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Readers can't help but get entangled in this national bestselling series... Izzy Chambers is about to get married, but much remains to be done. Then the wedding plans get complicated when the wedding party's hair stylist begins missing appointments. When she's found dead, things really begin to unravel. Rumors circulate about the stylist's past and her connection to an unReaders can't help but get entangled in this national bestselling series... Izzy Chambers is about to get married, but much remains to be done. Then the wedding plans get complicated when the wedding party's hair stylist begins missing appointments. When she's found dead, things really begin to unravel. Rumors circulate about the stylist's past and her connection to an unsolved murder years ago. All the Seaside Knitters really know is they must rally to find some answers, so Izzy can don the wedding shawl they're surprising her with- and replace the whispers about town with wedding bells....

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The Wedding Shawl Reviews

  • Nancy Narma
    2018-10-25 03:14

    “A Tight Knit of Love, Marriage and Mystery”Once again, I have had the pleasure to “Travel” to Sea Harbor and join Nell, Birdie, Cass Izzy and friends, as the long-awaited wedding of Izzy and Sam draws near. Taking a break from the preparations, the group joins the Knitting Book Club for a special event at Art Brandley’s Bookstore. His talented author/knitter/Son (also Cass’s boyfriend); Danny is speaking about the process of writing a mystery. In doing so, he dredges up a “Cold Case File”—that of young high school graduate; Harmony Farrow, who drowned at the Markham Quarry fifteen years ago. As suspicious as the death seemed, there was no proof of foul play and no arrest was ever made. At the time, many fingers pointed to her boyfriend, Andy Risso, who had an alibi, and has had to live with sad memories and loss all of these years. Reviewing the details of the case made the assembled gathering uneasy and Nell, Birdie and Cass decided to re-focus on their special wedding project they had been knitting—a delicate wedding shawl for Izzy. This, combined with a long to-do list (as Izzy’s Mother is not able to help with the preparations) falls on Nell’s shoulders and she wants everything to be perfect for her Niece’s outdoor ceremony. She hires dynamic but mysterious gardener; Claire Russell to turn the backyard into a “Fantasyland of Love” with her artful plantings and landscaping. As the backdrop for the nuptials has been handled, Izzy, Nell, Birdie and Cass head to their appt. at “M.J.’s Salon” to arrange hair styling and bridal pampering on the big day with M, J.’s shy wedding coordinator, Tiffany Ciccolo. They soon discover that Tiffany has forgotten all about the meeting but is spotted two hours later, at the local hotspot; “The Artist’s Palate”, mooning over her crush; Andy Risso (who is the drummer in the band “Fractured Fish”). Embarrassed, apologies are made and re-scheduling is promised—this time with Tiffany going to Nell’s home, where she is glared at by Claire. But why?? Between this meeting and the wedding, Birdie and Nell keep their regular hair appts., only to have a solution mix-up for Birdie and her white locks turn pink! Mortified, M.J. and Nell trudge down into the dark basement for a remedy, and stumble over Tiffany’s life-less body sprawled on the floor! It is disclosed that her death is not accidental and many questions arise. Who would want Tiffany dead? It is discovered that Tiffany and Harmony were best friends in high school but are their deaths related? Fingers point once again at Andy Risso. Had he gotten away with Harmony’s death and now will be found guilty of Tiffany’s demise? What about the jealous, gossipy receptionist; Tanya Gordon? Did she desire a promotion to Tiffany’s position at the salon that much that she would do anything to get it? Will Izzy and Sam’s wedding be marred by the unsettled crime, complete with subtle warnings for the sleuthing knitters? Ms. Goldenbaum has not only included a recipe for Nell and Ben’s grilled lobster tails with orange butter sauce (yum!) ,but the directions for knitting Izzy’s exquisite wedding shawl. She has also snuck in a snippet of her latest work, “A Fatal Fleece”, which you don’t want to miss. Armed with tissues and something to nibble, I’ll be anxious to visit Sea Harbor/Cape Ann again and I bet you will be too! Nancy Narma

  • Debbie
    2018-11-11 04:02

    "The Wedding Shawl" was a cozy mystery in every sense. I felt emotionally warm and comfortable just reading this story due to how nice everyone was. Actually, I'd call the novel a general fiction with a whodunit mystery because the story was more realistic to how things happen in real life than most mystery novels. I also liked that the police weren't idiots or "the enemy."While the suspense was low, there was a thread of sadness for what the unsolved murder was doing to the people involved. The main characters wanted to make that sadness go away (as much as possible). There was enough uncertainty about who the murderer was that I kept reading to discover the answer. I did figure out whodunit before our heroines, but they figured it out soon after I did and had a good reason not to see the answer before then. I thought the mystery was handled very well.The characters were engaging, complex, and had flaws, but they still came across as extremely nice people that would be relaxing to hang out with. They almost made me want to learn how to knit. The vivid details about the setting and people brought the story alive in my imagination.This book was the fifth in the series, but you don't need to read the previous ones to follow the events in this one. This book didn't spoil the mysteries of the previous books, but I suspect it spoiled the relationship outcomes of the previous novels. (I haven't read them, so I don't know.)There was no explicit sex. There was some minor explicit use of one curse word (d---). Overall, I'd highly recommend this enjoyable, well-written novel.I received this book as a review copy from the publisher.

    2018-10-21 02:14

    A Seaside Knitters Mystery5th in the seriesIzzy is getting married and all her friends are getting together to knit her a beautiful wedding shawl. Everyone contributing their knitting talents to one wonderful project. What a treasured gift!!!Oh yes, there is mystery too, as the hair stylist for the wedding participants disappears and later is found dead. This lands the Seaside Knitters in the middle of another murder investigation. But these ladies can handle it, they will finish the shawl and solve the crime to get the towns focus back on wedding bells instead of jail cells.You know I loved this book because I truly love this series. The friendship these women have, their personalities, their wisdom, added to the perfect setting, all brilliantly written, makes every trip to Sea Harbor a well deserved vacation with the friends we have come to love. Yes, the sensory factors are amazing, you can almost smell the sea air, feel the yarn fibers and taste the seafood and fine wine.

  • Linda Smatzny
    2018-10-22 03:04

    The story involves the wedding of Izzy and Sam but it also includes a cold case - the death of young woman 15 years earlier. Then another young woman, a very good friend of the earlier woman, is killed and everyone is upset. The knitters are trying to find connections but are being threatened. The book was a fast easy read.

  • Micky Cox
    2018-10-18 21:54

    Another visit with the Seaside Knitters as they prepare for Izzy's wedding, but things become less festive when a young woman in the village is killed and it is clear that someone they know is the murderer. If you like a great cozy mystery then this one will have you delighted. The character development is fantastic and varied. The group of women who are close friends range from late 20's to 80's so you have personality types and friendships that cross the decades. If you like good food and knitting or then you will be in your element, but you don't have to be in either to enjoy the friendships and mystery!

  • Julie Barrett
    2018-10-26 23:18

    The Wedding Shawl by Sally GoldenbaughKnitting a nice lace shawl, the knitters are going to make this for the bride. Problem is one is found dead. The knitters group take it upon themselves to solve this one.They find clues and question many others til they find out the truth. Problem is another murder has occurred, the wedding coordinator. Also the new gardner seems to be familiar to the older women.The knitters also belong to the book club and they are given a cold case in their town and run with what may have happened. I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

  • Lynda
    2018-11-06 06:16

    This was one of the best in the series. Nell and her friends are knitting a shawl for Izzy's wedding and investigating the murder of a young hair stylist whose death is somehow related to a mysterious but tragic drowning fifteen years ago. Although sad, there was no angst as there had been in the previous novel. I completely missed the clues pointing to the murderer although I had questions as to why a minor character kept popping up.

  • Linda
    2018-11-04 04:21

    This could be my favorite Seaside Knitters book to date. I enjoyed the mystery surrounding events from 15 years ago and today, figuring it out a step behind Nell (in my defense I didn't see what she actually read to figure it out). Looking forward to the next book.

  • Gina
    2018-10-16 00:00

    I love this series. The mysteries get better as it continues and the author doesn't shy away from using fairly high-profile characters as the culprits. I knew who the killer was before they were revealed but it was still heart-pounding good reading until it actually happened in the book. This is the fifth installment of the Seaside Knitters Mysteries, and although the title suggests a wedding-filled's not. Thank You, Sally Goldenbaum. Pre-wedding parties and preparation abound for Izzy and Sam in Sea Harbor, Mass. but as a backdrop to the unfolding mystery that begins in the opening pages. The town's attention is on a 15-year-old cold case brought to light as part of a discussion at book club. Everyone has feelings about the cold case being dredged up again - most wish it had never come to light. But then, Tiffany - the hair stylist who is planning Izzy's wedding day hair and makeup - dies under suspicious circumstances in her basement office at the salon. This death - although not initially thought to be connected to the first murder - is troubling since Tiffany was the best friend of the 17-year-old Harmony who died after her high school graduation. And so the mystery begins. Goldenbaum weaves a story ripe with suspects; suspicions, emotion and compassion. Two thumps up!

  • Lee Cannon
    2018-11-05 00:57

    Seaside murdersWhat an absolutely wonderful series, and I think this is the best one yet. These characters simply come to life like real friends in these books; what a talent this author posseses. In this fantastic cozy, the past and the present collide, connected by murder. The Seaside knitters know they have to help put these murders to rest for the sake of the community, their friends, and for the sake of Izzy and Sam's impending wedding. The guilty party is a surprise even though there were some clever hints at, "who done it". Really great mystery, my personal favorite. 5+++++ stars!

  • Sharon
    2018-10-25 01:20

    The Wedding Shawl is a fun story about a group of women drawn together by their love of knitting and the local knitting store. Friendships, love, and fun abound as they work together to solve two murders of young girls in the community 15 years apart at the beautiful seaside community of Sea Harbor, Massachusetts. While a bit slow to start, hang in there as this story "unravels" at the end with a surprise ending.

  • Karen
    2018-11-03 22:01

    Another great page turner. Again I didn't have a clue as to who the murderer was! I love how Sally Goldenbaum weaves multiple storylines into one mystery. I love how each of her books captivates me. Fun little reads that are good mysteries! Once again I started to read the next book in the series as soon as I finished this one!

  • Emily Cullen
    2018-10-31 06:17

    Nell and the other Seaside Knitters are helping Izzy get ready for her upcoming wedding when her wedding planner is found murdered. Who could have done such a horrible thing and does this relate to an unsolved murder fifteen years ago? I love the "Seaside Knitters" cozy mystery series. Great stories, people and seaside town, and the food these women eat will have you starving!

  • Stephanie
    2018-11-06 03:11

    I love this series, but this wasn't my favorite book in it. Very predictable. I'll give the next book a try because I really enjoy the characters & hopefully it will be better.

  • Karen Holman
    2018-10-16 22:17

    This book was difficult to follow as the story progressed. As the murder was finally solved the reader was left wondering how the details were never put together from the first death. The characters were gainfully described, the setting near the ocean, and the ending written for more books to come.

  • Ariel
    2018-10-16 01:09

    Series: 5th in Seaside Knitters MysteriesMain Character: Nell EndicottSetting: Modern day, Sea Harbor, MassachusettsObtained Through: publisher for an honest reviewLet me introduce you to the knitters:Nell: the motherly spirit of the group.Birdie: the spirited elder who is hard to keep up with.Cass: the lobster-woman with a gentle heart - truly a rough diamond.Izzy: Nell's niece and bride-to-be who owns the knit shop.The gang is busy with wedding preparations for Izzy (including knitting a delicate lace shawl), but when the scheduled hair stylist for the wedding, Tiffany, is found dead under suspicious circumstances the community is stunned. The seaside knitters become convinced that there is a connection to what was thought to be an accidental drowning fifteen years ago of Harmony Farrow and this death. Is it simply a coincidence that the Harmony's mother has returned to Sea Harbor only a few months before the latest death? Could the town's favorite young man be the murderer - the police sure suspect him since he dated both girls. Nell leads the charge to clear up past and present deaths so nothing will overshadow Izzy's big day. But warnings start coming to stop questioning and leave things alone.This entry in the series continues the excellent tradition established. The plot is interesting and you get swept up with how the current murder is somehow linked with the drowning - and the drowning must have been more than an accident. The setting is rich and smoothly conveyed, you never notice that you moved to Sea Harbor, but somehow you are transported there. Being a Rocky Mountains person, I have never adored the seaside except when reading these stories. I can practically smell the salt air. The warmth of the characters offsets that this is a murder mystery. You will find yourself hoping the killer isn't this or that character because you like them all. Truly a "cozy" in the sense of how comfortable you become with the cast and want to spend more time with them. I have never wanted to learn to knit until picking up this series, that is how it envelopes you.The pacing keeps you teased and wanting more. As for the confrontation it is bittersweet more than suspenseful, which lends to the overall believability of the story. Truly if an average person were to get nosy about a murder, this is how it would look - right? The wrap-up is touching and I found myself missing the gang as soon as I shut the book. Don't let the topic of knitting hold you back from this mystery, that only lends to its cozy warmth. This is hands-down one of the top cozy mystery series on the scene today and this entry is a gem (or is that a purl?) - IMHO.Please join me at my mystery book blog:

  • Kaye
    2018-10-18 02:18

    Residing in Sea Harbor, MA, the four friends Cass, Birdie, Izzie and her Aunt Nell are preparing for Izzie's upcoming wedding. They meet regularly at Izzie's yarn shop to work on her wedding shawl and just enjoy each other's company. One night they meet at the book store to hear a local author talk about plot development. He tells them he gets a lot of ideas for mysteries from cold cases like the one that happened in town fifteen years ago. A young high school senior was found dead in the quarry and it was never proved what happened but suspicions still linger to the present time. When Tiffany, a young woman from the salon who is helping the friends with wedding plans, is found murdered in her office, the town gossips can't help but compare it to the cold case. It's eerily coincidental that the two women were best friends in high school and both had a friendship with the same young man then and now. It feels like the past is starting to repeat itself and suspicion about Tiffany's murder turns to a friend of the group.The four knitters know they must find out what really happened, prove their friend's innocence and get this all behind them before the wedding. When two members of the group receive veiled threats, they know they are getting too close to the murderer but it does not deter them; it just make them more determined than ever to find out the truth not just of Tiffany's murder but for some closure on the fifteen year old mystery.The Seaside knitting friends help solve the mystery using intelligent, well thought out deduction; no crazy- off -the-wall heroics in this series. These friends are very down to earth and believable characters. Along with the small town atmosphere and seaside location, I think this is why I like this series so much. All the characters are fully fleshed out and feel like old friends at this point. Goldenbaum builds her case logically with enough clues and red herrings to keep any mystery fan intrigued. 4****The Wedding Shawl is the 5th book in the Seaside Knitting series, set in New England. I've read 3 of them now and to my mind they just keep getting better and better. Recipes and a knitting pattern are included at the end of the book. Sally Goldenbaum is also the author of the Queen Bee Quilting series set in Kansas. Disclosure: A review copy of the book was provided by Penguin Group (USA) in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Heather
    2018-10-17 02:17

    Title: The Wedding ShawlAuthor: Sally GoldenbaumSeries: Seaside Knitters Mystery #5Synopsis (from Summertime’s salty breezes and the sun’s golden threads bring inspiration to the Seaside Knitters of Sea Harbor, Massachusetts. But when an old mystery washes ashore, they must cast their needles aside and bring some heat back into a cold case… Izzy Chambers is head over heels. She’s about to marry the love of her life, but much remains to be done before their big day. So the Seaside Knitters have pitched in to help and are even knitting Izzy a beautiful lace wedding shawl.Meanwhile, Izzy’s aunt, Nell, has hired a gardener to spruce up the backyard where the wedding will be held. The gardener, Claire, is just returning to Cape Anne after a long absence, hoping to put a dark secret to rest and find peace for herself.But the wedding plans get complicated when the wedding party’s hair stylist, Tiffany, is found dead. Rumors start to circulate about Tiffany’s past and her connection to an unsolved murder years ago. Is Claire’s return part of this pattern? Or are there more secrets simmering in the summer heat?All the Seaside Knitters know is they must rally to find some answers, so the whispers about town can be replaced by wedding bells.My thoughts: Well the Seaside Knitters – Izzy, Birdie, Nell, and Cass – are back in action for another wonderful Seaside Knitters mystery!I truly, truly love this series not necessarily because of the wonderful stories and plot lines, but rather simply because of the characters, the location, and the overall feeling that the book gives me.I absolutely love the characters in this cozy series. They are wonderfully kind, charming, empowered female characters who as a reader I want to be with.I also love that this series truly lives up to its name as a cozy mystery. Is there anything more cozy than the Friday night dinners these characters have on their deck, overlooking the water, friends, family, talking, relaxation . . .Everytime I read one of these books I come away feeling good . . . and wanting to just be in these books, live with these people, and be a part of their family!Truly a great series .. .And remember,Books Are Life,

  • Ruth
    2018-10-17 03:00

    I love visiting quaint, beachside towns and have enjoyed being back in Sea Harbor, MA. It is a lovely town with close friends who tend to meet every Friday night on the Endicotts' deck. Although, I know that it is most likely relaxing and fun to have your friends show up, I just don't understand why Nell doesn't get sick and tired of cooking dinner for all these people every Friday! (I do love reading the descriptions of what the characters are eating whether it is at Nell's house or in one of the many good restaurants in the town.) Another word of caution is that this is the fourth murder that I know of in this town so I really wonder how safe a place it is to visit. And yet, I would gladly go back again to meet up with my friends and relax in Izzy's Knitting Shop even though I don't knit! I haven't read Moon Spinners so my guess is that actually 5 murders have taken place here in a fairly short time span. When I visited this time, everyone was getting ready for the wedding of Izzy and Sam. As preparations are under way, they discover that Tiffany, one of the hairdressers, at the local beauty salon, has been found dead. Tiffany was the best friend of a young girl who was murdered 15 years before and it is quickly felt that a connection exists between the two murders. Someone in their town must have done it. Who had the motive? Several names pop up as possible suspects but there seem to be missing pieces of evidence. Nell, Birdie, and Cass want to find out some answers before the murder puts a cloud of gloom over the upcoming wedding. As they ask questions and look for evidence that could solve the crime, everyone starts to wonder if their lives are now in jeopardy. Another job well done by Sally Goldenbaum because I had no idea who did it until the last six pages of the book.Join me in Sea Harbor, MA. Bring some suntan lotion, a magnifying glass, and perhaps a Sherlock Holmes cape and hat because there is sure to be some action and a mystery to solve.

  • Marlyn
    2018-10-26 06:20

    In the fifth of the Seaside Knitters series the women are preparing for Izzy and Sam's wedding, to be held in Nell and Ben's garden, which is being given a face lift for the occasion. Meanwhile, Nell and her friends are knitting a shawl for Izzy to wear on her wedding day.The planning is marred by the death of Tiffany Ciccolo, the stylist who was to do the hair and makeup for the women in the wedding party. Coincidentally, Tiffany's best friend in high school, Harmony Farrow, had been killed on their graduation night 15 years earlier, and the case had never been solved.Another connection between the two deaths was Andy Risso whose high school girlfriend had been Harmony, and who had been also been seeing Tiffany. Tiffany was obviously more serious about Andy than he was about her, and they were seen publicly arguing the day before she was killed.Andy had been the chief suspect for Harmony's death, but his involvement couldn't be proven, so the case was shelved. Now, he's the chief suspect in Tiffany's death. Nell, Birdie and Cass are certain that he's innocent, and are determined to prove it before the wedding so it won't cast a pall on the happy day.The relationship between Nell and Birdie is wonderful. The women have known each other for so long that they can almost read each other's mind. And their friendship has grown to include Nell's niece Izzy and her friend Cass. The descriptions of their social gatherings are envy-inducing, as is the way their respective menfolk look after them.The book is written in a matter-of-fact style that makes the reader feel as if s/he's conversing with the narrator. Be prepared to want to snack while reading this book: their many feasts are described in mouthwatering detail.

  • M
    2018-11-01 01:08

    Recently I read The Wedding Shawl by Sally Goldenbaum. I'm not sure what made me pick it out off the shelf at the library, but something compelled me too. Its been slowly getting colder here and the bright colors probably made me think of the spring and the warmer days to come. None the less, I did and got to reading.Chick lit mysteries have never really been my thing. I've always been easily scared by things and so mystery novels have never really been my thing. However The Wedding Shawl was the much looked for murder mystery that didn't make my hair curl and hear every creak in the house at night. Not only that, but it was filled with beautiful sea side imagery. Right now, it is starting to get colder, and so reading The Wedding Shawl brought me into a world of warm sand and clicking knitting needles. I was out in the park with my dog running around and sat up in a tree, bundled in a coat, and read. I don't know how long I stayed immersed in that book, but when I reemerged my noes and toes were frozen.And so accordingly, I would recommend you would read The Wedding Shawl by a fire during the holidays. It'll warm you right up, and with the smell of turkey roasting in the back round well how picturesque is that?The whole premise of The Wedding Shawl is about a group of women in a mystery knitting group knitting a shawl for one of their friends wedding. At the back of the book it gives you a link to find pictures of what inspired the shawl, and a pattern to knit it. Its an absolutely beautiful shawl, and has become my dream project. Its my goal to be good enough at knitting to knit that shawl, because like I said it is beautiful. And maybe one day, I'll be able to make

  • Paula
    2018-10-16 01:03

    The Wedding Shawl was a fun, quick read full of murder and knitting. Perfect for a day reading in the sunshine! I won this copy in a giveaway from Dollycas and since I'm a knitter, I was tickled to win! Set in a seaside town on the eastern seaboard, this is not the first in the Seaside Knitters series but read well as a stand-alone book. I didn't feel like I was missing anything by popping in in the middle of the series. In this murder mystery, Izzy, who is the owner of the local yarn shop, is getting married to the love of her life in her Aunt Nell'ss backyard. Nell hires a gardener, Claire, to get the place in tip top shape and quickly comes to like the quiet Claire. Claire has recently moved back east after years away and doesn't like to talk about her past much. The local beauty shop will be doing all of the ladies hair for the big day, but then Tiffany, their stylist, is murdered just weeks before the wedding. In a small town, where everybody knows everybody, it's so hard to imagine that it could be one of your own who committed this horrible crime. Not only that, but a murder took place 15 years ago as well, is still unsolved, and the murdered girl then was none other than Tiffany's best friend. Are the two murders linked? Whodunit??Like I said, this was a quick fun read and I enjoyed it, but would have liked to see a little bit more action. There was just a bit too much sitting around and talking with not a lot of happening. I do plan on picking up another in this series because I really enjoyed the knitting references and liked the characters. Maybe I'll get to know them just a bit better!

  • Fred
    2018-11-16 04:12

    This is the fith book in the Seaside Knitters series. Izzy Chambers left her legal career in Boston and moved to Sea Harbor, MA and opened a knitting yarn supply store in this quaint little village. Izzy had spent summers here with her aunt and uncle. Izzy's wedding is quickly approaching and the SeaSide Knitter are starting to put the final touches on a special wedding shawl that she will wear one her wedding day. Izzy Aunt Nell and long time friend, Birdie, are scheduled to talk with the hair stylist about what they would like done with their hair. The hair stylist misses the apppointment as is seen later that day at one of the local eateries. A couple days later she is found dead in her office at the hair salon. Thirteen years before this young ladies best friend had died in an unexplained drowning at a nearby quarry. Suspicion centers on Andy the boyfriend of the drowned girl. And the mother of the drowned girl show up back in town after being gone for most of the thirteen years since the drowning. Maybe she has come back to seek revenge. He was questioned about the drowning, but was never charged with causing her death. So the knitting group gets together to try and find the murderer, so that everyones mind can be on Izzy's wedding. The knitting group is comprised of a 30 something lobster fisherwoman, Birdie a spry 80 year old.I really liked the story, the characters and setting. I may not have smelled the salt sea air, but I could really invision the surroundings as I read the book.Fred

  • Cindy Work
    2018-10-30 01:14

    This book was in Mom's bag she took to the hospital Oct 23, 2013. She passed the next night. It was good to read a book that was hers. Now it's moving on to my sisters! Summertime's salty breezes and the sun's golden threads bring inspiration to the Seaside Knitters of Sea Harbor. But when an old mystery washes ashore, they must cast their needles aside and bring some heat back to a cold case...Izzy Chambers is head over heels. She's about to marry the love of her life, but much remains to be done before their big day. So the Seaside Knitters have pitched in to help, and they're even knitting Izzy a beautiful lace wedding shawl.Meanwhile, Izzy's aunt Nell has hired a gardener to spruce up her backyard, where the wedding will be held. The gardener, Claire, has just returned to Cape Ann after a long absence, hoping to put a dark secret to rest and find peace for herself.But the wedding plans get complicated when the wedding party's hairstylist, Tiffany, is found dead. Rumors start to circulate about her past and her connection to an unsolved murder years ago. Is Claire's return related? Or are there more secrets simmering in the summer heat? All the Seaside Knitters really know is that they must rally to find some answers so the whispers around town can be replaced my wedding bells.

  • Audrey
    2018-10-30 03:00

    This was another wonderful installment in the Seaside Knitters Mystery series. I love my time spent with the lovely ladies, Cass, Birdie, Nell and of course Izzy, who in this book is getting married.There are lots of things going on as the ladies plan the perfect wedding for Izzy, including the knitting of a gorgeous wedding shawl and in the midst of this, a murder takes place and an unexplained death that took place years ago is tied to this recent murder.The Seaside Knitters are determined that this mystery be cleared up before Izzy's special day so that there are no clouds of gloom hanging over the bride's head as she walks down the aisle.The mystery was good I had an idea before the end of the book who the killer was but not the why and how, but I still thought it was a very good mystery.I just love these books so much the descriptions of the everything from the setting of the small seaside town, Nell's beautiful garden where the wedding is to take place and even the yarn on display in window of Izzy's Knitting shop and all the delicious food and drink that is enjoyed throughout the book are so vivid that I really feel I've visited with the Seaside Knitters after I finish reading the book. And I always enjoy my visits!

  • Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    2018-11-01 05:22

    As there is a pending wedding in our lives presently, I found this mystery especially compelling and yet, soothing to my Mother of the Bride nerves.Izzy Chambers, owner of the knitting store is getting married to Sam Perry, a photojournalist. Izzy's Aunt Nell is trying to oversee the entire celebration. The knitting group, Seaside knitters, comprised of Izzy, Nell, Cass, a lobster fisherman, and Birdie, a life long friend of Nell's also share a love of books and so it was natural to sponsor the monthly Book Club with the neighboring book store. This month's speaker chose to tell how cold cases can inspire fiction accounts for murder mystery writers. The problem is...the cold case is not forgotten yet. There were possible witnesses and no one was ever charged with the crime.Suddenly there is another murder and the Seaside Knitters have a target on their backs.This book took us from the gaiety of the upcoming wedding to the sorrow of a young woman's passing who was planning her own marriage. The ending was wonderfully woven together as finely as the knitted wedding shawl of Izzy's. A fine read.

  • Debbie Maskus
    2018-11-10 05:56

    I have reached the end of the published novels in this series. This has been a lovely journey up to the wedding of Izzy and Sam. Goldenbaum writes a gentle mystery series set in coastal Massachusetts. This story involves a 15-year-old cold case involving the drowning of a young girl right before high school graduation. The dead girl's mother returns to Sea Harbor to sort through her feelings and her life. Then, the best friend of the drowned girl is murdered. Cass, Birdie, Nell, and Izzy must race to solve the murders and also prepare for the wedding. I would love to know many of the people in Sea Harbor. These are people who care and do everything possible to help a friend. The friendship involved when Cass, Birdie, and Nell work together to knit Izzy a breath taking wedding shawl. A bittersweet ending once the mystery is solved does not rain on the wedding.

  • Diane
    2018-11-04 01:14

    "The Wedding Shawl" is another installment in the Seaside Knitters Mystery series by Sally Goldenbaum. Izzy Chambers is going to marry Sam Perry in her Aunt Nell's Endicott's amazing backyard. Nell hires Claire Russell, gardner extraordinaire, to enhance the already beautiful area. Local mystery writer, Danny Brandley, makes a public appearance to discuss how he comes up with his plots for his books. He brings up the old cold case death of Harmony Farrow. She died on graduation night at the Markham Quarry fifteen years ago. Claire Russell is listening to the events of Harmony's death unbeknownst to the group gathered there. Claire is Harmony's mother. Harmony's best friend, Tiffany, is found murdered. Are these two deaths connected? What is Andy Risso tie to both girls?

  • Caroline
    2018-11-12 00:08

    Sally Goldenbaum is another author who writes characters at all points on the spectrum - old to young and businesswomen to fisherwomen. This mix of friends makes the books like visiting your family and I've enjoyed each book in the Seaside Knitters series. I think the interplay of characters and mix of careers is what makes this such a joy to read (and the food sounds pretty good except I'm allergic to shellfish so can't imagine eating all that!). In this book, a fifteen year-old cold case is tied in to a new murder and the ladies of the Seaside Knitters brave dangers to help bring resolution to the situation before it can ruins Izzy's wedding. With joy and sorrow, just as in real life, this book is a great read and I heartily recommend it to all who enjoy this type of mystery.

  • Mary
    2018-11-10 00:00

    Another great mystery book by Sally Goldenbaum! Number five on her shelf. This time around Izzy and Sam are getting married and of course all the same characters are there to help her with the wedding. Except for the dead body that shows up a few weeks before the big day. Leaving the Seaside Knitters to solve the mystery before the wedding.I never saw this one coming as usual with Sally's books, it is always someone you see but don't even think about until the Seaside Knitters have the answer. Well worth the time to read it! A great summer beach read, but not if you have to keep an eye on the kids in the water, you may miss something!