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The menace of Loki! The attack of the massive Midgard Serpent! The death of Balder! The sacrifice of Odin! Deadly battles with trolls and giants! The debut of a new redheaded Thor! All-out war with the forces of Hela! Does the fate of Asgard lie in the hands of a human reporter? As Ragnarok, the end of all the gods, looms on the horizon, Thor and allies Sif, Odin and the WThe menace of Loki! The attack of the massive Midgard Serpent! The death of Balder! The sacrifice of Odin! Deadly battles with trolls and giants! The debut of a new redheaded Thor! All-out war with the forces of Hela! Does the fate of Asgard lie in the hands of a human reporter? As Ragnarok, the end of all the gods, looms on the horizon, Thor and allies Sif, Odin and the Warriors Three do all they can to stop it-but even their best may not be enough! Collecting: Thor (1966) #272-278; Prelude to Eternals Saga TPBs...

Title : Thor: Ragnarok
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ISBN : 9780785149781
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 128 Pages
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Thor: Ragnarok Reviews

  • Gianfranco Mancini
    2018-12-14 08:08

    The last issue of Thomas, Buscema and Palmer awesome run on Marvel's Thor was first comic of the God of Thunder I've purchased and read long time ago.I finally bought and read the whole Ragnarok saga, one of best Thor stories ever, periodically re-written in the history of the character, but this is still my most favourite one, enriched by the awesome artworks of "Big" John Buscema, the Michelangelo of Comics.And the first issue of this collection, inspired by one tale of the Poetic and Prose Eddas (magistrally mixed and edited for the modern reader by Neil Gaiman in his Norse Mythology), was just a real nice surprise.A perfect and epic mix between superhero comics and myths.Maybe cheesy dialogues aged not much well, but (nostalgia factor mode on)this is just a full 5 stars masterwork for me.

  • Nicolo Yu
    2018-12-02 07:49

    This collected edition of classic Thor issues retells two Norse myths as only Roy Thomas and John Buscema can in the Mighty Marvel manner.The first is a short story, of a time long past when the brother Thor and Loki were hoodwinked by the magic of the king of the frost giants. This story, contained and done in one issue, serves to set up the upcoming arc, a long form tale, and gives a foreshadowing of sorts. It gives a glimpse of how Thor would face trials beyond his mighty abilities and Loki caught up with his own cleverness. It also gives a glimpse of the world serpent that alone is enough to tell us the end times are coming for the Asgardians.The end times for these gods from Asgard is Ragnarok, an event foretold and yet Odin, the Lord of Asgard seeks to delay at all cost. Loki’s scheming puts into motion events that hasten the coming of this twilight. One by one prophecy is fulfilled. Balder falls and the enemies of Asgard seek to break down its defenses and Thor now has to face Jormungand, in a battle that is the doom for both.Thomas and Buscema tell an epic story that spans seven issues. Buscema has always been a superb draftsman and he turns in excellent work here, page after page. From the towering spires of the Golden Realm of Asgard and every sinew on Thor’s muscular frame, everything rendered in by Buscema. Thomas is one of the few writers who can use the archaic speech of Thor correctly and it used it to great effect here because it accentuates his aura of majesty and drive home the fact with the way these locals are speaking, this story has left the reaches of earth and into the realm of fantasy.The only that doesn’t age well in these Bronze Age comics is the dialogue of the mortal human characters. It seems anachronistic in this day and age, but it does help differentiate the mundane mortals from the Asgardians. Still, this small detail can barely dampen your enthusiasm. The Ragnarok story is one of the great tales that must be retold every few years and this adaptation is as good as Thomas and Buscema get and they were pretty good.

  • Kanwarpal Singh
    2018-11-20 07:12

    The ultimate use of strength in the novel make it the best action pack of the thor series fight makes this a fun part and bit of loki clever working make it more fun

  • Izzie_422
    2018-12-07 10:51

    My first ever comic book - tanked the whole thing in one sitting! Loved the over the top old-fashioned language used by the Norse gods, and the presence of a camera crew trying to film Ragnarok as it unfolds in Asgard!

  • Danny Yáñez
    2018-11-25 13:12

    Es el primer comic de Thor que leo y me gustó como me gustan todas las historias basadas en la mitología nórdica aunque con sus toques especiales de viajes en el tiempo y universos paralelos... muy interesante! Bastó una sola noche para leerla.

  • Lyon_Leon
    2018-11-23 08:46

    Thor, moriste como viviste: Maricón.El mensaje final siempre tiene que ser "No Revivamos Más Personajes En Marvel"? Porque ya me están cansando de tanto mensaje si al final los reviven igual.

  • James
    2018-11-25 06:43

    This was one of my earliest memories of buying and reading comic books as . . . well, as an eighth grader, with pocket money from delivering The Washington Post every day. And for some reason, my favorite superheroes were the god-like blondes: Aquaman and Thor. Actually, Thor came first, because one of the very *first* comics I ever got was Thor #168, with that now iconic image of Thor fighting Galactus. Galactus!But right around the time that I was discovering, through the library, the adventures of "the original Thor" (that is to say, the Norse myths), Roy Thomas had more or less the same idea, and devised a kind of 1970s version of Ragnarok, replete with television reporters running around Asgard filming everything. (One executive says, "You get us Asgard--and we forget our plan to ask Rosalyn and Billy Carter to be our new anchorpersons!" Oh, that's not dated at all.)I also love the first issue in this sequence, issue 272 ("The Day The Thunder Failed!"), in which Thor saves a young boy from a bully and then tells him a story about how Thor and Loki were once tricked by a giant. I remember that one very well, and it was wonderful to read again all these years later in a nice paperback reprint volume with really nice glossy paper and vivid colors.There are seven issues collected here, which comprise John Buscema's last hurrah on the title he'd spent a great deal of his career drawing. The redoubtable Tom Palmer inked six of them, Chic Stone the final one ("At Long Last . . Ragnarok?!").Yes, it's dated, yes, the dialogue is quite hackneyed ("Nay! I know, mayhap, in my way--but I do not accept!"), the pacing is a little stiff, and the characters are often awkward and arch, but this was a collection I'd waited a long time for, and I'm glad to have it . . . AT LONG LAST!!

  • Sandra
    2018-11-25 09:09

    Quite a good way to incorporate the mythology into the comic (with occasionally snarky remarks like: "you can check this in volume (...), or in the Eddas of course"), but I wasn't completely taken in by it. I just think that the camera crew, which I had expected to be hilarious, were just plain annoying and stopped the story from flowing nicely.Meh. It wasn't a bad comic by any means, just not my favourite.

  • Zainab
    2018-12-02 10:55

    Thor's english in the comics is much more Shakespearean than in the movies, it can be irksome at times but overall the entire volume was great. I will definitely be hunting for the next volume. They should make a movie out of this one!

  • Angela
    2018-12-09 06:57

    Loki is trying to kill Thor again. Some clever plotting, and the added extra of a camera crew makes this a good example of this era.

  • Ben Echarry
    2018-11-29 07:09

    (3.5 Stars) Muy bien escrito.

  • Suge
    2018-12-11 10:52

    The amazing marvel telling of Ragnarok. A very enlightening story that makes me enjoy the duo of Thor and Loki that much more.