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14 years ago, scientist William Fox implanted four babies with the Medusa gene - a gene for psychic aibilities. Fox's experiment left a legacy: four teenagers, each with their own distinct and special skill. These four teens were originally brought together to form crime-fighting force, The Medusa Project....

Title : Hit Squad
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ISBN : 9780857070715
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Hit Squad Reviews

  • Anusha Ramachandran
    2018-09-06 09:19

    Hit Squad by Sophie McKenzie is a very adventurous book. This book is about four teenagers who have had the Medusa gene implanted into them. This gave them psychic abilities. The four teenagers were brought together to work together as a crime-fighting force. This is the sixth book of The Medusa Project series. In this book, Nico, Ketty, Ed and Dylan meet Foster and Jack Linden, enemies from another book in this series once again. They get captured and their Medusa powers get temporarily disabled repeatedly throughout the book. Ketty gets separated from the group, making everything a lot harder for everyone else. Another character, Cal is introduced as another teenager with Medusa powers. Cal and Nico find out that they are related and that Nico’s father is alive. Jack has developed another drug which enables other children to have the Medusa gene, however when the teenagers meet a child who has had the Medusa implanted in him he is very weak and ill. Thus, the Medusix drug, Jack developed was not very effective and had bad side effects. Foster and Jack Linden plan to use all the teenagers implanted with the Medusa gene for their own benefit. This book hooked me in from the beginning and kept me reading until the end. I would recommend reading the first five books in the series before reading this book to understand everything better. I would recommend this book to adventure readers twelve years old or older.

  • Danielle
    2018-09-14 13:09

    Read this review and more on my blog.Hit Squad is the sixth and final book in the Medusa Project series.Hit Squad wrapped up the Medusa Project series but it has left room for potential for sequels. Hit Squad was written in Nico's, Ketty's, Ed's and Dylan's perspectives and seemed to conveniently jump to the next perspective just to avoid having to fully explain stuff.I was most annoyed about how cleanly this series wrapped up. It seemed like everything had trap door that conveniently allowed them to get done what was needed. McKenzie tried to add i some plot twists but I saw them coming from a mile away. Not only was it predictable, but I am still at a loss as to what exactly the purpose of this book was (apart from wrapping up this series).I would agree that this series is aimed at younger readers who want to read action-adventure books but not the likes of CHERUB or Bourne (which are both very different from each other).Needless to say I am glad to have finished this series and crossed it off my TBR.

  • Gail Jones
    2018-09-09 15:16

    Hit Squad by Sophie McKenzie. I've thoroughly loved this series and it looks like this is the last one. It is as exciting and action packed as the previous ones, however, I did find myself getting a little frustrated by it. The superpowered group come up against old foes Foster and Jack Linden. Without giving away too much of the plot the group are very quickly captured and their powers neutralised. They spend most of the book without their powers escaping and being recaptured. I got a little tired of the repetition of it. They suffer the loss of one of the group and this effects their ability to carry out their mission. Jack has developed medusix a drug to enable other kids to develope superpowers. He and Foster want to build up their own army for their own evil cause. Repetitive or not, I still enjoyed this read as I have every book by Sophie McKenzie.

  • Mary
    2018-09-06 12:56

    I really loved this series of books I loved all the action and drama. If I had to choose a medusa ability it would probably be Nico's. I liked how it ended and I would probably do the same thing as them. I love this book soooo much and would recommend this to any one who likes a book to be fun, adventurous and mysterious.

  • Rheanna ☀️☀️☀️
    2018-09-18 14:54

    Re read September 2017

  • Abbie
    2018-09-05 13:13

    This was quite a long series but I enjoyed every book which was apart of the series!

  • Emma
    2018-08-30 13:52

    I hated the ending.

  • 15GuptaM
    2018-09-15 13:21

    I loved this book and think it is my favourite in the whole series there are so many things that you want to know that are explained in this book and at the end it puts a stop to the medusa gene forever with the medstop but Dylan still had the code in Harry's garden so if she wanted she could get it.

  • 15SolankiK
    2018-09-08 16:10

    this was a great end to the medusa series, i really enjoyed the books and would recommend them to anyone!

  • Alice
    2018-08-31 11:19

    This was the last book in the series and I definitely thought it was the best book out of all the series. I think this book was a good final book to the series, and I am a little upset that it is the final book. What I love about these books (but it is true for all Sophie McKenzie books) is that the characters all feel real, and they are always easy to read. Not because of a lack of development but because they are so fast-paced that you fly through chapter after chapter because you just want to devour the whole series.This book, for me, had the best parts of all the other books in the series. The character and relationship development was continued, and one of my favourite parts of the series is that the characters are constantly growing and developing throughout all the books, and are much more complex than the characters we met in the first and second book. It had the fast-paced feel of the third book mixed with the newer characters introduced in the fourth and fifth books. It also developed the history behind the Medusa gene which was a key part in some of the later books. I also agreed with the decision made by the teens because I felt it fit with who they are as characters.I am giving this book 4 stars, maybe it isn’t the best book that has ever been written and I’ve probably gave better books lower ratings, but I think this book deserves a four star rating because it is the final book in a series I have thoroughly enjoyed.

  • Sophia
    2018-09-07 09:03

    Gutted this is the end of this series, i've really enjoyed it so much!It may not be the worlds best bit of literature, but the story line holds you from start to finish.I like how real the characters are-I find them all irritating at times, they have their faults. But i like them. I hate when bad shit happens fo them.I liked the idea of the medusa project, it was a very clever plot, which is why it's carried it's success over so many books.I'm not usually interested in action, modern sci-fi ideas, but i was definitely interested in the medusa project.Hit Squad is probably my least favourite in the series, mainly due to the changes of point of view. I prefered when the book was all from one perspective.I'd reccomend this series to most, it's definitely worth the read, if you're looking for an escape.

  • Ellie
    2018-09-18 14:59

    The last book in the Medusa Project Series and have mixed emotions about it.While Hit-Squad was a good book, there is a lot of repetition of events, and the bad guys the team face in this book they've already encountered before.At the start the book jumps right into the tension and that progresses throughout. After every book in the series I've felt drained and exhausted afterwards, but there's always something that tells me I want more. This is the same with HS because the way Mckenzie ended it made me feel incomplete, as if the series isn't in fact over.I loved these books and I'm glad I read them!

  • Daniel Smith
    2018-08-26 13:11

    *this review covers all 6 books within the series*As a child i fully enjoyed reading this series but not only is it a fairly simple and pleasant book to read, it is an easy book for children to get into the 'adventure' and 'superhero' genre of novels. Another aspect i have thought about is that in my opinion the book can be specifically gender-neutral because each novel is at the POV of different characters both male and female and covers issues both modern-day to society and that of having 'super powers'. These books i would recommend to children within ks2 within main aim to increase reading for pleasure.

  • Alex
    2018-09-06 13:56

    The last in the series of The Medusa Project books, and perhaps one of the better ones. A couple of fairly good twists and very fast-paced-maybe sometimes a little too fast. Splitting the story into Kettys, Dylans, Eds and Nicos point of view was a nice touch although I wish that Cal had a part, or was included more in the story, as he is one of my favourite characters. I really liked the ending and I thought it was a good finish to the series, but it was a little rushed.

  • Emma
    2018-09-17 15:02

    This book was actually quite a good end to a meh series. The different points of view were interesting and finished it off nicely, but it made me realise - when was Nico decided as the leader? His point of view finished off the series and throughout the novel, and all the other ones, people turn to him to see what they should do. Has that got something to do with that thing were everyone looks for his approval? But I'm glad they all got there happy ending.

  • Beth Stewart
    2018-09-11 14:03

    I'm quite upset that this was the last book in the series because it was an mazing story! I thought it was quite clever how the author split the book into 4 parts. I was really glad Ketty hadn't died coz she is my favourite character. I was suprised that they all wanted to lose their powers at the end. This was a great series!

  • Kirsty
    2018-09-21 14:08

    A cracking end to a series which I have enjoyed. as before lots of twists and turns that kept you guessing to the end. The way in which the story was finished off was brilliant and rounded it off well. I loved how the narrative was split across all the main characters rather than just one point of view.

  • Sarah Dorgan
    2018-09-01 13:55

    A great ending to this series. It was heart-breaking and a complete thrill. The series is one of my favourite and throughout the book there were times when I thought "I knew that was going to happen!" but at most, I waited about 10 pages, not the whole book. Thrilling, I read it in about a day.

  • Sian Grove
    2018-09-12 12:14

    A fantastic ending to a phenomenal series, all hail Sophie McKenzie, one of the best series I have ever read, enticing from beginning to end. Anyone who has any taste for excitement, action and super powers then this is the series for you. Over all a brilliant read. Has you captured from page 1.

  • Chloe
    2018-09-23 10:08

    It's an Amazing End To an Amazing Series. I have stuck to this series since the start.You Have got to love all the twists and turns in this book.

  • Booklover6
    2018-08-30 13:20

    Lovely way to wrap up this series! And action-PACKED too!

  • Alsjem
    2018-09-23 10:52

    Action packed with authentic teenage voice. I like this series of books and a pleasing conclusion to the series . . . or is it?????

  • Emily Hooper
    2018-08-26 15:13

    very fun series to follow, ok ending, still very good

  • Ananya
    2018-09-09 15:22

    I read this book a while ago, but it was absolutely thrilling!!the plot and characters were well portrayed and it was an amazing readI wish I had their abilities!!!!

  • BlackroseBlackheart
    2018-09-17 16:02


  • Dale
    2018-09-10 12:59

    Made it 2/5 of the way through, but not interesting enough for me to continue!

  • Meghana
    2018-09-14 14:05

    Loved tDidn't know it was the last book before I read it -.- couldn't put the book down

  • Vasundhara
    2018-09-07 12:09

    Ok types...