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Title : I Passed This Way
Author :
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ISBN : 9780394426129
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 499 Pages
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I Passed This Way Reviews

  • Joy H.
    2018-12-13 09:53

    Added 11/21/08.Edited 1/30/13I Passed This Way (1979) by Sylvia Ashton-Warner:"The internationally renowned educator and novelist writes of her New Zealand childhood, her haphazard education, her marriage, her years of teaching, her country's rejection of her lifework, her years of exile, and her sorrows and successes."FROM: Review - Kirkus Reviews"Lyrical, prickly, sentimental, worldly-wise, naive, passionate, mannered, telegraphic, verbose--it will come as no surprise to readers of Ashton-Warner's previous work (fiction, memoirs, credos on innovative teaching) that her writing is a blend of marvelous and maddening, and never more so than in this long, quirky autobiography.""A freckled nonentity somewhere in the middle of a large sprawling family, thoroughly outshone"" by big brothers and pretty sisters, Sylvia grew up moving from place to place around New Zealand, with crippled Puppa and teacher Mumma, poor but never without essential creative equipment. (""We played the horse like a piano and rode the piano like a horse."")"And, however painful it often was (""I'd like to get this chapter over and done with""), she dwells in sometimes-luminous, sometimes-syrupy detail on those young years that also became the fiction of Greenstone: schoolgirl crushes, teachers good and bad, doing homework on horseback, being odd-girl-out (""So I'm a pariah? Then I'll be the best""), discovering Jane Eyre (""The shock was like the crack of a branch splitting"")."But Sylvia didn't want what waited at the end of 14 schools--""the last thing in God's heaven I wanted to be was a teacher""--and even while resigning herself to training for ""the bloody profesh"" in Wellington (""Learning fast about men. . . less than nothing about teaching""), she dreamed of her real career as musician, painter, artist. Enter, however, two vital men: Rousseau (with inspiration for both teaching and writing); and fellow-student Keith Henderson, who loved teaching, who married her, who took her off to be his second-in-command at isolated Maori schools--where Sylvia had babies (sometimes teaching across them), a nervous breakdown (harrowingly described), a platonic affair (wanly described, as it was in Myself), beloved friends, and futile feuds with the education establishment over what became the organic ""Key Vocabulary"" teaching method explored in Spinster and Teacher."Those books brought fame, but no honor in her homeland, so, after Keith's death came a new life abroad--in Israel, lazy and politics-ridden Aspen, sterile Vancouver--as teacher of teachers, guru of loving, childlike but responsible education."And always: loving friends, thoughts of her scattered, diminished family, and the neverending bitterness toward New Zealand ("" 'I'm not in New Zealand, I'm not in New Zealand,' the sweetest song I ever heard""), though she has finally come home to her daughter there. ""I've made my life come true. I've actually done what I set out to do and I have said what I knew."""So she has--and though most readers will pull back now and then from the girlish excesses, the self-conscious elaborations--it's one-of-a-kind-story told in a one-of-a-kind-voice, frequently enthralling and almost always just a little surprising."FROM: also wrote: Spinster and Teacher.