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Every day, more and more people want to learn some HTML and CSS. Joining the professional web designers and programmers are new audiences who need to know a little bit of code at work (update a content management system or e-commerce store) and those who want to make their personal blogs more attractive. Many books teaching HTML and CSS are dry and only written for those wEvery day, more and more people want to learn some HTML and CSS. Joining the professional web designers and programmers are new audiences who need to know a little bit of code at work (update a content management system or e-commerce store) and those who want to make their personal blogs more attractive. Many books teaching HTML and CSS are dry and only written for those who want to become programmers, which is why this book takes an entirely new approach. • Introduces HTML and CSS in a way that makes them accessible to everyone—hobbyists, students, and professionals—and it’s full-color throughout • Utilizes information graphics and lifestyle photography to explain the topics in a simple way that is engaging • Boasts a unique structure that allows you to progress through the chapters from beginning to end or just dip into topics of particular interest at your leisureThis educational book is one that you will enjoy picking up, reading, then referring back to. It will make you wish other technical topics were presented in such a simple, attractive and engaging way!...

Title : HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites
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ISBN : 9781118008188
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 514 Pages
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HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites Reviews

  • imane
    2018-11-04 22:23

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  • Kathie
    2018-10-18 01:07

    I swore after taking COBOL and FORTRAN in college (back when you lugged around boxes of punch cards), I wanted no more to do with coding or programming. And did I really need to know this stuff? Then I started a Wordpress site and, being a designer myself, I really wanted to either customize the template I was using or created one from scratch that was what I wanted. So, I started learning HTML & CSS online though and found I needed a couple of more resources. This book is SO good. First, I appreciate good graphic design (since I do that stuff myself as an eLearning ID and developer), and the importance of making information visual. This book is beautiful. And it takes the complete beginner through the basics step by step without throwing in stuff that I know I'll need later, but don't need to know at that moment (and would forget anyway). Love it, highly recommend it.

  • Larry McCloskey
    2018-11-01 22:34

    Credit where credit is due: this is a great looking book. The layout and design are top notch, is easy to read and there are plenty of illustrations and examples of everything discussed.The problem with the book is that I'm not sure who the audience is. If you already know HTML and CSS, the majority of the book is probably beneath you. If you're new, then it might be over your head as it explores topics instead of really getting into the "how to" side of things.There's enough good information to make it worth reading. The CSS section, in particular, has some good tips and even if you've been playing with web design for awhile, there's some good information on where HTML 5 is heading. It's a quick and easy read as well, so even if you don't gain a whole lot from the book, you'll probably gain enough to make it worth the time you invested.

  • Aly Osama
    2018-10-27 22:08

    i think it's the best book for HTML and CSS .

  • Raissa
    2018-10-23 21:22

    This book is the most straight-forward introduction to HTML and CSS that I have found. I started reading a few other books before finding this one, and they all start with lots of unnecessary background information (What is a browser? How does the World Wide Web work?) before getting into the actual "how to" of creating a web page.The only complaint I have after reading (almost the entire) book is that now, I'm not really sure where to start. It would be helpful as a sort of last step for the author to say, "Now that I've told you all of these things, here's where you should start." But I can also see where it doesn't make sense to do that because everyone is reading the book for different reasons. I guess you just start by writing some HTML and then some CSS to go along with that HTML, upload all those files to your web hosting server, and voila, you have your website. In theory.Either way, this book has really helped me get started with a web project that I volunteered to take on but have been procrastinating for the past four months. I can't say that the HTML or CSS I'm writing is probably the cleanest at this very early stage, and I'm constantly having to go back and look up pretty much everything, but I have a website started, and I have this book to thank for that!

  • Bill Krieger
    2018-11-12 02:11

    I had some website work to do, and I decided to do it "right" (just to be clear... those are sarcastic quotes). The "right" (again) way to do website is to separate form form content by using HTML combined with CSS. Now, CSS is pretty obnoxious, but once you climb the learning curve, it is an attractive model.So, I grabbed this book. It is awesome.+ It's both a how-to and a reference book.+ It's introductory and has more in-depth information.+ It looks great with tons of color examples.+ It has the code to create each example right there for you.+ It has answered every question that I've bumped into. + It has a great index with a couple of reference sections like CSS properties.This is one of the best tech books I've used. "A nicer way to learn"... so the author says on his website. Huzzah to that!

  • Kevin Garner
    2018-11-08 23:21

    My original review: "A great, minimalist guide to web development with lush attention to print design. It's like a book-sized magazine written for the classroom, but it's mercifully much easier to read than any textbook on the subject."Update 1: This book is a nice snapshot of HTML in 2011, but enough has changed since then that this book is now well out of date. I think this book gives you some easy access to some of the basics, but that's about it. If I were to pick up this book now, it would not tell me what I need to know in order to write good HTML and CSS.Update 2 (2016): I think the time for books on HTML and CSS is over. Sites like Codecademy (free), Code School (subscription-based), and numerous other online learning sites (many of those free to use) do a much better job teaching you all the things that an updated version of this book would attempt to teach. Things like learning AngularJS and Bootstrap to create a JSON-driven website that utilizes the Model View View-Model (MVVM) pattern should be a more hands-on experience than reading a book. The most valuable learning I've received about HTML and CSS is simply through doing tutorials on modern web technologies, combined with troubleshooting any problems I encounter with resources like StackOverflow, W3Schools, the Mozilla Developer's Network, etc. When you build something, you learn how to build. That is the software development paradigm.

  • Robert
    2018-11-14 19:11

    The first thing that struck me about this book was that it's beautiful. I kid you not. A coding design manual that's visually stunning.Things are even better, when added to the fact that overall, it was pleasure to read too. It is hard to put down a book when it's almost perfectly tuned. The only times I accomplished the feat, was through sheer exhaustion and later in the book, when I had to try out some of the trickier but simply explained examples. Really this book is brilliant.The beauty of it is this book is a simple read. It takes the complex and often time frustrating world of HTML and CSS and distills it. Everything is broken down and examined steadily, leaving you refreshed by complexities as well as the simpler points.There were some minor niggles near the end of the book. "Two" or "three" headings that were miss-labeled or incorrectly positioned. A obvious typo referencing a non-existent tag. These were only obvious because the work, as a whole, is so very close to impeccable The best thing I can say about this book, is this. I will read it again. Soon. I totally expect to enjoy it the second time as well.

  • Evelyn
    2018-10-21 01:34

    I found HTML and CSS to be really intimidating when I was in college. This book is exactly what it claims to be in that it truly is a nicer way to learn HTML and CSS. I started working with a simple text editor and then slowly transitioned to working in dreamweaver. This book allowed me to take my time and really focus on writing really clean code. So if you're interested in learning how to make really awesome basic websites but are maybe a little scared, this book is perfect!Random note:Dark pages on this book are extremely sensitive to oil and the binding is just standard, and since I've used this book so much the binding has become damaged and there are greasy little fingerprints on every dark page. But maybe it's just me... it's a beautiful book though. But if you're actually using it for learning, it'll look pretty well loved by the end.

  • April
    2018-11-14 23:34

    If you are in the market for a HTML/CSS book that will actually make you excited about HTML/CSS, get this book. It's so beautiful and simple and makes coding look beautiful and simple.I didn't read every word of it, but given more time and energy I totally would have.Easily the best textbook of my MLIS.

  • Chad Warner
    2018-10-25 00:16

    This is the most visually pleasing web design book I’ve ever read. It’s logically organized and explains concepts well, using simple terms, code examples, and beautiful illustrations. I wish I had had it when I was first learning HTML and CSS. The book focuses on the fundamentals of HTML and CSS (including some HTML5 and CSS3), but there are also a handful of pages about the design process, SEO, and analytics.I won a copy of this book in a Twitter contest from The East Wing podcast, one of my favorite web design podcasts. The author appeared in Episode 11: The Book Process with Jon Duckett.Stock photos • iStock Photo • Getty Images • Veer • Stock.XCHNG • FotoliaBrowser testing • Adobe BrowserLab (free) • Browsershots (free) • CrossBrowserTesting (paid)Text • Leave body text at 16px, then adjust other font sizes using a scale. • Setting font size in pixels is the best way to ensure that it appears as you intend, because percentages and ems vary depending on the text size set in the browser. • Line-height should be 1.4 - 1.5em. • Hide text with text-indent: -9999px.Open source font sources • Font Squirrel • Fontex • Open Font Library • Google Web FontsCommercial font sources • Typekit • Kernest • FontspringStyling tables • Give cells padding. • Make headings bold and uppercase, and add a background color or underline. • Shade alternating rows. • Use text-align to right-align numeric columns.Styling formsUse to style forms consistently across browsers.Aligning form controls (view source in this example to see HTML and CSS) • Add the class “title” to elements containing form titles. • Float the title class to the left. • Set the width on the title class so they’re all the same width. • Use text-align to align titles to the right, and use padding to put a gap between titles and form controls. • Set the width and use padding-bottom to put vertical space between rows. • Right-align the submit button.Online wireframe tools (paid) • Mockingbird • Lovely ChartsSEOOn-page SEO • Keywords should be in these places: • Page title • URL • Headings • Text (2-3 times in body) • Link text • Image alt text • Meta descriptionsOff-page SEO • Get other sites to link to yours, especially sites with related content. • Links containing keywords are more relevant. • Make sure words in links to your sites also appear on the page linked to.AnalyticsDirect traffic is traffic that didn’t come from another site. The visitor may have typed the URL, or clicked a link in an email or document.

  • Leslie
    2018-11-06 22:29

    The first thing I noticed when I opened the book was how it looked. It is visually stunning with full color, glossy pages and large, easy to read type. Examples of code are placed next to a picture of what it will look like when viewed in a web browser making it easy for the reader to visualize.The book begins at an introductory level and is targeted at the beginner or user who has some basic knowledge and wants to learn to build a website from scratch using a text editor such as notepad. The first section is an introduction to HTML and the basic structure of a web page. The presentation is clear and the instruction is easy to understand. In the first half of the book the reader goes through the process of creating a page using HTML. The second half of the book introduces CSS, what it does and how it works. CSS controls the design of the web page, makes it more attractive and visually appealing.This book is also a great reference manual for those who already know a little HTML and want to have more control over the appearance of their webpage or blog. This is what I want to learn from this book. I've taken a few online tutorials and know enough to make basic changes but I would like to do more with design and create my own stylesheets.I am also learning more about making some simple modifications in appearance on my blog. I am using a standard template and there are some things I would like to change. For example, I learned to increase or decrease font sizes and change border colors around images or remove them altogether by using the "style" attribute. This is done using the HTML Editor in my control panel instead of the visual editor and the book explains what code you need to do it.Online support is available and examples of code can be downloaded. There are also video demos, tutorials, and reference tools. Whether you are a beginner or already have a blog or webpage and want to change or update its appearance, this book would be a useful resource.

  • Wessam Khalil
    2018-11-09 02:10

    This is a very good book that takes you into the web development world from scratch. It focuses on web design rather than web development, but it is essential for you if you are a beginner.It starts teaching you what is the web and how the web works, how your browser works and what happens if you asked for a specific website.Then it takes you through the process of coding a website which is divided into two sections:- The first one is the HTML section- The second one is the CSS sectionThrough the book, the writer mentioned some of the new features of HTML5 and CSS3.After finishing the coding part, the writer comes to some tips about building a successful and a good looking website. Then he tells you what do you need to put your website online and how to track the visitors come to.

  • Mat
    2018-10-23 19:30

    Helpful and quick guide to HTML and CSS. I did spot a few typos within the book. Sadly these typos were in importance areas. For example the book stated that the value for an Alpha value within HSLA were from 0.0 to 1.5, rather than 1.0 as reflected by W3 publications. The ebook also had a typo in the introductory chapters stating that HTML5 was released in 2000, over a decade early.Very helpful from an overview and conceptual standpoint. Poor proofreading of this book makes me concerned that there may be concepts I learned incorrectly in other places that simply didn't stand out to me.

  • Helene Fosse
    2018-11-14 18:31

    This is a superb book for learning HTML and CSS. It's unlike any other programming-type book I have ever seen, with a beautiful and tidy design that really helps the reader understand the concept of coding. There is nothing included in this book that doesn't have to be there. As a design-student, I completely fell in love with this books layout as well, and will probably not only refer to it while making websites, but also for layout- and book-design.

  • Ibrahim Mohamed
    2018-11-08 19:23

    it is worth more than 5 stars the book is very organised . it have taken me from nothing in the world of the web industry to a lot of basics and advanced topics in html and its editions , css and its editions, seo , web design ,google analytics . must read for every one want to begin his career in the web design . the was supported with a lot of websites helped me to understand this topic ,good luck .

  • Sarah
    2018-11-14 00:13

    Wiley sent me a review copy of this HTML & CSS book because I teach an intro web design class at an art college (Pacific NW College of Art). I don't usually rate the tech/web books here on Goodreads, because they mostly suck, but this one is great for designers/artists/non-tech folks. It'll be my required text next term--it's that well-done.

  • Joshua Goller
    2018-10-26 21:34

    This is an excellent overview of HTML/CSS - I read the first half and skimmed the second because I had already seen Udacity's "Intro to HTML/CSS" class, but anyone who wants to learn HTML/CSS would be well served by reading this in detail. The pages are big and pretty looking, with little text on them.

  • Hannah Notess
    2018-11-10 00:32

    Love how the information is organized. Everything is very clear and nice to look at.know the web changes quickly, but it is definitely too bad there is nothing on mobile-first or responsive design... Maybe just a page or two.Probably time for a new edition?

  • Kayed Al-qasimi
    2018-10-24 21:20

    A great handbook for learning to code HTML and CSS. The design of the book is vibrant and you get to the information you need quickly. I found the last couple of chapters on design and website analytics to be really helpful.

  • Gabo Lugo
    2018-10-24 23:06

    The most amazing and graphical HTML and CSS book for beginners. It cover a lot of topics, even web driven graphic design. I recommend it a lot.

  • Athena Shardbearer
    2018-10-22 23:19

    It's a good book to help planning and designing a website. Wish there was more coding.

  • Kenan_AbuZaid
    2018-11-16 02:33

    Just amazing!

  • Tansica
    2018-10-17 23:30

    A book so concise and articulate even an English major (like me) can take a crack at it!I picked up this book at my university library because I have an idea for a website/app and wanted to learn the basic discourse for coding, and it did not disappoint! Like my fellow reviewers, the author took great care in creating a simple and aesthetically pleasing layout that makes reading and learning the text much more approachable than other HTML/CSS books. Jon Duckett’s HTML & CSS actually made learning coding enjoyable and fun!Furthermore, don’t let the 500 page text scare you off! When I first picked it up I was convinced I wouldn’t finish it and much less understand it; however, due to Duckett’s straightforward writing style and the layout that allows for lots of white spaces, you could easily polish off 100 pages in one sitting. As a beginner who knows nothing about computer programming, I find the HTML section much easier to read and understand, and the CSS section trickier. Obviously, the knowledge I gained reading it is more conceptual than practical— I still wouldn’t know how to code unless I practice— but now I know the basic vocabulary and seeing strings of code doesn’t freak me out as much as before. A suggestion for improvement:For future editions, I hope they provide a page at the end of the book that lists all the websites they recommended throughout, which makes for an easily accessible reference sheet.Highly recommend, especially for beginners.

  • Graham
    2018-11-07 22:36

    "Html and CSS" by Jon Duckett is a fabulous non-fiction book that teaches you about High Text Markup Language(HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets(CSS). The book first talks about how everything we use on the internet is written in code and it is always in HTML. He then gives you a 10-14 chapter tutorial on how to write in HTML. For example, he has charts and tables and screenshots that show you exactly how to do this thing and have the code displayed next to it. After walking you through the ins and outs of HTML, he starts talking about how CSS and HTML do a kind of interpretive dance together to give us a webpage. For example, he said that they both work together, whether it's HTML making titles and paragraphs or CSS making said titles and paragraphs stylish. This book is amazing. I had been programming in HTML for about 8 months and I thought I knew a lot of it. But after reading this book my eyes were yanked open. This book really goes into detail without making it boring but making it sound interesting. He also made the pages very satisfying. Each time I got to a new page my eyes would go, "Wow!" because of how artistic the design was. For example, when I opened a page, there was a beautiful table that listed out every element in CSS and every id you can use, and they were all in different neon colors with a black background.

  • Meghan
    2018-11-16 18:33

    The information in this book was helpful, particularly for anyone just starting in HTML and CSS. But I didn't love the design. The column format of the text was a bit confusing and it changed enough throughout the book that I my eyes were never able to predict where I needed to read next. That was a little frustrating.

  • Antonio
    2018-10-26 21:34

    This book is a must for all self-learners and practicioners in Web Design.The book is amazing pretty and well explained, also you'll want to read it all but I suggest stop once a while and make the examples at last of each chapter.Now my favorite book for consulting in my desk.

  • Catarina Preto
    2018-10-21 20:26

    This book is ideal if you are starting with HTML and CSS, but also as a reference manual.It addresses a large number of concepts, which are well explained (detailed description and code). With a nice layout and design, it's definitely an easy read book.

  • Adrienne S
    2018-11-11 23:20

    I really didn't like this book and didn't find it helpful at all - yes, the design is nice, but the actual information is sparse and watered down. I'd definitely suggest looking at other titles instead of this one if you're trying to learn html and css.

  • Jess
    2018-11-07 18:33

    A great book to browse through. The layout and structure of this book invite browsing; you can just jump fro idea to idea. The difference between examples is obvious and shown in code. It's beautiful. I enjoyed flipping through it-the sections about design and audience in the back demand a little more attention. I'd recommend this to anyone who has or wants to have a website...and perhaps aspiring coders. Folks new to HTML and CSS may want to try out the examples in the book--going a little deeper than browse.