually worked into the story at Mildred's expense. Because all of the good guys are well intentioned, (although prone to common human foibles), and the bad guys are comically bad, (as opposed to scary), the overall effect is one of likeability. The reading level is undemanding but not childish and seems appropriate for early readers, so this strikes me as a very nice choice for early grade readers looking for a bit of a chapter book challenge. Very nice.Please note that I received a free advance ecopy of this book in exchange for a candid review. Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book.

  • Cruth
    2018-09-26 09:42

    Author/Illustrator: Jill MurphyFirst Published: 1982Series: Book 3 of 7 - Semester 1 of Year 2.Still going on The Worst Witch and it was Book 3 over the weekend.Another simple, engaging story from Murphy; this time with a time-jump which I found distracting but didn't worry the 7yo too much. Needs more suspension of disbelief and forgiveness than the first two but worth the effort.There is a lesson on lying and crying wolf, on trust and loyalty. It's very gently done and doesn't take from the overall excitement and 7yo horror of being turned into a frog and of disobeying the teacher.The 7yo was able to engage and empathise with the characters and discuss the problems faced by Mildred. She continues to discuss the books and the dilemmas during the day when a comment occurs. These are books which stay with the reader, blending the lessons taught with her Real Life and leading to better understanding of the World around her.A solid novella in a surprisingly good series.Series:Book 1 The Worst WitchBook 2 The Worst Witch Strikes AgainBook 3 A Bad Spell for the Worst WitchBook 4 The Worst Witch All at SeaBook 5 The Worst Witch Saves the DayBook 6 Worst Witch to the RescueBook 7 The Worst Witch and The Wishing StarAge:Read aloud: 6+Read yourself: 8+ (some tricky words)References:W'pedia: 9780140314465)-CR-

  • Josie
    2018-09-05 10:52

    [Re-read in October 2015] Poor Mildred. Things really do go from bad to worse with her in this book, but it's also one of my favourites. The bit where she thinks Miss Hardbroom is on fire and drops a bucket of water on her head from her broom is horrifyingly perfect. (The illustration! The description! To give the stern form-mistress some credit, it must be recorded that she did not flinch when the metal bucket struck, after falling from such a height.) There's yet more advanced spellwork: this time it's Mildred who gets turned into a frog, and nobody except her best friends seem at all concerned at her sudden disappearance. I love how awful Miss Cackle's academy is (there isn't any glass in the windows and the castle is often described as looking like a prison) and apparently this includes pastoral care too. But by far and away my favourite scene is when the girls are training their cats to sit on the backs of their broomsticks:"I hope you have all been practising during the holiday," said Miss Hardbroom, as the girls all lined up with their brooms hovering next to them and the cats perched on the back -- that is to say, most of the cats were perched on the back. Mildred's tabby was clinging desperately to the front of her cardigan, its claws hooked in and a wild, desperate look on its face."The cat is supposed to be on the broomstick, Mildred," said Miss Hardbroom wearily."Yes, Miss Hardbroom," agreed Mildred, dragging the cat from her front and reducing the cardigan to shreds at the same time. The desperate creature immediately spread itself flat on the back of the broom with its eyes glued shut as if awaiting execution.

  • Ashley Ferguson
    2018-09-03 15:54

    This review and more can be found at The A P Book Club*I received this book as an eARC from Candlewick Press on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*I really enjoyed the first book in the Worst Witch series, and I was really excited to read more books about what Mildred Hubble has been up to. And this book gave me exactly what I was looking for! Somehow I missed the second book in this series, but it was not a big deal at all. I assume this one picks up right where that one left off - Mildred is now in her second year at Miss Cackle's Academy, and things are starting to look better for her. But, of course, Mildred has the worst luck. Her cat still can't fly on her broom with her, and she just happens to scare the one first year that she shouldn't - Ethel's sister!So of course, Ethel has to take revenge for scaring her sister. And Mildred spends the majority of the book trying to get out of the her ridiculous predicament. She does make a new friend though and manages to help him, so that was really nice to see. Even though Mildred has her own problems, she still remembers those who need help just as much or more than she does. Mildred is a good friend to those who need her friendship. I really enjoyed the antics and bad spells and everything, and it was a really cute story with a really sweet message. I would definitely recommend this book, and the series, to a younger crowd. It would make a nice book for little kids just learning to read, or a good story for parents to read aloud before bed. I'd give this book a 3/5!

  • Jake Collins
    2018-08-29 10:44

    This was always my favourite Worst Witch book; I used to like all the frog stuff quite a lot. Certainly I think it's the most interesting and involved plot we've had so far. I also approve of the fact that Mildred's immersion in the trouble does come as a result of her being rather careless, which is supposed to be her main characteristic, as we have been told (but not really shown) before.A plot contrivance/inconsistency that annoys me slightly is that Mildred is unable to talk to people while she's a frog, whereas Ethel was able to speak normally when Mildred turned her into a pig in the first book. I found Mildred's over-reliance on looking into a mirror to discover that she's a frog disappointing, as I had remembered her dawning realisation as being far more multi-sense than it actually is.It's good to see Ethel finally get a proper telling off from Miss Hardbroom, although as I remember the frog incident does not change Miss Hardbroom's overall opinion of Ethel in times to come, which it really should. Ethel's reputation in the staff room should now be one of spitefulness and dishonesty, and she should be in serious danger of expulsion from the school in the near future.Mildred's saving-the-day moment in this book may not be as perilous or as satisfying as some of her others, but she does perform a pretty daring act of heroism in the face of strong and inexplicable opposition from everyone else in the school (including Maud and Enid) so again, I feel that the "worst witch" moniker is really something that she has more than grown out of.

  • Mehsi
    2018-09-02 10:47

    The third book in this series, and this one is a bit disappointing.I really liked that it was the start for the second form, that Mildred did her best again to try to help a new girl (only to find out she is family of Ethel), and various other things.I didn't like that we magically have miss Hardbroom again for Form mistress. Really I dislike the character, she mean and never really listens if Mildred has something to say, and always seems to try to find something wrong with Mildred. I really wish she would soften up a bit.Also, what is a shame, that once again, at the end of the book Mildred saves the day again. First book: Oh what a coincidence, Second Book: Again?, Third Book, Yeah we know it now.. :(While the rest of the book is quite interesting, and yeah for Ethel getting punishment for something, it is just a shame that the endings are so predictable. I know it is a kids book and all, but I know from myself that even then I didn't like predictable endings that much.

  • Cassandra
    2018-09-06 09:46

    1. Eine lausige Hexe2. Eine lausige Hexe zaubert weiter3. Eine lausige Hexe hat viel PechWenn andere Schüler ins Fettnäpfchen geraten, landet Mildred garantiert in der Friteuse. Diesmal verschreckt Mildred mit einer Geschichte eine Erstklässlerin und diese Kleine ist ausgerechnet die Schwester von ihrer Feindin Esther, die natürlich Rache nehmen muss.Dieses zauberhafte Kinderbuch ist noch ein klitzekleines besser als der Teil davor. Mildred gerät wie gewöhnlich in Schwierigkeiten. Esther, ihre größte Feindin im Internat hat ihr Rache geschworen und für Mildred wird es richtig schwierig, weder von der Schule verwiesen zu werden, oder sich noch größere Probleme einzuhandeln. Ich möchte hier nicht zu viel verraten, aber in diesem Teil gibt es etwas mehr Magie und beste Unterhaltung für kleine Hexen.Ich werde der lausigen Hexe Mildred nach diesem Abenteuer auch weiterhin gerne durch ihre Schuljahre folgen.

  • Karl Orbell
    2018-08-31 09:34

    Another lovely little book in The Worst Witch series, this is the third book and my favourite so far.The girls are in the second year now, and Mildred is displaying her usual talent as a trouble magnet. I'm starting to lose my sympathy with the girl, as despite being quite pleasant, she verges towards the ridiculous with her absence of common sense. Despite these stories being comedic, they are pretty much tragedies, as you can see her walking in to calamity with gay abandon.The story once again sits around Ethel causing Millie grievous trouble, on this occasion because she has upset Ethel's younger sister, Sybil. Not giving too much away, it being a traditional witchy topic, but not one for batrachophobics. Good fun and a short read nevertheless, ending in the Halloween celebration with the Wizards, just as the first book did.