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Mother, wife, private investigator...vampire. Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home. Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever. And forever is a very long time for a vampire.Now in AMERICAN VAMPIRE, sequel to VAMPIRE MOON, private investigator SamanthMother, wife, private investigator...vampire. Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home. Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever. And forever is a very long time for a vampire.Now in AMERICAN VAMPIRE, sequel to VAMPIRE MOON, private investigator Samantha Moon receives a heartbreaking phone call from a very unlikely source: a five-year-old girl who's been missing for three months. Now on the hunt, Samantha will use her considerable resources - including her growing supernatural abilities - to locate the missing girl before it's too late. And as she gets closer and closer to the horrible truth, she receives devastating news on the home front. Now with her world turned upside down, Samantha Moon is forced to make the ultimate choice of life and death.And through it all, she discovers the identity of one mysterious man...a man she has grown to love....

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American Vampire Reviews

  • Montzalee Wittmann
    2018-09-17 13:05

    American VampireVampire for Hire, Book 3By: J. R. RainNarrated by: Dina PearlmanThis is a very emotional I love this series, I am so hooked. There is so much in here. PI jobs, family, friends, what it is like to be a vamp, to be a vamp mom, cravings, supernatural friends, finding new powers and how to use them, and so much more. It is so packed with each book. Written so well!The narration is so good, voices from a tiny girl to gruff men done perfectly! Emotions perfectly too.

  • Kara
    2018-09-16 12:24

    “American Vampire” is the third book in the 13 book series “Vampire for Hire”. The series is paranormal, and there is, to date, only mild flirtatious behavior…all hetero. Well, there was one brief orgasm in book two, but everyone was clothed, and after six years Samantha was due….so that’s ok.I really enjoyed the first two books (5* each) and immediately began reading book three because of the cliffhanger of book two. Well, perhaps book four will pick up the pace again. Yeah…this was disappointing. Most of the book was just listless…even the terrific narrator sounded bored. In several spots, the audio volume and background noise changed dramatically for just a sentence or two…often a sign that the narrator had to re-record something at final edit because he/she had drifted off during the reading. Too much of the story repeated/explained things from books one and two (I believe that books in a series should expect readers to read the series….penalize late-comers with confusion more than penalizing fans with repetition!). Too little of the book expanded on Samantha Moon’s situation as a vampire who is just beginning to understand her powers. Yes, she finally meets other vampires. But…the story is muddled with quasi religious overtones (Samantha’s son Anthony awoke laughing after being told a joke by Jesus….really!?). The two new PI cases are rather plodding until the conclusion of each. At one point, Samantha tells us that much of PI work is really pretty dull and monotonous…yeah, well….perhaps she was listening to her book.The final hour or so of the six hour book was fun…and somewhere around there the writing got better, the banter and inner dialogue was wittier and the narrator sat up and read with renewed enthusiasm. But we had to endure 80% of the book before any of that happened.Samantha the mom is enduring a tough time, and hints for book four hold promise for some interesting conflicts and storyline. But this book…meh – 3*.

  • Kristi
    2018-08-26 08:16

    Enjoyed this latest installment, but there were several annoyances for me. First, come on already and let Sam get some action already! Meaning love-life wise. It seems as though in each book, we get a very small taste of what MIGHT happen, but it fizzles out and nothing comes of it. Additionally, there are many awkward transitions from serious scenes in the book, to the next scene. The most annoying one for me is when "Fang" essentially professes his love for her, and speaks of spending eternity with her. Instead of hearing her response, or even just her thoughts, the chapter ends there and goes on to an entirely different scene. -And it's never picked up again. And as another mentioned, the cliffhangers are just irritating! The whole entire book leads up to her decision about her son, and that was the end of it. SO much unfinished business and decisions for her to make, and we'll have to wait until the NEXT book to find out all those. To me, the only "real" conclusion I came to with this book is the identity of Fang. That didn't make up for the numerous cliff hangers and tons of unanswered questions/situations.

  • Christine
    2018-09-14 10:57

    I enjoyed the first two in the series, but was meh on this one. FAR too many subplots, the story was all over the place, none of the subplots felt like they were written as well as they could have been, just altogether rushed and unfocused. And the "cliffhanger" at the end didn't leave me wanting for more. The main plot should have been about Fang, but after the beginning he seemed to fade into the background. Disappointing third book in this series. May get the fourth or just let this one go.

  • CJ - It's only a Paper Moon
    2018-08-31 07:59

    The writing gets increasingly better but again, the length hurts the story. I also didn't like who Fang ended up being and I was disappointed that more time wasn't spent on her family, especially given the circumstances. Also, there is a lot of judgement passed on woman in these books. Sam is always using perjorative terms like "slut" or "whore". I mean, I understand why she might've used those terms toward the homewrecker but to pass judgement on everyone is sort of annoying.The boy-crazy attitude she has is starting to grate on me as well. If she is attracted to every male she meets than she needs to stop complaining about not having had sex for six years and jump on the pony.I find some of her responses improbable and not as nuanced as it should be but she is still a kick-ass take no prisoners lady. The fight at the of the book had me both grossed out but also happy. The bad guy got what was coming to him by her hands. So, the same complaints - the characters could be more developed, the plot could be less rushed and then bad guys/good guys could be less two-dimensional. Oh, and another thing The fact that Sam has had six years to deal with her condition should also stop her from calling herself a ghoul or a monster and then wondering what God thinks. There was no basis for her to start wondering about that stuff because it was never established that she was religious. I'm not sure what the author is trying to make the reader believe about Sam. I need more backstory and development and like I said with my first review of the first book, if this is ever re-written for a mainstream audience, I would definitely buy it There is very little romance in here so it's more of an Urban/Paranormal Fantasy and I gotta say I wish there was some more kissing and stuff. The description of the men doesn't help. Kingsley keeps getting bigger and bigger in each book and he is starting to remind me of a cross between the Juggernaut and Beast from the X-Men, while Fang is reminding me of a hairy very creepy Cyclops. I don't particuarly get a good image of either guy.All in all, the execution could've been better and the story a little less jumbled. It won't stop me from finishing the series though.

  • Erica Chilson
    2018-09-12 15:21

    I'm using my personal copy for BYOB (Bring your own Book) month for Wicked Reads 4 Stars J.R. Rain seems to utilize the cliffhanger. This isn't a negative for me, because I'm lucky to have found this series when it has 10+ books. Every installment ends with a humdinger of a cliffy, and picks right back up in the start of the next novel. Who is Fang is partially answered from the cliffhanger of the last title, and an emotional extortion storyline is introduced, which becomes the ending cliffy. Sam is now living back at home with her children- she hasn't found a happy medium with her ex-husband. Ignoring him is probably the best way to describe their relationship. She's dealing with who Fang represents to her, as well as Kingsley and his unethical yet necessary practice of defending the worst of criminals. Basically, Sam is at a crossroads, where she has to come to terms with how her life isn't how she expected it to be pre-attack. Does she empathize with the monsters, or does she push them out of her life because they don't fit into her black and white views? But, where does that leave her, morally, with the brutal actions she uses?Sam metaphysical abilities are gaining strength, which she uses to her advantage. Her ability to see spirits, and act as a medium, is helpful in the most scary of situations. She's getting a better grasp of what her vampirism entails. The hardest, most emotional thread of the novel features Sam's son, and a sudden illness that no doubt will torture readers, especially near the end. My only suggestion, make sure you pick up book 4 before starting book 3, as they definitely need to be read back-to-back.

  • S.A. Hopkins
    2018-08-31 10:03

    Book 19/ 100Book: American Vampire (Vampire for Hire #3)Author: J.R. RainASIN: B004UHLW1KISBN: 978-1105089237Pages: 306Read as part of Samantha Moon by J.R. Rain (ISBN: 978-193785617-5)Vampires, PIs, sick kids and kidnapped children, oh no!Continuing on from the previous story in the series, we find Sam meeting her online confidant, Fang, and finding he’s a notorious convicted criminal, convicted of drinking a girl’s blood! But Fang is human, a vampire wannabe. A human who wants to become a vampire for real.As Sam struggles to deal with that request, she finds her son becoming deathly sick, and the doctors have a hard time treating him. Sam’s developing psi abilities allow her to see the auras that surround people, and around her son she sees nothing but death.While trying to determine if she should turn her son into a vampire to save him, Sam receives a phonecall from a frightened young girl, a young girl who tells Sam that her mom was killed by a bad man who is keeping her prisoner and hurting her.Calling in some extra manpower, Sam works with the police, and three other PIs (all characters of the author), Jim Knighthorse, Aaron King (aka Elvis Presley) and Spinoza, to find the young girl. Rating… 5 out of 5 fangs. I love this series, and the fact that it can crossover with the author’s other series, well, that’s just icing. It has the elements of supernatural, vampires, werewolves etc, but it’s obviously grounded in reality with the case of the little girl’s kidnapping and the sick son. Definitely worth giving the series a read if you can.

  • Marisa
    2018-09-08 14:02

    I have really enjoyed the entire Vampire for Hire series thus far. J.R. Rain has done a really great job depicting a mother who happens to be a vampire. I like how the character goes through the emotional changes of her divorce, the heartache of a cheating spouse and her desire to be a good mommy to her kids. I really really like this series. The only thing I don't like is the short format, and the misleading amount of pages. When my nook says that the book is 600+ pages, but the story cuts shorts *with a cliffhanger, to add insult to injury* and I have 50 pages of promos for other books and other series... I get frustrated. I don't know who jump-started this cliff-hanger mess, I kind of blame Karen Moning for making it popular, but I don't appreciate it. I think it's kind of juvenile, and I'm tired of it. It doesn't make me want to jump up and buy the next one. And get rid of the dozen promos at the end of the book. I felt like I was reading some kind of anthology.I feel like the story was cut off too short. And why is Samantha attracted to almost every male she comes across? Doesn't matter if he's young, old, in shape or fat, she's attracted. And what's up with Fang? Anyway, I did enjoy it, hence the 4 stars.

  • Lani
    2018-09-12 09:57

    The story really was a 4 but the cliffhanging stuff is getting old! I would be really pissed if I had to wait a year before the next story came out. I realize that these books are really cheap but the story is only 80% of the kindle download. The rest are introductions to other stories. The writer could have combined two of his last stories into one book and charged twice as much and I wouldn't be complaining, but to end the book in the middle of the storyline was just so disappointing. All build up and no release......But of course I am now determined to find out what happens with Sam's 7 year old son, so I have purchased the next book. I know, the author did his job and is making his money off me now. I am a Sucker!

  • Sue
    2018-08-29 11:21

    Good writing and good story, but how can Sam forgive Fang his background issues and not forgive Kingsley for doing a legitimate job? Definitely do NOT understand that. Don't understand her even considering Fang--he's a freaking psycho stalker for god's sake. With the main plot, there is a horrifying twist that really shocked me to the core. With the personal side plot, well, let's just say it's a very difficult read. Can't quite believe the ass of an ex is suddenly decent to her; that's either going to blow up in her face or the whole character developed in the second book just died and was replaced by a pod-person.

  • Jenna Lyday
    2018-09-24 16:10

    I'm liking the series about a working mom who just happens to be a vampire. However, I felt like the new love interest in this book wasn't believable. Seriously, Fang sets off all sorts of stalker warning bells for me (and for Sam), but somehow he's still in the running? There were a lot of loose ends at the end of this book. It's like there was a deadline and the author took half of the book he was working on and shipped it off to give him time to finish the other one. Hopefully I'm wrong and the next book is an actual whole story.

  • Mary Ellen
    2018-09-10 14:11

    (I’ll skip my pet peeves this time since they’re in the reviews for the first two books in the series, and nothing has changed here.)I began this book immediately after the second because the second ends, and the third begins on a cliffhanger. I had to know the answer, so I kept reading, and was intrigued by what I found out. It didn’t come as a total surprise as there were a couple of hints, and a couple of possible answers, but it was interesting, and I wanted to explore where it would lead. For the most part, the books have an easy flow to them, leading from one circumstance to the next. There are a couple of places where the narrative seems to have skipped a beat, but the story generally flows well. I’m not thrilled with the two main scenarios of book 3, both having to do with children in peril. I read primarily as an escape, so these storylines were not what I was looking for when I picked up this book. It was a little too real, and a little too close to home. I also had problems with some of Samantha’s actions, not finding it entirely believable when it came to her own family. She did not respond the way any woman I know would have responded. That being said, I don’t know any former Federal Agents/current Private Detectives, Vampire or otherwise, so maybe those parts of her personality are what make her actions believable and reasonable. I just found myself frustrated and angry with her, and feeling as though I would have intervened at some point, maybe sat on her if I had to! But she is a woman juggling many balls, so maybe sitting still is not an option. As with each book so far, #3 ends on a cliffhanger, so I’m set to begin #4 immediately. I will probably continue with the series, just because I generally complete a series once I start it, even if I begin to have problems with it somewhere along the line. I’m genuinely curious where the author is going to take this character next, and excited to see which famous mystery guest shows up next also! I’m also enjoying the narrative taking place in an area I know well, having lived in Southern California my entire life! So far the author has named 3 or 4 places I’ve lived, and if not me, my children. I never knew we had so many creatures of the night living here!!

  • Nancy
    2018-09-12 10:08

    Fun, entertaining, interesting, but I really, really dislike having a cliff hanger at the end of each book! Especially at the price of the paperbacks! I think I own one more in this series and then I'm done! disappointed

  • Shadow Dragon
    2018-09-16 13:13

    well written, however it took me a while to get through because the main character seems to be getting new powers very rapidly, making it difficult to foloe at times.

  • Matt Schiariti
    2018-09-09 11:03

    If you've read the first two books (which you probably have if you're reading this...if anybody is indeed reading this!..and if not, you should!) you know that Samantha Moon's life isn't easy. Being a creature of the night and trying to keep some semblance of normalcy in regards to your kids and all the other people who don't know your secret hasn't been an easy task for Samantha; mother of two, ex wife, private detective and ex federal agent...The series to this point has always been a good balance of character moments, fun dialogue, witty one liners and drama....this book leans heavily on the's as if each successive book finds new ground for Samantha to explore and discover in regards to her strange and growing powers and her unlife...There are two cases she's working in this is a theft of a very important piece of art from an up and coming museum. This case has a pretty clever ending that was fun to read. It's the second case that brings the heavy dose of drama..Samantha receives a call from a little girl..a girl who claims that a 'bad man' has kidnapped her and killed her month. Samantha's maternal instinct is very strong and as a result she feels very psychically connected to her thanks to her ever strengthening sixth sense. Sam is going to do whatever it takes to get this little girl out of her predicament and to do that she enlists some help.Jim Knighthorse is back to help with the case as are Aaron King and the man only known as Spinoza. (if you've followed JR Rain at all, and I admit I'm still pretty new to him, each of these characters have their own series...I'm not sure of the publishing dates so I don't know if Aaron and Spinoza were already featured in their own books prior to this one or they were spin offs from this series but that doesn't really matter as I plan to read them all). This case has a constant sense of urgency hanging over it like a dark cloud and also has a clever ending that's filled with action and emotion.That's just the cases in this book. Samantha also has personal things to deal with as well which are just as interesting. Her shaky relationship with Kingsley Fulcrum, revelations made to her by her automatic writing 'pen pal', her newish ability of being able to see and commune with ghosts, dealing with her ex husband...and finally meeting Fang in the flesh...the relationship with Fang is getting interesting and he's asking things of her that she's not sure she can give him the answers to..Fang's identity was also a welcomed twist...But the biggest thing in her life is something far more personal...I don't want to spoil anything but something happens to someone she's very close to, hits close to home and may be another benchmark in the development of the character, thus changing the status quo for Samantha from here on out.I'm looking forward to reading the next installment, Moon Child as well as getting the back story of Fang and the other side stories from JR Rain's short story compendiums. I'm also very much looking forward to getting into the series of this ever growing and always entertaining cast of supporting characters.Another chapter in a series that's always fun, engaging and really keeps you on your toes!

  • Pamela
    2018-09-18 15:22

    I was hoping this book would be longer, and fill in gaps. There are so many sub plots that nothing gets settled. Does she like the defense lawyer , or the stalker, or the cop, or Elvis. She seems attracted to a lot of men. Though she wants to just be friends. I was not thrilled with children being in danger. I am really not thrilled with the decision she is being forced to make. Her skills are way past normal, now not only is she a flying bat, but a deep sea diving bat. She sees ghosts, and has powers to read minds, and the list keeps coming, only she has no vampire teeth. She likes the idea of a donor, but some may be forced into it. It is like she says, I will not go over this line, than does. She is also script writing with a dead mystic. These books just keep jumping further into questions, or new information without any explanations. Who is the demon in the werewolf. ? How come Fang is her go to expert, when he is a wannabe vampire.....She is now about to get to know another vampire, but she was not given blood as she was seriously injured, and had silver poisoning? These books need some set rules, or they are just flash. The stories are farfetched, and not getting stronger. Her husband Danny, who was such a jerk before, and a major sleeze is trying to bump her sexually, as their son may be dying, and then shivers, because the thought of her being changed to a vampire makes him throw up. ? She already knows that she has to leave her children when they notice she does not age. The idea of turning a creepy killer, and stalker into a vampire is crazy, since he is already crazy. She thinks he is cute, and he crushes on her? Who tells all to a stranger in a chat room, even about what you are, and the laid out details of what crimes you have committed. She is not to smart, and if she is going by instinct, they are not that great either. The sad part is I have eight of these books, and I'm already bored. This reminds me of someone who took notes on vampire books, and then threw them all together. She also sees your aura, and your soul. I expect her to have super x Ray vision in the next wait she already saw through a concrete prison, for her prey, so she has that. Fang mentions a power she may get, and before a blink she has it, and he is human. I have read some great vampire books, but these are just getting messy, and without good structure. I may read other things, and put the rest of these on hold. Perhaps later, I may find them more interesting, than annoying.

  • Felicia Wood
    2018-09-02 14:15

    Feeling super ambivalent about this one. Part of me feels like its the best one yet, and the other part is offended and annoyed. If the author uses the word hemoglobin to describe blood one more time, I may pull out my hair. She's not drinking "the oxygen carrying capacity if blood"...hemoglobin! As a nurse, its so hard to read; packed red blood cells, plasma, or simply blood would suffice. No need to try and sound smart and then get it all wrong. Also I found it to be a bit racist at times and awfully 'judgy' when it came to the labels put on women. I appreciate when an author consistently gives in depth character descriptions, that way I can visualize my scene. Unfortunately this only happens sometimes. We get great descriptions with the disabled, the overweight, the Hispanics, and the Blacks. But... We're left to assume that the white people are white. Repeated descriptions of one particular character shed in a negative light, rubbed me the wrong way; I definitely wasn't going to forget what HE looked like.. "Big black thug", "big bald black guy", "large black man", "the bad black man" over and over again, made sure of that. Also these ridiculous cliffhangers have got to stop. I'm not even sure if you can call it a cliffhanger if it reads like a middle chapter in a novel. There is like zero resolve; and could Sam get laid already; 6+ years?!?! She's sexually attracted to EVERYONE, but refuses to just do it. Like previously stated on the other hand parts really did read like the best yet in the series. Sam is finally coming to terms with who she is, and is growing as a mother and vampire. Other characters are also showing more dimension. And the subplots although distracting, add to the excitement and complexity. I just don't know what to do... To continue reading or not?

  • Marsha
    2018-09-10 14:07

    "American Vampire" is another great read from J.R.Rain. In this installment Samantha or Sam is working at home when she receives a telephone call from an unidentified number. When she finally answers, there is a small little girl on the other end of the line who indicates that her mother had been "kilt." She was alone, scared being abused by her captors. Of course, Sam springs into action enlisting the aid her ever growing list of friends. Meanwhile, Sam finally meets Fang and discovers that he has a very ghoulish but interesting past. She is still confused about how she feels about him as well as Kingsley. If that is not enough, Anthony, Sam's seven year old son is very sick with what she discovers is Kawasaki disease. Although there is only a 2% fatality rate, Anthony is not responding to treatment. Amazingly, Sam's soon to be ex is being nice for a chance which makes you wonder what is he up to.The Wharton Museum had a famous carved egg stolen from its' exhibit and hires Sam to investigate and recover it. With the assistance of Kingsley and Fang, she begins to discover some of the benefits with being a vampire including the ability to see ghosts, psychic connections and prophesy. Once again Rain is a master at manipulating a reader's emotions taking them on a roller coaster ride in the process. The book ends with another cliffhanger that many reviewers have indicated that they have a problem with. I don't mind if it is done well. I look at it as a commercial of sorts for the next book. If I had a complaint, it would be that I do not like love triangles especially in adult literature; but, Sam has been starved for attention and love for six year so it is a little understandable why she is checking out various guy's groceries.Great book/ Great series.

  • Bookmom
    2018-09-10 14:10

    PI Vampire, Samantha Moon, has been online chatting with a guy going by the name of Fang for years now. He knows everything about her as she’s poured out her heart and soul and she believes she loves him. This book starts off with meeting him for the first time, only to discover she has already met him a number of times and now doesn’t know what to think.Two cases are worked on. One involves a missing child who somehow phones Sam for help. The other is a missing item taken from a small museum. But taking up a good chunk of her focus is on a family matter.I like the story itself as well as the situations and characters. We’re starting to build more on a back story and it will be interesting to see where that goes. But two things were really bugging me. The more obvious one is the sudden cliffhanger, which quite frankly reminds me of watching episodes of Batman. Tune in tomorrow to see what happens. I’m glad I’m reading this years after the initial release so I don’t have to wait for the next book if I don’t want to.The other issue that came up this time is repetition within the story. I’m not talking about things described in one book and described again in the next. I’m talking about repetition in this book alone. At least 3 times we’re told something we’d already read. The story is entertaining, but additional effort needs to be put into editing and continuity. Heck, a character from the last book was named Monica in Vampire Moon and in this one we’re told it’s Cynthia. 3.5 stars

  • Kami Dodson-Perry
    2018-09-04 09:00

    ****Spolier Alert****The 3rd installment of the Vampire For Hire series was again another good book.Samantha is really embracing her vampire bat. She is also becoming more aware of her psychic abilities & what they can tell her. She discovers that she can see ghosts & we also get to see her talking about aura which the author touched on briefly before.Now that Samantha has taken back her kids & her house from her mean ex-husband Danny she thinks life will be great. Yeah right. Sam gets a disturbing call from a little girl who has been kidnapped, she is talking to ghosts to help her find a missing artifact, listening & getting closer to Fang, & trying to ignore what Kingsley does for a living. If all that was not enough to deal with now her little boy Anthony is sick & the doctors don't know what to do. Sam is using automatic writing (with the spirits) to guide her in these troubled times. Fang tells Sam what must be done to save Anthony now it is up to Sam if she can deal with the consequences which her decision may bring. Oh & did Fang just ask Sam to marry him & make him a vampire. Lots of things are happened here. Onto the next book in the series "Moon Child".

  • Christine
    2018-09-20 10:57

    I've been trying to figure out why I'm just not connecting with this series when so many people, including a lot of my GR friends, seem to love it. All I can come up with is: the main character. While listening to this one, the phrase 'nonsensically melodramatic' came to mind. One minute the MC is being all introspective and emotional, pondering the meaning of her life as a vampire. She'll wax poetic about some little thing, but then turn around and comment on the obvious as if it's a great revelation or make a lame joke completely at odds with the character I thought I was getting to know. She ponders and complains about issues with her ex and her kids, but so neatly compartmentalizes those issues to specific chapters rather than having them bleed over into others. Maybe I feel that she is manipulating me a little by telling me how she feels about certain things rather than really showing me her honest emotions. Some of her behaviors seems quite contradictory to me, and don't even get me started on the "love" interest in this one.Maybe in books, as in real life, there are some people you just don't like, and can never totally figure out why not.

  • Missyb
    2018-09-06 16:04

    third in the series. She finally meets Fang, but to me it was sort of a bust. The story line is there but sort of boring or weird, but since he's sort of a stalker I guess that could be part of the reason. Who it is was a surprise, and maybe more comes from it in a later book. Her case in this book is so sad. A little girl has called her & needs her help. What a ending to the case. I liked the new people that she worked with on this case. It was a surprise about Hanner, but she's barely in anything previously so it was not as big as it could have been. Really really sad about her son, but it just didn't add up for her to be gone so much from him yet to be considering what she did to save him and for her to make comments about her ex being at the hospital as a good thing. Maybe if she'd said something about trying to rescue a little girl it might have been more doable in my mind. The case was good, just not the way she left her son so much. About 500 pages of story which is great.

  • Jœhnny BB
    2018-09-04 14:01

    It's simply not a whole book, it's half of one.The book has 3-4 parallel plots (Sam's work, her family and Fang), of which 2 are basically used to lengthen the rest while not moving anywhere themselves. That just leaves the reader unsatisfied and annoyed.Although I can see that it's part of a series and questions are supposed to be left unanswered, this was a bit too much for my liking. The ending seems rushed to make the next book in the series possible and some (admittedly minor) questions that could easily have been cleared up are left open.Aside from that however, I like the setting and the characters of the series, especially how Sam slowly learns about her vampire abilities (and that she accepts them).

  • Denise
    2018-09-26 09:03

    I keep thinking this series, 'Vampire for Hire' couldn't get better, but I keep getting proved wrong. The storyline is what keeps me glued to the pages and can't, or don't want to, put down. Samantha keeps surprising me with her abilities. I love her wit, her humor and her strength, both physically and emotionally. The characters are great. I can't wait to read the next book. And due to knowing this series leaves off with cliffhangers, I knew to get the next book ahead of time. A must read series.

  • Chris
    2018-09-01 15:12

    Still finding the series entertaining although it feels like there is a certain lack of editing. In certain circumstances or exchanges, the same sentences or conversations seem to be used every single time (with Sam's ex-partner for instance), with dialogue that is flat or recycled feeling. I'm still interested in the story but feel it waning a little. After 6+ years of being a vampire, you would think the main character has accepted certain parts of her character, also it seems strange she is just now figuring out so much.

  • Crystin
    2018-08-30 11:12

    I really enjoyed the first 2 ebooks but this one felt rushed. I thought that some of the multiple plot lines were hastily tied together and that there should have been a few more pages allotted for closure. Additionally, I absolutely hate when I feel like I'm in the middle of a book and then I get to the next page and it goes to be continued. All the loose ends don't need to be tied up but to feel like you are in the middle of a scene and just left there is irritating.

  • Hard12luv
    2018-09-01 10:17

    Vampire mom with a sick little one and a case with locating a little girl. How she got the wrong number call to help a little lost girl no one knows. But she is hell bent to find her and bring her to saftey. Does she really meet the King? Asking for help from the other PI she knows, she can't believe her eyes.

  • Wicked
    2018-09-09 11:08

    I really liked it but it seems like the 1/2 of a book. It's not that everything needs to be wrapped up in a neat little bow, it is after all a series, but the ending was extremely abrupt. While I don't mind that series do continue and things need to be open for there to be a continuing story, I really prefer to be at least temporarily satisfied and I wanted more before I even set it down.

  • Christine
    2018-09-04 09:21

    I did not think this series could get any worse ... and then the King came to McDonald's.

  • Tara
    2018-09-10 09:19

    Nothing steller....I didn't like the fact that her little boy was sick. Or the fact that her online love was a creepy stalker who was a murderer to boot. It was simply a filler book.